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August 15, 2022 8:24 am

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August 15, 2022 8:24 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt reads hate mail.--2- A caller wanted to challenge Matt's claims related to the falsifiability of the New Age movement. --3- A caller wanted to discuss the beginning of the universe and how Christianity is the only cause that makes sense.--4- Have you heard of the Complete Jewish Bible---5- Matt reads more hate mail.


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Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive are more questions of our Bible doctrine as a matter why hey if you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276. I want to hear from you. Give me a call today is a nice Friday. Busy day for me hate mail here little bit of those you might be new to show something to read people's emails to me on how much they dislike me. I want to condemn think that is reading Soma comments on one of the baits I have some people you could tell he can tell who is just lacking of objectivity and is full of hatred and it happens when you tackle people's cults. So hey look guidelines cubicle 877072276 let's see, let's see, let's get into some hate mail I like that condo already for the caller to commit fraud is rough and slow and this sound should be good. It sounds good.

You hear me okay good. Just making sure you want to watch you participate in the check to go to and on the homepage of the right hand side will see a picture of me to click it and you can go into mess look like you can participate here to chat as a court.

Of course, that some people think this special just got over the Internet.

Don't go to radio stations as well on the East Coast, mainly in Ohio and in Utah so there you go, what you call 877-207-2276 let's see let's see let's see a bill here all right inhabitants around the world. You know when you have an email that's addressed to the inhabitants around the world that has got to be a huge email list because with this guy did his he just emailed me about the inhabitants around the rollers that switch to. I don't know if he's emailed everybody the planet aggressive email address. I don't know because after all what he says it's it's inhabitants around the world. If you receive this email, along with the attached PDF letter, then you are one of the lucky ones who been summoned to the content within this is not a call for you defend religion or to test your soup superb knowledge pertaining to the holy things regarding heavenly creator. You know you read some of the stuff. A lot of times I get so taken aback by the self-deception of what's going on with people in the the incredible arrogance that they often portray themselves. They have they have the knowledge to the entire world is from God, and they believe the stuff I get emails like this on a pretty regular basis and with like to have you noticed there were thousand.

There are thousands time. Thousands of different places of worship around the world with millions of spiritual leaders contrasting millions of other spiritual leaders concerning the only true living creator, yet you see I will I just say that this individual does not have all his pause in the litter box.

Alright alright alright alright let's see you this, but lost books of the Bible who says they're lost. This person says that he or she runs a particular ministry and I'm living out some of the lost books. What troubles me is that they may negate the triune one. By bringing in the mother Goddess for good instant insults. Listen to your interview.

Oh yeah we talked about this with Paul Young. The book, the shack heresy was so so bad okay so here's an email. My wife actually got it this see you people kidding. I've never seen anything so far. They said you ridiculous critique of the shack to say that the author book endorses universalism is outright deceit. No it's not. He said, so that he said God forgave everyone of their sins.

Everybody that's that universalism, the frequent use click your assertion, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Maybe you need to ask yourself why this book is having such an amazing and positive impact on many in your life. So I asked myself it because people can't discern truth from error.

That's what, why and how is God using to bring many people healing and deliverance from performance-based Christianity, whatever. So what my wife actually wrote back dear Mr. Soto should remail that will be responding to it this Friday on his radio program because it's a bill Friday at his service and that he wrote back nice so everyone who disagrees with you or your website is a hater. I expect this, but that's a very worn out and immature way to reply this the why doesn't surprise me that some steps up that why doesn't surprise me that name-calling is one of your methods honestly makes me wonder if your organization is even Christian or not. If you are should think twice about trying to divide the body Christ, the so-called apologetics in your site regarding the check is woefully inept in my opinion, I'd be happy to discuss these issues anytime with any of you man-to-man.

My guess is it will take pot shots at my email on the radio whatsoever list from years ago so it's old, same pool, go to

You've heard the voice with voice voice of the demon's what I do know my name is so-and-so I'm a Wiccan.

I would like to point out there are no demonic forces involved as you put it. Secondly, the dreams etc. have nothing to do with Wicca is against Wiccan law to harm another or influence them against their will. Wiccan's are Steelers teachers and protectors would also like to point out that your Christian holidays are based around the time the pagan holidays I've nothing against Christianity.

