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July 20, 2022 5:00 am

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July 20, 2022 5:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- A caller wanted to discuss-challenge Matt's claim that infant baptism is a covenant sign.--2- What is a good reformed Bible commentary---3- What is the difference between being justified by faith -Romans 4-25 and Romans 5-1- and justified by his blood -Romans 5-9----4- What exactly is the wrath of God in the tribulation period- Is it complete annihilation---5- Should Christians be discussing or taking a stand against the government-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is found alive on you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps like why branches of talk about her before he can call her for lunch. We we have outreach registry so you simulcast on Facebook go to car group Facebook you can see what we have going on there. We also have it on YouTube go to karmic videos not to do that you gotta go to the card website. I think Laura is working on within the community to should get it to the link has a conduit run of the show starts to get the new information up so if you want to watch it, you can assist me sitting here with my headset on and we talk and then we go join and know people join in on to chat rooms, and a nice discussion/discussion group of people, most of them are, and I won't say who listen to some people deftly make fun of them if they were so well there you go with that if you want to give me a call. All you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276.

Let's get on the air with kit from Arizona. He could welcome, but I do all right not everybody just so you know I and we talked of going apologetics together in different contexts and we had a conversation earlier today so I said you got a call and talk about this so that's what could be happening now and so there's gonna start talking like this but go ahead, get on your show that through a caller reform. Thank you for that. That Michael should also will be watching will hold one on the go will be a Roman Catholic that something that was good and not move at all think that the leader and when I talked about earlier today that he would like to explain a little better. So, right when I said the reason for this because we the people are listings of decisions are being made and things like that by some individuals and stuff and was waving to you. You are in England. I think this and so the only clarify the position I said was we talked about. If you hold to the position of infant baptism under different views on baptism and on the Roman Catholic view. I don't agree with. I think it's it's very, very wrong. The Presbyterian view. I hold to here he just told her that that's okay. But for those who hold to it within Protestantism and hold to the idea for the baptism they do it as a generally as a covenant sign that replaces circumcision. Now I should go to the theology on that show you with the argument is showing the Scriptures and things like that and just so you come away saying, well maybe don't agree but at least I see why they have it from Scripture and then be good enough for me because undoubtedly, nothing in the Scripture says and declares any infant is baptized in the New Testament and others admit that flat out it doesn't say that. And so the argument that we would use his derivative, and systematic. All right, having said that, the question then comes up is baptism of the Roman Catholic Church as an infinite is an infant, thou valid, and I said on the show I could make the argument that it's valid. I could also make the argument. It's not. And that's the thing is that an argument is true or false, but somehow you don't know if it's true or false and so there are some that I talked to were good theologians who would say that the baptism of the Roman Catholic Church as in infancy is valid. Even though the Roman Catholic Church is apostate.

The logic behind that is simple. The if Felicity had a pastor who is an atheist and there are atheist pastors and leaders to let people know they are, they just go to the root rituals and want their retirement, etc. and they preach and teach and people can't tell okay there are few articles written about it right now. So, if such an atheist. Pastors were to baptize someone in the name of the father-son Holy Spirit is that baptism valid interest yes it is. The validity is does not rest in the authority of the administrator, the validity rests in the authority of the one who ultimately gave that command and the person who is receiving the baptism is doing in good faith and so we could make that case then from that kind of logic that even though the Roman Catholic Church is apostate and teaches many false things that the baptism that it institutes upon infants could be said to be valid because it's validity does not depend upon the truth of the Roman Catholic system, but because it's in the name of the father-son Holy Spirit, whom they do properly acknowledge. So that's what I meant by what I said the argument could be made for that because it could be made for that.

However, on the other hand, we don't see any instances of infants being baptized in the New Testament was the whole household being baptized, and the inference is that there were infants in their but is not proof. That's why say to people you don't affirm it okay big deal when it comes to those like we had a call a few days ago a call came in and the guy says he was baptized as an infant in the Roman Catholic Church. Now he wants to get baptized as an adult is not Roman Catholic. My recommendation is go get baptized, even though I couldn't make the argument that it's valid.

