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July 28, 2021 4:00 pm

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July 28, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What are the most important qualifications for elders as outlined in Scripture---2- Does the Scripture that says the son is not guilty of the father's sin, contradict the Calvinistic belief that we cannot come to God because of Adam's sin---3- How do you know what things are hills to die on in regard to other preachers---4- The repeat caller from the sacred name movement called to try and again discuss what Jesus' real name was.--5- Do you hold to dispensationalism or covenant theology---6- Who do you think the two witnesses are in Revelation- What is the mark of the beast---7- Doesn't the Bible promote slavery in the Old Testament---8- Why is the tribe of Dan not listed in Revelation---9- What is the most effective way to share the gospel-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive at the car in the morning you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max what Y glances called responding to your questions. 770-7276 Matt slick is July 27, 2021 for the broadcasters check things out later and a lot of people do if you want to give me a call wide open lines 877-207-2276 and end of looking through the chat stuff on no video feed people come in the first five minutes to 5060 70 people and if you want to join us. You can go to


On the right-hand side you'll see the video to the video box likely to call or click the little boy you oncoming so push it back but the and you can watch that big deal. This in here but we have we have people who join us. People join us in the chat to become national communities have said before, all right, let's get some stuff out of the way will we wait for people to give me a call 877-207-2276 if you have a prayer ministry prayer at car better join Ranjit and I look at Tyson about forgot to mention before, is that when a prayer request goes out when you we get a prayer request how it works. We got a really nice system. There's a bunch of people who receive the email but the email is stripped of your private information and things like that, and nobody sees anybody else's email address and so when you don't have a request for up prayer. It's taken as read and then it's disseminated out and there's no back trackers, no light, but a bunch of people come back to answer you, and nothing happens. The email address and do anything with in the NS that so if you have the no sympathy or pray about that that is a good thing to check out also. Let's see I got it to document.

Ask me anything thing going on. Let's see on discord of a server Christianity server and that will be 8 PM Eastern time will be doing that for an hour or two on Friday and then on Tuesday of August, August 30 to sneeze coming on so I met the get off your will. I sneeze put the mute on hold on.

It comes in. I hate it when you're almost ready to sneeze nothing happens so I put that silence their folks and up.

So on the third have a debate on oneness and on the 10th I have a debate on oneness and on the seventh I debate on justification by faith alone. So a lot of things are happening more people want me to do debates and stuff like that were to be doing some interviews have been interviewed ask of the radial gigs and some podcast gigs and things are increasing all right all that's right. And so this Thursday in two days will be teaching the house study I teach will be teaching on superior knowledge of the doctrine of salvation and I do not publish that suggestion to watch it. But here's something else.

Something about doing I do something called Petri on and PT RTO and and him let's see, so I'm hoping to do is going to probably work out a schedule of some sort.

I can think about teaching on the doctrine of the Trinity, but when I teach on it.

It's going to be in depth monotheism divine simplicity that the issue of the one in the many, the HR analogy and immutability a CT of God has the transcendent nature of God as they relate to the incommunicable attributes things like that I'll be going through them and explaining them and reason as a foundation for the stuff.

So that's something about doing photo.

Check it out probably started. Maybe next week, depends because I guess debates go to do the week next week and we capture and I just want to say thanks to those we are pledging on that on Petri and to get that all you gotta do is just go to slick. All right, so let's see let's see let's see false sneeze is always letdown says Bill that is still true is so true.

Okay well hey for you McCall three open lines 877-207-2276 go to Gabriel from Georgia Gabriel, welcome you are on the air. A good all right. Hang in there man what he got buddy 80. In a culture where we are so proud all each ship though, so stopping him on Jan Jan and I so as someone you been doing ministry. It studying got you there for eldership okay well one of the requirements for eldership is to be male elders cannot be female pastors cannot be female.

