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January 20, 2022 7:23 pm

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January 20, 2022 7:23 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with guest host Luke Wayne LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Will Jews who reject Christ go to hell---2- Was Mary Magdaline a prostitute---3- How was it right for Hosea to marry a prostitute---4- In John 8, why was it only the woman who was going to be punished---5- Is Calvinism apostate---6- A caller struggled with grieving the loss of a loved one who was mentally delayed and probably couldn't understand the gospel.--7- Is the sin nature passed down from the father or mother or both- If Mary was not without sin, how did Jesus not inherit her sin---8- A caller is struggling with losing their mother last month.--9- Is the statement -God hates sin but loves the sinner.- biblical---10- Is KJV Onlyism a cult-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 8772.22 forecasters. We have five open-minded would give me a call 772072276 all right telling you the past half hour. Been super rushed to a friend, family emergency thing and life is tough sometimes. We got some people who needed to know some ministry and your having to pull the plug on somebody in the hospital and with the sorrow, the pain and the was figuring out today go to go again tonight, and though for those of you who are out there who suffered through various trials and tribulations loss for what you certainly have my sympathy. We've been through it at different levels, different people go through things and it's just a difficult time but you know, for those of us who have hope in Christ, then we have the ability to not make the pain go away but to be comforted through that pain and it's a weird combination for Christians lot of unbelievers will understand it that there's comfort in the suffering and we have to we have it because of Jesus Christ we have it because of what he's done the cross we know will see our loved ones again and for those who love the Lord with him and him it helps, but still there's pain and suffering in the system. Through this, so take care that today to go tonight. No space we think. Reminds me of renowned what people go through what we have gone through what others go through the difficulties of losing law lost available to it is difficult so well if you're going through something like that you will talk about a call if not that's okay but we have to open lines going to be a call 877-207-2276… Get to Rick to get this right. Directly there. You don't all right, having an inability to buddy okay all right about that you are back in the Jeremiah black-eyed Neville bear before and God will flow Israel. You really my question do my chosen bullet, and I'll call the heart. Now, I think, look aboard the laws that don't believe me cry like automatic is just the Jews price of the Jews go in Christ. Okay, some of them didn't write rights and so today just what you converted became Christians and so the ones are left questioning my question and I wanted did not bark will I go to hell when I got the havoc of our anyone who rejects Christ cannot go to heaven and hell Jews included the muskrat trust is the true Savior anybody sent Jesus is all you knobby people and I know you heard this in your life.well about the Jews up there like to go about it… Did you know that I was so big on going anyway. So, you heard it doesn't doesn't mean that they're saved. It means chosen by God to be the people to whom God get the oracles the commandments the laws and through whom the Messiah would come. That's what it needs me to chosen people and if they did I got the Messiah like they did then the face of judgment like anybody else does. Okay number two Merrimack only go she was a friend, what not. Call it what you look like if you okay my mouth. I know about Rahab are in my last God talk about the Bible about note being equally go, don't marry know what I will but I look God, Hosea Kammerer rock and he cautioned Richard and I would split up going about the dog wanted to illustrates the adulterous nature of Israel and that she was like that wife of heart harlotry and children of harlotry and so that's what's what. He says that that's why it's an illustration of the evil that the nation of Israel was committing at that time and they got back together right later. Okay you know all that when I can't answer because the long tons of studied Hosea is can tell you atop my head. If she was repentant and covered him or not. There's something in the Texas also. I can, when you called him a doctrine that we all know that our men. One man in a circle, a bill that will make good question. Very good yeah oh you think that the adulterer which was adulterous with would be right there, but it could be, theoretically, that the person that she was doing she was committing adultery because she was married could've had relations with someone who is not married. Nothing that makes it okay but got its size bed and it just shows the inequality in some areas. That was the extent back on your map, enjoy a day you two may God bless Rick all right to all three open lines 877207227 success of the Rudolph from North Carolina Rudolph welcome here. It all right and you CALLED back the timber and quit about, how do I David no issue. It will actually got the answer. When you went to get the corn you been going there to get the arm cooler from the free red that you create that way. It was thrown out by the creek and he gave but my question you today. I was lifting through a pastor named Rick Gathman Calvary Chapel and get and he said that Calvin is the was a yes he does know exact.

If he did say that on who the guy if he did say that I challenge him to a debate public debate on absolutely. If he says it publicly that he need to defend himself publicly.

