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September 14, 2022 8:16 am

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September 14, 2022 8:16 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Was the queen of England a Roman Catholic---2- Matt discusses the gospel.--3- Why do people always say that someone is with Jesus or in heaven at funerals, even if they weren't a believer---4- Matt discusses near death experiences of unbelievers.--5- Does Scripture discuss when Satan was cast out of heaven---6- A caller shared their near-death experience and how it changed their life.--7- Is man divided into body and soul or body, spirit and soul---8- Have you ever heard of Bill West and his near-death experience---9- What do Mormons teach-


Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive, or you have questions about Bible doctrine. As a matter why Lorenz is called time to watch the show who all you do is dial if you watch the show all your dues go to CAR the right hand side who was doing was running in on the last minute to let him do it with the right hand side of the Karma homepage and settling for the match lick live show and if you want to watch me sitting here my office. It's the Karma intergalactic headquarters and you can check it out if you want to listen this module. All right, now we have five open lines, which means nobody is waiting right now. Once you give me a call. I want to hear from you.

877-207-2276 and we can talk about everyone talk about today is. Let's see 8 September and as you may have heard the Queen of England, died today and condolences go to the family you one of things I was thinking about was if she saved.

I don't know message is arisen under what the situation is but imagine being royalty and then you die and go to hell or make you trust in Christ you will be with him just a concern and I know that the world can be offered to condolences send stuff and grabs us all.

Doesn't that shadow of end of our life keeps increasing as life light that we have darkens and descends on the horizon.

Sola is what it is wrong and I one day and what could happen to you when you die, where are you going when you die, you die. So what happens to you. You go be with the Lord. Do you have thought about that never really wondered about it. Are you can be with him are you to be someplace else. I don't know but nevertheless something you think about what you call me to talk about it. 877-207-2276 and looks like I didn't put the Facebook thing up. I think I can do that anyway. Her second all right this is just on the line to get to Rudolph from North Carolina, Rudolph welcome you around here. Yet there was Queen of Arroyo Mike, I believe she's from the church of England. That's what I understand, I don't know how good it is, or that it was anything to have a stated that I would assume since it's a national kind of a church notice. It was probably plastic soon alternate all right thank out the front found out that they couldn't find any information about well what it would be well. I'll try to find okay good man right now. Let you two all right, that was Rudolph North Carolina. Joy give me a call. We just lost the guy to back it back to five open lines. Hopefully lose connection because of it having Internet connections of problems and development do right now is check make sure that's working so no going can you hear me this cannot type yes or no in their nature because this would have before.

Who okay five open lines 877-207-2276. You know, so I was bit it once in 1976 had a and experience a car accident where I will start and I just a few days ago one of my daughters almost died. She was out rafting and got thrown from the raft and was by the weird circumstance of how a the water was and the raft behind her came up over her and the water was swirling she could not get out from underneath it, so choosing about 3040 seconds and she had not taken a breath and she said she thought she was gonna die one point we talked about it. She of course made it.

She just with all her strength pushed with her feet and legs and do what you do and was able to service so you know this thing is things happen quickly and they happen suddenly and unexpectedly. A lot of times what we do is we we just assume that things are to continue and that will be fine. That's not the case.

We are going to suddenly die brain aneurysm or heart attack or or just old age. But it's gonna happen. I hope that you prepared that you have you made your peace with the Lord Jesus Christ that you trusted in him, and that you have given yourself to him in the trust of his redemptive work on the cross because only through him.

Dr. Mohammed not through Joseph Smith or Charles days Russell or the Pope or anybody else but only through Jesus Christ. The real Jesus, can you be saved. What is God in flesh. Not one of many God's other brother the devil not just some profit, but the true living Christ trusted him. You really do all right.

So for the lines if you want to give me a call on you to do is dial 877-207-2276 Jasmine from North Carolina. Welcome here hello hello yes there you well you probably think a little feedback so you thing about Elizabeth that not name it made me wonder when it comes the people fear well why that people always go back to their resting in the end there Jesus down that even if they were a believer I get that faith out the box standard bear tells flying it.

I get what our Adamic nature and does not want to believe that their family is really parting and Al are friends or whoever the baby and you blame me a little bit you just did, you got it, ashamed, and afraid. They want to say good things, and in the funerals are very difficult thing to do. I've done funerals and I done funerals of my wife's father was an unbeliever rejected Christ one of her brothers who claim to be a Christian but didn't walk it and then one of a Nice of all things, and our niece burned yourself to death in a public bathroom and in her diary. She talked about her hatred for Christ and so will before the father died later from something else. He asked me to the fuel going. I do and I knew she was an unbeliever rejected Apsley rejected Christ and she killed herself in a horrendous way and so all of her friends were gathered there and looked at a couple hundred people in a church and I'm doing the service, to say because they know she hated Christ she wanted nothing to do with them and there I am as a minister of the gospel.

