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Tools For Men Common Living Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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February 16, 2020 4:00 pm

Tools For Men Common Living Part 1

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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February 16, 2020 4:00 pm

Roy and Will discuss 5 tools that men need at their disposal everyday to aid them in their walk with Christ.


This is the Truth Network welcome to mannitol and brought to you by T8 W CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they are devoted to breaking down the walls of race, age, and challenging them to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy, well guy like you know Roy, you know we were talking earlier today and it is absolutely amazing.

You know that when it comes to the church and comes to man, and particularly within the church how we need to ensure that we are solid and are walking solid and are talking yeah exactly, will, and then that's being solid means many things right in the but can be sought out a good foundation absolutely and you and I told many times today be one of those times that it's a big void in the church and with men is the not solid in part that's because you're standing on the sidelines back together pieces of not equipped rightly and even if they are equipped, sometimes they're not using what they have been taught right, you know, because I think a lot of times you know we looking we say internally well you know it could be the pastor's not doing this that or the other but I think we still have to start looking at ourselves first and say are we are our ears inclined to hear the truth. Well, that's exactly right will if you're not willing to listen or if you just like you got it figured out and mediocre's okay then, there's not much you say to that man's change their positioning and their approach to their walk with Christ exactly what if they're seeking Christ and they got that burning desire to get to know him better and get to know heavenly father better than they will step forward and start doing things they need to do which will talk about today and how to give him some of the tools to do that, then they will be blessed, and got a bill to pour out his full blessing to them. But not only to them to their families and to the communities into the church because it's all about that overflow, you know, men living out the life that God has given them to live and if they are truly obedient to the Scripture than they going to do that but yeah… Like you saying you need tools do you know and so we're going to talk about five areas that men need to concentrate on when it comes to their daily walking. They need to be doing this every single day and some form or fashion right and every man is listening has either been a part of the ball team were part of some military organization or work teams of so you know you can't do anything without practice strike you can do it, but you never will do it to your full capability, nor to the full blessing of the father. If you're not doing it with the regular discipline write what you know you play football so I don't know of anyone but any coach will let you play if you don't friend we had a few guys in college and try to stay on practice with welcome injuries and conflict about the injuries that were slightly better by the time you came shortly on Thursday ready to play on Saturday but you're exactly right.

You have got to put in the time to to grow to be better. Same thing holds true in our daily walk does not.

It does, you know, and so the first component that men need to do on a daily basis is prayer.

Well, that is, that's a great start will prayer we talked about this before.

Did Jesus ever do anything without going to the father first and no not anywhere inscription is ever so they just went off and did something that he did everything he was led by his father exactly. So if if the one that were following modeled force them. How important is prayer to us as man and to our families each day is very important because the word of God tells us in Philippians chapter 4 and verse number six. It says be careful or anxious for nothing, but by prayer and supplication let your requests be made known unto God. So this is telling us that we should do this on a daily basis and so a man you might be listening and you like say, well, God already knows you know what I need, but he wants you to convey that on what you and he want to speak out where exactly if you don't speak it out and not acknowledging him as the all mighty one who controls everything. Who gives everything a Blessing who pulls you to the seasons they may know, if you don't acknowledge it and he said no way on to this. Okay, we all need you to step in and talk to me.

Try your parents may know you need something when you're growing up, but if you did not ask it in always come along. There will need to realize that you need to come talk to them about in the model prayer that Jesus gave and I think it you know it's sort of like sums up exactly the components that you need when you start to pray in our father which art in heaven, recognizing the father as who he is and where he is located yet rated overall how low it be thy name hollow holy is your name again it it's it's staring what you as God's person here on earth is acknowledging who God is in heaven and how holy is he is and see when we start looking at God like that. Then we will see how much we need him or how unholy we can be when we approach a holy God. Right.

And then that's the key. He is holy, not holy. And in that moment of reverence were acknowledging reaching to him because he is the Almighty will provide everything yes and then it gets says thy kingdom come, thy will be done where in heaven and on as it is on or so on earth as it is in heaven now you know when I when I look at that that basically says that things already settled in heaven is not like there's an unknown and there. Yeah. So if if it's already settled in heaven. Then all we need to do as his children is living out and receive it parlous just receiving right exactly living out.

