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The Connection Between Tabernacles (Sukkot) and Ecclesiastes (Koheleth)

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 13, 2022 4:51 pm

The Connection Between Tabernacles (Sukkot) and Ecclesiastes (Koheleth)

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 13, 2022 4:51 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/13/22.


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So why is it during the festival celebration of Sukkoth tabernacles that Ecclesiastes, hell, it is written in the synagogues for the line of fire with your host scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for moral sanity and virtual clarity call 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now here's your host Dr. Michael Brown thank you so much Jewish Thursday Michael Brown thrilled to be back in our home studio in North Carolina with all of you today but of course you don't miss a beat.

Being on the road with our studios in Texas, but greatly back home no place like home before my eyes are open for your Jewish lady calls of all kinds me Jewish person who differs with me about Yeshua, Jesus, you can be a Christian with a question about the Hebrew Bible, or the law you could want talk about modern Israel today or question about Jewish beliefs or traditions go for Pfizer open 866-3487 84. That's 866-34-TRUTH that is the number to call. I want to play a clip for you from Kanye West. Just to give you an idea of what is circulating now some bizarre comments that he made having to do with the Jewish people out will will talk about that and get some larger reflections the time with that also ties in with some things he said about Margaret Sanger.

Planned Parenthood and related topics so suddenly came up in a show yesterday with my guess Kevin McGarry Wittwer, Margaret Sanger was mentioned.

So we'll talk about that. Some interesting content recovered today, but first we start with Sukkoth tabernacles. So this is the last celebration holy day on the biblical calendar starting on the 15th day of the seventh month so the first days you'll draw the sounding of the of the trumpet blasts the blowing of the shofar, which in Jewish tradition becomes rotation that the new year than 10 days later Yom Kippur day of atonement and five days after that weeklong celebration of Sukkoth with the final eighth day tacked on.

So what we are talking a moment about why Koheleth why Ecclesiastes is read in the synagogue with with each Sabbath, there are portions of the Torah, red, and then other portions from the Hebrew Bible, read each week.

The tie-in content wise and then in daily prayers. There are scriptures that are red and then at different times of the year like Passover.

You also read from the song of Solomon because Passover scene is a love song between God and Israel or Yom Kippur. Jonah is Ray this is a great book on repentance. So why is it Koheleth read it at will at that Sukkoth will come to that. But first, this has become in Jewish tradition, the time of the celebration of the giving of the Torah and the question is where does that come from where does the Bible talk about MSA is a bad thing.

I'm asking where it comes from Discover the Bible comes from rabbinic tradition, so we'll go over to this for real website which is a terrific website for a Jewish studies traditional Jewish studies so against is not a messianic site does not believe what we believe about Jesus's traditional site with a vast amount of resources available free online actually contribute to because I use regularly so ethically with the hard work they do a lot to help so transparent. What is it and how do we relate to this cog, this festival this holiday in the Diaspora, so not being in the land of Israel so will put that up for you. This is by Torah tours 2015 and it sums for real website so it shows this. This is the first time Schmidt answer, which is the eighth day of the festival is mention of so it's quoting from Leviticus to 23rd chapter's seven days you shall bring an offering made by fire to the Lord on the eighth day should be a holy convocation to trip you should bring an offering made by fire to the Lord's day of solemn assembly in a matter of survival work and then again Leviticus 2339, the 15th day of the seventh month when you've gathered in the firstfruits of the land, you shall keep Seesmic the feast of the Lord, seven days the first day should be solemn rest on the eighth day should be a solemn rest that goes through with passage after passage about the offerings to be given etc. but you'll notice in all the passages cited no poster boy from the website for moment with all the passages cited there's nothing mentioned about giving of the Torah and this does not time with a historic date when traditional Jews believe the tour was given which they tied in with with with shovel right after Passover is when the tie that it not chronologically doesn't work, but that's what that gets tied in Jewish tradition, so how how is it here that you got something which is a a festival having to do with the harvest bringing in crops and the fruits of the land and now gets changed to a celebration about giving the Torah so immediately reach you a quote, which is on this on the same page of the scroll down to it, it says this is Israel of all non-Barack translated by David Silverberg so it asked the question we can see that Schmidt answer the eighth of the festival was originally created as an agricultural holiday marking the end of the agricultural year.

How do we relate to the season of this holiday in the Diaspora right it in an XL outside lamp that is the answer.

