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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 5, 2018 4:31 pm

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 5, 2018 4:31 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/05/18.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Well it's Friday it's time you got questions, we've got answers phone lines are open for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and resident of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown doubtful eyes are open 86634286634878848 question of any kind whatsoever that you have for me if you have an issue on a raise if you have a criticism on arrays. If you're curious if you try to separate fact from fiction, biblical, theological, political, cultural Israel. Just whatever we talk about on the air form is open 866-34-TRUTH before go to the phones we received an email that I want to answer on the air. This young man. His mother was a real voice of sanity and clarity in the household.

She's passed. He's looking to me for for guidance. He has a nephew 15 years old, a young man, a boy who is now on hormones has now legally changed his name to a female name plans to make a full-scale sex transition at the age of 18 and this this by writing to me does not want to seem bigoted. He does not want to just be insensitive other family members who are Christian are ready calling this boy by a female name and wants to know had how to handle it. So first CERT I appreciate your heart and wanted to walk in love and wanted to walk in truth, I appreciate you want to be sensitive to the struggles of this 15-year-old you asked me about the book by Mark your house understanding gender dysphoria. Certainly Mark your house is highly qualified to address these issues as a Christian psychologist.

Surely he is compassionate in his approach and wants to do the right thing. I would say don't stop with his book, though. What I would do is I would go to sex change and I would ask your family members, your dad, other family who are believers to go to sex change and look at the stories of those who've gone through sex change surgery and look at the testimonies of people like Walt higher who will say yeah he went from male to female only to realize those were not his real issues is a issues were deeper than that when those other issues were addressed. He recognized he was living a lie and it is best to go back to being fully male and is been happily married to a woman serving God is many years since, so sex change that's a good place to go. Also go to help for families. The number for help for you can read the story of Denise Schick whose dad had to share with his daughter. His little secret. She's she shares her story about what that was like how that impacted her. And then there are other resources that are listed there as well so those websites will get you in the right direction. If I were you I would not call this 15-year-old boy by female name to me that is being complicit with deception complicit with disordered complicit with confusion because he is not a female client everything you're telling me is a biological chromosomal mail. We want to help him find wholeness in that place.

I can't relate to the torment he goes through or whatever else is going on his life, but to me to join him with that is to be complicit in hurting him not helping him 866-34-TRUTH we go to Phoenix Arizona tomorrow.

Welcome to the modifier Dr. Mark Brown how are you doing I'm doing very well extremely well.

Thank you think the microgrid mark are looking for you regularly ever think about the big project I would like yeah that is my question comes in regard to the Hebrew Israelite movement.

I remember hearing a couple recording to go that know you inputted or suggested possibly a debate with you and Dan fighter who of their guilt like a formal, debate, and I want to have been fed or anything in that negative, no, no, but nobody's responded to me. I noticed there are Hebrew slices listen to the broadcast. What is responded to me in any formal way.

I'm not aware of anyone responded to Dr. White in a formal way but that invitation. This is wide open and I encourage you to go back and listen to the radio shows I did was, so I must see Yahoo a black Jewish brothers become a good friend and new knows far more about the resorts I ever did his ministers to them all the time and is minute ministering to them on a regular basis. Is there coming out of their false beliefs, and coming to know the real Messiah getting wonderfully born again. So God is moving in their midst and the more that their errors get exposed. The more that they will will be coming to the truth. But let's pray for that Dr. White and I would love to do it.

We travel to her. We had to do if it was gonna be bona fide. The key thing is SB legitimate respected leaders in that movement yet to be fair to that side and if you if you just get every Tom Dick and Harry whatever position they have right and you demolish them. A debate would you prove the appearance aggressive related really represent us in a soft fair so we want to get their best representatives and then by all means we do our best to make it happen so our doors are open.

We haven't heard, if you're listening if you're part of the Hebrew Israelite movement that you consider yourself a black Hebrew, a part of this movement believe that people like me are wrong and diluted in our beliefs. And you know leaders there.

