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April 7, 2022 7:02 am

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April 7, 2022 7:02 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Would it be ok of churches to fund paramilitary to protect churches---2- Matt further discusses self-defense among Christians.--3- Are there two judgement seats of Christ, one for believers and one for unbelievers---4- Matt discusses turning the other cheek.--5- If someone receives Christ early in life and then falls into sin, are they still saved---6- Is God's spirit being poured out today---7- When do you believe Satan was bound---8- What do you think about the local church- Is membership and tithing biblical- Does someone have to belong to a local church---9- In Hebrews 10-10, what does -once for all-- mean, specifically all---10- How many years are in a generation-


Matt slick, why is it apologetic for you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why rent is called responding to your questions at 77 doing out there is me. I'm actually going to make all all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 just like like always. All right nice day nice everything we go to a fork in lines 877-207-2276 tonight will be hosting a thing on AB and set TV and having three scholars experts on we discuss initial positive confession and fry on Thursday we doing NAR new apostolic Reformation shall be hosting tonight.

Tomorrow night the next night and you just go to make sure what this is.

I just do it, but it should be be and I believe this may be an satellite yet but right AB and actually it goes out is on the different TV networks.

All of the world so you go check it out to be tonight at 8 PM Eastern time to go select on Hutterites and let's see if you want to give me a call forth in lines 877-207-2276 sounds pretty good breeze… Can the phones here with the Scott from Burlington, North Carolina Scott, welcome near here will good good so we got all right. Look at your article where the creatures right convention that you're guarding virtues or whatever protecting itself but one question I have been with Dan Brown or churches you find independent contractors to reinforce certain country.

Yes, when it or but that's the kind like you would be planting paramilitary guide churches to protect our churches there will I see is to strengthen as in the bars and snacks and things like that. Yeah, that's an interesting issue because I think that the populace there should be armed and the be able to protect themselves. I just believe in the right of self-defense. The Bible teaches that Jesus is by a sort of 24, 36, we have that right and so I think the people have that option to believe the different countries to love him for self-defense were evident and entails you you you I was thinking you know you get you hired a Green Beret guy coming there like training after the people in churches, defendant tell you the problem you know I done years of martial arts and so if I were to go over do missionary work and preach and teach a solicited and need to learn how to defend myself. It's a heck of teaches and stuff.

I teach the big deal do this don't do that, you know, what's the big deal in right of self-defense from being out I never heard at work thinking like a good area for people beginning to try to do that you that's true in Nigeria. We have some connections in Nigeria and there are Muslims that relish the PC Dr. the peaceful religion you run killing people in the shooting of villages in the middle of the night, threatening Christians burning down churches kidnapping people in our system wonderful religion. They call them extremists but that's not extreme that's actually what the car on the hadith teach their true muscles so you could have had the right of that context to defend themselves. Of course I do. And they should have a question ever heard or bought. I got you. Sure development from the goblet all right every day. Okay the problem a photo you make only a five open lines 87720722760 I hear from you. Give me call this wide open so is not a common topic in churches and pulpits and things like that.

Talk about the right of self-defense. But we do have that right of self-defense not just tell you we have the right of self-defense, but not the obligation of self-defense have the right to build defend ourselves but were not obligated to do that is an odd thing like you know it just is what it is. There's a lot of Christians throughout history who have chosen not to defend themselves and, if accepted, martyrdom, and we have fun with that option. Certainly a possibility to physical self-defense is permitted, but is not an obligation good. Exodus 22 to Luke 1121 notices when a strong man, fully armed guards his own house, his possessions are undisturbed. This is what Jesus was teaching the have an existing you do this, we have the right and obligation. Here's the thing that's interesting to defend others that's different and psalmody to four rescue the weak and needy, deliver them out of the hand of the wicked, so it's a command to do that in Proverbs 2411 deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are state staggering to slaughter or hold them back.

We have that obligation to defend others, so that's an interesting thing if you're Christian.

