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June 17, 2022 6:34 pm

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June 17, 2022 6:34 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses the canon of Scripture.--2- Is a dragon mentioned in Job 41---3- Matt discusses Roman Catholicism and their concept of tradition.--4- Matt discusses some Mormonism and their testimony.--5- What exactly does the word -gospel- mean- What is the difference between the Christian gospel and what the LDS believe-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is the resident thought a lot more questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responded to your questions at 877/4 digits, 2276 hospitals to your room on your dial phone or phone you store 77207 harm and you'll be able to get to go writer.

All right, let's see. So I just want you know that we still here by your support. Would you be so kind as to possibly consider the idea of going to on the right hand and you'll see what you need to do what we ask is so we ask that you would consider five dollars a month, because five dollars a month will help us to establish a budget five dollars a month will help us just too much and we could certainly use it. So there you go with that cycle to give me a call 877-207-2276, on your host Matt slick so I seek you may call Dr. said all right, so sometimes during the summer. It's usually slow and I do some teaching so I thought I might do a little bit of talking on the issue of the canon of Scripture the canon the canon means the Bible itself. You know the Old Testament and New Testament called the Canon while others talk with the camera little bit like a piece of information, but I think it be good, just useful. It is divinely inspired at second Timothy 316 talks about that and the new status which means God breathed somehow, someway, God spoke through the prophets and the apostles to convey what he wanted them to convey. And yet it has their styles and their personalities woven in the text. That's what the inspiration is because it comes from God, therefore it is authoritative. It is authoritative, and because it's authoritative.

It's the standard of truth is authoritative due to its inspiration, because anyone declares it to be authoritative. It's authoritative prior to people recognizing that such this is because the Scriptures are authoritative by the nature don't need a person or church to declare it they recognize all right and it's the ultimate authority and everything addresses know that something that is important because it's the ultimate authority whenever you have is tell you whenever you have an authority equal to Scripture, then, usually with the case. As the Scriptures are under that authority.

The sites equal the say our tradition and Scripture are equal but another tradition interprets the Scripture our profit and the Scriptures are equal not-for-profit interprets of Scripture. It's is the final authority in assessing is an suspended truth and in everything it addresses whatever it addresses.

That's it. That this will Scripture remain the sole Scripture means the Scripture alone is the final rule of authority and everything that it addresses it's not a book on quantum physics, so it doesn't deal with usual quantum physics. For example, now as I said was written through human agency and God worked through the property apostles, but it's the church that recognizes the Scriptures they recognize they don't determine it. That's important.

The church does not determine the Scripture. I know the Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox like to say our church gave you the Bible it's arrogant, arrogant ignorance know the church didn't give us the Bible you and give us the Old Testament God. God gives it to us and then the church consisting of regenerate people recognizes the voice of God, because Jesus says my sheep hear my voice and follow after me. They recognize the voice of the master recognize the inspiration of God toward and it is exclusive now this is something logical.

Don't think about, but the canon of Scripture. The 66 books in the old and New Testament, which have not been corrupted. I was thing about the eighth article in the Mormon church. The Bible's practice of force quickly translated and will people realize translate means from one written language without a written language interpreter is a spoken to a spoken and so is translated, this means for the original languages into English. That's what it means, attract and so is it actually translated. Of course it is.

Even though this is ultimately what it is is they doubt the word of God, to some degree so that their profit, their profit test of their testimony with their church, their tradition, their restored gospel can take the place of the final authority. Get rid of the word of God and with her actually saying is that God wasn't competent to keep his word secure. God was not competent throughout history to make sure that his word stay true. This is his word. This is not just something someone wrote and they can be corrected all over the place we think about the New Testament documents.

For example, were written and copied and these copies very early on by the by the Dothan I think, 30 or 40 years of Jesus dying in setting in heaven. There were hundreds of copies and disseminated all over the Mediterranean area and there copied on originals and enough the Bible's been corrupted.

Blah blah blah will then that would mean that people would've had to have found all of those ancient copies and altered all of them and then reburied them and we put them in pots and hidden away so that we can discover later and say all see these problems, it doesn't happen like that.

People who say that I was in crumpet for don't understand so is exclusive. Is it excludes all other authorities as a final authority. It's in itself, and we know that God is certainly capable of keeping his word of God says something. This way it is.

If he's keeping his word.

