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January 27, 2022 7:04 pm

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January 27, 2022 7:04 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses what is happening in Finland, where the Bible is being considered hate speech.--2- Matt discusses the concept of secular-made blasphemy laws.--3- How do you know if you are going apostate---4- What is the atonement and what does it accomplish---5- How do you know which areas of Scripture are culturally embedded-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is president found online or you have questions about why mess with my real name: Catholic lot works and hopefully you will enjoy the show we are about his Christian apologetics in defense of the Christian faith promoting Jesus Christ from a biblical perspective. So if your Mormon joke is witness Christian science unity Baha'i Islam, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, behold their official doctrines your way to hell right and what are called about that. We can talk. You can save what were you saying I'll tell you why, because when you really believe the Bible really trust the word of God and you be surprised what other systems of thoughts become necessary, become clear to understand where they fail and what the problems are with them video and people ask about Bibles question Bible stuff and things like that. So forgive me call number is 87720722766877207227 searchable incident number, about 18 million times and we have no open right now if you want to give me a call that would be something that would be really great work think something about doing is just Kevin adding a little bit. As of the radius exhibiting ready for so many years and that is to do a commentary on some of the stuff that's going on in radio and in such a guilty wing like I want to a comments on something that really is scary and it's in Finland Pacific and find it because in Finland they are putting the Bible on trial there actually using the Bible and there's a lawsuit going on in Finland about one of the Bible is hate speech and if it hate speech was, and who knows what could happen. I will be allowed to be taught and will be allowed to be Rick but it's okay for the liberals because the liberals think that way the liberals are meant to liberalism at the site of socialism and equity in all this idiocy.

I just consider them to be mental but you know there's something to read in the Bible and is about this this whole thing to second Thessalonians 2 more I talk about stuff the more kind of considering an end and looking to flip second Thessalonians 2 which talks about the rise of the Antichrist on how you must come and the apostasy comes first, so in this article that I read yesterday in Finland where they resist lawsuit going on and when the prosecutors was literally reading the Bible even a trial room courtroom and homosexuality and calling it hate speech and others were giving their view is really interesting so they were doing another reason I bring up a list. Finland got to do with us. We can understand that things move. In Europe they say move over here they go.

In Europe they move over here because that's just one country doesn't list the countries can do it and so if they start doing that here the homosexual community LGBT Q whatever you want to call them trans all the stuff they don't want the Bible they do not want the truth of God's word. They want to suppress that they hate the light do not want the truth of of of what Christ is with the Scriptures deficit.

They don't want that taught. They want their own sin they want their own rebellion against God and want to justify. They want anybody who exist to agree with them. If you don't agree you better keep quiet and if you openly disagree to punish you. This is their intolerance and this is exactly what the Bible talks about him to go to second. This leads to the Romans, one and says don't we deceive you, for it that's the arrival of the antichrist will not come unless the apostasy comes first, was the apostasy. The Christian church as a whole will fall away from the faith in Finland.

The finish official church is dissing itself from certain parts of the Scriptures don't like what the Scripture says you and this is a form of apostasy of the Catholic Church is already apostate.

Eastern Orthodox is always already apostate Mormonism is not even Christian deals with Christian within Protestantism. There's an rise of false doctrines in many areas, many ways and so there's a general apostasy and another area of apostasy. A lot of people are not aware of is set to be found in the loop code to x-ray Luke 923 Jesus says if anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. This is what Jesus said so, that's a true statement that what we are obligated to do as Christians, only Christians are doing. See if you don't do that removing apostasy for not denying yourself taking your cross daily falling of the crisis with Jesus as it wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow up.

