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July 27, 2022 5:00 pm

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July 27, 2022 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt contrasts salvation in Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy with the New Testament teachings of Paul--2- Have you ever encountered Jews that believe that Jesus rose from the dead but deny He is the messiah or God---3- Why do you believe in infant baptism---4- A former LDS caller discussed issues in the 1830 Book of Mormon.--5- How do you interact with members of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement---6- What is the hypostatic union-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 770-7276. Here is Matt's match looking for match look live and want to give me a call because all you do is dial 877-207-2276 you for open lines. There you go. All right hey obstacle you know that I have begun in earnest working on Instagram and some videos to learn how to cross pollinate between them and Facebook to talk doing some short videos and things like that to try and get information out answers let you know you go check out Instagram if you want look at when they met slick.slick. I think it is good. There are several maps looks will either not so quickly surprises me because of a unique kind of guy. My wife says that your unique all right so I can take my wife's word for all right so like you said we just lost that color for apartheid open lines of want to give me a call 877-207-2276 will get to hear me in the chat line, you can go to restrict all right now.

Every now and then every knowing that we don't do is I get a little just to burden you know what to do a study and I did a study is really interested in, and something then recounted what it is this much justification, faith and works.

The relationship and when I talk to Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, especially when I talked to Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox with Roman Catholicism know it says that you have to obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandment is paragraph 2068 and the Eastern Orthodox Church people will say the same thing. They say that this salvation is achieved through a process of being obedient over a long period of time and then hopefully to become godlike and become saved, assist the teacher case.

Pretty whacked now.

All right, so every now and then when I'll be talking to them. I was able Paul doesn't teach that he teaches a juxtaposition between faith and works well, that's what started me thinking about something and so I started a few days ago I mostly done with it. I should build a release of today I did a study where I went through the Bible and at first I did everything that Paul the apostle said on faith.

Justification law works righteousness to find out what is it that he says and how he says it and where the verses are and so I do have little tricks I can doing put things in Excel I can extract stuff out of Bible programs and all kinda thing to do searches do tables HTML know I can look at so I produced this table and it is all the references that deal with righteousness, faith works law, sanctification, salvation because I want to find out how does Paul use and I summarized what it is that he has stated and got 14 different categories.

I dislike the texts stylistic category like boasting by faith is not by law, Christian living you to have both faith and works establish the law by faith.

Faith is called the work of faith, freedom from the law is by faith not get into this issue of justification and this is what is really interested in because justification the legal declaration of righteousness always references several of you hope a bunch apart from the works of the law, by faith, by faith, not law, not by law, not by works by grace and then there's a subcategory of by doing the law, but the context of that one is the typical Jews who were judging the Gentiles, but the policy to fast with me. So there given the law. Thinking to be saved then and you're not in it. So he's mocking the judge and the Jews. Righteousness is apart from the law. Apart from works based on faith credited by faith through faith, not by law, by faith, not law, and which is according to faith. These are all the phrases using the Scriptures and the so I'm to be releasing it probably tonight just as I like to to to study and for me this is. This was enjoyable now know for a lot of you like okay like my wife I said how I'm working on a table differentiating between justification, signification, faith righteousness, you know, and help all using different senses and she's like looking at me like okay have a good time with that which I do and so it would be using it more and more. When I discussed these issues with those lost and false religious systems. I can say look at how it works. Here's a link done the research. Here it is. Go check go look look at all the verses look what they say.

That's the go to point them to Jesus. All right for open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Karen from Raleigh, North Carolina. We had there.

Then we lost. So if you want to give me a call and divide weapon lanes lanes lines 877-207-2276.

All right now you know because I've talked about this justification thing, as is often the case with the beginning of the show colors when difficult to convince him to teach us something I wanted to do something out of the Bible. Okay I want to teach you with the Scripture say this is what I do with a lot of people in Catholicism and Eastern orthodoxy and I go to Romans chapter 4 tell you I talked to them because you understand what they're teaching is that you pain righteousness through faith. And what you do but they'll say now what you do doesn't get you faith but you had to do stuff to get fit works with the sick.

