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April 20, 2021 1:34 am

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April 20, 2021 1:34 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What do you think about the concept of mirrorism---2- Can a Christian be an egalitarian---3- Can any believer lay hands on someone to pray for healing---4- What is the best response to a unitarian who uses 1 Corinthians 15-24-28---5- How do you deal with the Catholic statement that Mary is the spouse of the Holy Spirit---6- Matt discusses why God must be a Trinity.--7- Can Molinism work-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is a lot more you have questions about Bible doctrine. Call three lines 877-207-2276 and see you wonder. I wonder I die just now checking out the Facebook carb site and see his face but even working to be something in the chat room could tell me because our current Facebook isn't working Facebook down as a whole might be. Anyway, I don't will see good but hey folks, if you want to Z given call to open lines 877-207-2276. Would you apologetic share of the fence of the Christian faith, and I hope you are enjoying this.

Over the years do who enjoy notes you would be really cool is if you go to Israel with us next year. We get to meet each other only I drop in half one was going on and so what were going to Israel next year. By God's grace.

So if you want to join us. You can do check out Carmen Israel and that's a Facebook stream is good okay good karma, Israel and sorry got things going on.

Maybe some tech.

This is about looks as good. So Carmen has all the information that you need right there you could check it out. Some of the stuff you got going on because will be gone next year got about 2025 people signed up and it looks like for not been really nice trip. Identical fork and it is fun. It's awesome. Certainly I really enjoyed my favorite things is the boss part to seal the site like people like to join with people in meeting the people and different chairs and seats and talking to people about whatever solidified so well because I love you be time for you all you do is go check it out and we have three open one of the three online schools. If you want to check about help prank callers are getting evident bright colors for a while. You know, and I get a kick out of the wish to get a lot of them my old radio dig and the lid call in and you don't be stupid. Usually it's young males of the fifth 1920-year-old.

The frontal lobes are fully developed and so they would call up afterwards. I'm sure they would explode a good piece stupid publicly.

So kudos anyway. So Laura says the schools are great in the chat room is going to join a general disk home page and you bill to see the seeming lab sitting here in a chair. My office and not a big deal but all I get to meet a lot of Lotta people like the people in their and Dave says hi and that Loretta's William. There's let's see what else is in here the company and okay I see generally take my talking all right for good lines. Give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Tony from Greensboro, North Carolina. Tony welcome you on here all the hello yes I hear you, dear me, I got okay you okay yes I cannot hear you fine. The second okay I would note I'm only infrequent listener. I am not a Christian I am. I am Jewish and not a mechanic, persuasion, but I do enjoy listening to your show.

I agree with everything but I do learn a lot listening and I also teach you know what are the universities in religious studies are more archaeologist like… A time taller than I was able to get through discussing a question about matters of comments from the Bible. I good and evil and a question centered around the Iraq was so good you're okay with the term terrorism terrorism. No yeah it's valid when you win you from the Hebrew perspective when you look at concept like day and night, good and evil that I enjoyed that if these concepts are not two separate things. Americanism is where you have a single idea, composed of polar opposite. Okay. And I'm noticing start with some of the students in the school religious that is where some that come from the school about divinity usually are confused by some of the translations where the separate but they are in fact part and parcel of the same thing so when God day and night.

It's really one idea and confirmed it applies to the vehicle. Okay militarism I get so lucky and as if 45 seven gun cleats, shalom is in the so he can collect decrease peace and calamity so that I barely hear you okay will get a bit yeah connection. Yeah, and they are not a good example.