He's telling it like it is in his Bible is his word that he's talking B corrupted so that people then couldn't accuse him of error would be the case with your false prophet than you to was corrupted God couldn't keep it together but I'm here to restore the truth I'm here, you can just pray about it.

You can pray to some God not the God of Scripture, but some God that are planning or whatever and you can make sure your testimony like I have. All right. It's instructive. It instructs the Christians that's what is supposed to do, instruct the Christians and we read the word is the final authority in what it says go is revelatory.

That means it is an event that comes from God through prophets and apostles sometimes you know we could have some of them just right with a saw, but a lot of times it's prophetic and there's wisdom and there's truth.

Things that command a lot of times I don't know how their writing with the writing. And I mean by that. They don't realize that God in his inspiration and work through people and he's guiding you but yet you're not being forced he could do that with apostles and prophets, and he did nothing else about the word of God. It is self authenticating the canons established by God, not a church. It is the word of God which is self authenticating.

We know this because Jesus said in John 1027 my sheep hear my voice. The Scriptures are the voice of God is God breathed second to the 360. Furthermore, the Scriptures provide the foundation for the church, not the church for the Scriptures accident important concept the Scriptures provide the foundation of the church. If the Scriptures are corrupt.

The no church could be established upon it. But if it's corrupt how would you know if it's ever restored.

You can just have someone come along and say I'm restoring the truth. What's the truth it's what I tell you it is and how you know will because an angel appeared to me. Can you verify this no adjusted stuff like that and the Scriptures provide the foundation for the church, not the church for the Scriptures. The church therefore is not in authority over the canon, nor does it have the authority to determine what is inspired no church, the sheep of God recognizes the voice of God recognizes the canon. Therefore, the shape of God or under the authority of God's word not yet under their authority that is so important.

The church is under the authority of Scripture. The Scriptures are not under the authority of the church, or a prophet or prophetess or tradition. It's always the case that when false religious systems always the case. The Scriptures are trustworthy, contrasting, even the Jehovah's Witnesses who say oh no, the Bible, if that's a final authority they've done is altered.

The Bible actually gone in and changed it.

It's very significant ways, they have is actual actually documented nevertheless to God also would hear something else.

It's interesting God does not justify himself or his inspiration of the canon is in Satan look this is who I am with his wife to believe that because I see I was on forever and I'm this time that I would give you reasons why need to believe in me doesn't do that. He says you believe in. And he doesn't give any reason to justify his Scripture is an answer to us isn't tells. This is why you need to know about it.

It just is true. The shape of God here, their pastor, so God is not justify his own existence or the inspiration of Scripture for people now all he wrote to the churches of Galatia as English as one wanted to. He talks about that and then he talked about when you receive the word of God which you heard from us.

He recognized that what he was giving was the word of God for Sicilies to 13 and Hebrews 613. For when God made the promise to Abraham since he could swear by knowing greater.

He swore by himself. So this is how it's going to be second Peter 121 for it would be better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, not having noted to turn away from the holy commandment handed on to them. So to see the Scriptures talk about the holiness of God. The holiness of Scripture the necessity to keep it to submit to.

We go to second Peter 316 which talks about Paul's writings, as they they distort our people to store Paul's writings as they do the rest of the Scriptures was Peter who wrote that, and he recognized that the Scriptures both management Scripture also, since God works covenantal.

This is important.

God was covenantal acts of the word covenant in Latin is a testament to him and's old testament new testament the new covenant. The phrase occurs eight times in the New Testament looking all that. But the point is that God was covenantal. He he's promising and informing and revealing in the Scriptures, the old and the New Testament. This is what he does in the Christian church recognizes that Scripture that because there is the break if you want to give you call me up for lines 877207276 if you write back please Y call 770770. Will the Bible or not at your old boarding 41 you were thinking, but the creature that I could throughout, but it was a question what you read it with no joke for you okay me like behemoth and panda Leviathan. Yeah, landline's creatures and though the water-based creature.

Some people think might be done.

This will drag you read it right now you are in an environment, I like Dragon when well more like more like the idea of a blazing fire and so Lexi done surgically regift our dinosaurs mentioned the Bible to current article, and so that's what it says in see Job 40 behold now, his strength is in his loins and his power. The muscles of his belly. He bends his tail like a cedar which is a big tree by the sins of his thighs or knit together his bones or tubes of brawn's limbs are like bars of iron.

