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Can I Get A Witness?

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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September 1, 2019 4:00 pm

Can I Get A Witness?

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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September 1, 2019 4:00 pm

Roy speaks with Christians Michael Troutman and Jerome Goode about the importance of sharing the gospel.

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This is the Truth Network welcome to mannitol and brought to you by TA W. CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they are devoted to breaking down the walls of race and accommodation in challenging and to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white welcome documents are will will not be with us today. He is off but we got two wonderful guest with programmer Michael Troutman and Jerome good night to be two of them a moment and do some sales and give a great big welcome to show it.

What thank you Roy as he said my name is Michael Troutman am an attorney and Highpoint and criminal litigation and wanted things that I think about often is in that profession we call the witnesses to speak the truth and that's one of the passions that I have this evening that we have man speaking the truth and witnessing to what we know about Jesus Christ, Michael, great way to start tonight.

Jerome Jerome my name is Jerome good retired postal worker retired Boy Scout leader, but currently minister over Ms. ministry 11 Faith Christian Fellowship like Israel. Well, I can speak person met these two men over the last couple years in the grove near and dear to my heart.

I love them as if they were my blood brothers but they are my Christian brothers and got the same heavenly father not Scripture great pleasure to have you guys are not in the market.

Why don't we lead off with you.

You talked about witnessing you in the profession of the legal side and Esq. represent folks who got themselves in some pretty bad situations. From what you shared with ND so let's talk about this witness than what's what's on your heart about witness.

Well, I mean there is a commission that we call it the great commission, we all know what Matthew 2819 and 20 says Goldie and make disciples, but I feel that we fall down on it so often.

Witnessing is about proclaiming what you know and what you know and what your personal knowledge is composite would be about Jesus Christ and so I think it's important that we get that out that we open our mouths and speak about the goodness of Jesus Christ, amen. What you think Michael that the environment were currently in special for Christians and followers of Christ tend to be persecuted quite heavily. If they say anything no matter what the topic is, but knowing that the biblically-based comments that is going to come under fire three think that's put some squash in people's willingness to go out and share the gospel. What I'm glad you raised that issue because I have like I can think of any number or reasons that we don't do it.

And certainly that is one what the church grows the body of Christ grows under persecution and we look in the book of acts we see that the church came on all counts of persecution, disciples and followers of Christ were at. I always called to task for what they believed in beaten ostracizing prison and so we can shy away from that, in effect, we need to walk right into the fray because people out there uninformed loss and we need to help bring back that's a great point. I refer to as being a warrior for Christ. Amen and yeah, we've got a word in our midst tonight as well. Got a legal warrior, Michael. We got a former Army veteran with Jerome Jerome well to speak briefly about this thing with the going out share your faith and be willing to go to persecution how you feel about well, my personal take on it is that we are afraid to leave the four walls. The real churches out in the street said I'm a retired mailman.

I've seen it day in and day out on churches on every corner and the people in the neighborhood didn't even know who attended church more or less if the church closer no nobody would miss because the church rolled in and they rolled out, but we gotta get beyond just church working get into this thing called kingdom work and so what you're saying from here and crackers which we could be in a community not in the community as a communicant really not even know who we are as the body of Christ happens everything that's a great point Jerome. I a few years ago enforce a close friend of my was murdered over and Highpoint and I'm sure Michael may be aware of his gun shop on S. Main St. and it was stabbed to death on a Saturday afternoon got caught by surprise was always on.he was right next to a church where he lived right behind the church. So when I heard about his murder contacted some folks and said, hey, this is the God he literally lives right behind the church, but there was not any knowledge of the man and his name out so will some.

I need to get over there and meet his wife and see if there's anything that the body can do for her in this time of loss, but I thought it very shocking because this may have been living behind the church first had to be 2025 years, and folks were key leadership did know this man's name and literally it was out the back of the parking lot and you would walked into his backyard. So that's an excellent point. So Michael, when you hear that comment were not breaking outside the walls and then the things that you deal with on a daily basis for a list of the spirits following Christ. How can they make a difference because you your deal with a lot of folks who got in trouble in the gun on the wrong side lawn in your enforce-defend him guilty or not little half and defendant. How do you think we can make a difference for communities and for more engaged with the body of Christ.

