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October 14, 2021 4:00 pm

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October 14, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Does God love everyone equally---2- Is the sinner's prayer wrong---3- What's the difference between Baptist and Presbyterian---4- Is 1 John 5-7 a good verse to use to support the Trinity---5- Why won't you take the vaccine---6- Why do you baptize infants---7- Why are there so many different ideas about what the Bible says-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions and 76. It was normal for this with Michael.

We have group lines already to talk about condo stuff okay so forget the callers. YouTube is got me go band a little bit of Celexa. Some of my stuff, but they won't let me stream this show to the car or and so it's streaming to match look on YouTube and removing stuff away from YouTube anyway so moving over to Odyssey and maybe particular stuff out, but that's working probably end up going to because we want the colonies at YouTube don't like the idea of freedom of expression and opinion dissenting opinion, because you gotta go with the status quo, though that's not what I like to do so.

Others that say on the this is different today when I send the stream counts. I'm sending it usually does to places YouTube and Facebook and that now. I sent it to different YouTube one that's look YouTube, Netflix and about seven's five or six other Facebook pages so to see if ugly people in will to see what happens. All right there you go. And if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276… Jump right in and get the Ed from North Carolina.

Welcome around here are you going to do all right. But God's grace we going?

We struggled a little with the election know that we we are elected that you can't go to God and let her off. My question is if God is not a respecter of person and he loves us all equal and I should not be able to get up before God that got the day of the group because it draws people not the only way you can say what you mean you have to be drawn on and that would need a respecter okay to be treated equally right to be too deeply. You know what I mean. I mean now what we all what we all have to be God is not any different than three you love this all will it did you make two statements let's check them now you get understand that when I do apologetics and I teach and I study. I ask questions I don't assume I learns long time ago.

Just don't assume something is automatically true now will get to the loves everyone equally thing he's not a respecter of persons was that mean biblically, biblically, it means that God does not look at an individual to seek any quality of worth in that person and then favors that person based on that is that of James to two through four. So this is what is spoken about so when we say respecter of persons, were he elects one person does not elect another people's it was a respecter of persons, not according with the Scripture says that God means by the phrase. He has the right to choose whom he wants to do with his creation as he desires. He has that right. And so when he says he's not a respecter of persons he means he doesn't look at a person to see some good quality in that person or potential good quality of that person and then decides to use that person or the person based on what he perceives because that would mean it was a good thing in a person and God then became a respecter of persons. That's what that means.

Okay all day how it all breaks out just what it is in Scripture.

James 2234. Some comes in your assemblies got fine clothing. He said at the head of the table. Are you dumping respecter of persons showing favoritism to someone who has something. This is the idea of the fit of what is talking about.

The guy doesn't do that.

There is no good in us. No one does good.

No one seeks for God.

Romans 310, 11, 12, all of our righteous deeds are filthy rags.

Isaiah 64, six. This is the best we are.

So God is not looking at any forcing quality of a person who doesn't look into the future to see who's gonna pick him and that he worked with that person because that would mean God is learning and it also.

God sees a good thing and someone and likes that person because of the good thing in this worst of respecter persons, which is what the Scripture. Dick announces okay now the second part you said God loves everyone equally.

Now the question is, is that true is there a statement in Scripture that says God loves everyone equally and the recent Scripture like that that says he loves everyone equally. The closest you can go on to something like that is Matthew 543 through 48 therefore you, you've heard it said, you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.

But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your father who is in heaven for you because of the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. For if you love those who love you, what reward you have do not even to the tax gatherers to the site. If you greet only your brothers, what are you getting that doing and others do not even the Gentiles are the same.

Therefore, your be perfect is your father in heaven is perfect. So the you doing stuff in the background making noises okay alright so what he's talking about here is that they're not to be any will of God but God does is he loves everyone equally, in the sense that he provides for them. Sun and rain and things like that that's the case now when we go to and in that sense he does okay but when we go to Romans nine we have something very interesting occur for this is the word of promise at this time I will come, and Sarah shall have a son. Not only this, but there was Rebecca. Also when she had conceived twins by the want by one man or father Isaac for though the twins were not yet born and had not done anything good or bad, so that God's purpose and notice what is says not done anything good or bad, so that God's purpose according to his choice would stand, not because of works, so this is completely on God, not because of anything in us, and because not because of works but because of him and calls it was said to her, the older will serve the younger.