No such historical reference appears in the Torah regarding shovel feast of weeks. Schmidt answer the eighth day of of Sukkoth. As a result, these holidays ran the risk of having their unique qualities lost throughout the years of national homelessness. In other words, because these were agricultural holidays were no longer in the land then what's the celebration when we tying it in with the oral loss of the traditions of the rabbis however proceeded to elucidate an additional aspect latent in these festivals as opposed to the biblical Jew, for whom agriculture through the center of existence. The post-Temple juicer Jews living without the temple in exile concentrates his religious life in the proverbial four cubits of Holocaust.

In other words, the space in which you live out Jewish law and tradition. That's where you live not living in the land and therefore the agricultural calendar was replaced by the Torah calendar in the system.

The festival of the first harvest shall vote which commemorated the first opportunity to benefit from once produce was transformed into the holiday of Moton to raw which is the giving of the Torah. The first step in the nation's acceptance of the Trausch media, etc. it which were the agrarian society was celebrated as the end of the year evolved into the celebration of the completion of the Torah reading some thought to raw the joy celebration of the Torah. If you are in a traditional Jewish community Torah will be studied through the night and then will be dancing in the synagogue celebration holding that the scroll tour because this is when you complete the cycle bring into the Torah in one year. That was a cycle done outside of the land of Israel within Israel at the time of Jesus, you would've read through the Cheraw in a three year period subdivided into readings for three years but what prevail and is the custom in the Jewish world around around the world today is the custom of reading through in one year so this is when you come to the end of the cycle and celebrate that you read through the Torah so make this simple. The biblical holy days celebrations here were tied in with specific times and seasons having to do with living in the land so the Passover which is on the 14th day of the first month of the biblical calendar so the fourth month of the traditional calendar when when that originated that was in conjunction with the Passover.

So you still celebrate the Passover, but shovel load, feast of weeks tied in with the firstfruits of the land tied in with an agricultural festival or your out of the land living in different climates are not in a even even agrarian the cellular you have fields in producing and I'm producing the stuff.

So what's the significance of this, the rabbi said let's make it the celebration of the giving of the Torah, though they may believe that that's when the tour was actually given him outside again chronologically doesn't work. But that's logical get. This is the first agricultural season. Part of the year will make this the time of the receiving the Torah was the last agricultural time of the year will make that the time we finish reading through the Torah. So that's the logic behind the holidays and it was the rabbis way of making them relevant and ongoing, which is fine.

In other words, if you want to now add other meanings to them and say this is how we find them relevant and this is how the be part of our culture and history, fine. They may believe that goes all the way back to ancient times, which inserts in this go back to Moses, day in and that they would been surprised to hear for us what we talk about would be news to them but traditional do.

This is the way it's always been done and this is why we do it like this today, but that's what comes to me know why is Ecclesiastes read at this time of the year. Why is it it is, is this scroll, which is, have a leading vanity of vanities, why was this red at this time of the year and the emptiness of life and in the questions of this world. Well why do you bill the sukkah little tabernacle little tent by your house while you build that at this time of year and then have a meal every day there incident's family and talk about Torah and things like that why you do that, according to traditional Judaism Baltz right in the Bible right because you were living in tents in the wilderness.

This is a reminder of of that will Koheleth. Ecclesiastes reminds us that we are in, living in the tents of this world were just passing through that just as Israel wandered in the wilderness that we are just temporarily in this world.

So even though it is a holiday of great celebration. That is what is taking place at this time in reading this scroll. One of the thing.

Koheleth basically means that the gather of the collector. The convene or which is the same as what Ecclesiastes means which comes away from Greek and Latin.

So it's the same title. It's from the Hebrew Koheleth is where we get Ecclesiastes that the woman who gathers people are together sayings that convenes that's what it means right 866-348-7884 is the number to call with your Jewish related questions of any kind. It was funny sometimes like a Friday were flooded with calls only through the entire broadcast and depending on subject matter really flooded with calls and other times people just list the not calling it, and you're sending in questions a million questions, but it's an odd thing when we will get so many calls and certain part of the broadcast, where we don't have enough time to take the calls and we have time to take them people just listening so feel free to call it. You can calm and you just listen while you're on hold, the sooner you call the better we can get to your questions and if it's easier if you're watching on YouTube. It's easier just to post a question going to do that will see if we can grab some your questions off you committed Jewish related. Feel free to go ahead and post your questions and we'll see if we can answer some of those on the air today as well). The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Brown delighted to be with her 866-34-TRUTH number to call. Let's pray for Kanye West. He obviously is a massive following. He is highly influential in many parts of the culture.

