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August 19, 2020 9:00 pm

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August 19, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the work of the CARM missionaries and their need for financial help. Their fundraising page can be found from any page on the site, by following the -carm gofundme- link.--2- Will be the Holy Spirit be removed from the earth during the tribulation- If so, how will people still be saved---3- Should I keep up with the news and politics, as a Christian---4- Matt discusses responses to pro-abortion arguments.--5- How can I best explain why the KJVO movement is incorrect---6- Why are their no descriptions of the devil in the Bible---7- How can you prove that the Bible is correct, if it was written by man---8- What does CARM have regarding BLM---9- Who are the servants of Satan mentioned in 2 Corinthians 11-14-15-

It's Time to Man Up!
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Matt Slick show. It's mad, like why Mack is the founder and president of a Christian apologetics research when his report found online at Car Got.

Well, you have questions of our Bible doctrines. Daja a slick. Why Marans is taking your calls and responding to your questions. At eight seven seven zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt Slick, everybody.

How you doing out there? I'm having a good day and I just ask why you're by God's grace that you'd give me a call. If you have a question, you have a curiosity. You wanna know about an individual, you want to know about theology, Bible stuff.

What? You give me a call and we can talk. So if you are also interested, all you gotta do to watch the show is go to the calm. But read website CRM, type O, R.G. and the right hand side of any page you will find. You'll find the link for the. Actually yeah you can do it. It says radio show Low Menelik Light Radio. You click on that, it'll show you has a Facebook stuff from the home page. You can watch a show. Stuff that big a deal. But what's what you can do is you can you can chat, put in the chat room and other Christians are in there and they interact with you and you can ask questions. We have newbies in there all the time. That's a lot of fun. And also, just let you know, we have three online schools, three online schools that are Britain. And I'll tell you what, they get the fun about it, too. So you guys can call it eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Give me a call. Five open lines. Eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. So we have these schools and we charge for them. But I like to tell people that if you can't afford them, all they going to do is let us know when we're given to you for free. They're online, completely online, and they are arranged in such a way that you can take one lesson, learn nick it next lesson builds off of that, et cetera, et cetera. You can learn basic Christian theology. It's not that hard. It's not that hard to have sections done know like on Jesus and on the Trinity, on salvation. And just in. You can read. You can go through these sections and they're all each self-contained, informationally speaking. And we charge thirty three for those, each of them. And if you get all three, you get a discount. And if you can't afford it, just tell us you don't think give it a big skewes. Just say you know it, email it to other schools. I just really can't afford them. OK. And we just give to you which give you the username and password and you're in. But if you are do that you can do that. We do it using to keep the lights on and things like that. Speaking of which, if you're also so inclined, you could go to combat org and you could help us out financially. All you got to do is go to any page on the calm Web site on the right hand side to donate thing and you click it. We asked five dollars a month, ten dollars a month and you can afford that 15, 20, because if we have a recurring donation, it helps us with budgets. It helps us to know we can and can't do. And speaking of all that, just wait for a call to come in. OK. So I'm going to talk until they come in and then we'll get on the phone. But it's eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. And on the right hand column of any page, you'll see the calm wish-list. You can check that out. But I'm going to point you to something more important than that is we have a go fund me thing. And I want to just talk about this for a little bit. We have missionaries in different parts of the world. Give us Spanish missionary. We have a Portuguese missionary. We have Turkish missionary. We also have a guy in Africa, in Malawi. And Jobster is his name in Malawi, and he's very educated. And what he does is he travels around the country into other countries and he quips Christian pastors with good biblical information. And you got to understand how it works over there in some parts of that that continent, a lot of times they become pastors because people are getting converted and someone needs to preach and teach. Well, maybe so. It might just be studying more than another person. And they kind of become the go to person. They become a pastor. Well, a lot of times a pastors, they don't have any training. And I said, you can't be a pastor if you don't have training. But they often don't know very much about biblical theology. So a Jobster does as he goes and he meets with pastors 50 100 at a time. They meet in groups. He arranges these meetings, never go to these villages on the outskirts of wherever, and he will give them information. And it's written information so that they can they can read and they can take off. You can you can do do stuff. Now, the thing is, you don't have Internet there. They do have phones. And of course, it's expensive to do an Internet kind of thing on a phone. So they really can't get to the Internet like we do on our phones. We just don't think twice about it. So what we're trying to do is find a way to get printed up information.

