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When the Heart Overflows - Proverbs 13:12 - Deeper

Made for More / Mercy Hil Church
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October 15, 2022 8:00 am

When the Heart Overflows - Proverbs 13:12 - Deeper

Made for More / Mercy Hil Church

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October 15, 2022 8:00 am

Is God your deepest desire? On the surface, it seems like an easy answer for a Christian, but does our life actually reflect that reality?


Right across our campuses. We praise God for the moment that he has brought us to right here right now. Man, I know it's as simple as before, is a little weird to come out to video to use it for 10 minutes. Yes, it's a little weird okay but we arty transition those luscious key role in life. Hey guys were to be in Proverbs chapter 13 today.

If you have a copy of Scripture. I want to go ahead and start finding that Proverbs chapter 13. But as you're doing that. I want you to know that we have something for you a guide that our teams have put together to work on this for a long time and where she will put in your hands now. So all of our campuses, our teams are to start capacitors we want to physically just put one of those in your hand. This guy is going to be something that is a great companion over the next four or five weeks okay as we are in this series together.

It has of vision all the stuff that we just talked about in that long video is is in this and even even in more depth in greater ways. It also has a place in this book for your sermon notes right. I have lamented, sometimes at Mercy Hill because I grew up in a tradition that was way more vocal. So it's like man when people when the creature made a good point somebody let them know it and I wish we were little more like that so feel free if you come from that tradition. But I do know that our culture is a little more like if the preacher had something pretty good heads go down to people furiously writing. Okay that the notetaking is the Amen. Nowadays, I guess, or whatever so that we got we got debuted up book so that's got all your notes right there. It's also got your community group questions and if you are in a group you bring this book to group with you. It's can be one of those things that is a prompt for you. You got your sermon notes there you go, all that stuff there. If you are not in a group okay at all of our locations in the lobby. This weekend we have something called for the next five weeks.

The deeper depot. Okay you love how we do that right it's in the lobby right outside is basically all things deeper.

If you have questions. If you need resourcing materials anything you miss you can grab it there paid that is an opportunity for you go this very weekend to sign up for a discovery group. It's really gonna follow deeper so you're not a group you can come and be part of a big discovery group that were to have throughout this series so make sure you do that.

The last thing I want you guys to grab this real quick from inside the book the last thing is this card okay and I'm not not to talk about a time today were going to talk about it throughout the series, but I do want to bring up now bring up again at the very end of the sermon today guys this card. I just want to make sure you feel the weight of this and what I hope you're going to do is take this card and put it somewhere where you can remember it was you can see it, put it somewhere we can be a prayer prompt in your life, because this card is gonna represent what were driving up the next five weeks.

God, are you the deepest desire of my heart and I want you by your spirit to become that in my life in greater ways. For all of us.

For me, for my family for everybody here, and as a result of that, the output of God becoming… The deepest thing in our life is the spiritual input. The output is that would open our hands to commit to give over the next two years, and this would be a good prompt for us to remember that right so guys that's where were at.

That's where were going to be, you got your books you can you can find our sermon notes in there for this weekend. In Proverbs chapter 13 and working to get Roland Araiza letting me jump into the sermon. So Proverbs chapter 13 years, almost certainly, okay, everyone of us have had this experience.

At some point in her life but have you ever had your hopes put on hold or your dreams really get dashed okay now. We've also had the opportunity to see our hopes fulfilled art in our desires to fill and dreams come to fruition, but we probably had times in our life that didn't happen every single one of us have experienced that at times in our life. I was thinking about this in my lifetime that I hope got put on hold when I was in right right out of college and I just got married. I was kind of being considered to be a preacher for a nationally recognized summer camps and I and I was really hopeful that I was to get a chance to come to came right down to the wire.

At the very end.

I was in the one that was chosen and you know what I did a kind of made my heart a little sick. You know not crush me. It wasn't something that you know that I threw into the depths of despair but it's like when on a hopeless, put on hold or dream gets – your heart gets a little sick. You get a little bit upset that the flipside of that is also true right when you have a desire or a hope that is not put on hold but instead minutes fulfill what happens we we we we are encouraged.

We have exhilaration we we feel more alive and we get excited about things that are going on in our life. I thought that my life and another example for me. Maybe a win.

Okay, I'm of the first time that I was offered a ministry position. It was full-time in the summa church in Raleigh-Durham and I was over the moon man I fell excited about it.