The Bible says to give an answer to everyone who would ask the reason that light within you. First Peter 315 so if he were to say that it was apostasy rehearsals. I politely challenge him to a public moderated debate Lexi, okay, just so you know I was baptized by Chuck Smith, the founder of Calvary Chapel and still attend Calvary Chapel with three laid out all the reformed theology know in California and I had Idaho there's cover traveler work, but of the same for anybody to say that reformed theology is apostate or false stay flat out doesn't understand biblical theology they think they do but I don't want to start. I know one thing, God firmly agree with the fact that people have free will and they can't like like he believed that Maine can choose to choose God is not something here's an example of something at some says that is sealed and what is the Bible so you cannot come to me with this community for the father. John 665 or what does God have to grant to be have faith for applicant 129 or he works faith in us. John 628 and 29. Why is that with you because the born-again first Peter 13 were born again, not everyone will John 113 and as many as had been appointed to eternal life believed. Acts 1348 and the unbeliever cannot receive the things of God for the foolishness to him first contents 214 is a slave of sin.

Romans 642 20 who's a hater of God doesn't do any good to sleep in secret God. Romans 310, 11, 12 people who talk like that. It drives me crazy. They think they understand biblical theology and they don't and in what they do is a get up in his pontificate and the cost problems because divisions of the body of Christ.

I don't care people reformed or not reformed. I care about them misrepresenting the other position and then calling it silliness falls when it isn't, and then they won't have the guts to stand up and defend a position before someone is qualified to be able to challenge them, and that irritates me. I've had that happen. Some retired years. I'll challenge up then debate me on it and they don't do it because I believe that they don't want any someone who knows the arguments knows the Scriptures knows how to answer what they say they don't want to do that. Why is that that always drives me crazy. If they don't agree with reformed theology just don't agree with it with her brothers in Christ. Great move on. Who cares when people start making accusations like that and then say that it be that because of the dissector causing division in the body of Christ. That's when I take now it's on so I publicly offer a debate with this guy if he if he said that if you said that it was apostate. False false doctrine… That I challenge little public debate will fly out there in front of his arch. It oh yeah, yeah, I get tired of this, I get tired of this kind of stuff and they need people need to stop causing division of the body Christ and stop with their level of theology that they think they can answer all the difficult questions and they can't write everything in you.

Thank you and your friend Wayne good but even if you are you will will he's not his home is always good-looking as me. See, that's why is irritating will actually he's better look, and he's been more humble and yet he's at least he's a great guy like you are right, but still let guy bothers me Rick. If Rick Gaston said that it is taking us is that of that reformed theology is apostate is that what he said yet okay then he will show me the show me the you send me to the Lincoln when he wears set it all.

I'll check it out and if he said I'll try contacting the safe challenge you to debate okay flat out how I challenge somebody here years ago. I challenge someone here who had really nasty things to say but reformed theology by God's sovereignty and greatness didn't understand what free will was nature to extend the power of the atonement and I challenge this guy to debate that he said get behind me Satan is focus. We had ago thought you folks for my call 877 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave doing all right hanging in there man prayer request currently started to shout about the plug on anything but the colonists were private, all brought about two years ago our birthday this past our lately. Christian while he had cerebral palsy.

The right to search by it was never able to wall or talk or anything animated here in his capacity my three year old, but I just you know the Bible doesn't tell us anything about those who are in that condition would state that in the closest analogy to get to his children who die in the right during birth or I can't prove it but my opinion is that you will go to heaven and reasons, but I wouldn't debate debate because there's just not enough in Scriptures to prove either way. And so I suspect that the same thing happens to those whose mental capacities. Similarly aged 50 understand what I'm saying and that is maybe it's a greater grace to them to allow that in the inner heaven is the faith of a child is what Jesus says and they just have this faith went and got grants of people believing in Psalm 22, nine. David said that you did make it believable that my mother's breast. So you know I take comfort in those and just look upward and trust my Lord. Expect them to be in heaven.

I lost a son shortly after birth, and I expect to see when I die with them so anyway, my back to get my mom and my mom and dad dear data private and everything all night and everything having you faith that God is a good nobody ate a lot going to church and everything and there were triplets and my brother here last private our birthday the second year was not part of the first yeah it's normal because the shock so to speak wears off a little more so that evolution gets through.

Because initially it's get the job done focus get through what's not to be callous but you know it's difficult and down. We had to go through stuffing you get things done and when you stop. Finally things are thinking about it. It takes time and then when there are events that remind us, it hurts: normal, you're okay out about you try for major call.

Being transparent and obedient lately and I'm tired of living into severe living in and order you do what God has planned for me.

