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May 4, 2021 6:00 pm

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May 4, 2021 6:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Matt discusses occurrences of Christians being arrested for preaching against homosexuality in other countries.--2- Why do some Christians call other Christians bigots---3- Matts discusses the apathy of many Christians and entitlement to comfort.--4- How did we get to the point where the church believes in the pretrib rapture---5- What is your opinion of the book -The Purpose-driven Life----6- Is strict 10 percent tithing required in the New Testament- Will bad things happen to you if you don't tithe---7- What part of the law is still present in the New Testament-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics and research what is found you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a max Y branches called in responding to your questions at 877 live uselessly on 53 2021 break my brothers birthday. Lisa called him up and clearly cultural Berkeley and the birthday till fly illegals what you sent to protect.

So I said okay. Happy birthday.

Whatever dude. So you just throw stuff. So we got talking and and about life and hope that in the next accident and I hope you can have a good time was for the show. All you gotta do is violate 772072276 we have seen, we have five open lines and I want to hear from you call there's some stuff going on. I do some research and talking to the producer before the show and as a pastor in England.

If someone knows where the information is not to check about a pastor in England was arrested for preaching the truth from sexuality and signifying that stuff when somebody sent me a link or something like that and I was reading an article this morning that I think it was where woman on Parliament. I think in Finland is being bought being brought up on charges because of her comments on homosexuality should think it's a sin and of marriage between man and woman answer for that she bring brought up on charges they may face six years of prison time and the inlet so that a pastor in England is being arrested has been arrested.

So get old information on this, but it's so is actually pretty pathetic and not to say I believe homosexuality is a sin, I believe that it is not the right choice and I believe it's it's it's it's sinful and so is my opinion and could you imagine but you know we have the freedom of religion still so far and what if what if you know one day in the near and we know somebody some years ago, met in jail because he said homosexuality was a sin. You can't say that I was good be hate speech pretty soon you can't say hate speech, which is I just don't agree with it I think is wrong or you can save what is happening in our world and Western countries or things like that where you just give your opinion about homosexuality and you spend time in jail for it. You need to read them. The novel 1984 and 84 book written by an atheist believer not old which sucks very very good book very, very well done and it's been thought police. It's about big brother. It's about the dystopia dystopia is a utopia, but it's not.

It's a bad organization a bad system a bad society and people are oppressed and the book is really interesting because good is bad bad is good. Freedom is slavery. Slavery is freedom. These are some of the phrases that are in their and the main character glyphosate is captured by the state and the is forced into agreement with the powers that be developed to post was five to be forced into believing it and you can read the novel I really do recommend that you read it. Some it is as bad and so will at least talk to some sexuality thing a little bit. I believe it's a sin. I believe that it is so wrong. I believe lying is a sin, I believe adultery is the fornication is a sin and it does not mean that I hate them.

And it does not mean that I want to have thought violence upon them, not at all. I just believe it's wrong I don't approve of it. Now, should I be jailed for that opinion should I be censored for that opinion should a person who has an opinion about sexual behavior and is not in line with the leftist status quo. Should such a person go to jail. Have his or her livelihood removed the punished for not agreeing with the thought police. So this is what's happening in our country and it's having other countries as well.

Christians let me say this again if you don't rise up and resist. They will take over.

We have to rise up and resist the increase of secularism. The stupidity of the canceled culture and the assiduity of political correctness.

You have to understand something as people who are secularists gain control they want to keep their control by passing laws that give them more power and or restricting the ability of people to be able to resist, so they will censor them Facebook Twitter will censor as a matter fact were trying to get ads on Facebook is experimenting a little bit and we have somebody working on that and he and I had a conversation today and put out it titled an article or woman pastors for today or select one of the articles I've written, pastors, and it wasn't allowed.

And so you know it's not allowed. I don't know why but it wasn't allowed. So this is it's it's intolerance is severe intolerance from the left who want tolerance, you understand something.