And so was attacking you, you don't have the obligation to defend yourself but you have the right, you can choose to do either near okay the way, what if someone next he was being attacked. Now that's different story because the Scriptures teach in the obligation to defend others, but I'll tell you something, though we are not to take vengeance. The vengeance is when a threat has passed and you go looking for the person or persons who've offended you in something bad to your family. Whatever it is and then you go look for them when you harm them because you're you're taking vengeance of that's not allowed in Scripture and not to do that. Never take your own vengeance says Romans 1219 but leave room for the wrath of God. God says vengeance is mine, we do not want to escalate problems. We want to be at peace with all people as much as possible. That's what we ought to do what we ought to be striving for. Again we have the right of self-defense and the obligation to defend others, so that something that a lot of people do not focus on don't understand. All right, let's get to Jeff from North Carolina. Jeff welcome you on the air. I met Michael sure about the judgment of the one per believer or nonbeliever. It looks like the calendar so the ultimate judgments and that's what I what I thought.

I thought there were right right like poker. Yet others say is can be bad for the unbelievers, so right together you be judged of for damnation to be damned ultimately and be cast out into outer darkness.

The Christians works are going to be judged, but it will not affect your salvation, and so we have passed out of judgment that we passed on the judgment.

Yes, I told him about that now everyone goes through the great White throne of judgment that I don't think growth through all that.

What I read with Victor today there great judgment that for believer writers that you judge on your work whether the right is that there's this that and so the Christians are going to be judged for their works. This is a really important thing because Christians think that he let's go to heaven and that's it in and not knocking that permit or belittling that but the fact is that God has given us the talents, abilities, responsibilities to carry out within the scope of our our lives that he has ordained for us and what we do with those will affect a judgment that we can have rewarder loss reward in heaven.

If I tell people you know you want to be thinking now what can I do to serve God, not all be in heaven, and then inhabit a sale which I did Morgan's on earth. Now's the time. It's like health people are in the hospital because her health is bad and they said I should take care of myself and I should've and so I say now is the time to take care of the issues not related.

Don't put it off now's the time to serve God and use what he's given you for his glory. There where separate a thanks a lot I really appreciate that.

All right. During the call folks all you do is dial 877-207-2276 that is to be for five of the likely chemical nobodies waiting right now so when I hear from you. So back to the topic of self-defense.

Do Christians have the right to study martial arts yes to the have the right to carry a weapon. Yes, they do now, what about this issue of thought. Turning the other cheek.

This is in the context of the consulted and the twins would slap you once you turn the other. That was us a level in that culture.

The time of the Jewish culture of insult and it was not that they were attacking you to harm you to do damage to you that wasn't the intent there.

So this a different topic. We talk about the issue of someone coming after you.

So if someone enters your home and they are breaking into your home like to someone if someone did at my house and I got I mourned. And so I would not want to hurt anybody ever to sick leave.

That's it and that's it is, however, such as a perpetrator were to harm my wife to the place of harming my wife then it's a different story completely and I'll do whatever is necessary to stop that, since my children, and guests that would be in my home. So this is the right that we have to think about this on a national level.

We have the right naturally to defend ourselves against intruders out. This is an important concept.

Think about what Biden is doing. Biden is opening up the borders against the law and he is inviting illegals to come in and then he's distributing them around the country, so he is doing the opposite of the biblical mandate of self protection protection for homes and therefore country so he is doing the opposite. I think it's should be brought up on charges as my.

We have the right, in the biblical model to defend ourselves in our land and not against immigration should commit legally excellent things commit legally but this is what the Bible teaches about self-defense we have that right. But we do not have the right of vengeance. We are to seek peace, whenever that is possible and we are to if possible. We can even avoid persecution and hear something that a lot of people just don't think about is to pray for our persecutors. I believe this is my opinion this morning.

I leave our government is persecuting Christians conservatives and is working against the best interests of the population. I'd that's my opinion.

Okay, I believe that so they are persecutors against us and are undermining the value in the sovereignty and security of our country but yet were to pray for persecutors. Matthew 544 Jesus you love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so as Christians we pray pray for them.

That's a tough thing to do because sometimes I want to pray with: implication and imprecatory Psalm is a Psalm where you were the. The psalmist writes and says the Lord Go get five amount destroy you and so is: implication enter in the Psalms called imprecatory Psalms. So sometimes I pray Lord deliver them. The leaders as of now, to say the Lord go get them just deal with them according their sin and rebellion but we are to love our enemies and you can understand some thing also.

We are in a spiritual battle wrestle not against flesh and blood of the darkness of the festival of cases going on in our country and in others as well.

Christians are to be involved in politics with the flow voice vote for folks we have organizing the call 877-2076. Be right back after these messages I call 770776 charismatic/welcome 772-0776 we have four lines are watching McCall. Let's get on the air with Dave from Michigan.

