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Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 16, 2022 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 16, 2022 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/16/22.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. The questions we got answers phone lines are open wide for the light a fire with your host Google scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity.

Call 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown cast Michael Brown delighted to be with you here friends confused with faith and truth and courage. Right. I have announced yesterday that I would be joined today by Dr. Mark Stigler and he'd be back to answer your medical questions will so I came up he had to cancel out. It's yours truly, but I'm not here for medical questions. Alright so if you're ready to call it.

Sorry to disappoint genuinely. But I can help with questions about biblical healing. Anyway, any question I can help you with anything want to talk to me about is you want to take issue with spiritual, moral, biblical, theological, political, cultural, anything at all.

The ties in an anyway when anything without them a lot of fire or you're one of those likes to get on with our videos and disagree here disagree there great, you're welcome to.

But when I call in so we go back and forth in separate fact from fiction, 866-3487 84 with that the phones will start in New York with Stephen.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown, it's great to talk. Again, great.

Thank you.

I have a question since King David and King Solomon had concubine wouldn't they be guilty in God's eyes, of committing the sin of fornication throughout their lives. No, because in that culture. Concubines were accepted. Sometimes it was the only way that someone could continue their line right so that someone would that the wife was unable to conceive, so there be a concubine for the purpose of reproduction and it was understood that the king would have concubine so no it was on the culture and under ancient Israelite law that was completely different. This unified some guy got married to one of the bed with her or something like that so noble it wouldn't have been both culturally as as well as as well as even under the law, it wouldn't have been explicitly forbidden okay thank you you are you are welcome Outlook dear. There are certainly things in the Hebrew Bible that are not presented as ideal right, polygamy, for example, is not presented as ideal. It was accepted under the law. The king was not there too many wives according to Deuteronomy 17, but every example of polygamy where it gets in a detail. It's always wrong to some, conflict or some kind issue a jealousy between the wiser conflicts between the kids or other things like that that I just was it more and more and more gets more more extreme and then we know the model.

The plan was one man woman with beautiful life with the same way divorce was not ideal that you have it legislated. Deuteronomy 24 was because of human sin and weakness. Jesus says that it was given Matthew 19 because the hardness of heart, so that everything reflects the ideal 866-3487 84 have a couple lines open now so if you want to get on now.

Perfect time to do it and we can get your earlier call, the better chance we have of getting to your calls. Alright let us go over to Luke in Texas.

Welcome to the light a fire. Dr. Brown thanks for taking my call or I have two questions on time allowed by them.

My first question diamond seminary right now and were studying the doctrine of the atonement and the book we are reading it by Calvin and make an argument for limited atonement by saying that if Christ died for everyone in the know to go to hell are suffering a punishment by Christ already covered for essentially arguing that God would be unjust caught them in the fabric of the crime that is already been paid for. So how would you respond that there's something for rejecting that the price was paid there suffering for rejecting what Messiah did on their behalf. And just like in ancient Israel the day of atonement, the priest made atonement for everyone in Israel without exception is 16 but assume about humble themselves on that day we living to 60 advocates 23 that they would be cut off. So even though the atonement was made and the substitution was was provided. The subsidy was provided they suffered because they rejected so it very simply, the word is quite clear on that.

If we reject the gospel that we will pay the penalty for it. So God offers forgiveness. The prices been paid. We refuse we refuse that then we we suffer the consequences. So it's is perfectly just would be unjust.

Is God calling someone to believe someone something that is false, and God calling to believe something that they don't have the power to believe that would be unjust. What I mean. According to Calvinist Jesus did not die for the sins of the whole world, but only for the elect right so if you tell a sinner believe in the Lord Jesus and you be saved and that person is not elect if they had the power to believe it wouldn't be true because he didn't die for them right and they don't have the power to believe we could have be born again to believe. According to Calvinism that's unjust for God to call someone to do what they cannot do to believe something that wouldn't be true even if they could believe it, and then to do what they were eternally destined to do and have no power not to do that hold responsible but if you want to make an argument about injustice than it flies right in the face of Calvinism, with all respect my Calvinist friends okay gotcha yeah I like that in my other question I was reading an article today and in an article guy talking about the Old Testament regarding the bureaucrat and he faked his argument off the Hebrew wording that that just that the land was given rest for one year, but then work Dino began again after that Brett go to the debt that were they were really forgiven by couldn't have to pay for that one year, but that is false. Deuteronomy 15 is explicit in Jewish law is quite explicit know that's that's that's not accurate and the land decided that thing is just of the Sabbath rest, principal okay so thought that that you all the land of theirs. That picture of the debt so that algae is not there at all the muscles in Deuteronomy 15 that you can calculate and say what I can barely get my money back or it's the year of Jubilee the 50th year I can be able to do it. This is doing.