Here's a concept. People who were who desire control will cause a problem and then blame others for the problem they cause, they will seek to have control and they will do what's necessary to keep that control while blaming others for their failures.

This is part of self-deception and the increase of sin in the world and it's it's bad. This is happening so you know I would. You know the way to resist is to email to call to do things like this with our officials and say no. We don't want this resistance is not to be done with a left left does it with riots, violence, killing, and things like that. We Christians if we were to stand up United and all of the country.

Sibiu had enough of this, and Christians start going to church on Sunday and don't wear masks or wear mascara you want to get in there and do it and if one arrest minute rest and be willing to do that and for those who can be arrested and they can survive it and don't then you do that and get lawyers and get ready to sue people and do what we can to resist any constitutionally supported manner and and I like the idea of the mailing every milling marbles to to the representatives just a little map marble or any of those little low washer and a little piece of metal with a hole in it. You know washer dismantling washer to to the officials little note in their please stand up for for righteousness, because I got to do something with these washers and is a slight light way of a protest and things like that. I think we should be doing something like this. This is just me. I've always thought that we need to resist evil resist unrighteousness.

If I became a Christian, you know, my friend Charlie. Charlie Spina nine is in the chat room. We went door-to-door and we started going door-to-door to start a swap meet ministry and all I do believe the Canon and had different directions in life and I pursued a full-time ministry and he would gutter areas. But the thing was we were doing things and I don't understand how Christians can't do what they won't do you know I'm I mean if you have disabilities and you going to serve myself. Of course you know your mom think your kids or dad. Take care, because I get that that's fine but we have abilities as a group as a whole, to be able to do what we can if we can't do a whole bunch we can support those who can. I'm telling you folks, I've been saying it to continue to say it, the more power the left gets the less rights you have and the more power they get, the more they will do to keep the power and the way to do that is to remove your rights and your power.

That's how it works and they will not stop at the door of the church. They will come into the church and they will then persecute the Christians in the clergy and you'll hear more and more pastors being arrested who stand on the truth it's coming. If we Christians don't stand united and resist the onslaught of secularists, which in itself is self refuting can't provide the the basis for morality or righteousness has no way of providing a universal standard. This means then that the unbelievers will stand up and put in place what they think is morally right and good and what they think is morally right and good is transsexuality polyamory adultery affairs, homosexuality, lesbianism, and what they think is wrong is the intolerance of those who don't agree with them when they get in power they will seek to do away with one way or another.

Those who don't agree with them. Looking history look in Germany look in Russia look in China look in various various countries. When the secularists get in control what happens people are persecuted and the left obviously is trying to remove our guns here in America and I believe one of the reasons they want to do that is because they don't want any possibility of the conservatives rising up so when a bad guy kills somebody than everybody else has to have their gun rights restricted one step at a time when more and one thing more more. There is something called pushing the antithesis is a phrase pushing the antithesis and explain to have a sort social norm in society and enters a crisis and then what happens is to make things better with a national crisis a little bit of our rights have to be removed so that the government can come in and come to the rescue so that that antithesis at new thing called antithesis now becomes the thesis the new norm and so you push it to the left a little bit you wait a little bit so you push to the left that let that standard becomes a new norm and you wait push it again through another collapse another problem. Another of economic problem and not whatever this and you push the antithesis was called pushing the antithesis and a step-by-step move society for the left. One of the things you're doing now in order to accomplish that is with the push of social justice.

To cancel culture and racism so that they can continually push the antithesis to the left so that conservatives are made powerless. They are the ones in control and I want to tell you again if you don't resist your standoff they will complete control.

They will abolish our right and our right religion is coming folks telling for blinded want to give me a call 877-207-2276] Matt Flynn why call 77077 charismatic 207-2276. Please call with in line with Alberto from Georgia. Welcome you are on the air though. Oh yes click little bit control. My question really, but Hyundai ministers have a spirit which crap: the congregation likely will delete want to control you manipulate you patient on Charlie on without counsel God's work you like that is that absolutely there. Within the Christian circles where people get into power and they also do bad things absolutely so that neither could my look like this.