Just as it is written, Jacob I loved Esau I hated. So when someone says God loves everyone equally.

I have to wonder is that a true statement because there we have here in actually other verses but we have right here were God says that he loves one and hates another not based on anything other than God's desire that this is hard for people to accept because they both they think Jesus is a blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian surfer dude with a woman's nightgown standing. The door of your heart, perfect complexion, blonde hair, blue eyes usually nice and he's asking permission for you and your wisdom. The liniment was heart and into your and this is it is idolatrous. It is not biblical. And I believe that a lot of my opinion is it's attention.

That's a lot of people don't want to hear this kind of stuff that I'm teaching because they prefer the block to block occasions or for Jesus to be comfortable so the questionnaire here. Here is does God hate some is a dusting of some 55 Psalm 11 five. He hates all who do iniquity and heat, he abhors them so we have right there a statement that God is not love everyone equally flat-out so you seek. When we make conclusions in the end, biblical examination, we have to make sure that the current the premises that were proposing are correct. To begin with so many people so I discovered over the years. Assume things and they just don't check in on any one morning will continue to what agape people save means divine love. If it does, then why does Jesus say to the Pharisees that you love your high seats in Luke 1143 because her arrogant and he uses that word agape so people don't check really what's being said too much so they have these faulty ideas than the go to the teachers continue those faulty ideas. Okay, having said all that now you want. That's a lot of lot there. You're continually questioned.

Okay well I think my struggle. I think you cleared up most of it is that dirty nasty all site by the great God Jesus Christ on the cross. I have a hard time. Thank really really last elected person, although not done all that you know it is hard to battle. I think Satan comes into make you battle that you might really use your heart.

You are lacking, not elected and you know and it's hard not everyone equally.

Like you said you gotta be careful on use because of the translation and then there is reality. You know, I think to say I'm only slightly when you're talking totally. I am a just peace because I asked exact same stuff, why, why, how is his good pleasure. I appreciate looking up parent you have a lot of people five support snuff is a lot of people who don't believe in election will save your Eric for thinking God shows you specially that's not how it works is you just set it. Why would he pick you I'm I would you pick me when we know our hearts we know our past is nothing good in us nothing but God's grace and his mercy and he granted this belief. Philippians 129 grants repentance 2nd to 25 grand to become the Christ. John 665 and we can do say thank you Lord, would you please save others humble yeah yeah you know it's interesting, as people will accuse you and me. Others like us who submit to the teaching of election. We don't see why were elected and chosen for salvation. This phone is 213 says people are chosen for salvation and the failure arrogant. You think God picked you because it's good quality your prideful because you were the special I had this people was visiting you think you're so special because your left. It's the opposite. No I'm not. I don't see why God would choose me there is nothing good that's it. Just grateful for his mercy. Annual light is look at look at all all the people that we are similar to, yet there but the group but for the grace of God go I too there's a statement her preacher once say that I really like the statement it fits perfectly in here. I'm glad that God predestined me for the foundation of the world because if you look at me now, he wouldn't have picked me. Yes yeah it's meant to bring a smile. I is true right is want my heart to be is pal to hear stuff like that. You have no idea what that does to me.

Seriously I hear people talk like that.

My heart just melts instantly to be in the hands of our Lord to be the servants of our Lord 2B fellowship with our Lord because of his great grace and mercy. I just want to be an instrument in his hand and he is talking and just just warms me. I would love it if you might favor, we just talked service that you have a blessed day and pick him up her all things and hopefully you'll keep in your a lot of people on this depraved and we do have a prayer ministry got my set of folks we have really like what you give me call 720 mass Y call 770727 charismatic 76 we have prayer ministry, prayer, enjoyment, experiment, and is email us at and though people who pray for you may call 877-207-2276 was good to come from rural Hall North Carolina Kim, welcome back, but you will love those three can only go to holy and God was with Baby Knee and Maybe Only about 80 Would Only Speak on and That Would Be What If They Leave the Holy Spirit out Exactly on the No Satellite If You Stated Anyway Don't Always Think Know They Save You Automatically Think You Here's the Thing Is You Don't Have To Mention the Holy Spirit We Can with What We Do Need to Mention This Was the Person of Jesus and I to Preach the Gospel. I Believe in Teaching the Law the Gospel in the Cost and That the Laws You Relied to Guess Where the Nearest Liner Your Center before God's Judgment and the Gospel Is That How to Escape That Judgment from God. Naturally, through Jesus Explained That, but You Better Know What You're Getting into Which the Cost of Discipleship. Don't Enter into This Likely Take It Seriously. God Will Take You Seriously.

