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Missing Men In Church Show From June 2nd

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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June 6, 2019 8:31 pm

Missing Men In Church Show From June 2nd

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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Welcome to man talk brought you by T8 W CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they're devoted to breaking down the walls of race, age, and challenging them to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy, good afternoon, were so glad you joined us today. This Roy Jones Junior will Hardy, my cohost got Pastor Pete from First Christian Church doing so Kernersville North Carolina pastor Pete how are you today good to hear from you. We were so excited had with us this afternoon skin like to read about the absence of men in church today. That seems to be a national problem, at least in the in the US we see it quite frequently. The ratio of men versus women in churches. I think the latest statistics show maybe 62% of the church populations are women and 38%, or roughly amend.

What do you attribute that to pastor Pete a lot of my generation growing up. You are man you went to church that you are your you want much of a man because only women and children go church and you know I think that most are actually involved in ministry there a lot of men that church now, but I think that philosophy carried through my generation passed on younger men, and the absence of fathers you know and young men live now to Them from engaging in church and being participants of the things that church. Well, it's great so far. As we talked about on previous shows about the difference between manhood male would father the child early stage, providing tools for that subtly different than that she leaving a child through life in the absence of fathers these days is a tremendous problem even when many men are present, they seem to be absent if you will see all the distractions of men are doing with today with the phones many times in the dinner, watch family sitting there with the father to and around the phone the children to play on the phone. Wise play on the phone but make a point about what the with which you grew up with and in today's time. One of the things we've noticed within our ministry work is that the men need something to do and now we must talk about that before the show and you give a prime example.

Pastor Peter, what a man would expect to do in terms of level of service in your church and what you would look for godly men to be doing at your church. Multiple have involvement yell working around the grounds, service projects, whether that's on little ladies house for an elderly person child building a ramp or helping them with garden responsibility.

We had a World War II veteran named Charlie Griffin the men from our church go every week and take care of his yard free of charge NOT considered… In other men involved in the rescue and recovery from hurricane storms, tornadoes, flooding our banner actively involved in the years gone to a different location such as New Orleans when great hurricane kingdom.

There they were down East this past year working with HR in caring for the needs people men get jazzed when they are able to do hands-on work with people whether that's in the community, locally or even worldwide not taken a number of guys on mission trips with me and it had the opportunity to share in the lives people farm on unfortunate and we are in the lives that we live negative see it from that perspective I think what Meg excited to share with other people and then those men get a desire to be a part so I think all of those service projects regardless of what you do or manner. Working with their hands and are actively involved really makes a difference in people's lives is where they want to be back to the absence of church. One of the things we talk about before the show started to ask you most. I guess clarify the collateral damage that occurs when men are present in the church and in the course that the transcends and translates into being absent in the home micro talk about before water. What is the collateral damage that you witnessed pastor Pete as result of the absence of men wanted to take on responsibilities to the women at church in London were meant to be fathers or even males. In that sense I know that Take the scroll that it was never God's intent for them we were to lead in the household. We would be we were to be teachers of the word of God you got Israel and go to the synagogue. You see Jewish man interacting with their Jewish honking grandson teaching them the word of God. Most men are not equipped to do that today and it's a shame. I think it really changed the literacy of many of the young people in our churches because they don't have that kind of example of teaching and leading you will amend his job on our Friday morning. Every other Friday morning and I think one of the things that many missing bricks, ending their visit. They've never had another man teach in that way other than you know. Maybe if they come to church on occasion Easter and Christmas. That doesn't bring a huge amount of value just come in twice a year. We need to be engaged in all and I think it's passed down through the church there just use escape holes now, or men are supposed to be a part and engage and therefore they're not there sons are not, and then the grandsons are not and were seeing movement away from churches all across Erica, and I think it's a direct effect and cause because men haven't taken responsibility of what God I appreciate the comment in reference to the breakfast and teaching prior to coming over here. I was looking at US congregational life survey and the numbers that Roy stated was the same numbers that was stated in this particular survey and it also shown that 90% of the families said that they would come to church if the man was present and so so will if if the man is not present and some of the things that you talked about in reference to his accountability and or responsibility. How do we get them to that point to let them see that they are indeed responsible for their family, their community and and you know their actions on the workplace. I think one of the most churches are decorated and geared toward one yeah I just want to think about a lot of churches that you would go into their not attracted. It doesn't tray man environment and I think that's important not been to some churches about Wes one was built like a huge swatch and therefore the largest churches in America just outside of Phoenix, Arizona, and his whole lease for his name is Don Wilton with that if I get the men to come to church. Women and their children, and he was extremely successful in that model that the church look like a man's church. The other baptistery without bottom side of the mountain Delaware with people where were you guys want to be baptized, not necessarily baptistery in a warm pool inside your church. They enjoy going to the lake or river.