Please let them know we would joyfully have a major moderated formal videotape lifestream public debate. So pray for that which you I will follow up follow up question I have been paid for while and I have a family member of better getting into that movement try my best friend my brother Bill.

He probably definitely much better idea and probably been like normal being everything you're doing now is getting in preventive, but if I'm finding it harder. Talk to him because it is stuck on back there that that movement what what I would do if yet why would you assist because again I don't know exactly what is into details of what he's believing. Alyssa sat with them and talk face-to-face.

First, I really pray for him that that God would expose the roots of of his apostasy what it is that's leaving him into this error. That's one thing a second thing is I would look for an Achilles heel. I would look for something that he holds to either about our relationship to the Torah or who the real issue is or where grace and forgiveness fit in, or whenever I would look for an Achilles heel and just focus on that one thing if you can help them to see the error of something that's important to him undermine that with truth, it can shake his foundations in such a way that you will then be able to see all okay wait. Maybe he starts to wonder because you've undermine something, let him question the credibility of his teachers, so the foundation visa look for an Achilles heel and them if you can find that this purpose politely press that press that, but is probably something spiritual going on as well. As the mental deception I thank you sir, may the Lord work. In turn these hearts back 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Bob in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Welcome to the modifier. I don't wear him out with An RJ remedy failure to go through the Bible quote all the Bible is written for, but not all the Bible was written to and only give you two examples in Chronicles 714, was ineptly written to the Jew to find the rededicated temple but but I believe you could also comply applied to the church, but in your mouth. Count three… That was deftly talking to the Jews coming out of Babylonian captivity. There were not is not tithing.

They want the remaining for women and were keeping the Sabbath, but Richard warm morning I hand inside your loving God hereunder cursed no Christians under Kirsten on our track to differentiate you, the old battery applied to the new let's look at how absolutely and it's it's a great little saying from J. Vernon McGee.

This was to listen to today many years after his passing, salt, let's recognize that. See first Corinthians is not written to us is written to the Corinthian believers in interrogation of Paul had planted right. Galatians is not written to us in that sense, the vast majority of the Bible was written to us. Isaiah was speaking to people in his day Moses was speaking to people in his day, but it's all written for. So I'm looking at all of the Bible and making application.

In other words, I would not quote Malachi 3 in a blanket way for believers today.

I agree with you, nor what I quote sick Chronicles 714 in a blanket wasted that applies to America or be because it was written to Israel and is a different context. Being a covenant nation but I would look for the principles. What were the principles involved when when God was speaking through Malachi was the sin of the people, and there it is explicitly financial or other issues dealt with, and specifically addressing Levites and much of the book, but there were issues of holding onto things that belong to God when I come to the New Testament. I do not find the law of tithing, but I find the same principles I find that were called to be generous to give sacrificially to give regularly to give proportionately and then I see a pattern of sacrificial giving in the New Testament that would be beyond the tithe and I see the New Testament saying that if we so liberally will reap liberally if we so instinctually will reap stringently. So I see the same principles, applying so I could easily preach as Malachi 3 missing Outlook were not under the Sinai covenant were not under the law of tithing is not putting up curse on us if we withhold money but in fact it is robbing God of things that belong to him.

The firstfruits belong to him. We are robbing ourselves a blessing that he would bring. So II would preach it from the principal, but you have to do that with lots of things that was Paul's writing to the Corinthians in dealing with an issue there. So here's what he was doing with their peers out applies to us today so I think if we do that which the principal was God saying what's it based on then asked the question sir does the same principle apply today then I think we can do well. Sick Chronicles 714 if my people, they will harm themselves, pray, etc. right will that was God speaking to Israel and that reply to the nation that has edified us in ways is America.

God's nation the same way as rules no sooner that be talking to it between us as believers within as we within a nation turn to God and asked for forgiveness and mercy he can impart his grace on us and that grace can touch the nation as well is great question. Hopefully, if you understand the principle of taking out the principal living on that them were good. All right 866-34-TRUTH I tell you what we got a break coming up in a moment. But let me just throw this out for your friends. We have a lot of resources on this Dr. Brown website.

