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Be Patient Wait for Jesus – Part 2

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz
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July 31, 2022 3:00 pm

Be Patient Wait for Jesus – Part 2

Living in the Light / Anne Graham Lotz

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Here's and Graham lots be held accountable for the guilt of our syndicates eat at the cross someone they were going to be held accountable for the way we live our lives not in a negative way were going to be rewarded for the things we've done according to his will and obedience to his word. This is living in the light with Bible teacher and grandma's message for today is titled the patient for Jesus reminds us to focus on who God is, in faith, knowing that he has everything in his control, so be patient. Here's and teaching from Habakkuk chapter 1 `focused on God and then he focused on God's way and sometimes we just judge God's ways to soon as judgment falls as things get worse. He gives us a little comfort in verse four he says the righteous will live by his faith, and I think he's saying and talk about the people around us not right and wicked and all that but but God knows who the righteous Sonia goes back to what were talking about with Noah and living in that wicked world and God's members that this is the account of Noah and God keeps accounts and he knows exactly who is righteous and who is living for him in the midst of a wicked corrupt society as a whole world to know is they was wicked, everybody doing the wrong thing, but that didn't blind God the one man who is doing the right thing, and God knows who you are and God knows who I am and he knows the righteous were seeking to live by faith in the midst of this wicked corrupt society so don't think that he's not paying attention. He's keeping accounts and so as we go through the final hour.

God knows who you are and I believe he's going to protect this and if… Hand of protection and he has a greater purpose and we praise him okay as we live for his purpose and his glory not necessary for what we want when we want it, how we want it where we wanted is not all about me that premium glory. Living for his purpose and he will work out his purpose he will finish what he starts in so then he pronounces five rows on the wicked. So Habakkuk is all upset about Babylonians being so wicked and use the judge Judy, who's not as wicked but God then says Habakkuk. I'm against all wickedness against all sin and nothing that something we need to know God is against sin, whether it's in America or Russia or Asia or China or the Middle East, Syria, Iran, South America, God is against all sin. He doesn't tolerate any sin. So now he's pronouncing five rows on sinners. It doesn't matter where you come from who you are. In verse six is against the greedy, so he says.

And these are all start with the world were the one who powers up stolen goods makes himself wealthy by extortion Wall Street I think of these big corporations. I think of you people get rich quickens, the proverb says that Bahrain weakens the nation and enslaves us to the lender, and I see so many of our enemies. We owe so much. Start one day they're going call the store account and then verse nine is the next row. Woe to him who builds his round but unjust.

Again, the said his nest on how to escape the clutches of roofing. Woe to those who build up their business to somebody else's expense. You think a foundation government administrations organizations third row is in verse 12 wrote him a builds a city with bloodshed establishes a town by crime, the ruthless, nothing stands in the way crime pays. And I think of Planned Parenthood.

Think of the abortion industry. I think of Vladimir. I think of Kim Jong think of some of these dictators a sod who build their kingdom through bloodshed rotor you verse 15 woe to him who gives drink to his neighbors, pouring it from the wineskin till they're drunk so they can gaze on her neck and body, and with everything coming out of Hollywood woe to you, the pornographer of the date rapist drug dealer abortionists that pimp the sex trafficker while you God sees it and he's against it and the idolatrous.

In verse 19.

Rhodium says that would come to life or like this don't wake up all the other gods in our nation we think were not idolatrous because will have little Buddhist sitting around but our roles are entertainments and sports and coveting more Black Friday comes in a week and people go through the malls of the online will be shopping and gathering things that they can afford and they don't really need, but they're just the covetousness in the way that people market things and make us want what we don't have what we can afford and it's just roles in the entertainment industry sexism who's on the red carpet to sleeping with you and is just a mess so God's against the rotor you and then he has a very solemn word in verse 20 but the Lord is in his holy temple. Let all the earth be silent before and he's referring to a scene that takes place after Jesus comes back after he sets up his reign on earth. After he rules there for a thousand years. At the end of the thousand years. There is a scene that to me as I was chilling the most frightening of all of Scripture. I'm going to try to describe it briefly to you, but at the end of the millennium, God raises the dead. All those who went into eternity. And they did not claim Jesus as Savior. They did not confess their sin. They rebelled against God. They kept that rebellion as they stepped into eternity. They were outside of God's family. They were outside of his redemption. They refused him and so at the end of the money he raises him and one by one they stand before the great white throne and heaven and earth flee away. And there's no one there except the judge and get even though his name and the center stands before and the books are opens and in the books is an account of everything that sinner is done and so he's judged according to his works and your people as they were God's going to judge my good works against my bad works about the more good works and innovative.