He is the first in the ways of God.

That is his maker bring near his sword surely the mountain brings him food and the beasts of the field plate.

There, under the Lotus plant. He lies down in the covert of the knee reads and goes on. If the river rages he is not alarmed is confident the Jordan rushes to his mouth. Can anyone capture him. When is on watch with Barb's peers isso that's where the theories is that that's an original out of 3141 talks about another creature and so one scientist think one is land-based and what is water-based and Job 4118.

He sneezes flash forth light in his eyes are like the eyelids of the morning out of his mouth go burning torches sparks of fire leapt forth. So, some think that that might be the Dragon that is being spoken and feels it was ridiculous to have for firebreathing dragons in the Bible.

Well, how do you know because 98% of all species have ever lived are now extinct and going on besides website you look it up is like 97% 98% of same extinct, there is a beetle called the bombardier beetle and it mixes to chemicals in his abdomen and when they mixed together in the air. It produces fire and it ignites and call it the bombardier is like a little bomb and so when when so when predators like a frog missing film of frog will, for example, in its mouth is the thing immediately. Does its thing and this explodes in the mouth and the frog spits it out so okay. There's an example that we have of a creature producing fire. So is it possible that some like that in a larger creature will why not know if 90% of the schedule is extinct.

So to stuff like that little okay what I would find it sound like that makes sense because now I want to type something in the Chinese culture the Chinese culture has the is the oldest culture goes back it goes back 6000 years and you'll notice that the Chinese let's see something he'll tell you.

The Chinese have this thing of the Dragon in their images so turns out, for example, that the word for boat and ancient Chinese characters is the symbol for vessel number eight and symbol for mouth or people eight people in a boat is the symbol for boat Noah's Ark had eight people in the. The symbol for to covet his two trees in the symbol of woman and the two trees plus woman is means to covet right out of Genesis right to create the symbol is to speak to speak dust and life and walk and mud. The all combine to create and to complete his 2+ the word person for first and then 1st+ home to be complete, forbidden to trees and the symbol for God forbidden to treat the symbol for God. The August goes back out I like to listen when garden is dust breath. The number two enclosure that's work for garden dust breath. The number 22 people and enclosures garden and healthcare.

What that they just go online look for a Chinese characters Bible Chinese characters Genesis associate.

This goes way back. The Chinese culture goes way, way, way, way back and they have this culture of the Dragon thing away back so why could there be dragons back then. Here's one more. The Chinese character for temperature, someone who tempts his is the symbol for secret man garden and alive. That's that equals the symbol for devil take that symbol devil, and the ad trees to trees and cover that equals temperature for the devil was trees plus cover is temperature. Now really stuff and you do a whole thing on this sometime because I don't know the Chinese at the bar of motor people's stuff. But I did when I was preaching and ABC churches American-born Chinese churches in English. I asked some of them about these things these people to speak English.

They got down and they start talking about after 20 minutes.

They said Yep that's right singer there okay will thank you.

You will very much late look back okay so here is an interesting folks a Chinese which, contrary to China. Eric and Chase training trace, excuse me, its ancestry, its history back 6000 years and yet the oldest character of its language has entirely biblical basis. Very, very interesting and they have this idea of dragons and since the Bible talks Ginger 4118 about fire coming out of the mouth. This one you know it just makes you wonder what was going on a folks want to give a call 877207 we read that His messages, five open lines give me call the mass Y call 770776. Nobody waiting to call all you gotta do 772072276 to continuing the Canon. This is stuff that people need to know about and what I'm doing is developing an outline on the Canon I got about 10 pages. This is very very early.

It's very basic but some still some good stuff in it and to be going to other books and all kinds of stuff authorship and things like that was outline and a producer probably set on car so well.

Talking about the Scriptures being the final authority and in my notes here.

I have my heading of Catholicism they have is called a trifold authority to talk about this a little bit because it's a good lesson for logic and a lot of people don't believe in using logic. I do logic is only possible because God exists and logical principles of basically a reflection of the mind of God. That's another topic, but in Catholicism. For example, they have a trifold authority, scripture, tradition and the magisterium Scripture is the Bible, but the added circa seven books or so of the apocryphal books in 1546 and they say that their tradition is on par with Scripture and I went talk to Catholics I get this a lot as it will list the final authority they say will Scripture and tradition of the same thing as you noted on the call yesterday.

