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July 16, 2022 5:00 am

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July 16, 2022 5:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt reads hate mail.--2- Do you believe that you can lose rewards in heaven- What exactly does that mean---3- Can you explain the parable of the talents---4- Did Jesus ever make mistakes, as in carpentry for example or was he perfect in everything he did---5- How are we to pray to be delivered from temptation and also to rejoice in difficulty---6- Is it ok for a Christian woman to work a secular job where she leads men or makes more money than her husband---7- Matt talks about the work of the international CARM missionaries.--8- How do I deal with my granddaughter whose a lesbian and atheist-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is why France is called responding to your questions and July 2022 when McCall was dialing 772072276 and let's see today is Friday and would like to do on Friday, sometimes just to hate mail and someone was asking about left middle finger read a couple of those two love mail the whole people like to hear little bit of both sides of things to do is I do that and was given to a couple calls coming into if you want to give me a call 877202276 all right to see you go about your article. What should Christians do for child gets involved in Wicca insults me completely. You mentioned nothing of my religion. You can even read it.

I can't read what the person says it's a funny insult. If you want to accuse any religion or demonic possession it be mine you get off the last week. I'm a Satanist of your choosing Quicken something devil worshipers get this Satanist is insulting me and talking about wickets. I said wickets are glorified hippies. We sickness are the ones that your article should be targeted at your encounters with wicked Flicker tires flattening but your encounters with Wicca flattening your tires, and financial issues don't flatten my tires with sky goodness and financial issues are completely due to the fact that your judge jutting religions while Mr. sicknesses talk about that doesn't have all his father, a litter box list. Let's see, let's see, let's see some more color, and you don't do to call her and see how things go and I will talk it will give me a call. Go do is dial 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Gary from Ohio hi Gary, welcome your yes I hear you yeah your wet short little thing about that it don't lose your salvation. They might, they won't lose it, but they might lose or you understand or Shumpert get the report so we are justified by faith in Christ, we cannot be lost and God has given us certain things to do as Christians were not saved to be trophies put on the shelf were saved to be workers for the Lord Jesus Christ to be doing the bond servants of him and everybody is gifted with certain abilities. Mine apparently is being annoying.

My wife says somebody used at the glory to God, and there are people who are gifted in varying ways and what they do with their spiritual gifts, what they do is nothing, or with to meditate, they might you not a gift or two. But noise in the background are meant start and silent era, and so God wants us to use what he's gifted us with and if we don't use them when I can get those records that we could get it in there.

Christians who are called to do certain things by the Lord and they don't integrate Christ, the loss of reward in heaven for what it is that they are supposed to have done. It doesn't mean your salvation is lost so they can suffer get her shirt they could have an increase or loss of rewarding and haven't because of my while. Yet we have no idea knowing what what rewards we would get everybody like LL it that I would assume you would like to know what you would get to Ashley while to be honest, I thought about over the years I I guess I don't want any but they don't really matter to me because Alka I got what I want. It is just to be with my Lord. That's that's enough and ALL that any if there's room yard which we cannot get any because I've never done anything with any pure motive, and so I don't know in an expert to be with him and that's good enough is reward enough.

And if you think else.

This is better. There anything beyond that is by his grace, so that we can all legally you know lately that salvation with everybody listening when we can all be thankful for that. Every day you know what what life without that a minute you know the ceaseless turn it in.

You know an eternity with him.

Well, I appreciate that Matt Charles Stanley was right that we can have a loss for words. What a Christian attention to that because all man II yeah I do, I gotta make me worry about it because it is the point of doing that, but I deftly don't want to you and I'd be lying to you and I don't like Ohio, one if I wasn't. If I wouldn't want to get is much reward as I could get without it.

I don't want to come across the gimme gimme gimme if the Lord is offering rewards are things that's we will be blessed by the end. And when we serve our Lord was with much faithfulness as we can, through thick and thin and he's going to his grace.

Reward us.

I don't see any. I was personally I don't see how I could get any reward for anything in a much any modest or humble. You know, the standard is perfection and I'm not perfect by any way, any stretch of imagination.

So you know it's got to say well done is reward. Wow.


All right.