Go day and night, good and evil. I have an idea of the gang are not separate everything they are polar opposite, but they represent a single idea well that's so that they will be logically difficult for me to get my head around because their opposites. How could he be the same idea because the good and evil. Evil is to be good is that which resides in the heart and mind of God is revealed through his revelation and evil would be that which is contrary to an art form to from the Hebrew at concept that the difficulty in getting around it. Wrapping one's mind around it like in many ways the Hebrew only eight biblically to text content that the past can and if you channel present at the present tense bodies that so it it gets to be proleptic with another difficult letter to her and I agree with problems of getting translation from one language to another. When you're dealing with Greek Tentative service that don't exist anywhere else in the Indo-European like accelerating very precise language in Hebrew is not precise language so you like you no good. You know the medical language and context, and more. Think about what a meaning you will proleptic idea would be frequently what God says to Moses.

It usually translated. I am who I am buying it within the Hebrew contact, the more accurate translation would be, I am what I will be what I call outward. I am just now, but I'm also becoming this quote unquote to you is all you can handle at the moment but it doesn't always know what you listen to Josie next to this idea is not internal so I am young.

When I revealed to you at this point, though, in the present hold on hello hello that a connection but do you know the Septuagint solitary yet Septuagint is right with the Septuagint. I did the Hebrews, the Jews translated, I know you hysteric into the two I am that I am going to own the they did the they did in the English so I go without it. It's pretty accurate so probably going to the Septuagint oriented Greek was in copper thing and and I will give it Septuagint credit.

It made the greatest effort in pavement the context but sometimes you don't get the Semitic languages Hebrew, Aramaic, Aramaic heart into not committing godlike well you know I could still have a good conversation about that some time with you and I appreciate that input though they do.

Okay well I enjoy sure I don't really great everything, but then you're coming from one perspective, I'm coming, but I do find the most enjoyable thing you are here to meet.

Honest. And I do learn quite a bit. Please God when honest man. That's right, that's for sure. But I'm honest. All right appreciate it all right. I will be continuing to be what I'm sure I will. God bless okay okay I read it I missed hung up on the silly.

Okay, let's see, let's get to Elias for Massachusetts allies welcome you on here late in every yeah you might be a little like that on the question so you know I was the memo like our government or carrion of the video, you are calm. You hello and out of Lincoln. The same two men, guaranteed out Eric and will come together and fellowship. Yeah I can see God turning to be in error and the complementarity should work on him to come to the trueness and for those who don't want that is folksong, materialism means that many women have different roles in churches complement each other and women, pastors and elders egalitarian's egalitarianism says that women can be pastors and elders, which is the which is incorrect, but to yeah what would I meet people like that, depending the situation I want. I want to to correct them quote Scripture you know when I've offered over the radio many times over the years have public debates on was take me up this little village is the Bible teach, materialism or egalitarianism, and in on his first eldership and pastoring in the middle okay and I had a quick question though the praying of hands the company.

Let's say like giving capital a I, and my grandmother want to make an that allow yeah absolutely I think I summoned last night. As a matter fact literally laid hands on them and anoint them with oil. Mix over the guys house and we pray for him. Anybody can do that you condone wife can do it you grandmother doesn't matter okay right doctrine called the priesthood of all believers. I don't know if you're familiar with, but I've written article had on Carmen's work on any into because we have a priesthood priesthood of the City Hall believers is released to the last week because it was coming up and I think I was surprised I hadn't read but not so I wrote it's on the 25th anyway so this new Scriptures deal with this how you are living stones your buildup as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood is first Peter 2526 and first Peter 29 you are a chosen race and royal priesthood holy nation, and so there's a priesthood of all believers and that means that we have the right, although I believe. Anyway, we have the right, all of us to be able to administer sacraments as an anybody can give communion and baptize in with oil. Specifically, however, the offices of the of the church. The roles of the church. The offices are differentiated so elders and pastors are really male not female. There's good reasons for writing. Right now I think is okay folks are going to be called 87720776 max Y call 7707 charismatic sling. There we go for about that hate you, give me a call.

We have four lines 877-207-2276 committed chemical. All right, let's get to John from Florida hey John, welcome here in replica of the court sure loaded will be a proper ongoing riparian will give you both current and live one fourth the 28 and he wants you sent us for demonstration Unitarianism arrived at that job and wanted a father, grandparent, old bear. The proper response to your trainer give [see also support is given to Jesus says right in the text.