I was encouraged about it. Here's what you see during our time this weekend guys read the book of Psalms, even for believers. Okay, life is a little bit like this. There's nothing wrong with that but we all, our emotions are our corresponding many times to the things that are going on in our life.

That's healthy and good until listen until those circumstances in our life we end up assigning too much weight to them and instead of feeling a little bit of living in a little bit down and up drooping spirit as the Scriptures unit, Satan.

It is said that all the sudden we feel crushed all the sudden we feel like because something didn't work out the world that were never to be okay. All the sudden we feel like it is what happens. We put too much weight in the things of this world. What happens is when something doesn't go the right way we feel like God has abandoned us. We have that same emotion you know why because we're chasing said thing like it was a God, and it didn't work out a humans were not built to have their God clear failing. So when we do we feel the depths of despair. The other thing is we can end up in not just low lows but incredibly high highs that are really too high, something works out this life. It is a circumstance that the work out the way that we wanted all and hope wasn't inferred instead it worked out, and all the sudden we feel like God is shining upon us. We feel the emotions as if were secure in his hands and really it's just about a set of circumstances in this life. It's not about being high low. It's about being ultimately high or ultimately low when it comes to the things in this life, the circumstances and the things that we are chasing. That's what we want to get into Proverbs chapter 13 we all experience highs and lows, but the way that we respond to things that don't work out, or things that do work out. Show us you think about it like this right every single time something happens there emotions in our life but when our emotions become extreme, it probably reveals an idolatrous tendency in our life. You know what the fix for that is it is the fight of the Christian life.

We talk about the fight of faith last week. You know the fight of the Christian life is and the fix for this y'all it's realizing that God is supposed to be our deepest desire and he is a desire that will fill us again and again and will not flee, and if we get that right. All the sudden we can begin to become the type of people who can handle the highs and lows of life well and we can handle the emotions of life well and were not thrown into extremes because of idolatry. Because our hearts are fixed in God being the deepest thing in our life. So you say like this guy should be this big idea God should be the object of our ultimate hopes and our ultimate desire. Are there things that we desire so deeply that if we don't get there will be crushed are the things that we desire so deeply that if we do get them we will have the emotion.

As this is the God of this universe that really is not. It's just a set of circumstances, we gotta check that today in the Scripture helps us to be that one of your Proverbs chapter 13, one verse this week and here we go hope deferred makes the heart sick. Proverbs 1312 but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life, hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is the tree of life.

I know in our campuses today and I know here regional every single week.

There's people that are brand-new to the Bible so we just orient you a tiny bit with the book of Proverbs agape, the book of Proverbs is unlike every last essay was in literature. Your third Ecclesiastes and there summa Solomon in their okay maybe a few other portions of the Bible. But there there there are portions of Scripture that are just unlike anything else in the world you know why because the God of this universe who authored the world has told you hate this is how you live well in the world. This is how you live well in the world that I created no problems. No promises okay and and and in sin and in a fallen world, there can be links that are broken between following wisdom and experiencing the life that God would have us if there was no sin in the world not going all the way into that today we do need to understand that, but in general. Okay. And I think whether I a good word for this is the word tends right when we follow wisdom our lives tend we tend to have this living well in the world and that's what God is given us in wisdom literature.

Now we find ourselves in Proverbs chapter 13 in a place in wisdom literature. That is the other. There's a whole section in the book of Proverbs right in the middle. The book that is all the twitter tweet unit between double lines before Twitter was a thing okay, it's all the little pithy little hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire for those of tree of life. That's like the whole section for chapter chapter like 10 chapters agape energies all the little wise sayings that we have got to grab onto guys I talked about this last week.

If you try to shape the culture of the team a classroom home a business middle way to do it is say not that this you know the greatest tool for that is wisdom literature. The greatest tool for that is a statement this is what God desires.

This is how he wants a human to live, not that. But this and our home with our kids.

We call the Proverbs build wisdom Bell. Okay, so if if somebody if somebody says something that is coming from principle from the wisdom literature then I will say ding ding ding ding day if it is the wisdom bill right it's it's the Nobel this being rough in a note, you say something Proverbs you say something Ecclesiastes. If the kids are there maybe say something from summa Solomon okay but you know it's in you your you. You're just trying to to get into eyes.