I mean a lot. In fact, in a moment of exactly what's there, but we have a lot of resources, and through your generosity to those who support us monthly as torchbearers to those one-time gifts we can make a kind of stuff available to you for free. So take advantage of it asked Dr. will be right back. Her plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. We have seasons were different.

Critics will attack us more vociferous than others and I honestly read the articles. I don't watch the videos.

I don't listen to the audio is one reason is there's there's no time to their play for the things I could do the more constructive a second as it tends to be the same recycle stuff when I do take a look either misinformation or misrepresentation and 8B with a filler supposed to do.

The last of the God of followed he's given me to do and and I answer to God, we leave it there.

Move forward every so often I'll rebut certain things when I see that people have a genuine question, but for those of reaching whatever the numbers are.

God knows it could be Tempe could be 10 million people from reaching those are people that are coming to us, hungry, thirsty, that were able to minister to their really concerned with what people attacking saying who should I respond to. Should I respond to the critics attacking me for my Jewish use my Israel views my charismatic views from my traditional marriage is from a reader from every side. But I just throw this out to write very important rebut a list and I know you're the smartest I could give you best year okay written over 30 books by God's grace of written over thousand articles that are posted on the instructor from website and in many scholarly articles and academic articles that are not posted there and then we have over thousand videos out and then thousands of hours of radio broadcasts, and then God knows how many hundreds of thousands of messages that are available all kinds of different places. If you want take issue with something I believe there you have it. Over 30 books to look at.

Find out what I believe over thousand articles over thousand videos right thousands of hours of radio there all their don't come to me with a snippet of 1/32 video clip of some looks weird looks weird to me when I see it and I'm speaking at a conference in that person speaker thereto, is that you must allow several residual falls from the list. I bother with nonsense like that I bother with that gear, here's the mountain of what we been able to put out by God's grace and any good. That is to his glory. Okay over 30 books over thousand articles over thousand videos thousands of hours of video thousands of hours of messages and teach classes okay this all there is available and the Entente of it is available for free so you want to know what I believe, based things on that when I was leaving the Browns revival day and night were misrepresented. I know I was there I was in it. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hungry between classes and services and other meetings.

Several thousand that I was in I watch the lives of the people being touched. We work with many of them to this day, 15, 20 years later serving God sacrificially all around the world. I know the biblical fruit. I know the good fruit. I also know every revival in history has been criticized and maligned and mocked and rejected, it just happens.

As I said over and over and over again. You can have controversy that revolve. You cannot have revival without controversy.

Okay all that to say I am not can spend all my time running on rabbit trails announcing the latent critics of one of this what about this little you have a problem with somebody else. Go to the person all right if I speak at a conference with 10 people and you got a problem with those people that go to those people don't come to me and asked me to renounce them and look I will spend all my time announcing the critics by name the people lying about me, people misrepresenting me the people misunderstanding me. The people putting in all kinds of nonsense and trash. I will spend my time rebutting them by name and getting into a lesson to do is spend my time rebutting others that are trying to do the will of God in very good fruit and is there something I differ with a different with it like a whole book coming out in April called playing with holy fire. It's a wake-up call to the Pentecostal charismatic church. I read a book and 91: whatever happened to the power of God is a charismatic church slain in the spirit out of the car and I did all these things is a charismatic Pentecostal as I am today joyfully without apology without shame, but there's a a lot of junk and abuse cycle and address them, and I will address them if I know the personal dress becomes what is in public if I know the person private could come privately.

That's one reason I don't deal with certain critics because rather than come to me privately when they access the glass to be publicly and when I went to the privately insipid you said is false. They double down their attack. Hey zero integrity. There goodbye and we move on so that is my word that I hope you will find helpful.

Let's concentrate major on the majors. Touch a dying world build one another up.