And pray for that completely right now it that a great Lord Jesus to come before you with all those who are bowing their hearts before humans career agreement with the Mitchell who has suffered a loss with brother Lupton and has strayed from your walk. Youth Comfort Inn in the forgiveness that you give him because of the cross, Lord Jesus endured on our behalf and ask that you be with him that you would strengthen him. Give him that unction to follow you and seek comfort to know and hope and trust in you is brothers with you even though pain is with us to go through it we know Lord that you can comfort us inside when you said you would Mitchell give him a piece even though the sufferings to yes Jesus. If you do this?

On the new electric prayer. Evaluate data about CPR and consistently in the year right yeah yeah have been prayer vernacular pray for me and Leona and I read good just read in you know what I lately for some reason I don't know why but some of the book of Philippians is been on my mind a lot and Susie said to read it with his pop in my mind I don't let the Lord are not, but you know you read his word.

Review think looking sadly read and I had to say. Trust him beyond your ability to understand because of who you are and I thank you so much. Our lecture at Lucky dip what documents all right, that was Mitchell and the Lord with folks if you want to give me a call.

We have four lines 877-207-2276 only here for the given call can be thought about going to stuff it would privilege it is to pray for people and with people about pain and suffering left.

Sometimes all right for open lines 877-207-2276 Dave from Kansas City look. Thank you. It's interesting, I got sick on Thanksgiving. I couldn't do my job that read like that on complete it in the Western church. There is no doubt get through it and one of the things one of the things that they early church had was the battle over unbaptized baptized into information all that and it continued on through the Reformation and through the Catholic Church that would benefit that's been an issue that all the churches wrestled with through century. But my wish and still do yet because it's really not clear in Scripture and my other thing was today I was talking to someone about. I traced my aunt back to 1600 in Germany and that they were baptized in the Lutheran Church and about uncle. We were Huguenot but Mark I was on this person who's next Catholic that Martin Luther was just Catholic like wasn't really that reform and that we talked about were talking about infant baptism. Then we were talking about on the Virgin Mary and an Martin Luther really helped you. Virginity of Mary and her virginity and up yeah and document I said that man cannot it that Jesus could not of been born of a man. He had to be born a woman and that's really what your question is so back to that question is all right folks back after I call 77077 pairs nicely back to the show back with the counselor's book. Let me try to I came to the conclusion that that that Mary of course she was not a she was a virgin but she would not immaculately complete.

She was born it was a sinner correct because if you don't get the vector genealogy Riley he was a sinner but he managed what passed on the polyp man through Adam break the patriarchal federal headship and after feet of man are not the seed of man, which passed on through Joseph and that's why just the debt that the Holy Spirit had the could see through Mary so that Jesus was fully God and fully man. At the same time and so he wasn't without sleep did not have a skin gene enemy did not have a sin nature greatly was a spy. Just send Jean that we would say a sin nature because alcohol in the SoCal, so could genius me genetics and no yeah and that is what I got a plate you could clone a perfect person and you. That was the case that when I got out some of the series is the sin nature is passed down to the father.

Now the issue then is if Joseph wasn't the father biologically, then that would imply that Jesus would not have a sin nature is the implication and so Mary produced the human aspect and it was the egg was activated. Somehow, someway, and God entered an that's that's it, but yet Mary was a sinner and Luke 147 Jesus rejoices in God.

Her Savior only sinners need cigarettes so there is other stuff but you just got it was out. I grew up with Catholic like guy with a Lutheran college actually and I you know Luther was great. He did a great job seriously. He did a great job coming on the yellow starting at coming out to Catholicism, I just don't think it went far enough and I can't blame yellow. I think that's dictates that Calvin and Zwingli would mean he wouldn't have any part of the roads. Calvin and Luther never met but it is a pattern where a person find stuff discover stuff and then the followers perfect it was kind of a pattern.

I don't think Luther went far enough away from the Roman Catholic heresies right and great job so I will goblet but okay. It's all right is good to Lisa from Charlotte North Carolina. Lisa welcome your ally all hang in there. So what are you trying well. Earlier greatly on my way to church and my DNA and I caught the last part of that.

It made me get back. I left and I'm not there and bear and yeah and my mother with my best friend. I mean we were we were at Clay as any mother and daughter could be.

And my question. I can is you know God is the worst thing in the night.

John 14. I think that I feel my father died three years ago and now blocked by parent and I know that I will see her again.

I know none that is decreased and how do I get they lie here and Kayla the car again because it's all I can do that in front of the other day lets the answers she put 1 foot in front of the other. You walk when you go one hour at a time and you know when when I lost my mom remember the pain and suffering the funeral and all of that and my hope and what people are different.

