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Here Comes The Judge

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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June 9, 2019 6:08 pm

Here Comes The Judge

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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June 9, 2019 6:08 pm

Will and Roy talk with Justice Paul Newby.

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Welcome to mannitol and brought you by DAW. CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they're devoted to breaking down the walls of race and accommodation and challenging them to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy will. We thank you all for joining us in here on man talk and Roy.

I don't know about you but I am thoroughly excited about our guest today is always a pleasure to speak with them. Just as Newby always challenges me even just the briefest conversations with Scripture, knowledge, and how he loves the Lord efforts putting forth to try to change today's life for the kingdom. So, listening audience, today we have the Hon. Justice Paul Newby joining us by phone and so just as newly we would like to thank you for the opportunity to just talk with you today on man talk. I'm delighted to be worked on. Thank you Borchard. All you know so that we can follow about bring harmony among the body and I really appreciate what y'all are doing bring healing to call the style's little we got about the 30 minutes with you today, but we want to maximize the time.

Some of them jump right in with the questions and not still free wherever God takes it with your answers you think about Paul Newby I think about an Eagle Scout. I think about Prof. I think about the Atty. Gen. and think about Supreme Court justice, and would you just for quick moment. Tell me what the role that your father played in your life as you went down this journey yeah you know mom and dad was a true man of our upbringing. He was what printing trade is not about linotype operator blue-collar worker, but he was very disciplined in his quiet time, he would get up and I can remember, and I would be getting ready for school. He would be on his knees praying he would be diligently reading the scriptures daily diet. The teenage years, I know he prayed a whole lot more thing, you know, take that responsibility. Frankly, he didn't have a real nurturing or loving father and a very by today standards would be a very harsh, but I think through study of the Scripture and everything the way that other man acted as dad. He was able to learn and was certainly devoted himself to my older brother and me in terms of, and in time with God's true hobbies were just being a dad and usually not working a lot of hours to try to provide for the family. Mom was a schoolteacher and they worked hard and they sacrificed my brother and me to see my dad in that role. Daily always need for the Lord but also he understood the role of the church and helping our family grow spiritually, so he was always involved in. I was unsure. You know you account money or carrion the money at one point you actually led the singing in a small church in just he he was willing to do whatever job needed to be done and I know that was a great role model for me in terms of seeing the importance of the local church that I think in our culture today. It's very easy to kinda think we can be Lone Ranger Christiansen is not the model S antibiotic in the Bible you know the church is the bride of Christ and the brawl church universal church, the body of all believing individuals like at that body, but still the local church as an significant role what it says your sharing that comes to mind is your father played important role broke. The legacy is as you told the story broke his legacy and I think for minute after listening today that's important know doesn't matter how you grew up there which are expensive and you can indeed break the legacy change that for your children for the rest of your life. Limit. Let me say, you know, one of the things it was his breaking that leg was seeing father that had different approaches and I think that's vital. I know that both of y'all have parts for this, but it's vital for folks our age to be willing to mentor to spend time with our younger man and to help them learn perhaps they didn't have the best models in their dad, but I think we as men of God are called to be that for younger men and that that was my dad.

He had some older man actually was my mother's dad, who I think really helped him the that it's a good thing for your children to like you and not just here in the you know, but it is by God's grace that he was able to learn that the and then to put that into practice what a great point Paul that's that's wonderful just Newby because you know there's there's a lot of man out there without fog father figures in so many man. I think they come to this realization that if I don't have a father figure that is willing to love me and to nurture me and to teach me the Scripture.

Then I have to find that nurturing somewhere else, which is typically outside of the boundaries of the law and so how how from that standpoint.