The frequently all authorities that given him his bottle of authority, powerless rentals put all enemies under his foot so that's it is your authority to forgive sins yesterday have the authority to make judgments right equal with God, right. So how could he be the one who has equal judgment that God has and yet is not God. Can you please explain right because that gives think about it. All authorities be given to him and all things are subjected to him, wait a minute, only God has all things subjected to him. It never says that all things are subjected to an angel or some profits or some apostle but Jesus, he's ontologically different in order to have all things subjected to all things and escorted me in all things and joke around the fallen Angels, hell, heaven the universe mankind was.

It was all things in silica want to give you a list. You don't make sure it's a good list shape. So how's this possibility is just a treated thing. How can he have that dominion over all those things as a treated think excludes explain and see how the text works against him in a position right now. Thank you. Okay, I guess wegot no callers waiting I do something else for you okay are you you contact or you and are you in contact with Unitarians very often why this one only one guy okay got some sleep like a yon betting on all the okay that was a good yon. Sorry that folks is good yon. All right, so what you can do with Unitarians and I do this every now and then meet them very often, but was okay.

So God is one person right yes she's eternal okay got your position okay good okay let me understand it now. I got a question for you. So can you define personhood for me just ask him to define personhood while you self-aware me help them out little self-aware aware of others able to think reason to love to to hate to think right yeah that's it person percentages and so you your view was a God is one person right. The home is one person okay so before the universe was created God. He eternal existed as one person correct site will okay what you doing what you doing you tell me how he was exhibiting the attributes of personhood by himself alone in darkness forever.

You tell me how that's possible since there's no one to love. How could he love. There's no one to show mercy to pocketing immersive there's no one to communicate with, which is one of the aspects of of personhood is no fellowship going on to explain how this works with your view of God, you'll find it. I had difficulty explaining it. If you listen to what they say you can because there an error at the trying defender error. You'll have more information to attack their error then what are illustrations like I give this if you do put a bad guy, man or woman is not a bad guy and you put in solitary confinement. There's no heat, no light, no darkness, no cold. It's just even and eyes go toilet in his cell and expanded and meals us to sell to him in the dark. And that's it.

That is all the house. For his entire life. Would that be torture and he will see what you have course with a snap with your God is doing is kneeing the same situation. How is it not torture for him to be infinitely alone for an infinite amount of time without fellowship, without expression, the reception of love and intimacy communication which is part of the necessity and quality of being human being person, as it were made in his image. Genesis 126 were like him, how, and he desires fellowship with us. That must be part of his nature.

How's that possible from your perspective that he doesn't have that for an infinite amount of time to explain it in the can't.

So it's probably not right here directly affect you, then went away for college get it all.

Explain what aspects of why the Trinity makes sense logically right okay okay right okay when I hang on I don't get the colors right beside you running on an academic question.

Sure certain from how would you respond to a Catholic with those of the above are saying to me nothing of the law when they say Mary is the spouse of the Holy Spirit you know you need to tackle that one of them is as I say well he's a spouse today have a marriage ceremony was immediately a spouse, I am a spouse and the husband and my wife only been to a ceremony and we exchange of the house and we became husband-wife server spouse. So I explained to me how Mary's us the house of the Holy Spirit because you know you did you tell you implying some Mormonism here where God came down had relations with Mary to make the body of Jesus that he talk so that the mark to a Catholics that's blasphemy don't talk like that. Hey, you said you said there's a spouse, so how's that work for you.

