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August 25, 2022 1:32 am

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August 25, 2022 1:32 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses the differences between Eastern Orthodoxy versus true Christianity.--2- Where did the sinner's prayer idea come from---3- Can you explain dispensationalism- Is it an accurate way to interpret Scripture----4- I worry that I've committed blasphemy of the Holy Spirit- Is it possible for a Christian to do that---5- What does Revelation 3-20 mean- Doesn't it cause a problem for Calvinism---6- Can someone who has homosexual attractions but has not acted upon them, be saved-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics research what is found alive as hard as I mourn you have questions about Bible doctrines maps. Likewise, branches called in responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick go of things turned off. Hopefully everything will work out just hunky-dory to be hokey better than Dori. I don't know but will find out. So hey, look at what you call all you do is dial 877-207-2276 30 go so those of you who might be new. This is a Christian apologetics show different you know if your questions on all kinds of topics and just bake discussed so a couple hours goes online and I could do this you know I work on projects about breaks or go online will find a chat room someplace and I know where to go for theology and stuff like that so I went into a room and we had this discussion with some eastern Orthodox people know I'm a little unusual in that I will just say it and I believe these orthodoxies apostate false doctrine. Just like Roman Catholicism. I believe if you die believing official dockets in those churches you go to hell.

I honestly believe it. I don't just say for sensationalism. I should believe this stuff tonight I teach, I argue and debate. From that perspective. When I talk to them and really understand that they know who I am and they know that it's not malicious. Is this my position so we have polite conversations. Nonetheless, today we had a conversation and was sick because I find that the people I talked to, particularly in the Eastern Orthodox Church. It's all about the charter. The church see the church as was true. The church is what gives us the authority the church is what it was, the Scriptures, the church, the church of church and so you I ask questions and they brought up a time when I kind of had an impromptu discussion, debate with a guy in the eastern Orthodox position and they claim victory in that and I did laugh. I think you guys are to get it. You know what happened and we have discussions because they dismiss the difficult questions and ask a question and they think I'm dismissing it, but I'm not giving examples of the also the look you know the Bible is the final authority and everything addresses you greatness. He will know because you believe in history.

History to churches is the true church yes how do you know history tells us how you know your interpretation of history is correct. On the other churches, the history of interpretation is correct, since the church fathers contradict each other. How do you know which ones right.

This is when the wheels come off the cart. The can answer these questions with all those older say well the church says so.

The church is right and so they don't have an authority resting in Scripture given authority resting in a church which they relinquish their ability to think, to that church. They relinquish disability of critical thinking and to give it to the church you'll do my critical thinking for me. I will repeat what you say church sets that it is true. Thank therefore the church is true, the church says it has authority going back to the apostles. So, therefore, to have a church authority, the apostle so I asked him sick to show me this is Scripture guess what they can also go to various verses in the also looks read it. Let's see what it says. Which really interesting, as is Alaska so you interpreting the Scripture are you doing with the what your church tells you to say but the Scripture which is it because if you do what it tells you to say how do you know which correct if you doing on your own that you submit submitting that church to your own authority interpretation.

These are tough questions and they won't answer them because they can't answer the can't answer, but it will save me Matt hey who gave you the Bible to God like that. For God did to the apostles and prophets. Penalty will the church is what gave it to us, but said well when you buy church will the church what you mean like the church since the word is use a different context, different ways of the Bible what you mean you mean a universal ecclesiastical structure. Where was that in the New Testament because you don't find it, you fight the church will rehear the church over there you find and Paul writing letters to various churches.

You'll find a single overarching church structure that is there only go to acts 15. The gruesome counsel of the council of elders who got together and they said it seemed good to them and then they taught, and these are out of the apostles and others messing up so where's your authority like this don't have it and we go through these conversations we go through all kind of stuff like this will tell you it, it just gets it's amazing to me. Still interest is to be disconcerting to encounter people relinquish the responsibility they have to go to God's word and then they just of licorice to a church now don't do that yourself. Don't relinquish your responsibility to interpret the word of God, to understand the word of God and give to a church or radial guy. You need to study the word for yourself.

To the best of your ability. This is why I like it when people come to me and say Matt you not listen to the radio. I've listened to Bible studies, we are teaching okay and I studied what you said and I examined what you sentences okay and I like it when they say I really like with a safe, everything you say is true and right. I believe everything okay good okay smile that I like it when they say well you know I exam what you say I see why you say what you do but I don't necessarily agree with your conclusions okay so what do you conclude as long as not heretical enough.