What a cute other. They get epic. I baked and evaluated God sought the Lord at title itself out of alert where it probably feel that God the note that is… He finally though some people don't like… You going to God and on earth. Not a big Guido agreed that the ability to God and utterly big Buddha would make why do Christian use of the creek be invaded and going when it will should they should not call to action. The whole the whole anomaly. Let me okay they should not do that and it's not right for them to do that in the think Seder Christiansen: the Christians bigots for that that's on biblical one of things I ask people to do is to define what a bigot is and it's a person who is just devoted to his own or her own opinion and is not going to change. That's a bigot so that anybody could be said to be a bigot some way or another, and so when people are called bigots. Don't just say no I'm sorry I will not try to be kind. I was a define what it means I've been called a bigot many times and I say listening and they don't know. You learn as you call it that I don't need to tell me I don't look at the dictionary real faster than what is being and then and so you just showing your own bigotry. Others in the definition as was called definite denotation and connotation denotations.

The literal meaning and the connotation is that emotional meaning that goes along with it. So it has two have very strong denotation as well as connotation right you go I will ask the program to hear my family though the calling program how active recorded programs are not yes they are on sermon audio.

They run out of places were you getting that information getting loose on the websites and collect all the outlets removing into other stunts of podcasting and some other things as well. Soon, but that the Truth Network has it that signal is just Truth Network my wife will assist me on the radio and Truth Network go

Also sermon audio I just look at Matt slick live on the web. Podcasting attempted to drive you to find a room stuff all right okay thank you sir for your great work. Thank you God bless. All right hey folks, we have five wide-open line is nobody waiting to want to give me a call only to do is dial 877-207-2276 now we think about my opening statement. Nothing I plan opening statements. Sometimes you just gotta come out and asked how it is. I know that I'm not the kind of preacher teacher that says God has a wonderful plan for your life. He wants you wealthy.

He wants you healthy. So send in your tithe money to me and will give you some anointed oil or will give you some anointed water or prayer cloth etc. etc. and you can watch miracles happen in your life and I don't do that because if Blanche and I teach the truth of what God's word says and I'm afraid of the word of God.

I'm afraid of God in a holy and respectful way. I fear him because he is the Lord King course I trust him that I love him, but we can't sit around idling ladies and gentlemen, as Christians, if you think your Christianity is going to church and that's where you become a Christian and you don't share your faith.

You don't you don't promote the furthering of the gospel of the kingdom of Christ, either to tithing or supporting others who do or whatever it is you don't do any of that.

Why call yourself a Christian because as Christians in Outlook 923 speak across daily follow-up Christ Jesus says if you don't know you're not worthy of him and the people need to be shaken up in an America were way too comfortable.

We are way too couples Christian body and it it causes people to become apathetic as long as we have what we need. We don't get on our knees to ask for what we don't have and if we are suffering because of persecution that we get on our knees and start asking God and sometimes what God does is let persecution come to us so we will get on her knees so that we will unite were supposed to already be united as Christians United in the love of Christ, united in the love of one another.

The love of God in the essentials of the Christian faith, the Trinity, Jesus is God and flushed on the crossroads in a dead salvation by grace through faith alone in Christ alone. These are the basics we need to be united in these and learning how to love one another and we don't work were too busy. Unfortunately, our culture worked were too busy being alone effects you live in a cul-de-sac and I've lived here almost 16 years and I don't know any my neighbors don't know any of my neighbors and I waved I got really try to make contact and they don't not interested that's how it is sometimes in some places. What a waste. What a shame, but this should not be like that in the Christian community fellowship and we should be united towards the establishment of the kingdom of Jesus Christ and doing what's necessary to further his kingdom not our pocketbook. That's what we should be doing shortly any rate, so fertilizers want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Chris from Raleigh, North Carolina Chris, welcome you here. I'm at my call. My question was distant in light of Matthew 24 second Apollonian other car accident. How I had it become that the church believes in a pre-tribulation rapture, but it seems pretty clear that several things need to happen in take place before you know that the resurrection occurs so hotheaded at it.