Receive it first and libido because you when you when you live it out what you're doing is you're saying. I understand what God is telling me to do right while I'm hearing is natural, but I'm not talking to him.

Try not seeking him that how can you ever hear him and you can't because what happens is you start hearing all the other noise like start hearing society you start hearing things that divide you know the church rather than bring the church together and if it's happening in the church.

How much more is happening outside the church, exactly.

And you know in influence is it's a great part. I think of what the world attempts to do when it comes to you know Christianity and God's people. In particular, you know, because if that's how the enemy works he comes in and he divides us so that he can conquer exactly talk about that many times, a rooster with it today and was up for one purpose is to steal, kill and destroy. And that if he steals your time. Then he destroys your fellowship with God in which you could be in prayer or read the word, which is another component will talk about right and then if he steals and kills it in his distorted units.

So therefore there is no dialogue in her answers got distracted with all the others. The noises we always call it the many need to listen in. Ladies, if you're listening as well. The noise could be many different things strike that can be the four-minute computer gaming could be the pornography it could be the sports in your overly indulging in sports watching tonic time, which means you're not with the father, not with your children and not with your wife and you not doing things got a try. Because what happens is if he asked start ignoring his wife.

Then someone else may take interests. It is like when who's at the root of that Satan says how your husband is not putting attention to you or someone who is in and the wife starts getting distracted and and then when he sees her distractions.

Then he uses that as an excuse to say okay have you doing this then I will go out and do it to write and this goes back to start a conversation if you're praying to the father acknowledging the need of him and what is done for you in terms of blessing in your mood start to build the foundation absolutely.

And if you're praying with God then you turn around and play with your wife to the father try and you take your wife to the foot of the cross to share with the father and to be transparent together which is nothing. I don't think there's anything more touching, more rewarding than the man in the wife into the father together and for each other try and taking turns doing that not one does it all the time they'll never does because Ann and John 14 and verse number six. Jesus said, you know that the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.

When I come that you might have life and that you might have it abundantly. So Jesus came that we might have the abundant life, but we have to understand what this life is in the end what are the keys that Jesus have for us to unlock this life and see these are some of the tools we talking about today and of course the first one we mentions prayer right into the question to listen. Do you have an abundant life. Are you living the abundant life is something missing. The fillers avoid there. Even if you're in the church does avoid is your heart is really aching because something is just not right. No questioning how much time you spend talking to the father was time he spent praying and in the other piece that which will talk about later as well as listening but if you're not praying to the father not turn it all over him dying to self, then you're missing the full blessing of and God wants to give you his children everything that you deserve. As a member of the kingdom of God.

Just like we have rights and privileges as citizens of the United States.

We have rights and privileges in the kingdom of God because we are kingdom citizens and so God wants us to have all the abundance of all that the kingdom has to offer.

And you know in NY think that when I think about you know the many many years that I was out there in the world and how the enemy was just buffeting me and distracting me. You know, IA makes me mad Roy to think about all those years I've been doing some different exactly from God, who has an and you know not just something different but something for God because anyone could do anything, you know that they choose to do. But who we doing for right.

One of the most minute of got that regret, especially if they want raised with a heavenly influence from their earthly father and it too is a hard hard lesson to find. That way, but you talked about many times was never too late to track you can you can always look back at us while we talked about for the rearview mirrors only sows so so small. Lester sees no we came from the bigger views to the front when which should be the same for us today with your listing is not too late to try to change that course start praying start praying with your spouse start spending time with the following prayer in the safe lot of your truck drivers or maybe some people out there. This is behind the wheel, father and mother.

If you close your eyes are not talking to them so he's he's good with the job. Please don't close your eyes. Like you said you have to live with going back here right after the break to use CM and would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship after the best breakfast in town meeting location is at their gracious posterior First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock.