How can a young man. We what would you say to that young man to just to put him on the right side of the law yeah you know so interesting in Scripture that we don't have a lot of young people mentioned in Scripture that had good day and I will point critically to Timothy. The apostle Paul, took Timothy as a spiritual son. But when you look at all the references to Timothy in acts and in the letters from Paul what you find out is Timothy had a what we would call a Bible believing grandmother had a mother that's great married a Gentile, probably at some point repented, because I think that name Timothy has something to do with the Lord being faithful or something like that. You know you again. I'm just putting some pieces together, but it's clear that Timothy daddy was not part of the picture. Did he die when Timothy was young to kick his mother and young son out of her room because she had gone back to her Jewish roots and then ultimately became a follower of Jesus. We we don't know, but he's not there and Paul calls Timothy's son in the faith. So you know, understand, to the extent that I can that when there is what seems to be rejection by a daddy that leads to anger and enough rad autobiography of successful African-Americans to grew up without dad and how they were able to overcome that and generally that overcoming is through faith in God through Jesus Christ. It's through forgiveness and I went went. We don't forgive her. We shorten partner herself. We allow that person, artist, life artist, the first and then by not forgiven him their hardness continually so this does sound simplistic, but a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the thing that will bring healing to that one it it's it's total acceptance by the God of the universe and Scripture and in the book of Psalms.

It says when your mother father first. Thank you. The Lord will take you up so not my encouragement to young people who don't have that father figure is think we all have one of two choices that little poem. If it is only two choices on shelf. Pleasing God, and please himself. When you guess you can go to God or you go to fill every time you go to self, you can end up every time the thought by people today will die of an opioid Carolina.

It… Crisis is epidemic proportion is and what it is is a crisis of hopelessness because people don't understand that they are created by a loving God knows each person by name me because beyond that, he knows all the hairs on our head now is previewing yesterday, but there are a whole bunch account is zero, but my point is that you are not a cosmic accident. You're not just kinda put here for your own selfish reasons, and when the bad outweighs the good suicide or drug of AMI that that's not why you put here you're not gonna find fulfillment or satisfaction in drugs or alcohol or sex or popularity or power. None of that stuff leads to the kind of peace and contentment and satisfaction that we all long for. We long for an if they can just hear the God of the universe niche you together in your mother's womb.

You're not an accident. You're not a mistake. You're not an afterthought. God knew you individually by name before seen at the Orient point, but the world together.

It's unbelievable how to stop people think about that God loves you that much that he knows everything about you that he put together a rod goes a quick break just never will be right back with you folks with Fisher to Joyce. Hang in there was just couple moments TA WC MM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship at the best breakfast in town meeting location is at their voracious poster First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock.

First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will Hardy Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy US is projected to add 10 million jobs over the next five years but will today's high school students be ready for the jobs of tomorrow texting future.

222-5568. To learn more about high school and the future of work. The future of our country is in high school, and politicians are deciding the future right now.

This is your chance to use your boat for generations to come. Text future to 225568. To learn more from XQ message and data rates may apply. Welcome back to man talk radio and we have the Hon. Justice Newby on the line and just as Newby when we left for the break. You were very passionate in describing those things that young men need in order to keep themselves on the right side of the law.

I want to go back to one point you made in reference to mentoring.

You know how how important is a mentor for a young man and how do you sort of match. A mentor with the young man that we have out here how you match those two personalities together in your opinion, I think that's one of the vital roles of churches, modern believers, so I am a young man I'm looking for answer and I go into a church. Hopefully there will be some older man that will fit upon me that they will want to take me to launch that they will want to spend some time with me to get to hear what's going on with me and then at the same time as I get to know them and ask the God at work in their lives that I want that for myself on the young.

I just you know if it is likely we talked about before the break coming why scholar choices if you you you're gonna end up being like the people you hang out with and you know if you hang out with folks that are on the wrong side of the wall. That's where you go into but if you hang out with people who are trying to live their lives to honor God and I think you're going to be encouraged to seek God as well, serves a man hallelujah praise the Lord all in one breath while that's a great lead into my next question was going to ask you if we can go back legal side of your career you we are about breaking down walls raisins nomination in the along the roles of the path of having a role model and a father in the house and if you don't have a father in houses leading to seek out that mentor in your experience, Paul on the bench is a particular race that you seen more of it as it relates to men in front of you, and if so, why do you think that is what if you provide root causes it is the white group is the black group is Hispanic group and if if there is a differentiation in the number of people that you seen throughout your career. What would you say is the root cause of so there's a big difference in the appellate process and the trial process so the trial process. The defendant is in court the judge the jury everyone see the defendant.

The appellate process, which is the Court of Appeal and then ultimately to the highest court in the state, which is the Supreme Court my court were looking for errors of law. In other words, it's up to my court to ensure that everyone gets a free trial free from error that impacted the outcome is not a perfect trial are not perfect judges.