We get to the point where the church believes in him pre-tribulation rapture. From what I understand, it occurred near the beginning of this 1900s when the Scofield reference Bible was published, and in it was the notes and the establishment or the idea the that's what became dominant mostly for the line 07 Matt slick. Why call 770727 charismatic slave 72276 Chris is still there to say that the other were the reasons that people believe the preacher rapture is, it fits the idea of the comfort you were to get taken out before difficulty. Don't worry about anything he loved you so much that he won't let you go through persecution and people flock to that kind of thing because it tickles her so make. Have you heard of more of a pre-wrath point which is for all purposes very similar I think to a post tribunal tribulation overview. The difference being that the church that there's a difference between the rapid fate in the end the wrath of God.

The in other words, the wrath of God would not apply to his church, but rapid fate in order tribulation itself would you have heard it and anybody who holds to yet to remember any rate, and I just don't see it as being the Jets. I think it's it's a kind of cross-pollination between pre-and post-trip rapture trying to figure things out. But if we look at the idea of this age and the age to come. There's only one will one end of the age. It is a just age and the age to come in when you map out what happens at this age I'm Actually Convinced Rapture Occurs at the End of the Age Which Is the Same Time As the New Heavens and New Earth, Which Is the Same Time As Resurrection Was the Same Time As the Taking of the Wicked Which Not Many People Teach about What I Do. Matthew 13. The Wicked Are Taken First and It's Out Of the Rocket Are Also Great.

Oh Yeah, and in Fact Not Go to the Server Now and Then Because It's It's New and People.

It's Not New It's It's Nuclear Ears, but It's in Scripture. So the Bible Tells Us to Show You Really Fast Tells Us, Others to Agents Okay and at the End of This Age of There's Going to Be a Judgment at the End of This Age, the Committee My Notes Here Get to Ages and All Government Quickly Noted in Matthew 13 with This Issue of with the Wicked Taken First Because That's What It Says Jesus Is so Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit Will Not Be Forgiven.

This Age or the Age to Come, We Will Receive As Much in This Agent in the Age to Come Eternal Life of Jesus above All Rule and Authority in This Age and the Age to Come. In This Age We Receive 100 Times As Much, Mark 1030 Have Been with Versus People Are Given in Marriage, in This Age, Jesus Rescued Us to the Present Evil Age and the Age to Come Eternal Life. We Don't Get Married and Things like That. There's This Age and Age to Come in Saliva, an Article on This to Go through This and Our Superiority to God Is in This Age Is to Come in at the End of This Age.

Certain Things Occur, so There's Two Ages at the End of This Age, the Wicked Are Gathered. That's Matthew 1340, Just As the Weeds Are Gathered and Burned with Fire, so Will Be at the End of the Age and in Verses 1549, 50 Also Talks about That.

The Wicked, the Judgment of the Wicked Occurs within the Edge Just As the Weeds Are Gathered This As I Read the Son Of Man Will Send His Angels Will Gather Out Of His Kingdom All Causes of Sin and All Lawbreakers so the Wicked Are Taken Out Of His Kingdom. The Elector Gathered at the End of the Age Because the Disciples Asked Him What Was the Sign of Your Coming and the End of the Age of Gives an Answer. Matthew 24. The Harvest Is at the End of the Age Because of the Bible Says Jesus Says in Matthew 1339. The Harvest Is the End of the Age of $0.20 and the Harvesters Are and You Consider That the Day of the Lord.