Your carnal your wicked dude_foot with you said explain how she's the spouse, without being married. How do you spell you stop loving married bridal and or talk anymore for you, you stupid well I'm stupid them outsmarting you as a make you know that kindergarten stuff with the so ill. Is it just you. I think it you use what they say against the it's a simple procedure and here's the thing. It takes a little bit of art little bit of of smarts to do a little bit of practice and that is saying you play a game with everybody is not it. Only the Christian Trinitarian worldview is correct and every other worldview eventually is self refuting and has internal problems only.

Christian, trinitarianism does not. So what essentially a Catholicism is doing even though it's Trinitarian. It is essentially adding Mary into the Godhead without doing it. They're not doing it and they'd announce that when they make her a functional goddess and that she could hear millions of simultaneous players all over the world and spoken ends and thought in languages all over the place simultaneously and hear that she's a functional goddess and just argues that this is spouse is not always the Bible got a bedroom on my foot voted five of the mind.

Why don't you calling 77 Matt Flynn why call 77077 charismatic slave 72276 last four digits of LCA RM on your phone. Now, I mentioned the idea of trinitarianism in Unitarianism. I wanted actually talk a little bit about why the Trinity must be the Trinity why God Trinitarian why that's the natural and logical necessity of his existence, middle, to the slowly and something of written up and it's on some notes are not released yet, but I want to go to this little bit so you're thinking This Could Take a Couple Three Minutes and It Might Hurt You.

Okay Immersive. There's Some Fixing to Go on for a Little Bit. All Right Now God Is Trinitarian and in the Trinitarian State. That's Where We Could Exist or He Can Exhibit the Fullness of the Attributes of Personhood That Includes Fellowship. Love Communication Reciprocity. That Means I like You You like Me. I Say How You Say Hi Back and Forth a Contemplation Knowledge, Etc., and Personal with without an Impersonal Aspect of Big Part of God's Nature.

So This It Was Important That the Nature of God. Exhibit Stuff Is Important.

The Attributes of Personhood and Personhood Is Not Impersonal.

It's Not Impersonal Because It Has To Be Personal Is an Important Concept All Right Now so Say This on All Expand on It. But If God Were a Single Person, Then There Would Be an Eternal State in the past Where God Was Unable to Exhibit Many of the Aspects of Personhood Such As Fellowship, Communication, Love, Reciprocity, This Would Mean That He Existed Eternally in the past in Solitude without Fellowship, without Awareness of Others without Digs Exhibition of Love, Which Are Necessary Expressions of Personhood Was Problematic. Now If We Were to Expand on This so That Our Personhood Consists of Self-Awareness, Awareness of Others Fellowship Love Communication Emotions like a Set Reciprocity, Contemplation, Knowledge, Knowledge of Others, Knowledge of Ourselves. Reason in the Exercise of Free Will Lack of the Exhibition of Our Personhood in Relation to Others Due To Isolation Is Considered a Form of Torture. So They Would Be by Analogy to Say Be Analogous to Say That It Will Be a Form of Torture. If God Were a Single Eternal Person Who Experienced an Eternal Time of Isolation in a State Where He Could Not Exhibit the Full Expression of His First Personhood Which Would Be a Lack in God's Nature Because the Nature of God Is What It Is. But If There Are Attributes That Can't Be Expressed Because of His Condition. That's a Problem. The Contradictions Condition Is Nature of This Cast Doubt on the Validity of the Unitarian Concept of God. It's Ultimately Self Refuting… Add This Is Aspect Here.

If God Were to Persons Than the Fullness of Personhood Could Be Expressed Eternally.

However, This Could Be a Problem. Look, If There's to Persons and They Can Be Aware of Others Have Each Could Be Were of Each Other. Exercise Free Will Have Knowledge, Contemplation, Reciprocity, Love, Etc. This Would Mean Though That These Attributes Would Also Be Consisting of an Impersonal Aspect of This Is Where It Gets a Little Bit Hard for Me to to Articulate This Communication and Love between Two Persons with Necessitate an Impersonal Aspect of That Fellowship As an Impersonal Abstraction. She Love Fellowship Reciprocity between the Two Persons or Abstractions Will Be Positive from and Explain This. Abstractions Are Things That Are of the Month so If I Were to Say to You.

