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Grace and Forgiveness and Kanye West

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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December 15, 2019 4:00 pm

Grace and Forgiveness and Kanye West

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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December 15, 2019 4:00 pm

Kanye West has announced he's giving his life to Christ.  Will and Roy examine what this could mean.


This is the Truth Network welcome to mannitol and brought you by T8 W CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they are devoted to breaking down the walls of race and accommodation, and challenging men to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior a black eye and a white welcome back to man talk radio will Hardy the black guy and I'm Roy Jones.

The big white guy, you know, Roy. We were we were talking unless show on grace and forgiveness and this is sort of like I guess you can call it a hot topic if you will that X, I guess we can call Mac wrapper Kanye West.

He has given his life. He says to the Lord and you know, let me state and start by opening up saying we are not God. And we do not sit in judgment of God. Neither do we speak for God when it comes to this man's heart. Of course not.

We can guy like us and only God knows best what out there like outputted after the King country. Only God knows exactly exactly, but so and you know he there's an event coming up to where you know he's going to be joining Joel O'Steen and one thing we were saying is you know individual if he truly has given his life to the Lord and we pray to God that he has that that he can be a tremendous influence, and particularly to the young people. Oh yeah, you know, because we need the young people are the ones who are going to make up the church body. You know when all of us who are up here in age. I have gone on to meet the Lord exactly right will what's interesting about this is the younger generation.

We know that the church is missing along this millennial generation chosen to not be in the four walls. If you will, as a whole. Seems like every church in America struggling with the age group 18 to 29.

Over the last several years it's been a problem sisters continue to perpetuate itself does talking sums today after lunch we would talk about that very thing that he could potentially make the largest impact of the four law of anything we've seen in parter next Billy Graham in her lifetime. Featureless God views him and leave him through this journey because of the riches got with the secular population and that will be an amazing thing to what collapse of the nation's it all and and that's why I think we can pray and and add continuously just pray for him and say if God has let you down this path, and he says he is then longevity is the key because he who endure to the end shall be. Say, so we have to continue to just lift him up. I think in prayer because again we're not sitting in judgment and I truly hope that God has called him and that he's going to let God use him with all of the talents and resources that he have available at his disposal, he could just make certain parts of the kingdom, soaking in part for the people in his circle outside of the circle like were talking earlier. You folks need another just in close proximity of all these people are so successful, and electric lectures or chocolate make an impact for the community. But nothing about this gentleman have an opportunity with Connie to make an impact for the kingdom. While in the same respect and even beyond how God could think I could take him to a level. He never thought possible, but it could be got takes another way to say I'm going to show you what it means to trust me but yet a scrimmage. Many, many people potentially and got my cell could not stop you give it all away and we pray that he be open to the spirit and not let individuals use him right because of his talent resource like I see you have a lot of individuals out there do that exactly no end and we have to just be truthful and in saying that it should exist, but it does talk about prosperity gospel folks who don't we don't think that that's what got into this for Connie to do by going down the path of chasing the dollars and donate money into just making people more well-off. It's about the soul. The souls in building the kingdom, and those funds should be directed to those purposes and hopefully condos got a good Kanye discernment whose if anybody does attempt to do that with him to use them for the wrong purpose that that indeed it will see through that and that's why think the prayers of the saints. That's right will come in and just keep keep the young man covered in prayer because you know my desire is, is that he wears the label in which God has given him in reference to his servant right and and give God the glory and go out and let God use him in a great and magnificent way because there's so many young people your vibrator statistic the other day and it says 68% of all young people who graduate from high school and go to college. By the end of their sophomore year. They have allowed you know the academia world to basically dilute to reshape your thinking yet that their thinking and their their faith and also when they when they come back home from the University you know it's it's all about doing my thing. Now, instead of feel good about me still doing what God called you to do. You left FedEx principal or chocolate for the $0.18-$0.29. The card needs to reach toward keep the group in charge of getting the engagements to go away.

