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September 7, 2021 4:00 pm

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September 7, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why don't we use the punishments outlined in the Old Testament law---2- Should we pray for those whom God has given over to a depraved mind---3- Matt discusses the imprecatory psalms.--4- Is Shepherd's Church the same things as Shepherd's Chapel---5- A caller wanted to discuss more arguments for the post-tribulation rapture position.--6- A nontrinitarian caller wanted to debate.--7- What's the best way to get back to reading the Bible regularly---8- Why do some people baptize infants---9- Weren't many of the statements made by Job's friends about God good and correct-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of Christian apologetics. Research was found alive at the board you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a Matt Slick Live branches called responding to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick one.

Show me Matt slick. It is October 3, 2021 broadcasters which wanted to be called. We have some open lines 877-207-2276 Dr. new to the show: about the Bible anything chocolate everything lately lot about COBIT lot about government stuff like that and no big deal. Enjoy that as well so you want to be. Call 877-207-2276 got calls coming in, but looks a little odd the way things were concerned with revenue problems with the okay so there you go right so you be off the air on Monday because it's a Memorial Day and soul not be on live Monday and will be back on Tuesday, Lord willing, and I may be hosting the show on avian set TV will be talking about that little later or maybe next week when I get more information on that and talk about all kinds of stuff there you go. All right 877-207-2276 just jump on the air. Let's get on not on the lunch with Alberto from Georgia you're on the floor go like you know they'll and 30 real God people and got all off-topic, it basically got him off the river on and then I backed up there. 840 Okay go, you'll pass again or we can rethink the likely grabbed them and grab because were not under the law.

This was to Israel and under that theocratic system anymore and so we don't do that because it's a different covenant when the New Testament covenant, which is ratified with Christ in Hebrews 813, or he was a 14 and also 952 60 and also offer sacrifices anymore. Nobody is going to get out.

No avoid them completely. While we avoid them and we try and convert them. Also certain people called to avoid and search are difficult to train converts you know as an apologist, I would be someone who would work trying to get someone who believes in false things to believe the truth with oneness people in the end of the Trinity or Catholics, or short adoption come salvation so but then I never had other people should avoid because they know how to deal with them should avoid the false teachers, so the sink and I think there will know about that but you welcome anyway. Alberto Babbitt arriving unless they folks with open lines give me a call 877-207-2276 Kim from North Carolina. Welcome here on the Roman got all I feel free Northeast on don't know who God has given over to the crowd in their hearts and minds. We should pray for people.

I got family members who let's say not walking with the Lord and I don't know if there had been given over to the depravities are hearts and minds because of certain actions and things it said so.

So pray for them so we don't know who they are, whom God has given over to that. But God does dance. Paul is simply letting us know that God doesn't.

But we don't have that insight not privilege to know who they are. So we continue to pray for people we do not like. I pray for Ron Pelosi and Biden.

Even though I think they are treasonous individuals who are so far gone that I pray for them so we are to pray for those who are our enemies. I believe they are enemies of the Constitution and our country.

I do is my opinion so I can say that at least now I pray for them. My Muslim opponents debates. I pray for them. Even my oneness opponents and debates. I pray for them to know who they are as far as God's revelation goes whether or not they been given over to the depravities are hearts and minds certainly will certainly seems like it but can you eat not the world but all will give you this Jesus God in flesh. He knows who he's praying for he knows the situation we don't Jesus I pray for everyone, but only the ones you given me. John 17 talks about this is what with the understand is that God himself understands who he has ordained. He knows who is ordained. We don't. So our job is to be his patient with people as possible.

Be at peace with as many people as possible. Pray for them even though they seem like they're lost and and seem like they're depraved to the subject with her. Given over to the private hearts or minds. We can pray for them, but maybe sometime you just realize that it might be too far gone. In that case we can pray was called implication to implicate is to wish harm on people and a lot of people don't realize that there are imprecatory Psalms where the psalmist is actually said Lord, get him destroy them wipe amount. These are in Scripture and worship songs of Psalms the cold imprecatory Psalms so if I believe that person might be so far gone, which is a very happy, some of the pre-imprecatory Lord, convict him, punish him blind them for the cancer work against you. Do whatever is necessary. Pray that nevertheless Lord I don't know who, what, when, where, please try and save tribe save them anyway for both ways and make sense will God bless. Okay. It's okay if I open lines give me call 877-207-2276. A lot of people really surprised by by the idea of implication. But if you read to Psalms and already just look up imprecatory Psalms.

