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What's Your Miracle? Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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May 8, 2022 4:00 pm

What's Your Miracle? Part 2

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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May 8, 2022 4:00 pm

Welcome to Man Talk, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr. This week, we continue the discussion on miracles. Do miracles still exist, or are they a thing of the past? Does God still perform miracles? Have you experienced a miracle in your own life?

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This is on trial from the physician will podcast on finishing well. We help you make godly choices about Medicare long-term care and your money chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network welcome to mannitol brought you by T8 WC MM talking and walking Christian men's ministry where they are devoted down the walls of race and denomination and challenging men to take their God assigned role as our host will hardly Roy Jones Junior, a black guy and a white guy so good that God has blessed us to be back once again in his house and as a result of being in his house. You and I have something that we need to say to God today.

If you had said it already. We need to say that God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think. I think when it comes to God.

We can't put any limitations on him no limitations and with with. We start putting limitations on God.

I think what against a happen is we begin to see God differently than how God wants us to see him.

So we talk about miracles Roy last week and so we want to continue with that conversation on last week and I think you asked the question to the listeners what is a miracle in your life yeah what is your miracle.

That was the question last week and hopefully our listeners have identified miracle in their life of the miracle that they need God to come along and perform because miracles do happen and what we are saying today is anybody could say is that sometimes what I think what we do is we we devalue the term miracle and what I mean by that is week we say everything is a miracle. In other words, after going around the parking lot five times. It's a miracle you have found an upfront parking spot. After going around five times or we say things like oh that's such a beautiful baby. It's just a miracle child well that's the natural orders of things you know men and women get together create life. In that sense and a baby is born of the baby is born you know healthy been God's blessing from God, that's exactly right. Miracles the blessing that miracles creation in the beginning, exactly, war, or the miracle could be yes and I couldn't have child and all of a sudden have a child or if that child you say is breached. Yeah, you see, and then all of a sudden God comes in and allows the baby to be turned within the womb and the mother delivered a child out you know in with the natural child will think it's always good person was our topics and we can speak specifically to that right now I've shared the story with about my older son Caleb when he was born.

It was a 12 hour labor and when they finally came out he got stuck in the in the canal birth canal and they were having try to make a decision about whether to go to emergency C-section or continue to travel to Dr. praise God decided let me try one more time using suction the pulling through disease already in distress heart rate was down but very critical was very critical. Only got them out cord was wrapped around his neck. He did come into the birth canal.

So if you had to go to emergency C-section.

This is where God intervened. He didn't nudge that surgeon's heart to say, try mind to try one more time because had they delayed and went to emergency C-section. He would not make the quarters around his neck. He was blue when he came out collarbone broke lung collapsed in and as a father.

It just breaks your heart and your wife you first decide to get us on the new laws is a problem will got our miracle that they was God impressed them a heart schedule. You gonna let me have him in that course, I surrender all just started this real and over and over in my mind and when that happened, we will miracle later will discuss that in just a moment with the first miracle was that the peace of God.

This washed over me and I knew in that moment that it didn't matter if it mattered but I knew I would be okay either way. If God took him home or a loud to make it through and so the miracle was that he ended up spending two days in intensive care and made it through that journey and then we later on found out that he had the lead on his teenage years was another miracle working through that young man, which will show that on another program but in that moment. Miracle was a guy guarding through surgeon did the extra effort he saved in that process, and he lived in is serving God today which is an amazing thing. So the baby side has it is a very special place in the heart a man that's that's so wonderful. You know I share with our congregation several times to where we talk about last week in Matthew chapter 12 about the demon possessed man and while I was in the military. I was stationed at Fort Bragg.

At the time and there I was sleeping in an eight-man bay and for those who are in the military you know what that is sleeping in an eight-man bay and I was in the bunk that was nearest the partition on and as you come into root to the room on the far side, the upper left-hand corner as you walk into the room and so I was over there reading the word of God and one of the individuals who were in the room all of a sudden came through the door and literally literally listener this individual.