That explains a lot of that are getting worse, but knows when his parents basically paraphrase what you're saying from a practical terms, been a bunch of money. Some of the college so that they can try to store my child, faith right is accurate and that and then unfortunately you have some schools that you would expect that to be the case based on their background with their storefront says about their theology or what the believe you and you wouldn't expect it would of heard from almost all levels of higher education. The third challenged and similar things probably healthy, challenge them, but not to beat them down or make him doubt, but more to help them learn how to to share their story and how to convince people that what they believe is true in the heart in real and it basically strengthens your witness. If you will, but not to turn downward to come home and they've lost the moral directions that have fully left for college, and I think that's what we have to cover them in prayer to do because you know the whole ideal of the University and in there's some universities. Even with the name Christian and at the where you have to be careful is my point earlier because the bulk of what's coming out of the University is not biblical based right and so you know we are apt to believe something if it sounds good and we may not have a full understanding on even what the person is talking about but will grasp hold of that because it sounds good right and I think that is the that could be the beginning of the end for that individual's faith if they are not aligning themselves with someone who can hold them accountability when they get out of the will of God right movements know that we pray for Kanye. We need be. Pray for children but in his back to the man point.

Are you praying regularly and is no excuse for a lifetime to pray does not know the snow starts thanks to the applicable her drawers behind will the car you're sitting at your desk. You're always on the job. Something's going on that you got some time that you could spend with the Lord why you are available and in God's listen just need you to come talk to them and in the most ideal times when you're quite got some time but if you so hectic raising children or something's going on.

Looks like at times slow down or stop's, listen, talk to my job with somebody else up.

We need to do the supplication piece right we need to thank you for what we've gotten what what is done forced helpless we all are, no matter what your circumstance knows what all needs are when you lift up the other side is a greater blessing doing praying for someone else because it's not about you think about mauling her life after Christ.

It wasn't about him.

It was about everybody else everywhere he went. You know, he looked on people with compassion, you know, he asked them when they cried out to him, Rabbi, Rabbi on master master teacher teacher and then he would he would ask them what can I do for you and then I have a sick servant or my daughter is sick or I have a sick son, you know, or I'm blind and and I and I know that you were coming by a course we know the one account that Jesus spit on the ground may claim you know and and put it on his eyes and he came saying and you know when I think about all these things I'm going these were miraculous events, but sometimes what I think we we chase after miracles. And when miracles don't happen the way we think they should happen then what we do as we say where the power of God is not here because I don't see somebody being raised from the dead or the blind getting their site back. We shouldn't do. We shouldn't chase after miracles. And so it goes back to what we talk about what Kanye don't chase after the dollars rhino don't chase after the things that you believe that people would be interested in and look at the individuals as lost souls, those who don't know Jesus Christ and or those who are coming who might be born again. Just curious to see hey, is this man for real.

Yeah this Kanye really genuine and sincere.

What are you doing? BS himself and that's a great great lead into will that we we know that as believers, that were were basically doubting Thomas's time. That's right. And I think that's what this is unenforceable because of our society hardwired that PC will believe it. But I don't do it, but we will do it something that's come out the gates with have faith if you will discover were mediocre faith and trust. Regards, Bill do things west to point the miracle may not be the thing we've asked for it might be something totally unrelated but because you are those in repairs.

That's us here you will or something else that is related to this that you may or may not see the need to take care of for you and say that's the thing we may not be able to see God working in our behalf because we are looking for. The thing that we ask right. You see, and so God is saying, hey, you can't get this right now because you are not at a point to receive it because I know that if I give it to you now then you will be blessed so he gives it to us in his time.

So we continue to pray and continue to ask God coming up on another break carefully and so will be back once again talk radio and thank you for the TA WC MM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month, Bible discussions and fellowship after the best breakfast in town meeting location is at their voracious poster First Christian Church encouraged 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will Harding and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy affordable chiropractic in High Point.

As you might tell from their name, affordable chiropractic, even for the cash.