What you do doesn't get you righteousness. But you have to do these things to get righteousness, the doublespeak, though Satan is not just my righteousness is by faith and not just about the essays, not by works of your right, not by works in a safe. We don't believe in justification by works by telling a course you don't you don't you believe in justification by faith and what you do. They say tonight.

Is there smart as he knows not by faith in what we do because what we do are the works that God gives us to do so we gotta do the SAC go there you go, you know I'll go to Titus 35 is all say now it's the faith that the works that we do. You know and and and they don't save us, but we have to prove our faith by doing good works will be proving it to God knows your heart doesn't need that work for you demonstrated this with Titus 35 says he say this not on the basis of deeds which we have done in righteousness is see this is a think what Paul Dawes Paul juxtaposes faith and works. That's what's interesting, Paul juxtaposes them.

He he he compares them he compares them. In contrast, he compares contrasts and says this, not the other.

That's what he does this by faith, not by works of that's what I was looking for. So he said he has a contrast by faith, not by works and this is what he does and what they do is they say faith with works called it even say that for justification or salvation, he says faith or works is what he does but they say faith with works of big difference. Big big difference. And so I've been working on this and are working on even more and I'll release it later.

I think it's fascinating stuff to me.

God's soak good and here's the difference between the two. Myself and the Mormon strobes witnesses versus scientists, Roman Catholics, and Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, here's the big difference between me and them. I put the word of God is final and supreme.

They don't. That's it.

If you believe that the word of God is the final authority and it is inspired and nothing else is that what you going to study that's where the truths are dull to use the Bible to support their church teachings and that's why they're an error because what they're doing without realizing it is judging the word of God is being insufficient saying it's corrupted or saying it needs to be interpreted by somebody else, some authority, some church because you have authority is just different ways different ways of of a submitting Scripture to their church. That's all it is different ways of doing what they do, it is you need a church or tradition for Pope or profits or authority, but with these things all our our different ways of placing the word of God under their feet under their authority under their church so that they interpret. That's what happens is right.

All right, let's get to Alex from Orlando, Florida else looking on the is going okay. Mansell okay thing in your bloodwork with you a question for you. You be able to answer though with Judy is not looking at the debate between Dr. Whiting, Dr. Brown again to Jewish scholar, Wallace, Jewish guy with a lot but you guys talking back and forth and one of them saying that they believed that Jesus actually resurrected, but we cannot, God now the common man. I was wondering in your interactions.

The Jewish people, how will you encounter that actually believe that where there really I think what works Yegor I encountered and usually not out there course, but this is have encountered in your when you got the resurrection would Jewish people over there responses there there think they believe in a resurrection as far as I understand 100 encountered with them, yet they believe in resurrection is a good move on from there okay and okay I gotcha and then anything else regarding the resurrection like it went out without the big talk about talk to Jews very officer try to remember they they do talk about righteousness in the law and with temple being gone. Righteousness that is by intention and average versus where a broken and contrite heart.

God will receive, so you don't need necessary blood sacrifices right now and reasonably they say that is because the temples destroyed and without the blood sacrifices can be safe so they don't want to hold that position. So the whole two is justification by faith which is good, and then they they did not, of course, that of the person work of Christ in the weekly to be what he was told the Scripture and the nurse that we want to raise verses in Isaiah 53. Zechariah 1210 Psalm 22 and and various other scriptures to deal with with Jesus and the discussion goes on to where it goes into okay I got yeah sure after the break. As long what you all right hey folks, 772-0776 max Y call 77077 all right okay here you guys are all you contact information for Dr. Michael Brown in the line of fire. I can't find like how to call into Michelle. No, I don't have that mystified. I have a cell cell number but I wouldn't give it out so are just made.

Maybe if you give it back okay I got you, we talked to you.

I do have it, but the got on the given output side note to tell you just try and contact them soon find out. Okay?

And verse 17 through 31.

Rich young ruler you weary yet.

We were discussing at the church sermon on the evening service and we my wife was wondering do you know who he was the ruler of is there any background.

So what he ruled over the you said that you man ran up and said good teacher what I do during her term eternal life is a good rich young ruler of the city. Mark 10 flashlight because he says it's easier for rich chemicals in the eye and kneel in Richmond for 25 switch back referencing that yeah okay so that's all I know from that.

