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Building on the Word of God | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers
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June 17, 2020 8:00 am

Building on the Word of God | Part 2

Love Worth Finding / Adrian Rogers

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June 17, 2020 8:00 am

As Nehemiah chapter 7 begins: the fallen walls have been rebuilt, the people of God were secure, organized, housed and fed. But there was something that needed to be done: building their community on the Word of God. In this message, Adrian Rogers analyzes this miraculous revival to show what happens when we build our community on the Word of God.

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Love Worth Finding Adrian Rogers
Love Worth Finding
Adrian Rogers
Love Worth Finding
Adrian Rogers
Love Worth Finding
Adrian Rogers
Love Worth Finding
Adrian Rogers
Love Worth Finding
Adrian Rogers
Love Worth Finding
Adrian Rogers

You have the joy of the Lord listen to Adrian Rogers. There is nothing that is more appealing than the joy of the Lord, you know, most folks are not even worried about going to heaven or hell I want to know how to hack you. Most people are not as your strength. Jesus Christ said in John T verse 11. These things have I spoken of you that my joy might remain in you and George all my welcome to find insightful lessons from the heart of the pastor and Bible teacher Adrian Rogers part one of this message. We learned about the long-awaited revival with the people of Jerusalem following the rebuilding of the city walls and Nehemiah chapter 8.

It began with a hunger for the word of God and then honor was given in Scripture was properly handled and interpreted by the prophet Ezra.

Once the people understood they heated the word of God. What took place when they began to heed that word. If you have your Bible, turned, and Nehemiah chapter 8 as Adrian Rogers gives us part two of building on the word of God, and Ezra opened the book in the side of the people, for he was about all the people and when he opened it all. Bless the great God and all the people answered and gave man a man would lift their hands and Dave and serve the Lord with their faces to the ground. People were so used about this book. When God said nothing wrong with getting excited venture is nothing wrong with saying a man is nothing wrong with saying praise the Lord. If you mean praise the Lord, you mean a man caught up in a service now don't to pickup up but it overflows little or so what if someone gets carried away whatever amount it would have someone carried away, but not they want is easier to cool down is a lot that it is a warm up a corpse really I want to gain our biggest danger is not this time by next week we got a compelling finance is not our biggest danger is changes that we go to be so close a little warm.

So basically, so that we will not get excited about God.

These people were excited about the word, not even this book is the word of God is not the word of God and it is the word of God. All how we ought to give honor to how we opted to get excited about Isaiah chapter 40 verse eight grass in the flower but a word of our God shall stand forever, and this word stand you is a Hebrew word which means it rises to stay Betty as it keeps getting knocked down but keep standing up.

It keeps rising to stand against coming up again and again through history of all the things that men have done to God about how to keep rising to stand forever. I think about that Roman Emperor Diocletian Diocletian who hated Christ who hated the bottle hated churches of Christ. He made all the laws against the Bible and outlaw the Bible them and beat the Bible down. Christians died and suffered agonizing days under the regime of Diocletian that Roman Emperor Diocletian even said that he had completely done away with. Christianity even built a monument and all met monument he wrote these words in Latin, extinct toe, no money, Christie and Laurel.

That is the name of Christian that's what Diocletian said. But the next Emperor that followed Diocletian.

Constantine in 312, declared himself to be a Christian and lives alone because the Bible says in Psalm 119 verse 9089 for ever award by word is settled in heaven. The people honor the word of God be one of the word of God you get excited about the word of God. Do you we need to praise the Lord you what so many people think that real worship is they come to watch the perform and I think of us is sort of like participants or actors in the drama, and that you the audience and got up in heaven is standing in the wings. He's what they call the prompter and that God prompts us, and he tells us what to say we say so you can see it and enjoy that's that's the concept that a lot of people have worship. That's not Bible worship dictate how different it is this it is God who is the audience you are the participants we are the prompters to guess the way supposed to be worship is to be asked on to God, we praise you to come and watch us put on a religious extravaganza some sort of a show. My job as a minister is to encourage you, praise the Lord to be going to father at this very moment, so it won't hurt you ever down into, say a man now folks, not only must we read the word and honor the word.

The word and wonderful word but we must properly handle were all you know it's not just enough to read the word of God. Somebody has to explain look again in verse eight, so they read in the book of the law of God's Binkley and Dave Santos and cause them to understand the reading that if I pretend you don't understand the Bible. Frankly, I have failed.

I don't care how great the message may be come away saying yes says so and so Roger says it is word that I'm able understand.

Sometimes we go we are preacher preacher was a man he must be brilliant.

Item understanding. Don't kid yourself is because rivers money doesn't mean his need to know what is said about the Lord Jesus and people heard him gladly. Plain folks. The common photos you have to have a PhD to understand the Lord Jesus Christ. Because Jesus took the word of God, analyze and organize it and expounded what people could understand it all. How we need Sunday school teachers who will do this, and deacons who will do this actually verse seven I believe is talking about the Old Testament counterpart of our New Testament.

Sunday school teachers and training workers.

