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May 17, 2022 4:00 am

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May 17, 2022 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What is meant by -the world- in John 3-16---2- Why did God send the evil spirit to Saul---3- A caller wanted to challenge Matt's view of -world---4- What Scriptures do Catholics not believe- --5- Why aren't Kings and Chronicles in chronological order---6- Matt reads hate-mail.--7- Were there people before Adam and Eve---8- Isn't Paul's point about women not preaching just his opinion---9- What do you think is the place of ethnic or corporate Israel in the end times---10- Can you give some guidance about how to talk to Jehovah's Witnesses-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is is is you hang with them at slick live. I hope you have a good time listening and for those of you who want to join me, all you do is dial 877-207-2276 on this nice Friday 13th. If you want to call me and give your theory about why front of her tooth is what it is not a big deal and let's assume a lot of talk about the colors coming in.

That's good. Often… Often I do hate mail so we'll see if we get some of that today colors coming into Dubai before last night on the nature of God and doing a five part series on the Trinity and that next week you're going to be doing God's relationship to creation as the necessary precondition for intelligibility and how his nature supports the idea of the one in the many which is a huge philosophical issue that's been plaguing philosophers for thousands of years and so go to that show how the Christian Trinitarian view answers that I enjoy that kind of stuff. A lot of people thinking what much I enjoyed it. So anyway, there you go if you want to give me call you to do is dial 877-207-2276 and the message above year here. Let's see who this is going to be.

Let's us get on with David from North Carolina, David well computer on the air day there you go Dave I met a young is a little milk when he got all while I'm excited to talk to you well let somebody like all respect for you than anybody on the you must not know very well. People here were to well I have a question. It's a pretty serious question which I think a lot of people get wrong.

The majority but John 316 God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever should believe in him should have should not curse but have everlasting life.

God, the lovely world. If you talking about the world of the elect, or is he talking about the world every body will word world could have at least five different meanings and I got a study on its I categorized every single instance of the word world that occurs right there, which is the word cosmos and so I did was I went through every single instance to see this was called the semantic domain semantic domain to something meanings in different contexts, the word has different meanings and so that's what I did all right. Having done that, I can tell you that word means different things to different topics in context with him in a limited area becoming the planet and it could mean believers and it can mean both believers and unbelievers.

So in this context. What is it mean will the issue becomes important when we understand that Jesus is speaking in the context of his covenantal relationship to Israel and to God, so we know from John 1512, 15, 24, Jesus says that he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. He was not sent to the whole world. Now the house of Israel is an important phrase so we go to Matthew 1524. We look at it.

I was sent only to the lost sheep of that's interesting that law sheep when the right of the house of Israel at the house of Israel means the nation, so he was only sent to Israel. He was not sent to the Gentiles. The reason is because covenantal he God is working with the John with her yesterday with Israel and that Israel was supposed to covenantal.

He recognized the Messiah and then promote the Messiah, but Israel rejected the Messiah broke the covenant. And we, the Gentiles are then grafted in any Joule at the time would've understood that the Messiah was coming for them wasn't coming for Egypt wasn't coming for Syria just wasn't. They understood it. That's the thought. That's how they understood everything is not coming for them is coming for the people of Israel is what it is. So when they rejected him.

We were grafted in as a prophesied in Genesis 12. Three and you all the nations shall be blessed. That's called the gospel in Galatians 38 when the time the Gentiles is and then the falsehood of the Israel national commit. That's meth. Romans 1124 2526 so okay now when we think of this when the Jews hearing this and a Jew says God's went with Jesus stalking the Jews module of the world he gave his only begotten son what they're getting here is you mean everybody not just the Jewish people alternation groups all the people groups after same. That's what he was saying sometime people think the word world means every individual who ever lived. That's not the case. We know from Psalm 55 Sullivan five God hates all who do iniquity. We know from first Emma 314 that G.I. God says that the iniquities of Eli's house will not be atone for by sacrifice or offering forever. We know that in Matthew 12 2232 blasphemy.

The Holy Spirit is not forgivable will not be forgiven Atone for so right away.

We are looking we say okay what he's saying here is a God.

So the world that he loves all the people groups and all all kinds of people that whoever believes now it doesn't say whoever believes in the Greek it does not.