Amen. 866-34-TRUTH I would go to Manhattan James hay first James how's the weather mom head up your way. The next day or two really okay I need to look into that yet freezing out here you're faithful to become, no, I got a get a better win the lotto number I'm actually doing intensive and intensive advance Jewish apologetics class in Brooklyn but were supposed to be doing some shooting of the streets of different areas of stuff so okay got it, delegate coal already but go at your questions are you look at your debate with Bart Herman two years ago and I really liked it and watched it twice. There is one comment he made in the Q&A that I don't think you are the Congress on remaking your comment that there was nothing of the heaven and the concept of heaven in the Old Testament that in the Old Testament.

It was mainly good and bad people. Both went to the graven.

This idea of heaven and hell really is more of a New Testament idea that developed enough to say nothing about it gathers no concept of hell right in the Old Testament the way Jesus described it. I wondering if you don't yet is what we have is it what we have is progressive revelation and he may have slightly overstated things, but basically in the Old Testament world. The emphasis was on blessings and curses in this world, living in obedience or disobedience to God, and there was not a clear widespread revelation from the beginning about the world to come. There may be handset it what is it mean to be buried with your fathers or to rest with your fathers. Is that just mean death. Is there something shadowy conflict. Everybody just comes to rest in the shadowy netherworld was clear, though, was the earth was the place of activity. If you're dead, you can praise God, if you're dead you couldn't follow his commandments just like we say now if I'm dead. I can preach the gospel if if I'm dead. I can't change the world. So that was that was the focus. However, you do have a hope that's expressed in different verses against Psalm 17, that the psalmist upon death is expecting to see God's face or you have verses about the resurrection of the dead and Isaiah 25 and 26 and then Daniel 12 verse two says plainly that those who sleep in the spirit. Many will rise many multitudes will arise. Some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

So there you have would be the equivalent of heaven and hell in the Old Testament.

Then, in the intra-tester mental. The Jewish world became more and more conscious of the world to come talk to by the more the things Jesus talked about with heavenly realities. The rebels of hell. Those were commonly taught and believed by many of the Jews of his time.

But Paul tells us writing to Timothy, the first chapter that Jesus brought life and immortality to light through the gospel so the New Testament is telling us that everything has become more clear now. If the Old Testament said plainly and flatly that there is no resurrection of the dead ever that there is no world to come, that they'll be wanting that you die and it's over but it doesn't say that it just doesn't address it clearly it seems to speak in a questioning way like Job know is there something after now there's not that. But then even he seems to have a hope of resurrection and then little by little, God makes things more clear. And then they come into full life in the New Testament is not the only subject let's it's likely that with the Caesar planted the Old Testament, but they become fully clear in the new.

Thank you sir for your question 866-34-TRUTH the state of New York JD walking to the line of fire. Oregon will thank you for your James is right by the literary or cultural but going to have a question about the lab) that reasonably and sound believable. You know now wondering what I should recall from him about is that that of polygamy is codified in the Old Testament, and not necessarily a new code is not explicit but that in such a way that is that not only was it permissible but not actually wanted to happen so this is your so you respond in an you don't break fellowship over him saying that if he is obstinate and stubborn and is obviously trying to be divisive. That's the bigger issue. So number one asking does he agree in the beginning that God's design was the ideal design. One man one woman for life.

Genesis 2 it's not Adam and Eve and Yvonne and Yvette's etc. leave, so why didn't God have polygamy establish their that's number one. Does he agree that that's the pattern number two.

Matthew 19 does Jesus reinforce that pattern. Verses four through six. Jesus says there was God's ideal for the beginning one man one woman. The two becoming one for life. Okay. Also what is Paul teach in the church for elders and member the elders were to set the example you were to follow the example of your leaders. What is Paul's teaching there. You can only be the husband of one wife. No polygamy. A lot. If you be a leader in the body. If you can set an example canopy polygamists so number one God establishes the creation number two.

Jesus reinforces it.