If he has come to know the Lord.

He is very new and very young and very confused. The very person that you do not want to give a platform to or look to some type of cultural icon.

So we should be praying for him everything I say is not to bash him but to bring some public correction to some tremendous misinformation that's out there is a call call you to pray for him now and play a clip for you and then give you the background to it but we have to be very careful when someone makes a statement that we really like and we get behind the VA sharing them on right like Elon musk whose is not a believer doesn't claim to be a believer. No one that I know claims that he's a believer is given the impression that he's a believer, but in his mind the Democratic Party that used to support vote for for years is as slid so far to the left that by him to stay where he is. He's delicate as a conservative and this and hope he'll vote Republican. So he's made some statements. He's got some great perceptions of genius offices will richest man for reason us and and a been picked up at the airport a few times in a Tesla vehicle to suppress it is pretty amazing vehicle did all the galaxies brilliant brilliant guy is been very perceptive about woke America and the dangers of leftism and things like that and basically comments but you don't want to look at him like he's the great cultural conservative icon. Normally he's also said that that if if people in this company one of an abortion in the real estate where the canted that he pays expenses to have it elsewhere. So I'm said at least once.

Yeah, the same guy always on believer so ill. Kanye West 70s Gospel readings and concerts and apparently there's some pastor serious press is working with them in a serious way, try to disciple them, but Christians all look at his gospel music is put. If he knows the Lord.

He's very new, still is a child in Lord if he knows the Lord, and he's very confused. We make a terrible mistake terrible mistake when we look to these people sees on Tucker Carlson the other day course the anti-full interviews can be edited for time sake and things, but there are some embarrassing comments that did make it on the air. They absolutely did not make it on the air. And now that those of leaked it makes the interview look bad as a whole because he did say some very good things in and he wore these white lies matter, shirts, and when he was asked wasn't obscene because they do can you say that that is the case as well and that creates firestorm (all of that right. Bottom line is you have to take it from where it's coming from someone that may have some good observations good things to say otherwise is confused and it was just like making Donald Trump into the Savior. He was doing what he said was going to daily. He was who he was.

We voted for mother eyes wide open. Knowing who he was right, but we can't make pleased that you are champion because he is if same thing with them.

If he knows the Lord. He's gotta be very, very young and very new and very mature Lord if he knows the Lord even though he's his billionaire mover and shaker in from the best-known person on the planet in terms of splitting people you can't you can't make these people into champions of your believer, except to say I vote for this one politically right appreciate once on this person put out but obviously I don't agree with those things they said or that you on musk. I really like that tweet. Pray for him to be saved and we we can't look to them the way we look to someone who's been in the Lord for 20 or 30 or 60 years and is been preaching Jesus and knows the word well and is proven in the Lord in a consistent way. It's it's folly for us to do that yet we often do we make this one champion of the moment so after the Tucker Carlson interview aired Kanye West was inter-interacting with with one other popstar then made a comment that he's going death, the Jewish people.

Devcon three was that a typo for Devcon three which is military readiness. Did he mean something else.

Immediately he was bad for Mr. Graf Twitter account shut down in Elon mustard walking back on twitter and count got shut down again anti-Semitic in Kansas… Was it anti-Semitic and we really know what even said to even know what he meant well, how about about this clip and he's he's doubling down he saying these things even more firmly is glad that comments have gotten out. Let's listen to what he said Planned Parenthood was made by Margaret Sanger unknown eugenics with the KKK to control the Jew population.

When I say Jew I mean the 12 lost tribes of Judah.

The blood of Christ, who the race. The people known as the race black really are. This is who are people are the blood of Christ. This as a Christian is my belief and I believe that if we saw ourselves as more art such that the gist of it.

That's the key part of another thesis. After that on undoes the quote really means by the blood of Christ.