And These Are the Things That I Talk about Now I Don't Have To Mention the Holy Spirit in the Process Because the Holy Spirit's Job Is to Bear Witness of Christ and so We Do Is Bear Witness of Christ and Recently Move That When the Holy Spirit Is Humble in the Sense of Disappointment.

So He Points to Christ. Okay, I Automatically Say I Mean It Can't Be Right. Well Your Pocket a State. Well We Don't Want to Say That a Prayer Saves You and They Say This Formula That's a Problem, but God Can Certainly Use One Person Leaving Another Person in Prayer to Receive Christ and Trust in Christ.

Nothing Wrong with I Could Certainly Use It, and If Such Person Comes to Crisis Because the Holy Spirit Is Working and Convicting, and They're Aware of Their Need of the Savior, and Then They Receive Christ, and We Want to See Because You Pray This Prayer. Now You're Saved I Don't I Would Never Say That I Was Safe. If You Have Prayed to Receive Christ and You Really Mean He's There and You're His and He's Gone from Their Not Applicable at That Moment.

Are You out When You If You Are Savior?

You Have the Holy Spirit Indwelling. You Know Some People Say Filled with the Holy Spirit Means a Manifestation Speaking in Tongues. So in That Sense, Not Necessarily, but in the Sense the Holy Spirit Is Indwelling Your Course.

Yes, Redneck up Less All Right.

We Have Wide-Open Lines for Open Lines Give You Call Eight 772-072-2760 McCollister to Rudolph from North Carolina around Welcome Here. Yes, I Can Love Yellow Skate Photo This Morning We Care for, and Have a (Bad Okay Well I'm Presbyterian Myself and What That Means. There Are Several Issues What It Means, Generally, Is That Presbyterian Comes from the Greek Principal Terrace Which Is Means Elder Elder Ron Elder Ruled, and That's the Biblical Form of Government, Because This Would What Paul Talks about in First in His 15th 17 Recess Elders Who Rule Well.

At First Timothy 517 Intrinsic and the Elders Who Rule Well Are to Be Considered Worthy of Double Honor, Specially Those Who Work Hard at Preaching and Teaching and Then in First Timothy Three and Titus Chapter Want to Talk with the Elders Who Are the Ones Are Supposed to Be in Charge and Surely Preach with No Doctrine Things like That so That's Why People Are Called Presbyterian in That but It Doesn't Mean That Baptist Can't Be Presbyterian, in the Sense of Church Government Switch Happened over the Centuries As Presbyterian Has Become a Piece of Words Synonymous with Wealth. Presbyterianism and Baptists Is Little Bit Different, so in That Sense, the Difference Would Be. Generally Speaking, All Presbyterians Will for a Firm. The Five Points of Calvinism Five Points of Reformed Theology to Look Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, Perseverance of the Saints, but Not All Baptists Will and so but That Both Are within Christianity. That's A Lot Of Baptists Won't Affirm Those Things but Some Do Reformed Baptist Who Do Acknowledge Those but Are Not Presbyterian.

In That Sense That Presbyterians Often Are Which Includes at This Point. Infant Baptism.

So Presbyterianism Generally Affirms Infant Baptism, Not for Salvation but As a Covenant Sign with the Inclusion of Infants in the Covenant Faithfulness of God.

Just Wait. Circumcision Was in the Court Relate Circumcision and Baptism for Infants Which Is What I Do so I Believe in Infant Baptism, Not for Salvation Agree with This Covenant Sign I Can Defend That. But United Dinette Hill and If You Want a Great-Looking Agreement.

That's Is My Position. So Most Baptists Would Not Affirm That Position at All. They Would Say Nope. The Only Ones Are to Be Baptized Are Those Who Confessed Christ Not Infants Because He Can't Do That Because You'll Find Infant Baptism in the Bible and the New Testament Which Is Correct.

