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July 27, 2022 5:30 am

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July 27, 2022 5:30 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt talks about a recent experience he had at a Oneness Pentecostal event.--2- Will we retain our injuries-scars in our glorified bodies---3- Do you think it's ok to use the word unsaved--4- What do you think about having an altar call at your service---5- Do you think the feminist movement is tied to women pastors---6- Do you think Daniel 2 and the iron mixed with clay has any connection to AI and trying to prolong life with robotics---7- Who was Samuel's wife---8- Is abortion a sign of reprobate minds-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive.born you have questions of our Bible doctrines Matt slick why branches called responded to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick welcome rematch look down to the existing to 20 July 2022 for the pod casters. Hey, if you will.

You want to give McCall Allgood was dialing 772-072-2765 open lines right now. Alright, so if you want to watch the show.

You cannot associate. Is it all done on the on the site so that it works okay good notice to this so okay that we ignore the current website,, the right hand side will see on the homepage you'll see the picture, radio thing, and click on follow what you want, you can chat with people like the people that have become friends in the chapter, Loyalists, termites or minions. I guess you could say so was nice to see them smile.

All right now get this so I don't Friday Friday okay to give a little bit of the story is little interesting. We have a couple cats and one of them came flopper the IQ of basically kitty litter and a beautiful And he got out, and so we had to go to the neighborhood we see this kind Of a block. Turns out he was still in the house in a closet that he should be able to get into lots.

Long story short, while I was out I talked to a nearby air B&B a guy who just happen to be driving up the mess of Jesus.

You can't back yard here but a lot is okay and we got talking use a United Pentecostal pastor all great United Pentecostal pastor and I suggest you. I know that that we got talking and so so he said what you need to talk to somebody else who's knowledgeable. I smiled and though you said is a matter of fact, David K. Bernard is going to be in a city called Caldwell he said Thursday and Friday. This is a few days ago so unilaterally that we could really know who you see, supposed to be the number one apologist for the oneness view the oneness position. I thought, okay, go check now simply challenging to debate a polite challenge. You know she be willing to make the Trinity and so I couldn't go until Friday night because my schedule and I got there just tell you on the way this is interesting that a big deal, but on the way right there half a mile from the church and I'm going to an intersection in the right lane in this car. My left line decides to turn right right right there I had was accelerating. And so I just punched it gutter and swerved to the right and missed this to all right now. Big deal. On the way home. I'm on the freeway, talking to a friend of mine about what happened at the service and I'm driving driving the freeway and it's dark and all of a sudden the middle-of-the-road is look like a black tarp, a big one and I had had one half a second or second to swerve to miss it just get all tangled up whatever I swerved. I know it wasn't felt by an ran over and call the cops and sing it or something in the rotor you called me to swerved and cuddled her swerve. We went going and coming all look what happened some stuff happened going and coming all right. I'm thinking more of it probably really needs to be so while I'm there. I have video I took my phone and I videos probably half hour 45 minutes of their three hour service three maybe four hour service got some to eat and so I'm only there about two and half hours to three and the Wasilla new video about it and I'm not mocking them. If you're oneness you understand. I'm not mocking but it was a lot of hype a lot of exuberance.

A lot of demanding a lot of dancing, a lot of jumping, a lot of clapping a lot of it all over the place and it was to me was fascinating. I'm not knocking you clapping and jumping up but what I saw was a manipulation to be careful here because I don't want to say that they were purposely manipulating purposely. I believe that but they could be so entrenched in a cultic mindset that they don't realize or participating in a kind of a cultic practice and the cultic practice is to say good to get here we go to say so a statement over and over and over to hype people up and you might say is over saying things like, Jesus is in the house and Jesus is in the house event. A Jesus is in the house and over and over crescendo kind of a statement, respect, and people would get up and applaud the jump in and some would run around the room and this is it.

It's it's how I say this is one of the things that's done in cults to help brainwash now that's either tended to do that, but it's the kind of thing that can happen.

We could overemotional and then you have a specific responses posted to undergo at this time and you are accepted in the group by participating in that experience and then they would talk to how they have the truth, they have this they have that very and is my Friday night wife said go go have a good time. See you later have a good time but if you do she's at home, relax and watch TV and go swipe medical meeting. So which one was better for what I got it and so all right, so I went there to talk to David K. Bernard and I talking to him and he was a gentleman. Okay I want to bring to think he wasn't nice to me. Towards the front of the church. The band was playing with this.

