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August 7, 2021 4:00 am

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August 7, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Is there a biblical way to have topical sermons---2- discusses infinite regression in the context of discussions with atheists.--3- Are there differences between what Jesus and Paul said-taught---4- What did Paul mean in Corinthians by finishing the race strong or well---5- A nonChristian caller wanted to continue the discussion of infinite regressions as it relates to the existence of God.--6- In John 6-55, are the one's given to Jesus by the Father just the Apostles-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive at the car in the morning you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a map. Likewise, branches, goals, and responded to your questions at 87707276 Matt slick right show is a wonderful day here in Idaho and hope it is where you are the only week be better for more sunshine youth was writing all of your experts in writing right now. Praise God love right to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 we have one up in one wing selects cubicle. If you are a newbie to the show you not so sure what this is about to go to Christian apologetics show and the Christian apologist, which means I defend the Christian faith we talk, but all kinds of stuff and I do debates and other things like that so write books and so will last night to do ahead. The twister here maybe a little bit of color, but I got I got some logic issues that Linda may be talking about here on the issue of infinite regression. When I talked to atheists actually demand talk to and chat rooms. Given our chat room and talk at your questions, and those so I do and Roman Catholics asked me to do that sometimes Eastern Orthodox people, Muslims not that often in the Muslim stuff. It often because Muslims are more instructors you know you know nothing, you stupid man, and a day.

They just think that Islam is true and that you are brainwashed in all the kind of stuff and none of what I say they just automatically argue they don't dialogue.

They just argue and so they don't like it when I ask you please not just argue, but everything but actually dialogue with me is that will be doing it having a conversation and other okay go ahead and then I'll say something stupid, then you probably get in and and so it's always difficult for them and the that's what I want to do is be able to have the kind of conversations with's not always easy but most other people are pretty easy at having a dialogue with most of the night sky really lost electric temperatures with a Roman Catholic.

I think maybe she sort of just really know and I said it just said or done talking, but alright so therefore the lines 877-207-2276 is good to Gabriel from Iowa Gabriel, welcome you on the aim at the right hand and are you yeah so my question is pretty in a time where cultural Christianity and topical sermon. When the Bible is God that'll do whatever speaking about self. What is there a good way to have a topical sermon. In the search and you go out.

Would you structure it.

What would you say to a new Christian and if they're going that you're just going there topical theory, they fed our normal diet.

Can you tell actually good doctor well you know your doctrine to Billy tell if it's good doctor not and what I do is I combine generally speaking I combine topical inside of expositional so I'm going to do with text. I will notice.

For example, I might be coming across the text were talks about the resurrection of Christ is risen from the date that and I might jump over to perspectives of its 1514 and over 17 riches of Christ be not raised. Our faith is in vain and I'll talk about that topic of the necessity, the resurrection being accepted by the father of the sacrifice of Christ and so and uncle Bill go back in the text, so I will stoop snippets of topical studies inside of things.

However, I have been asked to actually preach topically like preach on the doctrine of the Trinity's… They were going to a text you know John when wanted. Beginning was the word word was with God the Word was God. Well, that lends itself towards a topic of trinitarianism, but not as much as the great commission baptized in the father-son Holy Spirit.

Well that is pretty Trinitarian so that point I might say what what to do next week we read this text in on the great commission next week I'm going to give you a topical study with the Trinity is to the entire Bible. That is useful and it's worth worth it.

At that point if topics is all that a person wants to preach when you get around topics in but if you're teaching us positionally, then you won't rent a topic because you can't teach the entire Bible and and because that's so, you know, it just depends if you say look to a topical series on this the next few weeks because we need to have a foundation in the systematic area. No problem. Paul even did that next 17 when he gave you topical study about the gods, the true gods of this got was a topical.

It was what this whole thing went on for quite a bit as he then laid the foundation from theological perspectives. So both are acceptable, but I think that the expositional one is the one that should be the mainstay to meet of the sermon and not just a topical scholarly area group.

Other people try to look your text. All the doubt that our dark. What… I think that audits people actually fall under that side of the fact you that that's probably more day.

Teaching topically at that executing the or backup. This is why just because of what you said this is my opinion if you disagree that's okay. But this is why I believe that when you speak from a reformed perspective that you will have less chance of going astray topically because, for example, let's say you talk about election less definitely reformed doctrine taught all three of the Bible to different levels degree from groups to individuals. Will that would be worth discussing, and The couch with God's sovereignty within me at the ready to man's free will was another topic. How does that work that we get into Jesus free will as a relates of tubing sent by the father to do his will only. It's okay, these things are interrelated and I discovered the years that reformed theology at this natural question is this really does not, and certainly not only minimally. Yet no family to go into archaeology. Goodbye. I grew up unconverted charismatic and I'm only a three, four years, so I it it wading through the ocean that it Bible that writing what they're not adding anything The poet like you always.