What God has for living well in the world that's exactly where this falls right hope deferred makes the heart sick, but I desire fulfilled is the tree of life. Knowledge is taken as a comes word is about hope deferred and will talk about a desire for life hope deferred. What is the word what comes your mind when I say deferred. What comes to my mind is somebody just apply to college and they got deferred right there that it's like that you did not get in okay but you got deferred to a later date. That's what comes to my mind. You know the problem with that is that there's a little more weight in the language of deferment here okay and you gotta go back in the languages and get into the commentaries and all that but here's what you need to understand about this war deferred deferred here means it's been deferred to a never ending extension of time, so it's not exactly saying that the dream was – but it pretty much say the dream was that because now it is been pushed off is been deferred to a never ending extension of time. You could say like this a hope. I hope deferred is on permanent hold when a hope is deferred when it's on permanent hold when the dream is – what happens, it creates a drooping spirit. This is something that I said in the intro when circumstances in our life. Don't go the way that we want them to go and when health is not only did make the greater that person broke up with guys of the relationship didn't work out like meant it. It the hope that we had and that is deferred. That's not wrong until it becomes something its ultimate and begins to crush actually can be things in our life. The really good we feel sadness we feel little bit about that drooping spirit that we can run to God for healing we can since it's not like we run away from all emotions. But this is the idea that a drooping spirit comes from a hope that is deferred is put on permanent hold your thought about this this week so when when my grandfather passed away. I he passed some things down to some pieces of different people in the family and in a lot of ways on every grandson got one of his shotgun style school the week we got a better member. Combine all that the other things got pastel but my mom call me when my grandfather passed away and she said hate nobody has taken the stuff the Bobcat that hung in his den. My whole life.

Okay and I'll I was just absolute shocked by this. I thought there would be physical fistfights over his get the Bobcat okay and apparently nobody wanted.

She says do you want it I will like to fish with him.

Okay of course I wanted couldn't believe I call Anna and I like him like that you never gonna believe this coming is like the centerpiece of the living room and my grandparents house for my whole life.

Okay if it's right there is this is really gnarly stuff Bobcat that my great-grandfather killed right off the land. My grandfather lived on like the 50s okay and is been hanging there forever. And so, like I call him when you're not gonna believe this, that there given us the Bobcat is she and she was not as excited about as I was okay and so she says what he will will will were you planning on putting an eye so I don't I don't really care as long as is the center and focal point of our entire house to court. I don't know I am okay with where you want to put as long as the centerpiece of the whole house right. She thought maybe a closet in the barn was a little better or something and so we went it was it was thought every we look back on it now. Big argument.

Okay, I'm a big argument ensues about where the Bobcat is to go in and who's now the volcano, where is to be our house and all accounts the I distinctly remember 119 argue with her and I told her I said that there's billions of men in the world.

You could've married any one of them.

New York City's skinny jeans.

Whatever you marry a man with Bobcat killing lineage okay and you and your needs are just well it's and it's in the basement tucked away somewhere okay and that that's where we had ice okay and I think my thing about a story which is on like them, you know, I have this hope that hope was deferred and it's pretty much permanently on hold.

Okay it's it's never it's never coming out of that deferment.

Now I'm a little bit funny here, but the reality is that many times in our life we end up facing things with loss a hope didn't come true. When I thought it was can be marriage, and it wasn't this can get serious right I thought I was getting into that school.

It didn't happen that I thought this was a promotion that was coming at it, you know that losing something is is is emotionally more effecting of a bus than actually gaining stuff. This is called loss aversion, all of you ever heard of this unit's studies of people where they say here visiting me knows I hate how much would you pay for this coffee mug is somebody look at and say like one of those pie were like two dollars.

I bought a two dollars for okay then they'll do this though say okay we hear one gifting you the coffee mug.

You know how the coffee mug.

I have the coffee mug. Okay I want you to sell it back to me for the two dollars you know people do will be like now sell to for seven something about Kim giving it away is harder than getting it.

I would pay certain for but now giving away there is something about losing a hope there's something about a dream that is being – that is very hard for us losing things is hard. But here's the deal for the Christian is in a mode is an emotion that we go through when when a hope is put on hold or dream is – this sends us running to the father.

It sends us running to him for healing or is it something that crushes us.