It irritates me that high degree when we see Wicca being used to explain some bad luck. Yeah, I did a lot of research on Wicca years ago I was really interesting because Wicca is a form of witchcraft otherness. I know it's not but it is and they do spells from witchcraft and they say the creed is to harm none, but do you as you will and harm none, according to final harm is and so the demonic forces are of course very satisfied with Wicca because it they got these people in Wicca, deceived, thinking that they're doing good and not harming anybody water believing in gods and goddesses, and in Wicca. You can actually this is real. You can Ashley make up a god or goddess that you want to serve that's okay and I remember talk this week is about this and in sync with are you telling me you can create your own god or goddess is this woman said yes said the but that is a real dumbfounded just as real to us.

That's all that matters. What are you thinking you know it's like going on the on the street driving down the road ends a red light and I and and and I said well now it's great because all that matters is was what you think this is just it was.

I remember that conversation.

It was dumbfounding to me that some would actually admit to making up a God or Goddess that was okay. This person understated inside of Wicca and so I found that the most perplexing effect that reminds me back in seminary.

Use this analogy saw pleasure this guy back in seminary. We had to do reports and stuff like that.

And one of the classes I did a report on the New Age group was pretty much alive and well was living in Escondido, California, insults I interviewed a New Age shop owner and I contacted him and said, look, I'm not here to debate you.

I'm in seminary and reports and have first-hand quotes and things like that. Would you be willing to have a discussion with me about it to getting a context.

He said sure, come on down. So we talked for couple of hours and I took a lot of notes and didn't have a laptop at the time you back in the early 90s you use this thing called a pen and his other thing called paper and you would use a flat surface put the paper on it and then write with this instrument thing called a pen I think is the pencil which is me just erasable to make a mistake you know people are upon them, but that we had expected. I sat with this guy in his shop and the only one or two people came in and we left a few minutes but we had a really good discussion and I asked them all kind of New Age philosophy and thought a lot of good quotes. Thank you very much okay well my way and he said he before you go can ask some questions as it sure is what you think about what I told you said well I can tell you but what if you want me to I will. But remember, I offer just to come in and just ask question to debate you would try to be polite, if you want me to to respond musical for I will tell you yeah go ahead. I said okay I said the problem with your theology is it's not based in reality, it's nonfalsifiable so there's a principal explain with this is not falsifiability that means that, for example, wood Heaven's Gate Applegate Heaven's Gate group Applegate was unable to guy leader and about 40 people killed themselves with poison back in San Diego's live in San Diego so I got interviewed on TV about down there and they they killed each other for the kill themselves with poison ritualistically and the theology was nonfalsifiable to theology was that the Hale-Bopp comment was coming in on the far side of the Hale-Bopp comment was a UFO and you needed to kill yourself so that the people UFO would come and get your souls and take you to the next realm or world, or planet she sees nonfalsifiable you can't prove it to be false, nonfalsifiable. She couldn't go out to the opposite side of that, did look and say hater'sship it. Even if you could exit was invisible and so it is called mom, falsifiability, and generally speaking, things are nonfalsifiable don't rest in reality okay right now so I said to him I said your view is nonfalsifiable, which means it can't be demonstrated to be true or false, and the reason is because there it it has no connections to actuality that it can be verified and I said we are talking here about his creating your own reality in your mind and then you behave as though that's true said but you don't.

For example, if you and I were driving a car I was driving at night. I said green lights are red and red lights are green. I believe that's the reality of creating which I said would you want to drive with me and he said will not. I said yeah because a be dangerous because even though I believe something it doesn't work.

In reality you are view only rests in reality and limp as possible because of reality. What I mean by that is not it is real but you can believe that there's the serial conscious of the Christ unity thing and it's nonfalsifiable and works regularly and has no basis in reality. They focus through the lines 877207 why call 77070, let's say that would be right for Pennsylvania.

Ryan welcome your on the air like very much. Talk about preop nonfalsifiable on their way, but not by thank you for inviting me to call. I was wondering what the criteria for bulk viability of the bargain is not.

It is nonfalsifiable to drop off our bill nonfalsifiable is nonfalsifiable.