Let me know.

God judges you get the perfection of his Holy Spirit and he takes your works and not one of them is good enough.

The measure up to a holy God.

And so he judges you for your works and be judged according to your works is to be self condemn and then he sends a person the hell or the person sends himself actually because he was depending on his works. I just want to read Revelation 20 verse 11 then also a great white throne and him who was seated on it. Earth and sky fled from his presence are there's no lawyers there's no lambdas, no Redeemer. There's no Savior, no name that you can call them and there was no place for them and I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne and the books were opened.

And another book was opened, which is the book of life and the dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books and the sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and each person was judged according to what he had done, and death and Hades were thrown in the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death. And if anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire, and I can tell you not one person is to before that great white throne and not one person's name is found in the book of life because of your name is written in the book of life.

You're not going to stand for the great white throne so want to insert praise God for the cross. So when we come to the cross and confess our sin until God were sorry and we embrace Jesus as our Savior and we put our faith in him alone and we surrender our lives to him.

He claimed us of our sin and he forgives us and places his Holy Spirit in us and he saves us from judgment and will never be held accountable for the guilt of our sin, because he expect that at the cross. So one they were going to be held accountable for the way we live our lives in a negative way were going to be rewarded for the things we've done according to his will and obedience to his word done his way in and is going to be a reward ceremony but nobody is going to be held accountable for their sin because Jesus was held accountable in our place. But if you've never been to Jesus.

If you've never been to the cross of never claimed his forgiveness. If you said you didn't need it because your good works will get you and your religious and for your raised in the church and don't think it's necessary.

Are there other ways to God besides Jesus then I'm warning you, you going to stand before the great writer. If that's your attitude when you step into eternity in the solemn thing is we never know when were going to step into eternity. It can come in a moment you're not expecting, and just like that you find yourself in eternity and one day standing before the judge. Great white throne. The books open. He's going to go through all those works in your works will condemn you to hell because you can't do enough of them you can't do them perfectly enough to please a holy God. So just applying that to our prayers.

Think of America and the people who I know right now are plotting and planning to take us down and they market things and they spin things and they deceive us in their evil in their wicked and the trying to get people to do things that they shouldn't do and you know so one day God sees it all and they're going to be held accountable.

Kim Jonathan, you know, and I pray that somebody would share the gospel. We would pray he would repent, but if he doesn't repent that I just tell you I'm thankful that there is a great white throne and he's going to stand before it, and he can have his uncle killed another people killed and people butchered and people in those gulags and treat people like animals and one day the books will be opened and the judge is going to read out and he will go to hell. So there will be an accounting for the bad guys to know that they can't get by with their badness evil in their wickedness. So focus on God's word and focus on God's way. He is righteous and he keeps accounts and you will hold them accountable is a very solemn thoughts and that's one reason I feel that in this final hour we would be sharing the gospel because of people step into eternity and they haven't found Christ maybe because somebody like me hasn't shared the gospel they're going to stand before the great white throne and so when we share the gospel and we pray with them and we lead them to faith in Jesus were snatching them from such an experience. So Habakkuk while he's waiting he's wrestled he's watching now he worships Rawlings waiting and he's just coming you know God is telling him he's going to use the Babylonians but let me just finish that thought because God help the Babylonians account of the Babylonians came in and they took Jude into captivity and God use them for 70 years they were in captivity, but when they came out of captivity, never again did they go into idolatry and they have yet to recognize Jesus as their Messiah.

But one day they will.

But God brought them back and so God then because Babylon treated Judah so cruelly, he raised up the Persians and use the Persians.

The judge Babylon and then he raised up the Greeks, the judge, Persia, and then he raised up the Romans, the judge, the Greeks and who will he raised up the judge America will be North Korea, Russia, Iran maybe ice is popping up everywhere you know it, it just doesn't seem right to us.

We wrestle with and we struggle against it. But God does everything right and accomplishes this purposes. He knows what he's doing so at this point. Habakkuk just sort of falls back and he's wrestled in his watch and now he's going to worship and he looks upward and worships the God of history and adverse to a chapter 30 Lord. I've heard of your fame.

