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Is it Right or Wrong

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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October 11, 2020 4:00 pm

Is it Right or Wrong

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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October 11, 2020 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. This week's show focuses on what happens when you're distracted from your walk with Christ, and your faith is corrupted and diluted by outside influences.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body.


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This is the Truth Network welcome to man talk brought to you by T8 W CM is talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they are devoted to breaking down the walls of race and accommodation and challenging and that take their God assigned as our host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior a black eye and a white welcome back to my love, love, amount welcomed them anti-radio will Hardy the black guy and I'm really confused because Mike was a weird love with you on Sunday afternoon, not quite, but we think we thank God for you and we just haven't blasted in studio so all last week we were talking about these things involving Jerry fall where Junior, Roy, and how he basically stained his father's legacy. You know by all of these dealings and things that we say we do in the secret owing the dark God is manifesting those things and bringing them to like so you we cannot get away.

You know my my pastor down in Fayetteville. He he always used to say you might get by, but you're not getting away so because there's there's consequences to pay and so when we said whatever it is that you do. It's going to affect someone in your family because you're not the only ones who are affected you know people within your immediate household but extended family members may be affected by some of the things you're doing and so now they go to work and then may you know. All of a sudden there were colleagues going hey we heard that your brother or sister or brother in law, you know, was involved in this and it's like wow and so now they start formulating their own opinions about these things but what we said and also Roy them in the last show was that if husbands and wives attempt to do things outside of the boundaries of God and attempt to quote unquote spice up their sex life. This can be an avenue for the enemy to use. Of course you what this is its immediate gateways you. In the last last show will is an opportunity for Satan to soak it got a male gutter guard down their curiosities up there looking for other ways of satisfaction.

Other things that get them off course first with the relationship with her father second with her spouse absolutely and see when when couples do this.

Roy, it starts to just a corrode.

You know the relationship that they had an a you know all of the time.

I think as a marriage just progresses you know man sometime forget an anniversary date, or a birthdate or some like this and some women due to lists before real. They forget to sometimes but not I think not as often as men do right, but so when these things happen and it's like oh you can't even remember my birthday though. You can't even remember our anniversary, so where is your mind, you know, why can't you remember this and I can remember it every year and things like this in something that we might view something small just say not remembering a date could also be a means to separate the two, because one could not remember something that the other when remember it so you know that that could be and we can use that. Well, I'm having to you heard spouses, but some, husband forgot my birthday or forgot or anniversary or vice versa. What did remember birthday or researching those shortfalls and shortcomings can be a get an opportunity to create division C plant as we call in all it takes is this it will see the doubt and then things started channel out.

Also, in some it works pretty little bit more attention to me than the person Homan actually know were going to lunch the next thing that we've got an emotional relationship.

They were connected in here were laughing because you want to see me chose bagatelle behind after work and every morning when you wake up. I go to bed at night, terms of what what goes on.

Aside from the faade without that's right and and see these things.

They have avenues.

I think this this is what the Christian community and and husbands and wives and even individuals who are engaged to be married. I think this is what they're missing Roy they're missing that I'm so in love with my wife that I nothing like this can happen to me and and and our family until someone starts paying a little bit more attention to you than your spouse and then all of a sudden you've taken that step in that direction. That leads us into what we want to get into the meat of a couple things right reduction of the value following Christ as we talked about socials back with study showed people are really weakening a watering down what we believe to be the gospel and so one is number one instructions we we know is how you value life and death in and then most recently I sent you the article today. We talked about about the abortion issue that has come up as result of the Supreme Court nominee that there's there's commentary out there that says the majority, the Christians are not hung up on the abortion issue which I find very hard to believe and think it was just at the Christmas place misdirected.

The commentary was, but if indeed it's accurate that I'm challenging those followers of Christ on the show today that you life.

It all begins with life and you can't voluntarily choose the in life is just were not when not faulting any bikes had to make a decision or lifetime will not be in judgment were to say holistically. As followers of Christ.

We can't sit back while others total of I think over 60 million babies have been aborted since 1973. If I've got my mouth right in my, my, you're right.

Since 1973 list. Listen folks over 60 million babies been aborted and lets us pause for second. Think about each one of us as either child or nephew or niece or someone in your life that we've watched this whole journey of excitement and the builder that how can we sit back as Christians and say it's okay about his autonomous God wants me to live my foot most fulfilled life and that be in my own choices. That's not the way it was intended to that, this is another one of those avenues we've talked about, we need to be very aware of folks under this maybe will be heavy subject matter for you Sunday afternoon but it's reality. While were sitting on the sidelines.

This continues this continues when we talk about the black and white thing is yours but God, what got him showed 20 million. Those babies were black of the black race mom if I remember statistics again maybe office to tell a pre-certain that was the number the sauces 1973, so it affects all of us affects all of us and you know God, God gave us the miracle of birth and life creation. So for us to sit back and do nothing as is his children and let all the stuff he said that it's okay for us to get up every Sunday morning go to church not be fighting for these unborn children have the voice most 90% of the other problem social media. You just need to tell you that God loves these people and many many many many many couples that are looking to have children that can never would love to have a child and we we can even say this will will make the commitment to try to pair you up with somebody if you're facing this decision of of having a child not have a child.