Everything was over the Kipling really loud and every stop at night. You know me, I got a little bit of autism so I don't do well with all the sound is really struggling to talk to him. I said look I I probably sound we go back in the back is notional problem is very very nice about that and so we went in the back of which was a relief to so loud and so I said, look amends Matt Matt slick and I am a Christian apologist, Trinitarian, and I wanted to offer to debate you on the dock of the Trinity versus oneness.I just so you know I'm not some guy off the streets with news for long time.

I've debated many oneness people and people sourcing I need to talk to you. Here I am.

He said he generally does like to do debates and the so you want to preach the gospel now.

What was interesting was when he preached he preached on the very text that I had to preach on in seminary second Chronicles 20, so I'm very familiar with the text and I did preach it twice and it's quite a story behind that text with me and you should moralism and I won't get into it too deeply here, except to say that anything in the Old Testament you preach is going to be Christo centric Christ centered across hundred because the Bible is about Jesus. John 539 and Luke 2444 and so we have to understand that is about Christ.

And if you don't have Christ there is more moralism because it's a sermon you preach can be preached identically in a Mormon church. For example, the Catholic Church, then identical, and they have no problems.

Both groups of the problems you preach. The bad sermon that was his case.

I'm not saying that you know he I'm judging all his sermons like this one sermon. I can tell you this right heard and I paid attention. I found a lot of it and I never heard the gospel preached.

The reason I'm saying that is because when he told me he didn't want to debate by Dr. preach the gospel. I almost said, but I didn't say I was again leaving preach the gospel tonight. I did want to do that because it would turn them off, and I wanted to have the opportunity and so I didn't say anything and we get talking and you and I forgot the exact stream of the conversation but you said you're familiar with a lot of the stuff you hunt Pentecostal church, Trinity issue on this issue with pastors issue baptism issue.

Anisa will baptism you know is necessary and dies well. I believe so he says well it's just so I said I fact I did this on purpose just to see what he would say I said, I believe that Jesus was sprinkled according to the law for his baptism, and he'd never heard it before.

Apparently I do believe is my honest position. According to the Bible is where I see it now. If you disagree, talk about it and so anyway he said well they went down into the water is a key post as it came up out of the water yeah next chapter 8 the Ethiopian eunuch and Philip went down into the water and Philip baptized the Ethiopian eunuch.

So this means are both immersed book in the water and he immediately change the topic okay I have an answer. He immediately change topic I said you know we could talk about the familiar with acts 238 actually to 16 first Peter 321 I unfamiliar with and that's when I think you can include in okay maybe I do know some stuff home and we can talk a little bit more and he said you probably teach you can lose your salvation and I should know since we don't lose your salvation.

So, that's correct. I don't believe we can lose your salvation. Jesus taught and at that point it got a little bit interesting and about baptism mention of the flow maybe got a few things out of order, but I said this to him to an almost a minute I said the Bible said were justified by faith. If you agree and he said yes I said then are we justified by faith we have faith.

He looked at me really confused what you mean. I said well you said were justified by faith. I want to know if were justified by faith. When we have faith, you change topic again and so then he went into the issue of eternal security attacking it and it kind of went downhill from there.

It wasn't mean it wasn't rude, but what happened was he started interrupting me and that he would ask the question I start to answer and then he would cut me off and continue something else is a cancer that can eat it again and at that point I realized this is going well at all. It was known was yelling and was angry. You don't and so people to my left to want to talk to him and I think they saw what was going on and wanted to rescue him. I think this was going on because they want to put his hand on my shoulder no threat of anything please reply differently. Nice people there and see if I think it is time to move along the document is the problem and I think I have your email address.

If we can do a discussion as he said earlier, you be interested maybe in the discussion. Okay so I have his email address on the email them in a few days when he gets home. I even told you live in Austin. I set up you want to fly out to Austin this May for South American debate you activate them he can have the baby talk.