Not that I could like nestling me in the context of make that argument. Some theologians hold that my recommendation is just to get baptized. Just make sure you've done it because it might be the case that my argument is incorrect as I do. If hold to infant baptism, but not for regenerative work, but as a covenant sign anything wrong about that because I admit that I say to people you know what, go get baptized as an adult and just do what you want before God. He's knocking upon it. She's not to slap you down for wanting to honor him free and go serve him in that and that's that's what I was saying and that was the intention of it all. And another thing we talk about kit, which I'm really glad you brought up is the issue of clarity and sometimes because I know a lot of stuff I say sometimes things that might not be as clear to get. They need to be and people can misunderstand him at this is a reminder to me to be more clear on certain issues. There, having said all of that what you bring up my gear lowering actually I do you. And remember you're talking people all he was talking to somebody we can convert from when you say the Roman Catholic of any valid valid for what it accomplishes what believers back to them accomplishes anything you will see is another issue because in Roman Catholicism adult baptism washes away the sins committed up to that point but infant baptism. I understand they say it does, but that it's also covenantal and this is where it gets to get more the nuances, it is more the gray area and so when I see right I say things on the radio to tell you this. That's I'm thinking of three or four things and three or four different groups of people who could respond in different ways.

I'm trying to cover the bases so that I don't get these emails think you said this, and therefore a transit will this or here's a position here's a position to give the one that I hold to trying to make it so that I don't get as much pillow Kia written form of big trouble.

That's going to lick you from people and not try to satisfy your tickle people's ears are chronic just take look. Here's this position. Here's this here's this, I hold of this and what we do and I allow it all call about that morning and the proper Christian thing to do is to call the person that if somebody felt something about them you call them a man so you're good with other Islamic Catholic Catholic baptism. What if valid what eval of course I said it could be considered valid argument could grant aid to say that it's valid if the argument is based upon the idea that the Roman Catholics infant baptism is a covenantal sign that does not save you know what's the official position of the Roman Catholic Church. In that regard, and what I understand they don't say it actually saves you, but that it is a cleansing and a covenant sign I need to study it. More particularly, they do however say that with the adult baptism because they're entering into its after having been catechized that at that point, it automatically washes away all of your sins.

The problem here also is that it Lutheranism, particularly the LC MS Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, which is a very orthodox view. They hold a similar issue of baptism and regeneration and of forgiveness of sins and cleansing, as do the Roman Catholics but not as much so this whole thing becomes a gray area and because of all the summit is a say look. Generally speaking, I would not put much faith in the Roman Catholic at the baptism I was going to baptize, I think from an essay that will cover lumbar basis without having to open up the back worm. Somebody times I take care of the show whether or not required anything out for people and hopefully that that's the sweaty advantages of of having a lot of of issues that you can talk about is that you have a lot of dishes you can talk about the disadvantages that you have a lot of dishes you talk about and can become confusing so is no big deal, but the hope that that that helps and helps the people who are listening is making decisions and I would recommend all seriousness, even though I believe I do. I believe that Jesus was sprinkled according to the law. I think because you would probably affirm that 1/5 numbers 870 to talk with us sometime because your messianic Jew evenly affirm that in a firm flooring as the means by which the Holy Spirit baptism occurs because that's how it's prophesied the Old Testament I just tell people go get immersed to school get dumped all way is just the sky like a steak is more cool. It is more psychologically, emotionally admitting and I like so I never baptize anybody. I have never baptize one person by sprinkling just one that was my son before he died in the hospital believe that modern continuation of the Jewish medical which was done completely by a nurse though yeah dude, I'm thinking that I would stay wrinkling her way to go to court and allow heretical the law, and that when I can show things differently pretty well.

Also, some of which only recently that in Israel the archaeologists on earth would a baptismal font that was used when they it was filled in with dirt and stone, and when they opened it up and cleared it up water started flowing through it just awesome web letters that I can't argue about it. Don't worry I got already have relies good guy hey you, because River lines 87720776 max Y call 770776 here's Matt's leg back to the show. We have two open lines.

