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Dr. Brown Shares His Heart and Takes Your Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 3, 2018 4:30 pm

Dr. Brown Shares His Heart and Takes Your Calls

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 3, 2018 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/03/18.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

While I have decided to open the phone lines wide critics are welcome to call in today 2+ one share my heart with you about some important spiritual matters is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to broadcast Michael Brown delighted to be here with you. I once heard a powerful evangelist. He was talking about dealing with critics and he said look, I'm not going to get off the combine harvester to kill a mouse. In other words he wanted to reach millions of lost people in a major continent where he was ministering in the last concern he had was if someone was going to be critical of him or his methods. He was out to reach the lost and preach the gospel of Jesus.

And that's what burned in his heart.

And yet there are times when people get confused. There are times when people of legitimate questions.

And it hinders them from receiving any cases like that. We love to interact. We love to interact with those who are critical of those who are searching so were especially opening the phones that also Wednesday with brand-new year and and I want to give ample time for folks to call and so we normally do on Friday doing today as well. Any question of any kind whatsoever in any area of expertise. I have heard some rumor and you're trying to get to know what's the truth about things we can help you with it request you have for me scripturally, spiritually, politically multiculturalism we talk about on the air, review her accusations whenever phone lines are open. You know I sometimes take up my cell phone when I'm with folks in and there a little bit surprised to hear the latest attack in this person coming after me of this website coming after this video coming of committee to be from old records and it comes with the territory, and I rejoice in it as were doing the Lord's will is going to be opposition, but also not of got a folder here I'll show them as if I happen to spot the thing if I happen to be the wanted to spot the thing on social media YouTube post Facebook post and it crosses our lines. It's filled with profanity. It's just a personal attack. It's ugly whatever then then what I'll do is I'll take a screenshot of it before we delete or block the person. If others find it. Of course, though. First, and I said yes I do I just throw those in this little folder that I have in one note, which is kind of miscellaneous notebooks offer if you don't use. It's really helpful and throat and the hate mail one SC at each one of these is a headline each one a separate subject that of the start scrolling on the phone, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling simply put us… Last few years and that's deceptive. The ones that I see it even put on their and there probably for me when I see there are 50 or hundred thousand.

I don't see so hate I welcome it.

It comes with the turf. But if you're genuinely confused about things. Let me help you write 866-348-7884 is the number to call and in fact I have some other things I want to share with you and get into but I'm gonna go right to the phones now will start in Oregon.

Edward you are on the line of fire. Dr. Brown. I really appreciate dialogue regarding Dr. Weingartner being a recovery. America I am cannot hang on just one second that if I unless you're speaking directly in the phone text is not a great yeah that that's better. And for those wondering after my radio show yesterday. I then went on Dr. White sure we did. In fact, only about 90 minutes together on the dividing line. He wanted me to come on because some crazy criticism against him and the reason I said great. Let's let's do it and we got the time of of excellent response from folks ready so glad it was a blessing to you, but are you joke about being a recovering charismatic you know more Calvinist and secessionist is is that what you say I marked up open, but caution Hungary culture and like my my printer, charismatic, or like you know full or for my path.

They would become in the camp with John McKay, John MacArthur great brother, but people who are hard-core. John MacArthur followers. Let me into a camp with you know the other extreme and I hope to reformed theology, but I still want to remain open, but caution so I left the get together and I just hate when people want to throw pro firebombs and not listen to the dialogue yet in this I again personally I am unconcerned. If someone attacks me again.

It happens virtually every day over the Internet and other circles because the letters we weigh in on a lot of people differ with us and that that's that's fine but it hurts me when it's within the body for the sake of the body and the reputation of Jesus and and then if someone's attacking me.

That means I can help them.

Again, I'm fine.

I'm not concerned about that. Personally and and that's when I can be mentioning names and websites of some of ask a question.

I'm happy to address it, but my concern is always for the well-being of someone else in my concern is okay if your attacking me. I I am not able to minister to you and matures that we have a resource I can help you with.

