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August 31, 2022 7:41 am

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August 31, 2022 7:41 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What is Christian Science---2- Have you heard of preterists using Acts 1-9-11 and Revelation 1-7 together to support their position---3- If God permissively wills evil, how can He be all-good---4- Can women do evangelism---5- What's the definition of a non-Christian cult---6- How do I deal with people who say Jesus was a socialist-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research ministry found online at Dunmore you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why rises is called responding to your questions at 87707 I'm listening recall. All you have to do is dial 877207227605 open lines wide open tonight in a couple of hours from now to have been a debate with the guy forgot about it until today I been working all day on Internet issues revenue network right now. I'm hoping just hoping the okay and so you in with all this debate.

I'm confused with the skies position is as I said I dislike what we are debate and I don't so was Jesus fully God and fully man during his earthly ministry, so yes he's going to say no. And yet when I listen to some of what he said today. Listen to about 10 or 15 minutes of something else that he did. It didn't make any sense what he was saying. So I'm going to have to spend time figuring out what it is. He teaches and I know you know but I wanted to make him apparently and we'll see how that goes.

So there you go, you go there you go. So to do right now. Does this tell you that we have for them lines. If you want to give McCall all you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276. I want to hear from you. Give me a call on Fridays. A lot of times I do hate mail and I like it that ready also.

Some of you may will confuse we would have a lot of Internet problems okay and so yesterday the radio station had an Internet problem construction team cut their Internet line, and so off year and I've had all kinds of problems. I spent today three and half hours on on Internet problems and on tech help and stuff like that and it was shortened because I know tech stuff.

Otherwise it'll been even longer and longer so bad news and a lot of frustration but it seems to be working right now.

Got a new network up and will to see how it goes.

So don't give McCall for open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Rudolph from North Carolina Rudolph welcome you are here what Christian Christian science Christian science is a non-Christian colt started by Mary Baker Eddy and see that list of information on her back in Southern California when I was there a lot. I would run into their reading room size-health reading rooms and so I got into a lot of discussions with a lot of them and had a lot of interesting interactions. They really don't understand much about logic and thinking and critical listening okay so what is it teach Christian science teaches that's God is kind of like an infinite impersonal force.

And there's a principal think of New Age stuff, but little more sophisticated and so there's a divine force of divine energy that you get in contact with and through proper thoughts into proper understanding of reality. You can then mold reality. Your reality into what it is you want, they would deny the incarnation of Christ that were the New Age could say that's possible, even though they say to Christ consciousness the Christian science group would Satan know God cannot indwell sinful flesh is a kind of Gnostic in that and the other was a God's mind and that the Trinity is not three distinct simultaneous persons, but the Trinity is on life, truth and love.

And so it we can all have the mind of Christ and the understanding of Christ consciousness in us. Furthermore, there is no personal devil.

There is no personal sense of sin. There is no personal sense of hell in a final judgment and true healings are the result of true beliefs. Okay, so let me read a couple quotes to you for bitterly interesting from from science and health with Key to the Scriptures, father, mother, is the name for deity, which indicates his tender relationship to his spiritual creation of father mother. The word Christ is not properly so than for Jesus. What is commonly so used mind is the IM or infinity mind never enters the finite, but infinite mind can never be in Maine on a portion of God could not enter man or about and recognize that Jesus Christ is not God, as Jesus himself declared but is a son of God.

So get that that's really interesting. One of the most difficult to "inspect health cue, the Scriptures paragraph 361 paragraph page 351, paragraph 11 to 13 so that Jesus Christ is not God, as he himself declared he was so that she very big ready flat out contradicted with what Jesus said admits that she is going to be gobs of money but is not so. An image is daemonic to check this out and see this quote. Let's see, she used" questions that you know. It's why this quote is in on my list here of the material blood of Jesus was no more efficacious to cleanse from sin, when it was shed upon the accursed tree than when it was flowing through his veins as he went about daily doing his father's work is in the church is given a second health cue the Scriptures paragraph, line 20. Page 25 line 8 to 13. I think it is just for memory and so there's they deny the deity of Christ, a tinnitus, the crucifixion and the atoning sacrifice of Christ, so yeah non-Christian colt okay you will load sure what their what is what you have to thank National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA no listen for Noah did not understand never all right with you. Like there is a first-rate interface for YouTube at the July God bless what is Rudolph and if you want to give McCall all you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276. Let's get to Adam from Arkansas and welcome your on the air format if Goldman is going so we got okay my car product that appeals on the act 111 and I'm not all millennialist because of you mock you that know me about Revelation 17 option get out from underneath Bob not returning to the nth behold is coming with the clouds. Every eye will see him, even those who pierced him. The tribes of the earth will man over him, so the amen that refutes full progress. I'm lost So let back in the day, not only about 111, Revelation 17 then that might authority with our bottle and how does that mean you get that I have not because one way you act one work banded our bodily at the rug like 17 Bando Cave out there know that he return bodily or whatever will know X Winston Revelation 17 behold is coming with the clouds is exactly what X192 11 says that he can return. This is one of the clouds, he can return the same way, behold, is coming with the clouds us is consistent I'd say to the praetor. Since I do it on the one here for your wrist.