No problem, but I like it when people look at the word of God for themselves and then decide and interpret base, with vacancy in Scripture all you have the authority to do that where you have to have authority worth the saith of authority did Jesus claim to have authority yeah is God.

The apostles that they have authority, but either called by Christ. Okay so where's your authority of the reasons they were noble minded I think.

And Paul praised them for comparing even what he said again Scripture now that they have authority from some church structure to judging what Paul said of course not yet posted way to go. Wait a minute if there supposed to submit themselves to some ecclesiastical authority, then why is it that Paul said of the brands were more noble minded and even checked what he said again, Scripture should biggest be submitting to the authority of the apostle Nona debate these things and I talk to people in NASA's kind of questions.

I find two things. One, you can listen and hear the wheels come off the cart into you can listen and hear and avoid difficult questions why is your loyalty is not the Jesus is to a church that's bad when I was my day-to-day having excursion into the Internet and the beating teaching hey we are fertilizer going to give me a call 877-207-2276 give McCauley a fork aligns all right Bossman from Ohio. Welcome your on the grayed out. Got it. 54 and I have really been a lot of movement brother trying to get people could get that thing were amazing how so many people back in our churches today absolutely biblically illiterate, which leads me to my question how that's going. Now your screener. We secure all the time when we go to church hopefully you know pretty regularly, but I'm wondering how much power Mac is in the quote unquote sinners prayer and where have we as a Christian community get that whole sinners prayer idea that everybody thinks the parent, especially in the American church is up today will I see a history of it.

But what I see is that people are doing that as a summation of what Christ I personally don't have a problem with the sinners prayer enough, it's done so to speak properly. I don't believe that a sinners prayer is what saves you, but I do affirm with the idea that you know, if I were preaching and the message today was about salvation and I wouldn't have any problem saying after the sermon. You know, folks. If any of your unbelievers and I don't mean a derogatory sense but you documented yourself to Christ and you want to you. I could pray out loud and you can just recite with me. This is an intention of your heart to trust in Christ, ask Christ to receive support for your secret I would see a problem with note by the problem with all you said these words. Hey, now you're a Christian now that I do probably not going yet that's what I get concerned because when I run into court." Fellow Christian and you can obviously there is no Galatians 5 through the spirit, not a person after observant, you know, you give them time. You don't just make your quick decision and does a couple seconds noted. But you see that there is no fruit of the spirit in them and make them when they claim yeah when they claim what I prayed the circuit prayer when I was 12, at such and such. Yeah yeah that's why when I talk to people about coming to Christ all saved.

I told three things long gospel in cost the law. Your thou shalt not lie you've lied okay now you're in trouble. The gospel Jesus can free you from the penalty of that law. And then the cost. The cost is to pick up your cross daily and follow after him. You better know you getting good good return. That's a good last return. Yeah, that one time I was leading a guy to the Lord and I'm not taking credit look at me saying that. But you know it was moving that Lena and I got to the point I said look, do you want to receive Christ as your Savior trusted him, I can help you in a prayer that that a prayers.

What does it, but it's your appeal to God as your people entrusted him as I get shiners to amusingly sick to take one more thing I said Jesus says you can pick up your cross and follow after. And if you don't not worthy of him. What he said right in Scripture is right. Oh yeah and I said he will take you as you are but you won't leave you as you as to be difficult. I said so. Now with that information, you want to be a Christian and he said no I don't rile Matt. Now what's it good. So help them throughout their 12 count because you help that man could count the call because he absolutely amazes her. I do not want someone to I don't want someone to say this. I try Jesus for two weeks. It didn't work. I said the prayer it didn't work. I wanted to say wait a minute what you mean he's gonna require something yes yes well that's different I thought was to be my life would get better. I even told people it might not get better might get a little worse for a little while as you find that your friends don't hang around you anymore. You know what you're getting into. This is God here.

This isn't just some blonder blood Caucasian surfer dude Chris. It didn't woman's nightgown asking permission let you in. And once you win your wisdom, let a man be better but healthy and wealthy as it not true, it may be like that, but it may not be. Are you ready to receive Christ and stand up for him and be honest, even if it's going to hurt you.

