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September 5, 2022 6:30 pm

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September 5, 2022 6:30 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses Muslim activity in countries as the Muslim population increases.--2- What are some good questions to start an evangelistic conversation---3- Who was Christ sent for---4- Why isn't the Apocrypha scripture---5- An atheist called in to discuss the Trinity and how God could send him to hell for not understanding something so complicated.--6- Is baptism required for salvation-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics found online or you have questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions and look your list match would live all right. It would give Nicole we have five open lines all you do is dial 877-207-2276. I want to hear from you. Give me a call and we can talk alright so last night on treatment was the last night on Wednesday nights are doing a thing or just answer questions on what country questions you have studied so much in the sink got all the answers, but I certainly do enjoy just entering questions in teaching and telling people about the Lord Jesus Christ. So I'm hoping to be able to continue to do window if you like that.

Talk Ricoh if you want to give me call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276, and also if you want to participate in the cut of a chapped thing that will be due the Gazette of the radial but also we can publish it live on stream yard which then goes out to twitter, Facebook and YouTube and so you can actually watch me sitting here really exciting stuff and see if it cures no I look like you can see if my voice matches my face because everybody said the same thing. It does not touch so I got it that people do not look like I thought you look like a bad people to leave for a short bald guy with big glasses to some tall massive hulking guy like no you are think of a busy looking dork get more accurate so that any rates so low Z5 open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276.

Yesterday we had some people on discussing Islam because I want to mention it again for those of you who might be listening and curious ministry to industry ETO Muslims ministry to teal and you can check it out. The reason I bring it up is I really do believe in having outreach to to everybody including Muslims and Islam is just false. It's not a true religion is a religion based on a true God. It's it's false and sweet are doing in Southern California is having a conference on September 9, 10th, 11th, and so if you're interested in information all you do is go to ministry to about it and asked me to to continue to provoke this but I am just telling you it's really good. It is good stuff and I've known George for years and I've witnessed at his side supporting him in different contexts. I've done debates that he's arranged and in the like ease great and also any Dell core known Eddie for a year to now and then Anthony Rogers is going to be there. Talk to both of those guys Tony Costa he's Demeter all these guys are just great. Now I tuned Tosh. I don't know her Dr. J. Smith sounds familiar to talk to Manatt and Rev. Samuel green. So those of you looking to be there if you want information on that Southern California only to do is go to ministry to and you can sign up for records. Islam is not a bad religion. Yes, it is in fact laudable. Don't know that so Alabama elements of realism. I say that I'm not just saying it out of ignorance I've written well over 100 articles on Islam. This no joke. Well over 100 and hundred and 3040. I think I can count them some time and a lot of research on it debated Muslims formally them on TV tonight on in front of people doing churches and things like that and you want to tell you I know a lot about it but I don't know nearly as much as a lot of guys I know who study it even speak Arabic and so what people don't realize is that Islam actually teaches violence and it does. This is not me misrepresenting it. It's not me straw matting, is not me to say I don't like him and they say these know this is what the Quran teaches this with the hadith teacher, which is the deed and the sayings of Mohammed to do is read some stuff to you on statistics but in the meantime we don't talk about anything you want talk about RF does not beat us off on this kind of continue the momentum of yesterday show if you want to give me a call. All you do is dial 877-207-2276 we have five open lines that remind me tonight will be teaching Bible study finishing up James look at James chapter 5. After that were done. We'll see how far we get tonight usually teach for an hour to an hour and 1/2 and we should get to change every five and then we start on something next week, which I don't know what to do yet because these guys study thick content and what they want me to teach on okay so about this, so this is what the statistics are getting the these statistics from and also from heavens heaven these are the paragraphs I've gotten from those websites related to research that is compiling them in the documentation where it is when the population in a culture of Muslims winners 1 to 2% of the population. Their peaceful but when it's 5% of the heavy proselytizing occurs in order to gain conference when it's above 5%. Its push for hello food pressuring businesses to comply to what they want because it 5% is 120 people. When a population is one and 20 is Muslim. Your your societies in bad shape is a matter of fact, I don't know the statistics are in England, but I'm ever reading some articles stating that England is already lost 22 Islam. Islam is going to take over system. Mathematical necessity because the Muslims are having.