Missing my ways the right way. What are yours.

This isn't whatever but people are different and my hope was so strong in Christ that through the pain and suffering.

I felt the comfort of God's presence and I was look to that end, and I find comfort in the comfort of a sound little on the you when you comforted you realize God's there and in that further comforts me and so I'm able to take my eyes off of the pain-and-suffering and put them on him while in right in the pain-and-suffering and this is something we have to do as Christians and I can't help but wonder sometimes if the death of her parents is one of the signals for us to be very careful how I say this could be easily misconstrued but is time for us to be in that place of of the parents to be mature and strong to take that place for those who are after us move forward and to look for that as part of her calling as God's house life-and-death pass-through families and the families continue and so you know and excess for the first time I've ever allow the court but my father got out really cried my mom and that I did feel God, thank painful, knowing that I will not hear her sleep quite well. I think you're quite on email or phone calls. You know what night it hard because she called her. I called her and yeah it's really, is it hurts it's okay to hurt to grieve and to cry. Still, it's okay.

It's does not like a time limit. Okay, it's been two years you can't do that anymore. My son 27 years ago. It still hurts will 20. Sorry. I'm sorry. And tonight I going to go to a hospital and he was some people sick so to speak, pull the plug on someone who is the Lord is good man and stuff and you know it's not looking forward to it because it's pain even though it's not my family it's pain because I see with her to go to its reminiscent, and go through these things I don't like what I will be praying for Eric. I and you know we can lift you up in prayer to and you have a prayer ministry to prayer at Carmel dental. We have really neatly prayer and prayer at Carmel. See ARM orgy in Iran is the one who runs that she's just a sweet. She is one of those tender heart me on the callous old bag locks but she has a wonderful tender heart and she's perfect for that ministry at Mary, I'm sorry. You know, sorry. I'm sorry you're still suffering like as though you're not supposed to know just the right is not is so easy not to say the right thing. I grieve my handler where my brother and my mom went to the 8888 years, but her belief that she would hundred 11 a letter go and try and systole this were so used to the normality of people with us in the fellowship able to touch them in six speak to them and hear their voice and then when that is gone.

It's a ripped hole in our lives that hurt now and find out if Fido you have a devotional written on Carmen on death and I realized I wasn't death is a rude visitor and the headline you believe that this would it's I've thought about a road after my mom died and Lexi was victory you have not read it too much. Death is a rude visitor rotor 2008 yeah while running the universe are known as matter of it arrives unannounced.

You know sometimes it it's see it coming. It comes in and it trashes our lives yeah I got it right here and read it tonight when I get. Thank you for sharing that with me and that I had did you have a blessed night and going after mass Y call 7707772072276 Wendell from Fort Worth here provided call.thank you very much part receiving my call after you hear me okay I have a issue and help me with that pretty justifiable. God hate me but you love the filler I need help with that. Not like I cannot know I'll read you some scriptures will talk about some stuff here. Okay, so some 55. The boastful shall not stand before your eyes. You hate all who do iniquity as the psalmist says this from how I thought some 552 Psalm 11 five the Lord tests the righteous and the wicked and the one who loves violence his soul hates. Psalm 11 five. Those go to Romans nine, roughly sort of verse nine for this is the word of promise at this time I will come, and Sarah shall have a son, and I believe this, but there was Rebecca Olson when she conceived twins by one man her father Isaac for the twins were not yet born and had not done anything good or bad, so that God's purpose according to his choice would stand, not because of works but because of him calls. It was said to her, the older will serve the younger. Just as it is written, Jacob I loved Esau I hated was God hate the sinner. Yes. However, there's another sense in which God loves everyone. So when we do is read you like Matthew chapter 5 starting in verse 43. You've heard that it was Saturday what you look for neighbors, but if I 43 to 48 you have heard it said, you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. That verse 23, but nonetheless but I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good and send rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. For if you love those who love you, what reward do you help not even the tax collectors do the same if you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others do not even the Gentiles to the same. Therefore, you're the perfect is your father in heaven is perfect.

So that perfectionist talking about loving others.

Christ wants us to love others and you says in John 316 God so loved the world that gives only begotten son there is a sense in which God loves is a sense in which God hates some people mistakenly think that to hate from God's perspective means to love less and less just sentimental claptrap.