You will to do this no, well then don't go out of the Christian don't trust in Christ because not a lot of I don't hear that you know it, at least in my church. I love my pastor. I know he's a man you know not God incarnate a break because I can't hear you know that breaks coming that would focus on hold. I would write back okay right back after these messages to open lines 877272 with the mass Y call 770776. Here is Matt's leg back to the show to open lines 872076 Liska back on with Bosque welcome Greco where I have not happened to.

I actually met. I can't think of everything that happened where the pastor said at the end of his sermon, let me help you count the cost of this is work protocols server ma'am if you choose the path of cry. So I'm wondering is there. Should we be doing that in our classes. Various absolutely Jesus is my working 28 for which one of you when he builds a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to completed the idea of knowing what you're getting into what's going on. You better get involved. You probably know this in North Korea.

If you become a Christian, you that I thought I heard this said at the peak. The Christians who escaped North Korea when they can get some unconverted to Christ. The convert expects to be killed by the state that made things are expected and so that not only their bikes. I've heard stories in China of of stuff and there are. We have a connection in Nigeria and the Muslim murdering horde of of Satanists. Islam is evil in a they are going around in their killing Christians along the Christians believe that there is good and I just couldn't go to heaven and that they will Prescott but they're willing to die. There are people of the word about you, but here in America.

What you mean. You mean I might lose a friend forget that you mean I might. God might actually ask me to be honest, for real. On the couldn't do that now absolutely amazing that I get so concerned because I see good men and women even though will that their Christian and I have this little test that I sometimes use and it what had had your life lost since you became a Christian. What had what have you had to move, and most of them say nothing. I'm an American and God's been good to me and I'm like you've never had your name tarnished. You've never been called out.

So I just pick concerned it is is it a mindset or is it a heart saying mainly in our country because as you spread and I knew it was bad in North Korea. But I didn't realize that that here in the United States of America.

We haven't so good here I believe. Isaiah called back.

We have it so good to hear that it's easy to support the name of Christ without it costing thing and so on because I get concerned about my one because they are in the Stetson and there in my care. How much do I don't want going to hell brother and by the extent very it's very concerning the music of the Michael case of processing as as God that I can't read their heart that God can, but please know that I keep going back to Galatians 5. Unlike there is no love, joy, peace, patient kindness, known as goodness is not.

There are some good people and stuff but you. You more concerned about the absolutes in the end the truth when you know I say the blonde haired like locations and for Jesus that's was present on the churches remember that with you say the election long hair.

I have buddy. It's I think that an Italian model and the runner conquered.

I don't know that he was an Italian model you talk about the church earlier. You know how they gave us the Bible notes research interpreter. I think the church could produce that man and one of the artist of the day and now we know that look like and learn man I don't want to give a more concrete callers because they are very we love your program. That's why like calling it yeah I was concerned about the they need the power of the spinners prayer to carry across. Otherwise we cannot be his disciple. On the other side of the scale and I didn't think like okay I said the prayer song good and it just right back to my life as usual and I get concerned about that being pronounced from a pulpit through a man that should be speaking on behalf of the Lord Christ and under the uncle of the Holy Spirit. That's what I was getting concerned with.

I read what you said how you brought the man. Hey you still want to become a Christian because it will cost you something, not our salvation object. Christ, blessed Lord took care of the cost is but what it cost you not picking up Jesus calls were picking up call. I know the word somebody is going to somehow email like they did on income format in our future stench. We decided to not follow the world anymore or spell but followed them and try to tell you cost me a great deal and have that's what this is how it is we move forward from there to praise God thanks for your time, Matt, Robert, Pharaoh, and keep doing what you're doing better and less appreciated.

I write this there Bubba, okay right is most preferable high. We have three open lines which you may call 877-207-2276 Eric North Carolina Eric welcome you are on the year.

I have a question 88 shift in philosophy or theology, old 50 bucks want to make sure you gilded with I do not understand that they lied on, you know I've seen it different different gift of faith, according to different times in God's program. I look at it with your brilliant Bible five another's hyper facial and I don't know what will.

All I can tell you is what my opinion is my opinion is that dispensationalism is not the proper way to look at Scripture. Now there may be sent dispensationalism out there who might call it neck to say that you disagree with me. I think okay no that's all right because it's possible that I'm incorrect.

