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How to Bring Men to Christ

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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October 27, 2019 4:00 pm

How to Bring Men to Christ

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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October 27, 2019 4:00 pm

Will and Roy discuss bringing men to Christ.  It should be easy, right?

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This is good Truth Network welcome to man, and brought you by DAW.

CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where there devoted to breaking down the walls of race, age, and challenging them to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy welcome was meant to man talk radio Roy, it's, it's just been a great time in Jesus today. You know, in an today we got a very very interesting topic that we want to share with man on today and that topic is how do we lead a man to Christ's because leading a man to Christ it it's really not the same as we were talking about earlier before the show as a woman because man according to how society has fashioned certain things that they want to look at where you work where you live what you drive, how many kids you got how much money you make that you know these tangible things that the world has given them as standards to define what is right right yeah the other piece of that is that men typically don't want to open up about anything other than those types of things that they don't feel running back and take a look at some of the heart and she was really going on in her life.

Or if they have a relationship that's a very tough conversation from and opening up you know that is probably one of the things that men do the least when it comes to meeting another man for the first time and you know it's like you know what I talk about him breaking you know do I talk about sports or do I talk about politics or or things like this, but if they don't know Christ's, then that might be the icebreaker conversation to lead to my direction it very well could be. Often times men are just very reserved settings is difficult for them to talk about much of anything. Most men are very uncomfortable.

Love, love the folks some afraid you talk about Christ or the relationship with the Lord so that really makes more challenging right you if you already little bit skeptical or socially cautious about having the conversation and then, open from the conversation with somebody you don't know very well makes even more challenging.

It does, and so tonight we want to ensure that we give of the credit to Patrick Morley and this is sort of like an outline from some an excerpt from his book guide a man's guide to spiritual discipline that he wrote in the course. If you're interested in some of his other materials. He also wrote the Christian man. He's also the author of man in the mirror and how God makes me so if you're interested in and looking up any of his other books, then you can certainly Google him but a lot of them are on Amazon, so when we when we talk about man being soul winners. You know you have that individual who it might be the first, second or third time they come and they say will how I start a conversation and so are Patrick here.

He he outlines like five steps that a man can take to be discipline in order to become an effective soul winner. So what's the what's the first 11 Roy there will think you the prey for men.

Ask God to put prepared men on your heart, and I think the key word there is prepared because it's like any fertile ground has to be prepared properly so if a man's heart is not ready to receive it. Then you words of the fall, trying of basically falling rock if you will yeah and and see when we pray we praying with the with the understanding that God is going to put those individuals you know in our lives that we may need to minister to, or bring some man alongside of us to help us minister right, you know to that individual who needs to hear Christ for the for the first time that we've all been in situations where we shared our hearts with someone and with that the person who shared with it was not receptive and that we had the person we shared with that it was the perfect timing they really going through a struggle have been searching a very large board in life and they weren't sure how to fill that void.

This gave them the opportunity to listen because their heart was ready and prepared and in the message. When a whole lot different than it went with the person wasn't ready for. It's almost like you know God just sorta sets them up that this point in your life.

He knowing that these are the things that need to come into your life in order for you to accept my son into your heart now. Do we really think God knows all that was yes he does. He is the Almighty God is a man all right. Step two. Pat says here to make an appointment and this this is this is really really really good because as I was looking at this is something as simple as he says here taking Amanda breakfast taking them to lunch or taking them out to coffee and so when you when you do this after you have identified and prayed for that man to you. First of all praying for you to be prepared to deliver the message that God has on your heart to that individual and then preparing his heart in order to receive it. And so what.

What better place to to do that is like over breakfast, lunch or coffee cup. Things come to mind right there will one is the relationship she's trying to start to build a relationship. Hopefully someone your you have a relationship with some degree of God's put some misfortune heart if not certain this is an easy way to do it.

Just go and maybe you don't bring up the issue first meeting pencil you what you sense God's doing with you in that meeting. Maybe you're just getting good to know that individual veteran him know you a little bit better may not be the right time without seeking God's what wisdom and that to do it or not. So you really need to pray ahead of time before that may meeting on point is been said once it's been set. Pray through it. I got don't let me stumble into this if it's not time then please give me peace about waiting Glidden push me and nudge me.

It would share the gospel and see that's where that prepared piece right I think comes into play. Being prepared before we go out right I wrote what step number three step number three, Patrick says listen, ask a man where are you on your spiritual pilgrimage while he says he's only had one man out of thousands over 30 years to say what next in talking about the NC man because of how the world defines what a man should be, or the success of a man and they have it all wrong. Obviously, so he's he saying if a individual may have had. Perhaps this is just an example he may have had an experience in his life to where he called on God.

Maybe something tragic happened. Maybe the loss of a loved one, or he was he was supposed to get on the plane which we've heard so many testimonials about individuals who, at the last minute that they received a phone call he was supposed to get on this flight.

They didn't get on the flight they went to the phone call ended all of us on the plane crash, or things.

