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June 15, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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June 15, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why don't many Christians actively witness and share the gospel---2- A caller wanted to discuss the idea of baptism and circumcision, not seeing how they could be connected.--3- Does 1 John 2-27 and John 16-13 mean that we should get to a point where we are only taught by the Holy Spirit and not men---4- What are good questions to ask LDS---5- How do I evangelize to my family---6- Can you explain why God chose not to heal Paul---7- How do 2 Peter 2-1 and Jude 1-4 connect---8- How do you best deal with the Black Hebrew Israelites use of Deuteronomy 28---9- Is soul sleep correct-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of Christian apologetics.

Research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a max likewise glances goals and responding to your questions. Seven. Matt slick Matt slick Matt slick live if you want to give me a call. As usual, all you do was delete 772072276 and get your call.

Just good calls lately we have what it did what it would. You know I like to lift (things like that is good a friend call me today and a good friend of his cousin committed suicide, and because my friend had witnessed to him doesn't know what her status was, but to no dismember him to member Nathan up in prayer about this whole issue will follow what he's gonna say is traveling out to where relativism select up so well that that's a good reminder that we do have a prayer ministry. So if you are interested in either praying for people or being prayed for. Either way, or both, even when all you gonna do is just email us at prayer at car and got his prayer, and work get your prayers we have people who run okay so and right and also wants.

We have a missionary when contact with that in Nigeria and he's not telling us that it's it's in the northern part of Nigeria. There's a lot of Muslims killing Christians so well.

You can look him up in prayer and the Christians there that they would stand firm and also there's something else I talked to several people from Africa I end up going over there next. Later this year. Who knows some apparently apparently the kind of theology is being taught of their Christian theology is name it in claimant's and stuff like that bad and people are going to church to get delivered to have a better job, not for salvation because the pastors are teaching anything over there really of any value. A lot of the mark in, but he did say something interesting on the karma statement of faith on the car website CAR M.RG I the rather lengthy statement of faith. It is quite like the I think projected seven pages or five pages or something like that and the reason that so long is because what we do. We need to be very clear what we teach enters legal reasons, moral reasons, we help this and so it has become a bit of a teaching kind of thing, and that so what they're doing is printing up the statement of faith because it's the Bible. The Bible is who God is, the Trinity, Jesus, Jesus, the spiritual death of virgin birth resurrections of fiduciary atonement baptism Mexican – condition divine election salvation. Justification goes on and on and he was telling me that these it putting this up in meeting with pastors. He was talking to a pastor and using this in another pastor. A got word that he was there talking to this pastor and approached him and somebody doing this is not teaching and go from this website and the statement of faith and that at another pastor wanted a copy and wants to go teach and he said this other pastor look at it. They spent time together and he looked at. He said he's been pastoring for 23 years and didn't even know all the stuff didn't know.

And now he's teaching his congregation of the statement of faith. The conflict of faith about that. I think this is good news or praise God gave look we have three open lines of you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Alberta from Georgia Alberta welcoming on the air. Matt felt complacent and so I am fearful of preaching the gospel little-known, going between walking a hot topic with a constant cry going door-to-door is all about high-end computers battle with your question quickly make a gentle complaint. Chris maintenance and shipment.

I got only four well how many are not blacked there. I don't believe that for the majority, the Christian churches that the pastors are teaching biblical theology and the cost of discipleship and Jesus is Matthew 2018 to 20. He says to make disciples of all nations and inflicted 129 God says rectory pointed and granted suffering suffering is part of the Christian faith and what we have here in America is a therapeutic Christianity, where the Bible and Jesus are constructed in such a way presented in such a way that the seven steps of a better whatever it is in the Bible is your therapy session and so because of that. The real issue of living for Jesus suffering for Christ doing with these be done, being persecuted for righteousness sake is a foreign kind of a concept particular because here in America we don't have the kind of persecution, though it is on the rise and it will increase. So the Christian church is weak because of of the that lasted days ago kind of attitude America go out to eat that guy old senator got well that certainly is a possibility. I think persecution is coming to the Christian church in America because the Christian church as a whole has not done his job and has took has brought teachers to itself in many areas to tickle their ears and Natalie. That's not to step on some toes of your toes, ready to win.

