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Grace and Forgiveness

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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December 8, 2019 4:00 pm

Grace and Forgiveness

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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December 8, 2019 4:00 pm

Which came first Grace or Forgiveness?  Will and Roy examine both topics in today's show.

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This is good Truth Network welcome to man, and brought you by DAW CM talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they're devoted to breaking down the walls of race and accommodation and challenging them to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy with the man talk radio excited that you are listening here today and we got a subject Roy you know we were talking earlier and we are going to talk about grace and forgiveness because we don't have enough of that in society today exactly will need is not just the Saudis were talking earlier it was seems be worse in the church than it does outside of governments outside the church. The talks have more grace and forgiveness and some of the women church and that's very true is very true but you know it.

I think grace is something that we know it's it's defined as unmerited favor something you know that God gives us and we can't give anything back in return, the forgiveness now you know that that goes a little bit deeper does something that you consciously choose to do versus cost to choose not to do so. Forgiveness you sent going to forgive you make a conscious choice to do that now does my witness so you forget something right away because I too can eventually some software that's buried deep in the memory banks was not no longer an issue and and course if you don't bring it up. You know that I may well be an executive scratch that scratch and scab on the problem right after I got a letter to you and get a letter here so what is, what would you define grace, sadness where like you said on unmerited something that was unmerited right so I think grace is where you know somebody's done something wrong.

You see it you watch it you could've prevented it. But you didn't. But you just to show grace and that you allow, you don't change your opinion about that person that one.

That one event doesn't define that person you show grace I give unmerited time with forgiveness but to give unmerited compassion and understanding and see understanding I think is the key because throughout all throughout Proverbs you know you have knowledge of wisdom and understanding, and I think a lot of times we have the knowledge in regards to what we have to do, but a lot of times I flesh get in the way right.

You know, and so our flesh prevents us from saying and doing the things that God want us to do in order for us to get back into fellowship with him, because see if we're not if we are not administering grace to someone else, then we are out of fellowship with God right something for forgiveness for not willing to forgive others and how can we expect to have my father forgive us and and you know in Psalms 25 and 18. It talks about this is a Psalm of David and he says look on my affliction and my pain and forgive all my sins.

So while he was while he was going through the things that he was going through with Saul and you know chasing him down and trying to kill him and everything and you know that I think it was stir someone up to write a lot of what we see written in the book of Psalms right and what's interesting about David Lucy never went after never went after Mike stayed on the run because that was what God needed him to do rather than retaliate turn back and go after right exactly.

So which is pretty incredible.

You know, because I think the way David looked at it is. He said that I'm not going to touch or kill the Lord's anointed. So he understood that it was the Lord who anointed King Saul and so he was even though he had him and he actually cut a little bit of his garment to show him hey you know while you were over here. I could have yeah but I didn't because, again, he recognized that it was God at work, and this was God's servant so since he was he was extending grace while the other two persons what he was extending grace to silent because he knew God had him undergirded and David knew that God had him protected trying whatever the end result was it was what God was going to make happen or allow to happen and he did because you know when it comes to us and comes to people you know in the church. I don't think we understand him and actually exercise the grace that Jesus Christ showed us to other people right and I guess what is it that we need to do in order to sort like get over that hump enough to show more grace to others for those in the congregation with us, or those who are our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ will think about the whole term Christian, which is so watered down society compared what was originally and so that's what we now talk with followers of Christ are Christ followers think about the whole example of Christ, so that if we truly will be Christlike.

Do not should be the very first thing were doing is extending grace and forgiveness and loving on those folks that have fallen short of the ever come upon hard times, whatever it may be because Suez we know today society. The first the first strike. The first bit of information is all anybody. Here's your will talk about this earlier in this picture situation like get from the gutter event coming up. In the first year and some come conversation about Augustine and people have already declared based on media a particular perception that very clear perception without showing grace as we talked about right show grace over all broken were all sinners. The summer doing much better on the journey than others and some people done nothing wrong in the particular times we talk to oversee things because media has so exploited. What made looker. Be a potential problem will viruses to the conclusion that it is a problem yeah and you know we have a tendency to use the media as the gospel."

12 that the judge, jury and executioner exactly what to say when we hear it you know and all of a sudden we come back and we say well if the media said they must to hear you if it's only in its coverage. Trust me, there's a lot of stuff that's untrue or not quite accurate. So the not quite accurate $60 a position of misleading misinformation which can be similar missions. We talked about the past conveniently left out so it takes you down whole different line of thinking. And you know we were talking about again earlier that YouTube, for example, that there I heard a number the other day that it was 1.2 billion views on YouTube around the globe every 24 hours everything to Billy Tilghman you know and and I'm going we we are saturated with video information technological advances medical advances coming we just so saturated with all of these things and I think what it does is it takes our mind away from the greater purpose in which Christ have called us on the journey in order to fulfill the great commission, which is the greater purpose exactly know we need to set aside a lot of what we think we are doing for the kingdom and ensure that we are following those things that God outlines what it almost sounds like you say we should be in this world but not of this best exactly what I'm saying because in Psalms 85 and verse number five.