Sometimes you have to bring some of those components either. If you can't have been the church, then you need to have them outside the church or bank want gather.

I think that's why your retreats up in the mountains are still affected.

That's a man's place that will then want to be.

They want to be out there among nature.

They want to do fishing trip. I want to go to baseball and football games and they want to do things that men do and if were only doing things quote that churchy people do. A lot of times it doesn't include any of those, then likely go to Dr. they like to be like to sit on a golf cart and talk to each other about then things.

I think the church is failed in giving a lot of those.

I think it would attract them if we didn't want things that dealt with man fish recipe because all men are more goal driven and I like what you said earlier in reference to me in working with their hands in a man getting involved man feel like that they need to be a part of the whole and when they don't feel that way then they have a tendency just not to come home if we talk when we talk about a little bit about what is a churchman versus an unchurched man yet. Could you elaborate a little bit on that because when we hear the term unchurched. What we really mean when we hear that term and not okay.

I'm sorry yet when I hear that I see a man who really hasn't been given the opportunity to engage church most men know about church and on occasion visit church perfume the Lord awaiting but they really that is the greatest need in the church. Baptism of children help wedding ceremony and funerals, but they don't see it apply to them and therefore there unchurched. They don't feel real reason for coming to church engage men real men and they have the opportunity to meet them and to walk with them. That's what I always had about an hour man in the boat.

I thought about Bible thing godly thing because unless he can walk on water, and same with my motorcycle, you know, when I operate motorcycles years. I want the attractors like that. That's something that men and they were much more ready to talk about closer motorcycle that they were also right to hold you there for one second were going to break right back with you TA WC MM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship at the best breakfast in town meeting location is in their voracious poster First Christian Church in Congress will 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock from a hard stop at 8 o'clock.

First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will Hardy Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy 4/5 women with ovarian cancer will experience recurrence is often incurable. Until recently, following chemotherapy. Women with recurrent ovarian cancer had to simply watch and wait for their disease to come back. Well we not on my lines not on my watch with maintenance therapies. Women delay recurrence awareness of your choices empowers you take an informed and active role is not my lines not on welcome back to man talk and we have passed, senior pastor at First Christian Church in Kernersville on the phone and past people after we went to the break you were talking about the boat and fishing in and how men relate to things like that. So we want to go ahead and pick that up yet. I think to build a relationship to you, man. I want to build that relationship then you can invite them to church and much more to visit the church once they being you behave is a man and you Manley thanks because that's what they're attracted when when you look at all of the environment that surrounds the end want to see real bad and they don't get that picture much in today's world, the man in the church as real men until they actually meet them and have interaction with but that's great for this man to come in earlier. The real men they need as they need to see what a man's man looks like, and I think we've we've dampened that whole process down with the masculinization over the last how many years that's going on in fishing button but motorcycles and build relationships is what all start some sort, and we look what Christ did not price to 12. This he did. And now, and that's where it should all start for all of us unethically we go from the other direction would revive the church and were disappointed whenever join us right into porn earlier we finally give men the church then they are not seeking their viable seed environment that we would like them to see as a man not agree 100 starts from outside the church become the church ages have to engage somebody real and authentic and they see them as somebody they would want to share time with and you know if it happened about what happened boat or a motorcycle or Aldgate.

It can also happen church that trust built between management become just chatting before Jesus indeed was the man of all men. He was a servant. He was it was a lover. He was a warrior which most people don't think Jesus being a warrior but he indeed was a warrior and I think him.

That's what anyone is listening today should understand. I hate this because your follower of Christ doesn't make you a week individual doesn't help you out of being a man's man that she strengthens you to be a more of a man's man. I Jesus relate when I started and he realized that he was tortured the night before and had lost a lot of blood and he went before the Roman urged him. Then he carried across all the way up the Via Dolorosa where they nailed him to the cross except for the part were came in and finished carrying it because the law so much blood, but only a man could do that if you've ever want to you know how far that it and how difficult walk that even today, and I can't even imagine what advantage in order to achieve even get to the cross email Nancy give his life willingly.