Dave will come here you call her Good. The question I have is I we had a time where God's Spirit is poured out in Christian thought astray or all of the Lakeside or speak it possible that God's Spirit is calling on them as I leave more in it. I know the Bible speaks of it that in the last days there is still be poured out upon your note here would hear him note all while though. I'm gonna turn the thermostat and when I was seven years old about that fact that they I did understand truly what was going on but I memorized John 316, and I feel deep in my heart and my soul that I doubt looking out for me. Then the lifestyle that have R the Democrats kindest mushroom.

Your question is though switch? I guess I guess what I'm trying to have your at a young age of four saved and baptized and will seek the Lord would love you later on in life, our life takes a turn for the other side and we need you.

The other side. What is the other side.

The things in life you know the euro drinking, partying, being friends means backsliding moving and walking in sin and rebellion against God on a timely rebellion but you people do it is needle is not used to say what was in trying this matter to people with all due is sin. Those forcing him to. They are trying to do with with David disliked the idea that Loretta's release of the disease of alcoholism is not a disease it's a sin and people choose to participate in, they can addict in the control with a chosen and we need to face our sins so this is a principal it needs to be understood within Christianity, but nevertheless oh not present well. Her question is still though my question is it possible that in the times were living with the inflation and everything looked like appointment towards Revelation. I was living in a time where God's spirit of the import out with you the side of which Jesus warned about always say no think the day in some areas. We are, and summers were not received. We see are we saying it's you and I live in that particular area. Each narrow band of a visual range but there are people in Third World countries that are fly understand the spirit of God is moving powerfully upon and through them right oyez can't can't say one of the other guy referring to the fact that it just seemed to me on the more people that were following God Ira Moore turning towards God, even myself and Betty feeling more. More of a little boy if that your soul that there's a here I am now the time you know I mean if you look at the content of our world.

I mean you got Ukraine unite Russia you got everything of rumors, rumors of war, everything that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24 is happening.

If you like the family even in unit chapter 13 Revelation 1 to 4 o'clock underwriting this what is this the beginning and always seem to find that this is the time you had a talk at a lot of different things here.

I'm not sure we're going to you and I'm really sorry but there's just there's just so much happening. There's only so as of the window for the end times we are in the anti-dragons since Pentecost the last days right and we have the last day since Pentecost and he says he will pour forth his spirit. That is the baptism that is talking about the baptism of the Spirit is the pouring forth.

That's the prophecy of the Old Testament. That's how it's done 67 talks about that is an anointing can Christians today received an absolutely, absolutely. There's nothing in Scripture. This is it stopped thing is a crystalline site or often too comfortable or too afraid didn't want to move in the power of the spirit of God. God sends us out. He sends us in in the spirit is there to equip us in the process. But if we sit on her hands and do nothing but watch TV with remote control of her hand and said was a spirit of God you go at your own fault is people are rarely are sitting around doing nothing and so that the Nessus none the necessity of the spirit of God moving in them is minimized as a little experience imminently lose your faith because you're not obeying and so is a lot of circularity in here, but that's one thing and God can and does allow people to sin, to be apathetic and that he deals with us as we had enough of what what you want people so yeah I've had enough right and he brings us to apply where they conclude battle and I'm really sorry about that is all right at Goldman but that I wanted to I dictate in the find the right one to help me with it though. But no, I've been listening your program on it.

Inspiration: thanks for your time is gone.

Complex rights we have strip in lines 877-207-2276 is at the Russ from Ohio Russ welcome a man I was in the do not write in writing and we got 8 foot first of August my question. I think you would act a while back with a link to you and in my recent any family sermon. Regina goes crazy the first few minutes that you chant the listener that I stammer quickly. I didn't look at it but I filed it so that when I get back into that. I will check it out with people did send me some stuff and the and so guys get what I would do is let you know what I do. I work in one thing at a time when I focus on it. I'm I'm I'm done with it. The next thing. And that's how you get things done so I can move past Andy Stanley did reopen the issue and look through some stuff the people sent me there really was anything conclusive that I could find, but thought I got more to go through okay. All right.

My question so you might like question of the note. I know you're all millennial due date that Satan was bound previously when one you believe he was bound. The Virgin River in Jesus. He would like to talk about Revelation 20. Well, it's that the binding of Satan there in relation 20 is so that he will not deceive the nations anymore. That's it.