Whoever the Greek is the word host direct reading Mark Omega Sigma is a single word or the second OS hopes. But that word is not there. The word host means whoever what it actually says is possible for student loan in those three words, all the believing one that's what it literally sets God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that all the believing one in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

But we don't say all the believing one is not how we talk so it's it's rendered as whoever and is true. Whoever believes sometime people say whoever automatically means you have the free will choice to build do that which is not what the Scripture saying there it just says whoever believes that I have to ask questions will why does one person believe that it is not know say well that's is their choice by one person, choice, believing that one is not. They can't enter the question I can answer the question because God grants it they believe thickens 129 he worked believe in them. John 629 so I can answer the question and they can't.

So when we go to John 316 we want to understand God loved the world that got sick of the father who sent the son in order to redeem the ones given to him by the father. Because in Ephesians 14 says that he has a father chose honestly elect in him at Christ before the foundation of the world. This happened this election happen for the foundation of the world and then the next verses are predestined so when Jesus says all the father Disney will come to me and those who come to master it will not cast out the John 637 what is talking about is the work of God giving to the sun. Certain people that's what it says people don't like it. Sorry it's where, says John 637 so in all of this, you know, we look at this was a gospel of the world. Whoever believes in this true love everybody in the generic sense, he certainly does. We know that for Matthew 543 through 48, where God or Jesus is the goddess of the speaker.

The father lets the ring shunned the good and the bad, and so he says therefore let everyone be perfect your father in heaven is perfect.

He's loving them in that sense there's a generic love that God has for all people and all places generically and whoever believes in him will be saved. That's true.

We just know from further scriptural revelation more particulars about that's all. So did a lot of info there but there you go.

Well, you got it pretty good and bad.

I think I'm world great year on it and a lot of people think of this Scripture as an invitation, but is not an invitation.

It is a promise is a promise to God's people that everyone it believes it will not perish, and people get that wrong.

It it can end and it's very difficult to change a person's mind this is true, and I know John big Jane mad Jesus that I might not for the world.

So for those that that was given mate confirms John 316. Now I John 316 all the way out of that in that we saying that I.

You know is a lot of theology there and me. I love the theological perspective I really think like that on deep in it and really discuss it logical to want to do that and you know what John 316 is fine got love the world hate whoever believes in him.

It's true and they need to believe I tell people you need to believe in Christ to good if you tell your trouble and I don't know how it all works, and I don't know the funny thing is apparently the more we preach, the more elect people there so you know what I'm in sales, not production.

I just tell people about Jesus movement or rent right.

I appreciate you so much.

Thank you that one person I write this down Friday the 13th and appreciate this to my wife about this question pressed well I'll tell you what give her a big hug for me. My wife she has Alzheimer's. She's down that 99% disabled I'm caring for all and I know you got not being exhausted and I can confirm along with my feelings. I get that way to that God gives us great pity for that's right, my wife can still drive and do some things but she's slowing down and I can do more and more exotic complaint but yes I can relate and are times when she can do much at all and step up and I look at is a privilege to be able to serve her. I just look at because my Lord Jesus Christ to he saved me and he he served me and I'm going to extend that to my wife evidence at least your wife will still tell you that you and I may have to wait to get to heaven to hear her say that. But you got any blissful does you. It's we have a by the way, we have a relative close relative say too much to the wife has Huntington's disease and so forgetting how to dial a phone things like that and he has to take care of her as well and I said yes it's what it is and I would my wife do that for me. Probably not, but maybe 57 made her look at we do because you don't. We love and I know my wife would be there for me all things were.

This were committed to each other or committed to the Lord and that's why just like you are so praise God praise God for all relevant after so Mr. bowling sheet 10 years ago, Dr. said that she had Alzheimer's she granted it because she had lost her mother of the sisters but when he told her she looked Betty right in the face. Well, this is what is heartbreak okay. God bless.

They falsely right back after these messages through open line 877207 mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave back to the show line 877-207-2276 was good to Matt from North Carolina. Welcome world here in the room at the government thinks all about order and the Lord will Lord what I sent it with our what their get back in line or satellite and that it was. So to punish and for one thing, hopefully brings the discipline of God by allowing an evil spirit to do an evil spirit will do, bring him to a place of repentance. God allows us to have what we desire. That's the thing, he allows us to have what we desire and what we desire often is is what brings us punishment and so Saul had rebelled against God and the spirit of God was gone and God says okay the Senate in the spirit especially the spirit go do it. You can do your free to go was sent from God and the two buffet him.

