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July 29, 2022 9:13 pm

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July 29, 2022 9:13 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- When Christ returns, will Bibles still be around---2- Can you explain Isaiah 45-7- Does that mean God created evil---3- What are some arguments against dispensationalism---4- Can you explain 1 John 5-4- Does overcoming the world mean we won't sin---5- Why does it seem like so many Christians are upset about the recent Supreme Court decision---6- Matt discusses the history of the Democratic party.--7- If time travel were ever possible, would that violate God's eternal decree---8- What is the amillennium position-

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Why is a lot more you why to the show to be Matt slick match would live all right your newbie shows about going to talk about it so your Christian apologetics showing after questions on the Bible, theology, Mormonism will no conceivable Catholicism, Eastern orthodoxy oneness Pentecostalism trinitarianism you oppose the weight that we get it all kind of stuff. You're the reminds me of you ever know that I just love reading the stuff from particular book on episodic information page and what they teach his weird stuff. Hey look, if you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877776 I want to hear from you. Please give me call you five open lines right now and let's see let's see let's see so tonight normally there we go tonight. Normally do Bible studies that we are well okay I see that thought I saw something on the website and it's a different language and so it's like it just threw me off when I saw that with what the heck is that. But I got it so well there you go there you go. Hey, we are through the lines you be call 877-207-2276. It will give me any more stuff and read some of the culture.

I just love reading ridiculous things and the new apostolic Reformation with a modern day prophets and apostles and the kind of stuff like this.

They got some issues it more started, the worse it gets so well talk, but will seek all rights all right, all right, let's see we just jump on the lines here given the phone number to get 77207276. All right, let's get to. Let's see Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina Rudolph welcomed her on their not when crime worked. Do you think that the written word won't be around Bibles or just disappear. Now the question then becomes the new heavens and new earth are made Bibles around and I don't know good questions and won't need him because we'll have fellowship with the Lord. We won't how people will be people that go somebody want to not believe the thing and well and right well that's in the order of events he sees when he returns the new heavens and new earth are made. That's how I can show you Scripture and so if there's a preacher bless rapture thought return of Christ.

It's 1/2 return, you can say comes again people he leaves with them then during that time. One view is that the Bible be around people will get saved.

And if you're on the lineal, then people get saved until the time of Christ when he comes back in the new heavens North are made at his arrival so that you wouldn't know you have a direct item to be their fault to look to God. Okay, okay, what thank you okay okay goblet are you to, all right, let's get to Jamaal North Carolina welcomed Molière on the air, but equally government less likely to go here but I'm doing by God's grace so well. We got her on way home.

Here my program that you will lick your class about the Bible. God created evil thing what it was like a parallel with little like a contrasting juxtaposition parallelism you talk about Isaiah 45, seven cool so you are a little guy got that word yeah it's kind of Isaiah 45. Seven the one forming light and creating darkness is the contrast are opposites light darkness, causing well-being and creating calamity were calamity in Hebrew is wrong, which is also translated as the word evil.

And so, in the King James says he creates evil, not a problem here is that there's different kinds of evil, different kinds of things that can be deemed as evil like a plague, or famine so you can but the issue of ontological evil to be my that is like Satan himself is ontologically evil is just evil, right and so God didn't create him like that create him evil on was a big want to start so we didn't create ontological evil, but he did create Lucifer, who then fell okay also said that that's it.

There's different kinds of of it and the word Rob occurs 664 times in the Old Testament it gets translated as the word ugly unpleasant sorrow, wild displeased, wicked, evil, bad, wretched, distressing, so it has lots of adversity has lots of meanings in different contexts and is called the semantic domain and range of meanings in particular world word will have in a body text is what we see here is the word for well-being is shalom, and you've heard that word probably in one piece. Shalom so notice what's happening one forming light and creating darkness and so darkness is contrasted with light and therefore raw is contrasted with shalom, so it says one forming light and creating darkness, causing well-being and creating the opposite of well-being. That's what it is.