Despite what we think about herself that no perfect law you're perfect jurors coming so it's a fair trial, free from error that would have impacted the outcome so it's you know from up personal experience as an appellate judge for 16 years. There are certain jury challenges and things like that little race is an issue. Generally speaking on the call record, you know, unless you dig and go look for it. You don't know the right of the people I do want to make it clear that from that perspective, it's a colorblind system but as an appellate judge, and opportunities to interact a lot with the trial judges the one friend in particular was a long time trial judge now retired, he made the state.

He said he always asked the defendant before he Senate did ask, of course, if he had anything to say and then the judge would say tell me about the relationship with your dad. He said he never ever had a violent criminal who had any relationship with o'clock. Matter fact, many of the violent criminals would say I never knew my father and you can still see the anger, the heart that that call just as Newby, could you could you mention the word fair and I know sometimes that confuses you know certain people with maybe with my listening audience can you define what is fair versus what is just or is it the same thing all okay so so just as the perception of the outcome book fair is it… They are trotting the route that the rules of court properly. They are fairly computed were were uniformly applied. In other words, this witness will testify what a friend told well. There's an objection that your and the objection is properly sustained so that means that evidence doesn't coming versus you know, so if there's if there's an error in what the jury, or what the judge considered what the jury listened to then often that can result in a new trial so that the process that it's a matter of duty was the individual are notified of the charges against them in the indictment proceeding were they represented by competent counsel and that the procedure of the trial itself did that proceed along the established legal outline for all that happened. Then we call that that's a fair trial, free from reversible error or error that would him change the outcome. Now is that just well… The structure itself is set up to evaluate different types of testimony. So let's take a typical case someone who's been shot and killed and so it's a matter of defendant has been arrested. I would say they been identified by a couple people it could be a situation where the defendant is no I didn't shoot the guy.

The other two people did so do you have different types of evidence you might have a ballistics test you might have evidence about fingerprints only gone things like that. So you got the technical aspect of the trot on and let's say that it comes that the individual is found not guilty was that just did truth prevail. We hope so. That's the aim of the quote justice.

This dump is you take fruit. That's what really happened and you clearly apply the law that mean uniformly apply the law same whether you are the richest guy in the in the city or the course gone really doesn't matter. The law is the law and you take the facts you take the law and that should equal just is it 100% note 900% but it is very good for work 12% grade-point public you so much for the explanation how we want to get to something that's really passionate on your heart was talk about abortion liquid because we got a lot of young men listening the audits a lot of young women listening and there's been a lot of before you go before you go too far with that any issue that possibly can come before the court. I can't comment sure so you know this is this is a period of time where there's a lot of litigation about all a lot of aspects of pro-life issues great so we got there just as well you about in a room is just a stay of those topics that you will assist back into one of the things that we've truly been the big issue for us is been purity.

We just talked about Alaska Plaza and that was taken from a different approach is a follower of Christ. And if you're listening and not a follower of Christ list. Let's talk about why it's important to live a life of purity what the end result would with the in the being just a stupid if you're out running rampant doing things they shouldn't be doing in the lack of responsibility I guess is what were trying to get to hear is that you know back to not having a father figure. So young men are out doing things they are as Mikita put a couple weeks ago there experiencing the male hood, but they're not living manhood. So it's providing a lot of activity out there.

So it looks like we're just about run out, and for suggested real quickly. If you could tell us in your minds eye over all the years of being a scout leader and stuff. What is the best device is young man to to the control their natural desires and to deal with life in the appropriate way how drivers were designed or better put, just as Newby keep their pants up yet. Here's the bottom line folks are turning to sex and drug abusing alcohol all the stuff they have a Jesus shaped hole in your heart you are trying to fill it with all the wrong stuff folks look at movie stars look at sports stars who are just totally unbridled in their lifestyle you think anything goes. Are they happy note quality content and satisfied. No, look at how many of these folks are committing suicide are found dead from overgrowth overdose alone in their hotel.

Sorry all the glitters angle that that's full yesterday. As always, thank you so much.

Feel just total. Just a moment. Paul will chat with you from a close show, so must this movie will close us out that we just think, just as Newby for his time and his wisdom will Hardy the black guy that I would judge Jim is a white guy and will see you next time on man talk radio. Thank you for joining us as we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meetings drop is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today.

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