But let me ask you this is what I'm curious about.

I don't see why being a Calvinist versus Arminian or something else in between. On either side has any thing to do with an charismatic it into another word right it go.

It underwrite intermittent people who recall that Dr. Calvin effectively. Yeah, I actually came out of the first right where first are good. Dr. White was your debate on the Trinity. I was a non-Trinitarian I was the I was even credited in any regard, while though I yes I kind of come a long way from that but I don't want to go so far where we would deny that that… The effect if you believe that God is holy farmer and I don't see how you can completely shut that door, which is what you have to say is one she just chooses not to do certain things or say what with Dr. White would say that that God may supernaturally heal, but is not the norm. We can't expected and just say okay. Were we to pray for and believe and expect is a way we can expect other things, hate to have my book authentic fire. Now I don't actually I never heard of it. After III sink you'll find it really interesting and helpful. I wrote in response to Pastor John MacArthur strange fire. I would respectfully and with an ultimate goal of unity and recognize your need for one another in the body, but I lay out a lot of things very clearly scripturally about the gifts and how the spiritual listen, stay right there and we are how it is going to get your name and address and I want to send you authentic fire as my gift right thanks for the call Edward 866-348-7884 during the browser revival. I wrote a book called let no one deceive you. Confronting the critics of revival and then subsequently revised it and put it out as the revival answer book discerning the contemporary revival movements and I added a chapter at the beginning it, which after understands this every time that God has moved in history there has been controversy associated with, you can have controversy without revival, but you never have revival of the controversy. It is just something that always comes revival shakes things up revival stirs things up revival challenges the status quo revival points out what's wrong and points people back to the Scriptures back to God. Back to the things in spirit and sometimes because of the intensity of revival. People may do things that are unwise or foolish, and it just gets more amplified or they may be unusual things that people haven't seen before and the question is this scriptural is unscriptural as extra biblical. In other words, it's not in the Bible but it's not contrary to Scripture, so it is just study revival history study you. You pick something that that you you believe is a bona fide revival movement in in in history right and then go back and read ceramic that the great awakening first great awakening with Jonathan Edwards and with George Whitfield or perhaps the Wesley and revival with with Wesley and Whitfield or the second great awakening or the prayer revival reaching 5758 or the Welsh revival luncheon for Nitro five with the Hebrides revival 19 49 952 resist the street from what Nitro's extensive 70 years after that, whatever the revival movement is that you still Believe that was bona fide and genuine.

You'll be amazed about how much criticism there was so in the revival answer book in the revival answer book, the, the opening chapter that I added. It is is called revival discernment historical perspective revival discernment historical perspective so it if if I ask you if I ask you this question right. Let's let's look at some biblical figures shall fund some of hoary Eagle seven Joseph general who they are. No, she just read this or you memorize these names and passages he say no another familiar with them.

I'm not surprised.

They are to of the 10 spies who said we can take the land but you know the names of Joshua and Caleb right. The point is that every revival is at its prominent critics and yet for the most part history forgets them because they rejected what God was doing and the ones he remembered were the ones that were hotly criticized in their day. But obey the Lord receive with the Lord was doing and out of that great lasting blessing came so have of these names occur could be Lavington and Gordon reference Kirk be Lavington and Gordon say where you going to be more detail so those were some of the ones that opposed Whitfield and and Wesley here.

Let me give you some info here and again I'm reading from the revival answer book so J Wesley breeding Contras. The harsh judgments of Wesley's 18th-century opponents with the retrospective judgments of later historians. In 1750 writing 12 years after Wesley's famous conversion.

Rev. John Kirk be described put the horrid blasphemies and in pieties taught by those diabolical seducers called Methodists continued they pray in the language of a saint to be eligible himself. So here there were critics, Christian critics, professing Christians who claim the Methodists were praying to Satan and were diabolical deceivers and and what he say about Wesley, one of the finest mentor to grace the church in history.