Things with the 9/11 people who were saying I was sick today is the reason why you know yeah it is. So God has a reason why he left those individuals here so I'm sure there's something in it within that man's life that he experience that he can share about his language very good will that's funny is you're talking to. Just this morning, a wife and I were talking about things were thankful for you as we give praise to God is there for all he's done two very distinct times in my life came up. Just this morning and I guess in preparation for the show tonight that you just touch them. It was one that I got caught in a rip current in 2003 and was really literally on my last breath and in my last bit of strength than this. A God of got three kids at that time to finish get getting raised.

Please don't take me now and the need to get the storm finished it another time, which I shared with you the time of loss. Can the book traction in my truck and I went out on the Interstate 40. The 68 physically by physical and gravity.

There's no reason that I should went out into the hallway and the literally was pushed back off the highway squared up never touched anything.

It just makes no sense physically of the fight God and/or Guardian Angels or some some spirit was taken care.

He had his eyes on the inside is not Tom and Lily pushed me out of the highway back off the highway city. These are unexplainable things, you know, in the minds of those who don't know God, but in the minds and hearts of those who walk with him on a daily basis who put their faith and trust in him.

This this is just one day in the many days that God has saved us from things for the things we don't know we don't even know about UNESCO be a great day when he shows us the full video absolutely absolutely see what you just did went go right into point number four which is share your testimony right that's it. That's a living example and and I think it's Roy sometimes man again, we don't know how to line up you know in in some type of categorical fashion.

Those scriptures perhaps that we need to share with individuals to show them what that plan is.

But we want to do that you know in in this broadcast or are next broadcast to share with them. Those scriptures because they need to be able to see for themselves in the word of God, right where these things lie so it and we want to go into more detail on sharing your testimony and we were actually going to spend a lot more time on it right so those were leading into the the summer. Gary took a break in just a few moments, but one things will ask you as you listen to us today is do you believe the word of God do you believe the word of God recently have adopted us girlfriend a question and I never get a straight answer as you and I talked about will test the key right is the word of God you believe the word of God and should be seeking the word and that allowed him to speak through the word and what you're supposed to be doing house was to walk this thing out a notice beyond the miracles that he works in her life. It's about the personal love relationship. In talking with him daily walking with him daily and doing those things and just have those quiet moments, and there's a show some in this past weekend. It's about listening sometimes just sit and listen, you don't need to read and listen God love to just come visit come hang out. That's right because this is man talk radio so we will return after the break. We appreciate you doing so very much Douglas W CMM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship after the best breakfast in town meeting location is at their voracious poster First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will party Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy of affordable chiropractic in High Point.

As you might tell from their name, affordable chiropractic, even for the cash. Patient Dr. Jeff Ricky has been caring for patients in High Point for 34 years, physical therapy, such as ultrasound and spinal decompression for disc conditions such as herniation conference of care for auto accident injury patients with no out-of-pocket expense. Remember, affordable chiropractic on the W. Lexington Ave. in High Point Hall 336-885-1987. This record talk about the need to get to in the word of God.

First you believe in the word of God. Second, if you do the Mets we need to be residing looking for answers looking for guidance. But if you if you are not saved you listen to us to walk through heavily demand the closer we always end our shows by inviting people to us, Lord, into the heart. Please listen as we walk through this journey men.

If you do not ensure your testimony was very important that you have fruit as as a result of your relationship in your walk with God and it's okay but not to be Jeff or anything like that. We just want you know that it is possible to bear fruit. The matter how introverted you are, no matter how uncomfortable your if you'll step like a sheriff amended a worker thread if you will take the step in the natural, if you'll take the first step in the natural, God will come alongside and the supernatural and do things you never thought possible. Exactly Roy, you know, because the most important thing I think is when when you are leading a man to Christ's.

A man wants to know from you what was your life like perhaps you know what situations were you in and see when you start talking about the situations that perhaps you were in then that man may be able to identify with some of the same things that you went through, and then he could put some of the things that were going to share in reference to giving your life to Christ he can.

He can go ahead and and just do those things because now he has an understanding of number one that I don't. I may not know this brother, but he's telling me what his life was before he came to Christ and now I'm listening to them now and it doesn't sound like anything about what he was before he became a child of God.

There was actual change, actual change and so also man step one, according to two Patrick he says before you give your you your testimony, he says, tell the man what your life was like was an empty where you confuse were you lonely were you disillusioned, you know, just just did you lack any type of significance at all. You know, did you did you see your self the way society sees you as an unsuccessful man because by their standards.

You didn't meet certain goals that society has set for you.

Jesus says give me your heart.

Give me your life and what ever it is the direction that I sent you an you will be successful because you're walking and talking with me on a daily basis. That's the other piece that will that purchases make sure as much as possible to try to relate your story to his story.