I don't believe I am so trying to be as honest and fair as possible but you see the thing is when I look at Scripture. I see God work governmentally and the reason I believe he does.

That is because it's based on his own character's own word makes a company binds himself that's how we communicate until he began in the blood of the eternal covenant of grace. Hold on for some of the more they floated right back after these messages we have what you call 877272276 Van Slyke why call 770-7276 is Matt's leg back in the show or call 877-2076 Eric, are you still there okay so as I was saying God was governmentally in the intra-Trinitarian covenant God the father elected and then gave the elect of the sun. This is out of Ephesians 1 for he chose us in him before the foundation of the world.

This is the intra-Trinitarian action and in Hebrews 1320, it mentions the phrase the blood of the eternal covenant, and so it doesn't tell us exactly what it is but the relationships should be the commentaries that I have examined have leaned towards the idea and I agree with them that it's the intra-Trinitarian communion for the redemption of people and a covenant is a packing agreement between two more parties and God binds himself by his word, let there be light, the Word became flesh, etc. and sin is breaking the word of God, thou shalt not lie and so I see the the character of God as the foundation's character, his essence is holiness and that out of that is the issue of covenant not dispensations. Now some dispensational lists will agree that God's work.

Governmentally, they just impose a little bit more on the scale but her thumb on the scale on the dispensational site.

Me I just don't just say I still see it. I just look at covenant now again I do want to make sure Bree knows I'm not judging the dispensational's I got dispensational friends and we insult each other lovingly and you don't fund but when we get along. That's okay so just tell you what my opinion is and that's why my opinion this is one last one left of it. I guess part of the there's something to be careful about believably cheerfully here, but on one of the thing that parted the theology near that the is that in the entire works of Paul actually is far as I know I there's only a couple places in the Bible lifting for that one.

James kicked with one another. The others first. John was not dumbfounded. I was someone up call before I struggle with with a lot of left side.

I have a script lost callers thought the same thing but you really struggle what Oracle said well based knowledge that when a batch unit for the old national rejection of Christ the King again when those leaders did that and therefore that within the eight I now only eight right and a lot of Croatia that I think I missed something said you worried about committing blessed the Holy Spirit is that we must talk about hacking part of writing through thought and I've accurately. That didn't mean it I would. And no know that the people who committed that the Holy Spirit Matthew 12 2232. They intended it. They were defending they were accusing Jesus and they meant it.

That's not forgivable okay and I understand about people who have Tourette's OCD, ADHD, and sometimes the thoughts get away from them and they obsess about that and then they obsess so much they want to fix or they don't say it but didn't have to say it because I want to say it and it becomes a vicious circle and and although I said I did and any to bring upon themselves, and not judging and mocking up when he figures I'm sick so well are you married with all.

I was wondering number one all the white all day. Hours like that box on the left.

Yeah I know what that is thought to look for the formal there been written on this and that there are a number a number of scholars that think a bit that personal personal yet Congress I wasn't just a one-time would likely not get you that this is anything that the best thing on exhausting one that's taking myself looking at this, ask yourself the question you trust in Christ.

We didn't cross his physical resurrection to the fitness of percents or do you not which is which is I do okay hold on hold on 11 dancers you do that alone justifies you before God. That alone comes from God because he granted that you believe slippage 129 that belief and trust is in Christ, John 629 and he granted you repentance second Timothy 225 you born again, not of your own will. John 113 because God because he born again. First Peter 13 so you're his own obsess about anything. Trust that you know your drafting but they I don't know 10 years ago before mostly really good but faced with solid. I remember we talked about thinners prayer I am asked that this fertile $20,000 that I came to know that John over and over what the requirement believes only Christ or belief that said everything I believe in it until I even stated they lovely.because I struggle with this horrible thing. It is because such doubt cannot completely affect the Christian and I believe that I don't believe that all okay what bonds you have because of the problem that might be developing your knots not useless to their people right now listening to you were taking encouragement.

No not hope God works all things after the counsel of his will, he even uses is a guy name slick. She uses people I know a guy who I tease him a lot. Ed and Romain and neck on romaine lettuce and cheese has cerebral palsy and he's in a wheelchair and I don't think you can walk know, but you have to have constant health okay God uses him. He flies urinary for adjusting Peter's same thing. There are lots of people who could be used.