He call them that emissary of Satan whose religion is as opposite as Christianity is having us to hell, and whose damnation will be just wow is about John Wesley history is a different verdict is for the critic remembers name the Dragon Moon River plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for differences with me or of heard some find out is the religion please give me a call. It's one reason we have life talk radio 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Just another moment here about opposition that John Wesley and George Whitfield received again a deal with this in my book. The revival answer book and in document through the book opposition the Jonathan Edwards had opposition that different revival leaders have is the Holy Spirit was was moving and old. Let's just see here some some of the opposition of the Kirk be John Kirk B was the director of Blackman Stoke.

He warned people stay away from the Methodist meetings. He said you should be as much afraid to come near their assemblies as you would be to put your hand into the den of Akaka trips.

This is the whole conduct of the disciples of Wesley Whitfield was quote but the counterpart of the most wild fanaticism's of the most abominable communion in its most corrupt ages or Dr. smaller in the 1760 history ring and right of weak minds being seduced by the delusions of superstition and at 1740 was just a few years into the ministries of Whitfield, John Charles Wesley quote more than 100 answer revival publication support from the press by the close of the century. Their number was legion.

Some people call the Methodist fortunetellers and conjurers another also suggested that legislation be passed to cut out the tongues of the field preachers and on and on it goes than just a few years later 50 years later hundred years later 200 years later, and everyone was in awe of what God did through the Methodist revival in awe of how God used John Wesley and George Whitfield and Charles Wesley and others at that time. So friends that's the way it's going to be when you do what's right when you honor the Lord. When you seek to base your life on the word. When you seek to obey the Lord regardless of what people think you welcomed the moving of the spirit bearing fruit that glorifies Jesus as can be. Opposition sign up for now, here's the thing. Just because his opposition doesn't mean you're doing the right thing and just because this opposition doesn't mean those opposing or wrong. It's always good to examine what you believe to test things to test them by the word. I made up my whole doctoral dissertation focused on Hebrew word for healing has had so many questions, but healing and I wrote a very in-depth scholarly monograph. If you really want to study. You know what I believe about this. Get the book, Israel's divine healer and go through it.

Don't skip the endnotes go through every word of it and you'll know what I believe in and you have to rest with what Scripture says To bring many years to study the subject, but that's the thing. Test everything by the word justice is opposition doesn't mean you're doing the right thing does mean the opposition is wrong. However, when you are doing the right thing. Opposition comes then you rejoice in you, pray for those who oppose knowing that God wants to bless them to God must report spirit on them as well and goblins to exalt Jesus and their lives in here and there, it's necessary to call someone out did on Dr. White's divine light show yesterday call them out for bearing false witness, either blatantly lying or spreading blatant misinformation and II do that. Hopefully the Holy Spirit might convict them with the fear the Lord by come in their lives because they're only hurting themselves, and then the hurting others in the body ultimately gobble take if I'm wide about slander, that's fine. God will take care of me as as he always has, through the years, but sometimes you need to publicly rebuke those who are publicly lying or spreading misinformation as we did yesterday, but otherwise you just pray for them. Go on with the workouts given you to do because you're needed, you're needed there in the harvest field 86634 a, let's go to Bob in Chattanooga.

Welcome to the line of fire] dark brown writer Primerica discretion about acquiring the Bible and operate through many, many times only in English. I don't know Hebrew or Greek like you do, other than a giant white grunt. Disagree on many things of the teachers but not mostly were Reginald fundamental guilt on by your butt. There seems to be this this great tension between and salvation now talk about the. The sovereignty of God versus the free will of man in the heard from James Wyatt that that's call monism if you believe that everybody got to get away and were angry because you believe that both are true are actually both dangerously or you read in the Bible verses social pre-preorder predestinated her elected before the foundation of the world, but also read John 316 and an act 16 something for the clippings versus what must I do to be saved and followed.

You must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ through market. They both be true.