What was the things that I do every morning on most mornings is that I pray for an opportunity that the lower place in my path. Someone that needs to hear the gospel and quite frankly when you pray for something he gives it to the if is a kingdom building building as Ron indicated is outside of the church that we have those opportunities in our day-to-day walk in our marketplace. You will run into individuals that have questions about the life questions about faith. And if we just open our mouths again. Death I'll always send this tale, somebody you know something that they may not know and and it is incumbent upon us to tell somebody about Jesus. That message may be as simple as he really does love you, exactly, because I think loneliness is probably one the single largest components of the three of us of talk among minutes when the single largest components, but now you are more more people. It's about loneliness already heard stories – restroom line work. I got pulled his vehicle up on top of the bridge jumped off into a tractor-trailer, and hit the windchill tractor-trailer with Durbin to sleep in diving is 48-year-old man stood a lot of his life ahead of him and had to be someone had never shared the gospel with them and never give a message of hope, so we never know what the seed is going to do that you're planning right what you plant that seed. Someone else may harvest up if you're not planning there's deftly not going to harvest so strongest go back to that piece you know your community service guy you have always been out helping others.

You got heart of service and your exit from the public sector haven't been in the as a mailman for so many years.

What opportunities did you have is a mailman to share the gospel and how can just a normal citizen every day. Take advantage of that opportunity could you share some really need stores with us well as mailman and having a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior.

He would give you messages or used to tell my cousin I guess a male friend in is not from the post office and that gave me an excellent opportunity to witness to share message with whom to share hope. Let them know that someone new care does care about you and also Jesus to your business but not for gossip before someone to help out as awesome jet to be a protector that knowledge right.

Could you share some situation going. Just ask a question, but already knew the answer going to say hello to some I know there was things are going on. Gotta protect that knowledge right where you have to make sure you are operating within your cities, and now you go look for listening ears to go.

You know the enemy is there to steal, kill and destroy. So whatever word is planted get some additives are rated to steal it so you gonna be careful on how you share the but not be fearful because eating give us a spirit of fear below pollen sound mind and anyone that knows me out there.

They know the old mailman no room for two minutes plus an old army mailman's and I go to too many folks just sharing on the my heart is with you will understand on how the world is dealing with the fatherless home fatherless Google follows. Unfortunately, in the church, and it shouldn't be. The Bible tells us to train up a child in the way should go newsagents you check so as you come into these people.

Young people coming into the house while they still fatherless is should be someone in 7 million men willing to sow the seed into the young person but it we just concern about out for no more then we're not doing as much of the world is doing well. It's a great point to this this name the shows man talk radio. What were talking to you man is you as the man of your home to manage your church, the manager community in your workplace will challenge you on the shows were done Tom Tom again to get off the sidelines as time start making a difference in your home in your church and in the community in the workplace which we see the results of men standing on the sideline with all the legislations and change things throughout the country and not the way we've adapted certain ways of life is no longer acceptable to do things that are right things, that becomes. That is, now that the abnormal steno biblical standards and I think personally what gospel marts because this that very thing. Men are standing on the sidelines from such a very good point.

What Jerome is referring to here is kingdom builders if is gets no drama. Michael Lester heart Mr. pastor's heart pastor Michael's heart is about building the kingdom, and that these two men a walk on side together for the last two years and truly, truly, it's about building the kingdom. So Michael with that give me another example of something semihard about this thing with the men getting out and witnessing and people in general get not witnessing and you share some things that have happened to you whether it be jokes in the workplace are those types of things and how you handled that in a loving way, but still didn't condone the behavior.

What just wanted thing I just want to go back to the Jerome's talk about is the integrity part made you will given something about someone who is sharing with you then you want to be able to hold that close because what I doing County my profession is. People always confronted with con lack of integrity and they expect us. If we want to be represent Jesus Christ to walk with integrity and sewed part of that is just holding close what you learn. That's a very good state remark. One of things we talked about shows last time was about gossiping part. It was hope and confidence when the brother share something with you not be out talking about and that's extremely important is to hold that confidence that goes back to accountability goes back to partnership and walk in this thing out with the brother in Christ Jerome what we come up on a break here, but the one thing you exit your wheels turning someone heart is all that I want to share me and I had to set aside his pride is a as the Bible says prior come just before the destruction and we may be lacking in areas right but the Bible says it is lacking a wizard to sex and then he'll give it to hold a remainder that thought Jerome will be right back with photo taken a break, I can join man talk radio audit at Michael Chapman's own good… Today 10 WC MM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship. After that fast breakfast in town meeting location is at their gracious posterior First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will Hardy Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy affordable chiropractic in High Point. As you might tell from their name, affordable chiropractic, even for the cash. Patient Dr. Jeff Ricky has been caring for patients in High Point for 34 years, physical therapy, such as ultrasound and spinal decompression for disc conditions such as herniation conference of care for auto accident injury patients with no out-of-pocket expense. Remember, affordable chiropractic on the W. Lexington Ave. in High Point Hall 336-885-1987.