I stand in awe of your deeds. Oh Lord, renew them in our day and our time make them known in wrath remember mercy and in this final hour facing judgment. I don't know what it's going to be on how it's going to be I don't know if it's going to be before the rapture simultaneous. But as were facing something off or maybe it's just a disaster in your own home or your family are in wrath remember mercy when you hold us accountable Lord in wrath remember mercy, and he could remember the God of history the God in the past renew your deeds. Oh Lord, and he could look back to Adam and Eve and you member when they were caught in their sin, and there were hiding in the bushes and God found them and he rebuked them he judge me pronounce judgment on them and then he slew the animals and he clothing with the skins of animals and shed blood so that they could be closing you want of the crater had tears coming down his cheeks because he knew that one day he would be the lamb would be slain. The cover them in their sin and their shame in their care often in wrath. God remembers mercy and then know God said I'm going to destroy the whole world, so make yourself an ark because in wrath remember mercy. And whosoever will make a comment about our and then Abraham praying for Sodom and got after 10 righteous, would you spare Sodom. Yes, I'll spare for 10 and Abraham goes the next morning Britt prayed he looks out over the plane and see smoke coming up from Sodom and he knows not even 10 righteous where they are and knows that Sodom is coming to God's judgment.

But what he doesn't know is that God remembered Abraham's prayer and God dragged Abram's nephew and his family out of Sodom, because in wrath.

God remembers mercy member when they were delivered from Egypt net 10 plagues and the tension was the worst of all, when the firstborn of every living thing would die unless somebody put blood over the little of the doorpost and everyone under that blood would be saved. When the angel of death passed over because God was going to bring judgment Egypt, but in wrath.

He remembered mercy and save those under the blood of the Lamb and Jericho, and Joshua went to take the enemy stronghold Canaanite fortress that was blocking their way into the promised land and they went around every day for seven days a seven say 7×1/7 time they shouted they blew the trumpets and the walls came down and the Israelites rushed in and they were killed every man, woman, child, animal except for the one little section of wall standing there with the scarlet cord dangling from the wind and it was the home of a Canaanite process. Rahab who desperately wanted to belong to the people of God should save the spies and in wrath of God remembered Ray in wrath of God remembers mercy as America comes under his judgment. I know they're going to be glimpses of God's mercy because just as God is just and righteous and holy. He is also merciful and filled with lovingkindness sends faithfulness and so Habakkuk is saying God do it again and I just get through these verses brought point out in verse three he says you're the holy one is a God of purity. Verse three also. It's a glimpse of the second coming. Actually when he says God is come from team and the holy one from our parent glory covers the heavens's praise goes there than he is got a glimpse into the future and the real answer to his prayer.

When God's people are made right with God, and there brought back to the land that everything is all right. Is at the return of Jesus. And so he sees down the future and the return of the glory of God filling the earth and in the gutter fury in verse five when God comes in like a lion of Judah to put down his enemies and he gets the world's attention and then in verse six, the God of eternity, his ways are eternal and in verse eight he is the Lord all Lord you are in charge of everything he can use natural elements he says were you angry with the rivers was your wrath against the streams that you rage against the sea and he uses natural elements like we saw last like environmental disasters for his own purpose to get our attention that I want you look he looks at the God of victory in verse 11 when he says sun and moon stood still in the heavens of the grade of your flying air is lightning of your flashing spear in wrath. You strode through the earth and angry thresh the nation you came out to deliver your people. The Savior anointed one. You crush the leader of the land of wickedness. You strip them from head to foot God moves heaven and earth to save his people and listen. Salvation is coming and I know Jesus is coming on one day, the sky would unfold will come back, followed by the armies of heaven will set everything right in the world will be ruled in justice and righteousness and peace and goodness and love and is going to be heaven on earth. But not until Jesus reigns but God is just saying Habakkuk hold on, you know, worship, keep your focus on who I am God of victory and Habakkuk looks up and then he looks forward, and he sees the future coming and he knows the judgment there right at the door of judgment so he looks forward to figure and to be honest and I'll look ahead to see what's coming. What I know is coming of America doesn't turn around I know it's coming. If is not revival in the church. I know it's going to go from bad to worse I been saying that for several years now. It's going to get worse and is going to get ugly when God moves and we see a movie.