This is an oxymoron. Well, maybe it is better just like Jesus hundred percent God 100% man's up enough that I know of owner you hundred percent. We talk about athletes going hundred 10%, but as yet will let you limit leave just yet, just jumping in response. First, I have no problem with living with holy tension. You know what I'm saying was say. I affirm this I firm this I don't know how they work together but I affirm both because I believe the balls to be true, and I recognize I have limitations because I'm a human being I've no problem doing that if that's what I believe Scripture teaches. By the way, I think went when Dr. White's differing with Dr. Craig and bring up Mullen's nest was so cold, middle knowledge, and that that is a having two more with foreknowledge and in predestination and free will of but, but, yes, Dr. White was strongly different with Dr. Craig on that point. First for me if I was to say that there was tension, it would be that I understand God is working in the earth, and as I understand it, he could turn the heart of any human being to believe in him if he chose to an end.

Yet we don't really go so far in doing that some of us would say that. So the question is why doesn't he go further if if I don't share the gospel. Some of the setting that person could potentially be damned because of my failure or do I disable gobble since most witness to them and their hundred and one questions and those were the least of them. The ones that I just raised but you don't hear here's what I think is important. Bob Charles Spurgeon was was a very passionate Calvinist and yet you will hardly find a pastor who's more passionate soul winner than Charles Spurgeon will hardly find a pastor that was more burden to win the lost and carried a tremendous burden and felt a sense of responsibility to share the gospel and believe that there were people predestined before the foundation of the world and that the truly save were going to be say those God predetermined to be saved would be safe I I have no problem if someone carries a tremendous burden to reach a lost and dying world that someone prays as if their prayers are really going to make a difference and feels the weight and pain of a dying world and and feels I've got to share the gospel and yet they believe that God has predestined some to eternal life and passed over others. In other words, it doesn't affect their own lives. I have a real issue with someone who become spiritually passive because of Calvinistic beliefs and and thinks that that God saves him safe.

So if I want to take the day off. I take the day off, it's all the same terms whose can be saved not say government profound issue with that type of passive mentality and our profound issue with people think it's all on me and I have to become the world's best salesman and if I can't figure out how to close the deal with the person they can be saved and in the becomes a pressure works oriented kind of thing so I don't mean I have the perfect balance on this and I'm not a Calvinist.

As you know, to Dr. White and I would differ there, but to me the practical is the biggest thing it's whatever someone believes about what's happening behind the scenes. My question is okay. How are you living it out.

What responsibility are you taking and prayer will responsibly retake in the great commission in which troubles me is is all see critics in this case Calvinist Calvinist critics, but it goes both ways and trips weaknesses but but I will see. I will see Calvin is sometimes attacking the theological orthodoxy of the subgroup in here this of the group they're sending out missionaries. Missionaries are dying on the field for the gospel that their folks are praying or fasting or around-the-clock crying out to God, they are sacrificially giving their money to reach the lost, but because they're not Calvinistic, and all were thrilled orthodoxy that I have a real problem of a real problem with that, but again just the same. I have problems with with a flick your many new things. Well, you know God's over here were over here in the devils over here in God's hoping and wishing by the kind he really can't do anything at target massive issues with that mentality work was make ourselves into almost equals with Gonzaga casing ultimately to me is missing what Scripture says if we can't work out our position on each and every point if someone says not, I can't reconcile Romans nine with with John three or Ezekiel 18 or 30 say I can't reconcile those but I believe both to be true. Okay five and live with that holy tension and live a life that is effective in bearing fruit. Hey Bob, thank you very much for the call 866-34-TRUTH your great Spurgeon court. I'm never ashamed of myself, a Calvinist, I do not hesitate to take the name of Baptist. But if I'm asked what is my credo reply.

It is Jesus Christ. And with Charles Spurgeon. I agree on that.

All right phone lines are filled.