I think it's eight children per family and the, the British or the like one have to average when you do that to justify matter of time before the Muslims take over, and this was going to happen. So I'm reading an article saying they are just at the point of no return or just past that are almost there mathematically, but I think the past that point. Nevertheless, so 5% to population and a cement mixer make a demand at 10% increase lawlessness to ensure demands a keg with a want by voting by piece.

So they start making demands and a get become violent burning things down chasing people hurting them physically attacking them a member of seeing is a video vote of the girl on a train in England and/or some Muslims on the train with her and other people and she was dressed a little bit scantily and they assaulted her for and told her not to dress like that and they demanded that she change her attire. This what they did because they there's a group of them. They can start doing this and people understand and the Muslim mindset is that when you start seeking to make peace with them. They consider that a victory for them and emboldens them to become even more pushy about what they want. So, 20% of the population writing sporadic killings occur. Burning of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, and 40% chronic terror attacks at 60% persecution of non-Muslim sporadic ethnic cleansing sharia law is instituted sharia ectomy flop.

It was a sharia law attacks upon infidels is now in post because another control.

You see, if they are at 60% but whatever system it is there in control because the votes they're going to have people get in office and in the laws are passed to support Islam. And when this happens you can understand the Quran is not friendly to constitutions, it's not friendly to democracies is not friendly to Republic because what it means. The Koran teaches everything must be submitted to Islamic law.

That means there is not allowed to be any other political system. This is what Islam teaches. When is 80% of the population daily intimidation and violence state run ethnic cleansing and genocide, with the aim of the hundred percent Islamic population. That's the goal is one of the defendant did statistics another want to do the same thing are are similar, so you should learn how to witness the muscles you should.

And don't just lay back and don't worry about it you concerned all right let's get on the air with John from North Carolina, John welcome you on the air whole thing K on I really British country in writing what my job is I have a lot of opportunity to work hard evangelist and talk politics all day. Where is your right, but you do a lot of what would you say is a good opening leading context in the store amid be opening the conversation quite differently than I would be on an Internet chat system where on their answering. So I do try witness to people in store for CFS T-shirt that they're wearing. That might clue me into something you don't religious pay was a T-shirt mean you don't to start a conversation. That way I talk to Mormon missionaries. I could tell about number missionaries historically have over the years but Mormons I can tell because Mormon to tell and the sometimes are talking to each other and I can hear you know I look too nosy.

No, but if I hear something about the Lord or something, but her church a little while guys overture to go to a number on so it just depends on what look for opportunities is best contact with people like there would be an opportunity that about the Bible about the Lord. If they don't bring up so that I thought limited time by yet there talking and biblically important political and South is true and were dormant company allowed me to private contractors, not like I have an you breaking applicable to suggest what I'm sorry I'm driving all over.

So yeah so yeah and it got worse over the wall. You know you just I just rely on the spirited and I ask God to use me and did not say something stupid which is what I pray about most will say something stupid now.

I got a lot of answers with those of you have a lot of wisdom when it comes to talking to people so I just just trust that God will use it, you know, I've seen people wearing crosses really big crosses and depending on context, not say all your Christian know you're not. We were in the crosscourt we could talking so he just you know and then he asked where the rats in your Christian and what church you go to. We got a Christian well and I'll talk about Jesus all the time. You know I just see it just a lot of there's a break this law different opportunities he's trying to relate to so I arrived you to make oblast that was John North Carolina three open lines going to give me a call 877207227 sexually read back that I call 77077 back to sickness are from Oklahoma. Welcome your on here that all right sorting out than a year Bible Bible guy would not scholar but you put your question, I been following you probably have on the okay from my seven years so that I would you question. I got a couple one arrived. You are right that is only sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Jesus says in Matthew 1524, he was not sent to the whole world. He was sent only to Israel, and Israel rejected him and then we, the Gentiles are grafted on grafted in, so it was a covenant aspect of God's faithfulness of the nation of Israel who rejected him.

The covenantal he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel that Jesus specifically in Matthew 1520 40 now the whale reasons as aching because he had waited. When you take these long pauses its dead air.

And so I could connect interject a little bit from the front and rupture of just I stopped at her so go ahead, yell that Israel was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel that's correct.

Matthew 1524 yes.