I'm Thinking of a Football Cannot's Not a Soccerball but a Football American Football You Have in Your Mind an Image of That Football If I Were to Say Doc Was a Duck Quack Quack and I Would Say the Word Doc You Will Have in Your Mind an Image of of the Duck so There's a Quality a Transcendental Quality Called Football This and a Transcendental Quality Called Doc This and Share This and Blew This Etc. We Call These Ago This, but What We Call Him Transcendental's, Which Means That These Are Abstractions. These Are Concepts That We Recognize so If We Were to Recognize Number One the Number Two Number Three Number Four to I Could Say the Number Two and I Can Imagine Writing It on a Chalkboard and You Can Imagine the Same Thing with Me.

So We Were All in the Classroom and I Was on the Chalkboard. I Wrote That Symbol Little to up on the Chalkboard Knife I Would Ask You Is That the Number Two. A Lot Of You Possibly Have That You Will Know It's Not Actually It's a Representation of the Transcendental Concept of Transcendental Idea of What We Call to Ness Because Twoness Can Exist Here in This Room with Us in Our Minds but He Also at Home with Their Families. If You're Counting 12345 Anyplace Else in the World Were to Is Applicable. If I Were to Go to That Chalkboard in a Race That Number That Symbol for the Number Two Twoness Is Not Destroyed Because That Symbol Is Not Too It's a Representation of an Abstraction That This Is New Concepts for A Lot Of People. But the Idea Here Is That Love Is an Abstraction.

So I Love My Wife. My Wife Hopefully Still Loves Me with a Look of Obstreperous and Irritating Sometimes Love My Wife As an Abstraction but at the Same Time Is in Actuality to It so I Have a Feeling and Expression of Love for My Wife.

I Can Do the Same Thing in the Issue of Mercy to Someone Else or Compassion with Someone Else. And These Are Aspects of Existence and Are Aspects of Fellowship There Aspects of of Personhood. So My Wife Is a Person and I'm a Person and We Exchange Love between Each Other. But Love Is Not a Package That We Got to the Store Go to Get Two Units of Love Here Given a List Doesn't Work like That How It Works Is There's This Interaction between Us and the Abstract Thing We Call Love Exists within Each of Us toward the Other and Solicit What's Interesting about This Now. In This Sense, Newman Introduced the Concept Here. In This Sense Is That Love That Is Exchanged Is It Personal or Impersonal. If We Were to Say That It's Personal Than the Love Itself Would Have To Be Self-Aware, but That's Not the Case It's Not Self-Aware.

It's Is the Number Two and Twoness Is Not Self-Aware or Chair Ness Is Not Self-Aware or Football. Ness Is Not Self-Aware, so We Would Say That Love Is Impersonal Know It Kinda Contradicts Will Be the Connotative Understanding of of Love Notes Personally Exchange It, but the Thing Itself Is What We Call an Impersonal Actuality.

But It's It Occurs with with Persons in Persons and among Persons As They Relate to Other Persons so This Is the Aspect of Trying to Get to Because We Get the Next Point. If We Are to Say That God Was Existing As to Persons and Let's Continue with This Idea of Love Being Exchanged Love Itself Is Impersonal in That Sense Okay As I As I've Explained, Because It's an Abstraction, but It Occurs in the Hearts That That Occurrence Is Not Self-Aware. It's an Occurrence Will This Would Mean Then That in Buying the Terrien a God with Just Two Persons He Would Mean Then That a Fundamental Aspect of the Nature of God Would Be Impersonal. The Love Towards One Another Would Be Impersonal Because It's That Entity. Not That It Will Be Called after Kennedy a Week, but It Means That This Thing Which Is Not Self-Aware That Personal Is Exchanged between Two Who Are Personal. Therefore, Love Fellowship, Compassion, Appreciation, Valuing These Are Aspects of of Thought of the Impersonal through Personal Abstractions That Are Exchanged and Used in and Connected with Others. A Whole Tangent to Get into Is How They Had a Transcendental Nature Because It Only Works with the Transmittal God but That's Another Thing I Love Talking about That the so This Is a Problem with the Idea of a Binder.

