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Men's Summit Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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January 19, 2020 4:00 pm

Men's Summit Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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January 19, 2020 4:00 pm

Roy and Will continue the discussion about the upcoming Men's Summit with Pastor Ken Kline.

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This is good Truth Network welcome to mannitol and brought you by TA W.

CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry were there devoted to breaking down the walls of race accommodation challenging them to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior a black eye and a white got a welcome talk Jones the right guy and I will Hardy the black guy and you know we have a guy on the phone because last week we were talking about the summit men's summit coming up January 24 25th of this year and we talked about great alignment of speakers this coming up in no we left off talking about the cost and Ken was talking about that you not going to find in his lifetime or going forward this this this group of speakers in this lineup for like 20 but said hello and including lunch. This occurs exactly and so you know we said the last 20 bucks mean to you as far as breasts personally being fed into from some of the man that you might meet as well as the speakers information that's being ministered to you and in this context that you might know, I know you so you know you can. We can just join hands and and let God bless us to do things that you know someone else that might we might be thinking about, but they already have established right as you know, you of course.

Hello marketing talk about their life while you eat my next desk like a preceptor now $20, but someone 20 bucks change for 20, born $20 Best Buy for change exactly that. Well that's that's just films. Right now that that's great.

So on this so we want to talk about from the pastor's perspective. You know how has the summit as a pastor and if you pastor listening today and you know pastor. Sometimes I think that they feel overworked and underpaid and most of them are, you know, but I think you you also have that group that's out there that they are not totally dependent on God to work in their lives. They depend more upon themselves, but from the format from the standpoint of pastor and I'll just started off being more myself that the men who have come to the summit that I have talked to and I have prayed with at the summit. I have found that if we if we would look at all the men I talked to and say oh, 70%, 65 to 70% of them have really improved their walk with Christ. So it can be more solid and they talk about what a great time. They've had you. You remember Roy when we talked about the guys who were part of the prison area. I mean these. These are these are guys listening audience who are locked up. If I can get another good coming this year from one prison camps and see these guys that come in their hungry yes and and I remember I was standing by the doorway when they were getting ready to leave because they could stay for the whole thing.

I could only be out for so for so long and the guy was telling me he said he said but I sure wish we could stay for the whole thing. He set out I was so tremendously blessed.

Now here's a man who has his personal physical freedoms limited and he was talking about how blessed he was. Something about that man who was out there who is not in prison physically and he's not taken advantage of the opportunity for know and then almost up on a few toes not being mean, but I love you passengers no reason for you to be afraid when you meant to this event exactly this is not about first Christian. Our host started growing their church. Granted if a man shows up the no church home is welcome to be there or any other church. We cogently seek the body, but pastors from listing this time strengthening man to get them off the sidelines thinking."

Click the two pastors on the radio. It will address your Studios now since officially, but the two very very active pastor sitting in line with us and they'll tell you that that's what they need to remember to do start stepping forward and in this they get engaged with these types things will start to make that move, so don't be afraid to bring a man pastors in your cart when you sometimes pastor so will not only most teach my men know that's part of their afraid someone's going to say something or may not be philosophical theologically in line with what they may say or do. Yes yes yes yes they can pastor can in the end it all little talk trash cans, if it's got a control machine not trusting men serving trusting the Lord your serving as he can control the intake without take from any of those people are there. Something just got said that should've been said that our heavenly father who created everything can certainly filter that if there was a mistake made certain that's where we got the trust that that's right because we're not out to steal man from from congregations. This is about fellowship bonding and walking in the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Just like the Scripture tell us to do. We have an obligation to the God we say we believe trust and we want to serve so so can work from your perspective, how as a pastor, how has the summit affected the men that you have seen you. But I agree that all you got a look at my local congregation and all children all man in 95. "The world work day. All the big eater three years I got dad a good number of men that I get it.

Like we talked about in the last part by all. How can I go to you more than all other media and really all the early and there was a lot of came out of your mind and maybe closer all time on Wednesday evening. We brought back an accountability group got a better leader coming in the church all well. I really like after attribute. Attribute a lot of that to three years of getting them exposed to the mode of the word.

Caught fire and water droplet. What we do all that. But I need you all are hoping to engage whatever that meant.

You are all meeting activities begin to describe all well one thing I men of their church, we are likely I love you madly. Leaving each other to me made a different character.

A lot of people love her number back all great but I think I have to really believe your investing them in love again by getting involved in great Got a love for just letting you maybe thinking that my little Amber down there bring it back in and asked her what got me again and meeting with me on LinkedIn. Having 15 guys coming in early in the group meeting three window had the pleasure on can scoop some nights in their very special group of man will have a church on your list. This program your name or close the Greensboro area like the part of that. It's some cell phone was a 2400 S. Emerald cans at line 21 S. Arm Rd. crush crush was in charge of the Carlson Smith high school Wednesday nights at seven there will all many of the like. I realized my morning my great unity of the diversity embarking together, learning together prayed together really well years ago that I whatever speed all come together and learn and grow our audit break right now. Can I want to talk and we will be back to man talk radio right after this welcome back to man talk with you this Jones and not just for some cannons talk about what a special blessing God has provided him with his men there in the diversity and in urine in our society were very polarized right now with space within America that the Democrat or Republican, or whether Christian or non-Christian earlier strike person or lifestyle is just so polarizing was really beautiful but this is how God has taken cans heart and recognized his desire to serve him well and has blessed him with such a diverse culture diverse congregation would hope that you heard through the first part of the shows that letter to cancel him about coming up and used his band when Christ comes along and does his greatest work because you truly just became available for submitted display screens on them, so things should never be.

