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The Russian Nightmare Turns To God

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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May 19, 2019 2:30 pm

The Russian Nightmare Turns To God

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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May 19, 2019 2:30 pm

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Welcome to mannitol and brought you by T8 W CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they are devoted to breaking down the walls of race, age, and challenging them to take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy. Welcome to my throat so can cool off with five time world champion, but that would not talk about real sentiment when you talk about the women's movement of Christ follower of Christ with that of the key welcome. I got my cohost here with me. Will Hardy and will start with the Mikita will grasp the key a few questions along the way will come to go back and forth as we go through the night with thanks for joining us were excited to have you with assistance or second show together and Rhonda Mikita Mikita want to say hello to everybody. You will guide you talk about we talk about a man that's necessary to keep you know I'll always see it that Roy is my Christian brother from different mothers.

So we just love the Lord. We love the fact that you are with us here on man talk and subjects that we talk about on man talk is in very reason. Tonight we just want to know about what it is with the organization you know that you have started with man camping and what is to be a man. What's man camp and how did God give you that vision in order to start that man can journey all you will go over to her many many years now 13 years for locating, coordinating men all Roy the top there and that Salem Greensboro area go by. Some may recognize the name lack Lugar known as the total package the day born-again blood loss leverage April 23 got the go can man like they know what to get in and out of the cave man now and really care went down are. Let's not have a wide well mental, emotional health, developing a reality and an journey so yeah you know it was amazing just a quick lesson about making one of the multiple facets that you're dealing with is just strictly man's spirituality was walking or not walking with God. Are there other facets of the man's life that you deal with what you got a requested up. I thought of you will break your or you guided you think of God that include everyday, but not including breakfast but quickly tell them what that looks like this collectively can't tell on challenges that any man brought mind about what three all all men stated in our outdoor LP exercise with the Bible say about mandate to cure the body talk about mental health and emotional health. Go to market broken, but it also and will get so you are my glory.

Most years all in what looked like you so you know you soul by buying the will of the ocean will will will include that in the conversation five days spirituality.

Certainly the foundation of it all of our lives and in our lives being placed on the rock and what that looked like you love be healthy spiritually versus morning at 523 being whole spirit, soul and body with the original vision That's that's wonderful. After the first camp that you've had. What were some of the difficulties or challenges that man had that you saw coming into the camp and after they left.

What were some of the things perhaps that they overcame as a result of having the camp experience. You know, again I borrow the neighborhood your the man offered underground copper camp by starting ministry man and I don't know what you will but I can about it. I think maybe single-digit percentage of man who work with not been wounded by their father so they may come into the air and some degree way shape or form have been wounded By their dad, whether verbally or physically.

You know whatever that language is ignored or abandoned or rejected. There's a lot that goes into that but that very common red man, and so we we we want to stress that we want pop up that what it looks like you you little good heart rate when it comes to daddy will so that one focus certainly one quick testimony. Jennifer Virginia came down and 50 and anything that you to post social media that I left the store spiritually set on fire and got you to let ministry to be this past week at man Want testimony at starting to roll in. Now while that is that's awesome because man as man.

I think society could undo an unnecessary stress on us as man and if we are not following the norm of society, then we are viewed, you know, in some respect as a man who is weak and not being over, able to overcome certain challenges, and we know that that's you know a façade that that's just a a objection or a statement that is made by society, but as me and we are overcome, is according to first John chapter 4 and verse four that we are more than conquerors and in greater is he that is within us that he that is within the world. So we thank God from the fact that what you're doing and how men are coming and and changing lives so if we have someone out there that's listening right now what is it that you could tell them that they could come away from man camp experiencing if you would want talk to that one heart sure that all grow your already have a walk with you or bad last week to review them and they had a list of the battle personal relationship with Jesus and format establish that that that relationship so there you know now what we would survive basic rights of there getting a lot of nurturing and and rallied around them to help them grow and mature in their walk, regardless the how long serving the board all you Mike Ellis demanded how healthy are you now and how about you want to be eight and/or can you believe it. Help your man.