First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will party Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy of affordable chiropractic in High Point. As you might tell from their name, affordable chiropractic, even for the cash. Patient Dr. Jeff Ricky has been caring for patients in High Point for 34 years, physical therapy, such as ultrasound and spinal decompression for disc conditions such as herniation conference of care for auto accident injury patients with no out-of-pocket expense. Remember, affordable chiropractic on the W. Lexington Ave. in High Point. Call 336-885-1987 and we're back with a man talk radio and Roy when we left after break talking about the first component or tool that men need to be exercising in their Christian walk. And that was prayer so now we're moving to that second component which is Bible study what is Bible study will you when you talk about Bible study.

God tells us in second Timothy chapter 2 in verse 15, to study to show yourself approved unto God, a man now. How can we be approved if we don't know what the word of God says, and then it says a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of to truth, so a person who is wrongly dividing the word, then they are doing that specifically to advance their own agenda.

Another was good enough.

What God's intent was there doing the man intent which we talked about that somehow don't know how well there's a church on every corner. You have to wonder how much of that was a man dividing the word and trail and down to what he thought God meant rather than what government way and a lot of the the churches since you brought that up. A lot of these the churches on every corner.

A lot of that has to do with individuals who simply believe that they want to go off and start their own interchurch or because they have outgrown wherever they were and many times is not godly women I know not all know so. But when you when you're working for God you working because where you're working out of love right study out of looking so if you really love God you ways, talk to us is through his word exactly through our prayer to him and sometimes a hostess, not your hearts about something, but also through the word when you're looking at the word.

That's when he's going say will Roy, this is what I need to do this is homage to apply this. This is where you're out in your life. These are things that I need you to focus on this moment in time and Bible study. Roy you're right, it needs to be comprehensive, not superficial, and what we mean by that is you. You need to take a deep dive in the word of God. Get a small group. I am big on the small groups get a small group.

Five. Six people together you come together and what this does is it does exactly what you talked about earlier.

We talk about prayer. It starts to build a foundation. This and this group of people will now hold you accountable to the word that you're speaking and you in turn holding them accountable for the word exactly we've got an excellent to our website live in the D life by Dr. Bill Wilkes into that course in the boot camps in its an excellent tool men any of the ladies if you're listening, it is it so is design for that very thing. It's a discipleship program you read a chapter a day and then you recap what you've read and didn't have discussion at the end of the week with your counterparts. The 456 people that you meeting with and it helps you get in that deeper dive of the word because not only what you're seeing what God speaking to you about that. He may have spoke something different to the other for five people in their as well's also and extracting multiple things exactly on the word to your point during the deep dive as a group of also hold you accountable reading this week. If not, why you know and encouraged to keep doing that to you and that daily discipline like we were talking about before, but athletes and practice your prayer be in the first foundation second study in the word and you know there's nothing like having the word of God in the inside of you know that that's what we call appropriating the word probe appropriating the word is when you're taking a man it becomes part of who you are. It is not just hair technology becomes heart knowledge right so you allow that heart felt word of God to now speak to you internally and is like. Jesus said when he talked about it being that spring of living water just bursting up in and what is the Scripture tells about the heart heart is deceitfully is despicable in all things, and it is deceitful. But if the heart heart also is drawn by sin. James 114, 15, went when he talks about a man is drawn away by his own lust and enticing seek the lust the lust of man is to get that man off alone right seek as if he's he feels around man or if he's around a group of man or he's in that small group study. Now it's like, well, you know I can't do such and such and such because of his own account at exactly like and so but when he's off by himself and again we've always said integrity, your integrity or character is how others view you the quality of your life is how you view yourself when you're alone right when you're alone that's what you know, because when you when you're alone and nobody is around.

That's who you are as exactly who you are. So it's like now I have the freedom and I'm not around brothers to do X, Y, and Z. But we forget to look up right as God is watching and Scripture tells us not to dispute readers of the word be what Dorsey was of the works if you're loading the word in your heart is going to naturally flow out as God's actions absolutely in love for others, absolutely because you know his word, his word will not return unto him void. You know he he talked about the word of God in Numbers 23 and 19 and Isaiah 5511, that when the word of God goes out is going to accomplish that which it sets out right right you know it got God if he said it, he's going to do it. So men to listening. The question is how are you acting this out. How are you playing the cell. If your actions are speaking different than your Sunday life talked about this before. If you're not looking the same way, Monday through Saturday. Another was if nobody knows that your Christian by the way you look, Monday through Saturday night would follow Christ better than Christians because they considered to be the Christian peace, but a true follower of Christ, the need to challenge yourself.