Patient Dr. Jeff Ricky has been caring for patients in High Point for 34 years, physical therapy, such as ultrasound and spinal decompression for this condition, such as herniation conference of care for auto accident injury patients with no out-of-pocket expense. Remember, affordable chiropractic on the West Lexington High Point call 336-885-1987 okay welcome back to man talk radio and were talking about celebrities in particular, one celebrity and you know it's all been in the news here recently with the Kanye West. I was reading here about something Roy online and he visited Joel O'Steen's local assembly, and he made a commitment to serve God through his music and to bring some of today's hottest seniors dancers and artists to the Christian music industry, so that's the commitment that he made to bring them in. Now I think what a blessing that would be if God can use him. His testimony use the music that he's making for the kingdom now, and then bring other artists from the whirly stage to the stage where they are now ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ while I mean that that'll be a tremendous movement would be huge. You know be huge to think about the impact talk, but we had said earlier about the influence within his own performance arena. Dancers of the artist just impact to society, to the young group that serve the groups of fallen him of people that are following him combine the two and then the reciprocal multiplication factor that out. If people got turned on to following Christ accepted the Lord and really started using all the energy and effort start to use this whole thing to really truly work to revive our country absolutely, and we don't normally talk much politics here, but personally is what got my hope was when Obama was in this president that he would have indeed crystallized and then brought unity in the nation that we've been looking for for so many years.

I think that's part of what we've got and I don't think she was successful in that arena like we wouldn't hope for it to be her condescending as a secular artist now was accepted Christ not enough political platform at all, which may be the very safest platform does not chase and left right near the top, bottom, in somebody's personal agenda.

Wellington's purpose is now that's up to maybe make that difference that didn't get made you close talk about if the trail had gotten active soon become 11 disciples of Christ what would happen to Christianity, but we know God would've worked it out.

Another way somehow. But here's the case may be remiss in one opportunity now. We got Kanye to help come from secular perspective got converted. Maybe he's the an opportunity for this to come together and you know you don't don't listen or don't write them off because some of you might be saying you know all this is just a show in August.

Don't write them off. Pray for the young man cover him yes because you know we we we as the stand in faith, believers.

We have an obligation to cover him in prayer because you know he has openly gave his life to Christ and wanting to do something right. Good for the kingdom of God or look to look at the thief on the cross of Christ and that Molly said please remember when you get to heaven with her father. Remember you what is Jesus telling today you will be with me in paradise. Just so do not judge again.

This will said pray for Connie.

Pray for his family could scare children got a very well-known wife are not necessarily the right reasons. The way she started in some of the things going, but she now mother and wife and that we not sure where she's at on this because I think we read that she was raised in the Catholic school and maybe a Catholic church, so not sure she resides in this realm, but she needs prayers daily prayers as a friend because folks no matter what your level popularity or fame and famous knowledge is familiar across the world are still going to be faced with adversity still in the face of persecution. So in light Wilson seductive down below to the professionals are going to love the commentators about a lot of the music instrument selflessly look and killed your career in the youth declared. You know you just lost all the sergeants and see God can bring him back stronger and greater than ever enough to show the naysayers and doubters that it's not him. Is God working in and through him to make him bigger and better. Again, you know we can we can use the suffering of Job and and at the end of his suffering, look what God did. He gave him not only what he lost, but he gave a more primordial so we know God is able to do this so listener be get on board with us and and pray that movement be made because if we go back and look at history.

Roy is not the only one who started out seeking secular and have come to the D you'll give his life to Christ and in writing for the Lord is not the only one you can go out there. There's a list probably as long as both of our rights of people who were out there and have now made a tremendous impediment overwhelmingly for goods from over singers John just before he died. Elvis Presley was so certain ethic love the Lord so his music was very soulful wasn't necessarily living life. We needed to live in you that you could tell his heart with the song to sing at least the Prince was to this question, but after worshiping God come off the circular saw Mike Goss Wellington which tells you that there is no place in the Hartford Lord. I think that would be the first thing that a musical artist would do is to to go out and make gospel soundtrack or gospel album, and that not be somewhere deep in the heart exactly the trip where it could be unlikely to the could be should career Jeopardy in a lot of respects and you had mentioned earlier about some things that Obama wasn't successful and we want you to know listener that we are not a political shell not at all, but what we want to do and I shared this with Roy sometime back when we had a conversation stop listen listen very carefully listener stop going and taking sides for Democrat Republican independent liberal stop start looking at things the way God looks at them. This is how you should be listening and looking at every one. It doesn't matter for a politician if they are singer or whatever you look at them through the eyes of God.