I guess him is the bloodline so what you have to understand is what he is espousing is black Hebrew Israelite heresy when he is espousing is a fantasy that the true Jews are not those who been persecuted as Jews from country to country for centuries. The ones who are seeking to honor the God of Israel, and follow the troubles as per the been very wrong on Jesus the Messiah arose those that Hitler tried to slaughter even the very secular Jews as well and those that the church persecuted here with the Crusades in the Middle Ages and those of the early church fathers demonized her dehumanized these days we and trace them as scattered all over the world's to the point you have white shoes and black shoes and Asian Jews. Jews from all these different groups, but what he saying is, the Jews are not like me or is far to choose my Jews living in Israel. The Jews are supposedly 12 tribes are, that's the black race black race on the Plaza today that the Jewish people. Now I said for decades that we have a commonality. Blacks and Jews in that we both been oppressed people and we both been enslaved people and we we both had a certain divine calling a heart for God, so I found great commonality there. And yes there are black Jews as there are white Jews, although formal white shoes then black shoes probably, but you never really know with with numbers similar history whose thousand euro trace roots in Africa.

We don't know, but for sure.

Reference black person just around the world is not of Jewish descent that that's that's absolutely sure, but there are black sort of Jewish descent in the Weiser of Jewish descent and were both small pop parts of the black population in the white population, but waited now people are scrambling to try to call poly but you made a mistake by looking to Kanye West as a cultural icon is a Christian voice. Okay you can see how confused he is now did Margaret Sanger asked to say those things was she eugenicist. Was she one who believed in superiority of Races Dr., Tommy okay, here's the quote we put this up first.

This quote is commonly attributed to Margaret Sanger, waited for you slobs, Latin, and Hebrew immigrants are human weeds. Deadweight of human waste. Black soldiers and Jews are a menace to the race ditch accident some fact checkers of said no that's not her actual quote dispute, which is what she did say for sure. New York Times April 8, 1923 could actually see the old picture of the of New York Times article. I'm gonna jump into this. This was she says succinctly and with telling brevity and precision quote birth control summed up our whole philosophy. Birth control is not contraception indiscriminately and thoughtlessly practiced.

It means the release and cultivation of the better racial elements in our society and the gradual suppression elimination and eventual extirpation of defective stocks those human weeds, which threatened the blooming of the finest flowers of American civilization that is races that is eugenics that is absolutely exactly what she has been accused of doing, and we also know that she worked with black preachers in the South to try to get people the black community to be more open to abortion.

These are obviously some of the weeds that the sum of the defective stock. According to her, that must be pulled out, uprooted so the better parts of American civilization can thrive in. That's how evil this is.

And yes, there are other groups immigrant groups Jews with a bit of mama that would've been considered among the weeds everything we can see in terms of her philosophy, but for sure. Even though the one quote definitely attributed to her this debate about others and some will even address those same kids can set it but for sure she said this is clear. She looked at some races as defective stock leads Kanye West is correct about that Blacks and Jews would've been the targets of that for sure some of defective stock immigrants. The ones that were not part of the superior race member perfect Condit got a loud voice that speaks to many living needs the Lord's life in a deeper way. These truth will be right back to light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends, the more amazing it will be to be together in the land of Israel in May of next year doubling, you can hardly wait for the trip. A picture in my mind's eye already being with all of you there at certain sites praying together, and in fact the leader of a house of prayer with his wife. Also, the front lines of the house of prayer there. Some of our key armor bearer is a big smile is your is your listening now to the broadcast. Other than the you do regularly.

So there you to be on the tour with us, which means that will have some special prayer time that that will will grab some time nights different times and really go after the Lord together so that's that's another highlight added in, but if you're planning on going. We do have some additional seats available, but soon you sign-up the better of about two analysis and a few larger venues that could that could close it out there.

So if you're able to come Esther to SK do your just head right over there and you will be able to find out everything about the need to know about the trip and they get your deposit in our I want to say something very plainly to counter missionary rabbis I have dialogue with over the years. Men like Israel Blumenthal and Moshe Schulman and Ellie: I hold you gentlemen in the highest regard. I deeply respect you. I believe in your sincerity. You have always acted in integrity towards me. We had our differences in her pelvic hundreds thousands of pages of differences exchange between us video commentary at times it's done at the highest level some of its done in private interaction, so went when I take exception to material from counter missionary Rabbi Toby Singer: blatantly deceptive challenge it for not telling everyone how the answers are there to refute everything that's been said but hey, if I withhold that information may not know it when I do that when I speak of demolishing the falsehoods and the lies that is directed to one individual and his methodology is never directed to all of your general, are there other counter missionaries that are deceptive could be other to be Christian missionaries that are deceptive there.

There a lot of people doing a lot of things that we can speak to all of the both the gentleman that I've interacted with for many many years.