My concern is this winter break we were talking about pride with me in the thick jewelry hit on something that probably most people don't want to admit and I think that's what caused a lot of loneliness within me and I think that's what caused a lot of dysfunction the families not think this because a lot of filling marriages goes man's pride will allow them to reach out and say I need help I need some help with the struggle going through come back to that Jerome yet I see you seen some of that in the kingdom building peace in his pride.

Things obviously it's a man problem right this wild man won't get out the sideline. Pride is holding them on the side of their negative know they're not educated enough not, whatever shortcomings are they think they they don't see here.

They will use it as an excuse to stay on the sideline so in my walk-in working in the scouts for over 25 years. You can see their kids at home, but no engagement where that I work with the child wants to weaken over more like dated then Amanda lived at seven days a week so is on how you take the time to see Gail we have a program called nobleman workshop.

I had the pleasure of taking three generations and teach them how to tied to but it wouldn't until they came out. No one would never note hope." Cliff owns well so you just didn't take an initial step to seek him.

They got it and non-Museum in India prior there prideful in a different way right and rejoicing on now I know how to share something with the next generation right that's a good point. So that could transcend or be translated into any number of things Wrightson dramatizes the first step just an example of what some I finally opens her heart say I need will help learning these things. I don't know limited commentary about not feeling educated for not filling smart enough and is thus a great part about every individual are created in God's image right so doesn't matter what level you're at either socioeconomic or educational level, you're here who God wanted you to be in the concert and taken come alongside the supernatural and take you to another level. If he chooses to do that but we need to be comfortable and not embarrassed not prideful that were not were someone else.

That is, that goes back to coveting your brother right in the things that God or maybe you don't have been envious of things that you shouldn't be worried about like Everyman journey was for Pacific trees. This part of that witnessing testimony how can you have a testimony to never been tested so here we just get comfortable in doing the natural just being obedient know what God is asked us to do just doing the natural being. You can see the supernatural manifested in each of one of our lives and we use a new start. Like get estimated but is not here is not us doing it is is him right so the listlessness mirror back on it real quick. You just got to do all that you can do in the natural and allow God come along the supernatural and take take it to the next level via a meta-so they get the three of us sitting here and you guys heard us talk before show that a man with when the opinion has no argument with a man with experience and what that says is been tested, and you can speak how God has has taken you through that fire through that journey but to stand on the sidelines instead comfortable not stepping out you can never be tested to never grow.

Not like you could if you were doing what you just mentioned Jerome.

Don't work in the natural microscope IQ for quick second related to something to share but did not witnessing and then your profession just like Jerome you're out in public. I touch a lot of people, and most certainly focusing to be more motivated when there is behind bars are facing back to be behind bars that that the heart seem to be just naturally so more tender and sell my… Oh my God, not whether really talking to another house.

I get here right and not so have you had an opportunity to to utilize those challenges and to share the gospel in those moments where the one thing I noticed know about anybody who is yet to accept Jesus Christ, is that they are in rebellion and once they recognize that they are in rebellion and we all work before we came to Christ right. We have to come to the realization that we had to be told that he loves us. God loves us and he has a purpose for our lives. I think Sharon was alluding to that that we have purpose and God's purpose in our lives is only fulfilled when we surrender that when we open our hands and give up give up that rebellion. So where in rebellion.

We need to hear the gospel, we need to accept that Jesus Christ loves us and wants. We surrender our lives.