This is what he said so would agree to do that and so are we doing it. Are Christians doing because he says in Luke 1427 whoever does not carry his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple. Now it's easy for me to point fingers at other groups and zero Mormon strobes witnesses criticize unity Baha'i Islam, Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox to the support apostate false groups and they are okay. What about the Protestants, Protestant Protestants with their anger failing to know it's not me. Just look at anybody pointing fingers. The standard is the word of God. The Bible says is good to be part apostasy. And that means the Christian church as a whole has to fall away my views that verse on Mormons skinny on Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox of a diverse second Thessalonians is it with those that say that there must be apostasy yes is your religion the true religion yes so your church is a true church. He has within doesn't mean that your church has to go to apostasy from the antichrist to come as is bit of silence because if they claim to be the truth. And yet, the Bible prophesies that there according to understanding truth will going to apostasy that was a say about the church and this is really stumped a lot of and I'll say so how do you know your church is not in apostasy right now and you're the only way to go is to the Scriptures so this is an interesting discussion was could happen as a whole.

God has his elect and the elect will follow him, not some church organization structure and submit their salvation and their wills are thought to a church organization because that's how cults work. Cults are ultimately and always false religions always replace Christ with themselves with their church authority now.

A lot of them are say no we don't do that yes you do Mormon strobes witnesses criticize unity Baha'i Islam, Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodox, he absolutely because y'all say it will. Islam doesn't hold the Bible as being the group to if they all say that their church or their organization has to interpret the Bible because her church, organization, etc. profit. Profit is whatever it is, has the authority to interpret the word of God and you have to submit to that church authority and people willingly do that what they're doing is moving into apostasy because how do you know that church is correct, what it says it is. So that's how we know really. So the Roman Catholic Church of paragraph 2068 of the catechism of the Catholic Church says that you obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments and the Bible says we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart for the works of the law was command whose correct all don't yet have the authority of the church to interpret the authority of the Roman Catholic church. The authority of the Eastern Orthodox Church, the authority, the Mormon church, the authority of the jewelers with this organization yet have that authority to tell you what it needs people safe. Okay, sign me up put me under their authority put me under with a safe, let me not think let me but follow burning in the bosom that he would follow the words of my leaders is not Jesus applicant to book with.

They say Jesus what they say about salvation. This is apostasy because it's not that people looking at the word of God and trusting themselves because they can certainly do that versus audience 711 pulses. The Marines were more noble not find it because they checking what he said against the Scriptures.

They did that, he said way to go in Romans 14 five. It says that each person must be fully convinced in his own mind about varying debatable issues and things like that which we have the right to discuss and disagree and prescriptions for success were not to exceed what is written that written word of God to exceed and yet so many groups to apostasy is coming now since the church, the Christian church as a whole group essay will come into apostasy. Mormons and jewels what to say. The apostasy occurred 2000 years ago. The context is the arrival of the antichrist will come with the apostasy with and then he exalts himself etc. That hasn't happened. So you know they they take things out of context and I wish I had a get a device that the more minstrels witnesses the Muslims with equal Scripture, the Bible, Eastern Orthodox Roman Catholics wasn't a hearing device and has a microphone and what you do as you read Scripture interpret Scripture whenever you do that what you hear terrific sound and it signals ripping it out of context. Not understanding and be nice to have some device of the cell thing is there's going to be apostasy. And if that happens in the church. How much more will it happen for those who are unbelievers because good understand apostasy means that truth is no longer the foundation apostasy means something else that lies are in place of the truth that certainly happens in some churches and denominations in groups and church leaders and all that kind of stuff that also happens within the secular realm and then what were seeing in the secular realm is the rise of secular blasphemy laws in Finland, secular blasphemy laws. Thou shalt not read the Scriptures that speak of homosexuality.