I will get to your calls right on the other side of the break. This way I will have to interrupt anyone. I hope you are enjoying our new clock restarts three minutes and at the top and bottom of the hour and have only one break in each half hour with longer segments and more radio time for you tomorrow night after radio I'm scheduled to fly to Virginia Beach and go on the 700 club and talk about my book saving a sick America spread that the Lord will touch hearts and revive hearts and stir hearts but I just want to play with friends. If God pours out his spirit again empower as he has in the past and is not been an eyewitness to for some years in my life. Prepare for controversy prepare for misunderstanding and then what you do is major on the majors major on the majors walk a holy life, more humility, give yourself to the lost. Say the word major on the majors. That's how you get through the storm come out stronger on the other end will be right back stated the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us today on the line of fire if I wanted to get in to a political hot bed wall Donald Trump and Steve Bannon going at it this is not going to be a pretty low rider focus on that. Just read the headline. Steve Bannon aggressively saying and excerpts from the book that Don Don Trump Junior Jerry Kushner Paul Manna four were involved in a treasonous meeting with Russia treasonous call that Saddam general was Mel 20s question over these issues and Trump shot back, sit down, and that didn't just lose his job this Friday lost his mind will and then you have the battle over this between Drudge and Breitbart because they are two competing conservative websites with Mega millions or billions of readers. Anyway, words go with that goal by right now on the phone lines are open any question you have of any kind whatsoever want to answer your questions today and again tomorrow night after radio gobbling fire to Virginia Beach and then Friday scheduled to be on 700 club talking about my book saving a sick America with that.

Let's see we will start in Atlanta with James welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown are you today I'm doing very well thank you first of all I love the new format eight great for your body language and what yes I absolutely love that are posted on Facebook with people need to say out there right yeah so many they just argue and fight and pallet package other than out there. Got a village other than give people information so they can make their own choices. So, first, thank you for doing it that way been a model. One quick thing about the thing you just said about the politics this season… Not boring know you got the leader of Korea about very serious issues they look like I can just push the button and start a nuclear war and Trump St., Jack, I got I got a bigger button on my desk I mean yeah never a dull moment.

Obviously, we pray these are volatile situation – but then also enter that may be the best way to deal with someone that that could be a madman to say you don't want to do this in any way as your questions are okay yesterday during the dividing line you it was brought up and drank beer believed in the Jesus was born again and held by I'm not. By the way, I never heard that before in my life until yesterday but well, it doesn't really have known Jackson for years and years we were in the vineyard together and you a I can dare I can tell you for a fact Jack does not believe in it, but having Jack would care that if the money yeah I like giant Jack is scholarly in Hebrew and Greek is real student of the word, and I'm sure Jack, I believe we've had differences on various things in the grace and holiness.

We had discussions and were different things for interest as to men who love the word and and and love God, but look that here here's here's what concerns me, James, and for those when we talk about II joined Dr. White on his show dividing line after my radio show yesterday. She can watch it go to YouTube and type in dividing line, you will be able to see the show, and we went for a full 9090 minutes. In fact, but there was there just bogus damning blatant lies either someone is blatantly lying got me jacked year in others more.

There they are posting misinformation unaware they got it from. Either way, there go to bear false witness, so that again is is the striking hypocritical thing in Jesus warned of the religious hypocrites who strained out in that so you got in a strainer for your your your liquid you strain out the Nat and you. You go ahead and swallow a camel. And that's what always grieves and and concerns me that that you have people bearing false witness against brothers and sisters. It's one thing we say Michael Brown is a charismatic and we don't leave the gifts of the spirit for today and therefore is not safe, but whatever. It's unfortunate that holds that position. But at least they're accurate. I am charismatic, I do believe in the gifts, and power. The spirit for today.

It's another thing when they attack you for something that you've never ever believed in his deals me a written 32 books, the got thousands of hours of of messages, sermons, radio broadcast TV broadcast endless interviews, endless articles if I said the thing show it. So the same thing with Jack dear people just will falsely accuse anyone else because were exposing our know all you're doing is bearing false witness, and against God's and against the body of Christ.