You say so give it back to him as you shift from you know that's it that's all gone. Nothing also drunk wheat when we're saved I heard this from another one of my favorite pastors that it once were saved. God opened up an account for us so we as pastor Lon Solomon put it, we transfer as much from our heavenly account to start earthly accounts are heavenly account if the storing up treasures. I don't know if anything is Scripture says God is keeping account at about I understand somebody saying yes there's an account before and after our salvation. Now everything our sins are wiped away, but God is get dressed and we have responsibilities. Even without being a Christian and there's a covenant aspect of that in the Adamic covenant, and all people of mankind are required to obtain the Adamic covenant because he's our ancient father you are in him. That's doctrine federal headship teaching at a covenant, but you know I get what you're saying but I would never say that I don't see that in Scripture I can sleep now.

There's an account that start yeah you're right, in its many people behind you and Clinton's. They have good intent on one and they say something. This is not Bible. When they do that for the pulpit gets me. I don't do that, your net now that real quick that lifting there.

Is that what what verse where Jesus I'm trying to describe is the best way I know, look it up and and and keep better track of it were Jesus as the so what you're basically what you are you you you guys were what he comes back in the for the third one that didn't do much with what was always given you. Okay, let him turn on, bottom bot I got you on Ron and that word – you yes I sink this method 19 this rethinking compared with King who wished to settle account ethics is the slaves 10 10,000 hundred none of it has the talents Alan found it yet has until want so you know you he turned from turning and in you read here.

I found it not enigmatically 540 is like a man.

That's what a journey calls on slaves and entrusted his possessions to them to the one he gave five talents with her to another one each again. His inability and he went on his journey immediately.

The one who received five talents went and traded with them and getting five more the same in the same manner, the one who had received two talents gained two more but he who receive one talent away and got a hole in the ground and pastors and various measures money for long time. Master of the slaves came and settled accounts with them when he received five talents came and brought five more doctors well done most to same thing. Well done and the one who receive one talent master. I knew you were hard man, reaping what is not so together we gathered so the one to convince with with one talent is accusing the amount land master of from of unrighteous is Artie gotten was going to background so got excised.

I recommend going to start so he says he was afraid and so the master condemned him and so got the idea hears different interpretations of that have been offered but the idea is that of we are to use our talents of the word talent is a money back then coincides with the word talent that we have now in English, we have certain talents and abilities and God has given us were to use them for his glory to produce not to do nothing with it to put in the ground and very not have it do anything that's bad and Christians are to take this very seriously. There to use what they have negative that they have for the glory of God. You think they will get are not on not spent on the self either right right in.

The idea here is that it's for the master because that's her in a sensor represents God and the idea is that we usually have to increase from what God has given us so you Dare I say that there will I use my teaching ability to teach as many people as I can about the Lord do radio and rights and stuff like that so that's the idea of gimme five, them getting five back.

But what if someone has a gift of teacher a mentor with the havoc that the gift of teaching and decides not to do anything because lazy and this is a gift from God.

Well, then you don't have that reward common in my feel of the penalty doesn't mean I saved legacy curve provided on what you 2525 starting in verse 14.5 or 14 white men appreciated by God. But as you write Negative due to high all right five open lines wide open. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276.

I want to hear from you give a call all right, let's get back to the hate mail because it feels good now. Of those who are new to the show.