How do we do that through Scripture, but do they line up with what Scriptures is absolute if what they say how they behave, what they say they believe in that line up with the word of God. If it doesn't, then you have to make a decision that's right, this is this person can support or not.

Then you had this conversation a couple years ago with her an individual that wanted to get into a debate or touch a little sister for about abortion and my question to him was what is it all began in the all begins with life. So if you say that you support candidates that support abortion and do not saying that you support life in Christ is about life. So we had this conversation so the child him was life starts with Lyford and started all she can't say it's okay in life because of political matters bigger than life and that was the collimator was better than one issue will if you don't have life. You have nothing so pit is never born.

It never begins right so that was my point. So to West Point so we know the abortion doesn't line up with the word of God. That was my point is not lining up with the word of God and CNA are so many other issues to not only abortion but there are other issues to that line that don't line up with the word of God that a lot of these politicians are pushing so if you if you look at things through the word of God and through the eyes of God, which is the word of God, you will put aside your differences and stop taking these unless a zero sides, because all it does is create contention. That's all it does it it it it's unhealthy for the body of Christ when you walk into a service and you supposed be preparing yourself to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth and you got for five individuals in various groups around the church talk about political matter and you know this goes back to another thing to get rid say enemies that still kill and destroy.

In one of his key tools destruction.

So if I can get a group of believers distracted with the message going on the political arena through the week and again started on Sunday well to point this got me at my motions out of whack ensconced on think about things you should think about us as we prepare my heart, my for worship with God frowned, worried about John Smith. It's a Democrat that Celia is let me down or aboard about George Jones.

No relation. By the way, the central Republican, so please let me down on this is happens all sudden Satan's got control to try it.

He knows you had to have because you have Lord, but always good news get you distracted, distracted, and that means you're not falling. Great commission is you're not out winning people for the kingdom. Share your story and the gospel or second living it out because your behaviors could be impacted by what you are going through and when was the last time listening audience.

When was the last time you you witness to someone over what I mean to really talk, listen on port see it's all about me. I don't need to be sure the gospel seat, that thing about it is if we are not sharing the gospel we are not fulfilling the great commission, exacerbating it, and so is to be clear focus on being very facetious as we discussed his coccyx to God be out there doing Carson's commitments to the absolutely and you have to equip yourself accordingly. Because when you come to the house of God before you go through the door listener before you go through the good old boy you should be ready and on fire for God.

So when you sit down there in the praise and worship team come on, ready you are ready to just get into the spirit of God and listen to the praise, sing-along, and just leave all of these things steadily bring in the church out the church, Douglas and AC/DC Marvin Gaye sexual healing. On the way to church absolutely listen to praise and worship music or quiet time playing ahead of you. Head of your entry into the kingdom.

And you know right foot and you know I'm a big, big, big on meditating on Scripture's door and just letting the Scripture soak within me. You know and and just marinade and me and and I challenge you audience just do that. Take a Scripture to a day. This is not anything new. We are telling you about, but just just take Scripture to a day meditating on it and see how you can apply that scripture to someone else's life if if not your own man you know and and let that word become part of. So when you go out to deliver that word. It's already deposited in your inward spirit and all God needs to do is take what you have already deposited withdraw that and and release it to someone else, folks were out of time and today it's amazing how quickly time goes. Thank you so much for joining us. Hope to gain something insight into God follow Christ part of this. Thanks and have a gutless day.

Bless you and God. As we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments.

Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meetings, drop us a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today.

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