Have a discussion on the stuff in the that's about as far as so that was Mike's great on a Friday night for me and there's a music able to give a call for open lines 877207276 right back after mass Y call 770776 right everyone hey McCall, three open lines 877-207-2276 map North Carolina you don't owe you. Okay, arrived Friday while your lot well the last spring but it was about 33 minutes later and diligent care. And then I doubted 300% and I had an independent reading but I know you talked about, and his body which are retained in his guardian and sponsor like the five thinking our body like when Larry made her read Michael we were trying our injury, and I like our scholars are without a lamb or what had you will be my birthday right in his house. He will be forever praised but healthy with no I am flying in that he retained the mark that go to the idea could be so loud about it just absolutely like my son Jacob who died right after being born.

When I see them in heaven, will he be a baby thinks I think you'll be in his mid-30s and the reason I think that is because Jesus died at 33 I think is the standard and that's it. I will die on that hill was just go that way so we can retain our our scars. I don't know.

Maybe, maybe not. Jesus retained the crucifixion wounds.

So there's an implication that we can retain them as well.

But those not a logical necessity, whether it really idea, motivate opinion type to isolate the belt. Live it out with this order.

I thought about that now wondering about everything. Yeah I know is I thought about it and I don't know what the biblical answer is the Bible, your studies, never told us, and that's it so I don't know. I don't know. We got liquid familiar are you. You and William Branham sees a musical yeah is cultic. I found a couple videos from my God, that out within the family and a grandson Leah and another pastor that had left the church and they're doing a podcast thing and it's very interesting and it's really flaky about all the connection that you have with it while not in the UN night on it lately, but as a been a few new books coming. Interest may Deming and Ed they help things that it was you I will affect. Thank you time in your near service in the we love you all and talking like okay sounds good all right flipping lines 877207227 system for giving scholarly just mention something last week I didn't get much sleep on a particular day and someone called up a woman and I don't think I handled it as well and as gently as I could have and you and so someone else wrote me a letter about that for my and he brought that up and so I start thinking about it and I'm thinking you know you didn't handle as well. I forgot what was the person but to this you don't let people know that I do appreciate the feedback and sometimes I do do things wrong and I just let you know that working on it.

Send trying to obey Scripture. Okay, it's all right, let's get today from North Carolina. Dave welcome hello how are you okay Grace yeah I love the question the dollar. A couple things I just would like to hear your opinion about your talk about people that are not saved or lost, and were all men are lost, the newborn, but we have a terminology debate we say use the word I'm saying. And do you think that is okay or should we refer as Christ would prefer Anselmo you the one thing straight out of a saved unsaved lost in the state of damnation in still in condemnation.

All those are accurate. So I think it just depends on the mood. The situation do the best you can to communicate okay era you are leaning toward just the word lost as reference rather than using the word and say what will the biblical you will yeah I'm with you, and I think all those are biblical so I think they're fine now you remind me of the issue. People say wealthy also had an affair signal is adultery, or to get to know some sexual or pro-choice is a no no. It's abortion.

I don't like to use their terms, but since these terms you mention are biblical and we can use in the problem. I sure churches that did opposite in this at the end of the service of the church. The banter they did not give what we would call a invitation and sing a song for someone to come and walk the aisle and compose and I have been in churches that did I men were but I see God in a way of one not doing it in one doing it once it did not do it would always have someone there to help anyone would have a question about their salvation or having desire to know more about the say so I'm good with that and questions and I with the invitational system is asking people to walk forward to receive Christ. A lot of people put is all walk and I'll if you want that all you will be saved and you go up there because you formed this way of okay so with Winfrey questions so can you is that you think that okay upgrade your service to come up here to the brought some call it an altar which I is it okay to have an all travel this request, you have an altar call call you back see from you is not the thing you walking up is what makes you say that is sufficiently explained and it was a public declaration of the process. I okay as of right buddy. Okay, my God blessed the folks verbalize what you may call 87765770776 charismatic leg welcome to the show. 772072276 is good to Russell from North Carolina Russell welcome your near and dear member may Matt no doubt that a lot of people you know so little time off.

You have to really obnoxious. You remember you you more obnoxious than me so if you're not worse than me your faith in the background so remember, may I guided my point is that you don't agree with the woman pastor and you yeah I know you mentioned that that you felt like it's okay for women to have a career and of course now that he's in life. Society is the idea of a woman stay at home and a man working is sort of good for the most part it don't work that like that is 100 and don't you feel like the feminist movement and the women pastors and the thing about women that is known to fill out a lot of that is all mixed together because I mean you know some women that could be very honest, we will see how their husbands and the house with her house and she was wearing a friend is where you decide ahead of me that counts about the Wallman should share a man should cherish is why yes and you know and that I Wallman should from the light. The man, the head of the house even though he may be playing with you Friday short of a happy meal, but steel he is the one that has the say that I will hold you saying a lot of stuff here not qualifying much tonight deciding how you mean these things in the final step, then it is like you say stuff that used to go to get an issue here. So this is it.