You can't read Scripture is what it says. What's the problem that I like and hope that that not been fulfilled yet rock right in partial plagiarism. It's the view that the things that were in the time of Christ were fulfilled then and will also be fulfilled again later that there was a double kind of a fulfillment thing that's going on. That's when the views and I lean towards partial print progressive full plagiarism is something refuted by act 192 11 and it Revelation 17 is coming with the clouds. Every eye will see him, even those who pierced him. Okay, I was refutes a position against I would have him I hadn't called the show and see if you can defend is plagiarism because docents codify that I hoped that already happened. Revelation 111. It already happened at all that you all were that not it sounds to me it sounds to me like this gentleman you're talking to just no disrespect meant, but it's it sounds but he can't think critically and he's inserting things that are required is not making any sense. And so confused. Like why would you say that when that's not what this I've had people do that in a world without give me a verse you know and I'm doesn't say would you're saying it is not the do with it talking about in the city as it does and then they'll do this weird thing so that I think just trolling so maybe that's what the it was what he was doing.

I don't know okay help elect my pastor directly taking with him all gonna bring out the apologetic dog over you and that God it talking commenting on it so, put back in rhythm, yet it's flipping his or help in any way to be X192 11 destroys plagiarism and if I wanted to our debate schedule debate with the praetor rest.

I just these camping out on act 192 11 I've been I would probably and of courting it 50 times during the debates and what it says you have the clouds come back this way is that how we came back in 70 A.D. the praetor essay is that we came back little workload over here means it doesn't get the start talking over there talking right here look at this as I would just be on it in on you know like a monkey in a cup try to bring up generation. They did have multiple different definite generate the particular or a group of people were on the people I've known, pick one depicted all theology but also remember going to be carrot going to do this and we accuse them of doing taken me this it can mean that so when we go to looks like thinks Matthew talk about this generation. But I shall. I like but what shall I compare this generation know he talk about the people right then and there. The men of Nineveh will stand up with this generation of the judgment. Talk about the people right there. The Queen of the South will rise up with this generation of the judgment will condemn it. Also talk about this generation of both of them. Now hold on break room was a little more when we get back to hold on effectively right back folks after these messages to maps like why call 770-7776 all right is still there. Adam yeah right so the phrase this generation usually refers to the period of the time in the generation right in their and we get a medic 24 he says this generation will not pass away to all these things take place. Heavens will pass away of that day no one knows and then he gets to the eschatological issue so this is why the partial praetor wrists are what they are because they'll say will this generation is he, then, speaking of only that particular generation.

Then, because if he is then the new heavens and new earth. After what occurred. Already, because that's part of what he says will occur and it didn't make sense to say that that's white full praetor coming partial plagiarism became popular lease in this respect. To say that yes they did watch, they were careful they did understand and they did flee, and so they did and they were many were saved, but this is going to happen again because he says as it was a days of head of the before the flood they were doing at that house can be the return of Christ. When the coming the Son of Man be.

It will be like it was back then they were eating, drinking, giving marriage, but this is to mentor taken is the wicked who were taken or taken the place of destruction the full praetor rest might say what I was just Jerusalem talking to me that the other Jews were killed in and in the armies of of of Rome, but it doesn't sound like that's the case because it talks about the return of Christ and how bad it's going to be and it doesn't seem to be just for the Jews, but for everybody. And so this is what it's just not an easy issue is why I camp out on act 192 11 because very clear very clear how it is going to occur.