Thou shalt not condemn LGBT Q thou shalt affirm the secular moral system. Thou shalt submit to the authority over you and believe what ever it says this is the blasphemy laws that are secular and if you were to violate them. They have the right to burn you at the stake come after you. The silence you in your social media areas. They will silence you and work they will punish you because you are violating the secular blasphemy laws while they, in their credible hypocrisy mock but faithful mock the Christians look what you did hundreds of years ago the Catholic Church the same thing as Christian look what you did with the burning of the witches with the Inquisition and all that stuff with her guilty of the same thing guilty of it, though, the Catholic Church and the Inquisition literally killed that physically tortured all our tortures, the left is doing that, but not with the physical sense except they are jailing people and they're trying to get to bank accounts canceled their social media canceled or free speech speech canceled. But why because the conservatives are violating the secular blasphemy were at war. Ladies and gentlemen, the Christian call for both lines 7 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show 72076 is good to Gabriel for Marilyn Gabriel. Welcome. I don't dislike her. Thank you for taking my question.

I'm calling about Nehemiah 88. It was recently in my daily study and related to what you're talking about. So my understanding with the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church is that their claim is that the Scriptures have always been taught to people and never simply played under my screen because right now look at your talk.

They've always been taught the people and not simply read that there was always a reading with interpretation and that it was an interpretation that was passed down on from the teacher.

So in the creation of the Canon is kind of an organic thing on it was the general consent among whoever the deacons and the priests were what was created into the Canon and the understanding of the teaching was more traditional even though was more tradition filled there was another podcast yesterday with Dr. Michael Brown about a Brady fanatic like that and he was talking about how he had recently lost a from seminary and how the Bible seem to be able to stay pretty much anything and that he tried reading the more conservative guys and then he read the liberal guys in the liberal guys were honest about what the issues were with the text and it just kinda got me thinking about how it can be complicated and I guess you give me some thoughts on that and also how you know how you know if they go on a path they like how you know if you're going off the rails. There is some room for deviation.

I think so.

You asked a lot slowly go through. It took some note and work backwards undergoing apostate by violating the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. Those are revealed in Scripture. I happen to have written an article on the con websites and you can go to the doctrine table and it goes through and lists where there found in Scripture and so for example, Jesus says in John 824 less you believe that I am, you will die in your sins. That's obviously essential doctor because Jesus said if you don't believe this your dead and on your sins. So to central as he sets pulse enforcement is 1514 unless Christ be raised. Our faith is in vain. So there is another essential resurrection of Christ. These kind of things.

It is not my opinion that's the Texas obstacle. Here's the letter Ludlum is what it said let's list post about this apostasy deals without any essentials were not have differences of opinion on the nonessentials, that's for sure. But there's also the apostasy that comes into the issue of morality. So if you say one thing and do another words you believe in Christ as God flushed on the cross wasn't dead in Israel committing adultery within the inconsistency between orthodoxy and with the proxy before right teaching and belief and write the right action orthodoxy with the proxy. If they're not unified, then, is a demonstration recorded first John 24 if you say you know me, know him and the truth is that you do not keep his commandments truth is not in you when you're a liar. So there is a degree or we can say some of behavior reflects their understanding and a commitment to Christ and so if they don't live according to the moral word of God that we can say you're not a Christian Bible system so that it is vague areas and neck report that in particular so that's one of the things Howdy undergoing apostate. Well, you know that Christian doctrine and Christian practice and so to go to the doctrine table on karma I've get off work and come through for years and an additive that modified it is is writ written and people's comments about this verse about that and so it's not just me it's it's so many people over the years we've most likely would have taken with a set of okay let's listen to that and so you can go there. You can check it out and check out according the Scriptures now there are certainly levels of interpretive difficulty in Scripture that she consider the idea of writing an article exemplifying different levels of interpretive different difficulty so for example adversity very easy would be to go to to a John 1135 or Jesus where it says Jesus wept with context. Lazarus had died. Jesus was there. Jesus loved Lazarus, Jesus lets wasn't mean you should.

He went simple, but what you do about the first John 22 is a propitiation only for our synthesis of the whole world toward world. There has been understood in light of covenant theology according to God's revelation and was were propitiation me because it doesn't mean an expiation. It means a sacrifice of action turns away wrath. Now we have an issue of looking and say wait a minute. If this would world be every individual doesn't mean all the nation groups because in Matthew 1524 Jesus said he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. So now we can. The more interpretive difficulties and in between those extremes. There are other things as well. John 316 God loved the world to give his only begotten son was a little debate about what the world might mean there but clearly the rest of it is pretty easy.

