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May 24, 2022 5:00 pm

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May 24, 2022 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What is the Amillennialist view of the binding of Satan---2- What are your thoughts on the rapture- Can we know when it will happen---3- Who are the people who receive the first resurrection Revelation 20-4-6---4- What do you think of Rich Dad, Poor Dad---5- If head coverings are only a cultural issue, why not women pastors and elders---6- What is your take on New Covenant theology and how it relates to eschatology-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is thought a lot more questions about Bible doctrine is a max what why Grimes is called responding to your questions beyond good and what would you recall all you to do was die weeks open 72072276 want to hear from you now well this weekend I went to the mountains to a friend. So he bought property and boring doing a lot of work upstairs. I'm working on the working with stuff on we have to actually carry out there because words but here's it's a lot of fun. So that's we did have fun had done a good meal and sweet fellowship with some people in the USA working on an article and on the Peru so you know, big deal.

That's the return of Christ. Just a small thing what it means and will continue my research on the new apostolic Reformation you want to give me a call.

All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 and is will you know that we stay on the air by your support if you like what you hear and please consider supporting us and what we ask is, so if you just go to and then be aspect five dollars a month. I think my cosmos is pretty good.

Five dollars a month and it's recurring if you would do that because it helps us to establish the distant we know what the budgets are and that's what were looking for so that that's not too much if you like it please let me know and will help us out, and also to be a talk about expand the radio show here to other stations do about that. So if you like the show you want to see continue. Please consider supporting the show, specifically go to Carnivora/donate and then donate something then email us and say this is I'm so-and-so just donated this much is for the radio show and that way will know your market for that when the budget is and how many people listening kind of a thing. So this or-for just aren't pretty all right that was quick and slick right is one more thing the Kenwood it is, but that's that's okay.

Let's get on the air with Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina Rudolph, welcome you on here it modeling how the position help at all. Millennial lists is that the binding of Satan does not mean you can't do anything as he says Revelation 20. He's bound so that he will not deceive the nations, and more. That's one of the bindings. Now there's another form of it that spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 12 2232 where he says in order to cast out demons. The first, the strongman must first rebound is what Jesus says in Matthew 12 2232 and then he references the devil erected Beelzebub, the devil, so the logical implication is that Satan was bound at that time with Christ would with you the time of Christ and a lot of people not familiar with that and so that's one of the supports used in the millennial position. But again, it does not mean that he can't do anything bad, it just means you bound a from doing certain kinds of things. That's the position.

Okay, what are you don't believe 1000 years mother that when Christ so that you can be put away, so we good when what happens when Jesus returns back and back. No will will sleep in because most people believe in the literal 1000 years. I believe that I it's figurative. They were in.

Now that position is just as old as the Christian church is this not the dominant one here in America got used to the dominant one in America as things shift and so generally when I talk about was this with people. I want them to understand that if they disagree that's fine.

But then I show them the reasons I hold the position and usually her eyebrows just gonna ratchet up.

They never heard some of the stuff before and I shall write out the word of God and say see this is why we hold this position and I did know that he was even there even put that together like so yeah it's just just what is now my right. Maybe my wrong. Maybe. But in that position when Jesus comes back it is concomitant with which which means related to and about at the same time is concomitant with his return are such things as the judgment of the wicked and the new heavens and new earth or may not give you references for that stuff. So in the millennial position when Christ returns.

The rapture occurs gently at that his just before his return. Like minutes, our something like that and the judge. The first ones taken my position as the first was to ignore the wicked, because Jesus says so at the end of the age. She said the first was the wicked recess and that's one of the things that I've never heard of premillennialists mentioned in any of their charts in any of their examination of Scripture. I've not once come across anyone that goes to Matthew 13 where Jesus is first gather the tears and bind them in. That's at the end of the age is what he says another disability of the tablet out of great and he actually made it to Hong Kong, thinking that way you will feel you know that the rapture of the high wing is he pre-millennial.

Well, it could here's a there's a veritable to the other side is that they might say that after the thousand year reign as occurred, then the with your taken first in the gutter taken and that's the end of the age, but that's the only way I could see them of putting that together now if anybody has an answer that a better answer anyone call me going on is not a position. It's this fine your time. But that's what I would understand what that's problematic because there's only two ages.