And so we go with with the very clear says. And then move out from there. Felt Raymond often get back to grandma Rabbi got God bless. Okay, alright, let's get to Paul from Richmond, Virginia. Paul welcome you earlier. Thank you. I need your help regards to how to reply to live chat where a person seven-year-old retired. I worked in the biopharmaceutical rate also has an MD and biology type of dictation and so somehow another. I got pulled into chat where he talks down to people who express their faith out.

When I asked him what he thought he described himself as agnostic and he comes across as a very clinical cold person. The give you a brief version about three or four days with several people so he said something about God's will and I had heard you speak about perfect will. Prescriptive will and purpose to you and so I replied to the person that about that and then he brings the question around than what you saying is that God will permit people to do evil so once again, God cannot be all good theologians have had themselves into not in the best they can come up with stuff like death.

God is all-powerful God should be able to stop them from lying, because I used the boxes using a lot of things and I want to just cut you off but I want to say that there are so many things that he's made mistakes in. I have multiple conversations on the various topics that he's gone and I can tell you're reading from it like you to do is start again then will interrupt you and say here's to have responded that okay to go ahead with a little bit at a time. Go ahead okay so he replied that than what you are saying is that God permit the will permit people to do evil. Yes, that's correct.

God permits people to read the three be rebellious and I say to the atheists just like you are right now he's permitting you to rebel against him sick to go ahead and as a quit and also to got the right okay and then why does he allow evil to occur is basically the thing to get you the go-ahead might have the will that I do not want my teenager to get wrong and drive the car into a stone wall. But if I give my teenager the keys to the car and they drive drunk into a stone wall. I have allowed them to drive into that way of giving them the keys to the car not giving people permission to do evil, etc. God is responsible for what people do it I am giving okay so now what we have to do we talk about this with atheists. I say look, you need to understand, was called the home. The ultimate proximate and efficient causation. I asked him are you familiar with these in the hepatitis A know and I'll explain other tunnels, they will just to try to find a way to weasel out of the sixth if you're interested in a real discussion that must continue to have a real discussion. But if you talk like that you don't want to really answer the don't ask me questions if you want me to answer. Then let me answer and I I want to go within the time you teach you about this okay okay and given that way back yesterday. She claims to have all the dictation and illustrious career. What type of theological education had.

That's where he picks and chooses to write this step is one thing that will assist up with one think this focus Kelly brought this issue. Him saying the that God gave the keys of the car and he's responsible okay now I understand ultimate approximate what was the other thing I can tell you ultimate proximate and efficient causation vision for Shabbat five yes efficient. So you go to Carmen and look up ultimate proximate efficient look of proximate causation and you'll find information on some explain what it is ultimate causation list. This use his analogy, a person real parent wouldn't give keys to a drunk driver to here go that that's is not a realistic thing is not a company compatible analogy I need to say look is not how it works is a if a person chooses to drink on his own, gets into a car on his own and drive any injure someone. He's the efficient cause we mean by that is that he is the one who was own free will. Acted.

No one coerced him and he did it of his own volition is called efficient causation. He's the efficient cause he's the one who did it.

No one forced him to. That's what efficient causation, proximate causation is God is the one who allowed him to go to the bar and drink. God is the one who allowed him to buy a car. God is the one who allowed others in that bar to not pay attention and so then the guy gets into the car. I need her injure somebody is God responsible entries know that he's not the efficient cause is proximate is next to the people to what he could to stop the then we have another question, ask about that break the hold of folks right back after these messages, please stay tuned mass Y call 77077 back to the show. Paul, are you still there right now so there's a lot of stuff that's going on behind the scenes in the argumentation with atheists who do this kind of thing is what I've done is I've shown you what efficient causation is. And now I will talk about proximate causation ultimate causation is God is the one who made the universe the planet and puts everything in place. He's the ultimate cause of that drunk driver injuring somebody. He's the proximate cause of the drunk driver and injuring somebody but is not the efficient cause the efficient cause is where moral responsibility is in place. Now the atheists at this point is it will got Ottawa stopped him.