And he says the calm stuff is just great. It's six succinct step by step. It's very helpful, very useful. And so long story short, what we've decided to do is to raise the funds to send to him and he will buy a printer. He's showed us the different ones that a local computer store has in the city. He's it. It cost double what it costs here. And he doesn't have the money. So we pay him a salary, but it's not very much. And he does what he can. So here's the thing. If you want to help out, if you want to give to a cause to something that's going to make a difference, but it's a difference you won't see. It's a difference you're not going to know about unless I tell you on the radio. This is what he's been using it for. This is how many people he's reached. And we're asking for a thousand dollars. We have just over 250 right now that people have donated on Go Fund Me. So to find that information, all you got to do is go to any calm Web site, any calm website, any calm page. And on the right hand side, you will see down there, you'll see calm. Go fund me. Click on that. We have three things that we're asking about, but the printer thing is what we want to take care of right now. It's a very useful thing and it really is. It's a missionary outreach. He can then print up the material that I send. He'll make it just print it up. They use the same paper size so we can give him buy cartridges and paper and he can print up all kinds of stuff and distribute it to the pastors. And he can leave and they'll have this information and they can then start teaching the stuff that they need to teach about the basics of the Christian faith, getting out to the Muslims because Muslims are killing Christians in Nigeria and they're aggressive. How to beware of the NRA or the new Apostolic Reformation? What happens is a lot of times the American name it and claim it. Teachers go over there and because Americans are successful and they're poor, well, they'll be American. Somebody some wacko pastors will say things like, well, if you don't give one hundred dollars seed faith, well, that means that God will then bless you. They're desperate. So we'll do this and nothing happens. So the American some of the American pastors and others are going over and fleecing people and then leave. And, you know, we want to help inoculate people from that kind of a thing. So this is what we're doing. And it is worthwhile. And if you want to go check out the go fund me thing, all you got to do is go check it out. OK, just go check it out. Honokaa on the right hand side, you'll see the go fundi. Can't go fund me. If you won't give me call, we have four open lines. Eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Let's get to Vicky from Raleigh, North Carolina. Vicky, welcome. You're on the air.

How are you? I'm a question for you.

I'm glad to hear that when Christ comes again into your or when the Holy Spirit remains from the Earth, aren't people supposed to get saved during that time frame?

I thought when Jesus returns from their life and the Holy Spirit prompt this. I'm sorry. Go ahead.

You know, the phone was breaking up on my end. I guess I didn't hear you. Go ahead. I'm sorry.

Yeah. So I just think. You know, like when they come in, they take like before the tribulation. You believe in post tribulation. But, you know, when they say the Holy Spirit is removed from the earth. Likely won't have the Holy Spirit here. How to do this in the Holy Spirit, that kind of prompt and bring people, like, pumped their heart to bring them to salvation?

Well, in a pre millennial view, the basic argument is that the Holy Spirit will not be taken away, but the Christians will be raptured, taken out of the world. And then when the millennium comes, people will be getting saved.

And a millennial reign, the Holy Spirit will be here because he's ubiquitous. That's his nature. And so they say people be getting saved during the millennial period. And then at the end of that, Sigma's let loose and there's a big war and Satan loses and things like that. That's that's what I understand that view teaches.

OK, I did. I wasn't sure. I know. Listen to somebody on the TV network the other day. There were police there. It was removed.

No, it's from the earth. Why would people get aid?

That's good thinking.

But it's impossible for the homeless whether it be removed from the earth. This is why I wish that these guys would learn a loomba theology. By definition, God is everywhere. Therefore, you can't remove the Holy Spirit from the Earth. Otherwise, he wouldn't be everywhere.

Simple, right? Well, I make that right. If I get down to basic just basic Christian theology kind of confuse me. So I would like.

So what they generally have said is that the Holy Spirit indwelling the Christians in that manner where the Christians become kind of a stop gap of a kind of a it holds things back because the presence of the indwelling spirit within them is there. And then when the rapture occurs, they'll say, then the Holy Sturt's taken with them. He's still everywhere, but not in that special in dwelling place. And so therefore, mayhem occurs. And so that's the general theme because recognized recognizes a problem. Authorities say those forms are removed because it can't happen. It just violates a doctor with the evidence. And so when I talk to a lot of them about this, they call me verses. I say, well, let's just let's look at what it actually says, you know? And again, I believe in my opinion, I'm really going to find a lot of people here.