Pastors are teaching you lose your salvation and goodness is so how you keep yourself right with God and or that is the pastors job for evangelism, not the Christian community or the pastors not equipping the Christian for the work of ministry or and or pastors are preaching to get people into the church and increased numbers as of the due program to do stuff like that. This is all un-biblical stuff and so that in my personal opinion, the pre-tribulation rapture issue is so deleterious know it means having pivot hidden harmful effects and I that I think is an important issue in here to comfortable America we have everything her fingertips. It's just makes sense to say that we are accustomed to being served and to not having to worry about things and so I think the church is gone gone lackadaisical on week because of all of this grant church for Molokai Lark that they should be grateful to God because of the validation that worked at Casa cry not demanding that is charged for the survey like that. If I can about loyalty or something yummy anything on that without garden equipment for generating well given out grad note though that do not fit the member that people have different callings to further the kingdom of God. And sometimes you hosting the mom at home raising children for the glory of God. That's a perfectly legitimate ministry and a very important one.

In these be elevated and praised but they don't so we had different levels and different needs and I believe that the Christian church will come in Turkish increasing persecution. I believe the church will divide into a liberal side and will go with what the state basically wants and to be a Christian side and they'll basically have to kinda go underground and other writing an article about this about what to do in preparation okay. All right. I work on trying. By God's grace. Thank you that there is 1/3 of my home. I look alright, alright, alright, hey, let's get you a David from Kansas City. David welcome you are on the air. You just reminded me of that be for six months on Natalie live in the Christian teaching is not by live book that we are angry that we need Laredo prophetic.

My question is on you know I was. I went to I was Dallas theological training in I went to the Presbyterian Church to DTS number students and former pastor work now covenant Joe and PCA church and that they can convince me that the reformed theology, they and its were absolutely not. I believe in the sovereignty so I really come down on the side of the reformed Baptist never connect baptism with circumcision clutch that would like me yet not gotten it it it. But then why don't we baptize.

When we baptize women because the fulfillment of the bloodshed and circumcision is is given in Christ and because in the old economy under federal headship. The mill represented the off the descendents and the females were Christ and so now that the fulfillment has occurred, then it's for all people because that it's just expanded, but in Colossians chapter 2 does relates baptism and circumcision relate relate but not connect no you connect argument but that I was interconnected because some but what is your call to head. I know I don't want to. I am not on level wreck at the statement of faith in them. Here's the problem. Why did Paul went highest with hanging out there to gruesome counsel. Why did Paul not take that opportunity. State gentlemen, as you know, baptism has replaced circumcision so let's not argue, but I did speak circumcision or payment for bringing it up. Okay, so okay so what's your appointments mean, what's the weight not connected.

I mean why didn't all connect the dots mean that I'm not a (I'm not, are you not like the guy yesterday tried to K my pain. I'm not this naturally going with it. That's all I believe that's what I'm trying to get is a godsend.

I don't. Baptism is a scene where go is not circumcision. I didn't say baptism was stricken by faith, not I don't thing it cycled a cycle. This baptism is not the same thing. Circumcision okay but Presbyterian doctrine said it know I'm a Presbyterian with Presbyterian seminary and it relates to them doesn't equate them identify okay okay I'm I misunderstood. And so what we would say is Presbyterians is that baptism and their variations within this within Presbyterianism. Baptism is a a sign of entrance into the covenant to the same way. Circumcision was so so that's all. And that's why we can as a Presbyterian. We would do if you baptism because you don't believe it saves because in covenant theology, the infants are included in the covenant work of God as a covenant so that'll Jan I have for me.

I just totally not go so far. But then I get tripped up at the end of the area here something really did hear some think about all right, there's nothing about that.

I want to do this with people did this last night with.

I had a Bible study here and up we got in at midnight but Jesus was most probably sprinkled as Baptist centigrade like that. But that's okay. Good. And also think about this in Joel two 2020 and 29 the Searsport and that is the balance is spoken of in next to the road. I don't have an agreement.

I don't have a dog and bring them out for folks I like. These conversations will be right back after these messages, Van Slyke why call 770776 here's Matt's leg and complicate matters even more.