That's a clearly taught in Scripture and now the word overseer which is Episcopal loss in the Greek is seems to be interchangeably used with a principal terrace which is elder also sent McMaken will you will get you note. So what it says in first Timothy three reason overseer must then be above reproach, the husband of one wife. That literally is this is some Andra Moss a good meal. Good I guess. And it means a husband or a husband of one wife, a man of one wife and a woman cannot fit that bill.

So that's just a requirement right there, temporal, temperate prudence, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not if you do wine or pugnacious but gentle, peaceable free for the love of money is to manage his own household well keep the children under control with dignity and not be a new convert to fall into the condemnation car by the devil.

That was the deceit of so that's who you good rotation outside the church, and I will go to Titus. There's something else that is set in Titus, that is, is looking for to getting for you here.

You talked with the elder and also has the overseer must be above reproach. God steward's not self-willed, not quick-tempered, not addicted to wine, not pugnacious, not fond of sordid gain, hospitable, loving what is good, sensible, just about self-controlled holding fast the faithful word which is in accordance with the teaching so that he will be able to exhort in sound doctrine and refute those who contradict that right there. Titus 19 I find that a lot of elders that I've seen online are not qualified to be elders because they can't exhort in sound doctrine and it can't refute you can review their and some of the evidence of God's some of the evidence of that would be in such things as the context of the Joyce Meyer the men who were around her, should rebuke her for a lot of the false things that she has taught over the years and their failing to do that I've seen in these false teachers online and the elders in those respective churches should be dealing with that. The elder should be rebuking a people we know, for wanting female pastors and elders, they should be doing these things because the Scriptures teach in the mail eldership specifically and is tied into the created order not to cultural norms. So yeah that's it and I find that most elders don't know your doctrine very well.

I rather it ^ I love them. We typically have the foundational light like I think the church to bridge well well brother, your faith and word that you is what you do, you ask him what is your final authority of truth asking that question.

And don't let them just say something and go on another topic has to be yeah I knew it would give it.

I know you hate the Bible but instead consolidate the work with you on this. Okay, it has to be it has to be understood that the Bible is the final authority because it alone is inspired not his preference is not his opinions, not his cultural expectations but the word of God. You've got to plan push him towards that constantly. It has that not just a 35 of the brother the following everything we thought it would that work but will discourage discs or just tell him to tell him look if he doesn't have the Bible is the final authority things can move into apostasy who believe lies just tell you that our sheep are slurred as true okay your ministry better. Yeah right. I got a LaFrance about okay all right if folks if open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 is gifted John from Georgia hey John, welcome. They met good all right hanging in there and an hour the treadmill today feeling pretty good I guess. I smile I work harder when you get older you was that that is a pretty good well you know when your wife is standing behind you with a frying pan. If you luckily can the treadmill so that that works OM may view them, the method we are all born with the NATO not being able to believe because of Adam all and fan. I will not get your thoughts on that, good day the script so that said that the child is not guilty of the following fan talks with Daniel test method that the reference is talking about is a a a father goes out and steals someone's mule.

You can't go to the sun and just punish him and beat him up for that or put him in jail because he's not the one who did it.

That's different context, then the idea of what we call federal headship federal headship is the teaching that the manual represents a descendents, not the female Adam and Eve in the garden she send first by eating the fruit she gave the fruit to Adam and then he send but sin in the world through Adam.

Romans 512 not to leave nothing. Both of them, but through him. Furthermore, in the garden when they were both hiding the pre-incarnate Christ came to the man and said where are you Paul says a person is 1522 and add them all die in Adam is a phrase of federal headship. So he represented everybody and that's what that means in Adam all die. Now when we go to Romans 512 19 it says this for as through one man's disobedience the many were made sinners. It says the many were made sinners in the Greek that is what's called a wrist pass of indicative.