I looked at him. I turned from from facing the window as I heard them come in and I looked at him. His eyes had rolled back into his head and he literally started falling from the mouth and I I was a young Christian I was probably to 2 1/2 years ended in the Christ and this thing really. I was kind of amazed in the sense that I was sort so young in Christ. I really didn't know what to do is like Lord I don't know what to do and so I'm looking at this individual and so he's making all of these sounds he's literally falling from the mouth, his eyes rolled back into his head and so I just sort of deduce from all of that that this individual was possessed and so I just grabbed my Bible and I started saying in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ depart in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ depart in because that's all I could say I did notice Scripture like I know today I couldn't hold a verse or things like this and all of a sudden it was like there was a barrier that he could not cross to get on the other side of where I was located because there was a divider in the middle of the room, but you could look over the divider.

If you stood up and so he was walking down the aisle and it it was almost like he could not pass through the barrier between the partition to enter the area on where I was and so I turned in and I looked and I ice within myself. I say this individual is not advancing is not coming toward me. It must be God that again.

I just deduce that not knowing what I know today and so I just kept saying that all of a sudden Roy. He passed out and he hit his head. He had a pretty good sized bruise on his head when he hit the floor, but this individual is at least like 6162 so he had a long way to follow if you know any other and so he fail when he fail he hit his head on the floor and he who was there on the floor laid out and so I went over there and I started shaking and when I was saying his name, and you know you're okay you're okay and so he woke up and he said what my doing down here on the floor and I so you don't remember anything he said no. He said my head hurt so he put his hand on his four head. He felt the bruise of when he fell down on the floor hit the floor and I said you need to go to sick call. Do you need to go to the infirmary and get get your head checked out. Make sure you don't have a concussion.

They need to do some x-rays or whatever was back in at the time and so he left and he reported to the desk sergeant. I was downstairs saying he was going to the infirmary when he went to the infirmary. They did send them over to the hospital their own base at Fort Bragg and they did a scan only and will amazed the scan. They didn't find any internal bruising or bleeding into his brain. He came back and so he said I don't know what happened in any way Hardy did you hit me when I wouldn't when I would look and I said no I said, you just fell out on the floor and hit your head on the floor and so he he was laying in his bed and I could hear him after he got back in court.

There was other people room but I could hear him saying what was mom was.

He was whispering and I could hear him saying that because the other guys in the room, they didn't know was going on because it was only me and him in a room at the time it happened so I believe at that time God intervene because that individual could have done something some bodily harm to me that he course, he could've used him to do something, but I attribute it all to God and I again I shared that with my congregation countless times.

Well I thought you said he pulled full metal jacket the way you describe coming in the coming with the gun armed to do some damage waiver started wafer slid into question through the door. The real story is that will thumping on the head with the Bible and took and I know God is bigger Israel to us, but what amazing presents for you will to. Even as a young person just start calling God because you knew that was the only place to go write your suggested inscription you didn't know what else to say that had I the name of the father and in Jesus name. In Jesus name and I think God heard that simple cry. Yes and intervene with the faith, the faith of the cry of the faith of the crop right guess this was the whole point was the faith of the cry here because I think when you when it comes to understanding what God is able to do. Faith takes over and you start stop looking at things in a natural and then you switch over to the supernatural, because what that does is it puts you in a position of faith will be right back right after this DAW CMM would love to have you join their community of men for breakfast every first, third and fifth Friday of every month, Bible discussions and fellowship.

The best breakfast in town meeting location is in their gracious host Church First Christian Church in Kernersville, 1130 N. Main St. in Kernersville. It all starts at 630 and they have a hard stop at 8 o'clock. First time visitors eat for free. Join your host will Hardy and Roy Jones Junior, a black guy in a white guy… This conversation but as you close that you could also break your particular thought that you want to continue with this yet is I think it it's all about when we talk about God and we talk about what God is able to do supernaturally.