You Don't Find It Not Explicitly Taught. The Question Is, Is It Implicitly Taught Men Discussions and Debates Ensue at That Level. So, Presbyterians, and Baptists Can Both Be Elder Led Presbyterianism Generally Almost Universally Holds to the Five Points of Reformed Theology Were Baptists, Some Do but Some Don't. And Presbyterians Will Baptize Infants, Not for Salvation but As a Covenant Sign and Were Baptists Will Not Okay. "That Help Them Get There. I Thought the Arrow Is a Birthday Clearly That the Three That There Still Is When It Know When You Get There from Right Now Yes You Right. I Don't Use That Verse Because It's Called, Johanna Young Is Not Found in Many of the Very Hey Folks.

Please Call If You Want 72077 Mass Y Call 770727 Show We Have for the Lines I Want You to Give Me a Call When You Talk about Talk about All Right As Get Back on the Line with Rudolph North Carolina Distiller Low Yellow You A Lot You Doubt That Right.

It Right. I Don't Use It Because It Going in the Well Because It's Not Found in and Some the Most Ancient Manuscripts and If I'm Going to Defend the Doctrine of the Trinity Apologetics with Yes Correct with People Who Don't Affirm the Trinity. I Won't Go There Because They Will Quickly Point out That It's Not Found in Some of the Most Ancient Manuscripts.

I Don't Want to Argue That so I Just Avoided There's Other Ways to Call Will and Are You Asking I'm I'm Saying That I Don't I Don't Use It in Apologetics for That Reason. If You If You Want to Use It.

Go Ahead. A Lot Of Preachers Do All Mail but There Are Three Main Areas in Scripture and the New Testament Three Main Ones That Have Textual Issues. That's One of Them. The Other Is the Woman Caught in Adultery.

In John Eight and It Appears in Different Places and Some Manuscripts and Then the Ending of Mark Nine through 11 through 2011 to 20. The Last 11 Verses and so These Are Our's Artifact and That These Are Issues in the Actual Copying from 2000 Years That's That's All There Is and There Easily Dealt Adela Bowl with That Witness. They Can Be Dealt with Pretty Little Okay You Keep Using It. If You Okay What Looks Who Voice Article Jan and That We Would Talk about in the Chat Room so Scott Escape Beat You. Sorry about That Look Is at Insert Rudolph All Will Will Will Let You Go out about All Mom Gold. My Personal Opinion about the Vaccines As I Can Trust Him and I Is Two Things about It That I I Was.

I Don't Trust Too Many Accounts of People Having Serious Medical Problems Afterwards and Violinist Excuses Feel Material in Its Development and or Testing for All the Rising Snow Left People out Just until I Go and Research to Get Either Research the Pill of My Research Led Me to Send That I Be Very Careful What I Say I Want People to Talk to. Trust Me, I'm a Theologian Not a Doctor and I Do My Research Very Carefully and Very Slowly and Release Information Slowly on the Issue of Covert Carbon Work/Covert What I've Seen of It.

Personally I Don't Trust about My Brother He's He's Taken and He's Fine Talk to Him Yesterday about an Order before Okay That's Fine If You Want Take It You Take It, but We Have the Right to Bill to Say No I Don't Want to Take It and Not to Be Penalized for It and Socially Ostracized for but Tickly When There Are Plenty of Accounts of People Dying Losing Use of Hands like Eric Clapton Did for A While. Of Shakes Abortions Are Spontaneous Abortions Having Miscarriages I Should Say of People Having Strokes. The Recurrence of of of Cancers That Have Been Dormant. I've Heard Dr. on Saturday Was at a Conference Here in Idaho Area and He Said That Is What He Said.

He Said That That He Has Seen in Patients That He's Back for Years They've Been in Remission of Cancer and within a Week or Two or Three or Four Whatever Is at the Ticket Code Vaccine There. All the Sudden That They Got Problems Again with Cancer and I Hear Stuff like This and Why Is It That the Government Is Not Allowing Us to Have Information like This. Why Is It That Were Being Censored Deforming Center This It Just It Just Causes a Hobo to Distrust Their A Lot Of People Don't Try and People Quitting Their Jobs over It and I Think That's Fair and Is for a Religious Exemption Which I Have an Opportunity. I Have an Article on It.

