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May 24, 2022 5:00 am

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May 24, 2022 5:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What does it mean in John that the Holy Spirit convicts of sin- Does that mean the same thing as judgement---2- When governments persecute Christians, is self-defense biblical---3- Matt discusses the persecution of Christians in Nigeria.--4- My son believes in God and that Jesus was a prophet. How can I discuss this with him effectively---5- A caller struggles with where to stand on the spiritual gifts and is not sure which type of church to attend.--6- Matt reads hate-mail.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is log on why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 877 if you want to give me a call blab all right suppose that last night I taught on the Trinity and advanced off. It took a while to get through it and I talked about.

Believe it or not universals in particular short in the issue. The one of the many and the ultimate being personal or impersonal. The reason I did all of that was multi faceted I wanted to practice teaching because it's important. Once I learned how to teach something if I've basically mastered it that I could break it down to simpler parts of others can use it in the defense and establish with Christian Christian gospel.

That's one reason the other one is because it demonstrates the majesty and the wonder of God as a necessary precondition for all intelligibility. The Trinity itself is the thing that makes sense and discussion with my daughter last yesterday and she's like to see not walking with the Lord's leave it at that and what was interesting is she started talking about the very things I was gonna teach on that she had no idea that I was working on this and have been studied the suffer couple of years and was a great conversation and she was so… Entertained by the idea of a universal mind that must be both the singular and the plural, which provides the ultimate foundation for universals, and particulars.

Now that didn't make any sense. That's okay because we were talking about a been studying it and discussing it using it more and more I find it very effective in apologetics more and more because the arguments against Christianity are becoming more sophisticated. So there you go, you turn a little thing on his own I guess right okay there we go and didn't work that better here. So what did you want to give you call. Like I said all you do is dial 877-207-2276. I want to hear from you. Give me call and we can talk okay really easy to do. We have three open lines of an area from that's weighted or coax the battery and wrong part of our audio. This gets sent out over the web and if you want to watch what I do here.

Just go to Facebook Condron face or Facebook harm Oregon you can see the video and maybe somebody Laura will put that link up on the radio. Okay, let's see. I think that's it. Let's get to Alberta from Georgia Alberta. Welcome your on the air yet. I am actually quite knowing about God… That God cannot judge the world and and also I say that the Holy Spirit to convict and judgment and I can talk on the Holy Spirit judgment… Or not, not been good. I know no no no no, Jesus, as I have not come into the world to bring judgment to judge it as we been coming to do that. He came in to redeem the Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, and such things and then later the judgment will come okay right later really like that in the future when Jesus comes back.

Oh I know levels judge the world, all for the back of the spirit they can it become picking people up judgment now was connecting them of sin of sin and judgment right. Well, you know. Mainly it is the issue of sin and and judgment in the sense that there judgment of sin is coming over that could be part of. Okay, okay right now that you made judging them then about that forgot about it over right 80 the wrath of God. What about that that that reference got by standard daily. This is what I would like to see when people quote say things like like you just did include a reference.

It's hard for to check it because sometimes you paraphrase and I'm not sure exactly was going on so I was like a six what is the reference but you did talk about John 16, eight when he, the Holy Spirit comes, will convict the world of sin and righteousness and judgment, so he will convict will bring this awareness to them so they gain no sin.

Sin is righteousness and the judgment doesn't mean or judge right there that moment going to hell. That's future. Okay I get it does mean it. But Jesus explains it. He said concerning sin, because they do not believe me. And concerning righteousness, because I go to the father and you will no longer see me concerning judgment, because the ruler of this world has been judged.

This is all based on what will occur and cross Jesus knows what's happening.

What's going to happen. Okay, I got less commercial, less okay with you for lunch, go to give me a call 877-207-2276. It's good to Jared from Richmond, Virginia. Jared look at your on your grant, my health, how tall you she got cancer on that okay well you did to your huge fan. I was just seeing how huge you are, but okay good I'm glad it so we got buddy, though I know that the government is biblical because the government anointed by God, Mike, but in why I wanted your opinion on when it come to the persecution of Christian do you think that Barbara biblical yes yes because Jesus says in Luke 2236. He says to the disciples, you know, is that you have a sword. Now we have to close said bye to sell a cloak and buy a sword he didn't take each one of you get one but as a group they had that this is the instruction of Jesus. Luke 22 3640 talking about is the right of self-defense.