Number three, Paul establishes as the model number for yes under the law. There were conditions with polygamy, the king, for example, generally 70 was not to multiply wives doesn't say it's ideal for them to have many kisses don't have too many was gonna hurt you as it did with Solomon and then asked this when his polygamy ever put forward in a positive way in the Bible when this would give me one example were polygamy is clearly presented as something positive as something good every example we have any details. Abraham taking hug our as a second wife is taking his concubine that creates massive problems. Jacob Manning two sisters that creates massive problems in God makes it illegal and Leviticus the 18th chapter of David's wise that created problems that the the two wives of of the they'll come on in. In the first Samuel one Samuel's father that creates problems. Solomon all his wives free from so got a date with God ordained one man one woman. That's the example that through Jesus with all examples of polygamy are negative when laid out in the file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown friends.

By the way phones in a moment but you know what happens to me sometimes it's one of these little damned if you do, damned if you don't cut things I see someone's trying to ask me a question on Twitter right and we have we have a good following on social media, and obviously only see a fraction of what's posted on Facebook or YouTube or or twitter or elsewhere or comments to articles and things like that but so will ask you question it, and I'll think it'll let me take a second to respond. Maybe they have 14 followers instead of the hundred 40,000 followers.

Their 14 followers and as you take a second to respond and then they press back to the second question. I'll respond again and that'll say hey and they keep going at me a signal. I'm really sorry but I don't have time to respond to all you only respond to the big one will not big enough.

We don't have enough people you and I sit actually, I responded to you because you asked the question.

It didn't matter how many followers you had, but please be respectful of my time that I can't respond to everyone if I'm interacting with you there thousands of others on the collecting and thousands of things I'm supposed be doing. I can't get to that end up having to block them itself to do my best to get to as many as I can but hate you got your life to live. I can expect you to stop everything for me. I have my life to live. You can expect me to stop everything for you but we do our best to get to as many as we can with joy, 86634 over the Charlotte, North Carolina Louise, welcome to the line of fire rubbing alcohol sure I'll have a question though my daughter is getting married.

She is a Christian early.

Now and you the idea basically believe there forgot about Artie taken so, how I spoke to Rick on like not God honoring marriage idea might go out one offend God obviously like how would you recommend I yeah you know it's it's always a difficult situation when you think someone you love is making a mistake and you have to say okay do I want to show that I love them and stand with them in the midst of the mistake so I can help them later or do what it really want to step back and warned them more strongly. I would look at it like this. How how long they've been going together for quite a while, maybe required right so sheet she's known him longer than she's known the Lord right okay so that's that's the problem there. They have a long-standing relationship that predates the changes in her life and the changes are not so radical. Yes, that it's affecting him negatively that he doesn't want to marry her or that he's getting turned off or he's he's scared you know where she going with all this so what I might do is I would get with with her and just say hey how seriously about following Jesus first really probe her there a really really serious.

Okay what he thinks going to happen if you get more and more serious with the Lord. Have you guys talked about. You think you should have an honest talk. What's gonna happen when when you want to be praying or reading the Bible and he doesn't want you doing that was good happen. He wants you to go see a movie with him and you will see it was good happen when you have kids and and you want to take the kids to church you want to teach about the ways of God and and he is going to tell them the opposite wants to stay backup.

Have you guys talked about this, I would ask those questions in a way that doesn't seem like you're attacking her, but rather trying to see how far they've gone, how much she's really thought about us and she says hey I just have peace that God's gonna work in his heart and God's going to save him also that you know that does happen, but I also know former cases were doesn't happen and it's a mistake. So it all depends on how serious and solid she is with the Lord. If it's clear it's an act of disobedience on her part and she's resisting God I really care Warner and you can save a lot of grief by helping you to reconsider if she's she still new in processing these things and it would be disruptive to the push further. I would just really pray for to walk with the Lord more and just be supportive but have that conversation. So what's on record and then if if she's open yeah but I still think it's the right thing to do.

Okay I go to the wedding. I go along with things but I'd be quite ready to be there.

The moment conflicts arise, and beyond that you have to come to your own conclusions as to what's right or wrong, but I would have the conversation right okay yeah I think my only concern was she kind of got really hating it. No accuracy right now like like my only concern is the kind of thing away and you eat nothing again that all yeah right and he might if she gets really serious. He might follow along.