Notice what it says. This group of man caused the people to understand the law. The people stood in their place. That's a wonderful not only was Ezra the scribe a big teaching and preaching it, but he had a group of workers who are out there in smaller groups, teaching and explaining the word of God. All the power in people getting together after they come to one great service and someone stands up and and then they break down in smaller group and they study the word of God together all the power of the Sunday school did you know that John Dillinger, the great notorious outlaw got in trouble as a teenager as a little boy really even before teenager and his mother and his daddy thought will.

Maybe if Johnny could go to Sunday school with my changes line and I got Johnny Dillinger in Sunday school, but you know what happened when some of the parents found out that John Dillinger was going to Sunday school. They said to the teacher. We don't want that bad boy in the Sunday school class with our children and little Johnny Dillinger is coming to the Sunday school class that I kids can't come in. And when John Dillinger's mother heard that she was heartbroken and Johnny Dillinger dropped out of Sunday school in 20 years. He was the most notorious outlaw died in a hail of gunfire. The most notorious outlaw in the United States on the American continent. I just wonder what happened. It will Johnny Dillinger and stayed in Sunday school and some Sunday school teacher had explained the word of God doing and made no the Bible to them.

But there was a Sunday school class. It was more like a club that was like a Sunday school class. All I want to tell your friend that needs to be a proper handling of the word of God. I want you to learn how to take the word of God and study to show yourself working in the need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. A handling the word of God. Verses seven and eight now makes verse nine and following. There was a heating to the word of God. Notice here and Nehemiah chapter 8 and Nehemiah, which is the person that means the governor and Ezra the priest, described annually by its that taught the people said unto all the people.

This day is holy unto the Lord your God more not know we were all the people wept when they heard the words of the law. Then he said unto them, go your way, eat the fat and drink the sweet and send portions under them for whom nothing is prepared for this day is holy unto the Lord, neither be ye sorry. I listen to this next verse for the joy of the Lord is your strength. So the Levites still all the people saying, hold your peace for the day is holy, neither be agreed and all the people went away to eat and drink and to send portions animating great murder because they had understood the words that were declared under them all.

There was a heating to the word of God. A heating the word of God.

You see, when folks hunger for the word. When folks hear the word when folks on the word. When folks handle the word and deed to the word of God and produces a transformation. What took place when they began to heed to the word of God. Well, first of all, there was morning, there was a heartbroken Miss look, if you will again in verse nine of this chapter and EMI, which is Victor Shaffer and Ezra the priest and the scribe in the Levites that taught the people said unto the people. This day is holy unto the Lord your God more not know we were all the people when they heard the words of the law. The first effective hearing the word of God was morning Harding and I think they were ambitious man and we are to be our sins to break harm and is no revival without morning. There's no revival without repentance. But you see there's a time to weep and is a time delay. There's a time to be filled with sorrow and is a time to be filled with joy and Nehemiah and Ezra the scribe and others saw that the people had mourned sufficiently and so they came to them and said, now it's time to stop your weep is time to stop your crying. You see, the devil can use your heartbroken this against you if you not care. I've seen Christians who think that they have a broken spirit who have a morose spirit, and they go around always negatively Jesus at outcome which might have life.

Jesus came that you might have joy unspeakable and full of glory, and so be careful. Be careful. I know that some people want to see the church of the of the living God continually on its face continually weeping continually crying and I so we can only do that we have revival would be strong. No Allison, there's a time to weep, there's a time to be brokenhearted.

There's a time to mourn, but it is only a means to a man and I thank God for the wise Nessa Nehemiah and a wideness of Ezra and so they look to the people and saw the broken heart and said, don't we all. Now listen the devil will bring you down to keep you.

The Holy Spirit will bring you down to lift you even higher, and so the word of God. First of all produce morning.

But secondly, it produces joy and this is really where we are aiming notice. Beginning in verse 10. Then he said under them, go your way, eat the fat and drink the sweet and send portions under them for whom nothing is prepared for this day is following on to our Lord, neither be sorry for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Now listen, there's nothing sweeter than being part of the church when the joy of the Lord is upon nature. When God's people meet together and they have a good time if you don't like being in the church were God's people are happy you want to go join them.

There's nothing that makes a church stronger than the joy of the Lord. There is nothing that is more appealing than the joy of the Lord, and the one thing that often market our services above all others.

Oh yes, they'll be morning. Oh yes, they'll be seriousness, you know, most folks are not even worried about going to heaven or hell I want to know how to hack it on Monday.

Did you know that most people are just long something I was so, why he said these people would just lie of the Lord is your strength. Jesus Christ said in John 15 verse 11. These things have I spoken to you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full of idols is ready to rejoice in the Lord always and again rejoice for what revival is, first of all you maples mad then you may come said you may combine that's what revival is not on some post, they listen to me personally get mad a swell up like a poison pup base. I don't agree with him who think you I got Hank's meal but somehow by the grace of God. They keep coming along. The man said. I so want to center on the cinnamon Louisiana and then they didn't do it with joy. That's what God wanted them all the time was mad then sad and glad managers no longer enjoy is your strength. That's what it's all about ladies and gentlemen, somebody wrote this about life, a crust of bread and a corner to sleep in a minute to smile and to weep in plaintiff, joy, trouble in Neverland. But the moment comes double and this is line not if you know Jesus not know Jesus did you know Jesus you know joy unspeakable and full of glory.