I hold in high regard and of course they differ with me profoundly me take issue with me on on point after point after point on every level, but I've never in my dialogue seen anything that I would say is unethical if we had a difference with clarify that if I had had a question, we believe it is been clear, but it's the exact opposite.

When I'm dealing with the material of Rabbi Toby Singer so when I speak about demolishing the falsehoods was when we are answering the counter missionaries. The only one that I will expose in this way is Rabbi Singer why because he is aggressively seeking to destroy the faith not simply of Jews were following Jesus, but of Christians in general Gentile Christians in seeking to destroy their faith. And I know that God can use false teachers and deceivers that even though God despises the methodology in the lies he will work through those to test his people. Just as in Deuteronomy 13 he said that a prophet may come to prophesies accurately or works a miracle of it and and then he says follow the gods don't phone the Lord is testing you to see if you cleave to the Lord. So in that sense a a false teacher counter missionary Rabbi was deceptive and does not present material to you in an Honest Way, God can use that God can work through that to sift God can work through that. As is people are turned away from the faith in the end it's only going to strengthen the body. In the end it's only the strength of the church.

In the end it's ultimately want to strengthen Jewish believers is the answers of always been there. The that the rebuttals to positions are so easily given. We've had them available we continue producing videos to make them available and end. For example, this came up in a recent phone call earlier this week just to give you a one other example Toby Singer contradicts the rabbis constantly. In other words, the sources that in Jewish tradition light years beyond where he is that there is this a Jewish concept that if the previous generations were angels were men. If the previous generations.

Remember, just like donkeys and other words that that every generation away from Moses is a spiritual decline intellectual decline that that's what you so revere the previous generations because they sat on the shoulders of the previous generations so I'm going back so when Toby Singer will attack a certain position is… Be biblical be biblical biblical site will Toby want you tell people you're disagreeing with the rabbis there what you tell people you're disagreeing with your authorities there to make a point know is that going to because that would undermine his whole position, the, the rabbis that I've mentioned won't do that. They're fully aware of Jewish tradition says this and and they will bring it in the same some Jewish tradition interprets it this way of interpreting this work were siding with this because they're going to do with integrity.

So I just felt it was important because it takes such exception to the deceptive nature of his work comes up over and over and over again. I don't watch his videos, but I could sent trips constantly and then as were preparing to refute more from then I'll look to see okay to the ones that seem to be the most popular Google circulation and a look at those specifically in the move will put together a video every high quality serious research way to demolish the lies, the misinformation, the deception these other gentlemen I deal with. They wouldn't do that, whether they like Toby Singer not I'm not here to say that's not the issue. What I can say is, as I take issue to deception. I take issue to misleading information, especially when I see it confusing, a sincere Christian who loves the Lord is walking with the Lord and now here's Rabbi Singh's material and then ends up falling away from the faith. Course number of those coming into the faith with those leaving its vast, vast number going in versus a small number going out but went on a worldwide obvious, but when those people are left with nothing. When those people are just what they had is gone and I have nothing that grieves me that grieves me.

Even if there's a divide sifting taking place. So I continue to pray for a blessing is repentance. When I bless the deceptive nature was material. I'm not talking about this of the Commissioner rabbis that I know that I've interacted with. I found three men of integrity in the midst of our differences all right. Let's go over to Kentucky. Clay welcomes on fire.

Thanks for calling.

You think Dr. Brown quality. I have a question in regard to to live an ongoing dialogue in media to other all a couple Jewish trouble with their friendly very for the friendly dialogue on just one accurately articulate his view very much.

It is noted that he was shot by Jewish friend of the believe in the afterlife or the resurrection and we get on that common human topic ever once in a while and I don't really know like what T .5 should start with or bandwidth on that but I I would like to be able to go further along on that topic that I have had big issues to distraught with him and God because he sees nothing additional to traditional jubilees and the resurrection of the dead, and confesses regular traditional jubilees in the afterlife.

The whole focus is daily life pleasing God today observe the commandments today hoping to bring redemption to the world through observing the Cheraw and being a light, etc., that would be that the daily emphasis of a traditional Jewish person to honor God today not to be thinking about heaven or the world to come, but traditional Judaism absolutely believes in that the ultimate team that the resurrection of the dead alum hub all the world to, then afterlife all these things are believed in their part and parcel of traditional Judaism. The reason a traditional Jew appraise a special prayer every day for a year for taking for 11 months after loved one dies is called the mortar Scottish doesn't talk much about the dead, but it's honoring God is the daily prayer the reason you're doing that is to help that person in the afterlife because you believe that they may go through a period of of purging and in sifting that could last up to 11 months before they move on and then you are waiting for the final resurrection of the dead, so the problem is he doesn't believe Judaism is and always is a secular Jew dislike there plenty of secular Christians in America visited Christian, but they don't believe the Bible so the issue is who is God, whereby God, what about the Bible. What about his own life. Does he believe in the 10 Commandments he knows her and that's her I would start so does he believe in the existence of God.