So when will it ever pay any of the night he okay he was only sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel to say, when was he sent to others is not a logical conclusion or statement related to the first one if he was only sent to the sheep of Israel lost house. The sheep of Israel or less you that he was not sent to anyone else because the only is restrictive here in this context, but God knew and had ordained, and the fact that Israel would reject the Messiah so twice prophesied in Genesis 12 three that God says to Abraham in that you all the nations shall be blessed. So he knew it ordained it and so we, the Gentiles are grafted in, and then Jesus for the sins of his people and things like that. Okay so when it all night. The actually mean all night.

Yes, that's why says all nations what it means all nations and you all the nations shall be blessed.

That's what's going on is not just the nation of Israel. God works covenantal.

He a lot of Christians are not aware of covenant. A lot of pastors don't and because of it to get an insufficient understanding of biblical theology. God works covenantal.

He grabbed up nothing apocryphal is not Scripture.

Why not because Jesus did not recognize it in Scripture. The apostles did not recognize it is Scripture and the Jews did not recognize the Scripture, but what the part of the original gain in 11 Bible, it was translated also but it does not mean it was inspired or considered part of the official canon. Jesus did not recognize the apocryphal books.

The Jews knew about him did not accept the apocryphal books.

The early church did not accept them apostles did not accept him. The Roman Catholic Church added them in 1546 all right, so they are not yes they did what they will with the Catholics today say is we took them out positive medicine that never was the case there just believing the church teaches them know they were added codified in 1546 all right okay. They were codified in 40 yes there were added to the canon of Scripture by the Roman Catholic Church in response to the Protestant Reformation because there are teachings in the Apocrypha that agree with the false deep teachings of the Roman Catholic Church so they took it upon themselves to added in. Even though the apostles didn't Jesus didn't recognize that the Jews and recognize the Scripture okay okay and you are you, what would make anything you out of my I'm an American, will American the arm is a term from a Kenneth it's a term for nation is born and when it in America react nationality American the only guy in America, not a nationality yes it is, is the Nation of Islam of America and states American. Yet the year year year bloodline actually go back somewhere and your German national German ancestry I could know not German on American and my ancestry goes back into Europe and we can trace my name my real name is slick, but it comes from the German Schlichting and echoes back to the 1200s be earlier than that don't have your records and Germany Sarno so actually I'm related to a drunken sailor also okay, you do it, arrived one of the so-called so-called like rights of the fight in the light of the date that you are what would what are you what church do you go to flirt with that but actually I do. I'm asking.

I don't imagine you could you be brought up the white people.

So now I'm curious what church you go to flow so-called native okay a Native American tribe local Minot submittal Indian article yet and you trace your ancestry back probably to the Bering Strait as people came out from from that that that that they can't be that that theoretically is it problematic that all is probably so you have any question you have that you have you haven't. Do you have any questions very greatly. You have another question. Okay, this yeah I got a lot. Will this do one more and then will go because bridge coming up which is the question. There's a break. I'll tell you what I'll call back get in line.

We can conversation okay right three open lines of joy give me a call 877-207-2276) why call 77077 charismatic/back to the show to ecological to give me a call 877207276 that was Alberto from Georgia.

We lost him analysis jump over to Jones from Austin Texas. Welcome your on-air hi Matt how are you all right you got a quick question I was reading the Bible and I am finishing out the house. The work and underneath the but I was wondering is it right that I deny the Trinity and God help for denying it even though it all and explain how it worked so so years.

What you're doing without realizing it is you're saying that you have privileged access to righteousness by which you can then say God ought to or ought not to do something real is what you just did is it is not fair. God's fall. Blah blah blah. So you're raising an objection which means you are claiming to know what is right and wrong is an atheist and not only that inner claiming your claiming that your knowledge of right and wrong is applicable to God himself. So while that that's pretty actually kind of arrogant to select just the eyes of American what's would know know know know one thing at a time.

What justifies your your moral standards as being the right one by which you can then ask the question. You have a way of just whatever world I live in I read you live in the real one, and we wait, wait, we meant whatever world Josh Jones. Jones said whatever world you live in what is that mean whatever world I like the real world. I don't know if another lifetime living.

I don't know.

And wrong. Forgot work in any thank you to help for denying that know you're going to hell for denying who Christ is and what Christ did it. The Trinity was not a Bible yet Trinity is not a mandatory doctrine that you have to believe in order to go to heaven but you must believe and trust in Christ in your denying that you yet illogical and immoral. Well, you know I had a great many discussions with atheists about logic and morality, and I find that few atheists are very logical. Some are, but most of the Trinity ecological actually excuse me except Jones jumped Jones #Jones Joe, you need to be polite is it you just jumping in and interrupting. Can you be polite in your atheism.