Love you when you're like there is terrifying. I'm so glad or chose to be like you talk about election due so I all yeah this election is this humbling people sometimes think no major full of pride and they just don't get it now.

Yes, you, you realize that there's no good reason for God who chosen me, and I'm certainly not good enough to figure it out on my own. I recognize my own sinfulness in my enslavement to sin and God chose being granted. I believe lipids 129. Granted, they have repented. Second Timothy 225 appointed me to eternal life.

Acts 1348 because many born-again first Peter 134.

Again, not of my own will. John 113 into the righteous cost event. While yet all yeah yeah well this stuff is our you realize you chose me because it would send him nothing in me that humbles you and you just become thankful… I don't like, I can deal withe the Arminian attractive dark earth like I could only be like that a like there is something that I can offer something by job.

What God chose all the way into the Thessalonian war about the price right even Back but all goes out of his way to explain Keith Teachout and that's just 213.

He says that he's says that we should always be give thanks to God for your beloved brother delimit the Lord, because God has chosen you from the beginning for salvation through segregation with that faith, truth, and anything in a letter that was to believers who were just kind of being laity because they were like we going back like all evening that chose to provide church that I now like update you to light… Got yes I would like to do is is teaching this in front of people in my hands, left and right in the parallel in their level left-handers were God is my right hands were we are safe reformed theology does and I move my left hand way up and put the right hand where we are way down and says it shows the distinction and the separation between God and us on all levels mechanism with it. Lessons that gap because it says we have that ability in our own sinfully enslaved free will to be able to choose God. We just need that proper information and it's a form of arrogance. You're the best with the like that struggle by election and predestination like like only how that will that I like.

I don't use doctors the right target out of my deluxe waypoint with and it was the Holy Spirit. If you like that daddy cancel descendent at the cross, not when you believe that's a way to think people are not aware of yet because there wasn't. It wasn't that was About college biology all way back on your learning about your your your growing and I am to get that in our discussion just now I saw a verse that I have to add to a repertoire of things and I discuss that was so sick of the phone is 214 it was for this he called you through our gospel, which is synonymous with Ephesians 14 that he chose us in him before the foundation of the world and him me to sacrifice Christ and what Christ is done, he called us to our gospel and in this mix at all. Now of course that is another verse at the shows I love that stuff around predestination all over the Bible is people don't like it because it means that you're not stopping at the heart and it means that you're not the sovereign, because look, you look at Genesis chapter 3 here sitting and logical.

Don't know about Genesis chapter 3. They were cursed and many were cursed and was cursed and what you supposed to do, which was to till the land which requires a large man of knowledge and intuition and an understanding that under the guidance of of the Lord's what he was doing was seeking independence from God.

One of the ramifications of that in a sinful sense is that what we desire is that same kind of a knowledge independent from God. So we therefore then decide what is true for ourselves is to let God do what is true for us and submitting our wills an understanding of the Scriptures are about five. It may be your treat, but at my but no migraines*my truth is chocolate is better than vanilla that's relative or absolute truths away. I got to go.

Okay, I letter. Thank you for the conversation, they felt led up in lines giving colleagues 72076 mass Y770776 charismatic nobody waiting right now. Time 8772072276910, try something and if the next few minutes. This is can require a thinking If you want to be intellectually challenged now is that the next few minutes. This could be something that that's can be difficult but hopefully I can make it easy. Last night I was on a chat system discussing with some atheists and one of the things it'll do some time to discuss varying evidence for God logical once evidential once things like this. There is an argument called the Kalon cosmological argument and it deals with the issue of of the things that come into existence had become a statement condemning infinite regression of uncut causes and that was a topic that we talked about infinite regression of causes. So think about this is that possible picture infinitely flat table white surface that would you and I are standing on in every direction. We look, it's infinitely long infinitely far right. This is a thought experiment in front of us is a row of dominoes goes infinitely to the left infinitely to the right salute to the left is past time to the writers's future time now when one Domino hits another. This is a single cause that's not really how it works. In actuality, she may give an example of something how to step in mud, then loose soil and leave a footprint with a footprint will affect wind flow. I think very low level right down the ground that Winslow might affect how mosquito flights which might affect where it lands it might affect which person gets a disease or doesn't get a disease from the schedule solicit call the butterfly effect how a butterfly can flap its wings in the Amazon jungle and it caused a tropical storm on your side of the planet eventually is going to announce call the butterfly effect. Okay, now let's just assume that as you go back in time that there's an event you're moving forward in time, but there's a time period were certain event happens will let me disconnect because several other events as events don't just leave from one single thing more than a footprint to least is only affecting just one thing. Atoms are affected heat exchange and wind patterns and that low level or maybe even the help bugs might crawl through it. There's all kind of things that are affected by everything that we do. If you think about this.