People have the right of self-defense. Now the question then becomes, do they have the right to defend some or them. They have a right of self-defense, but was he that this, what do they have the obligation of self-defense and it does not seem to be that they have an obligation so then with the learn some more from Scripture says in Isaiah 117 learn to do good, seek justice, reprove the ruthless defend the orphan, plead for the window and knelt. There's lots of stuff like this in the Scriptures were told to defend the helpless to take care of them.

So how is a Christian. Are we allowed to be very careful how I say this, are we allowed to become violent and answers yes, under the right circumstances.

Jesus was violent in the sense that he overturned the temple tables and may disgorge with a score of of rope and he drove them out of the temple and they fled.

So this is what Jesus himself did know he came as a suffering servant, and he was look of the cross that he died for our sins, but he did admonish the disciples to be prepared for the persecution and other place he talked about running and fleeing but nowhere does he say go get him go after. So then what we do these principles which a lot of people right now are shocked that someone like myself might be selling them on the radio Jesus to block her blood Caucasian surfer dude like a noisy background in making noise. Okay. Is there okay that they be shocked at the blonde hair, blood Caucasian surfer Jesus would actually say what he said and recommend what he did so not saying we should be violent. We have the right to use that in order to defend ourselves but we don't have the obligation to so someone was to become aggressive, you don't you can did not defend yourself but you have the right to defend yourself as well. Now we were looking at the government now what we do because when the government starts oppressing people and starts killing people as an abortion or start saying that Christians can't do ABC or as the WHO you know they're trying to give for the true treaty over the goodly joke that will give sovereignty of certain areas of our nation over to them and that will become oppressive when we step up as it would had enough of this, when we say now you're oppressing the orphan year you are being ruthless in oath you're not being just not being good. It comes a time when the Christian need to stand up and and it obligated to stand up and say we've had enough of this. This is this is biblical and when is that point I don't know and to what extent we do it. First of all we need to be voting need to be praying and I believe we need to be petitioning, and I believe need to be out there in large groups out in front of places with signs and posters. Second, enough of this and we become known all over the country and say enough of this, because our country is turning against us. Turning against its own people and is destroying itself with the faulty leadership that we have that gives $40 billion to Ukraine, a war we should be involved with anyway with anyway. And yet we have people who are homeless and starving and or gas prices are soaring food prices are soaring etc. etc. so what it wants to Duke by that leadership is take care somebody else's borders but not our own. The hypocrisy of our government and officials, and the fact is that most people I know don't even trust the government anymore or the federal anything if this is all in place, then what we do as Christians it's past the time of resistance.

We are obligated to resist tyranny. The Bible says to do that reprove the ruthless defend the orphan, plead for the widow were obligated to do this. So how it's done.

That's the issue, and we Christians need to stand up and say we've had enough and need to be as peaceful as possible, and in the process. We have the right of self-defense so that's my position I agree that got about five they come out before you go to me to say that on Friday morning, so here's between this and also the reversal 92.