I was I grew up liberal but I would be baptized on the eighth day and I had my certificate know I in and I was confirmed that my baptism was effective network confirmation.

What might that be possible right now is allowed to take me someone in but but I would not I got saved in the `church in an you know they think that a given fact I have a well you have a question. But all this. Yet what what will my question is again in covenant theology. I cannot circumcision that that's the main train. It doesn't couple and I don't think well assigned every opportunity. Once the sign is the son. What is the sign of entering into the covenant, the new covenant by being born again with with with your confession of Jesus Christ. The covenant sign signs biblically have a manifestation so we have the rainbow have circumcision you REMIC covenant we have communion as a participate threat covenants remembered. So what's the sign of entrance into the new covenant well again you did and now I'm covenant at this station problem will keep here's a question at some think about that, what's the sign of entering into the new covenant is because communion is a meaningless crime. No no no no no no, communion is the sign of the new covenant, but is not the interest of the correct covenant.

It's which parts of the well is leaning over the leaf initially finish please the believers participate of that covenant sign with their already in the covenant what's the sign that they and that they used to enter into that covenant.

That's the question okay your U-boat your born-again belief with the Holy Spirit and at that moment can you show me a banner of the morning and were being born again is the sign of the entrance was a covenant sign were being born again.

I covenant sign. Okay and that's what you do, but I think what the colors waiting check on that and see what I can find okay I okay thank you rightly call back. Okay, let's get to Kim from rural Hall North Carolina can welcome your on argument. Yes, you are given the quick hundred, not going going on 13. Okay, I'm questioning all things that we can get to a certain spiritual maturity, where we only tell that only and not by me. What is these verses are talking, but his anointing and use for John 227 frequently is a relationship to demonstrate a relationship of anointing of the Holy Spirit. And anointing is once a person or an object is there and you take an element water blood oil, and you apply it to the object. That's what it means to be anointed Holy Spirit is spoken of in the Old Testament always has been poured upon and I will pour the Holy Spirit forth on all mankind. Joel two 2029 which Paul Peter quotes in acts one 1782, 17, 18, and so it is called.

This was fulfilled in the polls first poured so this is how that is related and that that, incidentally, that pouring is the baptism because it says in acts 15 that you John the Baptist baptized with water, but you be baptized with the Holy Spirit so that baptism has to be the point of the spirit upon you, so it's the application of the spirit upon someone.

So this also works with Jesus, who was anointed with the Holy Spirit at his baptism when he was fulfilling all righteousness as he was entering into the priesthood after the order because I think according Old Testament law. So first John 227 the anointing which you have received from him abides in you and you have no need for anyone to teach you, but his anointing teaches you about all things under so the implication is that anointing is the actual Holy Spirit would like abides in you and you would've to John 1613, of the spirit of truth comes, will guide you into all truth. You can also go to for so 2640 26 and 4026 talks about that as well where it says make it to appearances the help of the Holy Spirit and the father will teach you to teach you all things being remembers all that I've said so. The Holy Spirit is a teacher and it seems to be related in first John 227 that he will teach you of all things, and specify the Holy Spirit's position, a type of anointing that makes sense to me walking with only your walking help. I don't know. Actually, any remaining is not true so you don't have any need for anyone to teach you, anointing teaches you about all things know if that's the case of the Holy Spirit is there you have any need of anyone to teach you what we were talking about here is the promise of eternal life. In that context that Jesus Christ has given all of this to us and that we have an anointing and we really don't need him to teach us and this is the idea.

The idea of what he's talking about is a Holy Spirit in himself is sufficient, however, God has given pop apostles and pop prophets and teachers in order to equip Christians.

So even though we have the sufficiency, but we need with the word of God and the spirit of God.

We still have preachers and teachers who fill the gaps for those who will fulfill that the trust and faith of that need, where they can have that word about teaching up there. Got thank God bless you and God bless. All right, let's get to Armando from Las Vegas and want to welcome you on the air at all sure we got you had a video that I truly enjoyed conversation with all the weight but then it and I hate the light contradicting the Bible watch South which you have similar questions accommodate that with the matter they would if you answer without contradicting the book of Mormon or not. Five. Yes so on car you can look up difficult questions for Mormons to answer okay so here's a question why Mormons put back in their temples, the veil that God destroyed at the crucifixion of Jesus. Matthew 2751. I asked mom's us all the time.