The heiress deals with past tense passive means that it happened to them indicative it just makes it basically saying a statement of truth, a statement of fact they were made sinners, whose the many wealthy go to the many Romans five several interesting chapter like to talk about those who work in Adam. So it happened to them that they would make sinners and officials to nature children of wrath, so that is the position please hold on I will get right back to the brink of the folks rip in lines 877-207-2277 Matt Y. Call 770776 charismatic slave lines 87720776. John from Georgia is still there. Alright, so I gave her some info we ran out of time so what you think you got more questions about what I'm going to be on you will that kind of a baby. More to the end through and I would like, well, that explains the yeah you did a great claimant know from an all you can go to Carmen look up Original Sin and you can check it out. So it is just part of basic Christian theology and a lot of churches deny it. The reason they deny it. In my opinion, is because her humanist and her philosophy don't realize they want man to be the one who is in control of his own destiny.

It's up to him to choose up to him and his freedom up to him and his will and that is not up to him to inherit a sinful nature because of something Adam did not himself. So it's very humanistic and description of the church a lot and you know what I do is teach biblical theology best of my ability and show people the Scriptures and show them exactly what it says.

Why left intentions. Okay, okay.

All right. God bless you you to let's get to William from Charlotte, North Carolina William Malcolm your on-air okay and Internet. We got around a lot on that. To be honest with me.

I can't recall that I really know I will be honest.

Why would anybody not with you.

Well yeah it happens you know anyone local everything that only thing way all you do now but I know no of course not.

Okay so now A when you're here all night, or create a lot.

One thing to thing that you don't believe that they fully depends what is the defense would of got okay. I believe the posterior rapture somehow Salesian preacher rapture. No big deal exactly the lift and let all the one thing I gotta hang out with what is it depends what it is you do have anybody in mind about what my okay she's a heretic. Okay you what were some of the thing that I needed to know in order when I hear her a lot, but I am not looking our long okay held open. But if I did you just jump in and give you an example of how the legal debt to trying get this to work.

Audio lies so hold on okay hold on. Once you go are that he was no longer the son of God's ideas here that that's heresy that serious heresy is don't let listen to this one.

Okay okay so she says Jesus was born again. While yeah now let me read you something else of her book. Okay, this is over.

I got you, but I wind up done not gone altogether. Hold on, hold on, let me continue with this okay will tackle that all right is a link to show you an example of something what she's going to say the next two things is damnable heresy and this is what we talk about we talk about these false teachers to this what she said.

This is in the book the most important decision you'll ever make. By Joyce Meyer second printing May 1993, page 35. Quote he became our sacrifice and died on the cross. He did not stay dead. He was in the grave three days during that time he entered hell where you and I deserve to go legally because of our sin, he paid the price. There so she said he paid the price of the sacrifice in hell though the Bible said on the cross. Then she goes on to say that she did want to say the next and the next page of that same book page 36 quote Jesus paid on the cross and went to hell in my place.

Then, as God had promised on the third day Jesus rose from the dead seen in the spirit realm. When something like this. God rose up from the throne instead of demon powers tormenting the sinless son of God. Six is a different one want to read, here we go. This is what she said. Page 37 of the same book is spirit went to hell because that is where we deserve to go there is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth, so she is saying you cannot go to heaven unless you believe that Jesus finished to Tolman Sachar sacrifice in hell. Now, that means she's a false teacher and I never heard her repent of never heard or corrected.

Never hurt her retracted, you can still order the book from what I know I did a couple years ago three years ago ordered all is something it's still available. Yeah, I know.

Okay so that's heresy. Now what if some teacher comes on and says he knows that, so that the preacher rapture is true and used and you believe in posterior rapture who cares both within orthodoxy. They don't deny any central to Christian faith like what she just did write you good about. So that's all it is in Romans 14 one through 12 says we can have differences of opinion debatable issues. The debatable issues.

No problem, you believe in charismatic gifts for today are not for today while you believe you want but when you start saying the atonement was finished in hell and that you can't be stable if you believe that that's redefining the gospel and denying the sufficiency of the cross that will recruit believe that/I don't wondered how you called with the right 24th 11 one of a vehicle and typically traveling when your own everyday life difficult either to break you. Whenever you got a hold all right, but he they thank you, alright. God bless a thrill for lines 877207276 direct mass Y call 770727 charismatic sling welcome to the show. Waiting is Mr. Mims interesting for North Carolina. Welcome what you hi know I recognize you, and okay I dollars hold on Alonso hold on hold you saying all religions are all based on all lies. That includes Christianity so you owe them the truths okay so which are the lies in Christianity, then we not want to know. Thank you a lot. What are some of the lies give me one of the lies that is some guy named everything lately but not a lot.