I got out will have a lot… What is that way in this first contents five, but here in the Old Testament are different theological perspectives so I would just say that it was for disciplinary work of God upon him, and as far as how far that would go would depend on on Saul's repentance and similar issues related to the loss left looked at it, but that's basically what's going on okay you welcome God bless our okay let's get to Reggie from Marilyn Reggie. Welcome you are on the I I I like light. I'm not a doctor but I but so I'm fine so we got what's up Louis I thought I was going so I called wanting a slow one is the world mean every individual no okay I understand I work. I know what I know it well. I just asking. Does the word world mean every individual from asking this question is only now you know. So then you can't say he bore the sins of every individual or he propitiated the sins of every individual overlooked.

Can you so than your argument just falls away or will or will or will not do a lot for well if you died for them not. If you do if you say he died for them.

If you mean then that he died suddenly asked if if Jesus died for everybody and image. Everyone ever lived. Then did he pay their sin debt to pay for their sins that we sign okay or more so are you saying that he paid for the sins of the whole world of every individual ever live as understanding is that what you are saying are you there right now I'm not walking I'm going to explode work with you if you say that he paid for the sins of Everett ever lived, then the payment means the sins no longer exist when a debt is paid, the debt is gone. That's the biblical fact that's how it is in the Scriptures, the word propitiation means the turning away of anger by the offering of a gift is from Baker's encyclopedia of the Bible. Grand Rapids, the removal of wrath by the offering of a gift, the International standard Bible, the wrath is not potentially removed when his propitiated it is actually removed when people start understanding with the words really mean there theological perspective should change. Jesus is the propitiation for this are sins that are fragments of the whole world not just the Jews but all people groups. He's that sacrifice that removes away the wrath it cannot be that Jesus paid the sin debt for every individual who ever lived, because that would mean the sin debt is paid for and a debt that's paid for doesn't exist anymore. That would mean nobody has a sin debt anymore. It would mean all sins of all people are gone.

And if that's the case then everyone would have to go to heaven to see your heart understand have it bit of an accent. Could you repeat that cost everybody in the Lord at the right price, we are talking apartment right now so that no you like it if I believe Jesus paid for the sin that he canceled the sender that the cross according to Colossians 213 to 14 it was canceled at the cross but not when you believe this is what the Scriptures are teaching Colossians 214.

Most people have no clue about this because most pastors in my opinion are teaching a robust and complete material logical doctrine of the atonement. We are not justified until we believe there sin debt is canceled at the cross by Christ at Colossians 214 says he canceled the certificate of debt consisting of decrees, which is also to us, he took it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross so the propitiated tour sacrifice occurred at the cross. And that's when her symptoms canceled. That's what it says. So I tell people is not canceled when you believe is not canceled when you get baptized will people say the newborns saved nope not been saved, but the sin debt for the elect's canceled.

And God grants a Jubilee flip is 129 is a process he is been granted to believe God does that, so that when you when you believe your justified. Having therefore been justified by faith. Justification is a declaration of righteousness. According to Romans four 5 1/4 flip is 39 with a righteousness is not around the righteousness come from God. This makes perfect sense when you put all the Scriptures together. Most people don't do that multiple to stop at one verse and insert into the verse they think it means and then judge all the Scriptures by the one verse.

I don't even understand the one verse means usually this is very common within Christian circles. They would have regular holder you move along. Everybody okay fellowship through the lines going to give me a call 820-7227 60 right back.

Please take matters like why call 77077 welcome. Why not acknowledge what good Exodus 21 to 17. The first three verses that talk about not making a graven image of bowing down before it. They basically ignore that they worship based worship before the graven images at the they do. They have functionally other gods before the true living God.

Non-Catholic listing will so that is absolutely not true. I did say functionally will say that Mary can hear all the prayers of millions of people simultaneously spoken and thought all over the world know the intention hearts, etc. so there functionally raising her level of of God. Also, Jesus alone is the one who makes atonement for our sins. And yet, in a fundamental Catholic dogma by pots on page 213.