Three. Vindicate the weak and fatherless do justice to the afflicted and destitute at this desk to rescue the weak and needy, deliver them out of the hand of the wicked. These are the commands of Scripture clearly Christians doing what Psalm 82 verse 33 and four is that it is Psalm 82, three, four okay 82 verses three and four Psalms 82, three, four okay 82, three, four now so Nicanor subject that I have autism I get distracted by cliques or galleys are out and doing so here's the thing is that we have. I can't say the name I can't say too much, but we have someone in Nigeria and we had a meeting on Friday mornings and we talked and I'll tell you what's happening from his own mouth to Christians in Nigeria. I voted right back after these messages, please think to mass Y. Call 770727 charismatic leg. Okay, back to the show three open lines 877-2776. Are you still there for all right now say we have a feet on the ground in Nigeria will say it that way and we have our regular meetings on Friday morning and so we had a meeting and nurse people from the part of the world to come in that associate with Carmen and Karon help support this one person had to. You heard excuse me if you heard about the girl who was killed by a mob in Nigeria stoned to death beaten to death because they said she said something bad about Islam and of the film All-Star around the killer and it was on the news and let's say he sent me the video local video from a local person what what was watched and the military came to get him and some other people and they had to move into military camp for safety. Why because the Muslims, his family is in a different city protection and he said the Muslims just blocked the road and when Christians are coming through 40 to 60 of them were kidnapped. Not sure what number bombs were later placed on train tracks and a train derailed and then the Muslims opened fire on the occupants, killing a lot of and abducted 68 people and then another demanding a prisoner swap from their jihadist Muslim leaders that they want and so the Muslims you are killing Christians and my friend tells me that what the passage of doing is is saying do nothing to stop while they're preaching prosperity of the wealth prosperity gospel, and it's just horrible and he says the pastors there don't know Christian theology with related to each other, notably teach the gospel so he's trying to work on this basis, they do teach positive confession that will be healthy and wealthy and that the casting the data Christians. So it's a mess out there any rate, this is what's going on and he and I've written article is been distributed over there. Does the Christian have the right of self-defense and interest. Yes, I wrote this article there printing it up and are distributing over there and if they catch him killing muscles and kill because he's talking about the right of self-defense and trying to get the Christians to to defend themselves and if they don't, the Muslims will continue to kill and murder people and burn villages. This is what they're doing and the pastors don't know the built Bible in regard of self-defense here in America it's easy to convert pattern is a just do nothing turn at her cheek literally turn the other cheek means is in that culture to treat her cheek did not mean that they beat the crap out of you and you just accepted it because in that culture. If two men were arguing with a would do is have a slight X escalation and it was three steps. I think the first was tugging the beard and the second was spitting in the face and it wasn't until complete spirit. But it was symbolic as a do this motion and the third was a slap in the face and in the culture they understood it wasn't intended for a physical assault where you would roll in the dirt beating each other. It wasn't that this was the cultural norm of their insulting you and Jesus is at this point turn in her cheek, but insulting them do this custom.

It's okay, but he does stay in the 2236 of the disciples get a sword no go by one you look we have one who is that's enough. He's not advocating violence but is these advocating the right of self-defense and a Christian does not have the right to go out looking for trouble, you can go out and seek revenge on anybody that belongs to God. So somebody or group of people done something bad like a Nigerian village there there leaving the gun go.

But if you're coming to do damage or their in their you have the right to take him to do. And if this was done that the Muslims in Nigeria would stop and likewise with Christians here.

If the Christians stand up in a mate with can't stand up is that we've had enough and we are to be united in our Christianity for righteousness sake not listening to the idiots in positive confession name and claimant will have it grab it in the new apostolic Reformation which prophets and apostles tell you what you're supposed to do and believe the pastors in America need to start preaching the truth of the resistance of evil and the cost of discipleship. This is part of what is never been taught are hardly ever taught from the Christian pulpit here in America because were so comfortable and so ready to just I don't worry about it, it little bit worse but were still very comfortable.

Why worry about it, and as a temperature of the hot water that were living in gets hotter and hotter pretty silly to find ourselves cooked in the pastors need to politely go through the Scriptures and talk about this when it's appropriate to lose time not calling Christians to stand up in arms and and and riot over to calling them do is stand up and exercise the rights of petition of emails, phone calls, and of polite was the right word protest no, not the unit that had the right of gathering in and what arching is a group down the road signs you know that kind protest we have that right.