The decision should be to have the child and somebody can come alongside and will and are sitting here today to tell you that will make sure somebody comes once.

No one has to walk this journey alone and CNN as as believers in Christ. Well let me go back to something you said earlier Roy is that of the majority of the Christians believe that they should basically have the right to their own body that was based on the article read as I not this is not are they exactly exactly.

Now my my point is is like we have talked about again on certain shows is that the term Christian has been watered down, and it has been redefined.

I think that the term has been so overworked that it's become sore like just something mainstream that people say but they really don't have the full understanding on what the term actually mean and and you know where it originated from. I would agree that total also. So I think when you talk about when a person says I'm a Christian. Was that really mean so if you we go out here and we start pulling people and when we and we say well just this is a yes or no answer.

Are you a Christian person say yes okay follow-up question of why do you believe you are a Christian and and you'll get 200 million responses right depending on you know the number of people that you interviewed so it won't be consistent because we have a whole lot of denominations and a whole lot of religions out there that define or see Christianity as as something different and course their people out there who you want to go back and a look at history and a sale. Wow, you know, let's look at people like Constantine and all these other individuals who who gave Christianity a blackeye yet you calling yourself a Christian, was see an answer. I'm saying this is how the term has been so skewed from from where use to come from right that's what you know you notice with me person more about following Christ. So it truly connotes who I am as we continue down this journey. I think that's a good look at some level separation and the terminology made to review seven Christian walk which will be right back to you. CMM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first and third Friday of every month and Bible discussions and fellowship after the best breakfast in town meeting location is at their precious posterior First Christian Church encouraged 1130 N. Main St. encouraged him a hard start at 7 o'clock on a hard stop at 8 o'clock.

First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will party Roy Jones Junior a blackeye and a white guy affordable chiropractic in High Point. As you might tell from their name, affordable chiropractic, even for the cash.

Patient Dr. Jeff Ricky has been caring for patients in High Point for 34 years, physical therapy, such as ultrasound and spinal decompression for disc conditions such as herniation conference of care for auto accident injury patients with no out-of-pocket expense. Remember, affordable chiropractic on the W. Lexington Ave. in High Point Hall 33688519. Welcome back to man talk radio and we are continuing our conversation as we have been talking about these things that men and women. Roy get involved with and and when we were talking about in the first segment about men and women attempting to spice up their their sexual life. So let's go into.

When you start getting your spouse involved in looking at explicit materials and things like this. Now what you're doing is you're saying.

Oh well. I'm just doing this to spice up my my love life, but in actuality what you're doing is yours financing the supply chain that's exactly right will and this is something I think that most people don't really think about exactly and with monitor ministry over the last several years we've been involved in some conversation been involved in some presentations that the we felt we needed to share the space with you folks and listen, listen closely if you think that sitting behind a computer in your home.

In the process of your car on your cell phone. Whatever it is looking at pornography is not hurting anyone. Your sorely, sorely mistaken. You're feeding into a multi-multibillion-dollar industry that exploits not just women that you're looking at and and and and and be on that you are exploiting children, toddlers, infants, and preteens back down the supply chain by your accessing this pornography and you're looking at this you're part of the total supply chain which fees all the way back to infants and toddlers and preteens that are being abused rate sexually assaulted and sold into sexual slavery.

So this is a heavy topic, but we want you to understand you are not just affecting you. You're not just doing something that is not affecting once it's affecting a whole lot of people and you're feeding into the supply chain of the pornography industry and each time that you visit the sites you know you you are adding fuel to the fire and as long as individuals are continuing to click into these ask this explicit material. You allow yourself to go down that that vortex if you will and and what it will eventually do is it will just suck you wind just like the black hole. It will suck you in and there is and I'm I'm told by just scientists in general Roy that when you are near a black hole and once that gravitational pull gets a hold of you.

There is nothing you can do to get out of it. In fact that Dave even said that light which travels at supersonic speed cannot avoid the gravitational pull of a black hole and so this is what you are subjecting yourself to because remember saints out there. The word of God says in first Corinthians chapter 10 and verses 12 and 13 that take he this is what it says take. He if you think you stand, take heed lest you fall, see so if a person think I'm strong enough and this thing won't bother me, it can't get to me because of the man who I am and I've been in church for 3040+ years and I'm rocksolid if you thinking that Roy I think that's a mental set up. His willingness go to the Scripture real quick about this whole impurity thing in Ephesians 5 threes is among you there must not be even a hint of even a hint of sexual immorality or of any kind, impurity or greed. Because there are these are improper for God's holy people, even a hint so that's just normal temptations of the day walking across the street are you just driving up and down the road that God can do or say contempt is that God needs to release us and relieve us from before diving into pornography were looking at.

We are throwing into going towards the black culture described in the gravitational pull the bewildered. I think the disconnect the startup in the brain you start rewiring your brain.