You believe you will be saved and so there are degrees of difficulty. The initial level is to simple reading and in the later level of difficulty requires thought more biblical knowledge and theological understanding in order to get through to these things lately coincidently have been spending more time on the web, parking, radio, teaching on these levels. Teaching more advanced theology say that you look at this verse. Look how this is a look at the pattern here is what God does. This is how we see his pattern over here so therefore we can look at the pattern and look at this deceitful contest that means here and or could mean this could mean that your two options listed are the first one is under the second one is related to this list and this is the kind of thing I have to do with people go through slowly we go through it slowly. They get it.

I see what happens in the higher level you have to have a more understanding and more theological acumen and more understanding of the overall scope of Scripture.

Unfortunately, too many Christians what they do is they think they have a good understanding of things, but they don't do seminars and original sake please show me your hands how many of you in here believe that the Trinity is true handled about the great American define with the Trinity is that you greater Hannibal to call on you. Nobody raises her hand. Why is that because they're not thinking through what the issues really are and their level of knowledge is not that high nothing of what he has to have all this great knowledge things, but having it should be more in the Christian church as a whole is difficulties and so it's endemic of the idea that Christians think they know enough when they really don't and is easy to expose. That said, let's move on back after mass Y call 7707 all right and I know I did a lot. There is a lot there questions questions. It's good stuff, so will be dressed in her stuff. I will go as long when people say the Bible can say anything I will and I say to them, and is able to buy look is anything else I will okay say something like, oh, so you agree with me that the Bible is clear what is it because anything is not clear.

No, I'm not that good looking but thank you very much with whatever they'll say at this point I just I interpreted to anything I want, because if if the Bible can say anything then their words don't mean anything.

The word distribute don't mean anything and neither the work that they're using about Scripture mean anything and so I'm going to exemplify the way if you can say that the Bible can mean anything.

Then I can say your words mean anything is not how it works.

People understood what it means if I said you I'm going to take my car and drive to the store and get some groceries. We understand what it means. Because interest in the culture to drive a 500 years ago the main groceries drive to list what it wouldn't get it. But we do now in the cultural you're here.

Do you think that I ask of you think that God is capable of communicating his work. People when you come along later hundreds of years later, it can mean anything will that I can make whatever you say anything. It just doesn't work.

Knowledge is not a good approach of the use we tackle particulars about when the St. imp interpretations passed down as I say to you know Berger's interpretation. What in the church where the church does.

One guy said another guy hey did you hear the one about Mary when she's walking along the road level of law words with wetting the wood interpretation of Scripture's correct. How do you know who said what, how do you know because it's a they'll say because this with the false groups wanted to. Our church interprets the Scripture and the true interpretation of Scripture is been handed down by the apostles to their successors. And therein our church so we have the truth. It's arrogant it a little and I like to ask my heart you know what you're interpreting is correct. Simple but still unitedly that with all going back to Jerusalem.

I mean, isn't there something to get off Alec lineage will assist say that there was an episodic lineage. Okay soliciting you really think about this the one to advocate this don't know how to defend their position to go to Matthew 10 or fearing is see Luke 524 Pacific at this. Minimize direct so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.

He said the paralytic is it you get up the restrictor and go home in a course he did. So the authority was in Christ. Now they want to say that the authority of Christ is passed down to their apostles and therefore to their church and there are priests and their members of their church as they want to say and then therefore they have the right to interpret Scripture. So come down to their authority. They want to say that they have the authority so in Matthew 10 Jesus some of his 12 disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits cost about to heal every kind of disease because of sickness. Okay so there you go say that he says let's see, where is its heal the sick, sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. Really you received, freely give.