But I really believe that the people sort of people believe in preaching election rapture is because they're used to being Americans were things we won't go through stuff and and we have the convenience. And God wouldn't God wouldn't put us through things like that. Well, they are they're not taught biblical theology, in my opinion. In that respect. Yes. History. Christians have gone through it and through the Bible. Christians have gone through it. Nothing in the Bible says we're going to be pre tribulation raptured out of here.

I'd love it. In fact, I'll just offer a thing that he wants to call up and say, here's the version that we use, the whole deposition. We're going to yell at him. You know, until you're a heretic and say right here, what? Versus you've gotten this. Check him out, you know, because you never know.

Maybe someone might come up something. I might go, wow. I never saw that. I never read it that way. Right. Yeah.

I kind of felt a whole lot more comfortable before I heard your perspective take on it. And I couldn't dispute what the scripture that you read. But I'm like, you know, I'm like, I'm not really I believe I'm hoping that we always leave before truth and not hard about, you know, that we go through the tribulation.

But, you know. You just prayed. We'll be strong enough if we do.

Yeah, I don't want to go through locked on chicken, and I don't like pain because pain hurts to watch. Me neither. So yeah, exactly.

It's one thing if you think about, you know, like when I think about well, I don't I you know, I think I could easily say I would die. But it's the scary part is when you think about the suffering part and the different ways that somebody could make me suffer.

And that's kind of a horrifying thing to think about. You know, like, oh, my guys know it. And I believe I would still do the right thing, but I'm not going to think it's going to be easy at all to say that it can be awful if it happens.

So it would be terrible. Go ahead.

I get a break so you can hold or are you done? Terrible. You got more cowbell. All right. So hold on. Hey, folks, be right back after this. But.

We have three open lines if you want to be called seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Be right back.

It's man like lie. Let's take your calls. Eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt Slick.

All right, one belt. Welcome back to the show. We have to open lines if you want to give me a call. Eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Let's get back to Vicky from Raleigh. All right. So did that help you out at all?

Yes. Yes, sir. Do you think everything we're going through now is because of a rebellion you get? Right. And how about the school? Everything I did. You actually you keep up with politics. Do you watch it?

More and more I'm having to because people are asking more questions. I'm doing research. And unfortunately, I'm so booked with converting the website over to other stuff, managing, doing stuff. I haven't been able to give my all to a project. When I do, I usually put caution tape around where my wife and I'll be sequestered for three weeks. Have ever shipped in? No. And then I just study and I haven't been able to do that with with these issues. And what we're going to do with the new Web site when it's released, hopefully in a couple, two to three months, we can have a social justice category. We'll be going through issues like Black Lives Matter.

Is a social justice issues. And I'm going to be doing some research on them, comparing them to scripture. So do videos on them start teaching and things like that? Yeah, that's right.

I was just wondering, I know personally, I feel like I need to keep up with the news, what's going on and basically what what's going on with a day. But I get so angry and the thoughts shift towards some of those. Yeah, well, there's going to be a lot of guys should be looking.

Oh yeah. You should, yeah. We need to be informed. In fact, I just found out about a half hour ago that there's gonna be a Black Lives Matter rally here in a Boise, Idaho area.

So I really hope everything goes OK.

Well, we had one about a month ago ish give or take, a 40 or 50 BLM people were were there on a certain area. The police were there. And I'm gonna say 700 patriots were there with everyone was out. Oh, yeah. And they were carrying weapons, multiple carrying weapons, rifles opened area in Idaho. And, yeah, I felt perfectly safe. It was not it went down there. No big deal. And when the BLM was outside saying Black Lives Matter. So it was someone else's. Somebody would all start saying all lives matter. All lives matter. Yeah. It's not just black to be racist. It's our lives. That's what has to happen. All lives, everybody. We're one race, a bag with two different sizes and colors. That's it. That's how it has to be seen. And when that is the way we're we're seeing people, then things will just get better all over the place. But as some I just got to keep rambling here. But some people in the black community are saying, you know, that a lot of the blacks have a slave mentality with a trust in the government to give them what they need. And I'm not one saying that these are I know some guys were in the black yesterday. They're saying it. And come on, you know what I did? And, you know, all lives matter and all lives. And that even. Yes, their lives in the womb. I'll tell you. Oh, gosh. I know. Yeah. The way our country is with killing the unborn infanticide that's going on. We said it. Our government is not protecting the innocent, but making it possible for people to kill more people because of the inconvenience of being pregnant.