So that's why the NASB says calamity. That's what that's what it does okay. While lots but the Scriptures will make the logo that we need to research now is all own car or I believe that one is and you go to right now you go to difficulties in Isaiah Malachi and 45, seven, there is okay. Good, but got my point and also, Momo a little bit got across the Maltby okay all right about the goblet. God bless you, okay.

Three of the lines. If you want to give me a call you to do is dial eight 772-072-2760 may call for the lines. Let's get to Trina from Ohio I train.

I welcome your I know an argument or multiple argument dispensationalism is the word struggle to right now I'm in my type of program, NASB Isaiah 45 is looking or seven is just look at that verse was like I do is type in just been DIS PEN S for dispensation and it doesn't occur and is not in the NASB, if you go to the King James and you type it in.

It does occur in first Corinthians 917 that's the only place that occurs and so not not that if the work doesn't occur. The concepts not there were Trinity doesn't occur, but the concept is there so now what to do is I'll be the King James cinematheque type in covenant right and I miss you occurs just occurs a lot so covenant distant.

This way going here I have a little program I can do covenant and it'll tell me how may times occurs 321 times. The word doesn't mean all.

Therefore, covenant is true, what it means is that we see that God works covenantal and a covenant is a pact or an agreement between two or more parties, so I married my wife many covenant and the covenant sign is my ring and her ring wedding rings. When God covenanted with Noah. The covenant sign was the rainbow with Abraham, it was circumcision. The new covenant sign is the sports upper and so we see that covenants have signs and the reason God works covenantal he is because a covenant is based on his word he speaks and it occurs he speaks and he binds himself by his work.

So the word became flesh and dwelt among us. The word for covenant in Latin is testament. Hence, Old Testament and New Testament old covenant new covenant God works covenantal. He that is without question the 10 Commandments. Follow the was called the suzerain vassal treaty pattern of the third millennium BC.

It's a covenant system where big King would initiate to a smaller King a contract of protection and or with rewards and stipulations in the 10 Commandments. Follow the same pattern and it talks about who God is what he is accomplished and rewards the stipulations within the covenant of the 10 Commandments. Likewise, the each party in the covenant agreement. Each party gets a covenant copy if I write a contract with you.

You get a copy. I get a copy gets out works so the 10 Commandments are two tablets.

Hence, to copies of the 10 Commandments 10 and 10.

That means they would.

That's why we have a covenant document there and they went into the ark of the covenant, which is the footstool of God in the market mercy seat in the presence of God in the holy of holies.

So he has a copy and we the people of the Jewish nation had a copy as well in the presence of the ark of the tabernacle. So we see the covenant covenant covenant all over the place. Dispensationalism says that God works a little bit differently in different periods of time. So what it will say is, for example, that he works in the period of grace or curative works.

There are periods of time working but I work with law so Genesis 1 through three, it's innocence, then the next covenant.

Our next dispensation is conscience than civil government and promised that law then grace the millennial kingdom. We stayed to write back. After these messages the mass Y call 770727 back to the show looks right now you want to continue because I can tell you more. All right, so dispensationalism then is an approach to interpreting the Bible that assumes that God uses different means different times so before Adam and Eve send Thursday age of innocence and then dispensation of innocence. The dispensational list generally like seven dispensations in the after their fall to the flood is the period of conscience and after the flood was civil government and then from Abraham to Moses, then, is the laws given. It's called the dispensation of promise and then for Moses to come across as the dispensation of the law and then from grace, to the millennial kingdom is the dispensation of grace, and then the rule of Christ on earth in the millennial kingdom is called the millennial kingdom of dispensation. These are just there and of course if you're on millennial this doesn't work. This presupposes a pre-millennial view so there are however differences between dispensationalism and covenant listen. So dispensationalism the church began at Pentecost and asked to and covenantal is on the church began in Eden with the covering of Adam and Eve and dispensationalism. The church is a mystery hinted at the Old Testament and covenantal is on the church was spoken of in the New Testament Old Testament as stated next to some other place and in and dispensational on the covenantal list absolutely.

I will you believe that God that like different generations and differently elaborate. Let make you a covenant, because God doesn't deal with people differently different times.