It says for you, Lord, are good and ready to forgive and abundant in mercy and assistance. Just wonderful.

So for being Christ like you were ready to forgive were abundant in mercy, we abundant in my sick all of those who call upon you see that stipulation 30 go see now there's some who are calling upon him, but they don't know him so and if they don't know him.

He's not listening, because he said my sheep hear my voice, and strangely, when I hear welcome to the father except through the sun. That's right so you know all of this you know that that's going on in the church. A lot of the two is is showing impartiality it is. It really is in the Scripture tells about not showing favoritism so and I think that that's another thing we sorcerers got more money to contribute some government should take care of them or so-and-so's in a particular position.

So therefore were going to make sure that they are protected at all costs not following Scripture were just doing back in the import of the world. Instead of being in the world not of exactly. And so what were with the challenges you listen to the program.

I held it back to what Wilson 1.2 billion views a day. Back to the man talk challenge is that how much time you spend with the Lord was tardy. Spend in the word as it is 1.2 billion views a day. That means a lot of people to listen. Spend time on you to each day, or any other social media form and we talked about that in the past. If you're not in the word and not praying and do not doing the normal disciplines of a disciple in the fall of Christ.

St. Cloud playground is going to run havoc in your life and your and your mind.

You know you're not. You're not renewing your mind as you know the word of God, tell us and run us Romans 12, you know that we we have to wake up you know and but if we are allowing ourselves to be saturated by all of the other stuff Gina great work stuff then then what we're knowing is in and that's what we know we are stuffing our mind with stuff that so we are not being about the father's business and as a result, when situations and circumstances and things come our way when we have to fall back on if we don't have the word deposited in our heart because that's the only thing that is the absolute only thing that is our offense of weapon when it comes to spiritual warfare against the enemy ran it's the word of God. It's the it's the sword of the Spirit and so if we put that down, meaning that were not putting the word of God in us, so the Holy Spirit can use it in a time when we need it.

Then where are we right well were lost were lost because of those challenges come when I will have the word of God to reassure us because the movies after searching everything does leftist Wendy's that left us with just not put the word inside to guard against all these things will be going and we are vulnerable, very wrong that we link ourselves vulnerable and as a result of this vulnerability.

Now there are avenues for Satan run well took to come on in his a wee wee wee oak basically are opening up the gate right so if you listening out there today think about forgiveness.

Think about the challenge of grace. We challenge you today. If you listening you are challenged to go out in forgiveness and grace and extend that grace factor most likely school starts on Wednesday This typically apps I have absolutely got sick going over the failure of the grid. Spouse and children will be back in just a few moments. Thank you so much for joining us today 10 year CMM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship after the best breakfast in town meeting location is at their voracious posterior First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock.

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Welcome back to command to get the part fixed in colluded with that service will the white guy was charming but you know Roy were talking about forgiveness were talking about grace and extending grace and forgiveness. And here in the book of John chapter 20 and verse number 23 it says if you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them.

If you retain this is the thing out if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.

So, forgiving releases you of carrying any burden on your self because we only be carrying these burdens correct. We are not made carries burdens. Jesus told us to cast all our cares upon him's because he care for us. So if we release these things than that free us from having fellowship with the father and it it cast all of those things on the shoulders of the Lord Jesus Christ and see the that that's the thing. I believe Roy that if we are so concentrated on the hurt that people have caused us right that we forget about the forgiveness and we forget about the great was a society in general will were were focused on the negative and that I think that's hardwired from time we've with especially the explosion of media like we talked nothings positive anymore. You can put any headline you want to eat for every 50 stories that's negative there might be one positive article or some feel-good write up about something. So therefore the negativity breach itself so if that's all you still living at world goes back to being in the world but not of the world become part of the world concert with negative and the downside of chasing that is what were doing were chasing were chasing the hidden skeleton and everybody's story right at and everybody has that skill, you know.

So the question is asked why are we putting more effort into doing it. You know, forgiving and showing grace and showing love Christ exactly it and our people ever see love Christ if word acting the same way as the world's try. That's one thing you have talked about before was continued stress will show what is your Monday through Saturday face, recording your church attender. Do you are you the same person. Monday through Saturday that you are on Sunday with the people that see the church on Sunday. Recognize the man or woman that they see Monday through Saturday and you, for the most part it's not that it's a different face and you know we have folks out there who are listening and they're probably looking at this spouse right now and are saying is that is you talking about you, but generally if if but if we if we are talking about someone else, then we should first look at ourselves and say hey am I doing this. Am I the one who is imitating and I'm I'm putting on the plastic face you know on Sunday and Wednesday or whenever we hat you have midweek service and then on the rest of the days is just look out Joe here I come right well that goes back to splinter versus blog writer while you are you looking at the splinter in your brothers. When the log still right exactly exactly who should I focus on himself and if you want to judge something, judge yourself more harshly so that you can say okay okay father not wanted to be. So you be convicted about what you need to do to get in line with what God wants us to be doing. It was a judge so partial and more observant to what you're doing wrong and we can improve life the way you treat others. In short, grace, or forgiveness say I listen we were.