I don't know any historical anything or you know anything afterwards I talked about okay got in in the in the parable of the parable of the story of Lazarus and the rich man history tells us that the name of the rich man was Davies now that legend history is a true don't know what this were the true attribute things I found. I don't know about this one under one more quick question about your quick sure. Okay. Quick give me a very quick response to light and back way to go. I would say it is the way to go.

I'd say an argument in support of it is that in the gotcha infants were included in the covenant. The Old Testament even in the covenant and even the covenants call the gospel by Paul in Galatians 3 eights and so therefore the covenant sign of the covenant is still in effect. Children should still be in the covenant. And that's why it would be justified.

That's the real brief rationale for that okay yeah my wife are they going to go search so were not presbyterian on an analog to hear your take on their way or think about this. So to Jews walk along the road okay and though they been doing this once a month or once a week for years, and one of them says to the other races. Look, I have been listening to Paul the apostle, and you know I unconvinced Jesus is the Messiah with Paul's teaching is correct on by the way, now that to the messiahs, now I understand that God does not include infants or children in his covenant faithfulness and with Debbie something a Jew would ever say probably not. Not so if there is he a minute. Covenant is in you all the nation shall be blessed us on this earth was her decision.

Genesis 17 talks about the 57th stuff and then Paul calls the edges of 12 three in you all the nation shall be blessed because of the gospel in Galatians 3 eights of the REMIC covenant still in effect will it make sense then to say that you must have a command in the Scriptures in the New Testament that says no more of that infant inclusion in God's covenant consultant is not there. The argument is all that is still valid and the duct on the other side you don't have any instances recorded of infant baptism in the New Testament. So that's the other side. See yeah I yeah I know you gave my church father. Get your product but I have heard that the early church fathers, a lot of them were, you know, it'll back that drew her to it and if it is in a debate with somebody about it, supporting it, you know, I would. I might site that is saying though it's not Scripture it's there's evidence that was practiced early on, but it doesn't mean it was correct.

It just means that was practiced early on the submit is correct or not.

Because we are the go to the Scriptures for that okay okay right away right right nothing of much of my ID will talk you later try submit vitamin D with a big single lemonade yet or you call all right is an inside joke was good to Andy from Utah Andy welcome you are on the air. I all right submit what you.

The free background. I grew up Sylvia left the church. It or 19 or mission spent the next 19 years atheist or agnostic. I'd like to be about a year ago born again. Miraculously hallelujah and back in the day. I never thought it would important to help my parents.

Rather, friends or family out of the church.

I didn't think anything mattered. Realistically, being an atheist right, nothing mattered so I knew it was a lie, but I never wanted to help them anyway this last year, something changed and I'm studying my gut without trying to help people specially my family and I think I found in inconsistently in the 1830 book of Mormon Islam is what your take on that it oh yeah oh yeah I miss one.

I don't yet see where you live in Utah. Okay see about an hour north of Salt Lake and have you been to center tenors bookstore like a lighthouse ministry not yet, you need to get there right because is a little to say this, the sooner the better. Right if you did on Saturday is either Bill McKeever or Eric Johnson will be there on Saturday and you can talk to them and Sandra doesn't generally talk to the public much anymore but Bill and Eric do they sit there.

People come in and they are fan testing on Mormonism and his Al Qaeda sources there so is your noggin. It's all in our death. It was next to the yeah yeah across the street from the baseball stadium. Okay it was not too far away with the inconsistently I've come across have to do it the chapter heading.

So just to clarify, those are not Scripture. They are not written by prophets there written by relatively modern men? You love to break old faithful to write back. After these messages with Andy from Utah to max Y call 770776 charismatic back to the show.

276 okay adequate. Yeah so been reading the 830 book of Mormon that the most correct book on earth. According to Joseph Smith and there thousand. The changes in their daily distant from the 30… Be a good starting point for me to find inconsistently show my current. Anyway, I was reading and being 20 years removed from my indoctrination and born again into the true Holy Spirit. I started reading in first Nephi chapter 1, I can even get to the to the book of Mormon before even start the very first chapter heading has a glaring inconsistently to me, because the chapter headings were written by men, not profit.

