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January 11, 2022 3:00 am

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January 11, 2022 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How is libertarian free will unbiblical---2- In Genesis 1, if the sun and moon weren't created until the fourth day, how was it then determined that the first three days were 24 hour periods---3- Do you have to be baptized to be saved- Can a child be baptized under the father's headship---4- Matt discusses biblical preaching.--5- Can you explain Deuteronomy 28-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research what is found alive, or you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why the broadcasters at 10 watch the show when nutrients will go to the your carpet will face quickly walked to Facebook/ CAR you watch it that a big deal, but we have a good community of people who will we participate with them chats with the longtime rectory talking about going to get together it's all excited because a lot of people been regulars. Let's just say in the chancel ficus a good fellowship anyway for check it out all your dues good arm Facebook that's to get you right there if you want to give me give you call it a good breath they're running up and down the stairs get a cup of coffee for the show so well: we have four lines 877-207-2276 that we talked all kind of stuff here. If you haven't heard before. If you're new to the show. All you do is basically new that we do theological stuff, mainly course we talk a little politics atheism you oppose the calls all kinds of things misleading them for 42 years long time, long time. Alright so for lines 877-207-2276 also just want to say thank you for all the donors who the matching funds drive that we had really appreciate that. We appreciate the support that you gave us. It has made a huge difference. We are just doing very well or not but I say very well that were doing a lot better for about issues and problems and stuff Dodge was a thank you very much for the support was great was a success soulful of you who signed up all those of you who will support us. Thank you and also for those who pray for this ministry.

When I think you for that as well.

So the Lord bless you right. Let's get on the phone with Anthony from Virginia Anthony welcome your money here right I'm making an argument against libertarian free will no longer live the again God nature for humans that have that ability or whatever, Howdy, how is that it is hard libertarian free will un-biblical. Where is the Bible say that but you don't have libertarian free will defining terms not witnessing is against God's nature its conscription.

Revelation so well compatible is him is the idea that human free will and God's sovereign Providence sovereign grace predestination election are compatible with each other gets compatible. Listen the idea that human free will and God's sovereignty work together and they were free but God is sovereign even over freedom. That's what that is.

Libertarianism is the position that man's free will is not compatible with God's sovereign decrease in election. It also states that human free will is not completely restricted and incapacitated by sinful nature, and so the issue then comes down to what is Bible say what is Bible say that the unbeliever is that it has libertarian free will that expand on little more because what they will say is that those that libertarian free will is will say that a person who's an unregenerate individual is not enslaved so much by his sin that he can only two simple things but that he's freely able to accept or reject God, despite his so is enslavement and usually comes along with that. It was called preaching and grace and I call improving their grades kindergarten theology is not a real nice term. That's what I call it, and I'll explain why so so well is defined with free will is first because people have a misunderstanding with it is free will is the ability to make choices that are not forced upon you, and also consistent with your nature and the reason I should add that little last bit is because God has free will. God is the standard of righteousness, not us. And so God cannot choose to do evil. He doesn't have the ability to choose to do what is bad what is wrong you can only act in a manner consistent with his holiness. So we, as humans, we can choose to do good and bad. Theoretically, that can work with those say no we can do that is what they do. What I talk to people as well, free will, those it will not stitch the ability to build a make choices between good and evil you can do either one. And that's your choice and that's that humanism humanism is that man is the center of of truth in the measure of all things, and that's not what the Bible's teaching so we don't do not agree to the Bible, we can't between good and evil. I've never formulated an argument over where the doctrine come from well to make that argument. The Bible says that the unbelievers, a slave of sin. That's Romans 614 through 20. He cannot receive spiritual things first contents 214 he's dead. In this sense Ephesians 21 is by nature children of wrath. Ephesians 23. He does not do any good. Romans 310, 11, 12. His heart is desperately wicked deceitful. Jeremiah was to be Isaiah 64 six cannot be trusted. Fluvial all is good. These rights are filthy rags. Isaiah 64, six, and Isaiah 7 is your my 79 says his heart is desperately wicked deceitful cannot be trusted.

