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MS Top 6 #48

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick
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August 25, 2021 5:00 am

MS Top 6 #48

Matt Slick's Top 6 / Matt Slick

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August 25, 2021 5:00 am

Matt gets calls on Biblical Theology. Matt has answers on Biblical Theology. The clips are from "Home Alone," Frank Sinatra, "The Doors," and "The Spice Girls." The questions come from people all over the world.  We've compiled the six most memorable of the week. Number 6 to #1! 


This is good Truth Network Jackson research ministry matters, a Masters of Divinity and is working he's passionate and met stands firm and lives to defend and promote the Christian faith. Matt slick doesn't take any Monday through Friday. Matt takes calls from all around the world on his radio show. We compiled this week's best, Matt slick's top 6X.

Lisa given to memory, but given as if it's a substance or as if it's a movement of God upon someone which where you defining some great is defined as the unmerited favor of God is given to work upon a person's sense of God. God's action upon him is not deserved is received by an individual in a beneficial five Trinity as is the biblical revelation of one God in three distinct simultaneous persons and in Romans 128 says that the attributes of God are known in creation to creation and can see, for example, a Trinity that we understand the time. Time is past, present, future. They all share that quality of being time with the past is not the exact same thing is the future which is not the exact same thing as the present. They are the same thing time have different qualities different aspects and so Trinity is like that and that is one God in three distinct simultaneous persons wait time is past present future law around that that would be anybody. It looks like a lost sheep of the house of Israel house of Israel deals with the national aspect sheep people of God. So Jesus said he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. I always wondered about what exactly does that mean the house of Israel means the nation of Israel under a covenant requirement and aspect the lost sheep. Sheep are as Jesus says in John 10 that his sheep hear his voice, so it could be that he was sent into full way.

One covenantal into the house of Israel, but it looks like it was sent to those people in the house of Israel who are ultimately the sheep of God who did not know the current trip around the completely destroyed and God will re-create a new earth be burned often premade elements. A case can happen because the data if the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements we describe the intensity in the earth. The work shall be burned up. I suspect, because sin has affected the universe because of Adam's fall University remained. I heard one commentator say if that were to occur with the elements dissipate energy that holds the atomic structure together is released in the secular nuclear bomb intense heat so there's been conjecture about this very severe. What really can happen, but if they will have a new heavens and new earth great.

You, it should bother you that the government would facilitate an anti-democratic religious system at oppressive to women kills homosexuals, threatens, atheists, and says that Christianity is polytheistic and worships because God must be done away with this. What Islam teaches and if you go to syrup next chapter 9 it talks about subjugating all people under Islam and was called sharia so that the politician is a theory I think is correct regarding nursing zombie movies and zombies that brains are working regular heavy frontal lobe function is kind of far left Democrats. Their heavy frontal lobe function so high-five through the directions on and tell yeah I think or something to that he could tell zombie design. The phi is to affect a zombie, not user frontal lobes and do stupid things with, wait, wait, you have one God in three persons, so that we say will say three say heavenly you have moderate now that right. That's why said it's three persons just 33 persons don't strip the context away and then apply to any context is an error logic error on your part three persons in one God.

That's how it works. Say three things for anything you like."

Ryan, now that's a three equals one where you getting this signal is E. Don't you think I'm trying to pay one one plus one +23.

One plus one plus one. One person plus one person plus one person is three persons of God is not a God father God in the Richard Jesus is not a God who is this. We hope you've enjoyed this episode of Matt slick stop. Six. For more on that and is live syndicated call-in radio show go to got a question Matt slick as your answer. This is good Truth Network

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