The stage needs to come and then the question is what happens at the end of this age. And what happens at the end of the age of this age is the wicked are gathered, the judgment of the wicked occurs. The elect are gathered. The harvest occurs in Jesus return occurs along with the rapture. All of this happens at the end of the age which I'm looking at my chart or table. I should say were did the research on the site years ago and am and incidentally when I do teach this I taught in Bible studies a few times in a city.

People look, let's just go to a bunch of scriptures and find out things of that one thing we do another and it supports the position of a millennialism and when you look at this age the last day, the day of the Lord. The last trumpet, and after the tribulation when you look at those phrases and in you map out when things occur according to what they say in the context then in my opinion, my ignorance, prejudicial opinion is that the premillennial position is not possible. And so that's it. And I say that that would because I don't know everything, and maybe I'm missing something is maybe I'm not seeing something right and is certainly possible. So, if people want to correct me now.

I'm open to that. I have no problem with it and always open to learn so but there you go, that's what's why hold what I do okay. I thought Matthew 20 would it all week. Quote and that we would go my breath working there probably the last trumpet is says in Fort for sustenance for 16 the Lord will descend from heaven with the trumpet of God, and in first is 1552, thinking of the eye.

The last trumpet will sound, the devil rays well if the rapture is with the trumpet and it's when the debtor raised that it has to be the last trumpet. According first of the 1552 has to be in any 80s list says you thought the Matthew 24. Jesus says that when he returns of the subtly darkened, etc. and that that's when we need to take a look at this, we need to see what he says you sent forth his angels with a great trumpet will gather together his elect from the four winds, from the one and the start of the other and that's after he says after the jubilation of those days so I put this together. I show how you will know that there blown away.

We never saw this so I hope you two medical pleasure all right if OSHA so you know, take the Bible very seriously and I'm not saying I'm right saying though that is within Christianity there's room for disagreement on that and I look a friend is a Christian apologist like me and he's post-millennial, and and I said to him, it was a joke.

I said look, I thought you were smart, why would you hold it that he laughed and we talked about his position and I shouldn't tell me what's what's this will how do you hold that he would tell me I could see was position and so I don't agree with him just as he is and with me but that's okay. We have to have harmony in the body of Christ and allow for differences of opinion on very things let's get to Jason from Utah hey Jason, welcome that I probably like either varied. What your thoughts are out there rapture. How about but a lot of the believer… Rapture is going to be here. Let you what… That is not something that like a take the heart or no.I mean, obviously you know I'm not that, like daughter, but… You think it will be think it will be… You're not but you know I got Doug got a lot accomplished so you I think that's the Temple in Jerusalem need to be rebuilt and there has to be a worldwide movement against Israel. None of these have happened yet.

There, not you. Do you must be a gathering of all the nations against Israel. That's not happening. It's very important that temples can be rebuilt. That hasn't happened is return can't come to if they mean to preach ablation rapture has 75 years know I wouldn't put Mike's neck asking who had to be started? It says during the tribulation. That their sacrifices will continue.

So it's possible to begin before or during the jubilation.

You want okay I know he's excited when it when they tell you that the safe. Please give me your reasoning from Scripture. That's what you have to do is okay with the reason for the word of God and if they don't have any golden okay.

The problem is who they say the figure I think that illustrates how okay for the live call 877202276Y call 77077 charismatic slave already, but welcome back to the show we have for open lines 1 or two. Call 87720722764 guidelines I would hear from you. Give me call Paul from Garnet Ryman good hand and we got buddy I reading Revelation today and I have a question in chapter 20 verse four through six and in verse four it talks about how I saw the souls of those who were beheaded for Jesus and the word of God and have not worked be your image or had to mark the and then they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years that I show the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand year. This is the first resurrection benefit – already those who parking the first resurrection. Over such the second death has no power, but they shall be preached in enterprise shall reign with him a thousand year so I could start initiating first that they were not part of the first resurrection that rained a thousand year then at the end of verse six is a will reign with them. The thousand year shows like almost 2 groups within the thousand year draws to follow my success trying because there are different views that are held in interpreting this correctly so in the premillennial view. From what I understand that they teach that the first resurrection is basically the rapture which happens before the thousand year reign and so unless the did not come to life until the thousand completed. This is the first resurrection, and blessed holy is one who keeps part of first resurrection over those the second death has no power is a bit problematic with that interpretation because are people who will be saved during that from their position.