So there's some out there that you know what I need all the way all of life distraction.

Let's face it we are inundated with distractions in today's world this we are an odd. There is an opportunity to always change or eight, but the talk about me and I will draw close to you so I, provided not you remove ourselves from all of life that handful of days.

The phone fell aside to the car leave at home with Ludwig. I will bring her cell phone and plot of the world and all of it distraction center focus for two days on the heart of God and be if you will be very good at it as opposed Martha. Busy. Bit that's greatest to go back to something with just a few moments ago related to the role of the man, just the feeling from the wounds of the child into manhood. One of the things we is Mr. trying to do is get me in moving forward and leaving proper alignment with God because God created Adam first, which means we own everything that's going on around us little response were not so what I would ask you is what role do you see the man playing in their family and in their home in the community and how can this man Impact that role requested all will the comments earlier. I think that anyone that anybody paying attention probably agree that men and manhood greatly under it… You go out a couple decades.

I belong God because they are still very good shoulder just donated dad looked like an absolute idiot down the hill and have been so all emasculated and the attack on on all the attack on masculinity as all but even sexual identity.

The overall attack of sexual identity and not others. Banning the bottles pretty clear mail and female he made that in some old man by believing camp better understanding. They said that I wanted to pass it out well as the pastor will ministry the congregation of a good dad and not not not a bad what I learned this week. I recognized the guilt you have not been the father complete my whole right to use CM and would love to have you join their community of Memphis.

Breakfast every first and third Friday of every month in Bible discussions and fellowship after the best breakfast in town meeting location is in their voracious poster First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock from a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will Hardy Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy okay welcome back to talk about pleased to pick back up there with us what one was one after labor, but there were several who that really jumped out at them. You know what we were talking about the servant leader you know. Deleted the family not your body or the family, but also the brain with white spray or your white brain with your children not to break or your children, but that Your Honor… The way you know when you want to go to that walk along the road dinner table Mediterranean over your Devon just about who is our provider a lot black in the way men leading the family at servant leadership meeting.

We now want to teach you how to assert she would look like 30 and ensuring that only leading the family leaving the family. Well, so one another thinking what the earlier conversation only assumes literally his kingdom on the basketball. Can you tell me and this is a challenge for the whole nation space with all the reality shows on these days. Basically, what would you say exporting/make it look like it's a great thing to be a single mom teenage mom because you put these folks on TV and work, but the flipside of that is with the role that the male plays could you explain the difference in your heart Nikita dish to mail hood and manhood is were trying to get men to step up and become kingdom men of God you'd like to get out highlight their differentiating between what I would follow world versus you been right all I find that I would personally report he figures out the male and 47. It is a bad spot because at 847 I start teaching on on Biblical manhood open my high black vinyl left of the webmail Viper were banned by joint webmail Viper manned by joint yeah certain functioning, lower unit doesn't make you a man that will make you mail you back children doesn't make you a man man is better fix responsibility for radial children, not just producing chilled hand and so the work you will you know I got not guilty that he was either a girl or the boy right that if the boys growing up into manhood process of being taught what what manhood looks like the Bible teacher but the society right your help and they go to man 113 puberty greater or utility when the law had been right you get like 801 Wendy Drake the you know what the what the what what what what got the corner office know you the big house the big big bank account. Your manner or volley all identify with the lot by elevated all the work comp claims go and check out what your sleep with but those are all the world right right wanting your politically doubtful that that is not how God that right birthday. We got they mail it that you know what… What a heart-to-heart talk with Dr. manhood out guide… Like character… Like a not quite what, that he justify care care, no Nikita that's that's a blessing.

Indeed, because you know what I think what's what makes a man went defines a man's character is when no one is looking. How are you responding how are you acting how are you producing any fruit for the kingdom of God. If we say that we are born again and true representatives of the kingdom.