Don't acquire gold or silver or copper for money belts or back your journey to culture, sandals, etc. so sick. This is the authority that God gave Christ into the 12 disciples of sailor successors but you want to say is for successors so that authority is with you as you save your church will then do cast out demons. Do you heal every kind of disease every kind of sickness do you are you going around preaching.

Are you raising the dead cleansing the lepers casting out demons are you doing what that authority entails by the words of Christ himself. Don't acquire gold or silver. Yet the Roman Catholic Church, for example, that millions and millions and billions of dollars in gold and silver and property they have the authority of Christ. No, because they have the authority of man and they want to witness the word of God submitted to their interpretation of their authority.

So for example good moments for five it says to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness is faith part is righteousness yes method not what you think it is inimical on and on. Romans 328 a man is not justified by the works of the law know that laws only the ceremonial law is the say that in the Scripture with a twist twisted to make it say what they want in order to justify their false church.

That's what happens. So when they see interpretations passed down.

How do you know where is it. Is it written down is equal to Scripture I know interpretation is correct, you know they don't have answers for this so what about like Kristin Simon and the homily at the Christian what anomalies they have St. Christison of Chrysostom and yet is great. I like the truth I like Chrysostom Chrysostom's was brilliant in his preaching ability, but he's not apostolic authority that with the submit to when I talk to Eastern Orthodox people would have been doing quite a bit lately in order to to bolster their their beliefs, they will. St. someone so sad and St. so-and-so set up on the itch that your so-called St. giving God's word and the signal that is God's word what they said is there tradition is equal to Scripture sick wrong.

Scripture is the Greek word graphic the writing that's what is inspired not what they say they have to do these false churches in these members of the false churches they have to submit the word of God to their church and talk to my wife about this. They do the same thing that the leftists do in government. The same thing at the same mental, emotional thing, they submit their will.

Their thinking, their safety to the authority over them. The governing power over them in the religious sense, it's their authoritative church in the secular sense. It's the governmental socialistic stoop entity that the programs promoted so much around everywhere in the government will tell you what is true.

The government will give you your rights. The government tells you what is right and what is wrong and you have to submit the same thing the church will tell you what is right, the church will tell you what is wrong with the submit to the church, as is the exact same thing. It's the same formula, different variables, and so this mental problem occurs all over the place in those groups that teach the idea of mental, spiritual, submission to an overarching theological ecclesiastical structure are actually advocating the same secular principle used in communism and socialism to gain control of nations by the submission of the people. That's the same thing note was Christ say come to me that 1127 come to me and were to go to Christ. We put our faith or trust in him will you have the right to interpret there they go again submitting everything to authority their system and their overarching authority. This is an and so is Lori to send the text of spiritual abuse, and it is at the hands of an and the religious sense ecclesiastical.

It's the blasphemy and blasphemy laws here in the secular. They have blasphemy laws to the parallels between the secular and the sacred are merging. And it's because the apostasy of the Christian church is occurring, which becomes more in harmony with the laws and the ways of the secular secular church with its hierarchical authoritative structure and when they start merging that we know where a lot of trouble. We are good girl and one more thing that you have another line that you called weight but really fast to see what you got because of a break coming up in a minute.

Anyway, I won't get that one, but something else. There is a computer program called eloquent and he called Max sword calm that Alana proposed people. He is it good that it is interfaith and I don't have invited laughing so I don't know what your splitter talk about it it's good or bad. Okay so you know, send me some information about it on on and word is what would unable check an applicant and then when you link to a place that does printing to all networked body. My T-shirts out okay stuff was all perfect time to break hey falls when you call the readback number 77 2000 that is why call 707 pairs nicely asked segments okay with Roger from North Carolina, Roger actually here. There is no middle read about it.