You'll find you'll find work.

God with the psalmist is saying you effectively do that were God tells people that you can again destroy the right and so some of them are like Psalm five okay Psalm five. Let's see, it says so in Britain.

On this record is on carbon. Nevertheless, you are not going to take pleasure in wickedness, and the bows will not select stand before you. You hate all who do iniquity, you destroy those who speak falsehood. The Lord abhors the man of bloodshed and deceit. It talks like this and and so looking at her suck. This would assess these are the kind of things of the book, but the Bible talk about and imprecatory sense and so hold them guilty of God by their own devices, let them fall. Psalm 510 we can see God.

This almost speaks very strongly about certain things to how we balance this in one sense Betty 543 through 48.

God says so. He listened to the rain and the sun shined on the good and the bad that we are to be perfect as God is in heaven and love everybody. Can we then pray in such a way, we would say hold them guilty. Lord, by their own devices, let them fall yes we can.

These are the Psalms that are inspired we very carefully talk like that. We pray like that because we don't want people to be down there wanting to be saved. So what I'll do is I will pray for people salvation and if I think it might be necessary. I pray for implication upon them, with the goal of bringing them to repentance. Lord, destroy their ways of cause them physical harm. Make them bankrupt where it might be if Lord those things would bring them to you and could be used by you for your glory. And so that's the idea of implication. It's not something taught very many pulpits, but it's right there in Scripture. And that's something to look at all right twist on the air with Vicki from Raleigh, North Carolina Vicki, welcome here on the air sure your name is five Oh, yes, yes really popular preacher carry with you. Click here to shepherd her and I'm wondering if shepherd being generated. I don't know which is no URL. See separates church is looking in and actually like Stephen what is which is the high school is why there why okay well let's see see I could get what I do normally. As I look for the elders and looking there and I don't see any female elders so far, so that's good. Was a lot of people there may have a lot of Sola forcing a dude just look around to see what they say history Krista have found that my brain will serve a lot like Making it clear if not characterizing relatable other break. Okay I got a full trip through the lines give me a call 87720776 max Y call 770727.

Here is Matt's leg back with Joe everybody look a little bit on that shepherds church.

It certainly looks good, different travel there was the owner that I know the owner just of the network is pretty good guy. He knows this is where of the of a lot of things to talk about different groups of before and having me on the air on his network is both good and bad one. How can you trust someone thinks look at you doubt his wisdom, but on the other hand. This is as good point and the other thing is that he does want people who can speak the truth and I certainly try attract so we can have a good guy can hope it's a good guy is into creationism, evolution of the devil want to debate against him in that area.

From what he says most every thing he and I did have a debate on reformed theology and Calvinism. And so he didn't do very well and I'm not knocking at my right yeah yeah you I'm really knowledgeable and he's not and that's all in, but he's a great guy and my brother. You like. I think it's my first year. Nobody can get around that before the don't go the time you listen to and from your own opinions on what you think you know I have a certain view and I believe you can go through the tribulation. I things are getting worse and worse and you know; depressed cryptology and a lot of people have a lot more product positive message to say you know God loves us so much is not let us go through this.

Etc. etc. very newly when I went rational.

I think you mean where the wicked are taken before the good, the only way they could assert to be like it would be to say to get around it. That would be to say that the pretrip rapture occurs that during the millennium, under the seven year tribulation. People get saved and then when Jesus comes back then they get taken out first.

Fluid is the only way they can get around that.

And even then that causes problems because it means there's two of rapture's and so that's a problem, but you very here to there are people that need to absolutely right, it's a ride Vicki Colbeck anytime all right and God bless North Carolina let's get on here with Dave from Utah Dave welcome you. There Dave, I can't hear you, give you a few seconds.

Here I thought I heard some sound but I have you turned up maximally everything you're saying Dave, I hope not having a technical problem. They put you on hold up okay there you go.

Just converted sure you sure we got to let lady that was my question. It defeat you will even be that care about that that wouldn't go through the tribulation meeting to go through the pre-tribulation rapture good arguments for my position to very good arguments. Okay today is the radio did minister to eat tribulation was a dominant position in America wrapped pretrip rapture.