I hate you got a get you one thing at a time here not dumb.

Don't give me a nonverbal carpet bombing here okay. I miss Ashley. He said the wrong day what you mean by that date of the Portable know they did that in and did the book of accident in the Corinthian church on the first day the week it's wrist is listed in the Scriptures… You want a baby will accept, except that nine of the 10 step I am except nine of the 10 Commandments are reiterated in the New Testament the Sabbath is not, and people gathered together to break bread hear the word of God to ties on the on that the Lord's day was called the first day of the week Sunday, I just say that why are you ignoring with the soft teach… TK regional he was as different. You read Hebrew, I would like you so that you are doing the Bible what you do.

This is Romans 14 5261 day the one man regards one day above another, another regards, every day alike. Let each man be fully convinced in his own mind. He who observes a day. Observers of the Lord so you can ever days I like Paul says let them be convinced of his own mind.

So you're saying that he should not be convinced in his own mind that that they should just get out all the solo. Why would Paul say one man regards one day above another, another regards, every day alike every day alike and be fully convinced in his own mind. He first was to keep the Sabbath. I would Paul say that okay if were supposed to keep the Saturday Sabbath.

Why would Paul say one man regards one they love another, another regards, every day alike. Each man be fully convinced in his own mind. Why would he say that if were supposed worship on Saturday will command okay Basil, I am he has given all the meat missing the basket and other question guy ready. Why would Paul if were supposed worship on the Sabbath.

Saturday why would Paul writes in Romans 14 51 man regards one day above another regards, every day alike and be fully convinced in his own mind. So why would he write that if were supposed worship on Saturday. Well I don't I don't know why, so it is not okay.

So. So what we say then because you don't know you find reading that it takes several times to get through to you that when the word of God is presented, then you don't have an answer for something that contradicts your position.

What you automatically should do is say I need to go study that read the context find out what it is and and I need to adjust my Fiat I don't think is a so why would Paul have a data.

Why would Paul write one man regards one day above another regards, every day alike.

Let each man be fully convinced of his own mind, are you trying to convince people out. This was a committed online. So when you're contradicting the school of the Scriptures's headlights Debbie Flick and build his own mind you don't want that all holy okay now they tell you something that you need to understand the word and Lachlan forked covenant is testament, Old Testament and New Testament. The old covenant ceases at the death of Christ. That's Hebrews 813 Hebrews 915 to 16 now were in a new covenant and the new covenant, which is documented in the writings of the New Testament in the new covenant. This is what Paul the apostle says so. He says you must be convinced in your own mind that want one man regards one they love another, another regards, every day alike. Let each. Many fully convinced in his own mind. Romans 14 five. The reason is because were no longer under the law, you are trying to say were under that law, but you don't understand biblical theology. You understand the new card but it will Jubilee you see… Did you hear what I said the new covenant is in effect the old covenant is no longer in effect we are quoting is the old covenant.

You need to read Hebrews 89. Mike Tyson you like a lot of others who do this.

Don't understand biblical theology you use the Old Testament to interpret the New Testament you don't understand the new covenant requirements. You don't understand how the design of the 10 Commandments are reiterated and the one that is not is a Sabbath you don't understand that Jesus is our Sabbath you don't understand that we were in Christ and in Christ, we died to the law. Romans 66 verse eight and 74 use a lot of theology evaluate is a lot of theology do not understand because you're in a cult working out Debbie Laidlaw appreciate your call and we can move along because you're not going to the word of God the Word of God is can move along let's get to Peter from Wake Forest, North Carolina. Peter welcoming running or a mat lately that but I find that not caught about that with the last call about Wunderlich and wonder what you did with her trying to keep all the bubble and is a whole another issue the whole literate check. I went to 210 James 310, 310 yeah I could going to have us want to do one. The outfit that I care about like that. Q.out file with lady.