I'm going to tell the truth. But what I did what I didn't say she's in hell I said all who die without Christ are lost and you need Christ. I know other people who don't believe that, but it's true. He rose from the dead. I looked out in the crowd and there were people I think her eyes were spears out of and stabbed. But I the truth is that most people they want to compromise because of emotions they don't want to be ridiculed and will be hated they want to be embarrassed.

They're not sure.

And so the compromise in the presentation of what needs to be presented to carefully with respect yet with the truth. There, and so we risk a little bit of that when we do that so. Nevertheless, most people don't want to risk and so they all just in a better place. Maybe not. Maybe the person is rejected Christ repeatedly to hear without Christ are lost and what I want at what that how it will live for them to keep their resting and like now, thereby earning you needed help. I don't have a chat and get out a loblolly you now you got there the last people that lack of biology people and it patently dumb that they could be my filing a clock that like a beep beep every 5008 that dumped down anything that you take the Latin walk in love with my Bayport body wherein your flats don't even like them, but they'll have to love them from your heart. That type of stuff and I didn't do on now with OPB but did beat the minute why I get it now begin about out loud like I get in Beardsley, but mentally I you be boggled by that in a kind of know how to be baffled. If I care you don't want anybody would G that God, not Trinity. Nobody the day that your life while you're walking around by early back money that the paint they can walk bearing fruit.

You expect them to believe that you went that and it might hear that Bob and Ron. I'll read it.I think it Diane if you are always think anything about what the Bible well there.

Well you have a confirmation deal because I felt like I Molly I fire it. Very few people that are believer that my family like I got a lot of people about their own family. You unbeliever see my family. My wife and I pray for them tightly we can do. We love them, talk them with other numbers and accidentally members who were not believers. So that's what it is. The world is a seductive place and people want to put themselves first set of others so is what they serve themselves false gods because it serves them right. Right. Well, thank you so much for confirmation of my thought last night. All right, I was Jasmine from North Carolina if you want to give me a call old have to do is dial 877-207-2276 is a Jennifer Raleigh, North Carolina Janet, welcome here. Thank you very much, Matt, quick question. My dad say to me all the time when I was growing up, that the Lord giveth dying great Scripture or if that's true or what.

What what your take on that divine grace I've not heard that term but I have heard of many people who have died in the face who have been very peaceful at their death. Yeah, I've met women to come to mind when I wouldn't to see them when minister wasn't why 72 Janet that's okay lets him try to remember some could help me out here. Full-term altar Trinity members name. He made it the claim that hundred years after his death, Christianity would be extinct hundred years after his death. The reporting Bibles nearly as house the Christian church.

Remember, anyway. A Christian nurse was at his bedside. He hated Christianity and he denied Christ and she was witnessing to him on his deathbed and she said she would never again ever again tend to an unbeliever reason was because four hours. I think it was her for couple three days or something like that. He kept screaming out about the fire and he was seeing. Fire says are coming for me and she knew what it was she was preaching the gospel to and he continued to reject until finally he died and but he kept screaming about the fire that he pass out. See the fire.

He was in his dying throat. A friend of mine. When is a San Diego work at a clinic for dialysis and he was talking about the death of the woman in the chair is something that happens because dialysis is often done for people who are that shape and he said that she was in the chair and across not 10 feet away. Whatever was a wall listing on walls in the building and she kept saying there's a fire on the wall and they check the fire. They checked and she said no it's I see it, and he looks behind the wall unit in the room adjacent and all the kind of stuff that I interrupted my said she died didn't cheat because you died soon after. Says yes she was seen coming in so that's these are anecdotes or stories.

I remember reading a story about a woman who was a car accident in her car plunged in to a body of water, like a pond or second small lake or something and will close to the road and it was upside down whenever what she was not able to get out and she died other people diving into the water and pulling the doors opening and reaching for her, and they finally got around, revived her, but she said what she said she saw. She said there were these creatures and they were coming for her and they were ugly and dangerous and demonic.