Our tradition is just unwritten Scripture Scripture Scriptures is written down tradition. They'll think equate them and then I either work through that with them and show the problems of that thinking but anyway, nevertheless, will do it right now so little say Scripture and tradition and the magisterium.

The magisterium is the teaching authority of the Roman Catholic Church.

So is this just think about it, just step back and squint a little bit.

Tilt your head to the side rubber chicken think about okay triple authority. Scripture traditionally magisterium nursing or all of equal authority to problem because of how to say what your ultimate authority they can't answer the question because there is no ultimate to them. It's a threefold ultimate which means that there are three things that are ultimate but you can't have three things that are ultimate and with the do is say no.

It's all three.

The three things together. All you are the ultimate got exactly you have three things that are ultimate. How do you have three separate things that are ultimate and they don't get it first to go back and forth. You can't have for devil to ultimates because ultimate means there's nothing greater, nothing next to a greater anything so what's the ultimate they would say Scripture, tradition met in the magisterium, the magisterium tells you what the Scriptures mean and tells you what tradition is true so the magisterium in this context is the ultimate authority because it the Roman Catholic Church will tell you truth is I'm reminded of Mormonism because in Mormonism the authority of the restored truth in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, it was restored by Joseph Smith who was given the plates he translated by the power of God and the book of Mormon and the New Testament the Lord Jesus to improve price and doctrine and covenants and will save these for works with the Bible.

These four works are the of the completion of Scripture which one is taught in which was his rent which one is the greater focus and nurture is the Bible course not. The Bible is used, to bolster their book of Mormon or DNC program price.

The there they use the Bible that reminds me back in Southern California years ago about 20 years ago there was other forget there was a meeting were the Mormons were inviting the population to a housewarming kind of Bible study you three and give her anything.

But was this big to do in inviting every bunch of big house they bite all his people to comment and just ask questions, but the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I went I went and I not to cause you problems.

I just went and that they had Mormon missionaries milling about.

I try to lay low somehow didn't recognize me but I just laid low to no attention to myself.

I listened to this man give this presentation and he used the Bible and he gave the presentation and used a motion and he talked about his testimony, and testimony of the Savior, and it was was emotional.

That's what he appealed to was a motion his testimony. His experience and he would go to the Bible. It would take verses and II knew the verses in umbilicus at context and and I did raise my hand to disturb. I could list the whole thing and you have a study Mormonism for decades and absent a quick peck, I think, is to get out of her eye contact is not assessed or he did this several times and then they had to steal it ended in it of prayer and then had cookies that had all the stuff out just wonderful liberty felt so good was so nice and I walked up to this man and member. This is a guy who is full of smiles and emotion used the Bible to use them. By two bolster his testimony, and the truth of the restored gospel. He didn't go to the book of Mormon tenant doctrine covenants. You stick Scripture. I thought that was deceptive. I didn't because I know they think about the Bible and I knew this guy is using this to try and get people in who already believe the truth of the Bible just wants him to get in. Then later dismissed her stuff since I went to him and I said I said a question is very polite and a second question for said to him, I noticed that you use the Bible hear a great deal is.

Yes, he's said, but don't you believe that it's corrupted and he instantly changed his countenance changed everything about them changed and he said that's right, you can't trust.

It is corrupted. We have the book of Mormon. It was amazing. He he was being deceptive. I don't even know if he knew he was being deceptive because he believed the Bible was corrupt yet he wanted to use it to get people in who they believe the Bible is true so that she could then candidly something else using the word of God to get them into something it's not.

Who does that devil does.

I never forgot that I never forgot I river how shocked I was. His smile turned to a scalpel.

When I asked that pointed question about the Bible and he attacked it. He did not like it was corrupted Trust, but they have the book of Mormon history, the church length of the ceiling for page 461 of the book of Mormon is the most correct book of any book on the earth and bank to get closer to the precepts of God by falling at the point any other book describes this is interesting because the Catholic stability Leopold Bible but it's under the feet of the magisterium, the Jehovah's Witnesses, they have their New World translation.