Yes, Because the Day of the Lord Is the Matthew 1248 the One Who Rejects Me, and Does Not Receive My Words As a Judgment. The Word Have Spoken Will Judge Him on the Last Day. So Would You Be Judged. In the Last Day. Matthew 1248 but yet the Wicked Are Judged on That Last Day at the End of the Age. Matthew 1340 and so Jesus Return 24 and the Day of the Lord and for Settling for 16 for the Lord Himself Will Descend from Heaven with a Cry and a Command.

The Voice of the Archangel and the Sound of the Trumpet of God.

The Dead in Christ Will Rise with Your Life. Eventually Come Together to Become in the Air. So This Is the, the Rapture and yet the Rapture Can't Occur until Something Else Occurs on the Go over This a Little Bit of That Hunger. Matthew 24 Exodus Quarter to 24, 37, and Luke 1726 and Start Their Parallelogram Is Identical in the Words except for One Significant Difference. Both of Them Say This As It Was the Days of Noah, so Shall It Be the Days of the Coming of the Son Of Man, for They Were Eating, They Were Drinking They Were Giving in Marriage to the Day That Noah Entered the Ark and the Flood Came and Took Them All Away Is Matthew.

The Flood Came and Destroyed Them All Is Luke 17 so the Ones Were Being Given in Marriage and Marrying Giving in Marriage to Do All These Things for the Wicked Is Clear from the Context of Musical Matthew 24 the 17th. It's Absolutely Clear and It Says to Me to Be Taken. What Is Left When That's the Context of the Wicked Being Taken What It Says. I Challenge Anybody Just Go Read the Contexts in the Asked Jesus in Luke 17 Were Lately Taken Any Answers with the Wicked Is about Whether the Body Is a Vultures Gather so Taken to a Place of Judgment with What He Says and Then Get This. Matthew 13 You Know That We the Tears. Matthew 13 of the Tears of the Bad People in the Winter, the Good and the Disciple Say Hey so We Don't Tear up the Theaters Announces No I Don't Do That Is Less Water Turning of the Chairs You May Uproot the Wheat with Them First. Matthew 1330 Allow Both to Go Together until the Harvest, and in the Time of the Harvest I Will Say the Reapers First Gather up the Tares, and Bind Them in Bundles to Burn Them Together We Deny Bart. He Says Jesus As the First Was Gathered on the Tears He Says It Right There.

Matthew 1330 and Yes I Think He Said Oliver Is That Interesting in His Big One in Verse 40 Heat When He Interprets the Parable He Says This Is a Tares Are Gathered up and Burned with Fire, Social, Beat the End of the Age so the Wicked Are Taken at the End of the Age and Their Taken before the Christians Are so Directly to Be a Pretrip Rapture. It Just Can't Exist. It's Not There Not Possible. I Do Agree and One Other Thing That You Intended Always Sparked My Curiosity Review Mentioned in the Days of Noah: What Was the during Those Days That We Either Feared Off-Peak a Day and Heard Part of Different of What Was Happening in Those Dated Me Know If Talking about Angels Mating with Women in the House and Bring the Nap along. Is It Possible That There That They Are Referring to Genetic Manipulation of Some Kind of Work You Know Essentially Destroying the You Know the Essence of Man Is Being Created in the Image of God Know What What You Interpreted Being As in the Days of Noah, As in the Days of Noah That Was Going on. That's What the Bible Taught That's What the Jews Always Taught That the Christians Always Taught up to the 1500s, When It Became Ridiculed and Killed the Seth I Theory. So Was Always Taught and on the Goings One More Verse It's Worth Looking at in Daniel Chapter 2 and If You Go to General Checker to See the King's Dream.