What is his hate mail stuff while I'm a Christian apologist to defend the Christian faith, teach theology debates and debate got to a few nights ago and I with oneness Pentecostal person activate Catholics, Eastern Orthodox atheists, Muslims, ideal formal debate written books and I do radio above about okay so the website had hundred 50 million visitors and is been on line for over 26 years so I get hate mail I love hate mail and there is the break old vectors after the break people's behavior for bloodlines going to be golf real for myself 877207276 max Y call 77077 charismatic slave everybody. Welcome back to the show about Danny from Germany. Welcome. You're on here. I like talking to you stalking you, so we got the summertime know what the metrics will get a call and apart from the other. That's right that's right my my ancestors came from Germany. That's right, and slick people. No slick, selecting contracted slick team became slick that I got my my weird last night so yeah I Germany I gotta go check it out. So why the government might my question brother. That he's off the conviction that Jesus never missed the later being a cop into all been perfect for what the man she is in the hypostatic union perfect or that you also learn by mistakes that is a good question and we don't have a good answer. And the reason is because we know he was made to the Lord and the Angels Hebrews 29 under the law. Galatians 44 and that he had emptied himself with his two, five through eight. Now what is that mean well that's worth a discussion we can't really say exactly what it means. But those are something that happened in the incarnation, and then it says he remained in subjection to his mother and father after inch instance when he says he good at what it says in Luke five, 252 that he grew in wisdom and stature cell if hitting was under the law. He was growing in wisdom and stature, he was lower than the angels had emptied himself, then the question becomes up. Could you miss a nail when he was hammering it because he was a young was a man but is also God. Now we have the doctrine called the Kennecott to it. Your bottom where the properties of both natures are described with a single person that would be the person of Christ had the attributes of of divinity as wound humanity and omniscience as well as you don't being able to go to sleep well. These attributes are attributed to him by logical necessity. It's more that so he would know where every nail was on the other hand does his right arm or left arm as he swinging it always worked perfectly well, that's a question you know because it will tell you when I am a nail is like every clear zone room and Michael fly off some direction and you know and who knows, but of so with him. I just don't know.

I just can't say yes. I can't say no fun question to talk about but I could just see you know Joseph, he was a carpenter noticing you everything you make is perfect. Get this your good you know. Maybe. Maybe his work was so good.

That's how he got a reputation around the area and this guy's perfect work you who knows or me. I don't know. Maybe he missed a nail because his armor is distilled to flesh and you know maybe something wasn't exactly right. One day with the wind. I don't know.

I got me can answer little thought about that and you know what one told me she does agree that I was not sure so I thought I'd give you a call to ask you about your opinion. God can't make a mistake so missing a nail would be a mistake right, but a human can make a mistake.

So how do those two qualities combine and we could say Jesus could never sent, and the reason is, even though the human nature can be tempted by nature is not capable of sentence I would say would not capable of setting he's capable of being tempted but not of sending so how that work with the missing a nail. Could you miss a nail. I think potentially he could have but not actually their senses in which potentiality and actuality can be understood in these kinds of questions that are futile to talk about things like this and talk about the third sense in which this could be understood that we do signal we don't know for sure okay God bless you men using Douglas. They should call it a listen. Germany that's awesome all right thought from the right see all right from Germany. Let's go to Canada and the list talk to or no notice. Not Canada, it's Alberto from Georgia is never enough something wrong. Alberto welcoming on here yet. Go to max click my question again on the Lord's prayer for deliberate and patient.

You know right and then I'll talk on the Hochman James chapter 1 verse two said we really going brother that you collect the diaper date and contradictory term. No dreams. Well, Strayer is the request of God to deliver us, but rejoice when he doesn't, we might ask God as Jesus did, let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless, not my will but but your will be done. Luke 2242 so you can request something of God, and he just granted to you so you can request Lord please deliver us from evil. But we know that evil occurs to us and around us. So it's a request of God to deliver us and help us but yet is also the will of God. It is permissible to allow bad things to happen to us. So in those realities we are to rejoice in another got to control her loss of her reason and stuff like that make sense okay. All right. Thank you. Okay, that help help out my credit up more better yet I'll develop much better about our elected one part that the literary thing out of Bardwell you want to build the 12 fall into. So now on fire hazard can be of different senses of how things could be understood. That's only issue right okay but okay thank you sir. All right, thank you okay we have four lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 Jennifer, Raleigh, North Carolina Jen, welcome here. Happy Friday. Yeah yeah question. I was just think about it lately but not talking about the role role that women play in the Bible have a lot of regulation in terms of what Lily should and should not do that transfer into society or into the regular world.

For example, if you have a woman who's a Christian if she married, but she had a job as a supervisor and she had the lead man in that kind of make more money. There has been a bad order or that okay that's fine, which my wife made more money than me, I'd say you don't think so. That's not a problem is that if you get a Proverbs 31 you'll see there's a description of a really good woman. She is a businesswoman and she's quite good at home as a focus for the lives of the call 772076 will be mass Y call 77077 back to the shelter working with Québec on your with Janet still there. Alright, so the only restrictions I see in Scripture for women is that they're not in the church to exercise authority, government not to be in a position of authority in the spiritual sense that they will be president we present like him.