Terrien God Is That We Would Have Two Persons Who Exchange Something That's Impersonal, That Would Mean a Fundamental Aspect of of the Binder Terrien God Would Be Personal and Also Impersonal, Which Is Problematic Because How You Have an Impersonal Aspect of Being a an Actual Essence of the of the Personal God That We Did after the Break down of This Too. God, Arianism 877760 the Right after Mass Y Call 770727 Pairs Nicely Issue That I Was Saying on and so As I Want to Continue on the Issue. When We Move from the Binder Terrien View Which Has Obvious Problems Now Is Moving the Trinitarian View in the Three Persons of the Trinitarian the Trinity.

Each of the Persons Would Then Mediate Their Personhood among the Other Two. So What We Would Have Here Is the Father-Son Holy Spirit. The Father and the Holy Spirit Would Have Fellowship. It's Mediated by the Personhood of the Sun, the Father, the Sons Fellowship Is Mediated by the Person Personhood of the Holy Spirit. This Works and If with the Combination Father-Son and Holy Spirit Father and Holy Spirit in the Sun and the Sun Host with the Father, Etc. Then We Don't Have a Fundamental Aspect of God Being Impersonal. Remember, the Idea of Love and Forgiveness and Things Are Impersonal Not to Say That Seth Went Mean by That Is, They Don't Have Self-Awareness. Forgiveness Is Not an Entity of Itself That They Can Talk to but It's Next Something That Exists in an Abstract Sense, and in the Binder Terrien Sense of Fellowship.

Love Communication Would Be Impersonal and That Would Be a Fundamental Aspect of the Planetary in God, but in the Trinitarian God. That's Not Necessary Because We Would Have the Each of the Member Mediating the Fellowship and Love and Intimacy between the Other Two. And Because Their Doctrines Occur to Recessed into Dwelling and the Divine Simplicity Will Be in All Those Things and It Works in This Way You Don't Have the Impossibility of of Unitarianism. The Logical Problems of Violence Arianism and since God Is Maximally Efficient, Then You Wouldn't Need a Quadruple Quadrant Arianism You Would Need to before and Three Is the Minimal Necessary Logical Essence of What God Is to Maximize His Perfection Is Fellowship Is Intimacy, Self-Awareness and All. And This Is What God Is and Why God Is Etc. That's All That Makes Sense.

Okay Hope That Makes Sense and It's It's Little Intellectually Difficult, but to Open Work for This Get to Isaiah from Walnut Grove, North Carolina As a Welcome You on the Air. I Am Calling on Them A While Now and I Really Glad so We Got Direct That My Collecting Is off My Curriculum Mole and You're Going Be Productive and the Way Meant for the Long Dark and They Rely on You Know by It Interesting and McMullen Are Going and How It Could Explain God's Sovereignty over Human Freedom, but That the Problem of Manipulative Great Aunt like That What They Are. Anyway, the Thief Who Can Work Together or They Could Fundamentally Different in Every Aspect Will Tell You What, Let's Discuss Monism Colors Waiting Right Now the School Reading This, We Can Introduce Her to A Lot Of People Never Heard of It, I Can Tell You Why It Doesn't Work Okay. It Doesn't Work Nonstop to You Why Sold within Monism in This Dock. He Said It's It's an Attempt to Kind of Rectify Apparent Which Is Not Really There, but Apparent Disparity between God's Sovereignty and Man's Freedom so Has Three Aspects Natural Knowledge Which Is God Knows All Things Are Possible and Logically Necessary Middle Knowledge, the God Knows Any That's Important Free Will Choice That Any Person Might Make It Any Time in Any Circumstance. That's Important. Free Knowledge Means That God He Knows Everything That It Actually Exists Right Now Middle Knowledge Is, Is This Thing. It's Also Called Censure Mejia Made Middle Medio Century Note, Middle Knowledge That God Knows What Any Free Will Choice Will Be of Any Person at Any Time Any Circumstance. Okay, Anywhere.