It says that Mary by her entering into the spiritual entering in the atonement of her son made when the contract Mary by her spiritual entering into the sacrifice of her son made atonement for sins so they elevate her to a place of her denying that Jesus Christ himself is the one I first Peter 224 who made atonement. They deny justification by faith alone in Christ alone. Still, that the verses that they would basically ignore or deny your drastically reinterpreting the things like Romans 328 Romans 41 through five.

Romans 51, Galatians 216 and 221 and there they also teach that the Saints are mediators and that Mary could be a mediator but first Timothy 25 scissors one either between and I got a man Christ Jesus. And last but not least, I would say. They say that forgiveness of sins must be accomplished only through the sacramental system, professionalism, the sacramental system of the Roman Catholic Church and so with her doing is denying the sufficiency of who Christ is what is done because it is a collection of Scripture that I use with the Catholics where I give the references if you want where Jesus is God in flesh has all authority in heaven and earth.

He says ask anything in my name I will do what you forgive sins.

I asked the Catholics if you were to pray to Jesus and asked him to forgive you all of your sins, would he do that and this is when the day of the wheels come off the computer cart and so they that they deny all kinds of things like that NASA stuff, some of them okay or subversive okay. You're on the right card. You can go to the condo/cut for sure for cut-and-paste. It'll take you to a short page and enlisted. There's several topics you click on the Roman Catholic section and a lot of what I just said is there and you can glean from them so your exact question isn't listed. What Scriptures do they ignore, but these see the. The stuff is there okay and don't elect 972.

The catechism of the Catholic Church. It says after considering the church its origin, its mission and its destiny.

We can conclude that there is no better, there's no better way to conclude by looking to marry so they look to marry even more than Jesus when it comes to the churches origin etc. but Jesus is the foundation of the church and so they don't look to him ultimately would look to marry so in this their idolaters as well get a primitive office in his bed.

I think I welcome so much God bless. All right, let's get to Bernard from Virginia Bernard welcome your on the air. There you go with them.

You're not acting.

Let me be quick and I write every where you I write the letter to dictating and not believe second Chronicle got on the line and began what he already been rapid and now they're expecting pain and I out. I will stop right there. I want to give me out. I'm not sure I understand the problem is yeah okay the already rapid acting write a letter to the king couldn't write so the chronology is is just to be understood differently. That'll just look in the center was a quick knock chronology and go through take a look at figure Gov. Saul because that's probably it.

Yeah Kings and Chronicles were kind of repeats and stick understand a lot of times people think that the Jews would always write in a chronological order, and not always, they would rights and bring certain things out at certain times in this that because they don't have word processors. They didn't have the ability to go in a typewriter and white out they had to write and as her thoughts at college and then this happened to answer they would write these things because otherwise it is a start scroll all over again.

It was extremely difficult and very costly. So the others could be writing things. Not that they were willy-nilly about stuff, but for the most part the good things in order and sometimes you just gonna regress and say okay and then he this and that that this thing and keep going and S vertically normal expected in another kind of writing style for the coming condition. Okay, I thank you you welcome God bless Haley a for the lines which you may call 877202276. The script back on with Reggie from Marilyn Reggie welcome her back on the I can understand you want I can understand you is noise in the background is going okay well we have five open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 and to get a cup up to three minutes before the break, and what I'd like to do on Fridays, the tickly and finally have some time to have a little bit of a gap like we just did.

Then I will like to read some hate mail some time and I have gotten some from somebody on on unplugged deck which is the thing clubhouse and I have really thoroughly enjoyed the insults that I have received from some people, and of those you don't know and the radio sugar sometimes you lose all read hate mail and go through some list of the people of said and this guy is one God.

He did not like what I was saying and I kicked him out of the room because he was just being obstreperous thing you didn't have always bought the litter box can think critically was extremely rude and condescending and insulting and people like you should be hated you our pests and unfortunately no vaccine against you morons. You keep the distance the mass to protect from the venomous air. This is good stuff.

I'm sorry I get a kick out of it. I do, and Douglas Wilson to say see you try to say, Catholics and Orthodox are wrong, but you're right about Christianity that shows your prejudice and you are just a frog in a well know, I have never been called a frog before letter. First, let's see. So enjoy your ties and go to hell.