I don't see in Scripture will debate people on an official debate on the show to me, but it's not there and also supported say I don't see it at all and dump two minute if you want to stick and what is left. That's not the good were taken is the wicked and versus when you arrive not, it is not appointed to wrath with salvation. The word rafters tribulation is as there was salvation and judgment is the slightest and I got arguments I got stuff that it's hard to get out of a great okay that if you anything else not think the thinking that my question sure Dave may God bless our all right hey folks pharmacological to give me a call 877-207-2276 Chuck from Burlington, North Carolina welcoming on their yes I turned my phone on when the young lady was talking about in Raleigh where somebody said it would travel that with me from when I was going to get back on God.

I II had that one time but was so full, but which church are shepherd, whichever chapter in Raleigh north Raleigh, young lady with talk about yeah and I felt bad that I thought Apple you know, disposing that I was the one that that and that I never meant you know, I know I know I did that directly off. I thought the chapel and listening Davey and maybe even Dave yet regarding go towards them online. It always about the top three turned up there right now. I believe all these amazing that history notes and everything the way put together some of the something else you got here likes you all the free go yesterday. Call me a hike that he changed it as the shepherd. A little seminar that I never got afraid around talk about them yet still give an adult not if he condemns Roman Catholicism.

That's one good sign that's for sure yet and easily. If God good a lot and about eight years. Well, okay, yeah, I got the folks whatever lines of what he wanted you called 877207227 section max Y call 770-7276 is Matt's leg. 772072276 with Rob from Des Moines welcoming on their really. All that you do really Scripture the quick question or reference.

I would like the other day regarding three. If you look at Revelation 7 people coming out of the ones in the white Road jubilation while out of great tribulation, not really think you know what if they come out of the tribulation and it will pretrip could say that the light of the ones lives were saved during the tribulation. Want to come out of the great tribulation assayed during that I think so that gate pretrip rapture. I think you are, in fact, what I think really negates it is Matthew 24 them, among other thugs. Aces instituted known mislead you for the return of Christ and things like that and he goes on and he makes the statements he said immediately. Verse 29 after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, etc., etc., and any goes on and the toxicity was only so-so. After the tribulation he will send forth his angels a great trip with a great trumpet will gather together his elect from the four winds. That's when the rapture says after the tribulation of those days to me is Matthew 2431, you know, so this is great tribulation to gather the elect's made frequent errors we do are you to I love to hear myself talk about looking.

I am until I get up in the morning I see myself in the mirror. In reality, can smack you upside the head.

So yeah we do. Reality is the thing to submit to that and so much for 29 to 31 after the tribulation of those days dishonest. Then the Son of Man will appear in the sky will send forth his angels and gather his elect. Okay for the trip great trumpet and Josť would not think well great trumpet it says like it usually a great trumpet that will gather his elect. If you go to first Thessalonians 416 the Lord himself of the seventh heaven with a shout of with the archangel and with the trumpet of God coming in rapture will occur and the last trumpet is was talk about that is also going here to clear the eye.

The last trumpet, the dead in Christ will rise up virtual will be changed as first and it's 50-50 to the last trumpet when the rapture occurs. That's what he says over the left Lord himself having to try and will be caught up. That's for subtleties for the trumpet will we know first and 50-50 to. That's the last trumpet and we know that the great trumpet of thought. Matthew 24, 29 to 31 is when the elector gathered and it happens after the tribulation done it's over going to make a really good Bible teachers are all you know what anyway I just wanted that I didn't think the revelation of what you are good through it but you would stuff the list of my mind right okay chilling preaching of the word trying trying to get with a Christian is yet you with true okay you to rub God bless man all right, let's get to Joe from Ohio Angel welcome your own here. I wanted to point out a in my mind, it will look in the dictionary and that it and the definition of human being and there has only been one human being that represented God's were you not.

I'm asking God. Let me ask you a question I need a company to answer this question, you firm the Trinity or not. All three people. May God unmask them. Ask a question, do you affirm the Trinity or not it's it it's a yes or no, which is well let me ask another question asking the question, you affirm the Trinity is either yes or no. He said yes.

I ferment no I do not simple. You then ask you, let me ask you, let me ask you a question, you affirm the Trinity or you do you deny the Trinity, which is I didn't ask about Jesus. I said to you, affirm the Trinity, or do you deny the Trinity can I ask you this question I'm asking the question and I'm showing people what you are like what you and people like you are like you don't answer direct question is because because you don't either put them on hold because he does not answer direct questions notice folks.