He may call 87772276 Bob from North Carolina you're here very simple. I'm looking for recommendation for a good group for Bible commentary. Hopefully, that I could download on my Meridian pocket Bible at my cell phone so that as I read the Bible on a daily basis. I could also simultaneously be looking at the Bible commentary. I don't have anything like that. What I do is simply have a Kindle on my phone.

I have reformed as well as nonperforming books, I just go over my phone and you can however depending on a few things. I believe in Bible and in a blue letter

I think it has reformed commentaries in there as well and what you can do is do a search for reform commentators Kristin markers. One of them is good. Lenski is Lutheran, but he is not a great stuff about the Greek so there's just different ways go about looking to find reformed commentaries. You might would look into MacArthur's work is reformed as a Bible that is done the reform study Bible enters the Geneva study Bible is reformed also so you could maybe get some of those and download them if they're applicable to your And then use is not okay.

What do you know the right Bible commentary you know anything about that know I studied it. I think I have it let's see do something here in my Bible program I have thousands of books so I'm looking to see if there's anything that I have from Holman think it's some soup Bibles so. The Ricoh do this within nature will yeah I got the Holman Bible Atlas handbook/public Bible commentary and so I've used them because I have them and I have a when I set things up. I have a lot of information on my computer and a lot of commentaries and series here so that's one of the ones I got there to verify that I do it and I found that I remember. I have found nothing in there of any concern as far as a thing that goes okay well that's encouraging okay well I'll do some googling and I create your input thank you God bless you. All right, let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield Nelson welcome here by one fourth of the potbelly as I was going to do it no worse for dictate thing you 25 before and birth one and in verse 950 the length of the four Roman and one and not sure he was delivered for over because of our transgressions and raise because of our justification verse one of chapter 5. Therefore, having been justified by faith and in verse nine, much more, having been justified by his blood shall be safe in the wrath of God through him. He was in the question, but verse 25 and verse one that by faith burial resurrect the product. Remembering that the five with different by faith, and that the fight by his blood, the blood is the thing that makes us justifiable and the blood is the thing that cleanses us of our sin. So as it says in the Old Testament. Leviticus 1711. By the blood is the cleansing of sin. In first John 191-1729 the blood of Christ can cleanses us. This is because as Propecia Tory first John two to propitiation means assistant of the half the sacrifice returned when the wrath of God. So the blood sacrifice of Christ for the blood.

It means the sacrifice it's referencing the whole thing that that atoning thing is what justifies us and what's interesting is if you go to Romans 45 it says to the does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness. Justification is the crediting of righteousness. When you go to Romans Wesley flipping 39 it says we have a righteousness that's not our own rightness as a comes from God. So likewise, in Romans 43 Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness right now to credit is a legal thing to reckon is a legal thing. Justification is a legal thing. Just as if I'd never sent justified just as if I'd never sinned. Justification deals with the crediting of righteousness.

Righteousness is according to law.

So think of it this way that Jesus is on the cross and your standing far away to close it and your sin is transferred to him as righteousness is transferred to you is called double imputation to impute means to reckon with another's account so sin is breaking the law of God.

First John 34 Jesus has fathered whoever in heaven.

I would be unable to forgive us our sins in Matthew Luke 11 for an forgive forgive us our debts, and Luke 11 Matthew 612 so Jesus equates sin with legal debt. Our sin was transferred to him in his body. First Peter 224 it was credited to his account so with our sin was imputed reckoned to his account wages in his death. Romans 623. He died paid the price with the consequence paid that debt of sin which is death. He paid that on the cross and he was not dead. The sin debt is canceled at the cross, not when you believe Colossians 214 having canceled the certificate of debt, having nailed to the cross so justification is a declaration of righteousness and this is received by faith. Faith in the sacrifice of Christ, which is represented metaphorically by the word blood by the bloodwork justified. The blood represents the crucifixion of Christ and the shedding of his blood, but which were cleansed, which is prophesied out of Leviticus 17 so your sin is imputed to Christ as righteousness is imputed to you by faith, so that what Paul is talking about in justification is that justification occurs to the believer not to the unbeliever and asked only by faith that is by faith in the blood and that's why says the blood justifies us that because it's the thing that faith is the means, the blood is that which cleanses faith is that records the imputation of righteousness to us will nominate a break is more okay hey folks right back after these messages, please stay tuned. We have two open lines 877-207-2276 max Y call 770776 charismatic slave get back on the line to let you know that we do stay on the air by your support. Would you please consider and everything in the right there. We ask five dollars a month.