She said she was absolutely terrified and are coming for her and they work trying to drag her down and she was screaming no no and these people. They rescued her and she came back she described she saw Jesus… She's a Christian and one more story was a man for the story on 40 years ago or so, and he was a biker bad guy biker suspected he was driving along distant Road at night and he was driving along and see something Patrick in the back of his neck. What happened was somebody shot him in passing on the road and somebody just on a whim turn around and just shot at them as a car and hit the back of the neck from the base of the skull.

This and he just went off the side of the road crash now a trucker thought he saw in the rearview mirror.

This light going off on the side and wasn't sure about it and just a short time later he got to town and he cuts out the coffin today. I think you pick up your check so they did. They found him as a lifeline number ambulance to men and etc. and brought him back and he described what happened and he said he woke up in a greenfield of blue sky. The temperature was perfect. The air was clean and he could see great distances with such clarity and he could look at the grass under his feet and it was just so crystal-clear. The blades of grass was wonderful and off in the distance, a figure started to approach and was who is this what's going on and remember rebirth. He said he knew he was dead. At this point what probably was aware of as many people are in this figure was walking towards him at a great distance, but moving at a great speed and he said the closer. This figure God the worst he felt and the figure he said was Jesus and the closer he got the more the holiness of Christ was emanating and that's why was feeling bad because it was it was exposing his own sin in his own rebellion.

His own lack of forgiveness lack of holiness, lack of redemption and he said it was overpower and he dropped to his knees as all he could do the presence of Christ who approached him and he was there in his presence.

He said, and Christ just said come with me. He said he wasn't with words you just knew sweetheart following him is keeping his head down and would not look up could not.

He said and they went and left right there was beautiful music in here. Beautiful music was undergoing along this field until the fields are going down and going and they moved further down they went, the darker the terrain became and the more faint the music was and then it started to smell and he realized he think taken to help and he went down, but he could not stop walking he was obeying and he kept approaching behind Christ as they went down to this place. He said he looked looked out and he saw people in a body of fire and different degrees of decay and they work crying out and he said the fear upon him is maximal could not be more fearful absolutely terrified and he put his face into the muck of where he was Christ and he was screaming and begging to be thrown in their Christ said come with me and the ascended back up to the hill and they went up into the green area. The man could not leave believe he wasn't hungry deserve.

Christ said time.

He woke up in ICU emergency River was as a quadriplegic and he was writing this is now trusted right back vocab's messages. 772722577072 Mark from Louisville North welcome.

Thank you. Talk to you again. Thank you for all yes I can. Okay there'll told you last night you cast out, and correctly. I don't think anybody could truly answer that. But I have the Scriptures about it. If you would you want about five of lost time. Okay, sure. Isaiah 1412 is okay think you'll 2813 and 60 looks like John is the New Testament. John 12 Jesus saith the prince of this world is cast out there saying the same thing is revelations 12 and revelations 23 finding of site. Would you agree with that you sent it says will be cast out.

And so this but there but yet it's it's theologically interesting jungle had you just what I will multiply you know a lot of people don't like happened across likely not an out.

You know what we know you can't stop so I think that's the finding of site Thought well I wouldn't go to the binding is what he was cast out because binding and cast under different terms and use different context and so the rule is world will be cast out so there are discussions about this study was cast out of heaven and it looks like is cast out and was on the earth. The rules Road will be cast out.

And so, to what extent well. When is it to say this because this is not easy when you get to is it being cast out in the sense is you relating to being bound down doesn't mean these Is not there, so that's an issue but is eschatological and that he will be cast out into outer darkness, but it says the ruler of this world will be cast out, doesn't mean out of this world or will be cast out in the utter darkness, looking later on so that it is not very specific so that's why I can't give a specific yeah I think this is what Jesus was talking about when it was a stronger brand interested man's house on first is that talking about like you, he's Jesus down signaling and medical 2232 and it says that we are cast out demons, you must first bomb found this strong and he says it's a same etc. so talk about.

That's what Satan was bound why people ignore that, but that's what Jesus is. Matthew 12 2232 so he was his bout now the question here would be chronologically in Matthew 12 versus John 12 which one is first that will be interesting to see because if John 12 is after the binding of Satan, then that would lend itself to one theological perspective.

It was after alternates chronology to my initial discussion stuff you.

John 1231 English version now is the judgment of this world now shall the prince of this world to get this thing the same time use the crops that the quality it was by don't think they are. It says now this world will be cast out. It's the future passive so you letter to Tanya.

It's a tough one to show brother will think you appreciate that I will double as our hey we have four guidelines 877-207-2276 was good to Randall from West Virginia Randall Locklear on their 11 o'clock I have a good ally. You sound okay sure so we object all land be fed. Calling the Fairmont NDA with you.