It's always by the same method grace of Christ. So if you look in the garden of vitamin E. It was a pre-incarnate Christ, who covered them with animal skins. That's the grace of God and the sign of the covenant was the animal skins and the law is active grace of God revealing his own character to us and you'll note that you are only for Abraham was justified by faith. Prior to the law. Just as we are justified so to seders at the stations means in my opinion is that they are there artificially induced a periods into history to make it the seven different ways of working and I just don't see that there I'm sure that Frank and go to my website just look up dispensationalism and you'll find information there. If you want something else that will knock a hole in it. If you're interested you can also look up the article this age and the age to come in. That's in support of millennialism.

The reason I bring that up is because the dispensationalism also generally speaking, will I just a side note will say that the charismatic gifts of sixth and I don't see that as being biblical and blood I don't I don't good for you. Generally speaking that's the case, this meant that everybody should hold just like in my perspective covenantal is him most people don't affirm the charismatic gifts. But I do. But any rate, so the thing about millennialism is it's the teaching that were in the millennial reign of Christ.

Right now when Jesus comes back he will bring. He will take out of his kingdom.

The wicked that's what he says he'll do it in Mark 13.

I'm going to allot. The point is that if a millennialism is true that really just give a pretty hard blow against dispensations) go check it out. You know Linda and what you believe is okay if you still hold dispensationalism that's fine as long as a whole to the essentials of the Christian faith in Christ is used on a server that was important that I found that I blessed him thinking that okay all right for open lines of going to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to the infamous Alberta from Georgia hey bro, welcome anyone here for more snow today. One of God, they question it wanted one though.

By creating them yet to be in the world one again. You can be born again and still mess up in the world. People do it all the time. It doesn't mean or not say what first John 54 is talking about whatever is born of God overcomes the world this and say that would docket a fall or stumble in the world.

Paul himself and Romans 718 to 25 talked about his failures and he was certainly qualified to to be an example of righteousness. And so when it sets out whatever is born of God overcomes the world. It's is a statement of fact, we are going to overcome the world. And we already have because it does not have the power over us to destroy us and to kill us eternally. Now I can certainly mess us up temporally. But that's not the ultimate, the ultimate is our position with God, and eternity not the temporal time of heartbeats and breath here on this world. And so we were born of God overcomes the world, overcomes that sickness and overcomes that death overcomes the persecution is mean that hey, God doesn't want us to ever have anything bad happen and it always means would be healthy, wealthy nationals going on so and he says and this is the victory does overcome the world. Our faith that's what it says our faith is that saying that overcomes the world and the reason it is is because it's not in the world but in God and what Christ is done and by that we are then joined with him and guaranteed to be with him forever.

So we've overcome the world. Okay, okay, so whatever. We know that wherever it want God not need… Though and there's two ways to look at that.

So is born of God does not send if we are born of God, born again. That's because we died with Christ. Romans 66 Romans six a were crucified with Christ died with Christ. The Bible says that he was died is free from the law when 74.

Also, if we died. The law is no jurisdictional having jurisdictional risk. How can we send a loss on their terrific after the break. And folks want to give a call for open lines 877-207-2276 right back Matt slick live call 77077 charismatic back door, but it is an efficient version for John 518 because people he understands going orders to possibilities and a break got there the middle of if we have died with Christ, then we died to the law without the law there is no imputation of sin. Romans 513, Romans 415 talk about without the law there is no sin in Romans 74 says if we died.

They were free from the law. We died with Christ, watching 31 through five, John R. Romans six, six and eight.

So if that's the case.

In that sense, we can't sin, because we regard to the law.