Things get much better. Just a quick story going into the jail meet a young man I engage with him and he's definitely interested in his case as he should be. As I leave the jail. The Holy Spirit speaks to me and we have to always be available to cure the Holy Spirit's voice, and Holy Spirit speaks to me and says why didn't you tell them about me and I was convicted about and I said I would never let that happen again. I would like to say that I went into spoke to that particular young man, but I did not. But I said I would not let an opportunity arise that I did not speak into someone's life, the words of life and so, given that opportunity.

We need to take advantage of a man when they call us to have one of those opportunities were we lost a friend or loved one that we had intentions of sharing the gospel with but we never did serve the gospel and there's I don't think is worse feeling than knowing a brother or sister went away and we don't know for sure if they went how much joy can the devil get knowing that that opportunity was lost right that that individual could have been brought into the kingdom we let that opportunity escape us right very good point Jerome. So let's go back to for another moment. Mailman military man was the biggest nuclear Salgado which of the express questioning my life. I am the biggest miracle league. I can do for me. I have wall-to-wall cotton talk the talk of those windows Satan best so just it took me on my death be to really get serious about my walk so far its commitment to God – and that is a no-brainer for me and so you know I just got no sense just to do what the man X-rated bio so if I made in Clarksville, Lincoln noticed that the story you tell me about is that when we both better was at a similar attack this summer. But when there's bed is yours that the roof when you talk about this or so we were man.

We can talk (my share not diverticulitis the summer and into was nearly as bad as Jerome's but it was a wake-up call tell you that and then to hear him describe his is probably 10 times about his minor worse because he literally went to went to the door and God said, nope not ready for the company know was okay. He had more work for you to be doing for sure.

So I believe you know what Mike was sharing far as getting the word in the gotta be careful whose where they put in their guys that are coming into the knowledge of me reading everybody's book except the book so they can get their commitment level and then word of God up. Then list us in the change. So Scripture tells us to do what seek you first what the kingdom of God the kingdom so that's the very first the very first director. Seek him first the kingdom of God first. To your point, Jerome is not everybody else's book, no not not as it is not a lot of good books out there in good material taken help grow and mature you in your walk with you not in the primary book that other stuff really doesn't make any sense it doesn't is not logical for beef studying that you're not in the word amen amen yes if you want to do church work in oh so you can get into a lot of good program and still no one you say so that's where then knocking on the military and so on their 9000 tells me yeah so I for those a listen after the busier church were not busy kingdom work. Jerome's got a message for you here, you need to get about kingdom work it outside the four walls and not get so secure in the four walls that you miss what dot-coms do what Micro Center of the great commission's grip make disciples of all nations, so if which was go out into the hedges and highways and compare Munich why we haven't so many programs in the church we have a moral program saying whosoever will let them go, but does not want to work told us to do this a go get him and said go go, but we at least on my earlier we spent more time and money on the one leasehold RNA where he spent money that's that's a whole another concept right to we can call it what it is you talk we talked about this before. How much money are we spending going out versus inside the building universes in a metal front building versus an extremely expensive and I'm not faulting by just make a comment here if you spend $20 million in the building versus versus a $2 million on metal front building 3 million, think what you condemning them 17 million rights of those Things we need is men again back to men in leadership men following God meanings the kingdom builders need to be asking those questions in the minute you may come to conclusions okay as a team spend cunningly. For this reason, but men if you're not getting involved can make an impact. So were coming down here in a few moments to close up the let me give you Gazan but 30 seconds apiece if you got the closing thought you got Cheryl thought with the audience. Michael my closing thought would be that we don't want to give up on anyone.

God has worth.

Everybody and everybody should be reached. Amen Jerome the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. We need every hand owned it because we are in our last days.

Yeah, that's a great point Jerome that Scripture says that in the other Scripture says many hands make little work so right. The harvest is great with the laborers are few, but yet many hands make little work right meant so what were telling men is get off the sidelines moving it outside the four walls of the church if not in church were encouraged to engage in the body of Christ, and as always want to know if you have accepted Christ as your personal savior is a simple process. This acknowledge or send an estimate of your heart. Find the fellowship to that body of believers to fellowship with and just turn your life around this.

Let God take their start living for him face, we thank you for joining.

Men talk radio where we miss it. Jerome is great having you with us today. Michael is always a pleasure to have you asked to play jazz in the hope that God blesses throughout the rest of the week. Amen we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meeting opposite note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today. Visit us at men walking the talk. This is the Truth Network

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