The alteration of the Bible is been severely altered at the change in many places. There's lots of articles lots of Greek scholars Hebrews scholarly can do this and they don't care so they say it's the word of God. If they've altered it because it submitted to their profit because to them. The Jehovah's Witness organization as a whole is the prophet washer Bible track society is the profit and it restored the truth. Charles takes Russell was the man used by God to restore the true gospel in the 1800s fact, Mary Baker Eddy of Christian science. She said, and science and health with Key to the Scriptures paragraph of page 25, starting at line 8. The material blood of Jesus was no more efficacious to cleanse from sin, when it was shed upon the accursed tree than when it was flowing through his veins as he went about doing his father's work so Mary Baker Eddy attacked the the work of Christ and had to add another work called science and health. Q the Scriptures and letter were called miscellany because it had to be it was a soft supplement to the Bible but it always wary of a supplement to the Bible. The Bible always takes a second second place to in that cult. That group uses everything in its new revelation to interpret what that sweater deceived fantasy so you see, if you don't have the Bible is the ultimate authority you don't have it then you folks usually the writeback of this message is for the lines 87757707776. Let's get to Sean from Utah hi Sean. Welcome your yes I can talk about the gospel and how Mormon medical like that don't happen and I agree with that regulation one with the man who was like Burke but is really not is really frustrating but you try to explain the if you can give in! It off. I'm sure there are lots of LDS listeners and one I'm calling from Utah and I enjoyed not like a chapter asked LDS person if they could tell me the gospel itself to stagger the word ever gospel truth got that what being the kind of not let them know that I will what the Bible and you can get a different answer every time.

And it they don't Really define it and uncork anything a lot a Christian can't either mean the kind of come. I thought you know if you do something that explain the short pica my are you the Ray comfort method work talk of the good news. The bad news and basically go through the gospel. About two minutes.

When I do this is law gospel in cost, but the gospel. The Greek word Lynn galea occurs 76 times in the New Testament, Jesus uses it before his crucifixion and chronologically the Bible.

Matthew interviewed in the pulpit of the first listed in Matthew Québec is the first book will go with that is Matthew 423 that he was teaching the synagogues proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom. Now that is what is that it must be that the Messiah is coming. The Messiah will deliver the Messiah from God and all of that and I did do a study on that one. Do a study on the usage of the word before his ascension, crucifixion, ascension, and after and see. But when we talk about the gospel that saves and first it is 15 now. I made known to brethren, the gospel which I preach to you, which also you received in which also you stand by which you are say if you hold fast the word which I preached you unless you believed in vain. For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received the Christ died for our sins according the Scriptures is buried as raising the third decor, the Scriptures, that he appeared to Cephas than the 12 so the gospel is that it is willing galea in the Greek and the first two letters are EU and are excellent excellent athletic club in the EU combo. There would it means is good. It's a blessing it's a distant root so we have the word euphoria EU euphoria so it's a blessing. It's a good thing will what is that good thing. The good thing is you don't have to keep the law in any way order to be forgiven of your sins. That's the good news.

The bad news is that you have in the Old Testament you to keep the law or be right with God. That's that's bad news because you can't the standard of the lost perfection due to McCoy 726 perfection. Paul references that Galatians 310 you have got to be right. You can't mess up the laws interesting. It brings about the opposite. What requires requires perfection and holiness and shows you your lack of perfection and your sin and surf the law's reflection of God.

So the law is a difficult task master, it can destroy you and salute with the law does is show you your sin you've live you've stolen you cheated and just because people repent, and there sincerely think that goes away what does not. The penalty is overhanging.

God is just delaying his judgment on hopefully you believe in the gospel. You believe that Jesus Christ on the cross roads in a dead three days later and that his death was a sin offering that he bore our sins in his body the cross. First Peter 224 he became since ingredients 521 and that he died on the cross.

The wages of sin is death.

Romans 623 so sin was imputed to him transferred to him. He died with it.

So the requirement of the law was made in Christ because he cut the law perfectly never sent. First Peter 222.

He was perfect in the law. We aren't, and so he proved perfectly went to the cross, having perfect perfectly kept every part of the law perfectly, and he went to the cross that is called is active obedience perfectly kept the law and then on the cross. This sin was imputed to him or reckoned to him or put upon him only because they is God in flesh. She's the perfect one was able to keep that law perfectly so the perfect sacrifice for our sins are imputed to his account, reckoned his account. He bore our sin in spite of the cross is called is passive obedience is active.

Obedience is keeping the law is passive obedience as he received the sin I just happen to have it. It was put upon him. He died with.

So when he rose in a dead it's the proof that the sacrifice of the son is acceptable to God the father.