If we pick one of those dominoes doesn't matter where it is in the past, and we realized that if it falls down and it branches over to other dominoes in different directions because that's what has to happen represents an event to the real world. And so every one of those events that that branch out left and right will also have branches and so as you move forward. The more time there is the more branches are going to occur from left to right, will that would mean thin if he went back in time a lot further in the these things were always always happening and that means a further back you go the far the more branches have already occurred, the more effects of different ways to keep going back so to speak, infinitely, that would mean there's an infinite number branches and infinite number of occurrences that have already happened is good be another infinite number as we go to the right and that is an infinite number of incidents will discuss mind blowing. If that's the case then does that not mean that an infinite number of possibilities means that in one of those possibilities if there's a actual Christian God.

If someone were to say will know it's not possible national why is it not possible that an infinite number of potentiality's branches, there isn't the actuality the God existing because if the past time is occurred, then the actualities are actualized for potentialities are actualized for those leaps will follow me great if you can't keep driving or whatever, doing no good to talk a leader but this is what I'm talking about and so using this last night and I said if you hold to the idea of an infant regression of causes and you're actually also holding to an infinite number actual existences and potential existences that have already occurred, which necessitates the idea of I believe Trinitarian God and why Trinitarian we get on the issue.

The one of the many and how we can have universals in particular instances and looking all that stuff so that is of the stuff I talked about last night and I don't know if you guys follow me if you want to call that the comment about it. That's great, but it dawned on me last night never heard anybody else mention that in all my studies and it shut an atheist down as far as the idea of an infant. Regression causes it would make any sense to have that so anyway what you think you can give a call 877-207-2276.

Let's get on the air with Jason from North Carolina. Jason welcome here. They met though. My question is between the box of all and the end the are there any different than what they had met in the Bible I believe they do for the call no man father and all the open about: the father. Another one would be quickly both the sum and says that I and and and I'm not familiar with that call people father pulsing. I'm not aware that any place you have to show me a scripture for that to take a look at okay all right I'll have to get back with you on that date on you're probably familiar with Ms. all that we are delivered from the law and you is that the problem commandment is that there they're different than that. Not yet. One always is contextual were delivered from the obligation of of follow the law for salvation is a Paul talks about 328 Romans 45-51, Galatians 262 21 but when Jesus says in Matthew 514. He came to fulfill the laws talk about different prophecies and things of the law points to him. He came to fulfill them is not come to abolish that but to fulfill what it is but the law has certain requirements, not just the commandments but it's also the predictions, the covenant promises of God to the Masai was going to be because Jesus says in Luke 24 539 John 539 says you search the Scriptures because in them you think you have eternal life. As these of your witness of me that's what you talk about initial fulfillment. But Paul talking about the different context. Okay on your I went on their website. After looking into this and there were many many many similarities. And what about that and what I know different. I find no differences in how good and I would greatly and in our study the Bible, but obviously not as much of the money like you that this is your job, but the United someone brought that up to me and I kinda looked into actively and it at face value, it does thing like there are different, but as you said, yet they did not is not going to hold on break I can show you things that Jesus teaches every day folks for the life-giving call 877-207-2276 chemical mats like why call 770776 charismatic sling welcome back to the show. All right is Québec on with Jason still there. Alright, so a lot of time people think that would Jesus teaching is very easy and that Paul is teaching is a very difficult and what Paul does is expand what Jesus has already stated, people will say will.

Jesus didn't teach justification by faith alone and yes he did go to Luke 18 1914 were talked with the first in the text together.

The Pharisee both in what you did I do this I don't do that. I'm good guy for the tax gatherer floor. Be merciful to me, the sinner. Jesus is this man went down justified.