We know this is resonating with much of the author.

Because this is not if some problems Americans can't forgive Move over can't get past the can't get past my child did this more my dad that died almost on this. It's off to difficult thing. Naturally, you can't do it myself because Satan's got to it she continues ring the bell continue keep you distracted like we talked in the past and if you focus on God first SICU first kingdom of God by his righteousness.

Righteousness, seek him first and then get in the word and all this other stuff falling behind ability to forgive ability to show grace because your start to model Christ Jesus didn't do anything. What he did go to the father first for guidance and direction, and you know that's that's Matthew 633 about the kingdom seeking first the kingdom of God. But you know when a person is experiencing hurt and so now I'm sort of going to go to this other side when experiencing hurt and we all have experience hurt.

Of course you know we people have heard us and we have hurt other people see it's the conviction because you talking about earlier.

If you focus and not if focus more on the law than the splinter. You know then we. If, as we draw closer to the Lord, then what will happen is the Holy Spirit will convict us and see seek conviction is not the same as condemnation. You are not condemned. If you are born again child of God, you are not condemned anymore, but the spirit of God does convict and the reason why he convicts is so to bring you back in line with his word right and that convictions a healthy thing that's absolutely you could almost since it's a spiritual conscience for all intensive purposes because the convictions come from the Holy Spirit yes yes with nudging your heart should look throughout your life a lot here. This is not right. You need to make this right.

And thank God for the conviction a man because if we didn't have it and we would just continue to be on the road that we are on thinking that whatever we're doing is find and during the weekday and in on Sunday I can come and fall down at the altar and you know cry in and do all these things, but the spirit of God that exactly hello WW step on somebody told him they do not want to go, don't talk to Chronicle Sundin and took going right back to the same thing about doing that is exactly what I'm saying is he someone out there they know that this is you will we. We are talking about because when we're talking about things of this nature. Forgiveness and grace. It's a broad very broad category, but it also shows what kind of character you have as an individual right and you are ready to forgive.

Well, you first were shows like done was raisins on this list some of the child's questions are what about the white man did something to you as a black man you would be 20 years ago. Just last week or be forgiven that man vice versa.

What about the US the Whiteman Blackman's done something to you. We hold that to you yesterday continue to hold onto those things and perceive that something was done to really wasn't something that had been black to black and white. White would've been taken singly. Judge the same way.

So if you think about that right now just encouraging. Ask yourself the question will hold mold something from a long time ago, we had Jerome in the Michael with his few weeks back and we talked about the discrimination and bias is very hurtful things you and about about her own admission they got through those things. It had to forgive and move on, but same holds true for both sides could be any one of us have done something or gone through something.

If you hold onto it. It's unhealthy. That's right and see you can't move forward in Christ, if you continuing to hold on because he wants you again to cast those things upon him because he's the one who was caring for us. He's the one who wants to carry the burdens we are now designed. Yes, write her burdens to him.

That's right, we're in my design you noted to bear these things because if we continue to bear them. These burdens and what happens is Satan's got a playground and distraction.

He's got an avenue that got to know so you don't make you feel the subsequent half of his condition or events, happening is going to build a capitalize on that make you think will us to use and everybody through this given up. Listen what James chapter 5 says, and of verse 15 when it talks about the prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up, and if he hath committed sins, he will be forgiven. So faith is the sort of like the the power that drives the gear of forgiveness and grace right and so in order for that gear to start turning in your life the more faith you exercise the faster and more but more efficient. That gear is going turn so it would be a fair statement so that faith is a conscious decision, but to follow what you can't see another description of belief in things unseen versus an emotion or feeling about what I'm doing exactly just a conscious decision versus emotion.

So from the conscious decision comes the emotions and the feelings as you walk this thing out. God will bless your heart will renew your mind but you have to make the we always refer to as the step in the natural. Let God come on the supernatural you is the individual needs to make that first step in faith that God's going to take me through this journey and heal me, and as a result of that, the emotions and the feelings will come along with it but they won't stay. I tried Esther Sakata result of doing the right thing and then God will always be with you. But don't confuse loving God with a higher low feeling. Yeah, because see emotionalism and I think we have a lot of that and in the church today we have individuals who come to the chief local church service and it's almost like they have to get into this emotional high.

Now, and in what I'm saying here is, I believe that all of that is not the spirit of God.

Now, I believe that a person can, God can move upon them and and they just come out and break out with hands praise in the air if they want to dance in the spirit that's fine but I think that you have to be careful because if I get caught up in pandemonium to do so and try to justify online language. It is the spirit movement doing the will of God and not doing sound like we may need to continue deductively are so next to the next weeks conversation will talk about what's going on in the marketplace. A few big names after the start talk about following Christ exactly was the impact of the use of real.

We don't know the portion of man's heart. Sure looks like he decided to think it is all right. Please join essentialist wrapup today show.

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