Therefore, since he kept the law perfectly, and since he removed the sin debt then the only thing left for us is to simply believe not in the way the devil believes in God that God exists, whatever know that cold essentials were talking fiducial fiducial just a technical term means heartfelt deep trust and belief and that's what were doing as we have fiducial we have this heartfelt deep trust in what Jesus did at the cross, not what we do, but all false religions say no. You gotta add your work. You gotta be sincere you gotta do this you go do that either prove you're worthy good fruit, but a blah blah.

And that's just this is horrible we could say that this the work of Christ is not sufficient in and of itself, so the good news is Jesus The law and he took a lawyer sent you receive it you receive him. That's what she says a receive him as John. John 112 so we do that by faith and, therefore, having been justified by faith. Romans 51 and that means we have a righteousness is not our own. Flipping 390 righteous that's not our own. I think about that a righteousness is not our own. The Bible says inflicts 39 if we had to do anything to prove ourselves working with God in any way and that's our righteousness, and so we will see what were doing this with the grace of God. Well, the good Titus 35 he saved is not on the basis of the deed which we've done in righteousness, not because of the things you've done in righteousness in your your faith in all this he said is not on the basis of deeds which we have done in righteousness, but according to his mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit to be poured out upon us so the gospel is the law.

The Old Testament shows us our sin. Jesus is the. The good news. He kept the law and that he bore our sins on the cross rose from the dead and only thing left for us to do is to trust with heat and we do that is righteousness that he earned as God in flesh keep the law is reckoned to us twice as a righteousness. It's not your own. But if it was your own saved by grace through faith that all you can do second Nephi 2523 aroma or the catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 2068 you obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments in these mean that your little efforts are your own righteousness and the Bible says that we have a righteousness, not our own food has to by faith alone in Christ. And when we believe and trust what Jesus did, were justified before God, but here's what I teach that a lot of people don't teach, and that is counting the cost because a lot of people are not ready to count that cost. And Jesus says in Luke 1428 for which one of you what he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete and Jesus is pick up your cross daily pick up your cross daily and follow after me.

This is where it is not carries on cross and come after me cannot be my disciple of Jesus is saying some pretty heavy stuff that I say to people if you want to be a real Christian, not a churchgoer who goes through rituals who goes through the church with the final authority and you do what it says now if you want the real gospel in real forgiveness of sins and you have to know you're a sinner to trust in Christ and to ask Jesus and pray to Jesus as cults never pray to Jesus always through, but never to the Jesus is praying to us that her topic asked Jesus forgive you of all of your sins, receive him and trust in him, but you better know equity.

This could cost you because your family it can cost you everything. The reason is because the cross is more important than your family and if you don't believe that you can't receive Christ Trust what Jesus did on the cross is more important than your wife, your husband or children. My wife knows this. The cross is more important to me than she is in the cross is more important to her than I am stuck to say we don't love each other, honor each other is just that we know who Jesus is, what he did. He is more important. He's greater than us. We put our faith or trust in him and you pick up your cross and follow after him that not worthy of that's what he says and asked not to knock your wife and children and all that your spouse or children as we can understand people to count that cost because to follow Jesus is not easy, especially in a world of two types of problems. One direct hostility. Anything related to Christianity and the other problem is you're in a false group that promotes a false Christ and false gospel and trying to leave it can cost you greatly that Mormonism is solving stories of people leave Mormonism and become Christians in the Mormon church and her family turn on and love of God. That's that's it lost like grouchy appreciate that that inflation and I know people listening that you believe something different that that's can eat at them. That's gonna work on and try to prove that wrong. Using the Bible you can so appreciate your donation of 20 years I was a false believer.

I knew God I believe in him, but I didn't live I didn't trust him. I might trust in him that I wasn't willing to pay the cost. I lit one for the world one in the Bible and you that and I was finally willing to give it all up, walk away and join the church and God took everything and then gave it back. Thing your knowledge of your totally change my desire feel that was my evidence of that. But I appreciate your explanation.

I got agree with Apple heartily and I do the same thing I liked one people that life can get difficult become a believer, but only work that's right.

I was ready.

Look at Luke 923 Jesus says if anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. That's what Jesus says who you follow what they meant brother Dave, thank you all right, Sean, God bless what you folks there you go home with the Lord bless you the gospel of Jesus Christ the gospel that say trust no one else is him another program powered by the Truth Network

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