Or she may get radically saved in and may light a fire in her you never know how God works. I would, I would just really try to encourage her to keep getting closer to the Lord. That's the big right he's not the big issue in closer to the Lord is the bigger issue. That's right, try to put the emphasis okay are a member. God bless you. Thank you sir, all right 86634 we go over to state North Carolina Winston-Salem Tim welcome to want to fire you, Dr. Brown, questionnaires about which you will be some people in heaven.

It will be closer to Christ.

Others are very few people say that to in Matthew 2023 were Jesus and knows you don't need to write and so was on his way out that when movement position for VM or someone that will be closer to others and usually when you shoot when the ships union gained in July we use three word which means they were close to the other disciples so is Mr. yes it sure is just what we know and I appreciate the question we know that were saved equally right that our sins are forgiven equally that we receive eternal life equally that were all called sons and daughters of God equally that we can all go to God is all about father. Equally there all branches of the vine the role priests to God that were going to enjoy God forever and ever. All of us equally weak.

We know that now does the Bible give us parables about certain people receiving more from God or getting more responsibility. Certainly this at apply just to the world to the millennial kingdom.

For example, in Matthew 19 Jesus tells the 12 disciples that they will reign over the 12 tribes of Israel in the millennial kingdom in the regeneration of all things he says what when I could do that.

The names of the 12 apostles written on the foundations stones of of the new Jerusalem. My name's not renew your names are written there. So there will be some certainly that play roles and have responsibilities that others don't. And certainly the way we live in this world will affect things in the world to come right that some of that serve God. All their life and has this intimate close relationship with him is going to enter the world to come in in a different way with a different history than someone that breezy prayer and God had mercy on the repented moments before they died. But look at it like this. Of and I think this is the most helpful thing. Obviously I want to be with the Lord with all of my heart and soul for right now because he's my God, and was served with everything in me and whatever the results of that are in the world to come. Wonderful.

But unless they come in to pray today so I can be closer to God in the world to come. But look at it like this.

If I have an 8 ounce glass.

That's my capacity, and God fills it with 8 ounces I'm I'm filled to capacity. If you have a 16 ounce glass and Gospels, that the capacity your throat it's it's your capacity so you may get more than me right but were both equally filled so I don't believe that in the world to come is communicative jealousy law. How, I don't know. I mean, Tim.

Tim is he's got more reward, more than I want no more hate James filled I'm filled and then we just grow in God forever and ever and ever. Beyond that I think were speculating to be honest, but thank you sir for the question.

By the way, there's a great anecdote that when George Whitfield died in the 1714, 70, 70 John Wesley 703-1791.

So was filled with them at 21 years when George Whitfield died because their Bennett a conflict between them earlier. Whitfield was a Calvinist. Wesley is an Arminian and even though they heal the relationship. Many of their followers never did.

And some believe almost save the other was so someone came to Wesley and said Mr. Wesley, do you believe you're going to see George Whitfield in heaven because hold no absolutely not the guts out good good is it if they Whitfield was saved and Wesley said Whitfield will be far too close for the throne of to the throne of God from ever see. It was interesting as I read the same quote that Whitfield said earlier in his life. He was left about Wesley and knows which said what first, but let us have that perspective, honoring one another and then do everything we can to please the Lord, 866-34-TRUTH we go to chase in let's be Maryland.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Hey Dr. Michael Brown hello question concerning how the controversy Lordship salvation and one thing only debate. One of my friends on Facebook. I went back and forth a couple years ago she believed in Lordship salvation issue, belief and brain right now. She believed that once they've always saved and back, her really worried really worries me because of the fact that she would they like my thing.

You cannot lose your salvation, or that repented of your nowhere in the context of salvation, and that Connor really worries me and she's a KJV only Bible believer on ninth and and and I'm not saying this against her. I I do believe she loved the Lord and I don't want to hypocritically falsely accused her but Tom was anything wrong but I'm just wondering how can I how can I like talk to Eric try to help her try to try to have a conversation with her in some way.