And this is an atrocity.

For God, we know it's such a key. I bet he's going to let us have the budget issue for so many women.

And I've I always that. I've never seen somebody fight so hard for something that you haven't even eat yet, the right to kill it. But you given to. Yep. You want to fight for the right that if you do that, you. It blows my mind.

Well, we've got to get other callers. But let on the spice. I want people to hear this. I know people are listening. And you know a lot about abortion. I'll ask you, do you approve, Boortz, the. I have a lot of different names. I call them. I don't call them pro-choice. No, I don't. I don't believe in it. So in their title.

And you'll say, well, a woman has a right to her own body. I agree. She can do what you want with your own body to it to a certain degree. But why do they pass laws against you using drugs on your own body like heroin is against along? You have a problem of that. But isn't your body. Are you consistent? It's OK to kill the life in the womb, but it's OK. You're OK with the idea of these heroin that you can be arrested for that could. It's only your own body, right? Well, why the hypocrisy? They can't answer the question.

You know. I know why. Because, well, it's inconveniencing you, don't they want to have their fun. But I want to pay the price of having that fun. And I'll say, well, what is it? If it's your own body, the baby's drawing. It has had arms and legs. If it's your body, then do you have two heads for arms, four legs? Well, no. Well, there was growing in you is not your body. It's another life.

It's their body, right? That's right. It's their body.

Right. You have your body and this person has their body, but happened to be inside of you. You don't have the right to kill it. You do. Did I say to me, OK, well, the life growing in in the womb is not human.

Now I have several ways of tackling one of Marsyas. OK, so what point does it become human? Well, we don't know. Well, wait a minute. You don't know when it becomes human. So you'll kill it. Risking the idea. Risking killing a human.

If you don't know when it becomes human, then don't tell me. Go and kill it. You are killing a human and you say killing a humans, wrong? Correct. Yeah. Well, then why are you risking it? Genius. Right. So I say, OK, give me a give me a month. Give me a day. Give me whatever. And they don't know what to say and I'll say. And furthermore, what causes the ontological change in the womb from non-human to human?

What causes that change? They don't have an answer for them. You just developed what they could think. What? Where'd you get that?

Why is thinking it when it can become self-sufficient? Or why is that the standard? How do you get that? Because you can have babies that are dead. You know, they'll be born at five months and they can survive. But people want to kill up to nine months. It's insane. The inconsistency that people have. And I think I've dealt with people. There was this one time I used this on an atheist parole board, parole board, and his guy was saying, we don't have a right to do this. They can kill whatever they want to do to their body. And I said, OK. So there's a human now, not human. And he didn't have the answers of questions on what would to become you and all this stuff. And I said, OK. So it's a fetus, right?

These is technical terms. The fetus is not. You can take a fetus could you've transplanted into the will of a female dog. If it's not human, you can do that. Right. It shouldn't be anything wrong with that. Right. And this guy before this, he he goes, oh, my goodness, I never thought of that. So if it's not human. Can't you do that? Because there wouldn't be a thing wrong with that, would there?

And he said, well, that's a really good argument.

This is how it shook a Michigan a lot of people. Well, why not if it's not human? What's the problem? They recognize there's something wrong there and they recognize it's the nature of the dog versus in nature, the human. They're different. And they get it. And I asked people, so can you do that? I've had a few say, yes, you can't. You know, they're just so hard hearted. My gosh. In their sinful while they got to give them over to the depravities or hardener. Myers But most people, they don't what to do with that kind of question, and I'm saying this out loud on the radio, on people who, if you're considering abortion, think about these things.

Think. Well, then they'll say, what about rape when you gets pregnant because of rape? Well, my wife and I had a conversation. What would happen if someone were to have were to have rape my wife, that she was pregnant? I knew that. I knew what she would say. And she was right.

She said we'd have a new baby. We'd have a new baby in our family. That's right. Raise the babies my own. That's how it would be. Not going to make the baby back.

That's right. Well, I'm afraid there aren't any better people for help. All right. We've got a folksier three open lines. Give me a call.

Eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six.

It's matters like why it's taking your calls. Seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt Slick.