Give be generous. Don't make the calculation so no absolutely false and nothing in the Hebrew point in that direction whatsoever. Gotcha.

All right you got Douglas 2866-34-TRUTH.

Let us go over to Christian in Toledo, Ohio.

Welcome to light a fire under the well.

Thank you. Quizzes will be good good good good workers. All of the computers about this so you know I believe you critically kernel of load or the note spirit. But how can he be call mode. If you always exist or limited. Be more like the proper word the cortisone arm. He always right. So this is a an ancient debate in a big question.


So there. There different ways of looking at it.

One is that in the nature of God that God has always existed as father-son spirit and that the sun has always been equal but subordinate to the father so equal but for the purposes of salvation or just by operation subordinate to the father. There is debate about this. Others would say he's eternally begotten.

He proceeds from the Father in eternity past and is called the son, but was made to be eternally begotten them to me that's a fair question because if it's eternal then it always was the other way of looking at it is that God is three and one and for the purposes of redemption reveals himself to us as father-son in spirit and and that in eternity past, from the beginning that God did not always exist as father-son spirit but is three and one now manifest us as father-son in spirit.

Those be different ways that people would look at this. What I find very interesting. The Christians that if restrictions 15. It says that at the end, the sun will submit to the father that God may be all in all and limited to Revelation 22 accesses speaks of God and the Lamb's service will see his face and serve him. So the ultimate emphasis of Scripture so that there is one God and one God only and and that's that's what's going to be the great great Revelation of so it's it's honestly debatable. We know that when Jesus comes into the world. He's now son of God, as is born into this world. So God is his father and and Mary messes his mother.

We know that it is resurrection is proclaim son of God.

So that's like the royal coronation as King, but eternity past that to me is a more debatable issue and I have no dogmatic answer there systematically. Theologians rub more dogmatic answer to me it's a? As far back as we know God has been father-son in spirit, and of course always three and one but did the sun proceed forth from the father a certain point in time and at that point take on the identity of son. That's what's debated and anyway that's what I have to leave it.

Others are more dogmatic, I can't be based on Scripture you got out of the will know about the biblical note that on a come on, we probably spent on a valid answer no more so all the members of the universe to be strictly company would use for payment in the file because her dog were or something like grown up like that and I will limit, more like the letter that comes later. Yeah. So obviously this is recorded in Scripture. The people recorded believe that Jesus is sinless, it loses temper. It was just on you dog in the Greek it's like the household pets always, but still it was derogatory.

She knew her status as a Gentile was was like a dog at Israel's table and he's telling you you're an outsider that remember in context.

He's just declared that what you eat will defile you breaking on the food laws that you Gentile separation is about to be taken down so we can be one of Messiah. He then travels like 30 miles out of his way just to be with this Gentile woman to helical and then leaves his strong faith out of this talking tour way that emphasizes that she is an outside of the covenant promises people of faith out of her. That's his whole mission is when he goes there. I was going to feel the strong faith out of her take hold of the covenant promises the thanks for the questions back 866-34-TRUTH is a line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Our trip to Israel next year may 2023. After being out for a few years. We cannot wait to get back so if you're planning on going want to go now's the time to get your deposit in its own website. Esther Gibran SK dear hate everyone was thinking a great station in Iowa. We are scheduled to be in the morning Iowa for two special meetings tomorrow night, Saturday night and Sunday morning. All the inflows on the website Esther to SK dear brother Laura, check out the itinerary all right check it out and if you be there in your one of our great listeners and I will please come up and say hi if you're able to at the service. All right, let us go to Grover California John, welcome to the want to fire very well, thank you and appreciate what you do really gonna last year and I've been watching the object with the word of God and with the management my pride and put my priority thinking that I know everything on my question today was I want to know your opinion on who have ultimate authority on the word of God, the Catholic Church is Dr. coffee jerky Baptist Church in and is a question I've really been struggling with for about a year right so when you look at Scripture. You often see that our traditions get in the way right.