We can better alter the right but you see, God himself is the ultimate is the terminus of all things he can't falsify his existence in the presupposition of view you soon. The validity of the truth of God's word and you demonstrate that everything works because it was a positional approach you can't falsify God and demonstrate that he doesn't exist. Well, but you can't falsify the proof that you're trying to you in the.argument that in the tag argument for okay I think you just jump ship a little bit here but the so how do falsify the tag argument circle K how you do that you can allow yeah I miss showing okay by showing that the be criteria that you for the what you call the job foundations of intelligibility are justifiable outside of the Christian worldview. If they aren't world by showing that the laws of logic that you talk about the very meaning and structure, but they are not absolute, they are not on and worldview that you sooner. Like like the love and logic. The lot identity something is what it is.

It is not what is not.

Does that change.

I'm sorry you're blocked out the lot identity and classical laws of logic, something is what it is and is not what it is not just that ever change. Okay, first of all the strength by the value are defined with a certain amount of logical merit defined differently with the logical logical which I said I said laws, classical laws, the lot identity you saying yes the lot identity within that context changes they understand. A fact is never independent fax always exist in a context and the context always has a causal chain and so we don't want to say that any fact is autonomous because then we would have multiple ultimates. This is problematic but nevertheless in the classical laws of logic. The law of identity. Something is what it is and is not is not your same within that context, it changes I banged up the so-called classical laws of logic are no longer applicable to this sort of because logic has expanded out of thought that it understanding and bring logical logs. Logic occupies smaller and smaller portion of the universe of logic and outside of the classical laws of logic. The laws of identity drink and be a lot of contradictions. I have a lot of embalming next step along that entity. So then there are times when something that exists isn't what it is. Okay, first of all, logic is not according to your own definition lot does not feel logic does not feel an object in the open statement about objects so you when you're saying something knows what ago. The phonological statement is identical to a that's the first egg was a second is a not be so our air and Internet. I will write the decedent is a lot identity about is just is just something is what it is. Are you saying there's times when it's not true that something is what it is using is what is like is very first of all, you're using the wrong terminology that the company is whether the model logical is identical to a logical, not an object of what it does not feel an object.

The open statement about that describes object. That's what logic field. If the dog got the mammal that is a statement about God is about the relationship with God and Adam you're using the long-held analogy is not what logic field statement so that I have ideas, is that something is what it is is identical with its own self its own nature is not when it is okay well you're not using a logical statement that all okay so when you're on your vow logic and you going identity. The logical thing to a identical rate okay not a is equal to eight… Mathematical is identical to a not something knows what is going to go and not what is not out of my logical so again, so classical laws of logic. So I logic Senso but would you agree that everything that exists, has a nature okay is that nature.

Concomitant with its identity for the grantor okay switch identity was nature when the same thing so something that exists has a nature and so it's that nature is consistent with itself. The law of identity.

Well first of all your again. You can confirm that I think about all that I failed a of the novel. Okay five minutes later. It is very so yeah: Apple is not the same level great you have a logic bomb degree that you must also account for, if identical to itself within the framework is going to deteriorate and become identical with something else. Apple is a right now. Yes because it has the change within it. So I logic the lot identity is the first of the three classical laws of thought, you know that right right that was out where were no longer limited to the class blog. Okay, so what each thing by talking with the classical laws lot identity. So each thing is the same thing with itself and it's different from another thing right. Well now you're going to go a different category when you're talking about coming identical goods so the guy got hooked up within a given timeframe work. If you're going to talk about the dog nature is different from something else about comparing it with something else that you say is identical to the way different than thing that I have identical defeat, are not identical to be missing is been reading different websites when talking to the importance of is really nothing that lot identity is reading these things in your disagreeing with them said I figured you wouldn't agree well with me. What I said and so now even the experts you disagree with.

So I've probably the air credibility this point well. There within modal logic.

You have met the very identity you cannot possible identity. You can have a compatible identity identity so the laws of identity varies within the logical that you're using that also varies within that I'll give you my dialogue, you with others is not falsified for folks for the lines 8772075770777720] Casey from North Carolina Casey. Welcome here hello yeah right about their complete Jewish Bible like that guy with logic. My switch if you want talk about that when you well. If he thought about logic coming Big Bang theory proved it. The beginning of the universe that had a conference not from nothing right nothing, I will know that it can't be the case that the universe came from nothing and that nothing is nothing.

There's nothing no attribution, so something had to because it yes okay and not what Big Bang theory.