So because of this, these things which the Bible says are true. We had understand that the unbeliever is says cannot receive the things of God cannot do good cannot. He's dead to send you a slave. Absent that, of the Scripture say I just quoted them and give the references second time to get all the references but that is coding the so the Bible says the unbelievers like that that we understand that the unbelievers like that he's free to choose whatever he wants to do is only going to choose in a manner consistent with the sinfulness.

No matter the nonbeliever, it became all K one drop their wallet on the ground. Now he can either choose to take the money or give it back. Are you thinking only capable of making one joy at the nonbeliever wicked. This is where the rickets and more a complicated mix in early, but opening up a can of worms between what is right and wrong to listen.

We have a born-again Christian walking and there's an atheist, walking in an airport, and each person 20 feet in front of them is a man, and in each instance, the man reaches into his pocket, pulled out something and drop some $20 bills in each case the atheist and the Christian both say to that man.

Hey, you drop some money and they pick it up and he handed that man. Now let me ask a question has the Christian done a good work yet as the atheist done a good work yet know because people make the mistake again of thinking that goodness is based upon human level and human interaction not God's level. The Bible says no man does good. Romans 310, 11, 12, no one noted either one of them do good to hold on let me finish. Bible says no one does good that we center slaves of sin.

Now the unbeliever is a slave said his goal is not for the glory of God's goal is, is not for for the Lord Jesus Christ and submitting the sovereignty so his motivation is not pure. His motivation is not good. You can't say Ellie gave the money back. That's a good thing by who standard is a good thing this is worth anything. Later people just don't get into little discuss though. I want to be clear that neither the believer nor the unbeliever did a good thing in the whole operation of that letter. Hold on didn't say neither I said the atheist is not you said the eight the Christian do a good work.

He said I'd asked him he said yes I did make a comment that I said that the atheist. He said yes he did a wreck and then I jumped in the no I didn't say she didn't understand something something is good that's based on the nature of God.

Goodness is not some ethereal thing about returning dropped money that some ethereal print principle out there in the universe to become in contact with and we just do that that that's how we know what good is wrong though old people okay hold on let me explain. You understand the principle okay. Goodness is based upon God's character. Goodness is revealed out of what God's character is so if were going to do something as Christian and we have been sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ and though our our motives are always perfect, but we do these things. Hopefully, because you want to bring glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This means that every action we do is now sanctified through the crucifixion of Christ and atheist is rejecting that an atheist rejects the work of Christ, the work of God and rejects the idea that God is the reason for doing something so to speak. Good which an atheist can't say what is written good anyway so he has no no standard and no ability to do anything good because his goodness is not based upon what God's character is goodness is not based upon what Christ is Don. The motive isn't for that and the standard isn't good representing the good, the motive has to be right.

As well as the standard who atheists. They don't have a standard and therefore they can't demonstrate that there motive is right, you have to have a standard of what is right and wrong. The standard is God's character. Without that standard motive is irrelevant. You have to have that universal standard and atheist doesn't have it, but a therefore the Christian can enter into the realm of doing what is good, but an atheist cannot and that we would say an atheist can do good on a human level, but not on a level that will matter with God and improve the standing with God. Okay, so I want to be want to be entirely clear goal can both meet the exact same joy and do the exact same thing and one person it good and another person, if not good that we are is correct. That's absolutely correct what makes something good would make something good. I would say the action. It felt had an intrinsic goodness or badness US what you're saying is that there is some property that exists embedded in an action separate from God that now exists as a standard of right and wrong is your cycle. I would think that I think God had 800 of rightness and if you act in a right way that is right is mythic I can I write equated underwriting matter: hold a backup you said there was that actions are inherently good or bad by what standard do you say that there are inherently good or bad with your standard I would I would.

They got God standard and wears God standard revealed where is God standard revealed earlier than an Bible very good look at the kind of revelation. So if an unbeliever returns a dropped wallet. For example, has he done something good in the eyes of God. Yet, so now you're saying that an unbeliever who rejects Christ who rejects the sanctifying work of God is now is able to do something good, even when the Bible says on the reader to write because you have humanist philosophy floating around in your head you get rid of it.