You give your your frailty to him and see what God does with it, but you have to trust him beyond your ability to understand you trust him for who he is. Don't trust your ability to trust him. Trust your ability to trust. Trust him. He's the one who opened your heart and mind. Caitlin 2445. He does this soup in your mind is understand Scripture just trust what he said and did leave the rest of the on the bathroom floor we move forward. But that's all right Eric I my God bless.

Okay, let's just jump on with Elijah from Pennsylvania.

Luckily on your email you don't and I do check subject which is all I called back about reveille in 03, 20 off your earlier note.

Talk about how Chris is like the talk about the thing at the door not end up where it is, behold, I stand at the door and not if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to an antique with an empty workmate. So all of what you think this mean I know I know I was taught that I was I was taught to detect that spirit that I deeded I get waiting for their spring break typing that I will tackle okay they folks hold on, we have to open lines 87 mass Y call 770-7276 charismatic show Elijah, are you still there alright so only repeat what you said that what you've heard people say sweet get a fresh start on this, so I will heart Revelation 320 work you that the heat at the door and knock. And if anyone hears only opened the door he will come in with him and he will and Abraham yellow thought that this verse means that the is waiting for two and a large thoughts or what your trip to earth guy joined the sentiments.

That's not the logic of it is true he's waiting for us to open. With that says is that Jesus is waiting for you in the wisdom of your sin, to decide what to do with him and this puts the responsibility onus ability on the unbeliever because the unbeliever is a slave of Santa hater God doesn't do any good to sit for God cannot receive spiritual things.

So if that's the case and is figures teach that and how could it be consistent for someone to say that this verse means he's just waiting for you to decide that we problem because he can't get Jesus said, for example, you cannot come to me with gratitude in the father.

John 665.

We have to take all of Scripture. No does say he said of the one not what he's talking about is not about individuals we talking about the church of Laodicea have been actually I didn't allude to see you walk in the ruins and up and down on some stuff and looking no home. The foundations homes with rocks. It's really need to remember it well now so you talking about the church.

The church as a whole.

You say I'm waiting for you now to talk about every individual because you could have individuals in a church like that were critically dedicated and some were not even have some who are walking with God and some who are sliding so is talking about the church as a whole) to the church to the switch to the angel of the church only to see it right. Okay. And so we talk about this church while the church hopefully is comprised of individuals were saved that the question is, is that the case here. I'm not saying it isn't my thing is not just a question, it needs to be asked. We look at this because it is talking about a church that an individual was talk of the church. The church can have a group of individuals who could be saved and/or not saved and that's why I'm saying this point we have a little bit of difficulty trying to understand exactly what to say about it and I try to make things difficult times like these are all possibilities and issues that relate so when people say this mean to setting the door of your personal heart is that with the text says and answers will know it doesn't.

He said he sent a doorknocker of what the church want to commend with all of you to fellowship with you. You're not having it all command and dine with him, and he with me. But there's nothing it's already a church and so if he's talking about this to the church if people say what means believers will then how can you be reference to unbelievers. I'm standing the door of your heart unbeliever. That's not it is for the church which implication is believers could have some unbelievers in there but the most part looked like a bunch of believers professing Christ and you talk about them already believers. Please see people they read stuff they don't look at it. They don't think of the context and they going to make theology they shouldn't do that. So what I would say having thought of all of that since his deal with the church and the church wilderness assume here has a lot of believers true believers and it then the believers of the once were having problems here don't be hot or cold as we don't be lukewarm, be this or be that, coming alto fellowship with you is talking about the issue of those who are most probably already believers, because he said I advise you buy from me gold refined with fire sing to become rich and white garments so you may clothe yourself the shame of your nakedness will not be revealed now that implies the idea of unbelievers because white garments are symbol of purity by this from behind when he buys you to buy salvation. So this is not easy to just get into and say hello hears that here it is in and Revelation 320 means descending the door of your heart and even let them in. It doesn't say that it is at all.

People often take the text run with it. Don't think the discourse is what it means. I say ask lots of questions and search to answer those questions as best you can come up with the best understanding in light of the context of you possibly can make sense is you know the really good! I do this with people a lot of the civil theft. This verse means that maybe Douglas was take a look to the context and sometimes it ago. I think you're right so that I'll say no I don't think you're on the right track. Just like this verse is commonly misused and work your heart, but individuals but talks with church to see so you know the questions and their right home will request a cargo. Did you check your email that I think you could Michael get yesterday and the encoded I would send you a video on on Jennifer thick yeah I saw that I didn't check it out.