It needs to happen. All this country and if we don't do stuff like this. The left is good to continue to step all over us and destroy us. They are like Islam, which both ultimately or demonically oriented. They don't want truth and want to submit to Christ. Want to promote death. Both do that abortion and killing and we Christians are obligated to stand up and resist you to do okay thank you very much, Matt. Thank you that you can't speak very right now it's it's there is what we gotta do is Christians, but it's uncomfortable and it's scary is costly readily about you accomplish right pharmacological to give me a call 877207 to do so is Richard from Virginia that nobody waiting right now, and the question was about his son you know somebody or something believes it is Jesus just a prophet call back and I can tell you what you can do about that. All right we can talk about it now. In the meantime we got a little good time here a minute chart make of it is on Friday for those who don't know we have that type of fraud is often slow. I'll do hate mail and wacko mail and I can one ferments can read a little bit of it before the break hits love stuff like this that are so informative. The links now given this is an email the links now given are for the waking ingathering of scientist for the end of aging and sickness and where we explain briefly our goal and now end of sickness and aging the holy one now again begin shaking the earth for science and theology to prepare for his gathering stuff makes no sense to God that I enjoyed what you call 877-207-2276 max Y call 77077 charismatic slave I was reading through the hate mail on crack myself up list of the stuff Smithville get this uglier all right. Richard from Virginia facial callback you and Matt are you doing Victor MacArthur at the Promenade. It was something but that does a great personal after I had and I enjoyed little responses that my issue is that the guy had Canada heated debate with my family of the night. He believed in God, although I don't know exactly what that means but that if he believed in Jesus Christ anything. He believed that Jesus was a prophet and a pretty much the Muslims living in. We got into a pretty gated data product them. He is not around right now like that down did go out. I found a Lee Strobel has been like a broken study guide that I'm going to go through before he gets back and can go through that to be here stake out because it sometimes does prove that it was not God and he is a new one was was okay held or you died about my son, held his. He 38 so he says Jesus is just a prophet right there and ask him why do you think all your dues, ask questions. Why do you think the he's gonna give you a reason you to find out what the reason is because you want to examine the reason a lot of times people saying goes more than a prophet in the near an argument. I decide okay. Why do you say that well you know if he's going to go to the Scriptures as it will Jesus claim this and claim that all so then you affirm the Scriptures as we are getting information right if he says no one one of the things I did tell St. if he says no one-of-a-kind dimension to them was John 14 I gotcha. But hold on step-by-step okay get his foundation to get to his foundation and you want to undermine his foundation because he doesn't believe the truth. Therefore, his foundation is not true. You want to find out what that is and cross-examine the foundation so he's asserting this is a prophet based on what there's a foundation that gives him that information need to find that out and graph okay so if the more to say to me and I'm online talking so much as I just believe Jesus is a prophet. Is it okay why and I don't know the sight of my soul because the Bible says this or the Koran says that if they say the Koran says it.

I know how to attack the Quran with 22 service pack can do that very easily very quickly rectified you three a couple with that with three but anyway so also the house at true. And there's other things I can do if they say Wilson scripture in the Bible to say okay so you you are basing this on what the Bible says about Jesus right yes okay if he's just a prophet, then what you do with Jesus saying I will be with you always, even to the end of the earth with 2818 through 22nd. And you don't have to push safe your wrong because you say okay in light of what you said I was at work can explain those to me know there's lots of different ways that to do exactly this because it depends on his answer even to find out goes on it. Ask questions and find out what are the basics what you basing it on and examine the basics. The foundation – which I do okay okay yeah I know I know I met didn't handle it very well with our target kind of upsetting me and I will handle it very well that happens life through the blood with my kids to.

But the thing is, we learn we move forward. Next time ask questions when often do talk with atheists is sometimes told was also a okay Matthew question and what I'm doing is asking you to help me nail you an exposure position that I do it with atheists router and I so you can hand me the rope and reload out to me and hanging with enough metaphoric way logically nickel okay good and right.

Okay, that's a good okay so I start asking questions. You always have to ask questions to find out what their ultimate is what's the foundation upon which their truth statements are based on what their assertions are placed the foundation isn't going to be in the true living God. So it's a fact that whatever they ultimately say cannot be true, and it just takes practice to deal with that make and that's right, Matt written thought is one of them and he knows in the chat room and so a lot of times people will do this a hobby talking an atheist in the just interrupted like being interrupted because we can get a full conversationalist complete on or let me finish my statement and if that works in fine and if you don't want to do would be completely router circuit where were distant talking.

That's a standardized set and we went on to be polite and to sit there and if they say something that is wrong I don't jump in. While I do something, but rarely just jump in and bowl them over giving the context but just let them talk and I take notes what you said this, but that's not accurate, and here's why I'm letting them have their people have their say and then I'm dealing with them according to what they say without having to push him into a corner and I let them hang themselves that we are about. You had mentioned know where you about your site online that the youth that you get two or three things that he believes is in the crime that you can go to you go to UT cut or cut and paste a little forward you to the pay cut and paste go to the Islam section and the outlook for the man's seed to combative his chest. That's 86 527 and then also insert five 147 four 147. Excuse me, it says that Allah is a all out specifically with that with the other commentary say, basically, is that it would something is made to appear to be crucified to look like Jesus. That means that all deceived people by his direct hand.

But before I even get of those two ago to serve 482, which says in the Quran there's any discrepancy in the Quran than the Quran is not true and what I'll do is also wears a man's seed formed and you know he replied the conversation her in radio, but all such ones measured in the ultimate well you know and then a set they tell me and I think it was good sir 86 527 it says let man but think from what he is created, he's created from a drop emitted proceeding from between the backbone in the ribs.