That's ugly that's divisive and and and what ends up happening is the divisive ugly behavior spreading misinformation allies is far worse than the stuff that they are attacking hey James, thank you though for calling and much appreciated. 86634 to let us go to Felix in LA welcome to the line of fire.

Yeah hi or more. Complete honored you're like one of my big lab urine that might help about the big honor.

Thank you and and then also know my my main question is that I actually I go to different congregations. One of the messianic congregation and the other the dark brunt or congregation, and the fact first and foremost, it's kinda like to question but I'm going to go straight if it I was talking about bothering by Konica basically and the fact of the matter was that I was talking to the rabbi's wife and she was detained at the law only up by two to you as far as you know that for the practice of a commute. Not not in the you know, not in the sense of salvation. But the thing that the practice now and in the second so and you know I know believe that we get. I don't you know there's a party thing that I think everyone should be open to actually try it out anything and I feel like if you tried out it better for the fact that you are as we are in Christ. Basically, we we find more fulfillment and oneness with Christ. So there's that. And I can't believe that the I do like you think we would ever in this day and age come back to like unity likely fell back tonight where we actually got together about doctrinal issues yet so so so jump in and answering in in reverse order with regard to Nicaea even though there are some wonderful choose the commandment that was far from a perfect setting and there was some blatant anti-Semitism from Constantine and others that was that was there and opposing views were often pushed out harshly so I don't look at that as time of perfect unity. I see even in the New Testament that there were divisions like Corinth that Paul and Barnabas had a split and things like that different groups maybe didn't know each other is well trust each other as well so I am praying for unity greater than we've ever had. Based on John 17, based on the high priestly prayer of Jesus and was interesting is although this law division and still it attack and infighting. To be honest with you I find Felix as I travel around the world and I working lots of different circles, there's a tremendous fundamental unity that we have in Jesus. It could be in the midst of persecution and pressure that that we become more unified.

It could be as we come into greater place of spiritual maturity with unity. We need to come into Ephesians 4 John 17. We haven't yet. As far as the law suit. There are three major different ways to look at it. One is for everyone. Jew and Gentile in Jesus.

The laws passed defendants fulfillment in Jesus notes past. It was simply live by the teachings of the New Testament. Another view would be with the law was given specifically to the Jewish people in the Jewish believer continues to live as a Jew, albeit with a different relationship with the law was a Gentile, is is not under that and then 1/3 view would be no every body in the Lord is obligated to keep the Torah because the Old Testament if you lived among the people of his were there was one law for Jew and Gentile alike. If you live there than you had a keep that that same lawyer evenly wanted to hear is rice a great danger. See great danger with anything that is imposing the long believers of time of the Sinai covenant and saying it is somehow binding today.

That's right have a problem right, especially if we come down that if you don't observe the seventh day Sabbath and if you don't serve the biblical calendar. If you don't observe the dietary laws and some wrongs you not right relationship with God without proper fellowship with God, you're not complete obedience whatever it is that we can certainly if someone says no I understand that understand that this is not a matter of obedience, not a matter of of of salvation, but I think there must be a good reason that God did these things in it as since there's no New Testament command to worship on Sunday. Why can I keep the seventh the seventh of course you can. If you're part of the messianic congregation. You participate in interrogation, saying, hey, it may not be my own specific heritage, but now in Jesus part of the larger, both of us will enjoy these things so it's perfectly fine to do so in a way of saying that dietary laws maybe there's a reason God gave maybe we should all keep them. That's fine as long as you know that if he ate pork for example wouldn't defile you spiritually or that because not judging Christians, but with a keep the dietary laws that that would be the line that would be dangerous to cross. Hey, I appreciate the call Felix.

God bless you, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to that we won't go there. Let us go to Carrie in Raleigh.