That's one thing but what a week we know is that Jesus said in Matthew 12 2232 when you talk about this. He said the strong man must first be bound in order to plunder his house. Please casting out demons. The Pharisees were saying the Jews were saying that he was doing about the power the devil, that's what he said and said no as if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God and the kingdom of God's come upon you, or how can anyone enter the strong man's house and carry office property unless he first binds the strong man so Jesus is saying the strongman is a devil is bound in order for him to cast that would assess reveille for limited vertical take back documents more hey folks, be right back out of his messages, three open lines 877-207-2276.

Be right back Matt Flynn why call 77077 charismatic slave back to the shows get back to Russ distiller all right. So yes, when I believe the state was bound.

I believe this bound when Jesus says it was bound. Matthew 12 2232 while he was casting out demons piece of the stately bound in order for them to do that yet. Like all of the questions are the how to go through a couple pathogen and try to understand how he found out Don Blakey delete not bound during the passage in Luke 22 three we read that Satan entered Judith called Iscariot, one of the 12 all right after he takes bread Satan found that listening to be bound doesn't mean he can't do anything that's a mistake a lot of people assume to be bound means you can't do anything doesn't say that the Scriptures is bound in the binding is so that he will not deceive the nations anymore. In Matthew 12 2232. The binding is in the level of being able to cast out demons coming at Demonic Forces That in Order to Plunder the Strong Man's House yet Yes Rebound Exegesis Things Bound in Order to Do That, Then the Issue. The Binding Second Deceive the Nations. The Question Is Are the Two Different Findings and If the 90 Records That's the Question I Don't Have a Good Answer for for Think It through and Scope of an Opinion, but Do We Do Know That Satan Was Bound to Some Degree Because Jesus Said so.

And yet at the Same Time Is Able to Enter the Site to a Lucent above to Judas Later. So Does Not Mean He Was Incapacitated and Is Finding Logical Think That's Automatically What It Means Is You Can Find Someone with a Chain Still Free to Do Whatever They Want within the Limits of the Training Demeanor Bounded Incapacitated, but When He Found It Leaked in Revelation 20. He Found Whether Literal or Figurative Nonpareil. A Thousand Years and Eve Eve Miller, the Resident Literally Found and Persuaded Is a Literal Thousand Year Tilt Regardless Thought Figurative or Literal Belief Means a Long Time. Right Still Bound at the Time Were Jesus Is Performing Miracles and You Now Being in There's No Reason for Us to Believe You and Let Loose Quality Go on Planet Earth before Leaving on the Cross and Follow Follow but Then It Says That through Minute.

The Best Is Revelation 20 Verse Three so That He Would Not Deceive the Nations Any Longer, until the Thousand Years Were Completed. So When Deceive the Nations Anymore and We We Look at This so and We Read on.

And This Is When the Thousand Years Are Completed Verse Seven Signal Be Released from His Prison Come out to Deceive the Nations before Four Corners of the Earth, Gog and Magog Gotthard in the Gutter for Some Commentators Think That Gog and Magog Art Is Russia Is Moscow. There's Some Etymological Issues of Historical Stuff to Connect That. So If That's the Case, I Don't Know for Sure, but the Idea Is That Satan Is Let Loose in Order to Deceive the Nations so Selected National Deception It's Going on and We Can Certainly See That That's Happened in the 1900s with World Wars, Nations against Nations All over the Place like It Was before.

So Maybe That's A Lot Of around My Head around Know When I Hear You Talk about Your Millennial You. I Hear You Say When I'm Assuming When You're Saying When You Get the Best Part of the Thousand Years, and in Thinking the Inbound I Thought I Did Understand You to Say What He Was Bound While Jesus Was on Earth and and Eating Cast out Demons so I and Then You're the Lead of the Passage Here in the Male Flappers Buffalo That the Following in Verse 18 First Babylonian Chapter 2 Verse 18 All of That or He Wanted to Come to You Third Need but Certainly I All Did Again and Again. But Satan Blocked Our Way Though It Seems like at the End of Jesus on Earth You Got Satan You Know Going to Judith and Then Here Again We Have Satan When Paul Doing Ministry Blocking Paul Doing Something so It Seems like Satan Is Still at the Very Least Capable of Doing the Things That Thing Does Three Thought I Wouldn't I Would Think That the Bounty Never Talk about Revelation 20. But You're Saying It Could Be I'm Saying Not Sure Because It's Only the Mentioning of of Satan Being Bound Is Matthew 12 and in Revelation 20 and Revelation 20 Is More Specifically Stated, for the Purpose of Satan Not Deceiving the Nations Anymore and Matthew 12 It's in the Context of Jesus Casting out Demonic Forces and He Says in Order to Do This, Satan Has To Be Bound. It Seems to Me That the Binding Might Be Better Understood As Restricting Doesn't Mean Complete. In Ability, but a Restriction That's Going on with the Powerless in the Domain, so to Speak, of the Evil, and That Is Restricted to Different Levels, Different Times and That's What I Kind of Lean Towards the Have a Title through yet but That Seems to Make Sense of Both Context Right.