That's what that you know when you die for your brother, and soldiers understand that when you lay down your life for people and that shows true commitment that you are truly a brother in arms and I mentally see that the church they need to see that person of Jesus to he was compassionate love children and Mr. Glenda, but he was also man, so to say the master question is a man's man get week when the going gets tough as a man yet is a state trooper sobbed beside the man or when things get a little bit noisy. Does he drop off well. Christ followers to we men do, but I don't think Jesus. I think that people like John state beside Gail when you look at his behavior toward others. After that whole idea of love and loving brothers with all your heart and God with all your heart and soul and strength. And that's what a real man.when you go to combat and you stand hand-in-hand with somebody in combat you cover their back. You take care of your stick and you know that your brother is not going to run out on you when the fight gets tough the going to be right there with you and Stan with and I think that's what men want to speak and I want to see the church to not guys who just run away. Yet we get battle we are in we get tired, but we don't quit. We stand for the flight we stay until Jesus comes or become get stuff. One of the question on the coastal want to disconnect the collateral damage piece because I think men listen today need to understand what their lack of involvement will mean either in today's time or just a little bit down the road when the children grow up in the influence of spiritual father spiritual leader in the family talk a little bit deed about the collateral damage that you see you… Little bit before we start. We got onto another topic with what does it do to it to a young lady that's going up without a father to a young man is going up without a father and how does that affect down the road terms and their life and their future and their inability to get engaged church as result of a well you know a young lady got understand if she hasn't been raised by father. Father has been active in her life. What a father's role in and that's why they many times may vary. An abuser for that boy image rather than a godly man because they've never seen it. I don't know what it is in a setting with the young man have a father role model and demonstrate true manliness and godliness gather and how does he know what grade is he find out how to see that and I think it's one of the reasons for all the confusion in our society right now of what a man is what a woman is and how they interact with each other because they haven't been model we have done that damage to the family unit and young man into young women because they haven't seen a biblical model of what a parent or father actually got back to sleep some more divorce. We have more divorce than we had 30 years ago, the answer is yes, we have more violent and our country and less peace within home the answer be yes and not residual close down and float down continue because they haven't seen good model and I don't know how to love a woman models they don't sometimes know how to truly love a man because everything about that. That's true to him because most men don't understand what it means to be a man and how to function as a man in the church and secondly they don't have a good ideal.

Once they get in the church who they need to talk to all who they need to align themselves with, because on your talk about earlier, you know friends and in love. And Jesus, I'm reminded in John 15, he says, greater love hath no man than this, that he should lay down his life for his friends. And so when we can be a friend to a man who might be coming searching and looking for that place to fellowship. I think that's that's one of the beginning things to start him on that journey of understanding who he is and who Christ wants him to be but but how important Pastor Pete is music to to a a man when he is sitting down and and listening to the worship. How important is that I think that he went from a family perspective and attract men, that we need to leave it.

Men and worship and all I am always reminded, keepers, and going back to DC after how many of you are involved in that when they had the March 24 men and literally probably know you and Ben were there and my guys when you hear a million bad thing or whatever the number was there. It would send chills down your spine, because when men saying there's a different tone to it than just a regular congregational singing and they were bellowing the songs out because they were songs of victory song of being warrior and being champion championing the cause for God and I thought our that took place there just really inspired. I think ever since those days gone is really affected kind of our churches because that was a rallying point for men meant to be a part of those conferences specially got EPC all convenience and was just a very powerful moment in my life that I know the man with the which were about 60 were all impacted by wrestling one of her colleagues reminded Celia we we literally see God and how seen her father submits her, that's her point of reference, and I was was human without having a godly role model with Madama that love is provided very well, but we didn't have the godly role modeling and that's when those things I think that your comment earlier that it's we have to be visible in the church with children with her family family. There are successive bill continued state law recipes.

We will get you back Joyce again soon so much free time today our flesh as we wrap up today show to assure that TA W CMM talking walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men are Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments.

Check out our website for upcoming events and regularly scheduled meetings is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today.

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