They are not Scripture. The very last tenant of the very first chapter heading. I Nephi wrote this record and I'm just thinking my brain is screaming. You've got to be kidding me this is ridiculous, and why is it because that to me that the same con man who wrote the whole book of Mormon. I Nephi that behold I Nephi that and it came to pass that I Nephi fill in the blank same con man wrote that statement I Nephi thousands of time. Then he went back to get it published and added in the chapter heading and it just flowed right off the tip of the pen so easily move in the letter using the phrase I Nephi if I Nephi wrote this record in the chapter heading either I Nephi wrote the chapter heading or modern man had an identity crisis. The day the moment for me that strong evidence of fraudulent authorship.

I would agree there's lots of stuff in the book of Mormon that are probably you know, one of the sayings you talked about the changes now I come to seminary.

I have a Greek New Testament's and included with the Greek New Testament that I have are the was called a textual apparatus with textual apparatus does is it lists all textual variants found in like 6000 Greek new manic Greek manuscript of the New Testament when I do talk to many many Mormon missionaries and I got word that were back later that I do have cause missionaries to leave their mission to go home after seeing the evidence and slideshows in the New Testament and say look, you don't need to read Greek cultures. The Greek appear, but you the numbers are in your normal English at the bottom of the page. As you can see the textual apparatus in a safe, she might have it with words… All point to a Greek word also hears her here not explain how it works real simple considers a variance here and I'll say look on both pages because you have left and right. Both pages.

How many variants the sick will in four verses of soakers for right okay so dental fan through ethnicity.

Your only variance holders to variance on this page 100 richness page 3 government this page 539213 is defense. I show them okay so this new Testaments. 2000 years old, rightness, and they like to say well you see we were right. The eighth article, the Mormon Church of the Bible is correct. His report translated claimant interpreted but it would translate me from England from Greek to English. For example, and what I do is casting the word of God that is rather done. I took a country one more thing. Then I take out the 3913 changes the book of Mormon which you can get bookstore and I would fan through what to say sickness. A stop is the changes from the original book of Mormon to the 1963 a differently but is been changed since then and so talk to Sandra about how she did it and how she and Gerald literally had a book of Mormon original Internet would go through and read they market up. They put this together. That would show this to them. It's a here let's count 1215 per page 7, page 865 as it over and over volleyball from the most correct book on earth. That's what Joseph Smith said history the church going for page 461. He said that the book of Mormon's must strike looking for on earth and make a get closer the precepts of God by falling at the bike in the other book which means the Bible's notice is a strong and yet also sick so New Testament's 2000 years old. The book of Mormon's 200 years old and yet the book of Mormon has far far far more much more corruption in it. Why do you trust it.

They are destroyed or blown away by this they see it with their own eyes seek your face when the foreman got a wake-up Dragon wake up while you're out you can see how it it really upsets him because when I see it they are just that the really upset and had Lotta missionaries of been told to just leave their mission to go home and I would talk to them in Southern California lot because the facts and enters the book of a ramp up artery. Are you familiar with that yet you were a translated it but came up with that out of thin air because modern translators know that it's just funeral right that are very common. That's right.

It was the Egyptian papyrus like people don't know this with your Mormon listener. This listening that to Joseph Smith obtained legitimate actual Egyptian papyrus from a guy who was going around showing mummies and proprietary from Egypt and to make a living doing a nickel to get into see this and that whatever was and he said it will.

This is the book of Abraham, and that the power of the Spirit of God told so they bought a product to grant that he translated it and he said he translated by the very same power and authority to the book of Mormon hat, a seer stone put in the hat one letter at a time over Calvary would translated etc. needed by the same power and authority. He said that the party was lost and so does Noda verify his subsidy translation and in the 60s, 1957 I think was your 6060 found that requiring a library basement and it's the same one as handwriting in the back of the Mormon church admits at the same and when they translated it has nothing at all to do with what Joseph Smith said at all is proof that he was a deceiver about this proof to look morally uncorrupted and the book of Abraham has nothing to say with what the ritualist so the answer. The Mormons give now is guy just used it to inspire him to write the book of Abraham. Even though it was translated by the same method authority and power as the book of Mormon, yet it's wrong completely yet you back on that first Nephi chapter heading. It doesn't get any more basic than I Sidney Rigdon or Oliver Calgary wrote the chapter heading. They would not say I Nephi how basic the get. I mean and I got it means me, not someone else. I went right by Russell and Nelson, because I'm not ripple enough that I'm Andy you know why with Rigdon or Calgary right I Nephi it wouldn't unless a booth the day the flow of the pen was so used to pending that statement will see what the church has a say about some of the responses aren't sensors something else. It's always fair to see with the other side says and see: skull farm NASCAR brought it I brought it up with my parents and they are all they were agreeing with me, digging their own hole deeper deeper deeper that modern man relatively modern man inserted those chapter heading.