If you look for example, in Mark seven Matthew 50 houses, referring to this before the break. Jesus is rebuking some of the religious leaders of his day saying that that you have a fine way of Excelsior traditions over the word so there's always a danger in doing that. Which means that the word ultimately has to speak for itself. The Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church would say that we have Scripture and church tradition and its by tradition that ultimately we can understand Scripture. Traditional Jews would say you cannot rightly understand the Torah without Jewish tradition. If your Jehovah's Witness believe that Jehovah's Witnesses have that the key tools to understand Scripture can interpret without the others, the Mormons would say the same. What I say is the word of God has to be its ultimate authority itself. There is we have to get on our knees with the Bible is a God, give me understanding speak to me now. We are part of the body. We are part of a church with other believers around the world. God knows those who are truly his and their fundamental things that we hold to and that we believe in. And these to us, or are all abundantly clear in Scripture and ultimately whether I'm in a Catholic Church or Protestant church. I have to look at the Bible and test everything by the word of God, because human traditions can get in the way and when I see a tradition. Let's am part of a particular church and there's a really important doctrine that they teach right and when I examine the Scripture as best as I can examine it clearly goes against that tradition that have to go with the word against the tradition and if that makes me question the larger teaching of that group woman that's fine because the word of God is can stand forever.

Jesus says in Matthew 24, 35 heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will last forever book of Isaiah for the chapter verse seven and eight that the grass is good withering varsity buffet, but the word of God is can stand forever when you go back to the to the Torah and someone comes good profit miracle worker, dreamer of dreams they work a miracle or give a prophecy that comes to pass and say follow the gods don't do it because you test everything by the prior revelation. I came so the ultimate authority of the word of God is the word of God.

No human teacher. No denomination but the word of God itself and everything must be in harmony with Scripture to computer one Peter talks about the unshakable foundation foundation, a prophecy what's written in the word.

That's our ultimate proof of the Messiah ship Jesus, so this can be the ultimate test and again it doesn't mean that were doing this independently were doing. This is part of the body, but even there, can we support the absolute fundamentals of what we believe scripturally great than that can be part of the family for us and together we study the Scriptures, but ultimate authority as the word itself, yeah, and junk what one less thing. It get in the habit of vascular Lord for insight and wisdom as you read front of my eyes.

Psalm 119 verse 18. Golly neither beats in the flow meter test I was with the court that he was uncover my eyes that I feel wonders from your teaching from the law were give me insight to be wisdom. Hoping understand or don't let me be led astray by my own folly or fleshly desires and is near to the brokenhearted hate.

Thank you John for the good word appreciated 866-34-TRUTH of let us go to William and Torrance, California.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown, first I want to recognize your your staff your team. I had been out of the mall and immediately got a good response with a lot of material that could think that resource I really appreciate the team that you that wonder why? Thanks for like my, my, my question really is about finding and there got timing being you know, perfect in every way all the time. Ability be. It was really around that it is a choice really observed it out that one cognitive versus another calendar meeting on the moon. The Jewish calendar is the Gregorian calendar understand that after not for faith but more for I get I hear Chris I really do find a lot of value in an end of the bus coming up in a lot of the things that are found in the Jewish calendar against automatic salvation is secondary in this matter. For this in the strength of our walk with the Lord and was going to point to you. She will more to Jesus more and cause us to to grow and to be more fruitful. That's what matters.

It's absolutely wonderful for Gentile Christian to appreciate the biblical calendar. Don't look at is the Jewish calendar is much as the biblical calendar. Although if you speak of repetition. The new year than you're ready. Think in terms of Jewish tradition, but it's wonderful to remember the past history.

It's wonderful to see how things point to the Messiah. That's of building excellent but if it becomes something ritualistic or legalistic, or now, you judge others by their failure to keep these things and that's when it becomes dangerous or think that I'm not right relationship with God and us in doing these things, but for many Christians the the traditions that have grown up over the years have been helpful. This traditions is a said a moment ago the filing Scripture, we reject a but for many that have grown up with with the Christian calendar and it's been very meaningful to them.