The Bible says it is as it is written, there is none righteous, not even one, there is none who understands answers none six for God. All have turned aside, together they become useless. There is none who does good is not even one element ask you to anything that turns all that on the right it's I'm putting Romans 310, 11, 12 golf yes called Cody in reference putting up all under sin get back the brave God centered focus River lines 877076 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show back on here with their rights to unfortunate folk limit give a little of the synopsis of this. What is is a huge problem in the Christian church and it exists in the form of humanistic philosophy and centeredness, so we often define free will as something that is related to what we feel and understand we want goodness to be based upon what we understand to be what I try and do is get people to have a Christ centered understanding of these issues understand that God is the standard of righteousness, not us. God is the start of what is true, not us. God is the standard of what is good, not us. So if something is a good action.

What makes it a good action. Is it simply because there's an inherent quality to give a ball it back to somebody. For example, is that that action written down in the celestial orb of the universal essence and that we come in contact with it.

Of course not. That's not a Christian theological perspective would have to come back to the issue of God is a character issue. Thou shalt not steal. And so he gives wallet back. Now here's a question. When an unbeliever gives back a wallet. Is it a good thing when people say will the human level. It is a sick agreed on a human level. It is, but on a divine level. Is it the answer is no.

It is not. The Bible says is none who does good. Romans 312 and what Paul is talking about their is you talk about those who are right and wrong. According to the law and he says in verse eight, as some say let us do evil that good may come. Their condemnation is just verse nine what then we better than they not at all, for we have already charged that both Jews and Greeks are all under sin as it is written, there is none righteous, etc. does not does good. What Paul is saying is the Old Testament from Psalm 14 he's quoting this information you sent look. This almost understands there's no one who does good and he's using that and backing it up and using it here to demonstrate that no one is good because if we could be get to heaven by being good, then Christ died needlessly because you think about this. If an atheist gives the wallet back is he doing a good work in the most Christians. Unfortunately, a disciple of course he is now. They don't think through these things I have been taught to think through these things don't have a deeper understanding will. If we do something good is it not because were Christians we been bought with the blood of Christ. Acts 2028 and that we are obeying the words of the commands of our Lord and Savior Jesus and then as we go out into the world we seek to honor him.

That's good. We could not do that when we were unbelievers we could not honor the Lord and use him as the standard of righteousness how it had to be our own standard and so goodness is not measured in our own standard of righteousness. But in the start of God, an atheist. For example, does not have godly is it is a standard he has himself as a standard. So therefore, since there is no ethereal written code about dropping Wallace returning it out there and ethereal ontological fourth dimension presence of something out there. It has to be.

That is a transcendental law which rests in the heart and the mind of God. Actions are not inherently good or bad. It's what God who is the necessary precondition for morality and the transcendent beings behind all things, who has revealed to us that certain actions in themselves are good and bad, accompanied by the proper motive to see if I were to slap someone upside the face is it good or bad depends if I slap the person but I don't like that person just got mad and said that's not good. But if I were to did that and it was because it was a beetle a bug of wasp on the person's cheek, but greatest thing in ice smack that thing off than the exact same action has good or bad results is of moral value goes because of the intention of the one performing the action. Intentionality is what determines whether or not an action is good or bad, of course, adultery is not enlightened to be good makes a good no notes. That's something that is the topic and that her level of morality we get into, but the idea of them trying to get people understand is that in the intention deals with and necessitates the idea of whether or not actions are good or bad. Adultery is an intention to break the law and to go against God's therefore sinful. The intention of returning a wallet what's the reason for Christian. It better be because ultimately he or she is saved and wants to glorify God. It better not be because it's the right thing to do because I'm in touch with the cosmic principle of rightness, that is, that's a useless work for Christian.

Remember we are to be judged for our works good and bad that's not for salvation but as for reward in heaven.