Welcome back to the show. If you want to give me a call, we have three open lines, eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Let's get to J.R. from Salt Lake City. J.R., welcome. You're on the air.

Thank you, man. Thank you so much, man. I always listen to your radio show here, and I and I'm very blessed by it. Thank you so much. Praise God. And thanks for listening. I'm just calling because I have a friend that is also Christian, and it seems like he got involved with a group of people that believes that only that King James is the only right Bible to read. And I kind of try to give them an explanation why we had to come by was, you know, our generation's words, facts are the context and all this other stuff. But his berries, they he's he's sticking to just believing or reading. He's going. So I was wondering, well, what else can I say to them or what else can I use to maybe try to have an open up a little bit more and not be stuck on a theme?

James? Yeah, it's a it's a problem. And generally, the ones who hold to that also hold to the conspiratorial idea. And what they're saying is that what you're saying is it doesn't matter what the experts say, they're part of the conspiracy against the King James. So you've got this problem. You've got to find out if the if if he is believing in a conspiratorial kind of a thing. Now, if he is, then what's the source of that? And then we have an issue called non falsifiability, non falsifiability. A good example of that, is it back in San Diego. Nice to live there. There was a group called Heaven's Gate. And I don't know if you know about this or remember it, but whatever. They all committed suicide and they committed suicide because it was Hail Bob comment was coming and there was a UFO on the far side of the comet. And it was coming to grab their souls. They to kill themselves, to be free, to go there and go back out into space with the aliens. Now, it's called non falsifiability because you couldn't falsify it. You couldn't prove it wrong. And it's called non fight falsifiability. And generally speaking, things are not falsifiable. Don't rest in reality. And the people who hold a non falsifiable things, you can't reach them because it doesn't matter. It's like saying to that cult, look, how do you know there's a UFO? It just is canalside. Can you prove it wrong? No. Well, there you go. So he might have an issue with non falsifiability. There's no way to demonstrate that the King James is not correct. So one of the questions I will do is say you're King James. Only that's ze best translation, right? Yes. And that's the one. OK. Is there any way to show you that that's incorrect? And if he says no, then, you know, he's guilty of non falsifiability. If we're look at the Greek manuscripts, he show that a couple of versus aren't translated properly. Would that help? No. Well, then, you know, it doesn't matter what you do. He's just not going to believe that at that point. I'll say it doesn't matter what the facts are, what the evidence are. You're just going to hold of this even though you can't prove that it's true. You can't fight Islamics.

Yeah, that makes logical sense. But you're saying I'm wrong. I didn't think about that in a way. But that's why I'm calling you. Yeah. I mean, he's a he's a good brother. He's he believes in. He is. I know he's been born again as well. So it's just there's this little thing about this whole thing with in depth that it's just, you know, bothering me a lot because I know part of the reason why we have the other versions or the Bible, but it's not only English.

Right. So. Right. I appreciate that, Matt.

Just to let you know, we have a huge King James section. King James only section written on your bike lane. He works with us. And you go there and you can read it's so big, you know, so we need to do is have one article that that gives you the summation of stuff. But he did a great job of writing 140 articles, a lot of information. And there you go, check it out. So there's different really ways to deal with stuff. And here's one. Here's a question that I'll ask them. I'll say, is the King James, for example, the New Testament is a more accurate in the Greek manuscripts. And it wasn't. Those say, yeah, it is. Well, so you're saying then that it's more accurate than even the Greek? That's correct. OK. So then. Shouldn't all other translations in the world be translated from the King James that is more accurate in Germany? Right. And he's going to have to say, well, yes. OK. So you're saying the 16 11 version. That's what it was. Right. And I'll ask him to use a 16, 11 version. And they're going to. They don't. Sixteen. Eighty nine. So what I'll do is you can do this. You can go look up 16 eleven King James Bible and do a little bit of research. You'll find the text. And you can show it to him. It's hard to read. It is. It's hard to read. It's different kind of words.

Different kind of font letters. It's really it's quite different for the King James. It's been modified since 16.

Which version are they using? So there's all kinds of issues in sort of raising to the sky. OK. Right.

Yeah. Yeah. Hey. Well, thank you so much. I'll definitely go to your website. Nice. Calm. And I've been there a few times myself. So thank you so much for this help. Wanna make sure that any any anybody ourselves who is also listening about this matter, you know, to have that approach, just like you said, and have these in our brothers get out of that whole mentality thing because there's nothing else we can do to. So it's right. But it's kind of hard. But you know what? The Lord is in control. I guess so busy. Then I have to pray about that. Thank you so much.