There are people who will be saved during the millennial reign so then they'd have to have another resurrection so to speak. Another kind of a rapture or work where the debtor raised a bit of a problem with that position.

The mill in the postmeal position. I think our little bit better suited for this if they were to interpret it. The rest of the did not come back until others were completed for the first resurrection with the first resurrection is being born again. The first resurrection they interpret is is the resurrection of the soul is the spirit and then later if the physical resurrection, which is the second one was looking from that perspective I see how it fits so the rest of the dead did not come to life till the thousand years were completed.

This is the first resurrection so that I mean that the thousand years were in now.

The first resurrection is that is being born again. Okay, that would make sense. Blessed is the holy one of its Greek Blessed and holy is the one who has part in the first resurrection is being born again over these a second death has no power.

What's the second death first death is her physical death and the second death is the cast into hell, but they would not Christ of God in Christ and reigned for him for thousand years of the premillennialist would say that the people who were resurrected reigned for that thousand years, literally the thousand-year-old kingdom work crisis is ruling and reigning in the unbelieving office would say that the raining of the of them is with the Lord in the heavens by the saints there and there proximity to Christ being in Christ, and also their position possible is that they are raining in his kingdom here on earth. Now the weakness of audition is well.

It does look like God's kingdom right now because things are getting worse and so that I weakness in the millennial position but then when you go to Matthew 1341 talk tires are gathered up and burned with fire, so shall be the end of the age, the Son of Man will will send forth his angels and gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks that of premillennialist could say will that fits perfectly with our position that after the thousand years Jesus sends forth his angels and gather out of his kingdom all who commit law and lawlessness. The problem then becomes when you look at what the original parable was a Jesus gave he talks about it, but having at the time of the harvest, which is at the end of the age and the first ones gathered are the wicked in their gather to be God doesn't happen in the CC I'm saying is that this is not an easy not an easy thing to so it just is that you get a friend of mine on here and I could have him interpret the print postmeal position that her friend and they could tell me the Primo position. I give you the on the position and that you could just take well they all have their their appointments and their strengths and weaknesses and remove often. There were all friends and we just I hope the premillennial pretrip were to write that I hope it's hot. That's my God with prayer guide your order will accrue.

Now also wish that the millennialism was true because it just teaches at the world to get better and better so I have a high position is pessimistic on millennialism which teaches us to get worse get really bad you better run for the hills.

That's my position pressing. That's why call it depressed.

Cataldo and rather my position not be the right one is 20 looks like God two groups per thousand years.

Maybe wineries down there early winery raining out in your garage.

I think that's a possibility that might fit in on the postmeal little more miles into the Primo position to look at that to think about that. I really got too much into all that because I see very quickly three and get a beer anyway. Was that really going to be here anyway. All work for the thousand years. I get world well II think going through it all, that I and my reasoning is found largely Matthew 24 is a single place to look and when it says to me in the field one is taken, one is left.

The context is not the rapture of the context of the wicked are taken go meth 25 hunting parallel them and when they do peoples arise bug opening. My goodness, it is not about the rapture the rapture occurs it is different versus but those verses are not about the rapture and that I would gladly publicly debate in a loving patient way and said let's look at the context and see. And every time I do on that with people.

Almost every signal, should say other than convinced that I'm right this minute. What I would call obstreperous recalcitrance of people who don't want to give in to say hey says so moving that pretrip strip on the poster and all you are, you know, I always pretrip because of the church's mansion.

After Three yes it is all right is it is generally considered a 24 elders in and to read this again should okay okay brother God bless her a break. Okay sorry thank you by okay hey folks, the right that after these messages the McCauley 772072277 mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave back everyone all right. Let's get on the air with Leon from Utah welcoming on here on all right but we gonna know your opinion about that you read a couple of his books and I likely has a say. I'm just not good enough to do it. Okay like, per the Bible you know the correct record everything on certain and then the boy speaks it's not rich, just money.