You got right and who is this God made with regard to diagram the okay so heat up alright so he believes in the 10 Commandments, the bug pewter does he live by them.

I would to the benefit can you put into an art form. RJ is so great is his little Judaism and really he's so liberal Jews just don't believe in Jewish tradition so you can can you get ask him okay when the Bible speaks about the resurrection of the dead, like Daniel chapter 12 verse two was he do with that Isaiah 26 with sister dead will live in corpses will arise with you do that. So if he's claiming to believe it, which again reformed Judaism is very liberal and whatever he does with Sabbath observance does not resemble note not working and putting siding at putting aside a day making it holy to the Lord before Jesus. Don't do it on that full level of blood yeah I would say okay it says this editorial is a death penalty for love surface so were sent with it and then show Daniel 12 to this in your Bible preachers tradition of this is in your Bible. Do you believe that read through Isaiah 26 with that word speaks plainly of your corpses Russ do you do acceptance of the Bible.

That's was get oppressed is ultimately doesn't accept his own Bible. They feel see that'll start to stir something in them and then ask him okay I get right with God. If you believe in this God and you use in short, how do you get right with this God. I just pray for the Holy Spirit for three attaches like a politically line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is looking to the line of fire during the holiday. The festival of Sukkoth right I got my cell phone in hand.

As I'm talking to you right now can answer you to question in a moment. The reason that I got a cell phone has him talking to schism to open the ask Dr. Brown, cell phone and scroll down and see what I find safe to remind you that we are your voice for moral sanity and spiritual clarity use subscriber weekly updates. Visit our website itinerary. Now what's the first thing you come to the real Messiah yeah are are Jewish website.

Just click on it on the app if you want to see our videos demolishing the deceptive tactics of revelatory singer we want to watch some of the debates that I've had my friend Rabbi Shmuel in the midst of our interaction maybe 20 debates we've done in an private interaction is always acted with integrity towards me and and and and and I love and care care for him dearly as as as a real friend of our debates are on their of Camacho or Orth Arthur, think it through. TV shows we did on the streets of New York and other places of us only real Messiah websites… There is right there on the app Bowman click on it you got all those resources ranging for free answers to the top, Jewish objections and things like that yes so there you go, explore, investigate, seek, find this is all there while one of the keys to mess and prophecy, secrets of the Messiah answering the rabbis full-length debates. So if you haven't done this yet download the app Apple and we spent years trying to restaurant on Apple finally got through, so Apple or android ask Dr. Brown ministries Mistry of ministries and or a SK do Yarbrough ask Dr. Brown ministries download the app today and if you're blessed by it. Sure Lord friends free right.

That's why put the app out to minister people to make the material available throughout your on-the-fly you're talking to someone, a Jewish person. Ejection comes up. It's like you. I'm not sure, but let's go the app and see and click on real Messiah and look objections so there is no trust your video on that just raises your ears is written about it right here to read this. There is in the palm of your hand. So download the app today a SK dear Brown, ask Dr. Brown ministries on Apple, android, Google place to really get it. Also also, you can just listen to the show daily from their boom right right in the palm of your hand. All right bread asked on YouTube. Janelle GK Chesterton Sears filled anti-Semitic views and seems to me that he did but wonder if you're aware, I have not encountered that if if that is the truth and in fact I'm just curious to see if I type in Chesterton absolute loved his writings and the sayings for years. Chesterton anti-Semitic was John there you go with GK Chesterton and she said excuse me anti-Semitic. So this is on the website if you want to find out officially with GK Chesterton anti-Semitic just type in Chesterton anti-Semitic will take you to was unaware of it that makes apparently known enough that this discussion was GK Chesterton anti-Semitic. So the question that was posed May 11, 2012. For those of us who love Chesterton. We always are distressed to see him falsely accused of something vile. We've got little tired of the charge of anti-Semitism is been resolved of that charge too many times wrist account from attribute by Rabbi Stephen Wise with Lexington reform Rabbi back in the day to the official statements of the wine library. The archives of anti-Semitism and Holocaust history. London, the charge is usually made thoughtlessly or ignorantly, but in some cases is made knowingly and deceitfully as a cowardly against the man who said the world owes God to the Jews and Chesterton.