The other point worth looking at is that in the Greek the present tense. There's a sense of what's called the verbal or it's an ING word, eating, working, going this participle, but other present tense is not participle in the Greek present tense as I eat and I am eating is a participle were present tense is just I eat but I eat in Greek has a little bit of attentive participial form to it a little bit of the continuation issue. So, in part, what is saying here is, those who are born of God into practice in Abydos and and keep himself going on okay well born again limited Supreme Court made about abortion a Holcomb Creighton that they be happy about it at that about. I don't know how many Christians are upset or not upset but if anyone claims to be a Christian and is upset about the idea, protecting life in the womb that Christian has a lot of education to undergo correction so I can't speak to how they are and stuff all right be someone who's claims to be a Christian and supports killing babies in the womb can call me up and we can talk about God are not our you know what I so any legal name, a right unless they've been unless they've been brainwashed and indoctrinated by the leftist agenda. They don't know the difference between right and wrong.

They could still be born again, but through being born again the gradually come to a place of understanding with the truth really is. I don't understand. In my opinion, I don't understand how any true Christian could be a Democrat. I'm dead serious when I say that because the Democratic Party promotes abortion and promotes homosexuality promotes transgender is him and promote socialism in all of these are against Scripture and so I don't understand how anybody was claims. The Christian can also support the poor a party that I have information on the Democratic Party.

The support of the KKK and Jim Crow laws, and is basically worked against equality. And then in the meantime accuses others of doing wrong with it may have had a party throughout history is the party of evil, and it is so I don't know how the demon crafts bill socio-I don't get it, understand what you will and and if you think about it the though the schools are leftist. The magazines or leftist TVs leftist. They have worked hard to get there people in places of power and influence the Christians and the conservatives haven't worried about it. Busy just living in producing and working in the left is been busy getting ready to indoctrinate and take over gain power for their false agenda got its center sent out who is a Christian could knowingly the Democrat knowing if they know the history looked at which an original document is read the list of Summit websites history the Democratic Party in America.

In this document for what they did what he did is bad news for us is another issue. Though it were okay.

Thanks for a full 20 McCauley to do is dial 87720722765 of the lines and read some stuff about the Democratic Party than critics party was founded in 1829 platform of individual rights. State sovereignty and proslavery in 1830 Democratic Pres. Andrew Jackson creates the Indian removal act, which forced indigenous people to leave their homeland in 1854 the Republican Party was founded on anti-slavery 1857. In the case of Scott versus Sanford. The court ruled that slaves aren't citizens property the seven justices voting in favor were Democrats and the two who dissented Republicans.

In 1860. 11 states secede from the union and the Democrats start the Civil War in 1863, Republican Pres. Ingram, Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation 1865 Lincoln was assassinated in fact link is vice president. A Democrat named Andrew Johnson assumed the presidency Johnson adamantly opposed Lincoln's plan to integrate the newly freed slaves in the South's economic and social order.

Johnson and the Democratic Party were unified in opposition of the 13th amendment, which abolished slavery. The 14th amendment, which gave black citizenship, and the 15th which gave Blacks about all three passed only because of universal Republican support in 1865, Republicans passed the 13th amendment, which permanently outlawed slavery.

13. Let's see 1868 the KKK grand Wizard is honored at the Democratic national convention in 1869 reconstruction ended, Democrats reestablished white supremacy in the South with Jim Crow laws that legalized segregation that would take years to publish a 272. Republicans elect the first African-American senators and resented us 8070 Republican Sen. Aaron Sgt. introduces 1/19 amendment to give women the right to vote Democratic controlled Congress voted out. 19. Let's see nothing. 18 KKK is reestablished targeting immigrants, Jews and Catholics.

In addition, Blacks 1922. Democrats try to keep lynching legal by creating a filibuster in the Senate 29 Republican Octavia on know the result. Lara solo becomes the first Mexican-American Sen. 8 to 1939 Democrat KKK cover girl Margaret Sanger crated the Negro project and Planned Parenthood to call black population 1954 Republican lawmakers outlawed segregation in public school posed by Democrats to Democrats, Republican Pres. Eisenhower sent in food federal troops to enforce the law and her three more for this to break your activity nine first Republican nation. Sen. Hiram Fong was elected in 1964 Pres. Johnson successfully runs an ad titled confessions of Republican Democrats learned that by accusing Republicans of racism, even without evidence they can gain political power that is bad news, bad news, but the Lyndon B. Johnson, who became president after Kennedy's assassination segment is 63 quotes all have those the N-word vote Democrat for the next 200 years."