Jesus was teaching no works and justification by faith right there in another place in Mark 410 to 12. Jesus says he speaks in parables of people will not be saved. He specifically says that that's why he speaks in parables so willing not forgiven under sense that I can't be Jesus as the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian surfer dude dressed in a woman's nightgown asking permission for you to let me know what your heart wants it would be saved. If that's the case then why does he say space in parables, shall not be saved. That's Mark 410 to 12 is called people, hypocrites, blind guides you fools, whitewashed tombs, serpents, brood of vipers. You know it eases foolish ones concealed tombs. He really insults the people he goes in the temple and he overturned the temple tables and a Luke 2236 Jesus said the disciples are descending amount is good so you have a sort know we have two cloaks is to sell one cloak and buy a sword. Jesus said this, Luke 2236 right Jesus said without there.

I don't mean to cut you off as and can quickly invite the motor and I'm not denying it, but I think it I got no need of that bit about the parable of also that it is not God will do anything. But also that of what what is the conflict between the different the all is probably the elect given by the father to the sun but Jesus said in John 637. Although the father give me will come to me and who's that all will in first grade is 1522 in Adam all die in Christ all shall be made alive.

Romans 518, part B, the resulted justification of life to all men. Justification can only bring to the elect.

That's really all art will I can take you through a study on on that recess integrity is 514 says that though the love of Christ controls us have concluded this. That one died for all, therefore all died will be all who died can't be everybody because the phrase all died is tied to the Scriptures which teach us that those are only believers and so we can make the case that the all is in reference to the was good by the father to the son, we can also make the case that God could desire one thing and arrange another because of the varying degrees of his will to accomplish this in one area he can have a heart that I would be safe, but not arrange it. And there's there's that's on conflict and there's ways to deal with that as well can use these are things are headed that way later on front right and I know you're very good with the you think it will be based off of their own personal how they conducted themselves and what their mindset is what you know he doesn't I'll not get them, not my work is all right able to think this is surprising, he says in John 665.

He says you cannot come to me with been granted to you from the father.

Well released to set the my free will. Nope, you can't come to me this is been granted to you from my father. Jesus has already been selected for me though it would not ignore the open need 1/3 look. 13 you will find the court but one method you. Do you believe it could be in context of that.

If someone not third think someone's not knocking them not look 13th or the room. Therefore God is not granted in the act that is it that way. That's right.

John 644 says you cannot come to Melissa father draws you. You go to be drawn on Matthew seven what you talk about who you ask, you 60 bucks. The context is if you asked God the father for you someone for bread, will be the stone look at her official give the snake the aspirin and will be the scorpion. That's because in the culture of the time geographically in South Sea Galilee, there was a skinny fish that was like a snake bread was baked resembled a stone for that area and a scorpion that they have there. When you when you threaten it trolls up in the shape of that of an egg and a little egg shape and self-defense. The point is, God will not take you out whenever you ask you receive in the so he talk about in the context the course with escorting the will of God for Chuck five talks about something else and Jesus. John 1011 on the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays his life down for the sheep. John 1026 but you do not believe because you're not of my sheep and my 2532 he will separate the sheep from the goats and manipulated like that for the sheep. He said, but you're not my sheep. What is that mean there's all kinds to the Jesus teaches that people are are just he says that you kidding me. I didn't know he would talk like that yet. And this is a problem that people are surprised when they been at church years. They are unfamiliar with these concepts taught by Christ, and I think the reason might be because the preachers are avoiding things are difficult and kind of jumping around over they do read this if we don't understand. It was move on and they can continue and so I'm finding more and more Christians are just ignorant of the biblical issues and themes of theology in Suffolk at particularly the issue of covenant. I'm this really becoming an issue that I finding out that Christians don't understand covenant and yet it's all over the Bible and so problems with with with things are right now.

Let's just say I could do a whole seminar you difficult sayings of Jesus and all I could even go into the parable get this and make some of the scalding asked me to explain that I will reminisce parable were Jesus gives a parable where the unrighteous steward is deceptive and yet he's praised by the landowner's praised by why would Jesus teach that I can tell you the answer but you see there's a lot of things that people just not aware of the cross actually teaches go to church.

Don't just open your mouth like a fish frequently given the discerning examine and go to church is where they open the Bible to verse by verse and dig into it as we find because the salt is losing its saltiness, registering a buddy if people wait so to move along all right. I thought regular hope that was challenging. Hey folks, let's get on your here with Bob from Clinton Utah like Bob welcome you on the air, met my brother in the Lord, all you all for the Lord. Praise God.