And you know I'm think all the mud on like I did like to know your opinion on. He's good luck to say he's got to know enough to build say he speaks with it or not. With that I know is very well-off. His wife is very well-off. I watch videos and listen to stuff and I'm so busy working on karma and debating in writing that I don't have time to focus on building a money is nothing wrong with that.

If I had that time which I did so that I could produce more in it.

Like for example 5 or money to get more radio stations. As an example idea. Well, I've been thinking of the subject brought it up but we want to expand in the limited do that is to get donations. That's it. That's how it is in this economy is getting worse and worse and if people were 200 use this opportunity plug, but if they were to sign up with a recurring donation if you wanted for the radio they could just say hey this is for the radio they could just email us on another thing say I'm so-and-so did this intonation is for radio if it's a recurring donation. We can then commit to other venues of one time. We appreciate it, but we can't make a budget out of it. You know well money yeah okay well I didn't want to act like I like the idea that you can't get that crap you know money is like I have a friend who is very well-off and and I he's a millionaire and he looks at her for years and years and his purpose is to provide for his family to provide for ministry and he said he says look Matt, I want to get more and do more so I can help support karma more than we tell you it wasn't for that guy if a was of that guy. We would not have half the reach of what we do, one person and one person can make a difference, but he doesn't have endless finances and he has to work a lot and things happen and he's under attack to and so we need a broad-based support spectrum of people who just do five dollars a month. We had if we had a thousand people that just a thousand people who did five dollars a month. We could then get it is not much and we could then get in the radio station. I just think of how Almighty God is so you don't what we need effect.

You got me thinking because we need volunteers. We need help. We are at a place with the ministry were we can't really progress any further because I'm tapped out in my time in our other recent volunteers and are tapped out to and we just need more help us. We need people who are willing to do assignments and and research things and then report to me about various things and join us in our Friday meetings, we have a three book and and realize they may come under spiritual attack and and stuff like that were developing a list and and we just need help. We need to.

For example, we would love to have help with someone who could just do who can get advertising for us so that we get advertising on the site. I have to literally in rewriting a book and then I'd listen to people in debates, then I modify outlines while I'm working on another article and then at the go through emails and then I'm I'm an email to me today about advertising so you can see my yet so many oars in the water here and us people to we need help. It's a lot everywhere that Laura and Charlie should call the show and talk about how they volunteer.

What they do and how much help. We need and how mentally challenged IM see they would connect all they would verify that for sure, that's for sure.

So enjoy him to get on. So I literally felt like it absolutely like you. Now do I record their you know we need labor get this case since you bring this up. We've had over 150 million people visit the site run radio stations are email goes out to bounty people in a week could type it in the thickest 10 2030 40,000 and used to be 60, 70, we cleaned it out because that emails we have guys in guy Nigeria guy and allowing two countries in Africa guy in Brazil, a guy in Turkey, a guy in Columbia. We have a full-time guy in that letter full-time in the sole exotic and then there's what I do and were reaching out.

We are reaching out weird it missionary to the Internet and if so, I took about five dollars a month.

It's not a whole bunch on the complaining is just a whole bunch of doable. And what happens is that goes into the broad bowl of which we draw the funds out of that we support the missionaries over the world. We got guys who are doing Spanish work and they were reaching out all over the world. But what about Carlos Vega. Carlos on here sometime we can talk and he does up. He's got schools going. He's in good contact with the government down there. Columbia getting a college going and were supportive of that. We have a guy in Brazil and his eight outreaches in as much, but he's doing a lot of work with youth and hit the Brazilian Portuguese website so he got a lot of people over the work. All of the world were contacting him and his answering questions. He's doing videos on STA and Jehovah's Witnesses in the Portuguese route and so we got a guy were supporting the go through graduate school through seminary and he's in Turkey, actual, Russian, Turkish and English fluently and when he's graduated Woody to get him to do list of websites in those languages when it is great and we just need a visa for okay that's what it is and provides what we want to go so much more do so much more that we wanted to. That's right, we just need a body of Christ to step up and say hey to help out a little bit and yes holiday no active need help and the problem with that. If I like to get the Duke. This is a way people can do something without really doing anything. Get out there say I dollars a month. $10 a month 15, 20, and they know that is going in and I'm not to call all of them can't but I do try and call people every now and then say hey just thanks to call the guy couple days ago and on Saturday night. Actually, and said he wants these things. Thanks for supporting us. We talked for 20 minutes and and the end of the net many times you do it more often. I just tell people we present because we do.