It's is not he actually does hate people, and he hates those who do annuity who love iniquity to seek evil. He hates, and rightfully so because they love that which is contrary to the goodness of God, he will make Sue out like that will then take some five Psalm 11 five Psalm Romans 992 13 editor Bible but that of the Scripture Satan's other verses just want a member so is a sense in which God loves everyone, but that sense is a generic kind of a sense in which he sheds his call providential grace upon everyone they can breathe they can walk they can talk family sunshine rate allowed to live and in that sense, he's loving them but the boastful shall not stand before your eyes. You hate all who do iniquity, you destroy those who speak falsehood, the Lord of the horrors, the man of bloodshed and deceit so if there's a man who is so full of bloodshed, murder, and lying got up but even in the abhorring that God has. He's merciful by letting them live.

So this is not just a simple loves everybody he hates everybody is not like that two different levels of incenses of of of how things work together that help that helped tremendously that after member should cut out a conversation with about a pastor friend of mine and I didn't agree with that statement with talking. I just did agree with that statement and I will try to rationalize it by using Scripture: to say that I can't lie that what you say still is what is sin. Can you take sin and you know the backyard digging through some leaves little there is still a bottle of sin this ticket the freezer and freeze it doesn't make any sense, we can't see it in a telescope.

We can't way sin, we can't freeze it, take a picture of sin is will be called abstraction is an occurrence that occurs in the mind and the heart of this is interesting because of this illustration of how to slap some on the faces of sinners and not sin.

It's not sin if the motive was to stop. That's poisonous bug from biting them, but it is sin. If I had as a like you slap is no reason good moral reasons and so this exact same action has good or bad.

More morality in this case based on the intention only their vessels but was under the spell Google and so sin is that that thing that occurs in the heart and a rebellious nature against God. So sin is an abstraction.

So does God hate the abstraction if he hates the issue of sin does he love the idea of love is he loving love if you hates sin, and so people who say these things.

I understand what you're saying he hates the action of sin. Of course you know my daughter do something sinful and look what she did you know a natural I get that but in a more critical sense. It's not very accurate in a generic sense it conveys the message, but still with understand God does hate the sinner as well and that's little us in Scripture. And so the enmity needs to be removed and that enmity which is hatred is removed by the the work of Christ is okay about it and also on your route your call concerning. I was looking adequate a lot about how his way out and one thing that you picked and I will look at up the road, editor. I remind people that the last enemy not the last friend. The last enemy that shall be destroyed. Until then we have to deal with the last enemy.

It was a friend. We wonder our friends and say hello. How are you left enemy.

Thank you so much you shed a lot of light milk please don't hope that's helpful quite a bit you to go plus all right, but you okay that was Wendell from Fort Worth, Texas, and let's get on to Mark from North Carolina how you doing buddy talk to it three times.

I'm doing all right, but God's grace I write.

Last week you were in their right to sell in an exquisitely sick during that same time so it did the coordination work out fine. No big deal out of the 2000 that's okay. You know that. Is it your direction. You know, a few years ago, this it's okay, not my more low labor and we talked with Rita about King James version and this lady call me to say some things about trade JD only congenital gain only and referred to it at one point I'm not sure if she did not call her name. You thought about this several mushroom hunting something James only people like some is a love the King James me that it becomes a problem when they say the King James is the only true Bible to use and that he was inspired in the English that's just ridiculous and it's wrong with the people holding that position when you know well before I'm all mold all the little preacher and not in world regular Baptist and we believe in change in verse never thought of as the King James only because we like to study and use of other things. References punching this fluke even was a limp evening.

It ate a used King James like the reference to the other versions talk about you, your version so I can about a couple of never been referred the King James only people the extremists in that position are cultlike. If you hold the King James is her study Bible. The problem, so that's fine.

You don't hold to it, as that's the way the truth and the life you have to have the King James only.

If you don't use the King James you're not using any true Bible and your sinning against God. That kind of idiocy is what were talking about oil change were about the know you don't select some wacko you know and you know sitting on their doesn't happen so it's a King James the fine Bible I actually check it every now and then when it I think people should have the King James. I think he said the NTSB in the ESV goes for you are the better. Yes James better than the you everything you told me not to do better and I like you commit to reference how does one let you know I met a lady even said some before she got out of there but the minute really about what I don't recall hearing that did listen to shows and mostly recall hearing it but because email. Luke your email them and ask questions to answer is a great guy knows her stuff and he could tell what was context to know if that were run amount now and I'll call you Monday and you will be there all evening just checking in on the calumet 11 call you Monday not get in. That's all right it's all right I swear I love you God bless you Matt, unless you really doing well by God's grace I hide couples all right.

There was Mark from North Carolina with no wheels waiting right at time flows in the Lord bless you and remember with you as having like this. Powered by the Truth Network

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