They don't have an answer about how could Joseph Smith is seen by the father and his first vision of the Bible says that the father cannot be seen. First Timothy 652 60 and then they they butcher well he could ski at the IFA this is, no one can see. So there's lots of things are in the book of Mormon is true, why do Indians failed to turn white when they become Mormons or the second Nephi 36. This part of 1981 version. James is a widely changes the fellowship through the logical call 77072276 Van Slyke why call 770727 charismatic back to the show but we have an article on karma. Difficult questions for Mormons to answer is worth checking out. If you guys are interested in all) the swing person is CBC from Florida BC welcome here. They carry you. I'm fine thank you and call her long neck. Then Marianne Earling. Now Colleen has is not very easy. Ricky Ricky and waving to you, you know, not instantly have a length nearly every time I think now let's get smart man. He's like they should listen to a really good guy.

Okay, now landing and night and I and think like that. He meeting and I can bring it back again drinking and I'm writing my Ralph Dilantin Colleen in my head how to hot up everything. My family kept my grandmother's father had fallen airlock began at the family that we don't normally do on a daily date because she now do not explain or laughingly call anytime I had a deal with a an indirect or not make like a Cadillac and here I and my family without night jumping on it at Nicholas like you know you doing you doing at Rhonda. Nick Nick now. I am very accurate. Think of it back alive and I want to, not doing anything how I might walk in love and show them the gospel basic chronic care than the cop on any neckline. Well Joyce preamble it with prayer praying that the words that you sleep will be received and pray the gospel's power got to salvation. Romans 116 and speak the word of the word is truth and Isaiah 5511 says God's word will not come back empty, without accomplishing what he desires. So you pray for the opportunity to speak the word now with family members.

The thing is, I could see the exact same thing you say in the listen to me because I'm not a family member and vice versa rhyme in my family. Assisting us is how it works.

Well, what you do is as you beat you get ready to make mistakes because that's what you do you make mistakes but mistakes are only made when you're trying never make mistakes because not doing anything is better to make a mistake trying then do nothing and so look for opportunities to to not necessarily displayable their sin. You got our auditors. I would pick pagans you repent, you slime dogs from we can do is say Jesus came here to save sinners and were all sinners revolve lie. We've all done bad things, and so God is holy and he'll take care of that one way or another to forgiveness in Christ or either to cure that sin and work. She said it would be taken care of is in hell. And so the way to escape. That is, through Christ, and so that way you not really rubbing it in her face. But you're telling the truth right time and then at what I would do is is also said just say and all you do is just pray to Jesus and asked Jesus to forgive you of all of your sins is true. Jesus right to, and put that in your head and in her head and they could do it anytime driving on the road. You know, pray to Christ and trusting in him alone, but after works or baptism or goodness or sincerity or anything is a generic thing okay okay go bad luck get mad at The current alley in really bad like we need you now like Eric okay where no one now the way… Acting applicant with man in all welding not finding that aggression on their end.

The Ragan name you want talk to me like my NHS outback that everything I write. I don't like leg light like it could share away feel like doing anything.

Okay to push her away. But pray for opportunities and wisdom to speak and bring it up when you think is necessary. I would also listen to your husband because you know siphon joking earlier, we need to rely on our spouses for an outside point, so to speak, and wisdom and and just list what he says.

I learned to do that with my wife over the years she has just have as much knowledge as I do in some areas but she has insights in and stuff. That's a good point and I listen to what he says because of that is not hearing me cousin's microbe in my face.

Later, you said you so many should my wife is also slick, so, so you know the thing is your reason said earlier, we don't get ready to make mistakes because that's what we do when we try and don't be afraid to make those mistakes but is more important that the gospel be preached than they be comfortable. They need to hear the gospel and you may not happen the same mom suddenly has a heart attack and is gone you know you live wish that you spoken more of the gospel or made, or at least make clear once you know it's clear they understood what you said. You have to save every single time times directly to witnesses not say anything. They just know what you being around as you will probably check out don't think I do want to make it clear before we got back on the reality of the gospel.

I don't miss out on that.