We won't go there. Hey, we just got a couple of phone lines open. So now's a great time to call 866-348-7884. Let's go to Jordan in Arkansas. Welcome to the line of fire AA Dr. Bracken every yes I can I whatever other Aman I want to take your time. If the net you know you and I are on the same page on a lot like Marcel Thorne on the thing paid. I really appreciate the boldness that you take on a lot of issues, a lot of people want to talk about such as marriage, abortion, you could help me be that aspect of the great event are no getting into air, so I just want to stay you had a tremendous impact on me about him and asked about that we disagree on. You know you are your off the mat this year will thank you again.

Happy to disagree but thank you go ahead often, though, I question and I'm on that okay though I don't claim to have all the answers, hello one more thing I love your mother that by the way, thanks. Man's been there long time to try to get your question before breaks a lease we can have your question correct that I don't have much that thinking much that didn't know it and turning and turning the late three in it that you know the patent very well now to Abraham and deed were the promises made is not paying it be that the venue, but the one in here state he would cry though turning the land is being given promises made to the seed in the seat is Christ promises or have him that will answer.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown friends.

Thanks for joining us on the modifier. Just a heads up if you are watching this on Facebook right you may be missing a radiance of watch you the same time that your hearing a radio broadcast. We are doing a live video stream on YouTube on the S. Dr. Brown channel. There please subscribe there. Join our growing list of subscribers or our asked Dr. Brown Facebook page like that page. If you haven't. This way you can listen and watch at the same time at a heads up on Facebook. Shortly after this show is over I'm going to be doing one more hour on Facebook which will air later on radio just answering your Facebook questions that are posted rights everyone it's not unable to get through on the phone or can't call really do another hour. Shortly after this on Facebook just answering your Facebook questions okay so so Jordan the argument that you raise is one that many of raised. Paul says that that the word of God does not say that the promises were made to Abraham's seed's plural, but to his seed and that seed refers to the Messiah, Christ therefore the implication would be to say that God is given promises of the land and things like that to the people of Israel as a whole. That's not true because it's only two Christ to the Messiah and therefore it's only in him that those promises can be fulfilled so here here's the problem with this and enjoyed that offense, rewriting a scholarly article on this scholarly book, so be really digging into it, doubling, and in the months ahead but number one you have scores and scores and scores and scores and scores and scores and scores of scores and scores and scores of promises in the Old Testament God talks about giving the land to the seed of Abraham to the children name and it's always to the children of Abraham to the nation as a whole, even in their disobedience. God brought them back to the land at different times in history right so we know the explicit testimony of our own team of scriptures that stumble number two. The New Testament explicitly re-re-affirms that confirms that once again is, as Paul writes in Romans the 11th chapter that the Jewish people. The people of Israel plural there right now may be enemies of the gospel, but their beloved. Because of the promises to the fathers for the sake of the fathers for the gifts and calling gutter revocable to the reinforced by Paul, then you have this other issue that the Hebrew doesn't work the way Paul says, and he certainly knows that some of the new Hebrew fluently running seed with him you would say seed's plural is not about offspring, you become at seed's plural was about seeds that you planted in the ground. That's all you be talk about each about seeds plural when you say seed its collective right, just like the word offspring much about your offspring. I don't say offsprings. That's why some translated to get the point of that that God didn't say offsprings but offspring is it was full.

Paul is making a homiletical point to say that ultimately our and there may even be an ancient Jewish tradition is drawing on that that that the promises come through the Messiah, which we agree on.

But then at the end of the chapter he says if you want to Messiah your Abraham's seed was Thomas plural. So he fully understands that he's making a polemical point there, but he's not denying what hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of other verses say were God himself tells us that seed means the children of Israel plural, who has he scattered around the world's judgment children of Israel plural, who was he regathered to the land is mercy. Children of Israel for hate more talk about on that yard but thank you for the call and thank you for the kind words, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Jacob calling from somewhere walking to light a fire, Dr. Michael Brown, huge fan.

I just love watching your debate and I'm actually Jewish. I've been kind of contemplating on

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