My question is about it when their point across. What is the atonement and what does it accomplish well the atonement is that acts that brings one more part will to more parties who were separated for whatever reason into a proper relationship with the loose thing atonement and the atonement can be carried out in different ways. If my wife and I have had an argument we can make atonement so to speak, by confessing and I flew here to the said that you're making noise but making noise the background and up so we we make amends, usually through an act usually is not to be a confession here at Suffolk that but with God, the active atonement is through the work of Christ. There's theological reasons why that has to be the case but that's basically what it is okay and when when Christ went across that way.

The atonement for somebody right for the elect. Yes Satan okay so it's not universal, it for certain people and when Christ went across it accomplish, then it accomplish something right. Yes.

Now some will say that it means that everybody's sin was taken care of and remove that can't be the case because and you can go to hell all their sin is gone then nobody go to hell. Judge Peterson deleted accepted that knowledge irrelevant if it's paid for. It's done the debt in the sin trust transgression is removed by a payment settlement of its remove. You can go to hell. So the simple simple logic. Simple thinking that I heard somebody say that a defendant to God the father, but yet deed of holdback every wish. Well it's nice to have sort yeah it's it's not an area not not very well put together.

That kind of a thought but if you withhold there's a sense of what is true is a sense in which the payments of the father, but then we get into what is known as the ransom theory which the light of the cults use or as a penal substitutionary theory, which is what would most Christians properly. The Bible get back. Defendant is called PSA penal substitutionary atonement, and for those who don't know PE and a L a L as the legal law penal colony is like every now and then I just make a point but that through knowing the clock Circuit Court anywhere in Defendant podium count but for some by David elect if he got he canceled it at the cross, not when you believe is not canceled when you get baptized, not canceled. When you do good things. Jesus canceled the debt nailing it to the cross. That's when it was done so it is canceled. Can you be held responsible for ascendant that cancel no business so stink and sandal in Assisi and allocated propitiation atonement perverted for network.opinion thought our priority would buy them a fake bank. Yes, it was repository and get this correct, and that by propitiation means the sacrifice that removes wrath. It's actually accomplished in the Propecia Tory work. It does not make the potential there. It actually removes it. That's the difference most people want the potential of something to be done based upon your action your will choice your list and this man centeredness know the Propecia Tory atonement was efficacious was legal and was permanent and it accomplished exactly what God wanted it to, and it was canceled at the cross is not canceled when you believe your justified when you believe the canceling of the sin that is the removal of that sin that justification is being clothed in the righteousness of God. Flipping 39. This occurs when God grants. We believe clippings 129 which socially grants. We believe that FYI halted as well and what you favorite Dante to appreciation for the whole world that I would be due. Defendant also met or not. Everything apart.

Yes, it is all yes because covenantal eat. We understand covenant.

Jesus was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Matthew 1524 house of Israel deals with the nation of Israel. The house that is nothing individual to say the covenant nation. He was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Matthew 1524 when Israel broke the covenant and rejected the Messiah with the Gentiles are grafted in, so therefore he's the propitiation the sacrifice that removes the wrath known for our sentences of the whole world. The words all the nation groups and all the people groups because of proper Jew understanding the covenant would say, of course, the Messiah is only for Israel is not coming for Egypt. That's exactly what they understood.

It was true it was true, except that in the covenant they broke it, and so therefore were grafted in, that's out works covenant theology answers so much questions in the dispensational us on make people mad. The dispensational Snoopy to become covenantal it at that for a lot of the loyal okay so I looked like a pretty much on track right up, will you what I say you know what to write what I say is right or wrong newsletter issue so that okay thank you Matt alright buddy, let's arrived. Let's get on the line to Martin from Virginia for joints along buddy. You're on the year I met a thank you for your ministry and all all I got the call at the previous night.