I got a be like a country preacher down in Florida.

We had that evangelism conference down there and Orlando and we had a preacher up there preaching about the Lord Jesus Christ and the glory of the Lord in all things will happen now is the sin around they were getting happier and happier and is nothing like being a bunch of preachers when Jesus is being but of the bingo country boy sitting on the second row. After a while you just simply say, hot dog shots Jesus Christ. Sometimes I just feel like say is just so great. So the noble Lord you see where this gladness were not to creep into our leap into our work.

Joy of the Lord is our strength. I wish I had more time to let me say not only did produce morning and not only did produce all produce obedience. Obedience. I want you to continue to look here in verse 13 and on the second day were gathered together the chief of the fathers of all people to priest in the Levites of Ezra the scribe even understand the words of the law and they found written in the law, which the Lord had commanded by Moses that the children of Israel should dwell in blue, and the feast of the seventh month and that they should publish and proclaim in all the cities and in Jerusalem, saying, go forth into the mouth and fetch all the branches and pine branches and myrtle branches and palm branches and branches of the trees to make booze as it is written, the people, the Jews were supposed to keep once every so often a feast called the feast of booths on the feast of Tabernacles and I have been doing and so when they found out they were supposed to do it. They said all right bells look what we found in the world.

This is the time for us to be having a certain piece that I don't go out and get some steaks and some bomb branches among the branches of myrtle branches and bring them here and I want everybody to make a little brush Arbor and that's going remind you of your Pilgrim characters go to remind what God did for your business and your wonderful time.

It was something like Christmas something like 4 July something like Thanksgiving something like Easter.

It was sort of a religious ceremony but was also so the national ceremony was timely gives would have time to get to camp out so to speak. You know the peoples of all right, Lord, you said to do it we going to do and you know I conceal Sandahl into buying the shim and the rest of them see the children of Israel at there's a what you would picking up stakes what form will build a shack, one for we don't camp out in you want. You mean you folks at 61. Because God said to but it makes sense to me to make a difference.

He says God said to do when you heed the word of God is going produce three things. First of all sorrow will enjoy obedience just obey the word of God upon her and his two children were swimming off the coast of New Jersey. The little boy was a little girl was 10. They were all good swimmers but they got out. Then they notice the tide was carrying them out and they were being swept away from the shore. The father was the strongest swimmer. He knew he could not say both of his children. He took the little boy back to the shore with him.

He said to the little girl honey. You're a good swimmer, you can float on your back all day long if you just try now honey don't get right just lay over on your back and float and swim and float. I'm going to assure for help and honey Daniel come back for you.

Don't you forget that you come back and he swam with that little eight-year-old boy to assure and then he told the people and before long all of Atlantic was covered with boats and people in swimmers looking girl long hours later they found that 10-year-old girl Adam sure floating on her back. Someone said honey, weren't you afraid she said no daddy said I can float all day on my back and he said come for me. I'm just doing what he told me to do until he came bring. That's what I want to be doing when Jesus comes obesity, he said, was shy to me. Oh Lord Jesus printed to you know Jesus you will never really understand this book but do you understand this book, you're not really ready to leave this lastly and I am alive on her husband's car and she ranked it didn't hurt her, but she demolished the car. It was a brand-new car. She felt so bad she reached to comply with insurance papers and she got the insurance papers out and when she opened the insurance paper.

There was a note right in the middle, written by her husband and this is what it said I think is one of the sweetest thing I've ever he said to her, remember sweetheart needs you. I love you I love this car is not important honey you of important in that room. I want to. You may have wrecked your life. But God says it's you I'm God love.

He surely does.

And if you've never experienced a relationship with Jesus, built on the word of God. I want to invite you to trust him right now. Would you pray with me.

Something like this from your heart of God in heaven.

I'm a sinner and I know I can have a relationship with you. Because of that sin but you sent Jesus to die in my place to pay my sin debt and he rose again victorious over the grave so that I can experience new life in him.

I trust Jesus sacrifice for me fully. Right now I place my full faith and trust and hope in him and what he did for me and I ask you to change me from the inside out.

Pray in Jesus name, amen. If you prayed a prayer of commitment like that just now we want to celebrate with you.

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Remember our greatest danger is indifference toward Scripture. If we believe the Bible to be true. We ought to honor his these people in Nehemiah chapter God's word today and ask the Holy Spirit to minister to and be sure to join us next time. For more real, true never change. Writing on love worth fighting a listener to love wayfinding called not long ago to share this this message really spoke to my heart in an area where I'm trying to witness to some God is so awesome and I praise him for the work that you do have a wonderful day serving but we are so glad every time we hear listings like you sharing the love and truth of the gospel with others, which is an anchor in uncertain times and overwhelming circumstances this month as a thank you for your generous support. Want to send you out over comers booklet collection.

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