I want the like in my plumbing and I was electrocuted and basically dad the flight took me to the hospital and I didn't think that I will live, but I live it, but it all went out. I still have family and my nerves in my likeness stuff but when I when I was electrocuted I was actually in looking through it, like they do, and I could look down and I can say my body on the ground that I will I will die will I was happy but God I didn't buy God all of the Lord United flight data for God or anything of the Lord to give me a choice and I'm I know you know why I was right what I've read. I never thought we'd ever would have a choice but I didn't want to come back, but I was thinking of all the people that will be crime my family and friends and everything and all I can answer was Lord and when I said Lord I woke up on the ground at attic. I was more.

It was more real to me than anything ever experienced in my own life and when I come back I felt like my life that I'm living now is like a dream compared to what I was. The real I was. It there was people in the in the church that actually refuted by. I said no, that didn't happen, but that was this through that and but man it was real lame need it in my life lately. I mean I was a Christian, but I think my life where I really think think a lot more. And after that I just want you will make sure that there's a lot more but I don't will not hold up everything reason Scripture is something. This is significant as 12 to verses three and four also in segment is 12 to I know a man in Christ who 14 years ago, whether in the body I do not know or out of the body I do not know God knows such a man was caught up to the third heaven and I know how such a man, whether in the body report the body I do not know God knows was caught up in the paradise and heard inexpressible words which a man is not permitted to speak is so that right there in segment 212 224 is a instance in Scripture so people think is Paul. When Whetstone is this a conjecture who was out of the body was physically does NDE. I have no problem saying that Riker and the people to tell you all didn't happen. Well, your experience so I don't have any reason to doubt you. Your good and insulting me in the in the chat room got some good projects to good jokes in there like those thoughts. I know you're got a good head on. So it's placed with a few guys but if you let good so you know you are faithful you have no doubt that you're telling me the truth and so you know. So what was the price of the Lord like well as far as being in the presence of the Lord.

It was good. I want to enhance credit like you would say you know you're in the tribe of the global audit felt like that the I knew that I was in the presence of the Almighty, and I felt so much more and so much it can't describe it that I am not mad at really is hard to describe the sale is higher is admissions and all that and at the same time and I was a Christian and an avenue that I was okay but I feel when I. This up felt so lit,,,, felt little but compared to the amount whole life I felt like I am nothing after that. I am not I am undone. You know it. It is docked. It shocked me into reality and not realize that God is real, has now found here and there is just two lines 877-257-7077 yeah sure about that great so you're saying that while you change your life all it was.

It was like. Like a failed already. But it was. It is my life from then on out to the devil a lot of time will make us doubt their way little things of doubt that will come into Kristin's lab to study in a business really real on this and that but after that point in my life.

I anytime anything like that with, I would go back to that point. It actually bolstered my Christian life and it helped me the witness that other people you know all about this. A lot of people don't believe this, but it did happen but you know I really honestly began studying the Bible.

After that, and trying to get him to his word. I was raised Armenian by studying his word. I realize that but that was wrong and I'll talk to my dad for years after that and finally, before he died. The realize that you can't go your salvation and aid had preached always like and he said you know I've always great to get that now mono you know that God enabled me to witness that there my family was around.

They knew that this happened and I think that that was God use that as a capital to help me with so many people feel you know I can explain the theology of like you know God, you have a choice because I never, never thought you would have a choice but I did all permit and in the and the crux of the whole thing is I didn't say job or Jehovah or anything said Lord and when I come to felt like that you know when your prospect prostrate before God and you know, I know that I'm not in God is everything, and I carried it with me through my life and it was a lot of it was that in the experience and well I'm glad that you did have her here able to use it to with this so praise God praise God.

Yet I was like I couldn't work greedier after that it's on hand when I got back. Then I got back into the workforce and finally just a few years ago I was the disciple this filthy dirty and the security to God it and you apply at that young along the work and edit things like that. As I got older, of the but still God got me where he wants me a stomach.

My life probably will appreciate it when I do. Praise God and keep witnessing for him. The thank you Matt God bless and thanks all right, let's see, let's get to Dave from Kansas City. Dave welcome your item at the question and sound like him.

Thank you sound like theological splitting hairs, but it does have some practical aspect that the nature of man.