We have to simply let go. In the natural we we we can't continue to hold on to the things of the natural or try to look for natural explanation when it comes to God working something out in our life spiritually because he wants us to believe by faith in you. It just remind me of Gideon.

You know he hid Gideon he would.

He wants this whole army in God's an old, old, you know you're only going to have so many people that's going to go to war with you and I'm going to show you who those people are and and a course you know Gideon, he looked at himself as a coward you know a man who just didn't have what it takes. Moses looked at himself as a person who was not an orator. Oh God I'm slow moving speech. I can't get in front of these people to going to look at me and laugh at me.

But God said okay if you using that as an excuse. I'm going to use Erin to be a spokesperson so now what else you got those ahead. That's what we do what we come excuse after excuse and not putting our faith totally in God when that's what exactly God wants us to be greater great show topic, faithless, and the consequences of being faithless yeah and and I think we open ourselves up for defeat when we do that, you know, when you talk about last week I have in the understanding of discernment. I think will win course discernment is one of the insight gifts of the spirit so when we talk about discernment we're talking about. As it is stated in the first Corinthians. I believe chapter 2 where it says the natural man receive not the things of the spirit of God for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. In other words, they can't determine when the spirit of God is using them because they don't have the spirit of God so they are depending on their then natural sales to be able to discern through natural reasoning why certain things as hectic as happens so if you play in the natural realm with the natural reasoning then you're going to miss out on the blessing of God you know can recognize it is been a God thing, you rationalize about and that's what we do. You all too often and back to the excuses piece we talked about that quite a bit. Men are the world's worst excuse for you all absolutely, absolutely. Well folks again we ask the question last week was your miracle, and we would just ask you to be posing against yourself. What is your miracle and how have you seen God work in your life would like to have some feedback citizen email was know what's going on in your life.

Every person has a story and I think that's one of things would love to hear from user listeners drop us an email tell us about your story will do her best to ensure that with your permission, I man but please just in your email to slaves know that it is okay sure we won't list your names will to speak strictly refer to it as one of our listeners.

This is their story and you could send that to go to the website, you can send it to TA W CNM you could send it or directly to Roy or so either way it'll get to us and we would love to hear it and share that on the show, you know will list talk about your of the physical miracles, you know. Regards intervene.

Both the natural order physics those, things are very visible. Some of the miracles that in one of our close friends that you and I talked about a few years ago you would been praying for for many years just to have the opportunity to accept Christ and therefore I think in and that sometimes I think we we miss God's intervention in those moments the fact we pray so faithfully for an individual to open the heart to receiving Christ, and of course we lost that from here just a few months back and think back about that. That being miracle you knew it was that prior to them making a decision to follow Christ, and I think the prayers of the faithful.

What you have been praying for me and as many others have got all of those prayers in the outside of those prayers.

I don't think that would've ever been.

Would you ever changed exactly Roy because you know again from the skeptics perspective. You know that they'll say something like well if if Jesus said, you know, in his word that whatever you asked.

You know he's going to give it to you and if you pray, why didn't it happen saying that's that's one of the skeptic questions that that Lee actually asked a Dr. Shermer who was a skeptic. He was a believer in and he went to skepticism and then he interviewed Dr. Craig Cantor who was a skeptic and he went to be a believer so he could cover both aspects of the course leave you sort like in the middle know he was was a skeptic and then he came to faith and that's the thing I like about his approach the way he wrote he write his books and how he approached things, you know, in such a way that it doesn't leave the individual to rationalize naturally that this event that occurred was actually an event that God was involved in and only God alone, you know, because we don't understand Roy. Sometimes when we pray for an individual that that individual. Don't get healed.

You know what I I'm not put myself in the position of God and say to say what a reason could be no no I'm not going there.

What I will say is it God knows why yes and he knows what's best. Yes.

And because he knows why and he knows what's best and of course we are all going to depart this natural life because no flesh and blood can enter into the kingdom of heaven. All of us gotta check out. You know, this body and there's days Roy when I get up my final summer.