This is something that I encounter this a lot with people don't listen they just go on to something else. This is a sign of of being brainwashed, we ask a direct question. It's a direct answer, you affirm your tonight will okay Lynn we go on. That means you have a conversation with the sky will even do that was tried again. Joe people are listening to you. Do you affirm the Trinity, or do you deny the Trinity which one is it that you affirm the Trinity, or do you deny the Trinity. Just asking the question to ferment, deny you believe is true or you believe it's false to affirm it or do you deny it all. All I don't believe there's three people in the Godhead.

I don't believe in that.

So the Trinity does not teach that I'm asking you if you affirm or deny the Trinity to do.

Affirm you.

I have I didn't do that. I'm asking you a question I just said, you affirm I said, you affirm or deny the Trinity putting in 1/4.

If you are, ferment, or you don't affirm it would which isn't okay so I'm going to go on pass this obviously you deny it you don't know what it is also to show people what that means for someone to be brainwashed. You are let me ask you what is the Trinity you think is three people with teachers three people will okay show Joe Joe Joe is not it's not with the Trinity as three people. We don't say that I've been teaching on the Trinity for over 40 years is not with the Trinity is not three people. That's nice so you don't know what the Trinity is you don't know what it's not. 3P. Mangino fill out Joe Joe I'm trying it would do one thing at a time. First of all you need to understand what the doctrine is. I didn't say that you have to believe it.

But you don't even know what it is you say been studying this since 1973 oldest you can even get the doctrine of the Trinity right you know what it is.

It's not three people.

It's three distinct simultaneous persons in the word person has a certain theological significance when it relates to the idea of the Godhead not familiar with.

No, it's not Joe people and persons are not the same word they are going. Joe there spelled defiantly. Joe Joe Joe John and Joe. Joe correct Joe word people is the PEO PLE persons PRS the last 30 different words prove it to you. You don't want to listen hello Ray, not continue with him a little bit after the break the state to mats like why call 770-7276\back in the show. Let's try one more time with okay Joe Mattel you you don't know the Trinity is, it is not three people.

We don't say that we don't use that word. It's person personhood bite definition theologically is a center of awareness like someone can speak and have a will. That's we define personhood as the Bible said is only one God, but the father speaks the Holy Spirit speaks the sun speaks are all called God and he goes on like this is how it's arrived is telling you you don't know what you're criticizing you study general statement you say I did this in regard to the Trinity in Revelation 1st church in Revelation. Can you focus your first so that's what the church believers general. They left their fellow Joe ruling on this is the he's an example of of someone who is incoherent brainwashed gently: agenda sized didn't listen. The factionalism stuff they just go on a repeat and think through things.

Let's get to another Joe from North Carolina hey Joe, welcome you are on the year yeah yeah hi Matt.

Sure sure we got. My question is what way do get back to reading the Bible. I feel like you like. I've been kind of gone wayward and I need to come back, get into the word.

I'm not equipped at all though like you where to begin. What I would do this is just start with prayer and to see Laura was reading the Bible and studying stuff like that and ask that you would just direct me and guide me. You just pray looking for a day or two. Work week or two, or whatever it is and see if the Lord you don't put on your heart anything. If he does, you don't start reading and if nothing happened like that is okay just start in a small epistle you go to the Ephesians and Galatians you want to read the whole chapter wants to read one verse or read five verse 12 and just think about it and talk. Don't expect some great Revelation and all how all this amount like my sink was a little tough to read. Okay that's normal And they just keep reading and what in and through prayer and reading what actually happened to something interesting because you have fellowship with someone by spending time with them and the more fellowship, more time you spend with them. The more you get to know them and hopefully enjoy the company that kind of thing will our fellowship. I call it Christian CPR if you live CPR right, confess, pray and read it. Hoping you will confess your sins we will be cleansed and you pray and you talking to God and you read this read talking to you as fellowship goes on, you'll find that will actually increase your appreciation of the word, and sometimes it's also good to just keep a little Journal of some sort, you know, nothing too detailed. If you feel like you don't care whatever you say hey I on this date I like doing dates I think is dictates can help you know why and out three weeks I made this point. I remember that the tractor was fun and stuff like that do things you the young young and I've always thought I always there to go to know why no mind to middling journal so that I go but yet I feel that my right and I read my problem is I do be on a more debate and don't make it a chore labor that you do certain not wanting to do.

That's the one thing I think is important that the courts will be disciplined to so I think it's good idea to just kind of measure yourself, how much of it I pushing through how much it is a privilege.