I thought I think they smell is number covenant theology what you hope to admit the covenantal list because God works governmentally Old Testament and New Testament will cover new covenant God makes confidence with his people and covenants have signs he made a covenant with Adam Syme to treat with Abraham made a covenant, the sign was circumcision know what the covenant sign was a rainbow, Jesus establishes a new covenant and the signs of that covenant participation in it is a communion. The reason is covenantal is because it works at the very heart and mind of God.

Hebrews 1320 talks with the blood of the eternal covenant. I believe the eternal covenant is the intra-Trinitarian communion with the father.

Father would give to the son, the elect and it does the sun would apply what it would sacrifice for them and the Holy Spirit were kind of redemptive work.

So we seen intra-Trinitarian covenant of God work based on his word. In the beginning was the word word was with God the Word was God and the Word became flesh is always intertwined dispensationalism in my opinion, is an invention by man in order to find out how God works. So dispensationalism would say that God or from the church began at Pentecost but covenantal of this would say not necessarily given to define the church if it's the body of those who are redeemed and that would be with Adam as he was retained and the things like that and get off yourself and there's a break right there. Table it will take a break, she can talk some more good is fivefold on everybody would write back of his messages.

You may call 87720776 max Y call 770776 charismatic slave back to the show.

Lexi, let's get to Pete from Durham, North Carolina be welcoming on the garment doing okay.

We got bigger? Or you viewpoint all who wait in Revelation. I suspect that is going to be enough. And Elijah because both were taken up into heaven, and the okay dad and I think so, but I could be wrong assist you not make sense okay am I the what you viewpoint on the market to be the mark of the beast is probably her literal mark or implant into the hand and/or the four head of some sort, some way in order to control people, which is where (so the left was to control people as Marxism socialism permanent control of individuals.

Okay are defined by what they are ready your faith everything you awesome health after you have the whole by God's grace of the great I okay got bless right let's get to Alberto from Georgia, Alberto welcoming on the map and I made back in Beijing on buying them fail to buy dinner from Flavia that Daniel would lead but not understanding the letters to understand question. I don't understand."

Wrong people to buy a ticket, even though a back condition there in rock-a-bye lady, okay, could you get the bike lately and lately at the battle control.

Okay, okay, okay, could you do it is wrong for a human being. By late good lead them out back.

The thing I was prefer people to do this. Your course that I prefer having discussion like this. Write out the statement because it's a multileveled statement with conclusions different aspects need to be addressed and so when people say is wrong to buy a slave to what I will say is show me that in Scripture. Now the reason I say that is I want people to get in the habit of looking at the word of God. Finding things in Scripture we know slaves were bought and if so to speak, and things like that but there's different kinds of slavery that were in the Bible and that we have questions. Why did God permitted why what kind of slavery was.

It was a chattel was never chattel slavery wishes it was in America so there's all kinds that goes into this this sensitive topic. Now it talks of buying or not a slave was talking about buying the money or the product. It's not saying in the Bible to so people know that that the slave was himself or herself actual property in the reason we know that is because an escaped slave was, not to read, be returned as was property. Property was to be returned to the rightful owner of an escaped slave was not to be returned. If he's property or she is property than he would have to be returned, but he wasn't because he is not considered property. In that sense we talked about buying a slave and such. It's talking about the issue of the work that is produced in logical don't know that Vince is an effort to work with the verses of the sleeve then and issues.

As for he is his money is the phrase that follows it.