I hope that's not too much to ask, but we are looking for that and on my wife's been sick kind of run down and she's not done Or she could given the number let's see how many people have been signing up for the five dollars month. Things like, you know, shall take and document number but were asking for 1000 people to do that to the public as a year to get those knowing I know the economy is a little tough but it is tough rest as well and five dollars a month helps to support missionaries in Nigeria, Malawi, Columbia and Brazil who are doing work on the ground and in different languages so and so use can help us help support that effort as good a car veteran/CRM/donate. That is to check it out. Let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield is still there but if they meant alright so I have more on justification for the dead, help me.

You mean you made the as we read the word of God about what you give them more as well get enough of it and know what you think will make you the real literary everything again but don't share ludicrously different way that's Jesus canceled the sin debt at the cross. Colossians 214 is not canceled when you believe because he cost is 214 says, having canceled the certificate of debt consisting of decrees which was hostile to us, he took it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross. So that's when the sin debt is removed were just about the right to send were justified when we believe so we are stripped naked, and clothed were stripped our sin is stripped away and clothed in righteousness he takes away, and he gives so that's was going on there. So were justified when we believe the sin that is canceled at the cross. Now I hold reformed theology to expand that quite a bit. That'll forgo that for now so justification is a legal declaration of righteousness with the righteousness that belongs to God is imputed to reckon to another's account is imputed reckoned credited to our account because we trust in Christ and upon that God has ordained that that faith is the means that connection that we have with God. Christ did everything 2000 years ago but here we are walking around how we connect to that by connecting your face in what Christ has done. When we do that and we trust and what he's done. Then his righteousness is imputed to us flipping 39. We have a righteousness that not our own, a righteousness that comes from God. And that's real simple.

So really brief it up were not justified until we believe that the sin that is canceled at the cross and this happened justification by faith. What verse are you wanting Romans five going through bombs that even birth of 511 okay when you get 11 when you get to Romans 518. It's best that if that you use the new American Standard Bible because that other translations don't get it right. The reason is Romans 518 is through one transgression there resulted condemnation to all men's. Even so, through active righteousness. There resulted justification of life to all men that justification means salvation be declared righteous, but the all men changes start two groups called all men because we can go to first print is 1522 in Adam all die in Christ all shall they live. The second all is related to Jesus and those who are in him. Romans 518 is invariant important verse, and a lot of people miss. In fact, there are a couple of verses unaware of where if you understand what it really says it forces you to examine theology and depth. That's Romans 518 and Colossians 214.

Those two verses you study those in-depth you will learn a great deal arrived a rock-bottom body of the Lord okay goblin all right now as the swing person is Catherine from Canada. Catherine welcome your I'm just wondering if God so what happened everything like happening, increasing amount, wondering why helping people conflict air whenever. So not sure in following you in what context you mean in the tribulation. What we are going to be wrapped in an area well before that will most people who say that they think the wrath means they think it means jubilation. With the wrath of God is put upon the world and will go to visit not appointed in the wrath, but salvation and where is that word was at first particular verse and because they are not to be careful.

I would say this did not really look at the context and understanding was going on for sustenance 59 for God has not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation. Sometimes a people do is they'll say were knocking to be here for any of God's wrath, because he says were not destined for wrath, but the best for sustenance 59 but they don't understand that is juxtaposed with salvation.

Therefore, the wrath is damnation. God is not destined us for damnation but for salvation is why says God is not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation. So the word wrath.

There is not dealing with pre-tribulation post jubilation elation. Stuff and soap. Sometimes you will say, oh, the wrath of God is let loose on earth or the Savior tribulation and were not appointed wrath. They forget the rest of the verse and so therefore they misapply it okay yes were going through and how absolutely you.

That's right. And if your new listener you find out that I would teach some things that are little odd.

Most people will not say like you've heard.