Thank you. Well I hope that was good advice. So oh well you take that back in your life to all things will go right right folks going to be calling a few lines 877-207-2276 Ella from welcoming on their I think I relying on my Third you move away from that is that beeping the sound in the background you yes is better okay glad mine.

No plan talk about God. Anything you give up all that right… Dictating it. Thinking self playing that damn thing is that the very startling rights on people think that God is always going to heal us. That's not the case. Paul the apostle if anybody deserved to be healed, but God chose not to. The call lasted several times, healing, healing, and the, the answer is that know that this was just there to keep them from exalting himself. When we don't exalt ourselves when we exalt ourselves we don't need God.

When we are our suffering.

We need God. And so the issue here in in verse nine is God's of my great Jesus, my grace is sufficient for you, for power, my powers are powers perfected weakness were perfected there in Greek is is to lotto door to let go and it means to kind of bring to a an end and to bring through and work it through in a proper way so perfected is good is good. There we get an English word teleology, the study of design and things like that in the universe and so he says my grace is sufficient for you, for powers perfected weakness. The power of Jesus Christ is perfected or worked or maintained and brought to a proper conclusion in our weaknesses. That's what's going on there is not perfected in the sense that it's not perfect to begin with, but it's brought to that completion and mature expression in us because what comes from God is already perfect. So this was going on there that help hold the holder love you if that's okay or unfold. They voted right back up his messages. Please why call 770776 is Matt slick right okay she's gone. It's all right with move on, let's go to Enrico because the test is a female pastor have the right to remarry. I want to talk about that because females are not supposed pastors to first talk about with that. But nevertheless, let's get to Anthony from Texas Anthony welcome your on the year hello yeah good question regarding the computer to one man.

Jude 14 using the word. There how does that relate I'm sure what what what what is to one regard.


After God and Lord. How does this make that girl, oh, sure.

As hell also arose among the people. Just as there will also be false teachers among you who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even deny the master and brought them about the initiative, bringing swift destruction on the cells they would never say to begin with. Obviously, so how is it then that the issue of Victor Ming bought all if you were to go through first and second Peter I can do this in my online Bible. The Old Testament quotes are in capitals and there's a lot referencing by Peter in both epistles in the Old Testament, and because he does at a great deal. Then we talked about the issue being bought when I researched that I find the, the, the stuff in the Old Testament that's alluding to the idea of being bought and so I look at it okay with you saying here and so Linda's different answers about the more technical stuff and will deliver that uses indifferently 32 six.

Do you thus the guys talking to Israel, and Israel had Vince delivered from Egypt and they were out there complaining and murmuring. Do you thus repay the Lord of foolish and unwise people is not heating your father who bought you has he not made you and establish you. Remember the days of old considered leaders of your generations so the Israelites were bought, but doesn't mean that they were redeemed, does not in the salvific sense. So when I look at this. What I see is the issue of the alluding to the Old Testament others was called a quote and on pollution not I illusion, but a solution with a K to allude to something is to bring to reference it without saying anything about it. Your alluding to something the past you not bring it up. Specifically, that's what quote was obvious we have direct quotes, but it looks like he's alluding referencing the concept of the Israelites being bought and using it here because he's speaking to the bonds first Peter one is talking to do those were residences alien scattered of Pontius Pilate, Galatia, etc. and is little he's talking to the Jews who were scattered about. So that's why it looks like we just talking about what is not a blind way with this article is where the people in that burst out howling in a generic sense that they knew the Christ was the one who provided the this and sacrifice for the people of Israel and others in the generic sense.

He says just like the bit I think what it's doing for my opinion is just as God bought Egypt by the Israelites out by the work that he did.

He set them free. So to Jesus did that with the people of Israel and the Jews as a whole. And so that's generic since there bought I think it's just an illusion that he's trying to get the Jews to see that's what my opinion is because it cannot be that they lose their salvation is not possible because Jesus says so in John 637 through 40. We have a good thought I was fearless as hers are confined to isolate such a talk with but do hundred 32 six is in light of the idea of being bought and I think that's what that was going on there. Okay, I appreciate Victor arriving goblet. All right, let's get to Brian from Alabama Brian welcome you here alone. Dr. love.