Not one car that on a little bit of time and talk a lot about scriptural reference on integrity of Scripture and then you did mention that you will help you interpret it all and it now you know you're very astute and I'm not going to try to catch there. I know I've got many logs in my eyes when it's winter in Iraq, but I guess logs are. I got some locks with documents uploaded reference applicant in Matthew, I thought you had mentioned that nobody knows when the time, we've got nobody but Bob and I think three times you referenced will. This is what that meant. But here's what that meant is that it is right think that me and you'd mentioned that if the bridal right and the father of the groom right for the bright effective if if I'm remembering this correct executive unit that is that this is what that means. However, there is no scriptural reference to more anecdotal met with interpreting Scripture, which is what you were kind of on, coming down on 15 minutes or so. Not exactly the you have question since my question is if if summary misinterprets Scripture scripturally, what is the what is the defendant that AME is okay to misinterpret Scripture and makeup things of what you think it is, or do you need to follow Scripture more textual. We need to follow Scripture as best we can, but there are certain areas of Scripture that are culturally embedded example to be summarily applicable in the gap gathered cultural aspects of Scripture that you can't deny that at the time Scripture is written it a big influence, but but in the sense that nobody knows the time of of the second coming switch across the semi question how can you interpret that as that being more of a bridal thing and not the father but nobody else out because they got what one thing, it is what it means from ancient culture integrated before that she talked to. I believe that the very least one Jew who knew all the stuff you said he was very impressed that a Gentile with no intracultural Mary Claire and so is been there validated different sources and read it because it does go on the web and is looking up to see some some stuff about the marriage ceremony you can understand and when Jesus saying that no one knows but you see, the idea is just as doctors are related to this subject in Revelation 1912. It says that Jesus has a name written on him which no one knows except himself.

When that would be the father and the Holy Spirit don't know, but that's not exactly what it means.

And so we can't say that this issue of knowing and not knowing is or is not divine because the Jews would often use exaggeration when they would speak and so and and Jude 423 this is a denying or a computer for denying her only Lord and Master, Jesus, well, is that mean that the father daughter Laura and her master course not. And so Jews spoke in that way and you can see that in the Scriptures to do that is go through it, but there's certain things. It is not revealed in Scripture.

Like the wedding feast culture or the Samaritan or the prodigal son thing why these things are so important to the woman he let her hair down in public with it was so important fact that so weak we can. There are books that talk about ancient cultural norms and you can understand him, and whether that just popped in mind. You know the blind man sees it as I see men walking around his trees.

What is that mean in the ancient culture that let people what I do is walk the foothills they would to get the bundles of twigs line them up. Get underneath them and lift them up and they would walk in that 10 feet across and they would walk him down balanced on their backs men walking the streets so that the all that's what that means that I got it. So there are certain cultural norms that are relevant and I would recommend you to book called Publix and peasant and through peasant eyes and it goes to a lot of oil trust and point was that written on the body 50 years ago when my question. I'm my second question would be if I were to believe that when what Jesus is saying literally that nobody knows the father and the father will later rebuild it would an end to the vast majority of people that we got that that they don't they don't know of any wedding feast and and there's nothing scripturally that point that all the camera and I don't like about it is I have tears. Is that wrong for them to believe that those it's yes it wanted to believe Jesus actually did not know because Jesus has two natures, the divine nature and human nature by logical necessity. The divine nature. God knows all things.

Jesus, the person that is that I apologize. Got a drop. I'm in a no cell phone driving and there is a ophthalmic Luke would continue with okay and so on the nose. Thanks and so didn't it's necessary to understand that the attributes of both natures are ascribed with a single person. The person said I am thirsty. The person set Jesus and I'm thirsty I will be with you always, even to the end of the earth, though the eye of one person with claim in the attributes of both the divine and the human nature and the divine nature requires a mission so he knew all things as part of the attributes of being divine as he was divine and human. So both of those attributes belong to Christ. And so when we understand that the ancient culture. When the wedding feast. The sun would not know it was idiomatic would not know the exact time when the father said that the sun go get your bride even though they already knew what date was gonna be. They already have the arrangements and everything is just this intracultural thing that that's about out of time. Sorry just rolling off the line of what God is and Mark from West Virginia on the our budget with 312 of the Lord bless you all. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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