For example, as it was the days of Noah social would be the date of the coming Son of Man, for they were eating, they were drinking, they were getting. In America the day that Noah entered the ark flood came and took them all away to middle be in the field. What is taking what is left. You heard about that right that's the rapture right it's not as has nothing to with the rapture. If you read the context it's the wicked who were taken every time I've shown this to people they've said you're right, Matt is not just the weird interpretation because when you go to the parallel Matthew 17 they were giving in marriage, they were doing this in the flood came and said of St. took them all away. Conflict payment destroyed them all this, the wicked who were taken and they asked Jesus where they taken and he says with a body as vultures gather he answers the question of where it is the book take my complaint is that so many pastors and teachers over the years have used these verses is a pretrip rapture when it has absolutely nothing to do? Critical. I think that the manner would have a major problem. He was the last man will have about how they would finish familiar with the idea Christ very well judge realized he would require of the condemned is not mass like why call 770776 charismatic slave or really hurt looking for differently go or by quickly doing well. The church needs to address these things doesn't mean every day for the pulpit but it does mean a decent interest they need to pass ready to develop a defense of the difficult position of what's to is a complicated thing because if you don't get a vaccine you can lose your job you Your family.

Yet at the same time is being used to control people and restrict your freedom so there's a balance that has to be maintained. When do you submit an artist to save her family, so to speak.

And when you resist and so this is the thing that's hard to deal with people have to understand that resisting is costly and the wife and the husband have to be enough on this together and fight like my wife and I know I've not received the vaccine. I refuse to get it. I do not want to vent way too much research to trusted. I would actually consider it.

From what I've seen in my research, an act of self-defense not take it. I don't trust my wife has medical issues enters absolutely no way. I want her to take because it but he could put in the hospital to kill her. She's got a weakened immune system. We can this week and that so we can know when you do. Those are some extremes we had a deal while there people I know who taken it are fine that's okay not complain about that thing down for them. This is an issue of freedom here, and it's a serious issue, the government doesn't have a right to tell us what medicines to take doesn't have that right to do that and they are there, overstepping their bounds and they open the stinking borders let illegals come in were unvaccinated and they fly them out different parts of the country in the middle of the night and it's documented doing and yeah and want to pay him. This is this is atrocious is horrible and the leftist media is in cahoots with them and you know this is this it's this is time to say week. We've had enough of this, we people.

The people of the United States need to stand up and say we've had enough of this and demand of these so-called leaders in Washington to's top with their doing because they are destroying this country, destroying families, destroying culture or destroying it with her actions and what if we don't stand up and resist him. Hopefully a peaceful way. That's we need to do, but we need the United and we need to march and we need to petition and we need to be will to get arrested, go to jail need to be able to stand up in a united group because it's true.

A united minority can overrun and rule a disunited majority and organize minority can take over an un-organized majority in the left is organized because they have an agenda other common agenda united behind is the pushing of liberalism, moral liberalism and socialism and to do that they want to get the children, which is why they're indoctrinating them in the leftists government schools. I think Christian should get the kids out of school that can go put them in their open government schools and we can get Christian communities and things like that go.

The lack of union before the thing about a believer and people start to get really going to thing to thing time.the thing with everything drug addicted porn addiction. Everything I did show on a daily basis. The fight fairly in the surfeit number. Some believe that the room alone and fight like her to think you're doing too much and thing like know the Lord were worded clear at a wireless feeding here doing nothing. Archer are church members are suffering and are fatalistic follow number 13 the government like something doesn't seem like it that will only we are only obligated to follow the government insofar as it is biblical. That's it obligated to follow the government down the. The road to the Clifton of moral destruction will follow.

We don't support homosexuality portion killing the unborn. You know it worked to defend the helpless Christian men should be standing up. There's a lot to say about this are so many things I want to say I really can't say part of the problem with Christian man is Christian women to say this is really really staggering to a lot of people got understand something when men move forward a break things they don't always do things perfectly, and sometimes Christian women behind her. Men will browbeat them it's a don't do these things because you made a mistake and it stops them from getting out doing what needs to be done anyway. The women should be out there supporting your men who go out there and try and lead when you lead.