You're welcome, buddy. God bless. All right. Is J.R. from Salt Lake City. Let's get to Nate from California. Nate, welcome. You're on the air.

Oh, good to speak up, man. You're Nate. Yes, you're right. Here you are. Yeah.

Oh, I apologize. I was like speaking or somebody else. It's OK. I wanted to ask you questions only. You know, I feel like this was all. But I saw one of the match on TV.

I so like it's just a double cables and lines.

I mean, I'm not doing any of the following.

OK, well, let me. What's your question? My thought is this. What is it?

Hello. Are you there? I'm sorry about that. Can you hear me better now?

I'm not sure. But go ahead.

What you are clue number one is is the devil. This so in the Bible, how he looks like what he looks like. No shows on TV. There's a Roman rare reforms.

That's not just not what it looks like, OK?

That's not what he looks like at all. OK. He's a spirit. My second call. My second climber. That's what I thought.

Too much. Second horse. How is an atheist who loves to you? And this person says, I don't believe in the Bible because it was written by a man. How can you prove that the Bible is 100 percent correct when they say they don't believe the Bible is written by man?

See? Do you ever use a recipe book? Because the recipes are written by people who I guess can't believe in that either, can you? So, you know, directions on how to put your table together written by man. Can't trust it. Sorry. Don't believe it. So the when they say no, no, no in the Bible. Why are you being inconsistent. Why do you say. I don't know. The Bible is true because it's written by man. But everything else you do. Why?

It's your presupposition that you hate God. And that's why you see, I reject the Bible because of what it requires of you submission to the truth of God. So you reject it, too? I don't believe it because it's written by me. Well, really, what else do you not believe that is different by everything like drum?

Also the story of Julius Caesar. How can you believe that?

Right. And when you said earlier, you said, can you prove the Bible's true? Well, that's it's way too subjective. Proof is for mathematics and logic, for proof concept. So when you talk to someone like that, it proved to be the Bible's truth is it can't you know, they're not expecting that.

I said, you know, what does it mean to prove it's true? You know what? What does it mean to you? Tell me what it means for to be true.

There are also many properties that I've come through.

Don't you, Rukiya, understand? I'm saying when an atheist. That's OK. When they say, prove to me the Bible's true. You have to ask them what they mean by true. And you have to ask them what they mean by prove. I'm not being ridiculous. I'm being deadly.

Syrian army are on the cross.

What do you mean by true? Is true in every single sentence. Do you mean it's true that Jesus rose the dead? You mean it's true that archeology verifies. But what do you mean? They don't know. And so they can't answer.

And I say, if you can't answer your own question, what would you say? I can answer you. Why should I even have a conversation with you? You're giving up. You're just being obstreperous.

Or anybody. Get a break coming up. Oh, you're so. Thank you so much. Have a good one. You too. God bless. May take. We have three open lines, folks. Give me a call.

Eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Be right back.

Fits Matt Slick lie. Taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt Slick.

All right. Welcome back to the show. Last segment. And if you wanna give me call, we have three open lines, eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Gary from Utah, you're on the air.

Hey, man, how you doing? Doing all right, man. Hanging in there. What you got, buddy?

I know we've talked a few times. Hey, I know that you get busy, so sometimes you can't always catch up on these things. But I also don't underestimate you because maybe you have. Did you know. Are you aware that, you know, BLM, Black Lives Matter and also and TFA are definitely domestic terrorist groups because of what they stand for?

You have an army. Oh, yeah. I read an article on Black Lives Matter on CRM rudder to a week or two ago.

And you can check it out. And what I did was, let's see, going to it.

So here it is. I don't like the new search, the new guy for Google. We're going to be fixing that with a new site. But you go through the issue and Black Lives Matter racism quote from the BLM Web site.

You know, let's see here. We disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended family and villages that collectively count one another, especially our children. To the degree that mothers, parents and children are comfortable, that is scary.

So they want to disrupt them all. The hate was Andreassen Anderson. What's at the heart of Christian Bible?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's a bad group. And you know that we foster a queer affirming network when we gather we do. So the tension of freeing ourselves, the tight grip of hetero normative thinking. So they're against heterosexuality. The normal thing of of mom, dad, children, family. They want to get rid of this. Break it up. Disrupted. This is this is it's evil. And it was. And this is currently we're fighting two deadly viruses. Koban, 19, is threatening our health and white supremacy is threatening our existence.