There has to be something natural dominant start time.

I logic it doesn't line up of Christianity approved that were here and everything out here logic presupposes can be based in the true Trinitarian God and the reason is because things have the causal chain so me to try this with you and listeners to see how this sounds good. I was working new ideas and here's a new idea come up with to illustrate something see a mountain and is mountainous.

It potentially could be infinitely high as it matters as a thought experiment you take out a rock way up there and you push it and it rolls down a little bit and hits two more rocks. Those two hit two more each. Those of four hit unit two morning of eight, so goes 248-1632, 64, 128, etc. and the further down it goes.

The wider the events are, the more there are triangle with parallel lines and go out and this is an illustration of one event that leads to other events and I know of no instance where a single event only causes one single other event none of it exists, but I'm not aware of any F5 resources a little bit does have found think so. One rock hits you don't hits the dirt and moves the air. And so there's other things are affected by movement and heat exchange and things like this is never by itself. So the point is that events have an increasing number of interrelated things that they affect the further down the mountain you go the further down time to go in the in the further down you go, the more events are the result of that single initial event. Well this thing is that's an illustration to see the further down you go in time.

The more events have occurred while to go backwards in time necessarily the triangle has to come to a point there has to be a single uncaused cause is single event that brings everything in what is the single event and this illustration is to suggest that all facts all actualities exist in a broader context inside of the causal chain that facts don't exist independently of other facts of other context because if they did, then they would be eternal because they would be noncontingent and you can have multiple eternal facts because then each one of them becomes their own ultimate and we have multiple ultimates you have nothing that you can ground in any ultimate beginning or truth, if this makes sense and if it doesn't. The guy I know I need God because they get so you have everything becomes orderly yeah well there's so there's other contest with the point is that we don't try to explain is that everything is related to an single uncaused cause. So what were doing is burned down and that mountain a few miles down and and everywhere we look, there are events all around us and we walk up the hill to go back in time and the more back in time we go, the narrower the field goes and if you are events there are. Until we get to the point where there's only one that first rock that your first movement, and so that's the idea that the initial rock represents the ultimate the cause, the terminus well okay so just illustration we get to the issue of the universe and causation is only to causes of of something impersonal or personal and must call the law distort the disjunctive syllogism when you only have two options and there are only two God or not, God, personal or impersonal belief to and once negated than the other one is verified scalding possibility. The contrary. So if you can demonstrate that an impossible cause and possible that it him impersonal cause can't bring the universe into existence. For example, then if that's falsified can't be shown to be logically true, then the other one is automatically verified and so that's one of the ways of using that that God must exist. And then we get into. From there I go into universals. In particular, and demonstrate that the Trinity is the necessary precondition for universals particulars. That's another whole topic here that pretty yeah I got started in middle yeah and and demographic yes and what I was saying was in the classical laws of life logic I did it on purpose because atheists will often talk to me and similars under laws of logic and I'll say okay under laws of logic were talking about the classical laws are laws will have their day in court in the classical laws. I would pick the first one something is what it is this not what is not. That's a equals a is a true and this guy was saying.

Sometimes this make any sense to say sometimes is in the context of that first loss in the classical laws, something that exists is what it is itself that just is what it is meant to deny that is irrational and so then we think that some philosophers think that the other laws. Law of non-contradiction.

Love is good middle upper inference are derived out of the primary law. The law of identity.

And so we get into some other issues but to you. I've had lots of conversations like this with people over the years I enjoyed but I want to kill. The radio who don't understand things a bit of care, of linguistic and logical trip training sure so now okay to it. When you question it was about the Jewish Bible I think it was back complaint. Bible look into her to have a look at it. Well I don't know what it is the complete Jewish byline would have to look it up. Read the complete Jewish Bible free online interesting complete juice CJB even know that lessee doesn't have what has Romans okay open real news.close that similar to go and check my that's the verse I always go to Romans 518. That's what they say. In other words, just as it was through one offense that all people came under condemnation, so it is through one rectus faculty will come to be considered righteous not a very good translation.