Okay good for you yet for me okay that's good. Excellent use of the Trinity theological okay tell me why the trees logic with first before you do that get to define what it is.

Okay, so what is a Trinity only.

It is the belief that with Dr. Gott at there are three coequal cult and co-eternal being the father, God the Holy Ghost did very well except for one word you said beings then you said persons are so correct okay good good good good good all right. Any attempt to Jones Jones. Jones Jones okay so I asked with a definition was now please tell me what is the logical contradiction in the Trinity, God separates himself.

However, the longer one John and sort John Jones Jones. That's not the doctrine of the Trinity. Okay nobody knows what Jones you don't know what all people know you can't say logically.

Nobody knows you can't do that since you do not know know Jones Jones Jonas Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones.

I have to put them on hold because he will be can't control himself. So to say nobody knows of the Trinity is is not true because he can't say that is true because he's just giving an opinion. Logic says he cannot know the hearts and minds of all people to know whether or not they know the Trinity is and since he said with a Trinity, wasn't he actually did a good job according it, but then he made a mistake showing he doesn't understand it when he said the second God came down that's a denial of the Trinity's was not arguing the Trinity, so he does not understand what it is he's criticizing and that's what I was trying to tell you Jones. He didn't understand what your criticizing so please don't just keep going on and on.

I have the power to just do this sheet to put you on hold right there.

You can even say anything on here there. Now you can, if I let you.

So you need to be polite, okay, can you tell me what the logical contradiction is in the Trinity thought that that there are three pertinent the God of the Bible never want one God in three pertinent Holland had hold on, hold on, hold on. You made a statement. Don't just say is they then jump into something else you said the Bible says three pertinent numbers is a three person's will. That's one of the debates of the issues of with the doctor. The Trinity is not arrived at which I don't believe you know how it is arrived at.

Okay so you're not in that regard doesn't matter. Oh what a second matter.

It doesn't matter.

Okay all right then, let this matter. So this going to something else.

If he says it doesn't matter. I'm skimming with what he says is a matter get to Dakota from Ohio hi Dakota welcome your on-air hi thank you for taking my call to share probably got though I've been in a grown up in a Christian church. My whole life). I just now I'm going off to college, and I respected, though I think I'll let that be baptized in order to become a Christian.

But then I heard something different now that I'm in college at a different Christian college I didn't know what your perspective was on that or any person that you get more thoroughly for me what church did you go first Christian church of Christ.

Yeah, yeah. It's a non-Christian cult flat against the cult and the reason it's occult is because it requires a ceremony for salvation. It adds works of salvation, namely the act of baptism. It further says that you can lose your salvation if you're not maintaining it by your goodness before God and is this is cult theology not Trinity mean that my trying to get him to shock anything.

I'm just telling you straight out on the straight shooter. Right now, baptism is not necessary for salvation demonstrate that I know quite a bit about baptism quite a bit and you could not accusing you I'm not calling you out of this. Thank you could if you want to use it. With this verse we could talk about it because I know the topic very well, but the church of Christ is not? I don't know.

It's okay, go ahead okay yeah I try to figure it out. I'm not gonna know it's okay let me help you often.

Okay so my question is, what should I do something or am I how do I become a Christian I guess would be no what my next step yet understand that you cannot obtain salvation or maintain salvation through new ceremonies or your work. Your efforts, you and me to you are a sinner and slave to sin without hope. And the only thing you can do is trust in Christ was God in flesh you die in the crossroads in a dead and so we need to do is realize you don't obtain salvation through the membership of the church of Christ and then get baptized and that's what you get saved.

That's a loaded crud. The reason is because Romans chapter 4, I wanted to spend time with you. Okay commit a break coming up on the teacher.

All right, others can hear this because you and I want the same thing we want to be right before God.

We want to be right before God. We want to right now. This would Romans four, starting at verse one says what then shall we say that Abraham, our forefathers according to the flesh is found. For if Abraham was justified. That's the word of it to be focusing on justified in justification and to justify etc. for if Abraham was justified by works or something to boast about, but not before God.

For what does the Scripture say Abraham believed God was credited to righteousness.