It's like. Yeah, right. They are insane. This is, you know, funny.

But most of their members are actually white. And what's funny is to. Let's do watch that. They've not. Not so funny is that I keep in touch with one of the YouTube sounds like Dr. Steven Turley and some others.

And I've got these videos where, you know, they keep up on that. And there's like a lot of neighborhoods now with them where the conservative militia like Idaho good with Ketchum, Idaho and Portland and other places where they're running out there running BLM and in 2008 to even beat them up, get them out of the neighborhood.

Right. Yeah. And there's really a BLM tonight in Boise, which I want to go attend with the rest of the Patriots who want to say things like, no, not here. And so what my article. I've got a lot of stuff that that they're that's there. They want to eradicate white supremacy. In other words, if you're white, you're white supremacy, you're guilty. The criminal justice system is corrupt. They say defund the police, promote LGBTQ, dismantle the heterosexual marriage thing, promote the destruction of the nuclear family, support leftist Democrat candidates. I went through would find out whether money goes through. And Patrice Conne Cooler's supports the Breathe Act and the Breathe Act. I went and I got all documented. She says, yeah, this is great stuff. And the Breathe X says Eliminate federal programs and agencies use to finance and expand the U.S. criminal system. Make recommendations to radically reduce to the Department of Defense, abolish mandatory minimum sentencing laws, ending life sentences, abolishing the three strikes law, develop it, repealing federal laws that criminalize human movement and border entry. The words they do, I hear, have illegals come into our country whatever, decriminalize and retroactively expunge drug offenses so that people aren't for drug stuff. That's OK. Set him free. This is the kind of stuff that causes mayhem in countries and people get pushed so far. Then they're going to start pushing back. And unfortunately, in history, when this happens, blood is spilled. That red pill.

Yeah. And they get Red Tails. So they look at their conservative values and they want law and order. Even liberals, mind you, I get a video about the liberal. That was then where they were voting Democrat before this. Think of it as well as others, like in California. They're doing all these Trump rallies that are the people that rally L.A., New York, they're all doing now. Even in Illinois, when they're standing up for what was going on there, I actually I think I read nonincumbent and I really believe that God is using this president the way he, Cyrus and many others in the Bible.

I believe that could be could be if the left gets in power, if Pelosi gets in power because Joe Biden is he's got problems, obviously. And that's why the left doesn't want him on. The public very much, and he just he's you know, I'm sorry, I'm not mocking the guy because of his dementia that seem to be increasing. That's just what happens sometimes. And I'm sorry about that. But he's not qualified to be president. You can't trust what he says. He obviously got problems. And so neither got Camilla in there. And she's far left of the leftist. She's a Marxist associate. So if something happens to him, she becomes president. Something happens to her. It's Pelosi who president. And yes, it's a scary they will gut our Constitution, try and take away our guns.

It's going to be mayhem. They want to raise taxes, open the borders. This is insanity. There is something mentally wrong with them.

You're right. I think enough Americans rising up that I really trust the American people. And you see all the rally. I don't know. It's not even up rally. Do you think people do on the boat, like in Pinellas County, in Florida and everywhere you go around the country? I mean, you don't either. That for Biden and Tomalis, though. I really do believe, honestly, that God's going to make it happen, that I will be a landslide. But we do want to get out a vote, though.

Everybody better. Everybody better. And we we cannot let these lefties get in. They will destroy our country. They want to turn it into a socialist utopia. Let me explain how it works with law. Yeah, that would be communism. Communism. Everybody think about communism is state owned, state run, everything. That means the government runs everything, controls everything. That's what communism is. And when the government controls everything, the means of production and distribution of goods and tells you what you're to have it in every communist country. They have shortages left and right. People lose their freedoms. That's how it works. Right. So the more government you have, the closer you're getting to communism. So what socialism is, is one step closer to us. It's an increase of government control of the means of production, the means of distribution with heavy taxation. They control everything. They want to remove private property, because if you have in a communist country, you can have private property because that means you do what you want with it. The government isn't in control. So what the socialist idiot morons are wanting is more government control and it's just stepping further and further to the far left where communism is waiting to devour our country. And when that happens, we will not have our freedoms anymore. BLM is part of that debacle of idiocy. And they need to be stopped and Tiffany's to be stopped. And the stupid moron, leftist wacko Democrats on the far left in the cities that left these riots occur. What is wrong with them? So there had been some studies done. Let me liberté driven studies done on people's brains physically where their brains alter when they get in power. Something happens to him. Yeah. There's something mentally wrong with these leftists. Not all. I'll tell you, there's something wrong with them. And we we have got to stand up against them or we're going to lose our rights. They're going to come into the churches are bigots are saying things like you can't sing in church.