You make mistakes when you follow it's easy to point a finger and wingmen need our wives behind us, incurring it, encouraging us to be United and Stanforth.

Realizing that not of things a little perfect and that's okay as we pray, we follow God we can move forward. Furthermore, I think the pastors what they ought to do is they ought to be United pastors should meet in group meetings and forget the minor doctrinal differences, predestination or not or whatever and get into the issuance united to protect the children particular country protector people and develop preaching things and teaching seminars were the people are invited to one church really going here. Specialists come in and talk about what we can do vote for, but not to vote for. Yes I do. Churches and churches should be saying who do not vote for and who to vote for. You can't vote for people and candidates were un-biblical who promote homosexuality and promote abortion. Christians don't have the right to lend their support to people like that and it should be spoken from the pulpit and the pastors and Christians are supposed be the leaders in this kind of thing and not to be so afraid that they don't want to lose members of my foot offend somebody we gotta speak the truth that we manage got to do it in the Christian men have not been doing her job if you, brother.

I could leap into it as well and it.

It is simply having started the Colts for so many years. For decades I've seen the patterns of human behavior. I've learned them through the cult mentality the same things happening in our society. The cults want to control the population in your control markers you can find them in Mormon church as you find when Joe was with the churches you confinement Catholic churches you confinement oppressive Protestant churches, but you can find out where the pastors of the leaders are in control and the populace. The followers must adhere to the certain moral and dress and or speech patterns that have to be followed by a group leader because that's the right way and then you don't wear a beard or you do wear a beard or you dress a certain way have a certain haircut or you don't. These are control markers the freedom that we have in Christ means long hair, short hair, it means whatever you want to do.

That's okay within you know he liked to have been just like a woman but you gotta have the freedom in churches to be able to do what we need to go to do without having to be oppressed and wet when I see these things in the in the cults and the cults of heavens allotment.

That's I see the same thing in the society that's happening. I do see the same thing. I would sing this for months. I read an article on it that the cult mind control is being used by the media propaganda machine and the whole bit. You know I'm always studying I'm always reading this stuff and you know I go to different news outlets. The research on COBIT is convinced me that that is not as bad as what people say and that of the masks and the vaccines you don't I'll tell you 9183 deaths occurred from all vaccines combined in all recorded stuff in the CDC, and since 1968 to now that's the information. 9000 hundred threats per October 22 that date okay up to that and in the last two years they've been over 13,000 deaths related to covert vaccines so were talking all the information combined is 9000 for all vaccines except recoded in the covert vaccine in two years as a 13,000 desk and get this. I have documentation to show that only at less than 1% of the adverse effects are reported on the Iver system documentation to show just 1% less than a percent, so who knows what the real fatality rate is of this and and in fact I release an article I release an article was yesterday and look at it now. Oh, not that one. Reports of side effects. The one before that to covert, 19 vaccine side effects per CBCs bear system. If you go to that one 19 vaccine side effects per the CDC purveyors system. I have it in there that there's 837,595, 837,000. It's just it's insane and you can do a search on their and death. 8065 according this report. There's anxiety. There's vision being blurred. Blood pressure increased 9000 accounts of that vertigo 9000 tinnitus that I have tonight at 14,000 loss of consciousness. 14,000. And yet this vaccine is out there similar effective somebody knows it.

I can't find the, the, the historical information on the other vaccines when they were out, and when they were taken off the market because of side effects of adverse effects is a certain like 26 people got hurt while they took the vaccine author to recoup reduced we hear thousands and thousands and thousands together pushing it. And then the leaderboard wide open its something so hundred and 51,000 people got headaches, fatigue, hundred 24,000 chills, 99,000 varied forms of pain. 92,000 nausea 86,000 dizziness 83,000 pain in the extremity 76,000 myalgia 57,000 rashes 39,000 body temperature 30,000 diarrhea. 28,000 just goes on and man nothing to do with it. Sorry that this may okay say folks are open all that you Eric call back tomorrow. Canon Karen want to hear. We had a safe place folks for the Lord bless you by his grace affect other another program powered by the Truth Network. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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