So God Then Because He Has This Knowledge.

The Problem Then Becomes, That God's Decisions about What to Do. Become Partially the Very Least Partially Contingent on the Known Human Free Will Choices You Make. You See Him Saying so Far This Is a Problem in Ditto Yes I Would Check about like What Everybody Would Do Their If He Knows Everything to Do Because of Free Will. Discussed That Next, Then, Does God Based His Future That His Decisions to Do Something in the Future Based on What He Foresees for Knows That People Will Do under Different Circumstances. If That's the Case, Then God's Choices Depend upon Man's Choices or God's Choices Are Influenced and or Partially Contingent upon Man's Choices.

This Is a Problem Because That in Christian Theology Is a Doctrine Called Us Acidity. This Means That God Is Eternally Noncontingent Is Essence of His Makeup and His Knowledge and His Decisions. He Is Not Contingent upon Anything Because If He Was Contingent upon Anything That He's Not the God of Scripture. Contingency Means That No I'm Contingent on God and That I Couldn't Exist If God Had Created the First Adam and Eve You Know That Many in the Universe I Couldn't Be Here Now so All Causal Are All Events That Occurred Now Are Because the Related to the First Cause Being God in the System. That's How It Works but Nevertheless Aggressive, so God Has All Knowledge Eternally. There Is No Necessity for Him to Have Middle Knowledge Will Be No Necessity of Him to Know What Pert People Do, and Free Will Circumstances Free Will. Time under Different Conditions. As a Logical Problem Here Because Nothing Could Occur. This God Ordained That It Occurs. So Even the Choice I Have To Wear My Certainty, Which Is Truth.

The New Hate Speech Is Ordained by God and I'm Free the Same Time, Just As Jesus Was God in Flesh Has Free Will. Said in John 519 John 530 That He Could Do Nothing of His Own Initiative, but Only That Which Is the Father Do They Get. She Had Free Will and He Came to Do the Will of the Father Who Sent Him from before the Foundation of the World Is Ordained As Eternal Son so We Can See That This Is Flat out Proof of Compatible Is Validity. Libertarianism Is What the Issue Is Here Is Had a Middle Knowledge Compatible Is Him Says That Human Free Will Discuss and Free Will Is the Minute Human Free Will Is Compatible with the Sovereign Decrees of God and Libertarianism. The Arguments Go. Basically That Human Free Will Is Can't Be Known by God Exhaustively Because God Knows Exactly What You're Going to Do When It's Time for You to Do It.

Are You Free to Do Anything Else Because God Knows You Going to Do It to Their for Your Force to Do It. So How Do You Have Free Will and It's a Faulty Logic.

They Switch Categories Risk There's a Convolution of Ideas in There and They're Not Clear to Think This Is What I Have a Problem with That. That's the What's That Free Will Mean Free Will Is the Ability to Make Choices That Are Consistent with Your Nature and Also Are Not Forced upon You. The Reason I Say Consistent with Your Nature Is Because Sometimes It All Say to People Is Next. I Say I Matriculated Ready This Idea Is Free Will, the Ability to Accomplish to At Least Try to Accomplish Anything You Could Desire. Or Think about That You Could Want to Do an Annual Good or Bad. Whatever It Is You Can Desire to Be the One and You Can You Can Accomplish Either One Is That with Free Will List without Anybody Forcing Eunice against Free Will. This and I Tell Them That You're a Humanist Because What You Did Was You Agreed with My Tricking You I Told You What Your Humanist Because Your Definition Doesn't Fit God It's Man · God Centered to God Is Free, but He Cannot Choose to Do Evil. He Can't Choose to Do Evil. He Cannot Lie. We Can, but His Nature Is Different Than Ours Is Not Self-Contradictory As Pure and Holy. So We Have To Have a Definition of Free Will. That Includes God Because God Is the Standard of What Is Free Will Not Man. Monism Tends to Use Man As a Definition As a Standard and Then in My Opinion It Reduces God's Sovereignty. That's My Opinion Monism but Nevertheless, so If God Is to Be Included in This Definition Than What We Would Say Is That God Can Only Do That Which Is Consistent with His Nature without Being Forced Us Free Will so This Applies to People As Well.