Part of their cycle of life and part of their devotional life wonderful. Neither is required, but to the extent that we don't cast off biblical Jewish roots great extent we see the fullness of the coming of Jesus. Great extent these things enhance or spiritualize it or not bondage in a ritual way. Great. Hey God bless and thanks for the good word. We do have an amazing team here wonderful, hard-working, devoted team that is just a pleasure to be with all let's go to all Paul you want to know if pets go to heaven of advances that a bunch of times ready anyway. I our buddy Eddie in Connecticut. Welcome to the live fire Dr. Brown. I don't want great men. Thank you all really great argument this week without white knuckle Park upon August 1. I will break the can the gospel be preached anywhere in the world told everyone for course so that I don't know the current talk about our stomach tell you what in the New Testament. You look at the lilies of the field are not venting them out doing nothing but yet God clothes them to look at the following year. They don't report sober got that Mike is not how we will preach on the deal. People are starving and burying their children present.

Tony Gottfried and birth the Golden flower so the belief that a lot of you got a point there are hard questions that that but Dr. Bronner question is just the just the simple answer. The gospel message is not about birds and flowers gospel mesmerizes about human beings in sin and need of a Savior and God's great love by sending a Savior. So first thing is the people living in in an agrarian societies like would be more common in much of Africa than America will be the first to tell you about the cycle of life that even during famine and things like that.

They're quite aware of the fact that that the birds get fed in the is that the flowers grow, and that's all Jesus's time is the general cycle of life right there were famines in ancient folder to animals with dying crops wouldn't be produce.

But that's just a generalization of these making there and that does work all around the world, but irregular quote every verse in every setting in a while when I'm out in the village in India and literally the people if they're lucky, they've got one thing a close to where they were working out the field all day for it for a dollar a day or something like that just with the hope of getting enough enough for their mouse to make it through the day or so the kids won't starve. I'm not there.

Talk about the evils of a big tech and the allure of social media don't spend all your time on Facebook no, God's love for them and the truth of the gospel. So yes, the simple gospel message can be preached everywhere in the world. That's an amazing thing. There is a village in India you got zero competency as people talk about sin and God's forgiveness. The same stand. Stand. Thank you for the call. As always, the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown broke his taped friends.

Have you read my political seduction book review you ordered early in your credit. If so, can I ask you to do two things.

First, tell your friends about it got social media hold up a picture.

The book tell friends. If you feel the books important when my colleagues read it in and said he can't think of a more important book to read. How can we get into the hands literally millions of people. We get to his relief knowing that's out convicted he was about the book. So that's one thing. Tell others about it, get the word out and then take a moment to post review on Amazon you have to buy it on Amazon supposed review there just let others know about it. I know it's an urgently important message, especially as we come into the 2022 and 20, 24 election so help get the word out. I really appreciated 866-348-7884 let us go over to Sarah in Orlando, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire doing very well thank you. Now I documentary a great documentary if I wanted and very thought-provoking investment. Let me just say it was a privilege student to participate in that American family studios did an amazing job friends if you if you're your friend or loved one, same-sex attracted gender identity confusion a check it out in his image on YouTube or in his okay thanks Sarah.

So back to you only wondering about it like a great opportunity to have your opinion on Chapter 11 and 13 I'm delighting the thing that the prophet and the law prophesied uncle John and if you're willing to expected Elijah to come here here for thinking about the can in Matthew chapter 17 configuration they're asking you for coming off tell me that Elijah already had come directly from the good typo talking about John the Baptist. So going back here John, chapter 1 verse thinking when you think you might ask him not to cry like that. Obviously I'm an activity with Elijah and get that now I'm night and then I get approximately answer now again identify that being the one to avoid crying and looking at linked regulator like European why do you think that I John the Baptist, get back with him to avoid crying out not really well. One can be recognized as a prophet or even a light check with the current because he didn't know that I will achieve that.