Good. Hope you are to so we got well thank you so the only way of dealing with logo rent. Do you know which one. All one teaching or preaching at the church at Corinth. He mentioned something that I know what you're saying in part was brothers we can finish the race strong was you talking about was teaching or preaching to the elderly, or what was that all about you. The race strong is doing is talking about effective just was reading up on that might document the artist is nine you not know that those who run in a race all run, but not only that only one receives the prize run in such a way that you may win. Everyone who competes in the games exercises self-control in all things. They then do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable. Therefore I run in such a way is not with as not without aim my box of such a way as not beating the air, but I discipline my body and make it my slave, so that I try preach to others I myself not disqualified what he's doing is speaking metaphorically. He's using the imagery of the games which people were familiar with. I speak of the Corinthians, among home for many unbelievers, urging them to be more involved in their Christian walk sheet he talks also the context talks about running the race and not failing the test. That's right before think it is an test is not specified, and since it isn't, we cannot say that the test is not salvation rewards. Whatever. But since Jesus said he will lose none for the father who was given him.

It cannot be that that Paul is actually teaching to lose your salvation so is teaching metaphorically urging the Corinthians as a whole run that race or not disqualified is not saying you can lose your salvation. Give us a generic statement to people a group unbelievers of leisure mixed hold that thank you that God bless. All right they folks live in lines 877-2276 max Y call 770-7276 charismatic sling back all right.

Micah Sherman not colliding stumbled upon your patient by accident and out about knocked my mind so not a Christian. Not really within my practice trying to play anybody from their beliefs this way or that I believe everybody has their own patent, like what you were mentioning earlier about letter by the part of the flock, but that's typically with the thought experiment being on the flat circuit dominoes going to the panic in the future, so it got to acknowledge that he notes one Domino can branch off into one possibility and that result you know another and then another form possibility right so if there are abilities. I will certainly give you credit anything that would be a Nobel court argument for the of a Christian God.

I would say however that a look that would be going out that thing part of the thought experiment with that also mean that there are an infinite number of variations of the Christian God snow slide that because by definition Christian God is real, revealed in Scripture is the single Trinitarian necessary being who is always existed who is immutable and transcendent. And if that's the case that this occurs in one of those possibilities that it necessitates his singularity is the only possible being, but they'll have to be one possibility right window at the be another one where and let let's say one possibility would be a Christian God is not obligated to be truthful with that would not be the Christian God and so did we also have there's other areas in the house how knowledgeable you are in the South, philosophy, logic, and discussions, but if we were to say that one of the universes were those possibilities is a round square. That's a non sequitur it's not possible no matter what kind of condition you can have it's not a possibility. What this means is that all potentialities can only occur potentially if they're not logically impossible, but then we get into the issue of why are these logical necessities, the transcendent standard by which we can then say something can or cannot be get into the issue. The laws of logic. The foundations of the classical laws which are universal abstractions and how we have those because then you beat someone would be single. This can't happen in that fragmentation. The possibilities of the branches within that would mean that they are subject to a universal consistent standard of these laws but how they justified so this is more complicated that I do have these discussions all the time with during atheists try to get too deep here, but you see, the issue is so II agree that that but what you think like that answer.

It being one possibility and I have to have you that with being that possibility for me the problem become if we show that it is a possibility by their no limit to the other guaranteeing possibility there will also be possibility that there are there are limits. Of course you can have round squares. You can't have something both exist and not exist at the same time will of course lit limiting barrier on earth does when it comes to know reality and exit and when it come to know our belief system. If we are to say one universe that is possible for a Christian God as it is portrayed in the Bible believe we also have to acknowledge that there is a possibility that there could be a Christian, God is not obligated to tell the true, that would not be the Christian God.

The Christian God, by definition, tells the truth. You cannot lie. So when people say well it wouldn't a Christian God. You can live with that would be the Christian God, what would what what what compelled a Christian God to continue the project would be truthful is not a Christian God.

He is the Christian only treat revealed in Scripture's whatever quality God possesses. He does not possess its opposite, because that would be the possession of opposite characteristics of the same time in the same sense in the same way. So here's illustration, a bowling ball has spherical characteristics but by having spirit spherical characteristics. It also does not have square characteristics in shape so wouldn't, and something has an attribute indicates certain potential other attributes associated with in the case of of the divine being God and revealed he possesses a certain attribute and cannot also possess its opposite, Sophie possesses if a ball repossessing roundness. It cannot also possess not roundness is a logical impossibility of God is good.