Let's see what they do with Johnny 58. Let's see, let's see John eight real time we got nobody waiting so I can talk to their problem doing this John Siddiqui's Shula said to them, yes, indeed, before for home came into being. I am always bothers me issue will not understand her doing their thing. Replacing James Jesus with Yeshua but when you look at the Greek text and it says Jesus. Jesus, that word Jesus is 2424 in the Strong's Christian who it occurs. 914 times in the New Testament and now some people think that the early Gospels were written and Aramaic, or maybe even April and so this name would have been Yeshua but the later epistles were written in Greek and written to the Greeks and electric cultures and things like that and the Greek word is used. Jesus inside a problem when people take a little bit too much liberty in my opinion with the text. So Yeshua said to them, and know I should be Jesus because that's what the Greek says in their changing and have a problem with that.

I don't like that that's just me. The Hebrew word for that was Josh. Well, kinda of you something to Jesus is just how it is in the Greek and just what it says that every goes everybody okay all right, thank you okay hey folks nobody's waiting if you want to give me call you to do is dial 87720 mass Y call 7707 every okay.

The last 12 vehicle five open lines 877-207-2276. All right, let's get a little bit of hate mail because date is Friday your views on the Trinitarian doctrine is a bit narrowed and seemed more philosophical you seek to appeal to mind by using logic rather than facts. Now you know I enjoy statements like this because they're not logical. So if you have a fact that you have to use logic to discuss the fact you can't discuss a fact without using logic. If a fact exists, like say a parchment in a jar. It's a fact will then you're saying parchment nursing jar in using location you're presupposing the laws of logic lot identity law of non-contradiction in your using deduction and inference to make conclusions. This is all necessary when you have facts. Facts cannot be understood without logic.

So, 2+2 is four. Know that we can understand that because we understand what to is because that's a lot identity to is to is it something is what we recognize as existence, nature plus is a concept of addition we get that concept and we have is in the cold, equality, or equal nests or summation in another value called for. We see in interrelationship of identities in relation to addition with something of the quality. This is all logically placed in is with us and in her mind so quick going to think about people to his work right so you can't have a fact to without having some form some form of logic associated with it to. For example, this hesitates the classical law of lot identity something, but it is not okay. It is identical with properties of Tunis, which is an abstract entity is not something that can be written down and thus destroyed. If you write the number two on a piece of paper to destroy the piece of paper to nests is not destroyed. Instead what you've done is destroy a symbolic representation of a universal concept. That's all you done the universal concept is not destroyed in a universal concept is important because you can think of the number two and I can't also because of that the quality and the, the issue of Tunis exists independently of your mind in my mind because of your mind dies in my mind, guys. Tunis does not disappear. Other people know about it and can and come in contact with the thing called a universal quality of Tunis and has property and am so because Tunis is a universal is not dependent upon physical things because if it was depend upon physical things in the physical things disappeared and Tunis will disappear instead Tunis is an abstraction that occurs in the mind. Tunis is universal universal abstraction, hence the universal mind. Simple stuff okay and so these are the kinds of things that we do with logic. We think and we apply logic with facts, no logic can only exist ultimately because God himself exists because logic is a reflection of the character. The Trinitarian mind. I say Trinitarian because God is a Trinity within the Trinitarian context, God exists and he is one and many he is one being in many persons, one being three persons that he's a an entity a being who has the quality of oneness and many nests with in his essence is called the issue the one of the many now the number two. For example, is a quality of one nests, not in a numeric sense, but in an end is one thing and it can manifest in different locations different ideas in different ways never to look like number three or circle or square these are triangular rarity.

These are concepts that we are familiar with that have universal applicability because if we were to travel to Mars or tell the Centauri the idea of trying hilarity is still true, but the location that we are in does not give actuality to trying hilarity or numerics or anything.

These are things that exist and yet they are piece that they are mental there abstract things so I'll take the triangle. For example, trying hilarity is a concept you you can understand trying hilarity and I can understand true trying hilarity we can understand circularity circle because understand these concepts so there's many instances of trying hilarity. There are many instances of circularity. They exist all over the place technical particulars particular manifestation of the triangle here or circle there in your house in my house. Your clock might be in the shape of the circle and the clock in my wall is in the shape of a circle. In fact, the glass in my hand, is an opening that is a circle, as we have circles manifested in different places at different times fiscal particular instances of the universal of the question then becomes what unites the particulars with the universals is a serious question because if you want to say that a particular instance of the circle like the circle that embeds the glass that I'm holding my hand the circular opening is that the universal itself on this glass will of course because the circle notice exists outside of me holding this manifestation of the circle in my hand in the representation of the class so that if you have a glass of the circular opening you drink out of that glass and you understand circularity as do I. We have particular manifestations of circularity in different places.