He obviously thought him he would bear at the women in developing effective thinking out. I don't wondered about that great question and many have wondered the same way I'd say it's it's practical and sexual. It's practical in that if John said I am Elijah I am that one then it it would've shifted everything immediately, it would have put a focus on Jesus right from the outset that it would've been impractical. There would've been all types of wrong expectations with it.

That's why that's why Jesus didn't like people say that he was the Messiah just wasn't yet a mission first before that the full revelation came. That's part of it. The other is there were probably misconceptions about who Elijah would be what he would do what is it, literally. Elijah reincarnate but that was not the case but that Randy views or a literal Elijah that would come in a many traditional joint believe that will happen what his function would be so. You can also be what you think Elijah is what you think is going to do this, not me. I get a very very different role. So II think it's both of those factors, the practical and the factual and that explains it. Jesus is a look.

He did come in the spirit power.

Elijah he is the forerunner if if you get that and you will more fully understand who I am but it doesn't it doesn't mean that he wasn't going to the cross any of that doesn't mean that I will be the Lodge in the future either. Just as there is a first and second coming, but that's that's how I understand it, both practically and factually all right, you are very welcome 866-34-TRUTH I we lost Paul, but we've got you back in Twin Cities, Minnesota. Welcome to the line of fire in the dark about what other born while the dissidents thanks though. I'm calling about the question. You answered last Friday were you talking about whether having as they are like the affected reincarnation of a pet or something like that and I have my own ideas about it. I know you're really a guy and one thing I did hear a lot of the scriptural foundation behind your beliefs.

So what that it is so thanks for asking so that the question was primarily asked the pets go to heaven and it was a sentimental thing him. Maybe this pets been very precious to your family and and and little dodo dies.

Although the dog dies that will we see dodo again and how could heaven be heaven without dodo and and I am saying it the silly way but look, we've all been attached to pets very very much. So my answer was, as best as I understand, because an animal does not have a a in interbeing like we do.

When it dies, it dies. That's the end of it so you could say okay okay why couldn't be resurrected.

Theoretically, it could be over its did have a soul in it when I was sold the future, but it could be resurrected is not a stitch of the Scripture anywhere about the resurrection of an animal so there there's nothing to quote there's nothing to point to everything that's spoken of in the Bible is about our resurrection and what to look for and in the future in terms of how will be resurrected. First, with its 15 dealing with that so I could go through Daniel 12 I can go through John five I can go through first rent is 50 I go through Revelation 20 I could go through these various verses that that speak about a future resurrection, but it's always about human beings.

That's it and and that will be judged and and some will receive eternal life in some eternal damnation.

So that's all that's spoken of and then Ecclesiastes raises the question. You know it isn't enough painful cynical way about this earthlike who knows the difference between human spirit goes up and I will spirit the goes down just say everybody dies but in fact there is a difference so I can give you more scripture because there is nothing that speaks of pets in heaven are animals in heaven role because of creatures.

Just so, is it possible God's goodness would surprise us.

I mean, people say that it is a process flow because things that being said, I believe his presence alone will be so beautiful that when those pets are there or not it will matter to us, but all the Scripture give you only speaks of resurrection of human beings. I thank you for following up all I appreciate let us go to Gwen in the Bronx, New York. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hello hello hello hello yeah think you're part of have a question about him.

A lot of keep in the habit of basically the I don't many Christian I'm don't pack the big economic thinking that Is not at the level of the path of envelope level B pathway. Yes, so discipline just a quick question in this this comes up always. It's a very very fair question: a totally fair question to ask is for the 10 Commandments wise. The captor who moved to Sunday totally fair question to ask me ask you something. Why is it that we don't offer animal sacrifices today.

But I'm back up. I think of right all parted exactly right. So, some would say so. Jesus says that nothing in the law will will pass away until it's refilled.

So all the blood sacrifices know that he fulfill so many would say that Jesus says to us in Matthew 1128 come to bill you who labor heavy heavy the burden and I'll give you rest so that the Sabbath was pointing to him coming and giving us rest the Colossians. The second chapter says that the shadow the Sabbath is the shadow but the substance is found in the Messiah so someone argue that the Messiah gives us rest and we find that rest in him.

Therefore, we don't have to set a specific day aside and they would say Romans 14 reinforces that nowhere does the New Testament command.