I whether he's at dichotomous being or trichotomous being and you know and I know in the long run, the more I know the less I know the more I study on it, the less dogmatic I am a nap but yeah, I know you can even dichotomy, Trinitarian again. I believe in tricolor me, but it does have some practical aspect. I wish you could expand on that a little bit and and explain your position. Well, I just lean lean towards dichotomy dinette hill because it's clean to say trichotomous drip represents an entity, but you see issue for me is Scripture, see how spirit and soul are used interchangeably as improvement dichotomy because it can still meet trichotomous and so I do say you know both are within orthodoxy. I just lean towards by and if people don't repair whatever okay okay okay when I was in a manner that is drawn on the board. I used but the three parts.

The three circles and I would also erase some of the circle say okay between the spirit and the soul. It could be a dotted line so you can either go one way the other is practically it doesn't matter. Some say sick as a soul is in the form of spirit in his official body so they can be separated or not separated anything to find things so this really tell us for sure people fall on both sides of the fence. Okay. Find out later.

Yeah I live in the practical part of it was that I was ministering. It meant halfway house of addicts and things like that. We tried it down that your flesh is not going to be redeemed. Also, I need a bath at my flesh and bring it into submission. It usually actually the flesh is anything in the resurrection. What we have glorified body yeah yeah you were not there yet right.

It will be the future but for now Russell right right souls are redeemed right right that's what I was and I know that I thought that my body could bring it into submission and I my position was date the spirit inside of you became born-again. You became at like a gyroscope almost in the summer you kept pointing that the Holy Spirit came to dwell in your dead spirit, now you are the Holy Spirit. Well then you you are like a gyroscope always pointed upward. So the battle your flesh is always pointed to whatever it seeks the heatseeking missiles, the less the eyes of the US, the pride of life and and you had that the battle was in your mind so you see where I practical love that I can see how illustration to the use that we should okay I think okay gutless all right let's get to Elijah from Pennsylvania like to welcome you are up here hanging in there man, would you all. I was listening to what you said earlier provided little effect on it like 20 minutes that you want live in her mouth different. The Milky Way had no new debt.

The last bill, – you have you ever heard of a guy name Bill.

We know you the is a Christian minister in the higher artists at 20th, two years ago and in the innate inexperience. He claims that back in 90 use the thought out of his body and is likely thrown into hell and he said that the Lord allowed them to spirit what what hell is like and basically know know you want people about how youth even if they don't know. Believe it or not, and and I believe he basically said that he was in the prison fell with you own an audit of, and he said there were demons in the fell with them and they were blaspheming God not to hit the like. A report God enough and they began no torturing an audit of the end. Like you said earlier, but the woman that they that all the hideous creature, are at her car and it with the Friday the hideous creatures. There were no coming out and help a lot and lots of people talk in the next similar all creatures. Some say so.

Don't click something you owe about about the prison fell apart though all on a nonelectric birthday that you thought it will be the greater Dan make me think, know that the level format, but my pastor a few years ago when he was preaching about how it then out of nowhere, anything you want to be locked up and up and up for that though and after after the service was over I walked up the long and not my head like them about anything they think I did on the vision about how he thought that that there were present Eldon out so I had asked them. Have you ever heard about man named Louis who gave testimony about him and you follow the note that at that there will be the minister who claimed that they got you that they got the canal in baseball prison fell down there as well is like wow wow really I never I never I never heard I got the you know I thought I don't know really really interesting that at the never heard a guy yet another thing prison prison fell out prison cells because I use the Scriptures final authority.

Just because someone has the experience and to have an experience as is true, but still, it's interesting information to look at but we always have to make sure look to Scripture as a final authority middle Telus right part stuff but I think you call let me know if it got less all right. Let's get to Hatti from Charlotte, North Carolina had a welcome year.

You know I you have on hand to put that's all right. I hope you're both not your head. That's okay with Ed know about the Mormon knocked on my door and they want to have a bad day and I don't want to hear you on the iPhone video so yeah to Jesus. I could have one minute. All right radioed academic into the will have one minute to let me tell you, with the teacher as it was and is not Christian is a non-Christian called all right teaches that God used to be a man on another planet nearest her cold cold log and he kept the laws of that going on that planet and he became a God and he brought one of his wives to this world and they have bodies of flesh and bones and they have spirit offspring in heaven and there was a battle or disagreement. Let's just say in the preexistence about who will be saved. How he saved and up there loses is much time to go into it and so once you have a good Mormon which become a good Mormon yet to get a 10% tithe you of your income to the church in a temple recommend your temple garments you go to the temple or handshake children. Hugs to the whole processing try become a God planet again, I'm not going to play when it was now difficult, but not out there and come that what we believe in Jesus. Kylie don't call back tomorrow. Tomorrow, all right the time the Lord bless you by his grace

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