It cannot also be that he's not good not good is the concept of lying and then there's the problem. Would you like to discuss it with people nice if you*then how would you what good is Stan Rocha good judgment, height, logic, standards, and it gets another fragment but you see, this is a problem with with positing something in the same nutrition God who could do this. Let not the Christian God and logically is not possible accident.

Are you an atheist, I wouldn't open a few birthday meal. I got that. I believe everybody has their own. I've gone nothing more philosophical than anything I can get you through your teaching. I'm foreclosing toward fine Buddhism and Taoism with an attractive what I could. If you want some time to spend time in, but I can shoot holes in those and tell you I think can't be true that we can greater computer. Can I use a great deal of logic is a Christian. A lot of Christians don't do this, but I do a great deal of logic and evidence, and I try dialogue politely with atheists and other groups in the nocturne atheist new sale date is okay. The stock managed and under which until now.

You can even continue list of the show if you want to do this for 41 years doesn't mean I'm right and just so you know my name is is really Matt slick it's called that slick life slips on the radio and it was my real name about that. Over next meet. You met all of you looking to so in our right.

Micah Lehman thanked her to an end: appreciated okay no problem filling you to know that it was late and you know he's a non-Christian and he's polite. I like having conversations with with guys like that. And girls like that so hopefully he'll listen folks pray for snakes and prayers, and therefore this get to Patrick from Charlotte, North Carolina Patrick, welcome around here. I met I go I got here you think may sure I have a question about gun the five okay Yahoo talking about granting God granting him the apostle and the reason it's not it's a good question, though, a case of very good question and no problem.

When we look at the context we see that you go back to know roughly 30 file scan through. You can read the whole context of adversity to talk about Moses and the true bread comes out of heaven. Verse 35 he who comes to me will not hunger, and he who believes in me will never thirst is not just the apostles of the universal statement in verse 40. This is by will the thought of the will my phone. It everyone who beholds the son of the lease will have eternal life. So that's not just apostles either. As for the Jews are grumbling and he said he is the bread cannot from heaven and the Jews in like that and he says is not written in the prophets, though, should be taught of God to be stalking the Pharisees about that and that he believes has eternal life. Verse 47 and they says in verse 51 of the red Kennett of heaven.

52 the Jews were grumbling and I give Certs flip flesh to eat what you talking about, and then he talks about he's a bread out of heaven and then he says these things he said in the synagogue at a Capernaum.

Therefore, many of his disciples when they heard this said this a difficult statement for now is talking to his disciples or he's talking to a group among which are the disciples we don't know for sure and conscious that his disciples grumbled he says is this cause you to stumble, and that could never was causing the stumble that whoever has ever believes eternal life even understand to the Jews. They understood the Messiah was only for Israel.

Jesus said so in Matthew 1524 I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. He was not sent to everybody.

The Jews understood the Messiah is coming for Israel what you mean everyone who believes you talking about is her having the grumbling and he says what if you see the Son of Man ascending to you where it was before the spirit gives life. The flesh profits nothing, but there are some of you who do not believe now Jesus knew from the beginning who they were, who did not believe that was a course Judas as he would never say to begin with and he goes on and he says the Jews knew from the beginning who they were not believe that he says and 65. For this reason I said you that no one can come to me unless it been granted him for the father. No one is not just you disciples or the apostles a decent he's it's been inclusively no one can. What he's doing is he shaking the apostles up the disciples up is good understands really important as covenant theology. Jesus was not sent governmentally. He was not sent to the whole world. Now it was probably outside that he would he would be the sin offering for the world because the Jews rejected him covenantal eat and then we, the Gentiles are grafted in the broke the covenant.

Okay about the conflict he seven or he actually Jesus said to the 12 so he was talking about the 12 and John the five because it sandwiched in between.

John 655 in February talking about the 12 okay so then when he says no one can come to be less than benefit the father that means only the disciples only apostles in John 40 talking about but make my second night with no note lately.

I just read 65.

He said 67 I signed at his disciples so I'm I'm asking you I'm asking you in the context we says no one can come to me is is that only the apostles not by you not answer my question. Pentagon Patrick and John.

65 665 is the no one to Kate look Patrick, if you don't, Patrick, Eunice or my question will want them asking the question you just start talking over me and interrupt what you do that I'm asking you a question about I'm asking you a question. All right here we go here we go go so I had to hang up on folks because he just won't listen and is not willing to have a dialogue. Just want to interrupt and demand that his interpretation understand. I can ask when the says no one can come to visit me just the disciples of justify that way folks are you over. The Lord bless you and by his graceful back on their moral problems have one powered by the Truth Network

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