Free Will Is the Ability to Make Choices or Constructs Consistent with Her Nature, but Are Also Not Forced upon You. All Right, What Is the Bible Say. But the Unbeliever the Unbeliever Is a Slave of Sin Are Running at a Time of Article. The References, but the Scriptures Are Is Unbeliever Who Is a Hater of God Can Do No Good's a Slave of Sin Does Not Seek for God Cannot Receive Spiritual Things. So That Means That There Is No Condition in Which an Unbeliever by His Nature Will Ever Ever Freely Choose God. The Bible Speaks against It.

So the Problem with Middle Knowledge Now Becomes That, As They Say God Knows He Freely Knows What Any Free Will Choice Will Be of of Anyone Any Circumstance. They Also Mean That It Means That They're Able to Choose God on the Right Circumstance Which Is False. Answer Previous Grace Convenient Grace.

I Call It Kindergarten Theology Because It's the Grace That Comes before That Really Enables a Person before I before Adam. Before the Fall to Be Able to Freely Choose God Will Probably 21 One Says God Moves the Heart of the King Where He Wishes It to Go. How Much Preaching and Gracious, but He Give to Bob and Frank and Bob Lisa Frank Is Not Why Because of Their Free Will Will Why Does One Person Free Will with That Amount of Redeeming Grace. Give the Believe That It Is Not, and I Can Ask These Questions Ad Infinitum Ad Nauseam in the Monist Can't Answer the Question As the Problem Here Is That It Depends upon a Kind of Contingent's Choice of God upon the Free Will Libertarian Free Will of People That God Sees What They Will Do an Basis Parts of His Choices on What He Has Ordained in Their Freedom As Some Monist Say and Some Say by His Foreknowledge and Extrapolation. Others Have Said This to Me That He Will Then Make This Choices to Bring about the Best Possible Situation of of the World.

He Wants Using Their Free Will Choices Which Includes Libertarianism and in the More Difficult Areas of Preaching the Grace Which Only Makes Things Worse. If You Really Think about It. Monism in My Opinion Collapses on Itself. If You Really Examine It. It Doesn't Work It's in and It's an Attempt by Black People with Secular Minds Secular. The Influence Minds Trying to Understand How God's Sovereignty Can Exist over Our Freedom.

The Bible Doesn't Say How It Is Says It Is He Works All Things after the Counsel of His Will, and It Says That the Unbeliever Is a Slave to Sin Can't Receive Won't Understand Rejects Hate Got All of That Is No Condition in Which He Will Freely Choose God and Privy to Grace Does Not Answer the Problem Because It Doesn't Explain Every Other Time That Healthy Paragraph and Are Chemically Connected near Cart Quite through Our Current Court Held You, but with the Rise of Monism. I Felt I Got It. We Can Correct It Because Here It Comes up A Lot and Make That Okay Time to Discuss This Tomorrow for Me to Clear of the Major Problems.

Monism Is Very Clear Here Unless Okay You Guys, Because of the Theological Stuff. Hopefully on the Future Is Invited. Hearing Is Monism Middle Knowledge and Stuff like That the Lord Bless You by His Grace Back on There Tomorrow Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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