So our motives as Christians must be ultimately for the glory of God as the Bible says whatever you do do for the glory of God. If you have diverse things in Colossians whatever see whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the father. That's Colossians 317 so that's what the command is to do whatever you do in word or deed, do all the name of the Lord Jesus – of the command is an atheist can't do that, therefore, an atheist cannot perform what is good on that divine level.

The human level yes what Christians are often doing is raising the human level to the equal to the level of of divinity and the divine character of God sake Jan atheist could do something us, the Bible says no one does good, because Jews and Greeks, everybody are all under sin. That's what the Bible says, not looking too good so I try to do is educate people about the stuff back to the topic at hand, which was libertarian free will, which the Bible says is what the Bible contradicts libertarianism says that it unbelievers at liberty to be able to choose got on his own and that God's decrees and decisions are not compatible with human free will. This essentially is the elevation of of human thought and human reasoning. It's humanism that has assaulted Scripture and I could I be glad to debate this publicly with people and then what they'll often do was say well we understand the doctrine of the depravity of man that mankind is a slave of sin hater. God doesn't do any good.

Cannot receive spiritual things, etc. but what God does is he gives prevailing in grace to them. Convenient grace is the grace that comes before in this measure of grace given to a person enables a person to build the free will choice to build a believer not believe.

I call this kindergarten theology.

Why, because of the simple logic God gives grace to Bob and Frank. Identical twins Bob leaves and Frank is not with the same amount of grace with 20 g a leader. What 4 pounds let lapse of grace.

Was it mean to give a measure of grace will the can answer the question, does God not know how to get someone saved. If he wants to.

Of course you can always do is manifest his glory to him will be saved, as we did to me when I was 17.

God is manifested is increased credible holiness and I wept and I was repentant. I did buy my own free will that which God arranged that I would believe and do by his very presence so people save up really did grace comes along God is gives it the people and Bob leaves and Frank does not know why. Why does Bob believe with preaching the grace and Frank is not the goodness nature of preaching the grace to get this where's proving it. Grace and the Scripture were God gives someone a measure of faith in order to get them to the place of being able to believe or not believe in God is not there in Scripture, except maybe the first is not there. Humanism is alive and well in the church and unfortunately not knowing you study the word of God, not leave theology right back after I call 77077 charismatic slave in the church can have a God centered theology you feel the logical argument.

Call 877-207-2276 and then we get to Michelle better water baptism necessary for salvation.

After this call for that one to let's get to Ryan for Pennsylvania right welcome around here my call right word by the middle colonies, and I thought about the Genesis 1K if you don't mind I'll start reading at verse 14.God said, let there be lights in the firmament divide the day in the night and let them be for signs, and precedents of the days in your let them be for lights in the firmament and the heaven to give light upon the earth, and it was so. And God made two great lights, the greater light throughout the day and the lesser light to rule the night, and he made the stars also. God firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth, and the role of the day and over the night and to divide the light from the darkness. And… It was good and the evening in the morning for the fourth day I was wondering the sun and moon were not created the fourth day I would determine how long the duration was of the day. In the first three days.

Generally speaking, when ordinal lumber first, second, third, fourth, and with the issue of day in the Scriptures, the pattern of the great majority times is 24. That's how I do determine how long in our lives when there was not. I don't know. But the writer of Genesis was under inspiration and understood it in relationship to the culture and measurements of that time the product bug we we know all on the day of the note. Determine between the relationship of the sun and the earth and the rotation, then the revolution so wouldn't be just as real as I got the duration of the day prior today for was to bend a fraction of a second part that no hundreds of billions of your day. No session. A second centripetal force Masonic everything apart and it doesn't work and if you have millions of years as a day then you don't have climates you don't have the issue of hydrologic cycle and things like that. This is a work got it on unemployment tribute on I was not just going out.

First of all, God knows. That's what a day is when he inspired the writers to use the term day.

He's the one who told them to use that frame of reference, which they understood at that time and that way second egg ever heard of the framework hypothesis. I'm not God by Margaret Brennan. I'm not good luck with your report right today 123 parallel day 456 on day wonders like Monday for there's the sun and the land is on day two, and the plants are on day five considers as parallels call the framework hypothesis and there's a lot of interesting theories about that.