Now we got a problem, or he is a problem. Is it really so are you in connection with the universal moral thought about what ought to be done where you get this what God ought to do. Who are you to say we got to do please tell me what moral standard do you have that you can say this how it ought to be many to set his camp on this point for a while telling how it is where you get the universal truths we do the universal morals that you have to say this is how got out of the out of the sea otter that how do you know where is it, they won't have any way of defending that and you just just break your argument up this way you don't have any standard. And yet you want to impose your value is not arrogant. Now you're telling me that God ought to do what you think he ought to do. You don't have a universal moral standard unit one go back and tell God how we ought to behave. Will you do this you should let it happen really, who says who said he should let it happen. You okay it all try to write the difficult but that's okay. Just listen is all I have worked under a proximate causation go to the atheist section will give you more information on the radio would go to the atheism section and check it out okay and I'll set the novel a novella that can help you scold atheistic and is something that every new book called apologetics and atheism.

So you know that I got hundreds of hundred or so articles on atheism on cars a lot to wade through. But let me just continue with this okay now. So, the atheist will one are you and I get a guy just comprising you have a universal moral standard of the hot you is just your opinion right now say no disrespect meant, but much was near opinion.

Will God should let the how do you know that you believe God exists.

Well, I don't know if he does or doesn't so functionally you're an atheist because you don't include God in your explanatory power.

Do you and your and your realm of explanation possibilities. God's not included right right so you're functionally an atheist, so now functionally you're an atheist and you say what universal morals ought to be where you getting this from it is devastating to them. Okay, they can respond to this and then I'll say look okay so you're saying now it will probably do is look your God. Now you're talking from my God skate base which was called an external critique to an integral critique and external critique is is you look at your perspective that you judge my perspective based on your perspective, that's a problem. An internal critique as you look at inside the my perspective and you look at it from inside of itself. That's more more logical for them to do but nevertheless that's another topic. Now Alaska so you're saying that our God should have stopped that guy from drink drunk driving right and injuring somebody yes that's right because it's the should do that okay.

Should he have also stopped him from thinking about going to the bar and doing that's what started right or know where in your worldview is the line the dividing line between what would Koch allow which is not allow I would like you to give us a list of criteria by which we can then say this is what God ought to do what ought not to do. He should have intervened here but not there and if you in a civil that makes God responsible and obviously you've not studied this issue. You will being in science I don't understand the logic of the position that you're arguing against, and furthermore this until this is fun to do with atheists. There so many things I can talk about but I see he's a scientist or group of basic if he's an agnostic of the two things agnosticism and materialism.

Okay, so if even agnostic. I'll say okay so you your thing you're saying you don't know if God does or does not exist right correct, then would you say there's equal evidence for both sessions is are equal evidence for God existing or not existing because that would make you not decide right or is it 90% against and 10% for whatever he says.

Well, maybe it's just you know 10% of the arguments I've heard for okay can you give me some of those were some of the arguments for God's existence that you would then say I can't commit to atheism. Because these arguments have some validity to them on the pro-God side. This is why you can't commit to atheism is why you being agnostic so what are the other where the Pope. God side argument and they don't have any, so now you're being inconsistent with your position so you don't even know why you hold your position agnosticism you're even know with the counter arguments are to the know God position and yet you don't have any arguments for God's existence and yet you say you don't know if God exists even though you won't have any positive arguments for why would you be so inconsistent with your information. If you have information and is only towards God's not existing, then you should affirm that God does not exist not say I don't know if you appeal to ignorance. So I just don't know.

I can't say anything for against the nursing notes possible to God could exist right then. If God is possible for God exist.

What kind of things would you look for to see if God exists, that's a whole other topic universal moral absolutes and think like this. Here's something else thought to do with atheists is a scientist safe. Okay, so functionally you don't include God is the you physical universe.

Anything that there is you might say yes you might say no, it really doesn't matter at this point Michael. I don't know okay asking this question your scientist right yes you believe biochemistry right does the physical brain operate under the laws of chemistry to say yes is the mind, a product of the physical brain and now this delegate to some tough stuff because he says no that's called substance dualism substance dualism that would mean the mind to something different than the brain so the brain dies, the mind continues. That means there's a soul separate from the physical body and that implies there's a being behind that, because of a human soul can exist without a body, why can't there be a God without took the brain operate the law. Yes, because if he's a property dualist which if he says that the mind is a property of the physical brain.

Then you got him because that would mean thin that the mind is a property.

