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Godly Men And Women And Sex

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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May 26, 2019 6:00 pm

Godly Men And Women And Sex

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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Welcome to mannitol and brought you by DAW. CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they are devoted to breaking down the walls of race, age, challenging them to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white welcome welcome once again mannitol yelled and we have a very interesting subject on today will Hardy Roy Jones and we're here to talk about today. The man six and and living together this this single man, what is it that the single man is looking for out there in society. What type of challenges the single man is facing good point will the list goes on and on and on.

Does not want to go. Most of us have come to that generation were we felt like the number of conquest that were achieved was a mark of manhood. But once you start walking with the Lord you see what real manhood is about sex is exactly the opposite of the number of conquest was trying to hold yourself for the number one conquest was you.

You know and that's that's a good point to broad caciques. What man I think, forget about, especially the man who was born again and NSO were talking to today.

That man was born again.

If you born again and you are single or you are married and because we are focusing on the single man today. You want to ensure that your life is being represented the best possible way for the kingdom of God. So that's that's why we hear talk about the subject that's that's good when the piece about being married. If you think about our role as a husband and a father. You can start instilling these principles much, much younger these days because the kids are learning the children learning about things way before we ever did you know they have all these these games. Video games have Internet and all of those things have a tendency to pool the that young man or that young woman away from sound biblical doctrine. Yes, we talked many times in our breakfast meetings and also events that the greatest tool itself, the right Satan's tool belt is the is the smart phone because it's typically unmonitored content worldwide that is very unhealthy and unspiritual content and it certainly lends itself to taking the ministry and given a very unhealthy sense of what God intended to be a very healthy relationship component.

Six. Try God is the one who instituted six he's the one who said you are man you are going to leave your father you going to leave your mother and you going to be united in one flesh with your wife and see when man have sex before they are married, what they're doing is they're missing out on that legitimate process that God has established in order for them to have the best possible sex possible. That's right, man. You can have the best possible sex that you ever had. When it's done legitimately and when it's done the right way and the holy sentence right will and that's interesting of repugnant settlement struggle to glasses, especially with Ben Sunday afternoon on the way home.

They're looking at their wives thinking can we really get any better than this.

But of course you can in the inflow single minute it is something to look forward to a large component of this special for any man understood the need for immediate satisfaction right so there's a there's an urge there so the need for immediate satisfaction surrounding weight for that long term vision of what God intended for it to be the Satan center tapped on shows that it really doesn't matter if you it's okay couldn't do it this way God created you, but really he didn't decrease. That way, but it was for the sake of marriage for the unionization of two people right to bring to into one and create that anointed soul tie as we talked about before legitimate.

You know that I think that's the key word legitimate.

God does everything in his time, but he doesn't legitimately yes and what we've done we've taken that legitimate pleasure, and we've turned it basically into eight institution against God, and now people are profiting off of the very same thing that God himself instituted and created to be the holy, holy, holy, holy, and just so will the good.

I'm sure a lot of young men out there, the greater the podcasts will be listen to this program.

What advice for you as a pastor and also father and grandfather would you impart upon our young men there currently listen on how they can work through this trial. Temptation to keep themselves holy church.

First Roy, I think that these young men. They need role models and and we we lack role models and we lack accountability partners so if a young man don't have a role model and he don't have accountability partner then what he's going to look for. He's going to look for information from the street and asked that's the worst place to get information right and today the street could be defined as literally in the street hanging out with this friend sir. People in school or the street could be the fun smart phone which we know is unfiltered and not can certainly be the rawest of raw as relates to the kind of exposure right exactly and and when when you make a commitment and and I think that's where men fall short is that they don't want to commit to a relationship so it it comes down to the fact that they want to simply go out and be and have intercourse with as many women as possible as quickly as possible because when they don't do that they feel like well I'm really not a man if if I haven't had a certain amount of women in this again is is worldly thinking and it's it's thinking that has been instituted literally from our adversary himself. Good point. So I'm sitting here thinking about growing up and we talked last week showed her two weeks ago showed up in order for you and the whole impact that has so growing up. If you don't see her sit model is in healthy relationship with your mother and father to point so you got us a government toward government seek out someone that can talk candidly about your natural desires that God is giving you as part of his creation and how to deal with that and certainly getting in the word with that mentor so that we can look at biblical teachings related to that White's assent to do this, ahead of marriage and why it's so blessed when you wait to marriage exactly because everyone everyone fails when it's not done the right way and God's eyes, and so I guess that would lead to a question is and this is a question man you could be thinking about why. Could engaging in sex before marriage should be potentially harmful to a long term relationship so men think about that.