Oh, wait a minute. We've heard that already. You know. Right.

OK, just to go quick before I look down times and Shorten might go get one more caller and two things I know that comes with the book of moronically, and I'm with those people for those things the way they think. And then remember, back in the day, the 50s and thinking, of course, I was too young. I was born at the. But when they had the Black Panthers and the Weather Underground, which is now black, be a lemon. And the problem is it's worse now because now the write in different cities more so. But I really believe that we're getting a hold of this and we're going to win. I don't know, racist law and order. You end up winning anyway.

Not always. When you look at history, this is somebody is why people need to study history. Never in all of recorded history does a country just gradually get better and gradually goes into utopia. You think this is what the leftist thinks will happen when you have socialism? He thinks this could crash get better. That's a lie from the devil himself. Never in history had ever happened. The only way, unfortunately, the only way they get their countries back is by revolution, unfortunately. Yeah. So there's a lot. It's a serious stuff. And, you know, we Krisha's need to be aware and stop putting your faith and trust and preach of rapture. I just stuffed a bunch of toes put. Hope that is true. Pray that is true. But prepare to go through it. That's how it should be. OK, I think we've got to go back.

That's a whole nother OK. That's Earth not to call you back another time. Thank you.

Hi there. God bless. All right. OK. Let's get to our last caller, which is Harry from Kentucky. Hey, Harry, welcome. You're on the air.

Hi. That.

Second Corinthians, eleven 14 and 15, where he comes disguised as an angel of light.

Does those yes. Which is right. Yes. Which which.

Father, the ministers that are minister, his ministers are that expert override that.

No, they certainly this is the verse fifteen. Therefore, it is not surprising that servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness whose end will be in accord with their deeds. Kenneth Copeland is one of those. OK. All right. As Joe Schedule saying that I probably agree there. Yeah. Joel Osteen probably fits in that category. We have Fertik. You too. People don't realize, you know, people. I think that you're just way too harsh. I will say this. If you think that no offense meant. It's because you don't let your heart. OK, hold on. Let me go get older. I say to people, if they think that I'm too harsh, it's because they don't understand and know the word of God. And they also don't understand what these false teachers are actually saying. That's a good thing. OK. That's what's going on.

That's the key. They don't they don't listen to what's been said by those people throughout the years and put it together.

Right. And I try and help them. I totally agree. I say things on the radio, which people are surprised that all say things. And you know what? I'm just saying what it is. You should not listen to Kenneth Copeland. If you have a church with women Pastor E to leave with an elders. You need to leave. Sorry.

You need to get out. Don't be supporting them. Leave people that can't do that.

Yes, I can. Don't do it. Don't support it because it's unbiblical. Christians data stand on the truth of the word of God, not what they feel that they want. Stand on the truth of the Word of God and God knows what he's doing.

God knows what he has said. And we need to obey him. That's what you do.

Men, men in particular, men in the church need to study the word of God. They need to get in groups and study God's word and study and learn doctrine. Learn what truth is. And they need to start implementing it lovingly and patiently in their families and requiring more and more of this in the lives of the others that they touch. And as the Holy Spirit moves through men, he will start to unite men into a large movement of prayer, humility, service and the work of the ministry to which we are all called. Men need to do this, but are being worse, defied all over the place and in church. You've got to get in tune with your feminine side.

I don't have a feminine side. I'm a man. I'm knocking femininity. I'm a man, not a woman.

I have a feminine side. I need to behave the way I want me to behave as a man. The scriptures teach.

I could go on, but I won't because we're out of time. How about tomorrow? Buddy. OK. All right. Back. Back. Okay. All right. God bless.

Hey, folks. There you go. For a little bit of a Mat's rant. I've had a great time listening and treat Khalaji with Lord. Bless him by his grace.

Be back on your tomorrow. We'll talk to them.

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