The seventh day Sabbath for all Christians was a sign that God gave to Israel. That being said Sir.

The question deserves more discussion, but because this came up so many times over the year of IIB something calls on it for a while and just referred people to our website. Someone take this call today, but go to my website Esther to SK DR go over there and just typing. Sabbath and you get a lot more information. There in terms of why I hold to what I hold to write so Esther to Click on Sabbath, but the biggest thing I would say is that nowhere does the New Testament enjoying this on Gentile Christians suggests improve the side of Jewish believers.

Nowhere does that this is is that enjoins a command. We do find Sabbath rest in Yeshua. Thank you sir for the call. Hey, are you one of her team members whenever torchbearers helping us with a dollar or more per day are very, really talk about on radio, but it would be awesome if you could join with us little one will pour back into you is for four dollars day what we pour back into you with the audio message every month with access to exclusive video classes with all types of materials with discount online bookstore, three dollars off if you come to Israel of so we pour back into you in many many ways it's our joy to do it then you have the joy of supporting our work friends were making a difference.

People being touched Jewish people coming to faith in Jesus lives are being changed. It's it's beautiful to see believers that were wavering or strengthen ISA being open a people being equipped you can be part of the pushy treasure in heaven. What what a great exchange so go to my website now ask Dr. Brent a SK DR Brown.Ward become one of our torchbearers. One of our team members. You undergird what we do is we literally bring this message around the world and to the lost sheep of the house of Israel and tackle the difficult issues as your voice more cultural and spiritual revolution. So thank you for your support to ask Dr. Brown delegated the listing for a while when I joy today.

Esther Karen is key here.

Brown Douglas is on file with the support go straight back your questions on the side of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown great back to the phones and let's start with Christian in North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire.

My pain for about an earlier word basically all you are not going to ordain the country. We could woman about all scraps from table and I could learn if you thought the chapter 19 verse four. Jesus was basically a grant game to come through that likely city ticket had compassion that way that links to me.

I don't know how to know if you want talk about right right so it's I think it's the deposit which translations me with the backup.

The the case with Jesus in the in the certification woman in Mark seven and Matthew 15 he went completely out of his way there.

In other words, it was miles and miles and miles out of his way to go there and he just went there ultimately to heal the woman's daughter and then came back in terms of the plan of God right there were times where he had to in the literature over here only get through the most likely way are the easiest way of the shortest ways is to go through a particular place, but in in so soon. Luke 19 with the KS it is clearly a divine appointment and there is Jesus is just going about his business doing what he sees the father doing is going through Jericho and and when he spots a key as he knows. He knows that this is this is why I'm here so it could be that in the beginning of the day that he saw in the spirit I'm going to go in the Jericho and I'm going to meet this tax collector named Zacchaeus and this is the day of salvation for him right or he could just know this is were going today and then at that moment Boehm, this is it I'm supposed to be with you but but either way, there was that sense was it was in some city had to go to Jericho, but this recognition that this is a divinely ordained moment. Have you ever let you compare us to Jesus. In this way, but have you ever been doing something and you quite know why you are doing is like now I know why I'm here now. I know it's for you that I'm here, or for the situation. So, the son of God was yeah what was exactly was perfectly alert to those things you know because of his harmony with his father and a new moment by moment.

These are divine appointments. This is something ordained by the father. I'm here for this moment for this person that make sense or quick question for you and your trip to Israel. Are you planning to.

Are you planning to go to Jericho and go or to walk – okay you so much for me, but I if you check the website Esther to click it should list the itinerary. There is a day of going south to Masada. The Dead Sea that would be the day of stopping at Jericho I did. I don't remember if it's on the itinerary for this trip but you can write in just right have a specific question about it. I mean, obviously, there so many incredible sites. It takes a long time to see everything so we we pack in the best most impacting in the time that were there but if it's not listed. You can write in and ask you, thank you for your questions or I appreciated all right.

Let us go to Kenny and Montross, Oregon.

Welcome to the one of fire, I don't know how many people call it midrash that everybody at optical housing announced anyway mattress.

Okay, this address the question that was in my next question because in India this midrash right.