So just just what I suggest. I first say are you telling me that you can reject Jesus is Lord and renounce him as your Savior and still be saved and Esther, are you telling me that you can reject Jesus as Lord and renounce him as your Savior and still be safe and then ask her if she says yes you can ask her what you do with Matthew 721 circuit what you do them in Matthew 721 that everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, once the kingdom of heaven, but only owes to do the will of my father right so this first sermon ounces. Jesus is Lord denies him not believing him can still be saved in a safe. Then I said okay Kelly go through the book of acts. Let's just take our Bibles and look up the word repent. Repentance in the book of acts on the lips of Peter… Paul and Elsie over and over and over and over and over patents and faith.

Faith baptism is no question that repent is the first gospel to say let's just go through acts and I believe what's written you go from there. I meant got a break got ago. Thank it's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I grab a few more 7884 will start in West Bloomfield, Pennsylvania. Deborah, welcome to the line of fire. All right what I'm reading it correctly on my screen so will attribute that to a super busy call screener today but Michigan what you're used to cold weather there. I now am calling about in her comment, but I like to get a much better understanding of the OPEC member that point and I know it and I am inviting to me that if the Bible begin to get back at Bible as literature, and finally at that company. Look at the Bible for more than a theological perspective and think we eat wheat liquid when we read the Bible. Usually we look at it from a theological perspective might everything point you could kindly build and felt our way. We better understand that you that like that bring about. We all know that over point you you would crank and we all know that the symbol of Abraham, and I think the back of the point B is kind and it kind of like at sewing. So if you're interested, here's the best that the first is the best thing to do. Okay you want to constantly be reading the whole Bible through this much. As you can. Over the years, but I read through the New Testament and then every verse that's quoted look at it if it's quoting an Old Testament verse for any purpose, and ask yourself okay is this taking to be a direct prophecy is his Matthew was Paul telling us that the prophet was directly prophesying about Yeshua the Messiah or is it a type of foreshadowing or is it analogous as it happened to Israel. So was happening to the Messiah or is it a spiritual deduction. There was now that we know he's the Messiah we go back and read it through those eyes is on the one hand, goblets, giving specific loss to Israel goblets speaking's specific prophetic words to his people back then there was history unfolding, and that's what we read in no on the other hand every thing in one way or another was was being used by God to point to redemption to expose our sin to point to a need for a Savior to glorify the Messiah and so you know you cannot say, for example, Psalm 22 is a direct prophecy of Jesus, because Psalm 22 also thought it was in a prophecy.

It was a Psalm written by righteous suffer, describing sufferings, but does anyone in the Old Testament history fulfill that Psalm no.

And however it was written was written with some type of poetic hyperbole and or inspiration of the spirit that does not describe what happened. The Seminole tester, but it's not a prophecy always is a Psalm of agony and anguish and deliverance from death and deliverance so extreme that it brings praise to God from the ends of the earth will who forth bills that only Jesus is the only legitimate one. I can say that Psalm is ultimate about me, but it wasn't given initially as a prophecy, just like the Passover was given as a prophecy.

It was given historically as as something that God was giving to Israel to teach them about the Exodus from Egypt, but it doesn't stop there. It has a greater meaning of meaning beyond that, he prescribed encourage you to do. Deborah go to S. Dr. and click on Jewish right or just go to real it's really choice your Esther to Click on Jewish or just go directly to real I have a whole extensive lecture series I did on answering Jewish objections to Jesus and I deal with objections to messianic prophecy, the nature of messianic prophecy. So if you scroll through that you'll find lots of relevant videos and excerpts from some of my books right deal with some of those objections so real. or Esther to

Click on Jewish and then you you get a time you dive in, you'll see there's a time of stuff to learn from to grow and that will help your understanding. If you really want to dig further my book. I've got a five time series answering Jewish objections to Jesus.