Let me ask you question.

Ready, okay, okay, what your question, that's my question, which the questionnaire is the man yes he is a fusion center, 522 falling yes that's right. He's the head of the house this and lords it over his wife doesn't mean the mixed demands and she has to obey unless make a good sandwich and I could see that you little Padula can in their dulcet stuff reflects that. I really can't see you men didn't realize are supposed to serve their wives as Christ loved the church and though they are the last were the leaders of the one by default with a Likert on the women like you're not irrelevant. This is what God to send out their husbands the head of the wife so he's one ultimately responsible. And so that's how it has to be this is how it is okay well you have heard it said she'd have the right to say any way need to tell will agree with this and and he should use is listening in and there are women that they believe God has used to speak in the pay will apply in that my wife is there is my wife is got a lot of stuff going on to analyze the course you married me so that just past that her validity is gone. There, but that the rest of it is just you see a lot of stuff going on so that listeners were just good advice. I was absolutely right.

Kelly clearly about the end is now do you remember me know is out know how my guy yeah I know I talked a lot of Peter and not only here on the air, but then will go into. Sometimes the discord I talk to people. I will go to clubhouse and talk to people usually can also go to the meta-verse I talk to people so I'm talking to people and uncover a lot of people my brain design cannot keep up with it okay right well. I really really love listening to you and you hold my interest in that some if someone else my hand.

That is a good thing because a lot of people are talking in the MLA smiling on TV legs weak in the okay yeah right I want you know that well appreciated.

He says one person.

Good that's good that a lot more out there that I used to live in. Hang in there brother YouTube all right goblet right so we have five open lines 8778772072276 okay so you can known for making the stupid comments about women making sandwiches and it started years ago Tell you one thing this started years ago when my wife and I had our little girls and we would watch SpongeBob would watch veggie tales and inventor tales.

A queen was kicked out of the kingdom because she wouldn't make the king sandwich and so I look at it wife like it's right there. The Bible got a make a sandwich okay and she's like rubber for it like no spill hybrid user that ever since it's so, so I think they feel in the text okay because the guy talk about about stuff and and I said you just go throughout the sandwich stuff that I filled the ladies of the chat room yellow brick because it breaks that was for me. Stuff like that so we get a lot of foot out of it and then I said, I wonder which woman intermixed a better sandwich and I type that it so so this is how this is how you dig a hole for yourself. Gentlemen this, but I enjoyed it so I know I got issue with that.

There smile and the ladies are the guys got a smiling or he's going on at city Facebook comment throwing of the slick starter Lawrence is but I know there smile and I know that I want to smile, but they are so enthralled with front of the love doing this little smile if you like it.

Smile. Since it's so we would sure, but to for some reasonably good at it you mature all right to my wife right out what a man okay there you go-what they call three open lines 8772 bills this slick doesn't use a shovel is the back is the back oh yeah that's right okay alright so I can visit Syria 0K8772072276 was good to really from Utah really welcome you on the air. That's all I'm okay. Hang in there. We got all he really buddy you doing excellent taste if you dispute that the country's relational is you suggest we know okay I will I will you know we could have the ladies of the church basement as a kid said we could. We can do is we could how to make sandwiches if you have you the cards one, two, three, four, five, seven, nine, 10, and we just hold them up. You know that I think of the good.

You know it's you. After I preach otherwise will be through. That's right, tobacco, Dragon. I locally we get along your judges. That is my all right okay so you know I think you are with Dr. Noel Ferreri.