It's all too revealing Howard react to these things and what we thought about them and what we think about God. Here's what Paul said in sync with things for we are afflicted in every way, but not crushed, perplexed, but not driven to despair persecuted, but not forsaken, struck down, but not destroyed. I don't want you to make. I want you to get the wrong impression. Christian I got is not called you to a life without emotion. He's called you to a life that processes your emotions before God that that allows your emotional life to run back to him and that's what Paul is doing here we are struck down, but we are not destroyed. I think the way to think about this back to Proverbs chapter 13 just thinking about it.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Okay, here's the way to think about it this hope deferred makes the heart sick with a capital sic IS man crushed, you know, despair, orders the hope deferred just make the heart sick. This is the trick in a Christian life. This is the smoke that reveals a fire of idolatry are. If we are crushed. If I'm ultimately sick because that hope didn't work out. You say like this, how does a human be sick without being sick. How does our natural and good reaction to losing things that pushes us back to God and even puts us in a state of sadness even or whatever. How can that be something that ends up morphing into a capital S. Sickness will we are struck down, what we are not destructible. We are destroyed we are not just press but we feel crushed into the ground that only happens when we have assigned too much weight to whatever the hope was Sue were looking for something in the world actually were only meant to find in God hope deferred eloquent success, but a desire fulfilled right is the tree of life.

Proverbs 1312 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

Now we got to go a little deep here okay because all the sudden the Bible is brought up a bombshell when it comes to the tree of life, wait a minute what what is this me a desire fulfilled is a tree of life, love your newer reticular little bit of a ride. Here's we go back to some of the Old Testament.

When we realize what the tree of life is still the tree of life given in Genesis chapter you can read this in the first couple of chapters of Genesis chapter 2 and three very prominent.

The tree of life stood in the midst of the garden and through it God's life flowed into the life of the people that he created Adam and Eve.

They were not immortal, just because they were immortal because they ate of the tree of life. It was a perpetual healing in their life.

There was another tree in the garden, though, and it was a tree that wasn't the tree of life actually was the tree of death. It was a tree was called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And there's a lot we can go into here, but suffice it to say that the first human in every single one of us, myself included, after them have chosen a different points of our life not to reach for the tree that God said but we reach for the tree that he told us to avoid and we reach for that tree of death, and here's what happened in the very earliest humans out of any they reach for that tree of death.

The knowledge of good and evil, and in so doing, they were barred from the garden will what's in the what's in the garden, the got in the garden is the tree of life you get cut off in the tree of life and you are doomed to die, which is what happened because they were cut off from the garden because of their sin and they were doomed to face death in the face.

What looks like to not have the immortality that God had for them. Now the tree of life does come back order talk about this more in the series, the tree of life because McElroy given the Bible becomes all the way back in Revelation and you see it there that it stands the symbol for the healing of the nations we would eat of this tree again. But here's what I want talk about what what what you mean desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

What did the tree of life do the tree of life provided life.

That's what he did.

It provided life lesson not just in quantity immortal, but it provided life and quality. It provided vitality and energy and vigor. Now, with that in mind.

Think about it like this, the tree of life represents the abundant life that God has for us and here's what he saying he is saying through desires that we have that are fulfilled not just quad not just quantitative or qualitative. Through God's blessing through him giving us desires and then meeting them. We end up having life, not just the physical life, but the enjoyment of life. That's with the tree of life is all about and what God is saying here is, in my blessing of you in my did fulfilling your desires. I am giving you a tree of life. You know John. John 1010 Jesus said like this I'll never get this verse because of my dad's favorite verse grown-up okay and you always talk to us about this.

The thief comes not only to kill and the kill to steal to kill and destroy. I came that you might have life and that you might have it abundantly that you might have it to the fullest. That's what the tree of life is all about the tree of life is about renewal is about encouragement.

It is about energy is about revitalization of the heart and what you actually do a deep study the book of Proverbs is recertified. There's a few things that are like into a tree of life. You know they'll have in common. They bring healing to those that are around rights of whiz wisdom. Proverbs 318. Wisdom is said to be a tree of life. Righteousness is said to be a tree of life actually says a righteous person is like a tree of life. They hold court. They hold captive. Those that listen to them. Healing flows it it says in the book of Proverbs, a gentle tongue is a tree of life that a gentle tongue brings healing. You know what else goes in a list, wisdom, righteousness, gentle tongue desires that are fulfilled. Here's the point, your God, in his goodness as an incredible father has put desires in your heart and their things in your heart that he then meets with his blessing and when he does that.