I we are free to eat anything because were no longer on the log licensed mean woman 612467 with okay you okay and agree not all know it was early. We have all of you will follow my department heard of. Light and I had just wanted know about that and if another scripture that you got 28 we talk about is the Scripture about you will be carried over into the 20 let me talk about the years like me.

I put it it is all if I'm correct, they probably would. All right if you write all the particular moment of the Roman general, you know you like back in Egypt to work in Egypt correct anybody and if you do that with you that profited it eight if they connect the plaintiff to the new the black of the day. Lucky bridge. Life is a racist organization very right just just like DLL or is is racist in my opinion, as we talk about is that on the 2028 68 and you was fulfilled a long time ago. It does nothing to do with a black people and and slaves and things like that just was about self. As with the amount mandated they have anything to do a number my Brody is not is not talking about a says I don't want to bring you back to Egypt in the ships. It looked talk about Egypt. It's a good essay well. It is a will know that means to America investment is not Egypt on spiritual Egypt you know they can do whatever they want to they can make anything say anything so that's what it is and is a racist or group is very racist and that is raising you know that a welcome record, select all right is good to Dana from North Carolina didn't welcome you here. I hello you're on the year. So we've got just a quick Lutheran Church in good I brought up the blade need that your absent from the body's yet present what what what significance I noticed Carlton interest so that is immediately get to God that I've been hearing a lot and some people believe that that paper late then on the ranch and pain until Jesus comes back blowing the trumpet like my I don't know which one is correct. The skull soul sleep that the people are sleep and select that that is incorrect. It's not true. The movie is called annihilation is him or soul sleep is a subdivision within annihilation is him and I have literally written 182 articles dealing with this topic of annihilation is in all different angles and so sleep doesn't work now. For example, and asked in the loop 69 through 19 to 31 that that that they'll call it a parable but is not because Jesus is. It was Lazarus and enrichment. Lazarus is a specific individual to name and he said he both died and are both conscious after death in a talking now if they want to say that the parable then why is Jesus using a lie. To illustrate the truth and what they do with that is really bad and they'll say has some to do with just to try to teach a lesson about the importance of something they really butcher it and they do the butcher and then you go to second 2012 two through four. Read this slowly because it talks about this relates to this. I know a man in Christ who 14 years ago. Whether in the body I do not know or out of the body I do not know God knows such a man was caught up to the third heaven that's going place of God. And I know how such a man, whether in the body or out of the apartment. The body do not know God knows was caught up in the paradise and heard inexpressible words which a man is not permitted to speak so that means outside the body and a lot of commentators think that this is when he was Paul was stoned and left out city for dad that he may have just gone to heaven and people done this over the years and so it was not a topic he says in the body around the body. I don't know, but he was conscious out of the body.

This is a reputation of soul sleep. And here's 1/3 thing to think about. Jesus is by definition both divine and human divine and human. He has to be both divine and human. That's what yes if humanity goes to sleep. Then the attributes of humanity and the activity of humanity are not there in soul sleep with a say about the human person. The sitters no activity, no thinking, no speaking, no working, nothing will.

That's the case that the human nature of Jesus when he died. The cross that was doing nothing. No weakness, no awareness, nothing dormant, but that's that's the case, then how do we have the true leadership of Christ as the person who is required to have both sets of attributes of the human and divine, ascribed to him which deals with.

I get more complicated scout stuff that I fell at his and the hypostatic union.

It was called the community college to it. You must come and I attended one of all those with these of the issues that relate that it and socially present you more problem that we need to look at the nature person of Christ. This reject annihilation is and reject the soul sleep. It's unfortunately increasing here in America and it's it's not true. I arrived. I just wanted all you think about it blade, my blade quite quite a year, that when you drop down. I wrote on their dollar.

Now maybe I just don't think that would let people watch you 931 I actually have studied this a bit over the years and I read books on called NDE's and no segment is 12 lend support to it biblically and there are plenty of documented accounts of people born blind and hospitals who died on operating tables and have been brought back and then they have described what they saw.

The people in hallways and things like that so something's happening, but we do not tentatively get into it since 12 signatures 12 seems to support the possibility that we can save NDE's are not all be examined because there's other stuff to write okay folks were at a time. The Lord bless you and have a great by his grace was that on there on Monday. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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