You literally called the prophet of the world sprinkled him again and think about what's his name is Rory. Okay. Look it up. Okay right that folks after these messages, please translate why call 770776 here's Matt's leg back to Rudy, Rudy, I did a quick look upon. The guy found him. And while okay Rob will play in chapter 2 think it would be like technology or beginning to unleash and along with that what ever they want the people into entrance humanism you and I and non-dissensions super intelligence right there that's discovered at the core my algorithms and Freud might think that possibly the okay to worry about the article, possibly what you see this type of thing that they're going to try very actually eternal life. The people can never be you could ever be that we have eternal life in the sense of consciousness transforms into a machine because the properties of any kind of the essence. Yeses can be transferred into a non-she is a copy could get it out so but we are talking to Daniel 243 which says all that, you saw the iron mixed with comically say will combine with one another in the seed of men, but they will not appear at one another, even as art is not about the pottery that they never listed Chuck Mr. talk about this particular verse, and he said that the day or the Hebrew can't be the same as people that are different, so some say that this might be a reflection of the naphthalene because it was the days of Noah 2417 out of Daniel five Genesis 9 so subs this is sick. So, some think that that might be the case.

There's I don't know if it applies to Daniel 243 could apply to him in the context I think together. My mind might work like we think outside the norm think that both you both highly intelligent and very good-looking to so and humble so you get that good. So yeah, why would coincidences support that slick so yeah it's a it's an interesting topic.

It really is. You know I'm I'm actually rewriting my novels, my first polishing up and and stuff and then I'm I want to jump into a SQL and I'm actually playing with the idea of developing a plot out of the idea of an artificial intelligence that is nonsentient that becomes dominant and how the Christians have to deal with it and what happens entertaining. That idea you might be good a good thread to go down the line old unite would be yeah and you were thinking of your lovely bike make it will pray for you will require early night wonder have anything you like. You just pray for her for her and her purse around her health. She said she doing little better pass to three days because she had, I believe it's the medicine that they injected into work body in a certain localized area that I think this is helping and she actually went shopping around today. Big deal. So praise God, shoving the segment don't talk about me on the radio like that and you will you know is a thing about my house is I don't need to dig a hole anymore trenches everywhere walk around so good right just a little skin the phone with Claudio from North Carolina, Claudia welcome here. Good evening. It might again for Samuel H okay yes and when Janet and I will I will count for everything. I don't understand you saying so I'm just not following you is noise and is not clear so give a question I okay I will write name my I don't know what is life name was Saul instantly was Saul's wife was to know him so I don't there's that dog that's is yeah so let's see, I'm looking I don't I'm looking for the word wife to see if there's any any mention of it and so let's see. No, not there, looking maybe someone knows, but no I don't.

I can find is that okay I got the wire through art. I am again Joe sure he has life or she passed away. But yeah, that's how he would get his children. That's how it would been okay. It I'm not sure what you're asking. Something about being dishonest about her. I regret that it will go to church or read a great go to okay unless you had a comment or question is my children started okay. I don't know it's been a long time to read that particular topic soul top my head.

I just don't know and to do some research to see if you mean her two children.

They became believers are asked later what I don't know what happens to children okay okay I will thank you okay is Claudio. Now let's get on the air with Cella from the North Carolina welcome.

Here is the great I will write. I dial you have a question. My mind now and I will rather all the which which are I wrap my jarring yes the issue from a mine is given over to the depravity hearts and minds of that they want to kill children and want to kill the life in the womb I just saw video today of the sum in an address to a graduating class. I think it was of doctors called white white smock or something ceremony and a lot of them walked out when the person started speaking pro-life to our doctors, there's doctors were walking out there like you of that.

And so this is just showing the depravity of their hearts and minds know I'd love asked if there any boys listening archive will debate you on abortion and humanity when it's okay what I've offered us before no one takes me up on it and no one will take me up on it or anybody else because they don't have arguments didn't have a thing is the leg to stand on it just an emotional thing to want to demand narcissistic freedom of their own body to at the expense of someone else which is what's in the body so so you are our country is when a country officially says it's good to kill the will life in the womb. It's good to practice homosexuality, you know that this such a country has turned its back on God and the wrath of God is fermenting it will come to form how you know that I can.

Let me know.

Have you not read all is calling calling. It's called cognitive dissonance there so entrenched in stupidity if their brains are messed up and I can't think critically and that's the price across the board happens in the Christian church, as well as outside the Christian church, critical thinking, lost, largely lost. I yeah I you know what music to be starting the second else so all right hey folks, there you go. We are at the end of the hour to show the Lord bless you and by his grace back on there tomorrow, somebody another program powered by the Truth Network

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