That's not the ancient prophet will then why did Nephi write it. Modern men always been a typo all, it doesn't mean that all your thinking you well your height and assess so you go Bobby dad got it point that out anybody else can see the theological fallacy right there that's right, I Nephi Rachel child doesn't intro. They might say that as part of the original so you go to find it with her to say it was on a represent the best argument I think were the best arguments against the book of Mormon is the fact it is the change thousands and thousands of times and even though the book of Mormon or just dismiss it as the book of any on earth doesn't have the Trinity three gods. It doesn't have exaltation. It doesn't have a baptism of the dead agrees to become God routed God.

Celestial marriage is not one big buddy to go there to break call back against Mark Hyman Coppola said they folks will be right back after these messages, please stay tuned mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave back to the shoulder buddy Liska to Elijah from North Carolina. Welcome you are on their hello and I'm sure hello you want to talk with the black Hebrew Israelite movement waiting for a medical every go all right. Okay. But if we come in here on the air Iranian who like you. Like the other network start they would let me get a word? That one got buried in my air very loudly at what my nationality was had by your current approach or article give them thought-provoking questions that they may think a later on the black Hebrew slight movement is a racist movements and has many subdivisions and they claim that they are the dissidents of Jacob and that they are blessed and the descendents of Esau, the Edomites are white people why people are cursed. Some of the groups to shut the white people become slaves of the black people when the kingdom of God is instituted the keep Old Testament law.

They believe the 6011 version though some believe that the Thea 611 version of the King James Bible has problems and only they have the right to use the Bible and white people are service the devil and will be slaves or cannot be saved and there's a lot of subdivision in fracturing inside to be a try move to the ones I've encountered usually are extremely arrogant and very prideful and very dominating. They don't want to listen. They don't want to discuss. They don't want to engage their accusatory route condemning and racist. That's not to say that all of the mark, because I have met a few that you can accept conversation but that's not the norm.

And so when you said no, they were just verses in your ear what would let you get a word in edge wise, that's typical typical documents are like they look down on you are you I got a black eye. Just curious. You white only like half because you're probably you have asked what group they are asking which group are you a because there are different groups.

There is the Geo cc gathering of Christ's church movement there is the GLC church of the living God, the pillar ground of the truth of all nations. There's a Church of God and say to Christ Thursday Israelite school of universal practical knowledge, there's the ROM good doll of a regular there's different ones are scarry and so which one are they because they have different subdivisions of beliefs even just a which group are you which group are you, and I've never met him on the streets. I'd like to, and I'm I would assume that it would go the same way as it went with you and like it will work on what what they believe about white people what it role in the kingdom are option there. Just think of it this way black people are good white people are bad. That's black Hebrew Israelite. They don't want to be called black Hebrew Israelites, but Hebrew Israelites survived the goodness more and more from them to think of this white people are bad black people and some of the minorities are good that so way oversimplification, but if you start from there.

You're on the right track. So the back in history. Jacob and Esau, Jacob well here that Jacob is our misgiving.

Jacob is aware the sinners. They are the descendents of Jacob and so there's the black people and Esau the brothers of the white people, and there's a bunch were cursed. The reason the Blacks were taken into slavery from Africa is because he disobeyed the law of God in the Old Testament so got punished and enslave them to go to the Old Testament in a written verses out of context. Rip them out of context may consider the context of the original 611 so whenever you meet them just you know the polite and let them talk because her just dominate what I like to do is when they talk. I just wait and ask a question and to see the let me ask a question even as it is with grouping from I can ask what your views are, you can tell me and I want to know it you're asking them to teach you what they say when they get to go off in all kind of tangents let them do it just keeps focused on the basic leaves will like to do was say and what you do to get your sins forgiven because that's what it comes down to talk about the law and civil are you keeping the law and to charting the issue trying to get them to the gospel.