We know that, but where did Madras come from. Is there any connection between them. I don't know all I had on hand… Just like Hannah. Hannah Kelly from Madras, Oregon.

Welcome to the line of fire ago I go ahead okay so not guarded up and I do have doctrine of. I am kind of weird. I go to assembly to God. If you are, anyway, I I am wondering though, I want to get your get your point if you wanted. So we seek to hide it one to wear. There was a prominent. The promise made before time began to there was about this pre-determined in and predestined planning and making for Christ, the hand of Herod in the Gentiles and Jews that brought predetermined happened to Christ before the world began in first Peter adding those together. I'm asking what can in the plan before the foundation of the world. If Christ was predetermined before the foundation of the will, just across this since it was was foreknown.

In other words before. Foreknown foreknown foreknown all through the Bible term it will Hannah.

Hannah gets it. But remember I was a staunch Calvinist for five years so the left is off guard. In that regard. Note number one if if God ordains you to do a particular thing God destines you to do a particular thing and chooses you to do particular thing and such on the course.

That's the only thing that you can do will God then be grieved that you did it and rebuke you for doing it while I go back to thinking about direct any of the lot 80, oh what a diverse defendant he doesn't he doesn't take any physically cheesy to me just like any other like in the death of with your brothers.

They were yelling unjustly have to contract but rather that I am just so you're saying that if God preordained's someone he creates Jill for the purpose of being a wrestler, a vessel of wrath. Preordained's him to damnation and ordains that he will be the one to betray the son of God, will God then be grieved that he did that and will he hold them accountable for doing that and rebuke him for his disobedience. I think everybody wanted to go to hell anyway okay because the nature hadn't been where were the comfort having been there over there but where did that come from when you were deduct from the human nature came from God.

According to correct God ordains people to write what what we have to look at what game. They didn't value your remedy would have to would, but we think that what you're saying we sent out okay. Yet it I'm only interrupting the pollinator okay… The son of God who come from it that I could go back to thinking where people come from what we could go back and fight remember it for you and I'm only interrupting only because I got like two minutes to send something out okay so in short, sin was not foreordained. Sin was for no that's the first thing that's why God is grieved over human sin. That's why God rebukes the supreme incident. That's why God says choose life so that you can live. That's why God says in Deuteronomy 30 get on the 40.

If only he would listen to my commandments, and that's what Jesus says in Matthew 23.

How often I want to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing a link 16 the Pharisees rejected the will of God for their lives so on and on. Verse after verse. The whole of the Bible, God grieved over the sin of the human race.

God regretting the sin of the human race. God holding us responsible and saying I want you to live. I wanted to forgive. I wanted to offer mercy that's that's number one number two sin, though, was clearly foreknown before the foundation of the world because Jesus is his first Peter one in Revelation 13 is the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world so God predestines him as a sacrifice for us. In so foreseeing our sin. The fact that he ordains certain things to happen through certain people.

That's his foreknowledge that that God seeing eternity right is a 5715. He inhabits eternity so she finds a Herod to do a particular thing. He finds a Faro to do particular thing.

If you read through the Exodus account starting in the third chapter and then reading right through the 14th chapter, you'll see that God first says fire will harden his heart. Then God says will harden his heart and then it's at least five times Farrell hardens his heart before God. Now, in Hebrew, what because egg strengthens it and then lick the bed makes it heavy before the hawk showed makes it hard so when God wants to do a particular thing. Proverbs 16 for is best translated then he uses the wicked for that particular desired outcome where if you take someone like Abimelech the king in Genesis 20 God doesn't let him sleep with Sarah because God saw the integrity of his heart and therefore didn't let him sin because as far as Abimelech knew Abraham that was a sister not his wife so he could take her for himself. God saw that he did it innocently so God works through human beings. God preordained the death of Jesus, and he preordained how would happen, and through whom because he foresees therefore he when he is looking for a particular thing to do finds the right person to do it but is looking for certain evil deed. He finds the right person given over to it and then works out his will through them. He is amazingly sovereign, amazingly wise, and amazingly powerful. I bow down and worship everything he does. This consisted is that you hate Kenny. I wish I had more time to interact and apologize for everything throughout but is he answering before were done. Blessings upon your pin in the morning I will this weekend is it Esther round out our full details.

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