These Negroes they get pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us. We've got to give them a little something just enough to quiet them down. Not enough to make a difference." This winter Democrat.

Johnson's 1964 the Republican-controlled Congress passes a 1954, so the rights act as an extension of Republican 1957 to 60 Civil Rights Act Democrats have been a medic. Senators filibuster the bill for record 75 days and if you go to website to see the sources for this 10 different sources for these things. So you know this is you can understand folks when someone uses lies to gain power there, not of God, and if they use lies still do other things to gain power.

Democratic Party is the party of racism of slavery of abortion of the suppression of fighting against equality and fairness and then the Democrats are the ones who accuse the Republicans of evil and the people believe it takes the cues accusing the Festival of the devil. So we want truth and not lies used to shame somebody get power from the Democratic Party is done. If you're Christian, a Democrat, are you now is not able to write back. After these messages is the max Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the shore but it wanted to McCauley and was dialing it on Democratic Party, just so you know Republican trust them anymore through a Democrat. Let's get to Brian from Tucson, Arizona near I will click. I wish I was a professor. So we got we got a certificate from oh okay I like like the school you went years old, I recommend because of your affiant for connect about like sci-fi, let's say if time travel would ever become possible. You think that would violate God's eternal divine decree if it were possible. The only reasonably possible is by God's decree couldn't be against his decree because he could decree that exists all events that can occur trying travel theoretically permitted by God would only be possible by God's decree for you think that wouldn't be problematic though it nothing out of the hypothetical timeline and in good different one. Making making one of the counterfactual timeline that didn't actually happen that got treated them decree, but he did actually happen and then it became worked out so that it didn't happen in a different timeline but an unwanted did it was natural. It was actualized by God's decree and that good after more research and watch galaxy. Have you read my novel time trip. I have not into science fiction novel I wrote Anton Amazon time trip. It's about.

Let's say it's about a crew that comes out of hyper sleep and if you go to the Drake system do some stuff and have an AI computer super intelligent computer on board, and it detects something out in space, and this something. Let's just say relates to time differently than they do, and it causes problems big ones don't go there and I quickly.

When collecting data. They wake up, you think that I can find that I know that normal they wake up just as hyper.

Sleep is just a science fiction tool to used in writing to things work better. XO's in science fiction and true science fiction you can't break known laws of physics. But if you don't have a known laws about time travel or suspension in hyper sleep. Whatever you can use until they affect comes out. That's the rule of science fiction otherwise becomes fantasy okay okay right okay guy breadth of its much science fiction is younger than I actually was able to ace some of physics tests in science tests. In part because of what I learned at a sci-fi from stuff like sci-fi is great, see the movie aliens 70×70 and the water.

No, I don't know I get a reason for it though.

There's a reason the particular movie but them and I love sci-fi and I like to write another sequel to the time trip since I ended in such a way that it sequel is possible, yet it was a satisfactory any of the same time.

So anyway there is time trip out about our God bless. All right, let's get to see Mike from Virginia IMAP. They think thought AI. I did know your your your bulleting of the Democrat party. All all that is really amazing that on your website that yes it is a history of the Democratic Party in America and I have 10 sources of information I got I gathered from grade I I've been single issue voter with or have argued with all people work in your other than to say there's no growth for particular candidate. By the time and I really struggled with that so that that's great. I love you that people so, I I called you it way up the lady about the death and fatalism, and I was a little unclear on your position with with the millennium you figure all millennial them. Yes, I am the go free. Millennial the that the tribulation is before the millennium correct and we have not had a correct most the North would would follow that right. That's correct. Though all millennial with them is that mean the will you tell me what it means. That's there is not a literal 1000 year reign of Christ, but that that thousand years mentioned in Revelation is figurative. God owns the cattle on the thousand Hills thousand days is but one day go thousand yesterday right and so right when you go to Revelation 20 is as I saw an angel coming up in heaven.