I don't want to talk with a black-and-white thing, because it's just racism. It's okay for them but not for us can affect perspectives understood right that help it got less Elijah. All right, all right, let's get to Alberta from Georgia, Alberto. Looking back, but young men that I died died a year hard to understand good noise in the background and to disallow the farms, but I can't cancel you okay or not. One more night is a sinner guy once or die daily sinners die what will exhibit with context, you can die metaphorically and feared. You can die once physically so I know it just to buy the question. I thought okay you know what is going good, but we move along because it's really bad connection. Not able to understand young man I said a lot.

I think this could find the locket back another time and and will will get to that okay all right because that's good Jason from Utah hey Jason, welcome you on the air.

I should have got more morbid that they believe across and they believe that the blood of and date they you got and got a Christian friend garment that that the like what I do at the Cricket guy get bent for by like that. Yet there morbid that they're happy to be more morbid. I think guilty even though we quickly got sucked up exit Sonia, who's the day we mentioned several groups that been marketed that day at the Mormons and the Catholics okay are they neither Mormons nor Catholic source are Christians were saved from their sins, if they believe the official documents with respect to both sales guys brought know they don't know they understand that it's all says the flood came and destroyed them all to the ones who are giving in marriage, and all that kind of stuff were the ones who destroyed it with a wicked that's the fast ones were taken when you go to Matthew 24 you understand that team in the field of one is taken. What is left ones were taken of the wicked. I have never had anybody denied that once they've read it and then gone back and forth between Matthew 24. Luke 17 a just seeing what it says to go back and forth.

I got my goodness you're right. So that part of Scripture is not about the rapture of the rapture occurs is for special needs for for 16 of following these verses are not about the rapture by the wicked are taken because in Luke 17. They asked Jesus where they taken and he says with the body as the vultures gather so it's a place of death when you make a good value. When you meet them. What and when you go we had that in mind and then you go to Matthew 13, the parable of the week and the tears where the wheat or the good and the tears of the bad, and it says Jesus is in verse 30 that he set aside the time of the harvest. Also, the reapers first gather of the tears and bind them in bundles to burn them up.

The first was gathered on the tears as the unbelievers. That's what Jesus says in Matthew 1330 and then finally got up 1340, just as the tares are gathered up and burned with fire, social be the end of the age. Check this out.

The Son of Man will send forth his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, and those who commit lawlessness, so this is what Jesus is teaching and it's not what is being taught from a far too many pulpits. So Matthew 24 Luke 17 Matthew 13 took the simple form is Matthew 1324, Luke 17 you read those you should you reprint your breath for such a comes tumbling down.

Thank you all already arrived a couple. Okay. All right. Let's get to Pearl from Rockdale, Virginia, April, welcome back. I didn't get a chance to finish.

When I wanted to ask you the other day.

I do not get very much to sticking today only truth that have allies is that we shall be like Jesus Christ and I wanted to ask you to please if you could give me a definition of hapless static union of God sure is that much – get on the radio little time hypostatic union deals with Jesus and it means that Jesus as one person has two natures, the divine nature and human nature, and so we have the attributes of divinity, the divine the attributes of humanity. The human that are in the one person that's with Jesus the one person says I am hungry and thirsty and I'll be with you always, even the end of the earth. This deals with hypostatic union. That's where does one person, Jesus was what was one person with two distinct natures of divine and human except, I didn't know it was that I donated anything a sample from God Almighty that I didn't realize it but they that it's easy to lose another have an international standard billing cycle. Katie and I didn't.

I look through it never could find it so well, there is this website that I know about called Colorado have a computer all get a phone, a smart phone now. Well, my website and it really is was that you actually never hear people use that word antediluvian that is awesome post before the flood, that's awesome because you're very intelligent God Almighty gave you beautiful bright and that you claim that power denied the Truth Network

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