You don't happens energy figure, vitality, revitalization of life. But here's what I want you to see and in this is a good thing God you are so good. You bless us in incredible ways. But here's the deal. By this, go, go back to hope deferred.

There's a capital sick and there's a lowercase sick right you know what. Same thing with fulfillment. There's a capital fulfillment. There's a lowercase fulfillment. The tree of life that God is referring to that is coming into our life through his blessing don't. These are great things from a good God manage marriage. It's job is raising kids. It's success is having the resources that we need for our family and to give its great relationships and friendships and awesome small group, and a good church and great places to serve that these are awesome blessings but you know what they're good, they revitalize they give us energy but they are not meant to be depended on as if they are the F fulfillment in our life because even these things will fill us if not now, they will fill us in death. There is a capital fulfillment and a lowercase fulfillment and I think the key source for all of this for us is that we have got a sort of realize manner that capital fulfillment is we've got to be after and we will only find that in God himself.

The book of Proverbs is always this way golf there is a there is a hill, a mountain, there's always amount be on the mountain.

You know the mountain be on the mountain is made. God is saying, hey if you want to not have a hope deferred. Put your hope in me if you want to have a desire fulfilled you to put your desire and meet the small mountain is May God is so good, even in our heartbreak over things that don't work out. We can run to him and he gives us blessings in our life and they create energy and vitality and vigor in our life and that's awesome, but the capital fulfillment that he's talking about the greatest desire.

Desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

If you want to ultimately be blessed with life in the kingdom and life before God than our ultimate desire can't be anything but God you say like this when God is our hope he will net our hope will never be deferred when God is that thing for us, it won't be deferred. It will be postponed. Never ending mail when God is our ultimate desire, it will always be a tree of life that provides healing and encouragement and vitality and strength and vigor and energy over and over and over again because this is the thing that we were long call this the thing that we were created to long for now. You know I think about this and I wonder if you're catching this because I know for me and it's one of those things, like okay now I am to desire God more than anything else.

I know what comes your mind is like a cowboy that I do that right like I want that that is what God is calling us to hear. May God is telling us to desire me ultimately what is supposed to be the greatest desire of our heart. You gotta go to some of the poison bottle fineness, but what is it supposed to be. Deuteronomy 6 is so clear another place is clear is what Jesus said in Matthew chapter 22.

Here's what he said you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. We desire fulfilled is a tree of life.

What is supposed to be our desire, our ultimate desire.

Men are our greatest desire, not just first in a limit order God your first my life in the order ordering of things no in priority mail. I think with the Bible is called us to do is to love God with all of our heart and then everything else in our life that we love is an extension of that. It's not even like oh this is like 10% enough like 20% God, you're like 40% you and is like no I love God with all my heart and everything else overflows from that. If you're like me and even a believer for a while. The question comes to your mind. Okay, I know that I want that. That's what I want I want God I want you to be the greatest desire. I want that to be the tree of life for me.

I don't want to be possessions or promotions on a want to be my kids soccer games and their grades and all that, stuff like I wanted to be this young you catch me on the wrong days they met was the greatest desire of your heart. I'll probably say something like this, like man I know what is supposed to be.

But on this day.

Maybe if I could. Success, on this day. Maybe it's maybe it's the church's success with ministry. Maybe it's a possession of. I asked you. Maybe it's a possession. Maybe it's a 96 hp still chains all the 27 inch bar. Not that I've ever googled that okay you know I don't know commitment what what is a possession that is in your heart and your mind. You know what got gotta saying to us today. What is the greatest desire I I wanted to be you. God, how do we do it hot how do you do that.

This is how the spirit works in a light ultimately can't do the spirit without prayer. That's why hope at the end of our services manner alters all our camps and if you will come for and no bill kneel down I will praying to God. I want you to be the deepest desire in my heart I need the spirit of God to do that. But do you know how the spirit doesn't the spirit is like us a light that shines on the beauty of God's love for us.

That's the secret that when we want to become a lover of God. It always starts with understanding that he loved us first. You could say like this how do we do that, that we we got understand today before we are ever called to desire him first.

He desired us how we know that look at the gospel for the joy that was set before him. He endured the cross, and God didn't want heaven without her.