We really do live enabled me to be able to work full-time in this for about 17 years now Chris got 1 millions.

Millions have seen this at the site. Guess how many people have come back to the site. We have new visitors as 150 million that was called bounce rate is when someone comes in they see the gonna like this is not what I was thinking they leave.

So we have up the average bounce rate of other websites, but what people come back and stay almost 81 million people come to the site and come back.

It's a matter less isn't meant for $81,000,005 strike we were averaging around 7000 visitors a day. Returning to the website looking and spending time on it.

Looking and reading articles so that on average about 7000 a day, 7000 a day. So you know it's praise God look what he can do. Look what he can do with a broken vessel got asked burgers and is basically a fist who looks like a bag of folk laundry LaDonna on a hill out the negative.

I hear that all praise God is good Bible on her and got you great Riley on less folks there you go through life going to give me a call 877202276 right back after mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show three open line 877-207-2276 Janet from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Welcome. Thank you. I you question at very easy reflected it to be doing any kind of farm broadcasting on your Israel trip.

We can't will be could technically but it's like the morning there right now so it's not all okay okay probably not happen okay if they can't find it if you guys are you on the trip in the final video went and I'll probably have a friend of mine don't all do. The microphone is a good reminder to bring and I do have a hearing in Israel.

Right now it is were looking at right now. Etc. etc. when later on tonight night and then the second question I have a leg up called last week and she looked at get back a covering and you basically told her that that was cultural or whatever it doesn't apply today that you would unite to the context and showed trying to show anyway. Okay, so I asked that question because it made me think about living in a row that they play the church and how it was back then. Why is that not a cultural situation as type A covering because Paul equates the issue of women not being in authority over men in the church.

He related to the created order says I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over men would remain silent for Adam was first created, so he ties into the created order, therefore, cannot be cultural 088 I did to Adam because Adam was so so he ties it slab out straight into that and all again I offer anybody who wants to debate me public. Go out to a church, why did they had thought it does. The Bible supports or teach the support you within pastors and elders, I'd be glad to have a formal debate on that night I would do this for 15 years asking us into I get no notetaker takers beguiled what I got back I could copy today back I sculpt my ice really good still expand to the forgot my wife and I just dumped it that way you are and that is what you know about that out of my coat out. So the answer my question will God bless you yeah thank you. Have a good day bye-bye this go near with Brian from California. Brian welcome you here on postal angling or doing radio what's up the question and I enjoyed that after I got at it. Problem area we meet with the pastors and elders yeah and being able to articulate that one way to where it kind of kind of effective. They take all these extended you know if you can't handle heat it up there offended by get. I just think it's such a crybaby, a response I do. I'm sorry that is the main part of me coming out they find offensive. You know, I just want to say look, I don't care what is the Bible say don't submit it to your feelings and your offensive and you know I will do. I will everything to do this, I'd be glad to host a mini seminar we can run a test seminar because you want to do this anyway and I can teach on within pastors and elders and why it's not biblical. And why and then I can just take a bunch of questions and I can feed the questions I can do this on Petri honors of the like that if people are interested to learn that articulate the issues I would really man need to stand up and say to the ladies that's not your position. Not for you and the men who don't shame shame. I it's right and I had their preacher.

II remember his name right now that you only say I'm not sorry that your yeah that's it. It's so one of the way things I'll say is is I'm not here to offend you with the truth offend you that's between you and God. And that's it.

But in the world where where everybody's offended but everything and then people take it seriously. I don't I don't get it you later for I talk to people on the web and debate you offended me yell so now what I've asked you know now to see offended while offended when you use Lord's name in vain. So what will they do tell you not to do it. Don't you want or you say what we get.