I'm just introducing something worth studying but also you know I have no problem with the day the night being there because it looks like that rain the first time it's mentioned this with Noah's Ark and there's a lot of people, scientists have studied this theory that the earth had a canopy of water around it which meant that the light refraction from the sun.

Though diffused was all over the earth.

It would never get completely dark and anyplace. And so have a lot of plants, huge reptiles would grow etc. etc. dinosaurs enough and the necessary carbon plans for for oil and things like that and that at the flood says that the just of the floodgates of the heavens as well as the earth were opened and then it looks like that's when it's when that theory that the skull theory is when you write it. It's what that's when they said that rain first started and they could have an understanding of more what that the sun was benevolence so I don't have any problem with the Genesis days being 24 hours in the table. More things singing out loud here, but years ago but was young, I took the Bible as before, the Christian, I took the Bible and start reading the beginning and I rejected it because it didn't match evolution because you can't have the sun created after light the planet of the earth and all the cost of the Mickey sets how could he have plants before the sun and a couple years later I was reading an article in the scientific journal about what a person would see from the perspective of the earth as the earth would form and it was exactly what Genesis 1. Detailed seat light. The diffused light. You wouldn't see the sun like the sun until after the photosynthesis and cosmic rays because the apps for the corruption you'd see that that's the sun, which was visible to point and that's what caused me to go back to the Bible say how do they have that information missing is all my three for right or wrong. Back then, but that's what happened when I was younger. So there's different ways of looking at and smile from my point is that we got a friend of Robert Graham of the earth in a front of her was no sun that an indeterminate amount of time for the first couple conclusion know God is with the day was and he told Moses, so that's a term God.

Day.if it got to be of scientific understanding of the font of letters that evident that a day is determined by the relationship of Europe and the sun is on first about what makes you think that the Bible supposed to be scientifically accurate. According modern things it does have a lot of scientific accuracies in it, but you make that mistake.

But God is the one who created the sun and the earth set the earth and rotational momentum and there it is. He knows what it was.

Then later, when he told Moses to write this he did and said on the first day. God's inspiration had Moses right it is a day God's reference was known by God. It's written down by Moses well vibrator. My question without bothering your collar. You completely ignored the parable of American motivation have nothing to look good at were never told about motivation because America is a good Samaritan Samaritan parable is to try and illustrate the issue of who is your true neighbor, and what love is to both because a good Samaritan was unconscious and naked which means you can't know who he is by his accent or his attire. That's why he's naked right to not know about motivation were never told about what is motivation what does not legality with one of the now in a generic sense, and there's lots of people go to Genesis 70 minute ceiling Matthew seven which says if you don't being a believer know how to give good gifts to your children and you, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children. That's Matthew 711. It's a different way of rise in the word good.

You want good to be on edge at you have to enter sun good is measured by God's character, not ours. The part of that we are not called about the motivation of America told what a good pedagogical good book out there were good and that is in complete contradiction to what you got pretty much not the purpose of the parable is not to demonstrate what is good, but to illustrate the necessity of being loving to your neighbor who is your neighbor. That's what it is on the human level. There certainly goodness which I already stated earlier in a previous call on the divine level. It's not good because nothing is good because the Bible says so. The only one who can do good is God good Merck good with Margaret in the art of the it's that if you understand it's not an issue of good or not good. It's a parable meant to illustrate who was your neighbor. That's what is meant to illustrate and the prejudice that are there go to Carmel and look up parables and read on the good Samaritan. You see, the cultural information okay okay we move along our shop and I write you again forever. My question about building a okay thanks. Get back to our list get to Michelle from Texas Michelle, welcome you on the air good evening and thinking in nearly any health care McCarl teaching on federal Beijing. Do you know anything about that appellee that they believe that you have to be fat characteristically rain that's not what I understand final vision teaches its know you had to be baptized to be saved. Okay right under the right and it's within reformed theology that the federal vision operates and works and there some issues, but it also gets into the pedal Baptist covenant theology. Baptism is infant baptism and the question then is in the federal vision because of federal headship and representation, can a child be baptized under the father's headship and then this guitarist. The theological issues like I can talk about those quite a bit but don't hearing her on the radio so that you will want to affect that's with the main issues are okay to hold a hold okay.