How much was it really enjoying them by not enjoying this kind of balance it out this sometimes you want to spend time with your bugs and sometimes you don't and we are human and so I think the idea there is just to be as careful as you can regarding move forward in and and spend time with the Lord. I think prayer really is the foundation because in prayer your spending time in the very presence of God, so that when you hear his word tends to be more alive and from prayer. Okay. Alright thank you note. Guide me on this meaning I just experiment you might call back a month ago. The general idea didn't work for me. The prayer thing did or vice versa person was a good thing to do. You might come up something new and you share okay I got okay alright let's get to Tyler from Long Island, North Carolina review, rather long will all okay, ask, and wondering what that's arguing, Long Island, New York. Okay, we got yet regarding United you'll have a lot that I that you have my sympathy was assistant pastor to Dr. for George Goyette on yeah 99 (I think a lot of people to talk and understand whether it with minister know that we aren't really on the Scripture like you believe that I have credibility for baptizing her children and I need just understanding that I think you doing that we resume regeneration upon that which is natural did not like I can tell you why what you think it is. I get the misunderstanding where they think that on mediated work work work being too Roman Catholic. Yes well with the DC inscription with her talking Scripture is the case that you're always baptized after you believe so they associate with baptism with being saved or not it brings you to salvation but it's because you are safe for baptizing children, your singer saved but they don't understand that's not the position as it's a covenant and what I could do not talk to people who are who hold to adult only credo baptism.

Talk about the modes of baptism and sprinkling flooring and immersion are all in the Bible. I believe the dark to show them that the release was a for loop and we talk about coming here is the argument that I use is the agreement, covenant, commanded that children be circumcised and were entered into the covenant by that circumcision doesn't mean they were saying.

This means that in the covenant that they were God would look at them governmentally. The people of God would look at them covenantal in the covenant. In the arrangement of God. We never saved, and the male course of circumcised female, for obvious reasons but also because the mail represents the descendents of females recovered in the father at that point, and circumcision is the shedding of blood, Paul relates circumcision of baptism in Colossians 211, 12.

He does circumcised with the circumcision without hands, having been buried with him in baptism. So he relates them.

Well, it turns out that circumcision according to Romans 411 is a sign and seal of the faith is already possessed and so it's a seal. Now if baptism is to be related to that will, then we will not make a promise of the children don't have faith but we don't know because in Psalm 22, nine you did make me believe that I butters my mother's breast.

So we don't know get in some side tangents on less when Abraham was called told by God to include children. He did and that Abraham is confident in you all the nations shall be blessed in that covenant was circumcision was a covenant sign of it. Genitive 17 talks about that anyway. Paul quotes Genesis 12 three in you all the nations shall be blessed that he quoted in Galatians 38 calls it the gospel that means Abraham a covenant is still in effect.

If the irrevocable is still in effect wears a command to exclude infants from and ask ask your at this with an easy one for the Baptist Alaskan you dedicate your children safe course. That's a good thing and is your your dedication as a covenant is your you know we promised the church forgot to give her children a reason for you dedicate the children to the Lord.

That's correct.

Great worship covenant sign because covenants always have signed the biblical pattern is to have a symbol sign with the covenant. That's the biblical pattern with a make a covenant with God and with the church and people wears a covenant sign that were asking in their stock is covenants they don't know how you been biblical sing regular thank you.

And unlike print and don't Hartnett find give me a call. We can always have him call me.

I'll talk to you don't say. Here's the reasons this is why they believe it great if not that's okay long as I understand the reasons are right that helps.

Alright, let's get to Sergio from California, a welcome here and here hello hi Matt yes it is list mess look like that's right. I got God bless you brother thank you for all the work that you do and I just wanted say your efforts are appreciated and unfortunately there will be those who have to bear the brunt of the rest of us. When dealing with the difficult question. Anyway, I had a question about the book of Job in reading through the book of Joe reading about the affirmation made by Job's friends in an effort to console Joe in his suffering, his friends may some really awesome affirmations about the Lord and by the end of the believe around chapter 35 the Lord correct everything and however what do we do with the affirmation if they were incorrect in in the in their effort to to console Joe. Do we do we not receive those affirmations about the Lord even on the room.

Believers even unbelievers can say positive things that they weren't unbelievers, but you go to Joe you might want to keep in mind that their philosophical representations.

Each of the opponents that some are kind of rationalistic others are what we call experiential answers that dishes of the time so they can make affirmations that are not perfect and what they do and how they do they have to make sure that the affirming is consistent with the turn against God's servant, Joe Reddick time okay but they have a great weekend that I think you got I will be back on your Tuesday Monday were off.

God bless have a great weekend. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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