That means the chest to the Quran teaches a man's seed comes from his chest and so that's restaurant is pretty well there is room owners under his crucifixion before was invented and God can have a son you can't have a son of the issue of God being loving a deceiver and serve four with seven others. Ways to demonstrate that and I do that with Muslims. They don't like it they said you stupid man, you know nothing about the crop and illegal art object at Arthur R. But God bless you advice, you have a great week to okay Jeff from Tacoma, Washington. Welcome Jeff you are near they Matt are you doing fine hanging in there. We got the guy well I'm I'm in a way like you, I think I met a little bit of limbo. I'm practically an outside group assembly and what the Bible calls all that as I got older, I'm realizing I never seen the gifts work like the Bible describes work among all the people, even I spoke and gone, and I reflect back and I think I think that was real.

Okay so I pride function and I got like a practical station it but I mean first Corinthians 13 that one bird that one old for one of you had his first rent is 17 that the church is not to lack any charismatic gift was waiting for the return of Christ yet said lack any the end they cried together and but I just NC. I know we always accuse continuation their experience and emotion. The lot, but then that's what I'm doing, because what I saw has ever been held for life. Every okay what you have my sympathy that I want to question from he would give actually get to say folks to write back. After these messages for the lines 877207276 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave writer, but welcome back to the show. The okay Jeff what church fighting a church that consolidated teaching, but not so close minded you know and then or I go to one that people are acting foolish and happy. Find a good church that will I don't got it said so, but it certainly affect the environment of the church five Atlanta will church but you know of any that that have a good compromise. More on what I'm looking for the perfect church perfect church in my would be you walk in and the music starts and there's no tithe offering taken just a box in the back announcement start and then in the music and then the pastor gets up and preaches and then one song afterwards. And you're done. Simple and reformed theology of Christo centric historical redemptive theology and enter open to having the spirit of God moved in the congregation and that they could even have a midweek meeting where the have a study and say what is open to God's movement and it will be done in order if at all, and that's good enough. Yeah, you mean. In my fantasy world. I like to pastor a church like that and I have a doctor every time you know it I'm nice just at the simplicity of the presence of God without having to stand up, sit down, turn around, let's all stand for site this together, sit down, the site at the gutter is turned back just to the Apco just focus on the word I get you okay so no you can't. Another good denomination like that or that I will for some reason have my radar there supposed to be one sovereign grace denomination that I knew of, like, 20, 25 years ago and they were open to the gifts stuff like that and they were reformed and in such and I couldn't ever work with them because I have from infant baptism, not for salvation but simply as a covenant sign that can be used when you are covenantal, he dedicating your child to God. Have a sign I leave the consistency and they said sorry you couldn't teach a Bible study here.

You couldn't preach, you can do anything. Could you hold that position and yet they would have people in there that Christians two years didn't know theology apologetics didn't know something they would allow the teach Bible studies and everything. This is so messed up. It's just so messed I was pretty solid credo read Jay Adams just little booklet if they would take some time to read something that explains it.

And they'd understand where they're coming from the date they did the dollars that Jay Adams was my professor Oya yes that little booklet I was that I still credo, but it was like I get it. I totally get it.

I have no problem yeah and you know this idea is for people to have a night an understanding of the other position so that they go I get it.

I don't necessarily agree, but I see the knots out with other people to support and that way they won't write so so. Home against everything what is the name of that book.

Incidentally, I think it's the method and mode of baptism, check out because so little booklet but yeah, it would will here's here's one for fun read William the Baptist that will William the barely okay William the Baptist. That will really have an effect on your understanding of stuff in baptism.

You are right out. In fact, if you go to convert/cut and you go down you go down to the bottom of the page you will see outlines of baptism you can see a lot of what I gleaned out of that book is in their like the idea. Baptism can also be sprinkling I show it from Scripture right there and I said about about how Jesus was baptized and that makes make it to me to get unemployment. I laughed if his book 1st so I don't know if you like. But are you currently ordained store date will I don't believe ordination ceases. So yes, I've been ordained and I'm not a long guided by Hogan in a church that was called a wellspring Christian Fellowship and cynical County of California and the person operating the was ordained by of seminary professor who was also asked pastor so okay okay alright that's it for me or anybody. God bless direct KK okay alright let's see, let's see.