Why do I look different.

Monday through Saturday to not doing Sunday is because you not love the word into your soul into your heart to spirit so that you living it out Monday through Saturday, just depending on what you get.

On Sunday morning to be your feed for the rest the week.

If you only ate one meal a try on Sunday.

Would you be able to sustain Monday through Saturday?

That's right, you have to have some other intake.

So if that's the case for physical body. What should be for spiritual body and and what I want our physical body is hungry. We feed it when it's tired we'd lay it down Yep you know if we thirsty. We drink water so that it is no different from the spirit we need spiritual food. The spiritual Flynn. This is why Bible study is so important that we understand that the basis of what we should be living by is already laid out for is the whole plan that is moments, the blueprint is they are for your taking a MN and ladies will don't get intimidated by Fretwell never done. It's okay to sit down and start the book of John is always been the most recommended place to start reading because it all starts right there that whole stories there, but Jesus in this world begins right in and go to first, second and third John Yep.

After that, and then flip on over the Romans in that order. Very go and repeat that again will embed off John, first, second, third John, first, second, third, John and enrollment in the Romans. There you you first five books and there is a great start. Call us back and ask us where to go next. The spot so you got the foundation but don't be intimidated by the time we all struggle with giving and getting daily routines. But what you get started.

Then God burst that desire not to communion fees to fuel if you will to chase him down just to get to know them deeper and deeper and deeper and await Jeff at 4 o'clock in the morning 3 o'clock and more setting work and spend time with Wilkinson, that's happened for your last week or so. It woke at 4 o'clock tomorrow 330 had my normal time when it is ironic and weak Institute of all time.

Fort happened the late sleeper but we can at least get to five, but he woke me up at four last two mornings on weekends those which are things folks that will start to develop be excited about tabulating the creator of the heaven and earth has given you the blueprint the roadmap right here in one book.

And if you don't ever read it, you never get the blessing absolutely and you will squander these years and believe is a flyby.

I'm still much over the wheel with a due flyby. This diffuser but they do flyby they do in one day you wake up in new grants awarded all the years go more worship at work tomorrow never comes in today's the last day, and man, what type of biblical legacy. Do you want to relieve your children.

You know I mean you know if you are not studying the word if you're not putting time in the Scriptures and talking with God and wanting to know more about him, then you are looking elsewhere and anywhere else other than the word of God, you, we allowing our mind and heart to be corrupt and be distracted with goes back to Satan's and the objective right is in games get you distracted these got you distracted.

It's all over you you you lost time. You really lost time. You know but but distraction is one thing, but deception is that jet that's that that's just well that's a great net that's as may well convince you that it's okay not to do it absolutely that that self-justification that it's okay not to study took out your so you're grounded enough skip they work.

It's not about you.

That's right with God's time prepare you to do bigger things and that's what is called all of us to do bigger things.

That's right. We know we we should not be thinking small when it comes to our God who is big enough you know what her brother can concert a few weeks ago. Don't play small right pray big folks pray big big expect.

Because God is a big God. And you know that your spouse, man, if you married with your significant other.

They want you to lead them all void to be that man.

That's praying daily and studying the word of God when and where we going to pick this up on next week talking about the last three elements Roy but just tell them right now. Roy if they are thinking about wanting to be born again how to do that folks relisten just admit being the center recognize that Jesus died for you rose on the third day, so that you can have eternal life as can come into your life and gain a fellowship in the local body of worshipers. If you can't find one you will not call drops email will be glad to help.

So we're excited to be part of this conversation with you this. Thank you for listening to us and that we discussed you subscribe to a channel if you have done that on YouTube is also podcast which is available podcast K so you have a great great week, talking, walking, Christian ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meetings drop is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future.

Thank you for joining us on man talk today.

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