I Get That Cleared My Understanding of Local I Hear You Talk You before I Had to Be the Same or What Your Were Saying Were the Thing That Was Confusing Me with Things like Satan Is Deftly Doing Things after Youth of the Now Demon Duckling Active Doing Things so He Couldn't Be Completely Bound up Completely Incapacitated, but People Can Be Found in Different Ways and Still Have Levels of Freedom That's That's My Point.

So Could It Be That the Binding.

In Matthew 12 and Revelation 20 Is the Same Event Is Logically Possible That He Was Bound.

Then and Cast into It and the Best He Could Deceive the Nations Any Longer, and yet Somehow Was Able to Do Stuff That's Quite Make Sense to Put in with This. How Can You Also Enter in to Someone so It's Just You Don't Doesn't Quite Seem Right and so I Simply Have It Sent Me a Bit That You'd Been to in Revelation 20. The Thing That Some of the Fallen Angels Are in Now That Were Involved in Genitive Probably Don't. We Think Though That the Angels That Are in the Event. Now the Fallen Angel of Jennifer Thick. They're Not Able to Have Demonic Influences on Earth Today Are They and Wally.

I Don't Know Because I Don't Know What the Capability Is of Demonic Realm. I Don't Know How It Works like a Guy Not an Expert in Demonology.

I Just Don't Know. I Don't with Her Capacity As We Do Know That Angels Were Able to Appear As People and Could Not Be Differentiated between People and I Could Be Configured up to the Center People and They Are Able to Kill A Lot Of People in One Night. We Know That Master Languages so They Have a Great Capacity and Fallen Angels Undoubtedly Retain Some of Those Capacities Are Different Levels of Angels As Well.

So in Different Levels of Fallen Angels As Well, so It's Hard to Say.

It's Just Hard to Say It's a Good Topic. The Fun Topic, but A Lot Of I Don't Know When We Come into This Not Appreciate It Work Work Work Study in Revelation 20. Right Now, Men's Bible Study Him in the Lungs, and Engaged in a List of the You Really Buy the Full Source of the Millennial View of That, I Hear about Her from Trying to Tie Together and How This Could All Work out and Be Biblically through yet. As I Said before, I Don't Believe Any Perspective Has All the Answers. As Don't Bleed Pre-Milano Postville Has All the Answers. I Think Her Difficulties with All of Them. The Reason I Hold to All Mill Is Because the Binding Same for One Thing, but Mainly Because First Thessalonians 416 Gender Fibers to Talk with the Rapture and That This Is This Will Occur Today, the Lord to Come like a Thief in the Night, and yet It Said Peter 310, It Says That the Day the Lord Come like a Thief in Which the New Heavens and New Earth Are Made to Me That's the Same Day and yet This Mostly Separated by Some People Think a Thousand Year Reign. But How Can That Be You for Having the Same Time and Then If You Go to Car You Look up to Ages in Support of a Millennialism You Can See an Article of Written and I'll Tell You, You Go through That and You Bring a Tear Printed a Bring at Your Guys Exist at the Study and Say Hey Let's Go through This, Just See. I Guarantee You Get a Cots Conversation Last Conversation If It Is Good to Know Good to Do That.

I Agree Ellie Conversation.

I like like Chewing on the Bible and Try to Figure It out and Appreciate You Show Appreciate You Take My Phone Call Figure 2 Men Got Blessed Right I like Conversations Where We Come up with That Sometimes No Answers. We Talked A Lot Gone through Stealthily and I Don't Know.