So he sent Jesus Christ to do what we couldn't do don't understand Jesus to give us the tree of life. He went to the tree of death, and he took all of the penalty for all of the sin of all of the world, including all of my failures and all of my shortcomings in all the times that I didn't love God the way that I was called to love him and he died for the sin of the world on that cursive tree when we see what he is done for us in our hearts begin to melt our hearts begin to lean in and greater ways. But you know what, then, we see the invitation that we are given in his resurrection. This is very deep okay what is he call us to do his resurrection. Come and join with me, be united to me that's what he calls us to do to be found in him man when you not only see what Christ has done and what God has done for us, but then you see the invitation to come into live life with him and be united to him made it really begins to light us up.

You know this is interesting. We sang this earlier. You know, John 15 what is a safe find a branch was all about. I will if you realize this when you read the Bible for long time.

I love you does not. The Bible is obsessed with trees.

Okay really is. You need to think about outside of God and also humanity. The Bible talks about trees more than any other living thing you go. Tell me one Bible character that you are introduced to theirs on a tree associated with it.

They were under that tree. Oh, they were in these forests where these oaks are these trees are right you see is so much how many trees show up in all of the great Bible stories what what what you see is a wing of the Bible is doing something with this concept of trees on tell you what it's doing is preparing you to be a branch always in beginning Genesis chapter 1 through Genesis daily greatest days of creation. Okay one through three, the parable four through six are what happens on day three and a six. The second part of creation. On day three trees. The second part of creation. On day six humans there both planted where in the dust and the growth of their you been created to be a branch or whole life God is doing something with the trees and then what you know, we see it's not just what she's done for us is not just that he has come to the cross and cancel our sin that but in his resurrection. Nobody calls us to do. He is telling us today. You don't need to just take part partake of the tree of life, you need to come and be a part of the tree of life is the actual tree of life. I mean who is the life giver when he was a seed actually said this, he was a seed.

It was good to be put into the ground and die so that what so that he could be planted and he could grow. Jesus Christ is the true and better tree of life and what is he called you to do what he called me today he says this I am the vine, I am the tree and you are the branches.

And whoever abides in me and I in him is he who bears much fruit y'all. We don't just taste and see that the Lord is good in the gospel we are joining up with the tree of life they so how to okay how to how to what how does God become my deepest desire. Do you realize what is done for you and what he's invited you into what is called you to be you see who you are today.

Despite our sin, despite our failure. He desires us. He joins with us and that melts our hearts in a way that nothing else can I pray the spirit of God will do what he can only do break our heart and show us the love of God that will give us the response Christians humans, we are not built to muster. Love we respond to love and we have seen love and we respond to it. So I call you to do this with me today set God as the ultimate object of your hope and your desire guys we look at this. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. What is the ultimate desire. What is the one hope that will never be deferred. God himself is that the desire of your heart is. So here's the question of right and this guy is an intro video know this question will will is not as a whole series in five or five weeks.

This is it, what is your deepest desire is God your deepest desire manner that is rocked to me that a Christian since I was six years old. 39 years old, a walk which is a long time. Maybe guys walk and she's a long time somewhat.

Some of you longer than me and it rocks me.

What is my deepest desire what I want more than anything else and is that God is in his kingdom minutes of his fame is in his renowned God, am I like the deer and him panting after you like the deer pants for the water can I say today betters one day in your course in a thousand else Robin is a pretty cool place in my life. One day in your course thousand else work.

I say today that my life is for you because you are the famous one. This is what I want. I hope it's what you want as well and that's what this journey that were on is about. Listen on. Listen, I know we got big things in front of us church we update things in front of us, may we got two years for the next 10 if were to see 5000 baptisms and 500 missionaries sent from this church by 2032. It's gonna matter what we did in the next two years, and I want to jump straight there. I want to talk home and how I want to talk campuses I want to talk church planning I want to talk adoptions I want talk about families reunited through foster care.

I want to see mom's love, Don from this church.

I want to see all of that and you know I want to see it and you want to see it and we love and it is not first what's first is got our deepest desire and when we get that right that when we get that right. All the sudden things get put in the right order and now our hands begin to open, and now we can begin to talk about generosity you not to mention this earlier when Mitchell Mortara guys can get this card or just having your mind you know I am not ovulating of talk about it I just I just want you to see it in, realize what is this card represent his car doesn't represent our love for the mission so much as it represents our love for God and in our love for God. All the sudden we have an opportunity to open our hands and become free. Some of you today is leading to conventional today like me.