Okay so it says Abraham believed God, it was credited to him as righteousness. So what was credited to him as righteousness wasn't a leap exactly this with Paul the apostle is saying in Romans chapter 4 verse three Abraham believed God, it was credited to credit is a legal thing. Righteousness is according to the law. Okay now the one who the next first of the one who works, his wages not credited as a favor. But what is due. If you work you earn it says in verse five the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his face is credited as righteousness. So faith is great as righteousness because it says, but believes in him who justifies the ungodly's faith is credited as righteousness.

So justification is the crediting of righteousness with me. Yeah I try to hold on. We have got a break to go through and explains more of this because this is good difficult theology, no showing of rattled off the field lines and hopefully well you may call can 772-0776 the right back that I call 77077 COTA solar all right okay so justification from the Scriptures is a legal declaration of righteousness.

Okay, now okay sin is breaking the law of God. First John three for sin is lawlessness. Sin according to Jesus is equated with a legal debt. Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. In Matthew 612 forgive us our debts, and Luke 11 for forgive us our sin.

Jesus equates sin with legal debt. That's what he said also that the debts can be transferred so you could pay my legal debt on something I could pay yours legal desk be transferred our legal debt was transferred to Christ that first Peter 224 he bore our sin in his body and the cross and he canceled the sin debt at the cross. Colossians 214, the Kellogg refund the certificate of debt, having nailed to the cross so justification then is a declaration of righteousness. And it's a righteousness that we have that's not our own.

It's a righteousness that comes from God. Flipping 39. The question now becomes how do we obtain this righteousness. The Bible tells us by faith.

Having therefore been justified by faith. Romans 514. Romans 328 we maintained a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law go to Galatians 216 and it says this. Nevertheless, knowing that a man is not justified by works of the law but through faith in Christ Jesus, or verse 21 I do not nullify the grace of God, for if righteousness comes to the law in Christ died needlessly.

What Paul is doing is he saying it's either faith or it's everything else now the church of Christ will sake. But though baptism is not an Old Testament law and all sake so you had to be baptized to be saved right and I'll go to acts 238 actually to 16% Peter 321. The John at 33 through eight.

I know all these verses right okay so I'll say okay and I can explain them to them in context to share what's going on with them socially okay so then, does Alaska does the Bible teach that your justified by faith. Having therefore been justified by faith. Romans 51. I estimate very specific question, does the Bible teacher justified by faith have to say yes. According the Bible. Good now is baptism necessary for salvation and they'll say yes Jack a couple thing to consider about that but anyway okay so then if were justified by faith, then are we justified by faith. When we have faith that the question one of the question I if were justified by faith that we just live by faith we have faith if they say yes, that is not necessary if they say no, then do not justified by faith is not the question yeah about that way about one thing. All I felt even tightly, and if there's any Church of Christ people listening to this I will challenge you formally accept from your past apologist of public debate on this issue is baptism and water baptism by immersion necessary for salvation. I often say this, but people over the air like I've been doing rated for 17 years and very times of the say here is a challenge. I just now did it and I don't get any takers because I know the Scriptures they know I know the Scriptures teach now here's something else there to teach you of this publishing and you never heard of before. They're going to teach you that the baptism is by immersion of this is where even the Christians I teach to go, what my personal opinion is that Jesus was not immersed at his baptism, but he was sprinkled. The reason I say that is because John the Baptist says you have baptized me and Jesus says no permitted at this time to fulfill all righteousness to fulfill means Old Testament they were still under the Old Testament law because the New Testament covenant is not instituted until the death of Christ.

That's hubris. 850 or 60, and so is he was under the Old Testament law was and he had to fulfill the law we know from Hebrews 6 2725 that is a high priest after the order of Melchizedek.

We know that and also to fulfill all righteousness. Please fulfill the Old Testament fulfill what what happened. That is baptism well the Holy Spirit came upon him, and that's an anointing is represented by Old Testament oil because the oil and I can tie that into first John 227 verbal blessing had to be given to the priest in the Old Testament and had to be 30 years of age and Jesus was 30 and up and up the blessed arrival of a son, whom I will pleased and accorded a lot of it had to be sprinkled with with water that some numbers 87 and I and our know that they haven't heard of it either.

I can show you all kinds of baptism that the people are blown away by that it is just right in the context and I showed you the bill. For example, the essay it's by immersion, so when you go to ask eight right and assembled the Ethiopian eunuch and they came up out of the water. That means immersion right means that even if her dad to come up out of the water so and ask eight. We have this this this occurrence.