Still, I like That Because I Think Is Healthy Boulders a Break Sorry Ralph Back on Hold Waiting to Get Back with Ralph after the Break. So If You Are Interested Folks to Give a Call 87707227 Century Right Back after the Mass Y Call 770727 Charismatic Slave What Your Question? What Do You Think about about the Subject of the Local Church. My Question It. Do We, As a Person Is a Christian Happens A Lot. Okay, so That so Church Membership Is Not a Biblical Requirement, but It They Have the Churches Have the Right to Require That Could Cause a Considerable How They Want to Do Things I That Sets They Want to Do It They Can Do It, but It's Not in Scripture That There Has To Be a Sign the Dotted Line Kind of Thing so You Don't Just up to the Church While Yeah Yeah I Know a Great and Different Activities That Go on in Church like That Night.

I Think It's a Good Idea to Ties and I Think We Should When I Think Were Free Not to, but I Think Also That You Know That We Should Support Ministry and It's an Effort of Worship Think That Something You Consider That What I That Great That Mine Helping out Bennett. The Church Were the Church Requires Membership and Requires That You Ties. I Will Go to Church Just Me Okay Yeah I Agree with That. Yeah I Want to Get an and I Have Been and I Don't Doubt That Many People Come for the Lord and Other Ways of Sneaking Back to the Jesus Movement, Hearing the Gospel Preached from Other People. Bible Study Year Is Done, and Are Not Part of the Local Start Yeah It's a Good Idea to Be Involved in Local Church Because No Man Tonight.

We Need That Fellowship and That Intimacy with Others and to Be Corrected to Participate in Communion to Have Fellowship with Other Believers to Hear the Word of God Preached and Taught. So Those Are Good Things I Think Is Something We Should Participate in. I Do Understand That Their People Can't Get the Churches Some People Didn't Have a Geographical Ability to in That the Church Is Now Three Hours Away the Good Church and Aggressive and Locally Have Women Pastors or Approval Homosexuals and so What You Do I Go Online and I Can Get That, but Normatively Speaking We Should Try Go to Church, but Then Again What I Do When You Have a Spouse Who Has Medical Issues to Get the Church Is Difficult and You Don't Go Generally, Voters Are Variables That Distinguish Okay. I Agree with Everything You Try to Find One but Plan As I Can While Not Mine Look Okay Run around You. Okay, Got Blessed Are Those Get to Album Alberta from Georgia Hill Burrell. Welcome Back, but Eric Greatly Max Play a Little Bit at a Key Recovery Facial and Hand April 10 25 and 08 That the Example That God Daily Habit That and Await My Question Is in Hebrews 1010 Let's Talk about the Is That Once for All.

The Main Rate on Your Focus on My Once for All Value That One Time on the Whole Human Race. The Other Preachers They Died Once for All Time and Gain Faith Once for All Your Running Universalism That Everybody, God, You Know, If I Don't Die Once for All. Was Referred to All Humans at One Time or One for All Time.

Usually Generation Which Is Well Greek Word Is Interesting If I Pox Towns so Garr Works for Four and All This Pass God or Pass before All Is Not There in the Greek What Is There Is That Single Word. If Ipos and It Means Once and for All It's Completed and It's Done so We Could Say That the Best Translation Might Be Something like by This Will Really Say Goodbye to the Offering of up of the Body of Jesus Christ Once but Then It's Incomplete. That's Why They Say Once for All, but the Implication Is That It's It's a One Time Thing That Has Been Done.

That's It Wants Once and for All. It's Taken Care Of. The Phrase, so like a Signal Garr Poss for All Is Not There in the Greek, but It Is so Far Pox Which Is There, Which Means I'm Looking at Photo. Once You Log One Time. I Know That One but Appointed Dipole. All Humans Break for That One Time You Get a Raging Fall. I Will Have This Interpretation Because We Know That It Could Not Be That He Died for Every Individual Relived Because in for Samples Reflecting God's Lord of the House of Eli That the Iniquities of Eli's House Would Not Be Atoned for by Sacrifice or Offering Forever.