And so there's that. So Jesus buys us because what the sense is sin is a legal debt to God and so what is happened is Jesus is the one who makes a payment so to speak to God the father on our behalf because we are in him first in his 1522, Romans 518. We are in him and we died with him. Romans 66 were crucified with him. Roman 68, and therefore he is representing us and so he has bought us in the sense that our sin debt was transferred to him. First Peter 224 Colossians 214 canceled on the cross. And that's how he bought us with his payment of his own blood. If it makes sense that thank you Dr. Brown… Josh lately and I got chattel lately. Wake up call with a lady take the bait running no headlights and right they don't understand people understand that yesterdays can be beaten but they weren't the only ones were big others were could be beaten and nothing was all okay. It's just that this happened it wasn't just limited to slaves was limited Israelites to that. I got the references someplace I've written articles on and I was surprised to find it applies everybody about that was a surprise right I did and they were thinking. The death then the one who did it is judged and punished, and if the damages I look at hi or not to tooth the slaves to go free.

Exactly right. Right.

I know now so that it's a what you just go to any one of things you can do the Quicken. It's quick and slick thing to do was just go to the cut and paste section of karma look of slavery were to score the search engine on karma look of slavery. Okay.)

Thank you.

I let the right will God bless one okay.

All right. Let's get to Peter from Wake Forest, North Carolina, whom we lost and I hope you didn't rapture Debbie bad news for me. All right, let's get to Dave from North Carolina go to and let's see less try and before the lunch monument call 877-207-2276 Janice from Durham, North Carolina Janice, welcome on what you actually have a heart cath you doing a great job. Well thank you but I think a lot of lot of the but anyway what I wanted you got what you found your radio station and I let it in and plan bad Brad in Guinea and the one in Revelation I and and and let you that the neck that Revelation know I think I do. I will okay when you act now and it is over and and over oblate validation of the deacon get me straight on that. I sink the reason was because the day of the Dan I asked Dan introduced idolatry and I asked so, yeah and and I can remember it because I member hearing is set that they did something with idolatry and this might be might be the reason they were excluded from the list okay.

I remember reading that they were idolatry. All the great acting that way but I want to make sure I get them by every word and I and yes the load acting on my back is great. Thank God met hand of the old.

If your inner and they are void of thought right. It now. We fed and right thigh. You being back. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day you two Janice and I wish we were neighbors Euros. Okay, I think I had too many people want to learn about the babble I want to talk the babbler even if I would love teaching the Bible. I love talking with the Bible. It's this awesome will you read the more you make make make my bill when I read it and read it before and I go back and read it, and acting stand up more and get yet oh, all right. God bless you and have a wonderful day. Keep up the great work you Dylan. Thanks, Janice S all right will escape the Nelson from Bakersfield, North Carolina Bakersfield. Interesting welcome you on the show California California but went back so I thought it all right so we got but he has a few minutes but as good because the next three days Marlon provided work having a workshop were to be sharing how to effectively witness the gospel so that my questioning. Can you please I'm not. I know, but it's only but what I would like your opinion for this letter know how to effectively do it.

I know how to present the truth so you how to be effective.

That's what God does because the word of God is strong and will knock you back into that accomplishing what he desires. Isaiah 5511, so I can't make it effective. But God does. So the things that I say is the three things present, law present gospel present the cost to know what their sins when there with either guilty, you have you lied, then you're guilty to judgment coming. The judgment is eternal damnation. Jesus Christ, God in flesh. He's the one who died in the cross, etc. paid in our sins were transferred to him and he died with them and you have to receive it by faith.

If you don't receive him actually receive him is not the it is him you receive receive him by any sacrifice by faith, then the judgment that's staying on you.

It will be gone. You have to count the cost of what you're getting into. Because Jesus told us to count that cost you know what you're getting into and so that's what one of things that I do that I never find anybody else doing, you know, if you become a Christian concert tickets take you seriously ill change you.

You work through you mold you.

That's what it is and he wants you to follow and want to do that: don't you face got on your own on the jail to see the reason I do I do that because I'm not a tech time is because I don't want someone to give Jesus a try. It didn't work after two weeks. Another inoculated from humanity. I want to know to get in. That's one of the left bless you. The folks we are at a time. Joe from Oak Ridge, North Carolina call back tomorrow about the best way to study the Bible that evokes the Lord bless you by his grace back on there tomorrow and another program powered by the Truth Network

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