The more you look at the stuff men and women and so that the normal way that God created for you to be attracted to spouse will no longer work because of this hard rewiring of the hardware. God puts in this also.

The disconnect occurs noon to start ramping up. This goes back to the supply chain when just looking at still photographs no longer works in a good look at action photographs or action movies you feel if a normal interaction between man wonders what it's gonna be ramped up to multi-partners that it becomes violence that it becomes gang rapes all those things in folks if you think you're kidding we don't know. Talk about trust me we done the research we talk to the people we sing it when talking to folks to go overseas to rescue children from sex slavery, which would have had one of monitor showed much longer.

This is real. This is real. Some of those are not her folks, and this is going to be will probably go get some people smack to bring them ahead and we maybe get some emails each of your listening. If you have a relationship with a with your husband or wife and even your your study partner that that you trust each of you should love each other enough to say hey I'm go put the software on my phone so that I do not go anywhere. If I go anywhere. The suspect then you want to know were met and then you go to hold me accountable to the and their multiple covenant eyes triple X.

Several of them throughout their folks that should be your putting on your armor to protect your relationship, not as a checking up because you should have full communication full transparency between each other. You should do that for each other is to be at, say, ladies need to have the mental on their phones. You can see what they're doing but it's become such a problem for men and women that both of you need to be doing and then if you've got a problem and seek help and counseling to get through this because it's an addiction. That is what you get hardwired into it. You can't let it go by yourself. God has to relation you some wants to help you and God. God said in that 13th verse of first Corinthians 10 and 13 that there is no temptation, such as is common unto man but God is faithful that he will not allow you to beat up tempted above that which you are able. So there's the promise, there's the promise right there that that God will not allow you to go and back and to wallow in the muck in the mire that he brought you from right this a conscious decision to stay in sin is right in that mess and in and in the latter part of that verse 13 says that he he will give you a way to escape. Yeah so so so not only will he allow you not to be tempted above that which you are able. You know to to resist but he also gives you a way out. If you're seeking him and Esther King right right that's the key. So, because again we are all subject to error. We all subject to make a mistake we are and let's go back to what we started with this conversation. Will that this is part of the supply chain for Junior culpable this agreement strong statement if you're if you're sitting there looking at pornography on your phone or computer whether stills, movies, whatever you are responsible for that child you are.

You are indirectly responsible by your activity in that supply chain and creating a demand for those people that are further down that escalation if you will have to have a deeper, more sick stimulation of that infant toddler that's been linked into this been abused and been sold in sex slavery kidnapped for six you're in that supply chain and that's the reality of so if you're in the middle of the my, what part of that journey on the back end of it. We just scrub most sick piece or the front end of it, which is sick but still you're still part of and that's what we want you to understand God what you get out of. And the reason we we come back to this is because this is a real problem. Folks, it's a big big problem go back and do your research. How many billions of dollars and will have that for them that she'll go back and with that number will bring that back to the lecture, but it's billions with the B billions. Think of how many people gotta be out on these websites we make in the kind of money to be a money be spent. Folks, it it's a huge, huge number people that are participating in. These are individuals Roy that some of them who are taking the milk money away from the babies in their house that they supposed to be supporting and putting it toward these efforts like you know this is a real issue folks and I guess the heart is this. If we don't start changing and if we don't start expecting others to change, especially those in the body of Christ, it's never going to get a better track wheat we are fulfilling biblical prophecy right now. Good has become bad and bad has become good and was seen in California recently with her trying to narrow down the week and the pedophilia within the 10 year range that is less less less severe punishment benefits beyond 10 years, folks. This is predicted a few years ago that was can be the next area that was start to be addressed and try to start plant seeds. This goes back this whole slow faith thing you look where we were 30 years ago. What was wrong, then what was right in the career today was considered wrong. Once considered right let God stir up your pure minds yes CNF your mind. If you have that mind of Christ's. Christ wants to change you.

He does not want you to continue to go down this path. He is through this podcasts through this radio show through the elements of media we are attempting to get the message out and this is why Roy and I do what we do is because we have a heart for them just to be clear, we don't get paid for what we know it over here strictly as a volunteer to serve our Lord and Savior were here to serve you and we want you to know that we love you and that's all talking truth and honesty about these topics in their heavy. They are having the problem is nobody was to talk about stuff that's resilient rest. The whole point is man talk the lady if you listen we hope that you're getting something from this what you are subscribed to the conversation or divorces are you in this yard, let's get help get out of. Likewise, men don't be afraid to ask you why Smith, we thank you for joining us again on Sunday afternoon. God bless all the folks we love you and may have in smiled upon this pray for our country prefer the pandemic.

Pray for all of your colleagues and family members that God would protect them and watch over blessed because we know that God is able and if you're able to seek him out.

Then he seeking a man a man. God bless you as we wrap up today show. Be assured that TA W CMM talking walking Christian men's ministry is building a community of men Christ followers with a desire to be servant leaders in their homes, communities, churches and work environments. Check out our website for upcoming events of regularly scheduled meetings drop is a note for topics that you would like to have us visit in the future. Thank you for joining us on man talk today. Visit us at men walking the talk.

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