Eventually, after waiting for the rapture while let's see, let me add you are a typical racist American SLB. That's a good insult. So what's texting a bail so it's you that that's how you do it to get all this is good. Let me add you are a typical racist American SLB.

Now that's a good quick insult to see you get right to the point, you say that it is packed full of good insult in a short prototype. That's how you do it ramble on, let me just tell you the other day that when you were saying something that really got me wasting my time to get to the insult just get to it like this guy did typical racist American is a big that's a good at insult as I do it get lost.

I block you. You more go die in your dirty life.

Wow, this guy keep these in the sorry my job is to call out hypocrites and stupidity like you and I can repeat what he says after that cards cannot.

Let's see Kim, he says, can we talk like two decent adults think different kinds be ones that once this guy wrote me this great, just great ranting insult to me. I was really well done. Call me all kinds of names insulting my character my lineage my intelligence just like everything is insult insult insult that he writes sincerely so I just got a big kick out of it is cracking up.

Sincerely, talk you later.

So anyway like the kind of stuff. So after all… It can we talk like two decent adults since I gave you repeated your prejudice keep you is that something so it's like we talk like adults.

You piece of wow involvement of what is wrong with it.

I love it matters like why call 77077 charismatic slave all right back on the air. We had a problem and the fix was a replay reboots and they have an auto and so messed it up at eight. That's like no big deal.

All right, let's move on and let's get to Rick from High Point North Gov. Dr. Lennox, Rick welcoming the shop overlay again that you okay then it American mankind did not start on Imperial data begin number three what I have heard quite a few people like about the people before that time. Scott got it slippery and Mike's theory and no there's not there's a this is people that yeah the pre-Adam lights the pre-Adam pre-Adam. I like it.

Make it doesn't but they hold to it, we hold a different thing. Also yeah oh yeah people hold all the stuff we call Crete three out of my yeah but I don't save this woman named Liles who was before some kind of stuck it out. Yes I say they don't have all go ahead now about marriage of 12 a woman not a moment in which I don't agree with no more, but he also dug in first creek 13 he says I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over men would remain silent for Adam was first created, he ties into the created order is before the fall is not to be in that place or not.

That place Adam named all the animals designating his authority. He named Eve designating his authority when the pre-incarnate Christ came to him that many actually send the pre-incarnate Christ said to the man where are you, even though Eve send first get the food to Adam and then he partook sin entered the world through him. Romans 512 so he's the federal head is representative. He's one of the authority Paul is equating the issue of male headship and leadership in the church with the created order. That's what's going on there. It's not for a woman to be that place and the next chapter over first Peter 315, Paul says I'm giving instruction on how to behave in the household of God. This is a command to the other of the apostle Paul, not cultural and he says he does not allow this and he's giving instruction to the church that I had had people tell me what this is Paul's opinion.

While all Europeans equaled euros.

The idiocy that people produce Lecter that set so women are not to be pastors and elders, and if your man out there going to a church with a woman pastor number you need to man up and leave. Take your family with them with you and you say to your wife if you're married, you say sorry were going to go. I don't care were going because the Bible says will you likable but it you all wanted to know a lot about what what what really church in his black like not and I'll make it a little late possible that I have file to going any domination and not the woman in the pool.

I know a lot idea out there.

I guess it was signs going to church is okay standing out there with Mormons and J dogs identical different places assigns you don't repent this at all do it. Men are out there it's it's a bad excuse me sir, nothing on you, but I mean it's a bad excuse lose all money so I can help it, and I was gonna go to what no okay don't I got don't don't use a circumstance to justify rebellion against God's word and the women making it out of those Paul and in the many to get a regular job, not what I cannot get back to you right not argue. My thanks so much./This truth and one more thing I will say this again I missing this on the radio off and on for 17 years of 17 years of radio that I will fly out to where you are out there on the East Coast or churches with related hearing this, I will debate on the topic. Does the Bible support or teach the ideal of the pastors and elders I've been asking this for years and years. Not a single person's ever take me up on it. Why is that I'll tell you why what I believe is because they know I would quote Scripture and they would be on the defensive because they have to tell us why the Bible is the say would actually says they can justify their dying is God's word and they don't want to be exposed. They got a feeling the money I got called by God. Even though to cut the Scriptures you got men get off your lazy arrears and going to do what I write. I got a lot to say about that. Okay Amanda, start being men and doesn't mean being mean. It means standing up for truth reading the Bible believe the Bible stand on the Bible let people follow you if no one follows you follow Christ, don't worry about them.