The Connectors Dream and It's the Statue of Different Metals and Things like That and It Says What to Read Starting in Verse 40 Because 42 Is Iron Mixed Required. Yes, the 43 Section to Get to Because He Says All This Reversed Fish Which Was a Toes of the Feet Were Partly Vibrantly Pottery so Some of the Kingdom Will Be Stronger Part of It Will Brittle Verse 43 and in That You Saw the Iron Mixed with the Common Clay, They Will Combine with One Another in the Seat of Matt, but They Will Not Adhere to Another. That's a Very Interesting Statement. They Will Combine with One Another in the Seed of Men of the This Is the Rebuild of Empire and Some Think This Is Talking about the Present Age Does It Mean Then That They Can Be People They Will Combine with One Another in the Seat of Myth Is That This Is Might Be Going on Again.

This Is Where I Theory Checked out There and a Great Deception and I Do A Lot Of UFO Research and Documentaries Reading Books Here and There and Maybe You Know Something There with with Deception Coming on Because People Are Open to Anything since That's Spectacular. Anything That Is Miraculous Anything Out Of the Extraordinary to Believe Almost Anything so Polarizing of the Happening at the End but I Do Know This, That the First Was Taken of the Wicked Not the Good, Because That's What Jesus Says in Matthew 1330 and Taken Out Of the Thing That Is the Real Nobody Waiting for John Holt.

A Photograph Overlies Given Call 7776 Matt Flynn Why Call 770776, Tears Matt Slade You Think of All That Stuff with Video the Rapture Stuff, You Know That Me A While to Really Connect about Publicly That I Believe What I My Position As Because I Just Couldn't Believe That I Was Saying This and Nobody Else Was Talking about It. I'd Heard Anything about It and It Bothered Me A Lot so I Was Cautious and Then a Couple Years Ago or so Is Artisan Will What It Says and for Talking about It so Instantly Back on If You Want to Say One Last Thing, As Some People Would Interpret the Idea of of Wicked Taken First the Kingdom Will Say That the Thousand Year Reign and but If That's the Case That Are to Rapture's Rapture of the Good before the Millennium in a Rapture. The Good after the Millennium, and There's Nothing in Scripture Teaches to Rapture's of the Good. Nothing so There's a Problem There Any Way Let's Get to a Grave North Carolina Adrian Welcome Your Adrian Gomez Your Honor Here We Got about a Physical of Reading the Book Called Though the Goods in Life Are Read More on Leslie. The God I Was Wondering If You Can Give Me Some Input Give You Input on the Book See What He Thought about God through Its and It's Got A Lot Of Good Things to Say and Then It Really Does A Lot Of Good Stuff but There Have Been Some Reviews on It That Have Been Very Critical of Insular Areas and You Might Want to Do Some Research As I Haven't Read It for You 10 Years or so Everyone but I Do Have Information on on Rick Warren. The Author and He Is Got Some Problems so He Says so in an Interview That I Transcribed. He Said That There Will They Should Also Be Believe the Trinity. We Believe the Bible We Believe in the Resurrection. We Believe Salvation through Jesus Christ. These Are the Big Issue.

Some Protestants and Catholics Worship Mary Life Is Not of God.

But That's Not Exactly Catholic Doctrine of the Most Important Thing Is If We Love Jesus in the Same Team and so He's Implying That the Catholics Are Actually Christians in the Catholic Teaching Christian and Is Not and so This Is Very Very Very Bad and so Reactive. It's a Serious Error so II Can't Trust His Judgment When It Comes to Other Things. If You Can't Get It Right about Roman Catholicism. So That's Me Reading the Book on the Earth Will You Bother the Reader to Make a Good Thing Michael Ruediger Read to Me and I Wanted One, the Golf of My Life with and He Does Have I Is Not a Good Stuff but Is Has Been so Long. If I Were to Go through It, I Probably Would Build a Find Some Stuff That Is All I Can like This.

Let Let's I Want to Just a Little Baby out with the Bathwater Either. So I Just Don't.