You Bring up Religious Exemption for the Issue of Using Aborted Fetal Material. Why Would Anybody Want to Use Human Aborted Fetal Material to Develop Something and Then Injecting Your System and Means Is like That. The Nazis in Germany and They Developed Healing Sins and Medicines and Various Things like Torturing That the Prisoners and Using Them against Their Will, Causing Harm to Them and up When You Kill a Baby in the Womb against the Will. The Baby Is Causing Harm. And the People Benefit from It like I Can't in Good Conscience, Participated Anything I Have To I Know It's It's Okay It's It's Everything You Gotta Do Expect That I Don't Think Is Right or Wrong. It Is a Personal Decision. I Think This Should Be Left at That, Plus the Thing Is That That the Natural Immunity Is 13 Times Better Then the Vexing Preventing Infection. So Here's a Question. Why Is It That We Can Get. I Have Antibodies Vaccine Card Exit the Vexing Cards Immunization Card When You I Got It. I've Had It 13 Times Better Than a Vaccine. But No, the Government Says No Can Do That Every Study Vexing.

What Does Not Make Any Sense. And When I See Stuff like That.

That Contradicts Common Sense and Logic. I No Longer Trust the Ones Who Were Saying That We Needed to Follow Their Lead, Particularly When the Same Government Says We Need to Get Vaccinated and yet Opens the Borders Illegally to Let People Come in by the Thousands and Thousands into Our Country Were Infected and They Don't Require Masks for Them.

I Don't Require Vaccinations for Monday Let a Man and yet They Want Us to Get Back to Not I'm Sorry but Hypocrisy and the Inconsistency from the Government on This Tells Me I Can't Trust Him and Why Why They Pushing It This Are Not the Only One Who Thinks This on This Echoing. I Know People Right Now Are the Cars Going yet That's Right's Breach of Brother I Know It's Happening Okay and so I Don't Trust Her to Trust Him. I Don't If They Do, Said Look, Everyone.

It's up to You Will Not Enforce It and They Really Meant It. I Be like Okay Now You Dancers a Look at This As I Can Trust the Government Segments. It Is My Choice. Note the Government to Come in and Its Socialistic Utopian Communist Motif Is Good. Tell You What You Have To Do in All Areas of Your Life Is What Medicine You Have To Take in Order Buy, Sell and Eat Is the Kind of Thing Is, I Get That Program I Okay Arrival.

God Bless What Okay Right Sink. Is There Something about Some Noises Happening to Move My Desk Apart. Let's See below for the Lines You Call 877-207-2276 Gabriel from the Morning I Went Welcome on Here a Good Okay. Hang in There You Go and Start Right over.

All Right like I Was More People at the Viewpoint Use.

You Have Your Choice You Get Back. I Think They Going to Think Right and Overall Yes Holder Topic about Why Things Have To Be Outline Sampling. I Got Some Theological Perspectives. I'm Thinking through about Yeah I and I like You Leaning Towards Why Are. I'm Slow to Say That Were Not the Lord Right Question. I Thought about with I Am What I Would Hold the Five Point out That You Present. Never Liked Laid out and I'm Just I Know the Leader Hard-Core Salad.… Layout Layout Shot. Okay, You're Ready to Hit a Brick out Pretty Soon so Is Coming up Quickly, so Me to Start off with Covenant Okay Review. If the Break with Covenant Is a Pact on Agreement between Two or More Parties in the Word Covenant in Latin Is Testament to Old Covenant. New Covenant Old Testament, New Testament Covenants All Have Signs. Would You Agree They All Have Signs I Would Good You're Leaving My Way so Far As Good As They Have It All Right but That's a Hold of You. I Got All Okay Voted Right Back after These Messages I Hope They Do Matters like Why Call 77077.

Here's Matt's Seven Certificate Back to Gabriel from Des Moines. I Will Still There yet. All Right, so Covenants with Matthew? Were Infants Included in the Covenant in Israel Probing Question Her Work yet yet Days Were Because They Were Part of the Rep yet They Were Just Newer Included and Circumcision Was the Covenant Sign, Which Was Instilled in Genesis 17 and It Was a Covenant Sign of the Females for Obvious Reasons Weren't Circumcised, but Because the Females Are Counted in the Mail and Fathers Were Circumcised so the Desert Him His Federal Headship.

All Right, so the Abraham a Covenant Deals with God Promising to Abraham Land and Descendents Right with Me and He Said in Genesis 12 Three and You God Said in You All the Nations. Sally Blessed. That Is Manifested in the Covenant That God Promised Abraham with Descendents and Enter at Me and Assign It in the Sign of That Was Okay.