You do which right before the Lord Jesus Christ. Even if it costs you. That's what it was to be as a Christian man you do with love and you do with patience and kindness. But you stand on the word of God to follow Jesus Christ not some whim of doctoral convenience were a bunch of women get up who are self appointed and get up in the pulpits are preaching in contrast and contradiction of the word of God. They need to repent me to get out of there.

The women need to sit down in the church and state were not going up there.

You men get up and do your stinking jobs and amending to get up and do their thinking jobs and if they want to learn how to preach and teach a cannot help, I'll teach them what they need to know best I could tell how to preach and teach and get the word of God recognized in the whole bit and take care of. I'm glad to come out there and help get the get it done right stop at the woman pastor stuff is wrong J from someplace Florida employee will commune on their good day Matt, hope you don't, well, what you believe about the ethnical Corp. ethical corporate Israel. Thank them and find. I believe my opinion is that according to the Chapter 11 20. Let's see 25 for I do not want you brethren to be uninformed of this mystery, so that you will not be wise in your own estimation that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in and so all Israel will be saved as as written, and he goes on so what it looks like it is from this text of Romans 11 2526 the hardening of Israel is occurred so the time of the Gentiles. We, the Gentiles are grafted in, because the D they rejected the true Messiah broke the covenant with God were grafted in. When the time the Gentiles is filled got a look and move with Israel and bring them to full repentance accepting Messiah. And I think furthermore I think they can be great evangelists for the world. I think it a quick follow-up question when you when you when you interpret all Israel, assuming you think that in your summation of your landing that that would be possibly the majority or with that be liberated chosen are like the long well yeah it both all Israel will be contemporary when this occurs to that time is getting a mass movement in Israel so that he can say, hey, all of Israel believed he will be at. I don't believe the every single individual.maybe, but we can say all is a generic sense, and Vanessa written that way a lot like that in the Bible. Believe it or not.

Okay, thank you so much. Thought you welcome so much that it took on should take Dubliner God bless. All right, let's get to Ricky from North Carolina. Ricky welcome your on the tour. I about becoming an on unite. I thought her unite my he wanted to talk about it going and it maybe you can give me about the different well if you don't know much and not send in a derogatory sense because you just talk to the Jehovah's Witnesses, gutter, study, and so if you don't know a whole bunch of stuff is not prepped and what I would do is study one basic thing. No liability would say that has to do with studying who Jesus is, but they are very well trained on on how to refute Scriptures they think the refuting date argue against the deity of Christ.

And so what I like to do is recommend a people who were just kinda getting into it is to study the issue of Jehovah's Witness salvation because what they teach Joe's witnesses teach that salvation is that you have to keep commandments that they teach. So salvation according to Job's with this organization and this is so out of five, February 15, 1983, page 12 of the watchtower Bible and tract Society, the watchtower magazine and it says many have found the second requirement more difficult it is to obey God's laws yes to confirm one's life or the moral requirements and out of the Bible so you are the memorize that you know it's every 15th 1983, page 12 of the watchtower, but you can ask him what do you have to do to have your sins forgiven. Don't say go to heaven to trigger work with them to seek to have your sins forgiven its generic sufficient and limited racially tell you yet to be involved with God's channel of workforce organization, which is the Jehovah's Witnesses you got it remain a Jehovah's Witness you have to do certain things, and whatever this list is you want to ask them are they doing it and if you say that trying means are not what you need to do at this point is just memorize this address and go through it.

Romans 41 through six. Just Romans 41 through six. You should memorize that that address. Romans 4126 and just go through it with them and save are you doing what's necessary and if so why does this contradict what you're saying. That's recommend. Otherwise it takes a lot of time and training to succumb to catch up to okay I know you are looking at their right arm hurt actually mine. Yes, it is that very moment where it went. Thank you and agreed that Fannie Mae and Eric and Lisa very similar to do their so-called transit is not it's an alteration of the text to suit their theology is to go Ricky got less hungry. They focus for there you go riding done with the show with the Lord bless you and by his grace back on there on Monday. I hope you have a great powered by the Truth Network

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