Okay because I needed to be convinced on this before we start to really think about these things before he started thinking about guarding the deepest desire of my heart. I would have been one who said what mean and are clearly at the top of where we can be with generosity in the past we were were giving him a week and a faithful and all that stuff but like yeah I don't know how much I got to grow in this area. I've had a lot of growing to do in this area. You have your get it. Giving a mercy does not like either M or IM are not gay, giving at Mercy Hill is like. Note this is a lifelong journey of growth and that's what this card represents God as you are becoming the deepest thing in my life now. I want to open my hands in greater ways God as you become the deepest thing in my life I become one who is free to be able to get because now all the sudden the security that I need by having addicts I can begin to relax and that because you are the deepest desire of my heart not to be safe y'all.

The sun is like the experiences that I can buy with with money and all that and I got a house. I know I can begin to be free to give because God is experience or the deepest desire in my heart. You are and you are filling me. You are the tree of life is filling me again and again and again, it begins to free us to open our hands to give in ways that are extravagant guys that card is between you and the Lord and nobody else but is gonna reflect the other two questions are are you the D got you the deepest desire of my heart and what does my life in generosity. What is my life and time, talent and treasure what is it say about what is the greatest desire of my life and I pray you to take this journey with us. I pray you go all in right allow God's word. We had a lot of people already doing all we had stories already of people who said hey man I love to work on right near retirement. Do you know what I like you work. I love working. I can be super generous if I keep working and working to do that, we have people have talked about maybe downsizing a living situation or or selling a significant possession. We had people this is my story already. I I think about this and I have begun asked this question, wait a minute okay got. If you are the deepest desire of our life then then what is it mean for our home economics family finance situation.

Shouldn't you then what we give to you be the greatest expense of our life of 39 years old on automobile. We also have 39 Dave Ramsey I all that counts overdue financial peace know that 15 year mortgage but we still have one right now and something on thing like wait a minute. Got if it's something else in my life is showing up bigger than our giving, like a mortgage like 15 or more if it is – trip and goddesses shaken us up with all of that was that mean for us. That's part of the Rhine. That's part of the journey and I pray that you go on this journey with us as we continue as we continue the next for five weeks right to got put that card in a place where you get to you to pray through it. The last thing I want to tell you is this right. Another step we can take his October 24 is an advanced commitment.

Neither we are to have on the new home and how property the land right and I know we have many multiple campuses and and here's the deal. Working to be. I pray worshiping over there at least once or twice a year altogether.

All church IS coming together.

I hope at least once or twice a year for the next 20 years.

The first time were to do it is on October 24.

Again, other than on building over there anything okay so we got it to be, but men listen report were pouring more into that.

Not this I want you to think, Easter, Christmas blow all the way. The more we perform more resourcing of this that we have any other event we've ever done. Because here's the deal if it can be a groundbreaking is can you worship time. It's getting a chance for all of us. If were like man, I'm ready. Maybe some of you, having been around mercy a lot longer like no one, God brought us here and I'm ready to lead.

I'm ready to commit the come out there and be with us on October 24 is can be arrived, man. Let's stay in a constant posture, heartbreak and prayer and openness of what God is going to do (father we come before you know and more we embarked on this journey in God that the train is moving here and will resist pretty blessed. We know that you will the cattle on a thousand hills, though we know that it's all yours and you could do this without us orbit you invite us and you want to do something in us, not just through us (you'll take our church to a deeper place, pray that our seal in year 10 new foundation got for the next 10 years, but I pray that our seal for you now would be greater than it is ever been in the history of our church and history of our church families here in Christ name we pray. Amen and amen why guys I'm an invite everybody all the campuses you guys can go ahead and stand with us as we close our service. Listen we have an opportunity to pray to bring and to sing okay so Hank come down during this song if you want to put your physical body in a posture prayer in our altars are open at the campuses as well. It is a time you can bring your tithes and offerings are you can actually up physically in the room that you're in whatever campus your inner, you certainly can do it online. God is brought us his best we bring us. We bring him would bring to him our first in our best and then let's sing man was praise God for where he is and for what he is brought us to listing up shout of praise from all over campus this weekend

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