I Would Not Recommend It to Somebody Because of What Rick Warren's Area on Catholicism Because I Don't Want Someone to Think He's Good in That Regard, but It Doesn't Mean the Book Isn't Good. So I Would Do If I Were You, Is to Do Some Research. See Reviews on That Book and Then Suit Others of Said but ALSO Let You Know That I Have Devotions on Carmen Written A Lot Of Devotions and When Ashley Puts a Book Together and to Finish It. Call 30 Days of Devotion. My Devotions Are Little Different. A Lot Of Devotionals Mine Are Devotional with Truth of Doctrine Woven in so People Understand What's Going on and Why Biblical so You like to Check out the Nothing Do or Don't. With That Book of Deciding You Produce More Research Article Okay so You Think Okay I'm Not Appreciate My Anybody.

God Bless. Okay, Well, Let's Get to Michael from Utah.

He, Michael, Welcome Your Matt: You Have a Question for My Why You Going through a Cambodia Grant of the Vineyard Church Pastor.

A Copy of Your Little Bit of Crap or Kiting Are Not Antiaging.

She Feels like That She Give A Lot by Giving Food to the Poor. Most Everything I Was Wondering If There Youth That Man Edict with Regard to 10% Kiting and Also Thursday at the Steer Tie Clapping through Her Sister Wanted Time on One Question Thoughts so We Are Not under Any Legal New Testament Obligation to Ties We Don't Have To Were Free to That's What I Say to People Were Free to Be Able to Ties We Don't Have To Ties and How You Tied Is between You and God. If I Were a Pastor Again. I Was Preaching on This.

I Would Say in the Old Testament It Was Legal Was a Requirement.

This We Had to Do Proper Aspect of Worship We Are No Longer under the Law of Roman 7134 Were Free from the Requirements of the Law.

Yet There Are Clear Statements That the One Who Works in the Ministry Is Perfectly at Home and in with the Right Perspective Is Not of the Able to Earn His Living from the Ministry That He Does Nothing Wrong with That, Nobody Do That Is of Tithes and Offerings Are Given so That He Can Survive in That Area so It's a Becomes a Supportive Obligation from Believers to Support People in Ministry Not Because They Have To but Because They Have That Right to Be Supported and What Is and so It's Good to Do That but If You Don't Want to and Don't and That's What I Tell People Is between You and God.

That's How It Should Be Okay. Thanks for the If He Gave Another Way, Other Than Financially, but If You Get a Are Tankers That Would Which She Have Bad Things Happen to Your Because the God Being Upset That She Got an Error Kiting No so Look Me Tell You Some Theology Here She's Listening If You Want to Talk to Her about This, but This Is an Important Issue We Have To Understand We Are Not under the Law Means That You Do It This Way. There's a Doctrine Called Federal Headship and It's the Teaching That Jesus Represented His His Descendents. Adam Presented Everybody but Jesus Also Represented His People When We Go to Romans Chapter 6 Verse Six Knowing This Our Old Self Was Crucified with Him, and Says That Our Old Self Was Crucified with Him and Roman 68 As We Have Died with Christ.

So When Jesus Was Crucified 2000 Years Ago Were Crucified with Him When He Died, We Died with Him. This Is a This Is What Is Taught in Romans Chapter 6 and Colossians Chapter 3. Therefore, You Have Been Raised up with Christ. If You Vigorously If You Been Raised up with Christ, Keep Seeking the Things about above, Where Christ Is Seated at the Right Hand of God. Set Your Mind.

The Things above for You Have Died and Your Life Is Hidden with Christ in God. Wait a Minute. When We Died, We Died in Christ. Okay, We Died in Christ. In Romans 601 and Two, It Says What Shall We Say Then We Will Continue in Sin That Grace May Increase May Never Be. How Shall We Who Have Died to Sin Still Live in It. When We Died to Sin.