So the Covenant Included Infants and It Was Said in You All the Nation Shall Be Blessed. Now That's Genesis 12.

Three. Paul Quotes Genesis 12 Three. In Galatians 3, Eight, and He Calls That the Gospel in You All the Nation Shall Be Blessed.

Here's a Question Is That Same Abraham a Covenant Still in Effect. Yeah, I Can See the Art That I Does Look Mortal, but It Is Still in Effect Right so That This Is yet Electric If I Got up Right of Alcohol, so Paul Calls the Abraham Covenant. He Says in the You All, That They Should Be Blessed.

That's the Gospel and the Promise of That Is Manifested in the Land and in the Progeny, the Descendents to Whom the Messiah Came, and Circumcision Was a Sign of That Covenant Aroused Right in the Circumcision, the Shedding of Blood of the Male and so It Represents Ultimately the Shed Blood of Christ. It's a Type That Was Interesting Is in Colossians 2 It Says in Verse 11 and 12 in Him You Were Circumcised with the Circumcision Made without Hands and Removal of the Body, the Flesh for the Circumcision of Christ, Having Been Buried with Him in Baptism, so Paul Doesn't Equate Circumcision. In Baptism, but He Relates Them to Get Him out There with You on the and so There's a Relationship so That the Questions the Oncoming Questions and Come up with and We Baptize Infants If It's Related to Circumcision and the Abraham a Covenant Is Still in Effect Will Some Would Say Get. I Think It Makes Sense to Continue in the Covenant Sign Which Is Been Changed from the Shedding of Blood to the Unification of That Replacement Assign Officer of the Baptist That's Got Teary and Basic Argument Is My Hope, Why Hold to Yeah See Some More. I Work Okay. I Was Jesus Circum-Mixtures with Which Jesus Immersed, or Was He Sprinkled His Baptism, He Was Sprinkled Because He Was Fulfilling Old Testament Law. I Have an Article on This and Go through and You Can Lead a Fun Car Is Not Familiar… It's Okay. You Can Read the Article, Why Was Jesus Baptized the Ghost of the Old Testament Law Requirements and He Was Entering into the Priesthood and One of the Admonitions in That Was That the He Had to Be Sprinkled with Water That This Is What It Is Okay and Also Will Get into the Logic of 3000 Baptized in Acts Two within Your Right Away.

To Do That by Immersion Is Very Problematic, Particularly in an Upper Room It's in This Work Had to Move to Literary Thinking I Could Go to a Fountain in the City. That's What People Drink Out Of That Be Putting People Dirty Bodies and That They Do All Go out to a River, Which Is Quite a Journey Away and Then If Your 3000 If All 12 Disciples Were Baptizing for Eight Hours. That's One Baptism Every Two Minutes and 20 Seconds for Eight Hours in Coldwater by Immersion, Which Has Its Own Problems. So Here's a Result of the Demand by so We Have Two Jews and This Is the Time of Say Jesus Is Already Died They've Heard about Jesus. Paul Is Now Preaching and Teaching and One of the Jews Is Converted in This These Two Jews Walk around the Lawn the Road Every Every Sabbath Day or before the Sabbath to Business Think in English Talk and One of Us Become a Christian and He Says Is a Christian to the Other Jew Is As You Know, Now I Understand That Now the Messiahs Come. I Understand That We Exclude Our Infants from the Covenant Faithfulness of God That Would Make Any Sense What What Right Baptism by Right by His Leg. Even I Would Say That Baptism of Believers Baptism the Side of the Inward Change Symbol Reality. Would You Who Told You That Works with That in Scripture Is Blamed Won't Have Him Show You in Scripture in Romans 411 Says This about Assign He Received a Memory Sign.