Any order the chariot to stop. They both went down into the water so they both went down into the water. Philip as well as a eunuch and he baptized him. When they came up out of the water.

Wait a minute is coming up out of the water means you are immersed, then both of them were immersed because they're both in the water, which makes no sense right simple stuff only was just a start thinking start thinking you know X2 38 repent, and each of the baptized name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and in the office they love X2 30.

I know you've you've heard a thousand times right yeah let it a lot of and ask him, is it a formula for salvation yeah I through the lies faith not mentioned in and when you go to acts 1044 to 48. There speaking in tongues and glorifying God. And it's already received the Holy Spirit just as Peter said he already had.

And yet they had not yet been baptized.

So how could they be glorifying God have the Holy Spirit on them and there, speaking in tongues and you did not receive baptism within not saved with the Church of Christ of the say that they're not saved. Why that had gone to the ceremony and then scribble to this quickly notices the first 321 baptism now saves you. You've heard that right. But what they don't do is quote the whole thing, baptism now or corresponding to that, baptism now saves you, not the removal of dirt from the flesh, but an appeal to God okay and wait a minute, corresponding to that, the Greek word is NG tube on an antitype, a representation of God, corresponding to that. So what's the antecedent. What's it referring to the media verse, and ask you question and read the verse what saved Noah, that's the question here's the verse when the patience of God kept waiting in the days of Noah, during the construction of the ark, in which a few, that is, eight persons, were brought safely through the water, correspond to that that is not stated what saved Noah, God built the ark. Her electric vehicle. It was CTs not helically be able to be how it's all I faith you but from the court for what he saying they went into the ark, a member the ark had one door. God closed the door. God opened the door giving of the flood at the end of the flood. There were eight people in the Wieczorek H number of new beginnings and getting that letter think you big babies revamped are a certain size on the eighth day Jesus raised on the first day the week which is the eighth day the Demetre of dentist name Jesus is 888 no kind of neat stuff like Peter uses water as a means of destruction of the ungodly. In fact, math Jesus does the same thing and to minerals in the field. What is taken, one is left to Matthew 2437 and 20 Luke 1726 and following up is that the flood came in destroyed them all.

The floods mean the destruction corresponding to that, or that is not saved on the knowledge baptism refers not to the water of the flood with the art that they entered into by faith, baptism is a sign now minute someplace else. This is first contains 10 target verse one for you not want you to be unaware, brethren, that our fathers were all under the cloud and all past through the sea and they were all baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the seat and we know from renewal. They went on dry land.

The people in on dry land across the bridge and they were baptized into Moses. So what what what what Paul's teaching here he's teaching my baptism is a form of identification with they were identified with the work. The calling of Moses. Baptism is a good notification with the work of the calling of Christ.

That's why we get baptized because it relates also to the covenant because circumcision is a covenant sign. It says in Colossians 211, and in him you have been circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, and the move of the body, the flesh is circumcision of Christ, having been buried with him in baptism. Now wait a minute, did circumcision save them. Of course not. I get so much. Thank you so much.

So here's the thing is the thing I know, like with this quickly. There's a lot we can go through my go to John three talk about that good acts 22 and acts 16 and talk in Galatians 3 okay if you baptized up and identify with Christ all the stuff. The thing is you and I we can't do anything in any way shape or form to please God, because her centers, even the faith that he grants you that you have is granted to you by God.

Philippians 129 to you has been granted to believe in the belief is in Christ, John 629 God gives us that faith in Christ grants that we have faith, but here's a question I asked is that faith that God grants to us that's in Jesus and what he is done is that work of God that he has done in us that faith is it enough to justify us to the Bible says having therefore been justified by faith. If they say no every baptized the nursing at the faith that God grants to us in Christ isn't enough, they have to do some this is what to call okay go to a different church that okay yes, in fact, if he grows at a time.

If you could call back tomorrow if you're able to. We can talk about becoming churches to go to my website. If you ever heard of. It is called CAR and my my name my real name is Matt slick you could look up contact Google Matt slick what to look for the church and you find the article, you'll find the site and everything that the market when the time but okay thank you so much welcome so much goblin okay they pray for him in this are, I'm sorry, but we met a time that was important because I want to stay on the Lord bless you by his grace back on there tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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