Well, what unites your circle with my circle. What is the ultimate thing that brings them together.

It has to be the universal idea of circularity will that means then that the idea circularity is the ultimate, which would mean then that is nothing beyond it that in this particular narrow view of what a circle is we understand it's actuality which they will let us circle hands and receiving particular manifestations. What unites my circle with your circle to the universal because we could see direct unit unit representation between mine and the universal and yours in the universal, but how about yours to mine because it's a yours to mine is manifestation of circularity. We recognize it, then nursing the horizontal between human minds. There's an actuality that exists. That's a problem because it implies that our minds become the ultimate. I know getting complicated so what is it and what must be in K in place in order for the idea. I'll stick with circularity to have its universal characteristic property that can be recognized by individual minds. What is the ultimate well, it's a safer now that the ultimate is the circle. This quality okay… To suit say that's the case, will and what must be in place for circularity to have it universal truth value what must be the condition that gives circularity its universality. Member circularity is a concept of the mind, and we identify certain physical manifestations or particulars, and so the application measures a universal mind behind them just like the universal mind behind mathematics number two triangular at the or up nests or down this these qualities that are abstract entities abstractions that imply a universal mind. The Trinity has both unity and diversity one and many universal and particulars embedded within the very nature of God and by assuming the Trinitarian view. We then can make sense of the universals in the particulars we would say the reason is circle of your glass. The circle of the opening of my glass of same finger circles have actuality is because God gave them actuality because they reflect the universality of his mind. Who knows all truth is he knows what circles are and remain his image and we can apprehend them. If you have a being whose only one person, then you don't have the one in the many is a fundamental characteristic of his essence in the fundamental nature of the universe then would have to be employed as one of the many property which is probably because it's impersonal and how do you have impersonal things get universal abstractions which require minds. Yet this stuff gets deep and I know a lot of you probably right now are having brain fog in our state's role in my entire weekend. Thank you very much Matt but this is the kind of stuff I talk about with atheists sometimes get pretty heady. Let's just say this, that without the Trinitarian God. You can't justify anything you can't justify facts to deny the truth of Christianity is a counterclaim.

People do that to say that you don't whatever exists, whatever does exist independently is impossible. So how do facts relate to each other. How do facts relate to our environment. All facts have a causal relationship with other facts as you go back in time. The number of facts that are before those facts much must decrease and as you go back in time, it decreases to a singular point. The first cause it's either the case of the first causes personal or it's not the case of the first causes personal. If it's not personal, then it has to have what's called the necessary and sufficient conditions to bring an event to bear on the physical realm that one thing, but what must be in place for universal abstract entities to exist like circles, circularity, darkness, hoarseness, car is blue.

This what must be in place for these actualities is universals to be well since it universals are abstract and universal implication is universal mind, universal mind is God is a Trinitarian God is only the Trinity is the one in the many personified in the one of the many we have a precondition to be able to understand how universals one can have many particular manifestations all over the place in Christianity. It works but other worldviews does not. So this is hard to explain because the concepts are difficult.

Let's get to who ever this is on a calling, and right now. Luckily on the arm only got about a minute half yard firing at you I love you and why do really what my wife ought to have life. Sure all you do is go to where is it, Lauren. You can type it in.

I think it's make me do this. We do this.

It's on okay it's on YouTube. Matt slick live YouTube and look for today show slick live you to have several ones because of people have complained about you. That's what I say like I don't believe in certain politically incorrect please correct things and people.

For me, and you can't say that enough. So what we've had to move around a little bit that's fine. And so I met slick live is the YouTube thing and it might be one or two of them and look for your August 12, 2022. Met slick live.

812 2022. Okay, very good.

Thank you.have a great weekend, YouTube and God bless buddy arrived. Okay hope that was interesting that the problem is I can make that if I get to define that I get to work all that stuff out so that I can make sure that you can understand those things step-by-step. I want to build a do those and is not always easy to do concepts transcribe back to me to polish it for you there you go folks. There's a music I hope you have a great weekend with the Lord bless you and by his grace back on their on Monday by his grace we can double as a buddy. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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