By the way, the confusion, the turmoil in our world today. That's God loving and sometimes when he moves is not pleasant. It's the way you see him in Washington, exposing the corruption in the deceit and immorality. And that's God moving uncovering stuff. It's been there. We thought everything was okay because it was all covered up and got a saying I had enough and I'm going to rip off the covers and show you what's going on to give us a chance to turn away from it and to repent of our sin. But if we don't, judgments, severe judgment, so Habakkuk looks ahead of the severe judgment he was looking he was in the final hour looking at judgment on Judah and it came but he says in verse 16. I heard in my heart pounded my lips quivered at the sound. The K crept into my bones and my legs tremble and if you have grandchildren, I know you could identify with that kind of fear what's coming on our nation. You know the rope is going to hit the road. God's just not going to tolerate it and so we know it's coming so we can be afraid about the same time. It's okay, you know, just tell God your afraid and then he faced the future with faith.

These are maybe some those beautiful verses in Scripture. He says of the fig tree doesn't bug a look at the circumstances and I see no hope, no hope for the church doesn't seem to be coming to her about on a hope for the nation. We just getting worse and the fig trees are not biting. There no grapes on the vine. There's no extra there's no fun. There's no spark of life were losing our jewelry to all of crop fails is no income to lose my job. The fields produce no food plans for the future. Just come up empty.

Though there no sheep in the pan. No cattle in the stalls on investments, retirement, Social Security, pensions, IRA, whatever they offer one case or just evaporate. How do I respond yeah it's I will rejoice in the Lord. I will be joyful in God my Savior. That's worship is where his focus is just on God and God alone got if you never answer my prayer. If you never resolve the conflict with my loved one who never heal the disease.

If you never bring revival of America just spirals right on down in the judgment, yet I will rejoice in the Lord.

Sometimes joy is a choice. I can hear the apostle Paul saying yes and rejoice and again I say rejoice. And he said that from a prison and then Habakkuk says in verse 19 just say that he's been set free from wrestling at this point, I think he was wrestled and he's watched and now he's just worshiping and he says in verse 19 the sovereign Lord is my strength he saw when he in control. God knows what he's doing. He seated on the throne, he sees everything that's going on and he's in charge. He knows what he's doing. It looks like things are falling apart.

Do you and me, but they're just falling into place sees getting everything in order for the return of Jesus. And I know that just hard to watch it when it doesn't seem according to what we would think the Lord is sovereign and he's my strength. He will give me power to go through these final hour. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer. So he'll equip us to walk one day at a time through the things that are coming and he enables me to go on the heights to rise above whatever our circumstances are. So stay focused on the word stay focused on God's ways and means, then you just worship and you can look up and concentrate on who God is focusing on who he is and look forward with fear, yes, but with knowing that in the end God has it all under control and he knows the righteous. He knows who you are.

He keeps the accounts and Rafe remembers mercy. So Psalm 27 says wait for the Lord be strong and take heart, wait for the Lord. The fourth verse of Isaiah 64 since ancient times. No one is heard no ear is perceived know I is seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.

Wait for the Lord was standing at the train station were looking down the tracks. We see all the signs and signals and we get so excited and where waiting and waiting and waiting for Jesus the patient's God has his purpose. It is working out and we may live to see judgment coming on our nation. We may live to see things that we wish that we hadn't. But you just that God is in charge and he knows what he's doing and he may answer our deep down prayer maybe when judgment calls on America if it comes before the rapture severe judgment. Maybe that's the trigger that will bring to the church and I can't help but think my mother out*your mother with all of daddy's meetings.

All of what I'm doing and what were trying to fly a heavenly experience revival and she said and were just not desperate enough so God may make us desperate and he may allow us to go through the first stages of severe judgment to make us desperate enough so the church will cry out and turn to God will experience revival and people will begin to see Jesus reflected in us and then the going to want to come to know on that evangelism is going to take place and then the society will change maybe will have the last great awakening before Jesus comes back and maybe will be triggered by some really tough things. And if that's the case going to trust going to trust and while were trusting and were going to ritualize because our God is an he's going to give us the strength and all that we need to do to go through the spinal power when they had a time is so wait patiently wait you been listening to living in the light and when you go to Engram there are free resources to help you in your study of God's word and his desire is that you embrace God filled life step-by-step choice by choice living in the light

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