The Sign of Circumcision, a Seal the Righteousness of Faith Which He Had While Uncircumcised. So Circumcision Was Called Assign NP Related to Baptism. I Think We Can Make the Case, Then That Baptism Is a Sign. The Sign of What Yeah the Steel of Righteousness Will Then That Would Lean More Towards Your Position of of the Credo Baptism Seal of Righteousness. You Have by Faith Will Then Work against My Argument Missing and so I Figured Argument I Did. I Never Had It Never Had It Explained Thoroughly Thought, Okay, There's One More Thing. This Is a Distant Descendent. This Is a the Template with a Smile on My Face I Gotcha, a Little One. Okay, so Get Ready at the Same… Of Course, so I'll Now… Not Exactly. And so It Was a Little Bit Full Were Now Visiting a Baptist Church You and I and You Can Have a Baby Dedication to Making a Covenant Doing a Covenant Right before the People in the Family Wears a Covenant yet. I'm the Covenant Sign You. You and I Both Know That There Is. That's Right, the Biblical Model Is There's Always a Covenant Sign with the Covenant so Are the Baptists Who Dedicating Children without a Covenant Sign Being the Biblical They Have No Sign That the Question Eric. Eric and I Will I Would Agree with That Now. Yeah, That Tried on the Other Hand, before You Get a Collar and There's No Account of Anything Being Baptized in the New Testament. Why Is That Correct Because Because They Were Doing and It Wasn't a Problem so They Didn't Have To Correct the Error. That's a Possibility Because of an Argument Sign That the Possibility That the Extrajudicial That's Right, I Would Agree but He Does Say Whole Households Were Baptized and Seven Explained That Children Reported in the Area so No, We Can't Say Absolutely Yes or No.

Either Way, That Was All Really Adults Being Baptized, or If Infants Were Included, We Can Say That Either Want to Get Approval from Scripture, We Do See the Arguments and We Go, What You Think.

I Think This Online. I Think That When We Got There Okay Yeah I Will Find out We Get to Heaven.

That's That's How It by My Mother Alive at Ivy Tech to Return to Joke around about Stuff That That Thought.Salvation at the Right like Things That Are Things That Are outside the Realm of Salvation and You Will Figure out You Scrub the Toilet Is Part of the Board. I Deserve to Tell Me That's Called Audie Offer As Nonessentials. Okay Buddy. We Had a Call Only a Hope That Have a Go at That Helped. We Have Our Reasons Okay Yeah I Know We Definitely There and I Appreciate It You to Give the Godless Men.

All Right, Let's Get to Anonymous from Alabama Welcomed on Here but Yes Sir, I Am a First Time Follow You or Hits. My Question I'm Struggling a Little Bit Really for Two Years, God the Group in Church and Really Dodged Questions When I Would Study Apologetic Years. Here's What Your Apologies Use the Argument for You.

You As a Indication of Dog Uniform. You May Already Right but Here's My Question. I Pray This Is a Big Deal Really Have a Lack of Unity in Christian Theology, There's up There's A Lot Of Different Ideas Difficult Holy Spirit. We Had Bob or yet We Read the Same Thing More It Seems like Ideas Really Divide the Cultural They Do Actually Launch Scriptural Line That You Already Got My Question Is Why I Got There I Did Just so You Know There Are Essentials in Nonessential Documents, Essentials, and I Read an Article. What Are the Essential Doctrines of the Christian Faith Is on Carmen's Article and It Lists with the Scripture Sensor Essentials.

The Rest Is Called Audie Offer and Were Allowed to Have Differences of Opinion like a Gentleman before Me. We Talked with the Baptism He Had Differ in Our Opinions. That's Okay He Could Be Right. I Could Be Wrong and You Know That's a Possibility. And so We Have To Have an Attitude of Submission Love to One Another before Christ. That's What Lacks A Lot Of People. They Get Identified with a Particular Doctrine Identify Themselves with That and Then the Day You Hang Your Hat on That and so Further Division Becomes the Norm Instead of Submission to the Love of Christ for Those with Whom We Might Lovingly Disagree in the Nonessentials That the Failure of the Christian Church to Demonstrate Love in This Area Turn out All Right Here.

A Question I Appreciate You Have Lied Less Than a Minute or Less. I Will like God When He Died.

Information for the Bar More Divided along Cultural Lines. Your Theological Line of the American Christian near the Christian Yes Yes What You Want Because We like.

I like 15 to 20 Seconds Left and You Said Something I Want Talk about When You Have Time Would You Be Willing to Talk Call Back Tomorrow.

We Talk about This Issue. If You Don't Doubt Any Existence of God.

We Can Just Talk a Little Bit You Call Earlier. Okay I Okay and If It Doesn't Work You Email Me Okay the Lord Bless You, Pray for Him by God's Grace and I Hope Powered by the Truth Network

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