That's like the clitoral holding the key of the abyss. I think that's figurative and a great chain in his hand. That's figurative laid hold of the Dragon figurative, the serpent of old literal who the devil and Satan literal and bounty for 7000 years. So is it literal or figurative, since both are well. I know what, why, why, and how good your website is the other lady but I got you. I would avoid thought and and then taught that thousand years with numerous times in Revelation and then you know is literal and why not, why would you not think that thousand years would be little because one thing to the thousand years Satan supposed be bound right right will Jesus and Satan was bound in Matthew 12 2232 said I can read in order to plunder them out strong man's house must be first rebound will, he says there's something else. Russia was something else a lot and that that's only the easy stuff I can show you stuff that is more difficult for people to deal with it here. Let them eat read to something significant this letter to to prick a piece okay this is in effect for settling for over 62 chapter 5 verse two.

The chapter break is unfortunate because there's no chapter break in the Greek this is what is the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, no problem with the voice of the archangel to trumpet of God. The dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together to be in the clouds. That's the rapture right I drink, and study. This process will be to many hell yeah, no, no, I agree. You know I'm with you if you and so will always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words. Now as to the times and the ethics brother and you have no need of anything to be written to you for you yourselves know full well that the day the Lord will come like a thief in the night to the rapture is the day of the Lord that come like a thief in the night right now in premillennialism the rapture happens either to get in the tribulation right in the tribulation. Either way, but it happens before the millennial reign right yeah okay this is second Peter 310 but the day of the Lord, open for me and so after the thousand years. New heavens and new earth are made right so there's the return of Christ which is the rapture to beginning the of the thousand years and at the end of the thousand years.

New heavens and the worker made and we just read that the day the Lord can look a thief in the night. That is the rapture now. Second Peter 310 but the day of the Lord, to thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements we distribute intense heat of the earth and its works will be burned so you're saying to allow that that millennial deep clean because of that I'm with the same the same day only day only one day that referred to as the day of the Lord to come like a thief. One day, and that's the same day the rapture occurs the same day the new heavens and new or thicker, okay well I'm apathetic to look at that that again. Therefore, as you know them. A lot of a lot of dirt thought you fell while I was my last just for fun.

Okay because we got nobody waiting will have like three minutes. You know too many feel one is taken, one is left right that's the rapture.

No it's not. I figure Matthew 24.

Right work and live. 17 you know I I personally think it is the rapture and the reason I and I know a lot of people say well Matthew 24 to Israel and the Jewish people. I, I think the whole thing. I think the wicked and and goes portion well that what I am single most of the time I that's my thing is I can prove that's not the case from Scripture prove okay that could because it says as those days before the flood they were eating, they were drinking they were giving in marriage of the know in the ark. The flood came and took them all away. Matthew 24 to mentor taken what is left. So people say that's the rapture except when you go to Luke 17 says the flip of the flood came and took them all away.

The flood came and destroyed them all. The.

The proof is the ones who are giving in marriage, and etc. on the wicked, and they're the ones were taken there. The ones were destroyed. All you do is go back and forth between the chapter, Luke 17, Matthew 94 and read and you don't owe. This is 100% hundred percent over the years I've shown people this 100% time to go To write is there is no way out okay and then in Luke 17. The asking where are they taken a sense of the body is the vultures will gather by birth weight bothered me or I don't understand it yet look the legal limits and one more thing out to Start to rush you through this time. Now I resent her in the collect more girth with slowly in Matthew 13, the parable of the sower of the week and the tears and the tears growing as a wish term often and Jesus says in verse 30 allow both to go away together until the harvest time of the harvest essay. The reverse first gather the tears and bind them so the time of the harvest. The first was gathered in the wicked, which is consistent with what Jesus is method 24 Luke 17 and later on he says he interprets that parable and he says in verse 41 will gather out of his kingdom all stumbling blocks, the wicked are taken out of his kingdom. You see others more, that's that that's what it's like the check it out okay. Look at one car I will this age of the edge that, there's a chart of some stuff there, and it's very okay try to write my I thought okay I okay will help shake people up for the Lord bless you by his grace back there tomorrow and will talk to the another program powered by the Truth Network

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