I will die defending the last Jew in Europe who sought out by Jewish leaders and support for Zionism menu hated racism and racial theories and for treatment dignity and always affirm the brotherhood of all men. The American Chesterton Society devoted an entire issue to Gilbert of Gilbert to address the charge of anti-Semitism against Chesterton, we bring out the facts and we also defend himself in his own words would be happy to meet anyone on point-to-point basis who insists on repeating the false charge and you can download a free copy of the issue there so was an anti-Semite, categorically no is a column only a calumny so in an ugly lie. Defaming lie. According to the official Chesterton website all right that's on for the call. Let's go to John in South Carolina welcomes an identifier first time ever, when you got two quick questions below and here's the end report is crucified near the end of his life. The Lord said blessed are you, because it will limit when Jesus asked his disciples report and Peterson Messiah. Every since the beginning of Jesus's ministry. People have been saying that he was missile with the Faneuil under the fig tree. If I remember correctly, and the demons and everybody else is missing Messiah.

What made this one episode with Peterson specialist question number one question number two.

Jesus healed a man born of blind from birth. How is it possible based on the context of the question that that he was born blind for some sin that he had committed because there seems to be what the disciples were asking for square very clear and thanks for this: John Grady so I'm going out on you. Okay, sounds good. So another one. It wasn't right at the end of his ministry that the question comes up about being the Messiah. You actually find it. Matthew 16 Mark eight and Luke nine and yes your right from early on in the ministry there was talk about that and you know that that the king of Israel and in and in and in of the speculation was king of the Jews. Even his birth.

How far that circulated his nose debatable, but with Nathaniel and John I chapter and then demon singer, the holy one of God so there was a lot of speculation. Or maybe he's the great public. Luke seven this is the profit we been waiting for came into the world right and then speculation as it is was he John risen from the dead that you herons wondering when he hears these different things there. There was a lot of speculation, but do they really know where they really sure. Could they really say it so one when when Simon Peter says it is not is the first to say it but he just is your blessed flesh and blood has a review of the strip of my father having to know for sure when he had yet not done all the things that they're expecting the Messiah to do that took revelation to know the declarant so when he replies blessed use on some incentive John for flesh and blood is not revealed this to my father in heaven. It is because he said it was certainty and declared it and he knew it. Now that the other does not know what they that's what they believed, but he's going to speak it articulated for those that knew for sure. Is it still looks like you're hoping for it while this would be amazing but is it for sure to be able to say that required revelation is somewhat number two, the, the answer to your second question you know it's really funny you gave the two questions and they were very easy to remember and whenever I preach, although on all kinds of wild tangents in the moment I'm done, come right back to the point just pops right back in my mind so ready to answer your second question, which completely left me as I'm sitting here but my guys are so short. Kind Chris about the type back to me with the second question was, and if I sit here longer promises live radio you have to keep talking but if I sat here long enough with top right back into my mind and your holistic conduct roses to quit. I know I've taken sometimes 10 questions of the time, literally going around with a group of people taken all the questions and then come back and answer them one after the fact. I have fun doing that kind of thing is this, store them in my brain cells. The first question the second question was all right here we go to the contract. Oh John, this is you call it the first time and I do see I, and the set first question was this in the second question was, I had the answer my mind before even started. Is this is a good question with a simple answer all come on this is for all folks will love to play this and then highlight forgetting the second question and Johnson City recklessly thinking what is this guy came in with. Let's think everybody corporately think that will get this back here Jesus Gospels as the clock ticking as we run out of time and second question was team is our here's the trick of their go get thank you God. John that I chapter so when they asked to dismiss. Sorry John had every all the listeners I apologized dispensing his parents. He was born blind.

There was some Jewish theology that we can trace back to then that speculated that you could sin in the womb and thus be born blind form with the defects of the so they could actually sin in the womb. It's not reincarnation of the previous life, but there was actually some Jewish thought, which is reflected in that which we have been some of just a few ancient texts that you could sin in the womb, and by sitting in the womb, you would be born with a handicap or disability or something like that so that's the explanation requested all right, but half of these to take so long to get there back with you ready for all your calls and questions tomorrow. Douglas, another program powered by the Truth Network

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