I saw the commend you should have been 00 okay now I did I sign off try to look at that and then I got busy as I was doing all right.

Okay, arrived and got Leslie Gubler right let's get to John Dallas.

We lost John of the hypostatic union which I would love to talk about. Let's get to that goal from Georgia Alberta. Welcome near yet greatly magnetic about that and think you might find about Antichrist and older and older in an educational thought my time worrying about the many indicate if you called you lately lately Laura Virgil just you asked these questions and got blessed. But many yeses questions that are so multifaceted and there states seem to be thematically identical about people's failures and then you go when you talk about them a lot about church.

This doesn't this people do that so I'm entertained by that is interesting, but can you break this question down into like one sentence well sermon by John MacArthur called wanting for the pod bay nation partly in a pocket like the same thing that you now that ministry and I find like kind, and he cried my time over and over and all creation.

And I'm only another teacher there called Lord, I still understand your question is no, I don't want to spend my time wasting energy on think I don't matter much what reasons people waste time because they have a focus on Christ. Maybe they're just tired. Maybe the fatigue deleted vacation to be all kinds of things. Now they do. How much is too much what you know it just there's a lot of variables, but to generically speaking the Christian church is not focusing on the areas it needs to in years of holiness before God.

The truth of who God is and our obligation to target the great commission. So generally it's just not doing enough is because were comfortable. I believe you know the blonde hair, black occasions, or for Jesus image. Okay, that's right, and I quickly know when standards are tied up. We went to the world or of a pulley can be your friend, not putting trust in the world but it ain't been stuck up with also like to so I you know.

I think the grand or quick shares in the world.

Look, don't follow them.

Jesus don't like it, that's their problem for think you're stuck up whatever you just follow Christ, slowing my Lord, and participate in this and that's it.

You know the many exclamations okay and don't worry but with a thick you were but with the Lord says and let truth have its way with him that we needed to. They don't even look great when they likely felt that that you being felt like it because you believe that you think is going great and the lower a anything that you think elk Ranch is the Lord not social role with all that because you want with them and see you talking about some stuff in your situation, your life, I don't know the contacts I can't comment on. I just not able to comment on things like that and okay and counsel. Maybe I yeah well you know you talk about personal dynamics in situations that are highly variable. It's difficult to give you a specific answer. I like to have, always have more questions answered when I counsel people. This initial counseling okay all right all right thank you I rather goblet are quite all right, all right.

Listen to Mark from Florida.

I believe it is Mark welcome near I met a long time listener questioning about the company that all will meet differently in somebody that has homosexual attraction or has homosexual feelings that haven't acted on the say yes they can do closely. Can you see we have our tendencies we have are failures. I'm very heterosexual and you want to follow in that strength as well, is someone who has homosexual tendencies we can exceed Excel.

What is wrong and I mean it was right ankle moving the air. The area of error and sin solicit we have an individual who knows homosexuality is a sin doesn't want to, but has a struggle internally I would call such person who's trusted in Christ and still struggling. I call my brother. Okay you admitted to, you know what is the struggle.

I got things that I'm still struggling with is a Christian you know I'm 65, and we do this for a long time.

I still have issues of struggling with and some of them went on very pretty know me. I know myself and to saying it doesn't mean that I'm not saying it's the struggle against sin, and sin takes many forms. Now, if I were a pastor of a church and someone came in, the city has homosexual tendencies recognize this in a doesn't want to act on it does not act on it is repented, etc. confess. Is it legible for the Lord says, but this is an area struggle to talk. I have Isaac okay praise God not pick up the scent but you know okay fine no problem in the solicit, or you can't because homosexual what about someone who has trouble a man who's married and he's lusting after other women occasionally and is a natural tendency for him.

I need to get his mind little bit too far sometimes and he just can't stop that.

I'm sorry you know it, with a consistent so heterosexual attractions permissibly sinful and homosexually is not permissibly simple. See you to be careful right because I think the I think I runtime a hard callback callback okay will call you from my fellow product they filter W to go. I wish I could explain it explicitly explained it explained that better but that we rent the time the Lord bless you talk tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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