I got some hate mail. Nobody waiting on it I I'm looking for I know the people. The rumor like they'll hate mail so I would use a big belt and here's what I read your article on Mormons not being Christians, and I was appalled at your idiocy and I'm an 18-year-old kid did not even Mormon. Let me enlighten you that that's awesome okay to study Mormonism for 40 years off and on for 40 years and he's 18 might make. Okay, maybe a little and the person who wrote it is uneducated. Okay I have a Masters of Divinity Masters degree three years after degrees. Okay. And while he posts passages from both the Bible book of Mormon to prove he's correct he isn't. I love the stuff he only tells you one time one time. What part of the book of Mormon mentions anything he says while he continuously quotes the Bible is the wrote such visits is awesome. Mormons like most denominations believe the fathers of the Holy Ghost. This guy just know what you did with you if I was talking two of us to ask a question let's get you a gift if I thinks I said was a religion out there that taught that their like God several gods Lotta gods out there that there was a God.

They called of the father. They called Jesus. Another God.

That is a goddess mother and that Hegel, what with its dog that's Mormonism.

That's what it teaches. So I've told people that they don't know. It doesn't idea here is the documentation from resources. In fact, Mormons are. Furthermore, the Bible. They also believe that Jesus died for sit of the cross.

Another teacher told Huntly Curtin regarding 70 and he finished it on the cross. What effect Mormons are for. Okay see that'll refer to the Bible more than do the book of Mormon when they teach white because the Bible to foundation of Christianity, this guy is that abilities that would, he argues that being Mormon adds works of salvation, incorrect Mormons just decided that they were tired of everyone being corrupted sticking and sticking to the old John 316. Sorry to as an excuse to commit its what got some of the world he gave his only begotten son of excuse to commit what is likely to sorry about a good time while other people who the Bible brought that people thought that people would be good people.

Even with no incentive in the wrong.

So this guy knows what the people of the Bible. Thought I they thought they thought they got this and they were wrong so wow that's good Mormons, just realized this they teach you to be a good person to treat others with respect and you will be welcome into heaven with open arms, rather than on the same train as everyone else.

This is my opinion and at least my opinion is based on facts. Wow okay Natalie that you claim to not be trying to offend Mormons follow you say right at the end of the article organism is false and cannot save anyone.

The spice approves your one-sided corrupt opinion of that is awesome and I needed that she that was good. See that's how you do it too, and I just love that kind of stuff.

All right we get another one. Hope you're enjoying this much as I love this one please turn from your evil.

I don't want to make this too long as you've already stated you won't read it, but I repeat please turn from your evil I must do as the Lord commands in Ezekiel 318. The fourth commandment is in effect today and for eternity. God does not change. The fourth commandment is a commandment of God, not a tradition of men. Romans 14 does not discuss Sabbath in any way. There there is much more but I fear that it may be too long so please, for your soul, and for the sake of those who follow you. Please repent and obey the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I think of you okay alright I was as enjoyable as it was got elected right now. Let's try this one. Betsy see how about you, are you sure you are biblically illiterate. I ask this because after reading your article on baptism you don't rightly divide the word of truth. You can't be serious about your statements. You need someone to guide you along instead of your hodgepodge of misrepresented Scripture and you using them out of context. Satan has got a real winner in the you you can't be serious of that's good. You see, that's the kind of insult that I like is obviously quick and to the point and I wrote back to this guided email about Tacoma radio shows we can talk about this information as far as I'm concerned, I never heard from them so well, let's see about this one.

You are sorry this process, you are sorry that I beseech you to be obedient to God's word?? You are sorry that I beseech you to be of the need to God's word. Don't be sorry sorry thanks for developing don't be sorry just read God's word and abandoned man-made traditions. What's a good idea.

Remember, don't listen to any man or woman not mean that your pastor, not anyone. If they don't teach God's word of advice I'd like that.

We are but vapors were momentarily God's word is forever there are 10 not nine Commandments Jeep. James says if you break one you broken the mall.

Jesus said if you love him, you will obey his commandment. If you don't obey him. You don't love him and eternal life will not be yours so you can get a big commitment to be saved Asus for your sake, please repent and obey the whole Royal law, by the power the Holy Spirit is pretty good. Not pretty good pretty bad and let's we got all time. I got more to bed a overjoyed statement. I certainly did your folks if you want to you because you start I hope you have a great had fun listening you're in formed and edified as by his grace. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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