So I'm sure I received your friends maybe your friends with this man but is probably a common interest. There's some way to link some journey that you've been through this part of this work, getting to know God and accepting Christ that you can relate to the potential individually speak with about this. I'm sure the gospel with all of so much easier when you can relate to what somebody saying in this like we've always settlement shows a man with experience doesn't have an argument with an opinion it's just because he can speak from a different different plateau different form personal opinion and all of what I think encompasses what a man should be doing is to ensure that he when he does give his testimony that it's not in and antagonizing or forceful, way right there really is be in a loving manner. This is limit as to how God has worked with in my life, how he has changed my life and yours. You read some of the characteristics that the it talked about your loneliness, disillusionment, confusion, filling empty, futile liking significance will those are things that I still today here in even the brothers are walking with us and not so what we want to caution here and just tell you that they become a Christian doesn't solve take all this way since there will be pounded on this doesn't become an after you try to create confusion make you feel lonely so many question self. And that goes back to renewing your mind like it tells us in Romans 1212 12. It is renewing of the mind right is an everyday thing.

That's right and see when you renew the mind.

It doesn't allow the enemy room for him to place things in there that God says I want to place in there so that you could have that victorious life. Right you know and you can be and overcome rather world. You know, first John four for you can be the overcome her infant and and because of our faith, we have overcome first John 54 so overcoming is it's it says that you have with in you. Once you get the word of God in you that sword of the spirit that you will be able to use against the weather.

Excellent point will meet with government Summit coming up in January and one of the topics and as part of restoring Biblical manhood is the power of the spoken word.

And that's so important, so we get the word of God. We have to provide the met the mechanism that is we need to be reading the word of God, so it can speak into us. Then we hold it and hold it close to hearts, and that becomes our opportunity to share back out, but also that even equally as important is that power the positive word with the guy that you're talking with is an encouragement about your comment earlier. We don't want to beat them up or make him feel uncomfortable about regret in life because you live in without the Lord is the leader of their life. So they're going to be on a different path they want to get on the path it's going take some time for God to make that change something. What happens overnight others. It's a work in progress exactly so.

Then Patrick says he that that's the before and then he talks about the how. So how did you come to profess faith in Jesus. Where was that who showed you the way why did you respond see that's that's the meet and crux of it right there. Why did you respond to what a person said in reference to Jesus and then he says, be sure to mention conviction of your sins.

Hunger for the truth. Understanding who Christ is repentance and faith in Jesus and in the course. We hope to hit all of these when we talk about the Scriptures and go to the Scriptures in reference to who Jesus is and that type of thing, but this this is important because I like that. Why did you respond and see why we are giving our testimony for for most of the time and I know it happened with myself. When that individual came and started telling me about the plan of salvation and what I need to do as a child of God. I begin to in my mind. Roy begin to inventory my life. You know, this happened is that happened to me this happened to me when I did this and it was almost like at every point, I came to a dead end. So, so it was like okay this happen and all of a sudden I'm here on the dead end road, and then I thought I was going over here and the Dalian Road here and there was no satisfaction and there was no joy and the reason was because Jesus within your exactly you were living for him exactly which units how are you and you really realize that all I was in my 20s early since I was 13 when the first in the Lord and what's what. What brought me to make that decision was the separation for my parents and thinking that we were going to be in heaven together so but after I got saved and I realize that there their salvation became a number one priority. I don't know because of where I grew up where they were out cleaner habits, conversations much but I made it clear that the Imam heart and prayed to God open a door to talk about a challenging discussion for United to quite a few years to to get that the likely that their salvation was affirmed.

Years later, the newest Windows things to point all these bed and streets when you're not following Christ is the temporal satisfaction even if you were successful. That's right yeah once it's there like Nikita Sheridan. Our last show you there was a void or chemicals career, but there was a void. Well, if it's the old as and that he brought that up Rockefeller think back years ago how much money is not often one dollar more, which you never get one dollar more, as you always need the next dollar. So, without crushing your life. You've got a pretty big void and and we're still looking for that one dollar that even though it may come. It's still not going to give you complete satisfaction and image are recruited to begin with for fellowship right exactly God created us for fellowship garden is that of Dr. Appel, so to speak, and in the fruit to the head so therefore we both fellowship saloon. Christ had to come but create that fellowship with us again so and allows love to make heaven and then and then he goes into after and what is XA really what has Christ done in your life since nothing since partisanship made the decision to serve community life.

Start leaving life of a Christ follower and that support will and identifies been Christ followers in these societies is dampened down. Being a Christian so much that exactly gotten a bad term truth about Rick Cresswell and Mrs. pickers and chains which relate to his struggles so that there goes back to testimony amount of experience has no argument with man's opinion. So if you're sure from experience set to this individual. It's going to mean the whole whole whole lot more than someone who is just coming up and read enough of the text.

If I struggle with the pornography addiction been relieved of it in God's he'll be front that I can come talk to but when I had alcoholism. My family can come talk to others not to got get you someone's not been through it but it just carries so much more weight if you talk from a physician experience attended this important, how has God changed you.

How have things changed in your life, what areas are different than they were part of following Christ and seeing you have to be able to see that you have to be able to see change and then you have to be able to recognize that this has to change.

Christ has now come in and he has removed all of the stains of sin, man, and wash me clean and made me white as snow joins NetSuite for part two this discussion. Thank you so much for joining us on Lord Jones the white guy and I will Hardy the black guy and we appreciate all of the listeners out there. Thank God for you and Keith listing because we're here as we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meetings opposite note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today. Visit us at men walking the talk. This is the Truth Network

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