Candace Owens. I wish sure all I wish to become president.

She seriously and don't know problem there. Women who rearing business.

Oh yeah, absolutely. There women who run businesses, and other very good at it, no problem, and the church is throwing okay Pro is okay for wanted to have leadership over a mandated manager have a contradiction or something know it so it would be fine as it says in first Timothy 212 13. He says I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over men but remain silent for Adam was first created.

So Paul is talking about the Adamic order. He then goes on in verse three verse three in chapter 3 the very next chapter he says he's giving instruction on how to behave in the household of God specifically granting instructions for the church and we know from Proverbs 31 that's an excellent wife who can find her worth is far above Jules the heart of her husband trusts in her. She does him good and not evil all the days of her life. She looks for wool and flax, and worked with her hands in the light. She is like merchant ships, she brings her food from afar, she rises.

Also, while it is still night and gives food to her household and portions to her maiden so she's in charge of people she considers a field and buys it.

That's pretty serious stuff, and I write Lance a vineyard. She's a businesswoman. This is a good woman is wooden excellent wife is is the best proper process. She rises also allow the still night gives food for household that's awesome to gird yourself with strength major Armstrong senses at her again is good. Her lamp does not go out at night. She stretches out her hands to this distaff, and her hands grasped the spindle. She extends her hand to the poor.

She stretches out her hands to the needy.

She's not afraid of the snow for her household or for all her household are clothed with scarlet.

She makes covering for her sells her clothing is fine linen and purple.

Her husband is known in the gates. She makes linen garments. It goes on and on. She smiles yeah future. She opens her mouth and was the teaching of kindness is on her tongue and nestling a lot of women can work on and Wells men, the teaching of kindness on her tongue. Her children rise up and bless her. Her husband also, and he praises her saying many daughters have done nobly but you excel them charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. Give her great product of her hands and let her works praise her in the gates. The gates were the places where the officials of the city would go and sit and talk and do business and it was a courthouse kind of thing, and she was to be known, even there. Some men would praise her. That means they knew that she was a good businesswoman took care of the home house and everything else to do that you have the controls and stuff, no problem at all.

Hepatic is no real boundary for women by the church. Okay, now you know it fact when I was in seminary, in which Westminster theological seminary graduate, 1991 it was very very very conservative.

Now I've heard it's slide a little, very, very conservative and we had a week long. Where the classes were opened up to everybody and anybody outside just coming to the classes and the brought in a special woman. She was awesome to teach on how women could be used in the church and I thought the opportunity to learn and with this class and I was the only male in the class. It was packed full of women from our that was shameful.

Yes me. The men should've been in there and they're looking when I go to church what you know this woman and I said listen to her. She was full of wisdom. She was awesome she was like a Proverbs 31 and so sometimes men have this attitude.

Some men hope.

I'm sorry you can't do anything, stay home, be pregnant your barefoot with my sandwich woman and that's the wrong out of again and so it is a crime series of my wife says if you have worked to try to businesses are growing great.

Go for it and don't know or if you start making double triple quadruple what I make of it like he was go for it man. You be okay with that. He drove her supervisor will remain. She had male employees under her. I think I want to price we go to church yet.

Have you preacher or teacher that's that's it's a spiritual issue for no problem at all okay will she tell the way she's already yeah but I'm going to Belgrade to run for president might think about doing it.

We present because of present.

We got he's a complete good route that's denser is I want Candace Owens to I do when I was you every vote for woman.

It was a dark absolutely word I would help her okay I understand now I've said is my wife if she were loosely called up going down strike at his own comes on he goes there. She is alright, I'm listening. You know, I would estimate what you think guilty plea to date her and likes it right there so I guess she's like an ass or husband for shifting my view the problem. You know you know I joke around and point is, she's just she's wonderful. I think she's great. So I should my residue happen, kid. Yeah, I think she should shy not to see her attribute present in and become present.