The problem right back out through the line 7207 mass Y call 77077 filler okay so what if I helped him enough federal vision is a large movement sub movement within some reform camps and or some controversy with that as well. Very helpful. Thank you and your ministry for which it was delivered out of a church about a year ago guy got it right here went by you. I think maybe about three weeks and I appreciate everything that she will praise God praise God. Remember, always check out everything I say with Scripture because my last name is slick. You can trust guys and originate slick okay, you're right and down and out like a map you all that is some good for you. Keep checking will God bless Michelle, thank you very much. I YouTube alright folks for open lines 877-207-2276 what you give me a call let's get to Harry for we like Terry wanted to expand on the issue of goodness I would have no calls when he is able to talk about a little bit of people to give me call 877-207-2276 let me go over this again may break it down there to perspectives God's perspective, man's perspective.

Perspective God centered man centered.

That's it you if you were to look at theology that way and truth. That way it'll help you a great deal. You have a God centered perspective or a man centered perspective man centered. This is natural to us because were falling man centeredness says I know what is true. I know what is good.

I'm not as bad as my neighbor. I'm not as so is pridefulness that guy across the street. I'm more gentle and God will understand my sincerity. That's humanism.

And yet understand something that's wrong. Let me put it to go sidestep your let's see what a church I talked about this before the radio go to church and 1/2 hour sermon. I'll compress here into a few seconds a man gets up pastor and he preaches and goes to Exodus 20 the 10 Commandments a preaches to the 10 Commandments essay does a pretty good job and not 30 minutes and why you should not, why not commit adultery and his reasoning is because it offends God, the surface incident will pretty good because it's true. God is the center God is the reason and it is true that it offends God. That is the case, so he says so you should not lie because it offends God all right now here's a question. Could that sermon be just word for word preached in the Mormon church or in a Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall or in the Roman Catholic Church or the Eastern Orthodox Church without any change if the answer is yes, there's a problem. Why is that if we were to have a pastor, preaching a sermon that the 10 Commandments it offends God should do these things and yet the exact same sermon could be preached equally" false religious systems and cults will. The reason is because there is no Christ in this. You see, the reason that we don't lie and that we don't commit adultery is because we as Christians have been bought with the blood of Christ. X 2028. We have been bought were no longer our own, we belong to Christ. He has cleansed us. We been freed from sin, and so I don't lie because it dishonors God and because I didn't bought with Christ's blood. He freed me from that sin. And so I don't lie because I'm blocked because I belong to Christ because I want to honor my Lord and my Savior, Jesus knows I have a at the gym was talking to a guy today I were the gym a lot and were there talking and I said one of the reasons I want to be in shape is too recent to main reasons want to help the care my wife with her decaying conditions, but the other one is to serve my Lord longer serve my Lord and Savior Jesus longer. My goal is to honor my Lord and Savior Jesus. That's who I want to honor and so if I were to preach a sermon about this and say that the 10 Commandments as to the reason is because Jesus Christ is God in flesh bought us and delivered us from sin and we are saved and justified by the faith that we have and what he did, not what we do in combination, and this is why we honor him. This is why we seek to honor the character of God revealed in the 10 Commandments that sermon could not be preached in the Mormon church Jehovah's Witness church Roman Catholic Cornish Orthodox Church because it's Christ centered alone in his work without any of our works. Adding to the finished work of Christ on the cross. This is a subtle truth but unfortunately a lot of pastors get up in the pulpit and they preach a sermon that can be ported over to a more mature I know this because back in seminary professor of my ensuring and I'm still friends with him and he assigned the text and I preach the text are the Old Testament and long story short, he said good moralistic sermon.

I did understand what he meant Wilbur's house for dinner and we had a talk I couldn't quite get what he meant by moralism.