That's for Simple 314 so That Means That Jesus Could Not Have Died for the Sins of the Info of Eli's House so That Just Right There and We Know They Didn't Die for the Sins of Glass with the Holy Spirit. You Couldn't Pay for That. It's an Unforgivable Sin. So What Does It Mean He Died Once for All, II Think It's Just a Generic Phraseology, and One Time for I Would Say for All Time and for All People Groups. I Would Say All of Old Are All People Wrote It out Early. All I Got. I Think Possible Possible Guest of Thank You for Your Welcome Accomplishment Was Alberto. Let's Get to and from Ohio I Can Welcome Your near a Guest Speaker. Okay There How You Doing I Do Have One Question for Your Button Exactly Where It Is in the Bible, but I Know That It the Bible Says That When Israel Became a Nation in 1948 That THEY Would Be Fulfilled before That Generation Passes Away and That Was 74 Years Ago. So How Many Years Is a Generation Configured That's the Question That Some Say a Generation Is 40 Years and Some Say Generation Means That the Person Who's Alive at That Time. The Latest Living Person Won't Will Die until All the Things Occur Yeah but I Think There Are Somebody You Know Will Be Alive That the Generation That in LA Glendale Die. That's What He Did but I Also Read a Book about 25 Years Ago Called. They Noted New World Order by Gary Allen. He Was a Christian. He Finished the Book on His Deathbed and He Told How the Government Can't This Come out Dictate What They Want What They Have To Do Is Create Problems so They Can Come up with the Solution and Called Management by Christ of and Joe Biden Been Talking about the New World Order in May and Were Gonna Lead the Way and Obama Had Outlined on the United Nations before He Left Office and He Predicted the Buyer and Now They're Coming out with All Kinds of Stuff That through the You Know It Was Just a Bunch Alive May Use the Plan to Make Scare Everybody in, Take the Rights Away in Joe Biden Wants to Take Our Guns Away and Basically Hitler Said before You Can Take over Our Nation after Disbarment, and There Was Nothing Evil about a Gun Illinois to Stop a Bad Guy with a Gun Is a Good Guy with the Gun and I Heard a Sermon, 15, 25 Years Ago or so That If They Took Chicago, LA and New York Out Of America, We Would Only Be at 3% of the Gun Violence Than the Entire World and That's Where the Strictest Gun Laws Are All Run by Democrat Knowing the Outlaw Guns, Only Outlaws Have Gone with You Objecting so If You've Heard You Only Use Your Prayers Will Lead to Class Ministered a Worse Situation I'm in the Worst Situation I've Ever Been in My Entire Life I Had a Lady Falsely Diagnosed Me with Alzheimer's.

About 70 Years Ago She Went to Prison for God She Didn't Even Have a License to Practice Was about 66 People Online and They Got a $50,000 Settlement but I Ended up Losing My Life, My Kids and Everything and Basically My Ex-Wife Given Me Custody of My Son Because He Was on His Way to Jail. So I Heading Six Weeks We Went from All Absent Idea to Be in on the Honor Roll. I Put Them in Saline Christian School.

He Became Rookie of the Year and Then a Couple Years Goes Die and She Wasn't Getting Any Child or Money, and She Told Me I Didn't Hand Them over Should Make Sure Never to Be My Kids Again and She Gave Him 3 Pounds without My Permission and Told Him to Hide Him from Me.

The Third on.

I Gave Him a Spanking. Angie and I like the Okay but You Just Still A Lot Of Stuff out There, but You Know, Did You Have Almost Right Now and Now and I Got a $50,000 Settlement.

I Checked out I Started Drinking like a Fish and I Got an LBI and Pulled the Candle and Can Can Can Can I so We Can Have People Pray for You Names Can Let People Know They Can Pray for You I Would Not. She Would Also Say or Do but I Know the Situation There Need to Be Involved in a Local Church, and You Need to Get the Hell out. I Reached out through Wouldn't Even Help Me Guide on Me Not to Come Back to Church Okay Find Their Church Okay You to Do Right, but the Guy Okay Yeah I'm a Big If My Father Ever Been on in My Life and Nobody Cares.

I Got No Friends No Family and I Wasn't Raised in a Christian Home When I Got Saved and Tried to Witness My Family. They Line up in the Main Okay Again on the Advice He Needs to Take That Advice and Am Always Wary of People to Get on His Heart, Dumping, and Start Talking and They Trained You Deal with Stuff Publicly. I Think It's Not a Wise Thing to Do Because It Can Come Back to Haunt Them.

So I Was Saying That We Need to Do Is Find a Good Local Church Is so There You Go. Things Can Focus and May the Lord Bless You by His Grace Back on There Tomorrow and Talk. Have a Great Evening

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