And then God blessed them with everything you folks it's real important.

Those that know me know my heart.

It's about breaking down the walls rice and denomination wills as well and cans. He's part of the team a part of Gordon so talk we have to share these things is not about pointing out the fact that there different colors is pointing out the fact that there's one body I think it's important sure messes that that's what were saying one body, but that buddies got me reports now how many times how many times Roy have you heard me say when we get to heaven. There won't be a black section of white sex and that Asian section of this planning notice I not going to be sectioned off.

We are all one in Christ Jesus. So if we if we cannot fellowship and love and miss natural body on this earth.

Then is there a place for us in heaven to where we still try to hold onto the same things and I'll tell you right now. No EE. It won't be were God says they're not no liars, no backbiters, you know, no individuals or anything that does evil will be allowed to enter into the kingdom of God and you know when I when I listen to what Jesus said in Matthew 1633 he says that I tell you these things that you might have peace and he goes on to say in the world you will suffer tribulation. We said, be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world. We overcome us and and you know when I when I start to get down and am is like all things are not going the way I expect I think about Matthew 630 1633 and it comes to me. But Jesus said, in any sort of like just revitalizes my inward man and just, well, you know, cause me to gain additional strength to move forward in him because I realize it's never about me CRI quicksand. It's not about me. It was never about me. It's always been about him. So once we start looking at things. Roy and can we start looking at things through the eyes of Scripture, then we won't be talking Democrat Republican right} black race writing will be talking these things because we will be looking at things through the eyes of Scripture and will be speaking the truth to these things and love man well. It is made about you looking like a "longer really preload the work will be prepared for a good thing your work, your cloak of light wrong last three or five years old young rich girl all 9 yard in that room and the mother about being quiet all rolled whatever is going to be go very well that that can actually happen if you don't believe you need to call and let younger all their need to be straight up honest about his man that drink all and that's part would be very comfortable of women to be in every thing to respond to the left left three regard under the boat on you young bark white altogether below regarding incredibly wonderful godly so can since it's basically something wrong sheets back to back is right for her at the Rost in their their most transparent and the purest event like this and doing that because the Holy Spirit moves soon for 500 Mensing 600 Mensing moves through the worship of the leaders there moves through the word of the leaders and also moves the worship of the people to recite folks if you never been a part of that standard looks, four, five, six, seven, 800 men singing worshiping together and then is it sucked its angelic it is, it's Angelica… Just amazing and I said I see now and summit number three Roy when we when we first had it at first Christian and there was a guy he was in that middle section and at first Christian, he was probably fifth or sixth roll back in the middle and I remember he was the worship was going on and he was so overcome with worship. He just fell on his knees and hands and raised his hands in the immediately. This is what I like about it.

Listening audience that there was five or six man who just came over didn't even know brother and just started laying hands on and praying with them and worshiping with them and just crying out to God and in it just brought Shields tomorrow to my body to know that men have no there's no apprehension. You know you just can't let the spirit of God leads you and they laid hands on this. This brother and when I saw it I just threw up my hands and started worshiping and praising God. You know because you can't you just can't stand there or sit there if you are calling yourself a person who is a child of God and a citizen of the kingdom of God. You just can't sit there and have all this going on around you, and not respond hello my my moment like you owe you can regard it that you wrote you gave it all ranging rags. The older man that there may lined up about all the glory. There was no left-leaning exchange expand on.

I love Jesus Christ I've known about them in and you talk about an old at that moment you like to talk about me going around the welcome to the family, God, you can forgive, and you can make 20 great about Michael after all you teach me new language you don't like and white younger black work with me. You work a lot.

Good to great guy was a good thing.

Great cable brought you all know something can and when I you know we will brothers in the Lord and when we talk about quite guy black guy you know I don't know if people listening, they will be offended over this, but it's no offense when you in the body of Christ. That's the beauty about it, you know, because I saw some people may hear term black and think they might become offended because it's not politically correct and you should be using African-American and all this other stuff but again when you are looking at things through the eyes of Scripture.

It takes away all ambiguity is not as there's a word I don't use can too often, but you know there you just throw I'm just throwing it out there. But see, it takes away all that because it is like Roy said, when when in this pill back and you start getting to them right.

If you will love that onion now you actually seen the heart of that man for exactly who we assume in that we don't nothing were doing here is the intent to offend anybody but the point we want to make will save the black guy in the white goes with it were his brother's exactly brothers in Christ exactly what you and others come from below) point in here talking is one body and its existence good… Relax and get upset about the happy and proud that you listen to the show were two brothers that the look-alike person are celebrating one father because we look at things to me.

I Scripture and we all look to color but it was funny because our quick little Joe cannot joke just critical facts.

One of the brothers that doesn't look like me to be a guy that looks more like he will have some other guy was texting it to the head and how he had relabeled in his phone and it was brother Jones right probally doesn't have a single post (6263. The mother of 256 was right about the time you know in the course.

You go ahead and tell him how he say yes folks, if you listen to falls sooner. The father said start for the and died from a person father except those paid and not the loss of thanks again for listening have been desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meetings drop is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today.

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