We Died to Sin When We Were in Christ and Christ Died to That Law Died under the Law. Now Read Romans Chapter 7 Verses Will Happily 123 Maybe Four or Do You Not Know, Brethren from Speaking to Those Who Know the Law That the Law Has Jurisdiction over a Person As Long As He Lives for the Married Woman Is Bound by Law to Her Husband While He Is Living.

But If If Her Husband Dies, She Is Released from the Law concerning Her Husband, so That If While Her Husband Is Living to Living and She Joined Another Man, She Shall Be Called an Adulterous.

But If Her Husband Dies, She's Free from the Law so That She Is Not an Adulterous Though She's Been Joined Another Man Verse for Their Former Brethren, You Also Were Made to Die to the Law through the Body of Christ, so That You Might Be Joined to Another Talk a Different Issue Here.

At This Point, but This Is the Proof That We Died with Christ to Be Died with Christ, and Were No Longer under the Law, so the Tithing Is Old Testament Law Were Not under Obligation to Have To Fulfill It Were Free from the Law. However, in Deuteronomy 64465 It Says Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength. In Leviticus 1918, It Says Love Your Neighbor As Yourself That These Are Old Testament Laws. But Jesus Recalled 1/4 Those Verses in Matthew 2237 through 40 Saying That in These Two Commandments Is the Whole Law, and That He Says Gives a New Commandment I Give A Lot Academics I Have a List of like 60 That Jesus Gave and Most of Them Deal with the Issue of Loving Your Neighbor Loving God, Loving, Etc. so If We Are to Love God We Worship Him and Tithing or We Call It Tithing Supporting Ministry Supporting People Who Work in the Ministry Is a Way of Saying God. I'm Getting Back to You Because from Your Hand but I Receive Not Getting Back to You and This Is the Kind of Thing That Goes on and to Love Our Neighbor Is a Way of Doing As Well so Your Wife Wants to Maybe Give Money to a Neighbor or a Friend Is on the Flat Tires and in the Leg Has Three Kids No Husband and No Job.

You Will Buyer Tires.

That's Fine. That's a Form of Tithing in Ministry Stuff like That and I Already Promised That so Were Free to Be Able to Distribute the Money Where We See the Need for Free to Support Pastors and Ministers Were Free to Not Have To Do That As Well. Okay I Well Thank You Good Enough but Are Less All Right Listed on the Map California Matt Walking on Arrogant about Two Minutes Mental Health Okay Yeah so My Question Is I Was Thinking about Is No Longer Being under the Law, but I've Been in a Conversation. Different People and One Thing That Comes up in the Particular Men Wearing Women's Clothes so I Would like to Be Able to Tell People Acknowledge Will Not Permissible God That I Was Doing That. That's Old Testament Law Doesn't Clearly Reinstate That in the New Testament, Although It No Covers Other Things That Will and in Issues of Morality and That's Prescription 69 Go There.

The Unrighteous Will Not Hear the Kingdom of God. Happy to See Their Fornicators, Idolaters, Adulterous, Effeminate Homosexuals Than Edward Effeminate Is an Interesting Word · Perversion, Which Can Deal with Cross-Dressing and Things like That Which Incidentally I Forgot to Mention the Show As a Church United Methodist Church That Is Now Proving a Drag Queen As a Pastor's Assistant St. Weight Is on for 10 nor Thieves, nor Covetous Drunkard. Provider Swindlers Will Inherit the Kingdom of God and under This Generic Thing Are Those Kind of Topics and If You Go to First Convince 11. It Talks about Women Having Their Hair Covered and Things like That Has Covered under Certain Rules and Regulations Were Still to Maintain Because the Moral Law of God Is Still in Effect When Is It Were Not under the Law Were Not under the Law in the Sense We Have To Keep a Log or to Be Saved or the Keep the Law in Order to Be Right with God. Righteousness Is in Christ, so the Morality of God Is Still Present in the New Testament, Cross-Dressing Sam, You Are the One I like so There You Go Right at Time the Lord Bless You Back on That Amount by His Grace. Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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