While that question is directed to my cohost because if something that you are engaging in now is pleasurable at. You must be prepared to face all of the necessary consequences that follow the decisions that you make well will that's that's this profound consulting. Often times we make decisions with out thinking what the consequences are collateral damage are going to be right exactly so that that's an excellent question. So what I would first say is it since God created sex for the man and the woman in the marriage that anything outside of that is detrimental in some fashion form of what comes to mind. This is what I called was taught early on and on those.

There is some controversy about that, but the soul tie. You've made a union with someone outside of marriage and what was intended to be the holiest of holy interaction between husband and wife so that any done outside of marriage. So that conflict, crutch and and basically a bad stronghold throughout your marriage because of things aren't quite the same with your spouse. The gods of his blessed you with. You might be going back to what I shared with you before memory recall and that's another tool. Satan well, you know, and in the same holds true for ladies right here. If you compare your husband to a previous spouse or you compare your your wife to a previous girlfriend or if you been married before. Not not married before.

Right. So this whole memory: clearing the deck as we would talk about for so important for healthy relationship is not to say that if you'd fallen short, that God can't restore that. And I think that's what's going to be key about this conversation is that God is capable of restoring anything exactly. So if you had many conquest in life and are now married and you need to get that restored God to restore that because at the end to point or it could be an amazing amazing experience. Once you've cleared your memory cleared that sinful behavior out of your past. I think I can restore that no document stored in a Roy anytime a relationship is built off of just the physical it's it's doomed and bound to fail. And so when physical nests is just one aspect of the relationship.

But if a man is not sound's virtually.

And if he's not sound mentally, then what begins to happen is he begins to see things through the rose-colored glasses instead of looking at things the way God would have him to look at.

So are you implying that the rose-colored glasses might be Satan's are where not our heavenly father's our you know it when we talk about Satan is not only rose-colored glasses. His bloodied lattice is the idea has a lot of tools in his toolbox and you know he's already a defeated foe grade point will grade point or may not hope that you're enjoying the topic, etc. were our intent here is to share things real world issues for you and I as men and not talk about how we need Hamlet and not to let you know that your heavenly father's got you covered.

Through all this in the Medway ventilator going. He can change that and fix all that.

And so as we move into the second half our children for task to be contemplated will question and talk it over with her every rod with this afternoon so that in just a few moments to your CMM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship after the best breakfast in town meeting location is at their voracious poster First Christian Church encouraged 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock from a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will party Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy is projected to million jobs over the next five years. But with today's high school students be ready for the jobs of tomorrow texting future to 225568. To learn more about high school and the future of work.

The future of our country is in high school, and politicians are deciding right now this is your chance to use your vote for generations to come. Text future to 225568.

To learn more from XQ message and data rates may apply. Welcome back to get on with this one up the Starbucks cup show today with the question you posed just before break, you know we we talked about living together and we talked about the man and we talked about how men are not fulfilling their God-given roles and you know Roy before we get to that question. I know there's somebody out there who's saying pastor give me some Scriptures so you want some scriptures I got some scriptures for you okay and we don't have time to look at all these in detail, but first Corinthians chapter 7 verse number two acts 15 verse number 21st Corinthians chapter 5 in verse one. First Corinthians 6 and 13 first Corinthians 6 and 18 second Corinthians 12 and 21 so feast almost scriptures but I want to come back to two first 20 in chapter 2's chapter 7 verse two and God clearly defines in this particular book chapter and verse that marriage is in the definition of what God said is it it is and that sexual immorality is wrong, wrong, wrong, and so let us look at those biblical verses and talk about that you are condemned by God but God still want to bless you, even in your sin and see there's somebody out there Roy right now and living in sin and and it wondering how do I get out of this when God has said that sexual immorality is wrong with that's a great question will give a person comes minds. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me scripturally speaking right so if I can do all things he doesn't say, well, you can only do this part, but as relates to your sexual desires. You can't do it because it's impossible… I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.

So I think often times we as men just need that little reminder if it means typing that Scripture up in your mirror before you go to bed if you live in that lifestyle that you say this is John lime Sam were done with this live a holy life and doing what was intended to be and I think often times we lose sight of the long-term goal and with the long-term vision should be well guilty that he wanted immediately want.

As we mentioned earlier want it now, and I think if we could impart on anyone that we have an opportunity influence for just a while got time to work and give him the space to work and truly trust him with everything that were doing, including the these things that that the blessings that will flow through from him or just absolutely amazing. You know, when God says do you not know that your bodies are the members of Christ, and shall I then make the members of Christ and make them members of a harlot. So as you were talking about earlier, Roy that that's old time when when we have sex illegitimately. This is exactly what were doing and see someone out there may think you know these guys are bit old-fashioned and and these that what you're talking about is is outdated. You say to somebody who's thinking well the first question is, is the Bible outdated moon is the word of God highly outdated. Hallelujah, I think we've all seen everyone start to prove that to be outdated or not to fall, and we know that the Bible is relative.