I'm not getting that serious would love it. Now she would do is discover allow limited length think I might try to encourage make about women are able to do that outside of the Garrett and Patrick. The movie I like that I like that a lot absolutely and go have fun go just for the glory of God and don't be oppressive. You know and and stuff you just for the glory God okay mapping about that sounds good. Yeah, we can and will talk to you later need to gobble us. Okay I that and yes I really like to run I do that it's only lives so she said some things over the sea present the split other person I've really exclaim that about was Alan Keyes. I heard him years ago, and I guys awesome.

Okay, let's get to Ryan from Utah Ryan welcome your on the air and it affect you have the same about her diaper you do not at the yacht wonderful that he will press yet wanted to wanted a way in real quick and agree my opinion about the gentleman from Germany with the unit being perfect it and ended in every every way. I think went with the Scriptures bed that he grew with them and that there I think that is evident that in terms of everything that would be, then it will make sure that he was absolutely perfect, but I would imagine as a child. The word we need to do him justice. I would imagine it first it out he made maybe wasn't as refined as the second or third.

But as he grew in stature and learn to control the body that he became quite amazingly wonderful at everything. It taught that and after that point because he didn't come out of the womb walking and talking. She had to grow right so I would assume that he was stumbled and is getting his body work, you know that we don't know how all that works there. It's just, you know, it's just Talk about all I think there's a place for it for him in his humanity to grow in wisdom to grow in understanding to grow we want to go to historian. That means that in the person of the body pressure to different persons and one did it one time and one person to another time. We wanted to say that that heresy looked at it is just an issue, and it's a confusing one, sometimes not that it's contradictory. It's just that work in the Bible to tell us that's okay.

What about the Bible. It allows us to ponder the and lacked the I appreciate the good uplifting commentary that this shall provide for many hours. A good thought, and I appreciate what you got the phrase God is God alright thanks love region alright has arrived from Utah with five of the line to call 87720727 as as messages. Some of the chat rooms that always slick 24. Alright, they would write back folks after these messages, please think what you call mats like why call 77077 charismatic/writer 72072276 ringing will be on their second is will let you guys know that so we stay on your mind. Generous support. What we ask us if you don't mind would you consider supporting us at five dollars a month is not very much all you have to do is go to CAR room.RG the right-hand side is the old-style scar literal/donate and you'll be able to hone in on his final if missionary writers have a five dollar month don't monthly donation at smokable cups coffee and it really does help us were trying to get a lot of people into help us and hopefully to be able to meet our bills work. We would try something as a matter of fact, as a matter fact we had our Friday meeting and Moses.

He's one of our guys in Africa and he's in Nigeria for quite a while is a great guy to pastor a ground evangelizing teaching and he's been informing us on a weekly basis of which happening in Nigeria.

One thing you want to do is raise the funds bill to support him a little bit more than what we do. She's okay sister trying to get paper to print tracks up to distribute and the reason is because of increasing number of persecutions of Christians that are there was a clergyman who was just abducted and killed two churches and some small villages were attacked two Christians were killed and 44 Christians were abducted by Muslims of prison was attacked and he said over 600 Muslims. Muslim terrorists were freed. I went and did some checking on that and it turned out 440 prisoners in the show. The wall so different information, but he said yeah I know it's happening little.

The actual actual numbers are but you Muslim terrorists were were freed and so these are the ones that had been there. Muslims come in and he destroyed people as people's lives that kill them to kidnap them to burn churches and things like that and the Christians are being taught that, not defend yourself. Don't just lay down and take it and that's not the case. Folks of Tonya. I wrote a nice article on it.

That article is being printed up and distributed. There will this been distributed out in the outskirts where the Muslims are attacking villages, but in the main cities. The big churches don't want to support the idea of getting tracks the big churches are about developing their own congregations and their and and growing and we I've known about this kind of stuff is not a good thing the big churches there fleecing the flock where the pastors will drive around in Mercedes and the people are starving all of the place it. This is happening, locked in a positive confession and New Age positive that she will be living in a lot and with your name and claim God want you healthy, wealthy, and so of Moses gone to these churches and asked for help and support and are not interested, they don't want to do that and support the idea of people out there in the boonies because if they do then they might get attacked. That's what the worry is so people been killed and he's passing out tracts and he needs the funds for tracks so were trying to raise the funds for tracks five dollars a month. Part of that would go to something like that.