It would affect offensive how you offended for somebody else because others of the benefit of for somebody else. I'll think of the confusion said about the other person what are you the other person know what that no dog in this fight we talking about will benefit a person what is wrong with people. Another thing okay you got going here. I was brought up to not depend on others and you I moved 26 times before I was 12 years old. 12 different elementary schools. This is all true, and I learned to be self-sufficient and so early on, people would say mean things about me and people take all my goodness and beauty said about you helpful know what my can do gonna cry subdue my friend to go this bother you.

Why should it bother me. So what do we do what you gotta do. I hear so many people owe it or they were mean to me on Facebook like I'm laughing so grow up move on to believe it. Leave your diapers at home, leave your apron strings at home, people offend you deal with it and off you don't like something just deal with it. Respond intelligently and lovingly and stopping the lead around like everyone else's offended by everything it sets a such a weakling attitude to have when they submit to the ridicule of somebody else, as though it were somehow matters can't just be a problem since stroke G Whitman is what I don't care. Next, you know what to ask.

Are you going to hyper figure my name with calling. I come from a background in seminary that I get online patently. The covenant so me and my buddy Barbara Altman before your brother will you and yeah and without having it looked like you covenant theology and didn't get a really good answer, so I was wondering if we're talking about all the previously how these different kind of perspective way of categorizing your thought will how they kind of differentiate between each other and how it would leading your view of it. Well that's a good question and I hate to tell you that I've not studied new covenant theology very much at all. I remember getting into it a little bit and looking at it and then quickly finding out that it is very and that people have all kinds of issues that they interpret a little bit differently in a mess and we can't know things, but here's something that I found was of a surprise wanted to do and doing it right now. Again is I went to the Bible. I typed in new covenant in the New Testament. I know that in the Old Testament that a new covenant was promised by God. So I started researching it and I'm telling you what I did and why it led me to a bit of confusion whenever the Scriptures and it which means there's something I'm missing. I just need to study and so it says integrity is 36 that he made us adequate a service of a new covenant, nonliteral law and then and he was eighths 88 God is saying to the writer.

Beholders are coming, says the Lord, when I will effect a new covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah. When I read because that is a specific prophecy about the nation of Israel, some looking at it thinking is the new covenant. Just asking the questions is the new covenant only with Israel nothing it is nothing. It isn't just the question I started look and then the answer basically is yes mostly, but not always in so in Hebrews 813 when he said in new covenant is first made the first obsolete will then what's the old covenant the old covenant as to think old testament stuff will Jesus in Hebrews 915 is the mediator of the new covenant and also when he was 1224. What got me was what I was looking at the new covenant. It specifically said food for Israel, and it says that that was in Hebrews 88 in the arena, nine and 10 elite read actually knighted to behold, days are coming, says the Lord will effect a new covenant with the house of Israel. The house of Judah. Not like the covenant which I made with their fathers on the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt. They did not continue in my covenant, and I did not take care of them. I did not care for themselves. The Lord, for this is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after those days as the Lord I will put my laws in their minds. I'll write them on their hearts and will be their God and they shall be my people from reading this going okay is that for Gentiles, that just question it brought to me so it seems to be for Israel.

The new covenant is for Israel. Then we get into questions. How are we Gentiles in the new covenant and I would say yes because we are by proximity. True Jews by faith. I think with the writer of Hebrews is doing is addressing the specific issue of the Jews, the Hebrews and talking about how God a promise and a covenant with them. I don't believe it's restrictive only to them, and there's a reason for that. When you see you soon. Now what one I'm going okay.

Not exactly sure accent studied a lot more and that's okay to say you're not sure and stuff which sank more frequently now I'm learning more things and when we think of that I pretty much where I fell in line with well I remember seeing subdue the new covenant we are in now a member sing something for that but I'll take a look at that and then another problem is if for the new covenant just for Israel than what we Gentiles under and that would be a problem. It can't be that simple is more study and I just okay writer we got go back tomorrow. Brian evokes the Lord bless you I hope you had a great time by his grace that another program powered by the Truth Network

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