I feel so many aches and pains as the Lord I'm ready to go right now but I know that God has things that he wants me to do so.

I don't want to hurry myself away from here because I know that there are so many things so many people need to be taught the truth so we man, a man that needs understand what God who God is and what God is able to do for will. Too often people are many of us. We get so caught up in her own walks in her own day today. We don't share the gospel to you.

That's a great lead in force as many people other folks need to hear about how Jesus loves him and how God loved him so much they love Jesus to die for and the they buy that love, they can be saved if they were just accepting and it's a simple story but if you share your story and how God saved you and that will make a major impact in someone's life and your special glass careers folks, there's think it's unimaginable numbers of people that are struggling with depression that the person next door to you person sit in the seat beside of you may be contemplating doing something to themselves because they don't see hope they've lost hope the miracle for them may be that you share the gospel. A man in there. They're looking for that answer so that you may be that person's miracle in God may use you as the miracle maker and I think Roy this that's a good response from the standpoint of reason why we're talking about spiritual gifts, you know on on Friday mornings and if we understand what our gift is and we know that the primary reason for God giving us those gifts is to for instruction, for correction, reproof in righteousness that everyone of us may be complete or mature in the gospel, thoroughly furnished under all good works in and asked us to say that everything that we do should be for the glory of God.

A moment we need to understand what equipment God has given us in order for us to say Lord here I am. Use me yes and so will we come together we come together to share those things and to let God bless us to use those gifts because we don't want the gifts to stay idle. You know they'll have an end when when that happens I think Roy when we depart this life is going to be held accountable. You know that for the gifts that God gave us that we did not use the bucket and James would toss but when a man knows right thing to do and doesn't do it. The healing a sentence in this one so I know if you if you take it to a deeper level and God's given you things and you know that you're supposed to be doing something with these things and you don't do it to your point will be held accountable as a sinner or not. I don't know. Only God knows, but if you read the Scripture the know the right thing to do.

Got the tools to do it and I refuse to do it gospel home account absolutely and MS does something I think many times we don't want to hear. You know we we want to hear God is he's faithful. He's just he's true, but when it comes to judgment and justice will want to hear that L. And if I go with let let's see what the pastor's message is for next week. If you talk about hello justice of God.

I'm not coming. I'll just wait until I hear Windows feel good messages in and out of the back and not feeling well mostly socially and in we do this we rationalize because we know that there may be something in our life that we need to let go and we still holding onto those things. So if were still holding onto them were not given it to God and then that means that the thing that we are holding on to have a stronger hold on us then the word of God or God speaking to us to say let that thing on. It's interesting want to hold onto things we know are good force won't woo graveled things were great for exactly and asked see that's just her the natural human nature, human nature of man and wide man looks at things the way that he does because he thinks that this thing that I'm holding onto its given me more immediate gratification and satisfaction then me spending time over here with a group of men talking about Jesus and the seat they missed the mark, because they are not submitting to the Holy Spirit so that the Holy Spirit can show them what they need to be doing and in the body of Christ is so so we we shudder to think about what what we could have done in the name of Jesus. But as long as we continue to hold on the things that stuck not good force is going to keep us in the valley. In essence, you're sitting on the sidelines because you hold onto things you want to hold onto those that are coming out the sidelines giving all God start living for Jesus, I notice sidelines will come if you see it it it. I think it speaks and talks to the things that we should be doing. Roy and the body of Christ and not you know the things that we think we should be doing. See the things that you know you should be doing should be coming right out of the word of God the things you think you should be going is simply attempting to rationalize what I think I'm best at.

Instead of giving it over to the Lord and say Lord here I am. Use me. The other goes back to the meeting gratification and admin about about not want surrender all you really are that the storm surrender all. Exactly. Folks were coming up on the close the program want to say thank you for listing hopefully getting some fishing thought through with your miracle is yourself in a position to expect that miracle and pray to God for God bless you always love you we love you as we wrap up today show.

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