That's what were saying is we do deliver to health and plus to keep us on the air and to pay our support for a guy in Columbia.

Another guy in Turkey guy in Brazil. We are working hard missionaries are trying to get them to do what they can in the respective countries and so everything I say can you help us have a five dollars a month and were just trying to get a lot of people doing that and we could have her bills mats and stuff like that. That's it. all you gotta do this get to somebody in the hummus from Salt Lake City. I will come here.

I may not her with all my heart wife arrived, my heart and when I got right today. Our church harangued liberal and downright kinder what you learn everything that I do not everything in regard you how grateful I am that I was born in America. What a wonderful country we leave that and now got a lot of positive feedback and I mean that IMO hate Galen can get flatware at the Mac. I never made it back to get back around.

If you can overlook that. Would you like to go online. She now turned you, you know, I have a copy. He 90 now made. I got it.therefore and now I help you commit to living there.

I long story short, the title is my property. Why would I want that meet the land.

The land is yours to do with as you desire. You want to do. Give it to her not give a tour you're right. Either way you're not obligated to go to her not obligated to not, it's up to you not hire. I don't want anybody thinking will usually do. She wants and that's a step that yours if you want to limit your to do with. If you want to sell all the possible land to somebody and take the money to a lake and burn it and have a barbecue next to liquid or fish and that your whatever you want.

Yes, I knew this so you need to consider things if you give her the land and she inherits it, will she sell it music for liberal things. You know he wanted show luck to her. But if she's going to hate America will then why would you why would you want to benefit from what America's provided if she hates it. So there's a lot of inconsistencies there.

The course are to pray for us… And of noise. Romans one talks about that such people are given over to the depravity of their hearts and minds and so in verse 28, to do those things which are not proper and filled with unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil, full of envy, murder, strive to seek malice, gossips, landers, haters of God, and slid arrogant. She has a judgment of God on her. The judgment now everything I worked out I leave with you. I have a daughter who was to say is so let's say your daughter and my daughter. When my daughters would get along and is unfortunate, but it's a reality. It's what happens and the world is deceptive and they make their decisions and the want to serve their own flesh your own lusts and the hate the light. That's what she's hating. I would say beyond hating America is hating the things of God and the Christian principles that were woven into this country, which are still in our Constitution intergovernmental system and society to a large degree, even though society is turning against his principles and is spitting out face of God so that it will go unless you have a good weekend. Okay, I is one thing that I remember when I was younger, my mom and dad were still alive. They had a house they had stocks that have stuff and I became a Christian and I remember thinking about the issue know it's always nice to have more of this or more that a bigger car nicer house money in the bank and when I became a Christian I realized by studying the word, that what belonged to my parents was theirs and they had the right to do whatever they want with my dad and I had a conversation about that.

He said how he wants to leave stuff for his three sons and I said well we appreciate that dad said the look you don't post anything and don't think were after it.

Oh, we don't. I don't care if you want to say this of you want to call your assets liquidated when burn. I will help you conquer and the point was, it's his. I wasn't to covet what was his.

I've heard so many stories over the years where the siblings will just come just circling like vultures on mom and dad's or uncles whatever properties and assets and they fight amongst themselves of how they can fleece the dead and that to me is a point when my my father did did die one of my brothers had been taking care of him as her dad left some money instructions were to distributed evenly in the three sons with my brother did, but I told my suit don't bother. Keep that you're the one who took care of him for the past few years. I said no it's what dad wanted and my rebuttal is like that to we don't care, and that was the right attitude, we want to fleece the dead or fleece the living we want this. We want that people who do that are covetous and malcontents full of greed.

I don't want any part of that. But what belongs to you blocks you to do with it as you desire. Talk to somebody else. Don't covet it. Otherwise you'll fall into greater sin, hating the music to start any second now may the Lord bless you. I hope that by his grace. You have a great weekend. Please do consider supporting this karma to work for/donate five dollars a month will be asked. I hope you have a great weekend post by his grace back on here on Monday. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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