Volume 3 focuses on messianic prophecy right answering Jewish objections to Jesus five time series, volume 3 focuses on answering objections based on this end, prophecy, hate, thank you for the call and continue to enjoy your journey of discovery in the word, 866-34-TRUTH Dallas Texas no law. Welcome to the line of fire in either doing well thank you good arm so my question is so good across the road that is so high, what to expect. My question is, Jesus went to the whipping post and establish for our healing. Why do people just like look over that and like premier arm with a ministry called judge -like ministries with curried breakout are not familiar with. Yes Trent.but things like biblical of the DHT all registered scriptures from the Bible when I tell people like Jesus went on the whipping post for your healing. They think it's crazy and if they think of healing. They think it's like emotional and stuff like that but and pad on with that I don't like. That's blasphemy to me not to believe that Jesus didn't do that because that's part of the tone, the essence of the limited limit me help you with that. Okay, no. First, I'd be careful to say it's blasphemy of some of this and teach it like you do that would certainly go beyond the secretary, Blake would want you to think. John G Lake 1870, 1935 real pioneer in the spirit in many ways in seeing God's gifts. Healing miracles are performed and in great power for the glory of Jesus name and Cree Blake is been devoted to basing things on the ministry of John G Lake and raising of people and healing ministry ever since.

And for years now twice ever since coming since 1935 but I mean in recent years, but number one most believers put all of this together. The whipping the beatings across is all one thing all one event. Jesus said that he be given over to sinful meant that he be beaten that he be crucified. This is all harsh of the cross to us.

I don't I don't separate is being whipped from his dying on the cross.

Now there are some who teach is you're saying two separate things. In Hebrew and in Isaiah 53 of a cover hotel near Palo Alto and at the cost of his wounds. There is healing for us that they say will that's those wounds. Those bruises that's being whipped so he was whipped for healing any die on the cross for our sins understand the text to be saying that I understand the wounding the bruising, all to be part of the cross is being whipped was part of the preparation of crucifixion is being nailed to the cross as part of it and then hanging there suffocating dying right.

Those are all that's all part of the cross and by his wounds were healed. It is all the same. In other words, it is spiritual healing. It is physical healing is mental emotional healing at all flows from the same source, the cross, which includes his whipping. Do I believe that healing is for us today. Yes Roy pray for the sick and confidence in expectation based on that, yes, but I believe there is physical healing for us, not because of a separate thing that he was whipped for a physical healing, but rather there is healing for us because Jesus died for our sins, which is the root cause of all human suffering and out of that first and foremost forgiveness of sins. That's automatic that's guaranteed. We truly put our trust in them now as we walk these things out.

We see healing coming in many other ways we see our minds being restored.

Many times our bodies miraculously healed, getting set free from addictions and other things because by his wounds were healed. The other man and the outer man. That's how I understand it so considerate based on that concept is not being neglected.

It's just all being seen as part of the cross and know I appreciate your question in your heart so you got time for one more call a David in Boston.

Time is short so dive right in sir. Hi Dr. Robert yeah go ahead please. So I need to speak up to little hard to hear. I people that they they kind of fallen into like the old going to church on Sunday, is wrong because the Catholic Church no change of day of work yet politically but paganism like how would I respond to that what for. First thing is our then Fellowship cirrhosis. This first thing and a number okay that's a bigger issue if they were part of the messianic congregation that met on Saturday or they were part of the house Fellowship that met in a Saturday night or so. The fact that they're not committed. I would challenge it with Hebrews 1025 and soak you you're not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. This is a place we exhort one another we get strong strengthen one another. Paul is presupposing throughout the New Testament that we are gathering together. We are meeting together this on a regular basis if were not doing that were out of fellowship with one another and with disobedience to God, I would press that the other thing I would say is are you aware that long before the Catholic Church said that Sunday was the Sabbath that believers were celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus on Sunday that even Jews that were Sabbath keeping Jews, keeping a 70 Sabbath that there were celebrating his resurrection Sunday that in the early second century, we have examples of believers gathering to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on a Sunday early in the morning before work or later in the day after work so pagan about it and have little Romans 1414 a of some assistance – side to the Lord on earth. Since pagan separate over that's realistic. Big mistake. I friends back the Monday

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