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S04 Ep39 Threat to Pro Life Americans Remains High

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.
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September 25, 2022 4:00 pm

S04 Ep39 Threat to Pro Life Americans Remains High

Man Talk / Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.

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September 25, 2022 4:00 pm

Welcome to the Man Talk Radio Podcast, with your Hosts Will Hardy and Roy Jones Jr.  This week Will and Roy are discussing the recent attacks on pro-life groups and people.

Our ministry is devoted to breaking down the walls of race and denomination so that men, who are disciples of Christ, may come together to worship as one body


Ministry sponsored by CHW CM talking and walking Christian men's ministry where we're devoted to breaking down the walls place denomination to point me into their God assigned now here's your post hearty and Roy Jones Junior we are back man talk is back and we are sitting here with Mr. Roy Jones Junior to confuse with the boxer is my Mixer was later Roy. We were talking about a topic of and this particular topic. We know that there's a lot of tax threats coming on the Christian community and has been this way for years and years and years and we don't see it stopping until Jesus Christ, and the thing about it is this.

When you stand for biblical principles.

You will always be under attack regardless of what you do you you you going to be under attack because there's always going to be that person who simply says that what you're saying what you're preaching is hey what your preaching is antiquated.

They use all these excuses as to why you know they should not believe or what you're telling them is incorrect.

So you know when it when I encounter a person like that. I simply say that you know you you are rolling the dice with your life you know and you may not get that hard eight but you might end up getting snake eyes and if you do then that's something that she will have to live with eternally and who would not want who understand the truth. Who would not want anyone to come to the knowledge of the truth you know to to receive the free gift of salvation.

Everyone should want that for our brothers and sisters, absolutely. That's why we going to continue to preach this, a man so our article that we want to talk to about today's CBN.

They did an article recently threatened to pro-life Americans remains high FBI under fire for lack of response. After dozens of attacks. So what's interesting about this is everybody, though the Roe versus Wade decision is a return to the federal level and the leave it up to the states to decide about abortion and as a result, I guess, was almost what was will the same day that the decision was made within 24 hours. There were attacks made on pro-life facilities and organizations and nonprofits started with the firebombings I believe. And there's been some attacks on people in the serving we know what they did with the Supreme Court justices that were targeting those that voted in favor of the overturning Roe versus Wade and still to this day are protesting in front of many of the houses of their homes is just quite bizarre.

How this is all transpired over time and so this article says I'll just read it to you portions of it so you can hear exactly what it says a new report reveals pro-life organizations, churches and schools are still facing ongoing criminal threats against the facilities staff and volunteers, and law enforcement officials are being criticized for week response that is led to very few arrest after dozens of attacks now that this makes very little sense doesn't mean people breaking the law, putting people in harms way, threatening people's lives and with today's security effective for quality captions in here. One of the narratives speaks to available security footage which was made extremely beneficial to the investigating group the Lloyd agency weather was local or federal and they were very slow to respond to what you think about that will well you know I want to step back a minute and just give another side of reasoning to your earlier statement in which he stated that in a lot of individuals are I and churches and things like this is coming under attack, but before Roe versus Wade was overturned. You also had individuals who were extremists who went out an actual bomb. Some of these abortion clinics and the Scripture does not teach you going out committing acts of lawlessness. Regardless of what your belief is acts of lawlessness in any sense is prohibited based on the word of God and so we want to make sure we get that in there Roy, because you know we again if we looking at things through the eyes of Scripture. Regardless of where you stand on the issue. If you go out and bomb or create any act that's against the law in the word of God says otherwise. That's a good point will we do not condone violence nor have we ever condone violence or not condoning violence that this conversation today.

Our try to point out is that we need to be equally treated in terms of anyone that's pro-life should have the same protections in the same response levels from law enforcement, federal agencies, as does those who support abortion. Exactly so. This article continues Wilson is the pro-abortion terror wave kicked off after the US Supreme Court decision in Roe versus Dobbs versus Jackson women's health organization June that rolling overturned the 73 landmark Roe versus Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide for nearly 50 years. While CBN uses documented numerous acts of violence and vandalism against these organizations and congregations over the summer. Now the religious freedom Institute. RFI is release the threat advisory titled religious pro-life Americans under attack threat assessment of post-Dobbs America the RFI Commissioner former FBI counterterrorism and intelligence expert to assess the threats and the likelihood of future tax was a 16 report concludes that the prospect of continued attacks is high Christian ministry would like to invite him in spring filled every first Friday of each month.

You enjoy fun and fellowship with God first Christian 110 N. Main start promptly at six parts and 8:00 AM. Come join your face and Roy Jones Junior and the reason why I think of Roy that it's high and it it remains as such again is because you have extremists, individuals who go out and say you know this is something that has been law for you know however many years it's been, and so now to overturn this. What what does that what right now. Are you taking away from me that I have previously did I steal adhere to and we're saying God in his infinite wisdom and mercy because the word of God is an errant and it is an infallible meaning it never fails so if I look at things through the eyes of Scripture because we always talk about that so so we're saying here that if an individual has a view that is contrary against the biblical view of God then they're putting themselves in a position that perhaps they may be at a point of no return. If they continue to hold to such view, but at any time during a life they have the opportunity to be awaken by the Holy Spirit and come to that saving knowledge and grace in Jesus Christ, amen, to say you know that this mindset that I've been holding on for so long is wrong. You know Roy let out one injecting here to I saw this was probably five or six years ago I saw a program they were talking about abortion and they had this it was an image like an x-ray image of the woman because the doctor who was performing it. He was making this video if you will, for those who were coming into practice. You know abortion doctors who were practicing and I recall looking at the fetus in that mother as he was attempting to abort the baby and the baby was actually trying to avoid suction stuffed suction of forceps.

I mean, you could see the baby moving away from these these probes that were coming in and it was it was. I mean it really really made you think, and I think if anyone saw something to this effect would say how would I go through something like this.

If I'm saying that this baby is literally saying I want to live most people don't want to know that will

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