So it's when no one is looking and I think that tells a person of your spiritual integrity so we we have to look deeper and and those things that you say will right on point in reference to what a man and how society views manhood and mail it. It's that don't agree Roy yeah yeah very much so one of the things it comes to mothers who share and that was that we often think that it is the passage of time that would become a man, or something that we that we've conquered in the world but actually biblically speaking, it's, it's doing the things.

Like you said nobody sees you doing and not for for the. The acknowledgment of the world, but for the acknowledgment of Christ and the honoring of Christ and not one of these K tomatoes are talking is it's never too late exactly if someone who is listening to us today that it's never too late doesn't matter what you done in the pastor where you're at, or if you got that child you haven't taken responsibility for it's never too late to step back in become the man that God intended you to be.

And if you don't have someone around you to help you with that. Get connected to us and we'll get you to somebody will get someone therefore you exactly because I'm certainly key that you you have seen in your many years of being out and being a part of various ministries that come when a man is alone.

It's a very dangerous thing because so much can happen mentally and an undue thoughts and and which produce all these actions that are illegitimate. What what 100% is a real entity that I don't want a relationship know whether it not be a plot you incorporate your body copy of what they do up a minute Bible here. You know the those connecting with others doing doing life with others of you love that you're isolating others and that there is no get you isolated he could really try to hammer your your your manhood are happier, your character and you what little of the caveat for about manner that I would start manhood quite like an character are all God's help manhood that he should be at simplifying life like that.

And with that is character comes along with that mad about character. I would summarize, but they only you know, we might have someone listening right now.

This is, you know, guys.

I've tried this I I've gone to the church house I interacted with the people there. You know I'm still face with some of the same problems I'm I'm on this. This hamster wheel that's turning and turning and turning and for me I just can't seem to get off what you say and to that person. Nikita my five out of the door to get outside of your comfort zone outside of what what were familiar with wideband outside of the city near the village outside of the bear to wait for an open. I know I bet you thought you sometime something like a man We were again know what I would do something out of the norm.normally.all.on.volley today is five days draw away run out. God put yourself in that it works. God can really bid your art and if there are some secret your plot. Keep injuring you got drawn you back it is that proverbial eyelet merry-go-round that half.

Like man camp that will really break easily will bring the liver and will bring freedom for you over whatever it is you wanted or stronghold in your life. Something graphic that lets grade-point Nikita you once I want to share from personal experience, I clicked into the pleasure been on the man's conference men's week way with Nikita on a different venue and not as I was walking with the Lord in the time of this event, but it turned me up to another level, and that I get closer to God and experience I've never had in my lifetime on that journey and I think you listing it doesn't matter where your new walker for not only walk and you will get on the walk with the Lord doesn't there's a place for you and this is a great opportunity like this happen. Let this be a fresh start. I think she's got a camp coming up in the fall we can get you to his website Nick want to give your website information, right quick as were closing this up and let folks know will get more information how to get in touch with you. I hope you guys will thank God that God said about ministry yeah member man camp.boat…… Man camp.all I and all that will take you on the website left longer and I looked at that but five days total package.

The cuticle that are most important, spent 5 feet we could strike that out of the way at that man camp got a full and you can email me right in the website while the hell with dollars available though you Lord and I would love you not over yet. K come over to the man But that you delivered closer to your place but with the board that you are not taking the keys to the pleasure tonight was just like to tell you if you listen to the program have accepted Lord into hearts real simple process to submit being center recognize that Jesus died for your sins and thought to yourself. Start following Christ and get into body fellowship to my mantle from Roy Jones Junior like you and I wear a hearty laugh and two brothers from a different mother thanked as we wrap up today show assured that TA W CMM talking and walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, immunities churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events and regularly scheduled meetings is a note for topics that you would like to have a visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today. Visit us at men walking

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