Being good because it's good honor God because this was right. I know it is character so honor him. It's good as it would happen.

It's all truly suggested is that he asked the question. Could Mike sermon be preached in a Mormon or Jehovah's Witness church and at the light went on at that moment right. It could, that's a problem because there's a difference between the non-Christian religions in the Christian there not Christ centered church centered their morals centered their performance centered and so it changed everything and it opened the door for me to understand that our goodness is not based on our following the character of God, though that is the standard of righteousness, the standard of something good has to be known.

The standard is God character revealed in the written word. Thou shalt not lie and so we don't lie because Jesus has bought us. Jesus is the one who should his blood for us and delivered us from those sins. So to not send this to honor Christ in his redemptive work. That's what makes what we do good. This is what a lot of people are missing in the church today, Christ centered cross centered preaching, teaching, and morality.

We should always use God as a standard and I just recently talked to guide us to maybe getting engaged or soon to be taken upon it great if not no big deal, but I said I do marriage counseling and I do was called the theology of marriage, I start with the doctrine of the Trinity. The character of God is in the Trinitarian communion is what marriage is a reflection of an Zen in marriage, the husband loves his wife as Christ loves the church and the woman is to respect her husband that she would respect Christ and Christ is the center of the marriage. That's how it supposed to be back and think about doing an online seminar on the theology of marriage in teaching these principles.

These truths, this is what need is needed more and more in the church today not to go over again and again to get to people's heads.

What is a difference between God centered theology, and man centered theology moralism and Christo centric historical redemptive preaching.

Let's get to Leon from Utah. The unwelcome year. I'm doing fine by God's grace.

What a privilege I have to build God's truth privilege agree with you more. You have a good year yeah I did. We had friends over and good family and in fellowship and food and all of that was great. God blessed us with grief. Love that questionnaire. I'm struggling struggling in Deuteronomy 28 five reveler Eva back in the old days back in a little but your go today had a hard time reading all Bible and trusting God.

He was accompanying God you'll know the Lord and I find myself there now in Deuteronomy 28 neatly listening to it through the wonder Bible, but her word, but you would think that it's right here on the 28th chapter 33 miles out hustle but go ahead okay so you should build a house and down house you won't dwell on out and eject going off on the people in like 11 yeah what's going on there so if you piece of paper and you draw a horizontal line you could just get you get the point of my it's an illustration in the middle of this horizontal line you draw across the Old Testament so the left and new Testaments to the right and the arrow pointing from on the Old Testament points of the cross in the New Testament. Time us now points to the cross. The cross is the center of history. When God warned the nations.

He didn't just give him a three minute warning and then don't fire and brimstone from heaven. He gave them repeated warnings don't do with this judgments coming the reason he was so tough on them is because of that cross. If Israel were to join in the paganism of the enemies work than they would have effectively destroyed the messianic promise and the arrival of the Messiah God assured that the Messiah would arrive and Israel had a covenant relationship with God.

And there's coveted boundaries. If you were to read and I recommend you do this after we talk chemical to quickly could have like one minute read Exodus 21 to 17 the 10 Commandments on the Lord your God who did this, this, this and that. Here's what you supposed to do and if you don't there's a consequence. But if you do keep it, there's a reward read it in the 10 Commandments there. Actually, there is a covenant document read the 10 Commandments with rewards and punishments for keeping or not keeping the commands. This is covenant theology that white is take two tablets 10 and 10. Each party God man got a copy of the covenant, and so when they broke the covenant God dealt harshly with them but he also was very loving and patient with them because he would send profits to them morning your morning morning to again and again and again and again.

Okay, here comes ever to get okay judgment and we read about the God is so mean what government he already gave than the parameters.

The truth is Jesus very patient with them and they reject him and paid the price for that is going on the Old Testament of destroyed the unbelievers to purify that place. So the missile would not jeopardize his arrival. That's the short version talk more about RFI, but that was sorry about every other type of arrival the Lord bless by his grace will talk you have a great another program powered by the Truth Network

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