The physical brain the physical brain is required to operate under the laws of chemistry right yes then that just means very simply that what is going on is that one chemical state at least another chemical chemical state and break is just producing chemical reactions, how they get. I have one how vendors have produced truth because if you see something in your brain reacts chemically and you have a reaction. Is it true is your words. True or is it just chemical necessity. If his chemical necessity than all the questions you ask have no meaning because you can't know if your questions are good questions that are just chemical reactions but if you argue apart from that worldview in your refuting the worldview. If you say that there are universal truths that exist independent of chemical reactions within your refuting your position and now you're back to the idea of the soul being separate from the body. And that's evidence for God's existence cc okay yes a lot. There is so I have one other thing waited a while then he came back actually now that I have thought about it or having to wheel me that God split personality and with the split personality by the management with God grows at a time. Sorry cadets once I got what happens here he is, does not understand that there are aspects of the one mind of God, just as you can have an attitude to want to discipline your daughter and you also don't want to discipline your daughter. That's the it's the. The theological divisions you have a intended will and and non-intended will I intend not to do something I intend to do something with the same well because you can have aspects of your desires as they relate to different conditions and that's all that's going on here. So this guy does not know what he's talking about does not know how to think critically needs to have told some atheists under effort. Our discussion like this. I told him you need to sit down.

You need to start start studying, you don't understand the issues here and you should not be up there pontificating on areas of things that you're uninformed not to be mean but I think this effort in our discussion will tell of this step shall you do understand you need to study this. Okay you guys were starting all right, go hey lines 877-207-2276 max Y77077 back to the show. The last segment of the hour. I hope you enjoyed that stuff. I go over that kind of stuff in the atheism section on karma on a novella I wrote called atheistic which you can get on on Amazon and also any book apologetics and atheism and I go over these kinds of things and how to respond to atheists and just tell you that. So for the most part, atheists don't have anything of any real substance to offer. I do a lot of work but trying to sound smart and philosophical but are easily defeated both. Let's get to Hatti from North Carolina. Welcome you on here you doing all right. God's grace we got you Weeks ago and Helen, Dan, and they lift talking about song women create passive and you have given him information. I am I getting information out your friend, brother, my no matter what I might get that number and get on the game on a felony giving of the nation. I can get that information because I have a static in holiness and I know with… That limits you know dating get behind the pulpit, but they can speak on the floor though but I did not okay with Aflac, but I haven't got a brightly lit and moving on about talking about the past.

Creaky note and you will and I'll get back to get that it may information available get a share because I believe in hand got worse when I step instinctively, I really you know I want to share sure. Are you able to get on the website. Now I'm not as so nice not a nap but I know I can gather number. It's okay to be some Scriptures and you can write them down right okay alright you ready yet. Thank you. Right. Okay. First Timothy two first Timothy 212 through 14. That's where it says Paul does not allow a woman to teach direct authority over man but remained quiet for Adam was first created.

Okay then you want to go to first Timothy 315. This is next chapter over first Timothy 315 because Paul is telling us that he's telling people how to conduct themselves in the household of God is not opinion. This is instruction about church that's what's going on. First Timothy 212 through 1413.

I think it is and first Timothy 315 then you want to also go to first Timothy three verse two. First Timothy three verse two.

It talks about the, the elder who is to be a husband of one wife, a woman can't do that and also you will go to Titus 16 Titus 16 and work the elder's will to be husband of one wife. So this is what's going on. Those are the main verses you can go to arrive okay are you there okay okay thank you today, what would it was on and felt like Theo not know because so out of a know it will eat up any limit Simon Idaho and so the station is the broadcast goes out to you talk to Ohio to the Carolinas to Virginia Georgia order on the go down a shot at like that out of the way but valid down and lacking a ready on day and night. I don't advocate. They cannot wake up when you go can we keep it on. I really enjoy and he was excited about it. So what is it WI don't know, but just give them the house unite how you that you don't know right I don't know which one you're listening to from out there are several stations okay and some things I know I make a comeback and Roxio. If if you listen to us – and just just tell them what would address it is on the radio station give it to them and or you can tell him to go to Truth

Yes, I think, is the true UK network ornately uses Truth Network okay this is Truth Network, not the network okay is Truth Network okay not just Truth Network not the Truth Network to Truth Network and and you can see in southern North Carolina in Winston-Salem, Greensboro and High Point on your name my name is Matt slick Matt slick so I seek real name Matthew. Matthew Matthau Matthew yes Matt yes Matthew or Matt slick okay FSLIC case my real name. All right yeah I okay okay I am not Hahn and Connie Yuan every day working Monday through Friday. Yes, this time okay okay I don't get you in the late evening and I know you know if it has allowed energetic, you know, do I know when you have time to get.