His current and therefore following Christ. This is pretty simple is not outdated. A man, a man and God. He wants the best for so so man if you're listening. God wants the best for you. It is his desire that no man should perish but all should come into the knowledge of the truth and see when you when you are representing God. And when you are living for him. There is no other thing out side of living for God that can can build you up in a way, to where you become that powerful man that that woman wants to see she she want to see you taken the lead in that home. She wants to see you doing what God had called you to be.

But if you're out here having sex before marriage and you are married or if you're single man in you out here fornicate before you are married, then your ear in that same category of excellence excellent will think there's probably several lobster listening to this today and I hope my husband would embrace this concept because we all know men are visually stimulated women are mostly stimulated and makes for a much healthier relationship. When we recognize as the servant of our wives that we love our wives unconditionally, as Christ loved the church, which means it needs to be about her. Her needs and how we satisfy that and I'm not talking just in sexual sins.

I mean her overall needs emotional support the physical support of be in their present and being mentally connected to them as well so you have been there quite a few years will you celebrate a lot of years before God called your wife home so we understand that we can impart a little bit this is young men and older men to get them to come change their ways that they could be a successful day at least a successful hellfire with them, but it's one of those things if we don't practice it. It'll never get any better if accepted that low performance is okay in terms not try to make a difference.

That is never going to be better and you cannot receive the full blessing that God intended for to be with you spouse if you don't change behavior and Roy I know you play football and I don't know coach out there who would let you play if you had practice exactly so practicing what we are saying it's important because what it does is it shows that you have embraced the change that you want to get that you want to come to and get out of the situation that you're currently in. So God wants to bring you man to that point to where you can be a strong, resourceful man for your mate, and she in turn will come along side and and help you. I remember a whole preacher in Mississippi used to say one time. He said you know if that man understands his role as a godly man and he is doing everything that he needs to do to fulfill God's plan.

That woman will follow him to the ends of the murder you believe that Roy will I believe with all my heart, with all my heart in my life I've been married will soon be 34 years and just actually just a few weeks, so we can half in the I could tell you early on in the marriage or if I didn't know what it meant to be a servant leader is likely she stood by me while I was start a farm away that respect goes very immature husband and I think today that that conversation be quite a bit different should ask her what it was like today versus those years but it's it it's very true, and stick the old adage 12 shall do this I'll do that problem most men have that concept in the my will shall do this and I will all be more than happy to well did Christ ever say well if use the sinners will go do this then I will heal you know, he just walked… Turn from their ways a man a man and not perform the various miracles we read about the Bible. He didn't make it conditional so we as husbands need to be unconditionally loving servant hood for spouses and young men should be practicing the discipline.

Getting ready for the game. This will just put so nicely with your dates exactly with in and abstain from the obvious that we talk about today but start practicing the servant leadership, opening doors, treating her like she's the most important thing to you and let her know that you're protecting her and that you will be that way the rest of your life.

And men don't don't say to her if you love me know you have sex now you heard that before. I know Roy all you see say yes if you love me, let let's go and have sex. No, you don't have to do that and and man. If you understand the way of truth. You wouldn't even address that question you would never pose and I would say this to young ladies, if a young man ask you that the system to drop you off the next bus stop for the next place that you can capture shuttle back to home if that's, person, or put you in the also should say it if you love me you would last me for the limit though another one and he Roy pull up your pants man pull up your pants.

Okay, no, no woman wants to be around a guy who's sagging okay so if you if you sagging pull up your pants and make yourself presentable because see God will clean all these things up in your life and and you can't be running away anywhere with your pants around your ankle so present your self in such a way to the woman who you are with so that she can look and see that there is changes occurring in your life. Because if there is no changes, then you just gotta leave at me and will you a good point. The parents can be translated as anything moving up your language cleanup your behaviors at clean of how you treat your future spouse. All those things and that's it. That's a great example we, the wills were closing out this afternoon.

I think it's important we leave every man and woman out there with hope that are heavenly father sent his son to die for school and the defendant was listens program would not accept the Lord Jesus in the heart.

We support you do that right with us today. Are you gonna do is be in the center recognizer, Christ died for your sins and turn to God himself and start following the Lord Jesus Christ and as so many churches out there and there's so many opportunities that churches can present to you as man to come and fellowship with them.

This fellowship and hit hit us up on the website. DAW and we will be there for you to address whatever we wrap up today show to ensure that DAW CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men are Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, immunities churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events and regularly scheduled meetings opposite note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today. Visit us at men walking

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