I got enough on the galleon and witty because Alec cannot tear it, you know, I don't think is because Keith says that he uses his weight and then he will give the information off the air. Okay because he's good he's great guy.

All right, so I was put on hold till he'll hang up on when you're done, but just stay on and he'll talk you okay right thank you, thank you very much all right now let's get to Jenna from Raleigh, North Carolina. Janet welcome. You're on your happy Friday. Yes, I need a Friday, but a debate tonight. Now I just found out so you do that I find these things out for God to guide was that quick question how I – you what the definition of a non-Christian called what I would say non-Christian colts when I use is a group that uses signatures to main versions of a group that uses the Bible but distorts the biblical teaching sufficiently so that there's no salvation, which can also non-Christian called in the sense that there even use the Bible and so you have different kinds of cults that would do that. So I would say a cult that either affirms sort of use of our does not affirm the Bible and teaches things into risk weight against the Bible that damnation, as is the case. Okay, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses or cults. Note then people who were not Roman Catholicism. I don't call it a cult.

I just called a false religion. Apostate religion because it it does the same thing as Mormons drums witnesses. It denies that the true essential doctrines will okay okay that's what I want and I know you on the radio talking about Christian organization to be a non-Christian called my card may be they use Christianity but you claim that groundswell is not animism. For example, they claim to be Christian. They include the Bible in their authoritative Scriptures, but they don't really believe the Bible what it says and then they reinterpreted so that they teach things like God used to be a man on the planet and that he has a gun at his wife and they came to this planet. They have physical relations produce spirit babies that inhabit human bodies on earth.

This is Mormons while they claim to believe in Jesus but the Jesus they believe in is a brother of the devil, and you and I in the preexistence they claim to believe in the Trinity, but to them the Trinity as three separate gods. So the use of sound words so this is why you always know your definitions and your theology so you could say will what you mean by that, then you yeah yeah you define your terms.

You define their terms always define dad's right yeah antidepressant of everything that Mark you that will be. I go join you. Don't forget to learn how to help hello I did get a secular for me how to treat people because I'm always humble I'm always really good people.

I always make a like me and and and and as my wife.

I tell my wife about how great I am, you so like I look at that party economic noted that yeah I have a great weekend and hope you enjoy them and best wishes on your debate tonight okay thanks a lot Douglas. Okay by okay. All right.

Gary from Utah very welcome you near okay good let the show a likelihood okay now I was able to get one to keep that call back about the other question about some people are in a white pretty funny. And one thing about n-gram lot. They click later on the truth and keep reading over a congregation in a Quaker government not not not born again but according to John MacArthur with prequel on that when you talk about youthful Scripture talks about how they're out of plate outlined out of order so yes she is.

Now here's the thing him on his radio network. She's in the same radio network will I say well tell the truth she should not be a pastor and NS is teaching of the conjugations and I will formally and politely offer a debate challenge with her before glad to fly out there hurt so-called church and we can have a nice public debate on this and give me people on out there. That's a polite challenge. Let's see if she'll take me up on it but no she should not be a pastor.

I write whatever you people think they don't work with people that they don't know the Bible, but they think it would be the same sticky look they make an affirmative statement asking to demonstrate that affirmative statement as being true, Jesus is a socialist first define what socialism is. Show me how Jesus fits the definition simple.

You don't always define your terms asked them to demonstrate that what their definition is, according to Jesus is valid and they don't have any place this to show in Scriptures. He will then you don't. You can't back it up. So then you need to retract her statement that he was a socialist.

Yeah and I hope you get all I would love to look to debate those things and and once again everybody. I'll be glad to fly out on the East Coast debate the issue with the pastors and elders I've been offering this for 17 years and regular was or take me up on it. Does the Bible that's debate topic and why the five route. Thank you Matt, we are at a time of the Lord bless you. Hope you have a great evening.

They cannot just go to the calendar on car. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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