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Godly Relationships

Power Point / Jack Graham
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July 16, 2021 8:00 am

Godly Relationships

Power Point / Jack Graham

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July 16, 2021 8:00 am

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Welcome to this edition of PowerPoint with Jack Graham program will tell you, you must go first. Uses message godly relationship to God's words are with me now to Exodus chapter 20 and look at verse 14 and there we find the Sabbath commandment do not commit adultery. You shall not commit adultery. Why is God so intent on saying no adultery, no him around. Well, for one reason this is a sin against God himself is a sin against God. This is what David said after his great sin.

He said against me and the only oh God have I sent while David sinned against himself while he had sinned against his nation while he sinned against Bathsheba while you sinned against his own family, his own children. Ultimately, he concluded my sin is against God.

That should be always our first consideration when we are tempted in this area of our lives. Unfortunately for many is the last thing we think about how does God view this when Joseph resisted the seductions of pot of his wife and ran from the house, free from committing great sin said how can I do this great wickedness and sin against God as followers of Jesus. It should be our desire always to love God and to honor him and to please him. So before we make a disastrous choice in life we consider what God has said and what God has commanded and realize that ultimately this displeases and disobeys God. But not only that sin is a sin, this sin is a sin against our spouse. The Bible does speak of oneness in the marriage relationship.

The two shall become one. So is not possible for someone to say regarding adultery. Well, it was just sex or it was just a fleeing or it was just a one night stand. It was it was casual, there is no such thing as casual sex or just sex in the eyes of God.

The sexual relationship is sacred and this is the reason that Jesus allows for divorce when there is adultery involved in the relationship he and the fact gives a release clause to the offended partner and just cause for divorce because of adultery.

Now that doesn't mean you hear me now that doesn't mean that adultery is automatic divorce because healing can take place in your heart and in your home restoration in repentance and renewal trust can be reborn and I know couples through the years who have experienced the grief in the disaster of this sin in their homes in their marriage and yet they have recovered to find life in love again but is clear that this sin is against one's spouse is a devastating blow to the offended individual it is. It is a devastating blow to trust, and unless your thinking lest you be thinking well I'm involved with somebody else I know love my wife anymore. I love somebody else.

The best thing I can do is get out of this relationship get out of this marriage and marry the person that I love every number, every statistic tells us that second marriages are far more vulnerable than first marriages and third marriages in the serial marriages that people experience in their lives. Often indicate just how damaging the breakdown of the home and the family really is is a sin against one spouse is not only a sin against God in a sin against one spouse it is a sin against our children. Men and women, mothers and fathers we are to be the spiritual leaders of our home and of our family, our children are children look up to us and children often fear the breakdown in the divorce of their families. They see it so much, and adultery. Of course, is so often the cause of divorce and men and women, husbands and wives sacrificing their children on the altars of their own lusts, and children pay a great price, emotionally, and otherwise and unfortunately. Sadly, many of these kids end up repeating the same sins of their fathers, so it is a sin against children is a sin against the church. Don't forget your accountability and responsibility to your church does say what I do is my business is not just your business if you belong to Christ and his church is God's business is our business together.

All of us know the damage that is been done when well-known spiritual leaders and pastors and others have fallen into immorality and adultery and so all of us know the damage that create to a church and what is true for a church.

It damages your own personal witness. The Bible says no one lives to himself or dies to himself. You are not an island or living on an island along with your own pleasure. What we do affects so many other people in the church.

Therefore, discipline must be encouraged to restore those who fall into this sin to bring people to repentance and renewed faith.

The Scripture teaches that in all how you blow your witness your own test about people know in your neighborhood at your workplace that you profess Christ and if you get engaged, involved intimately with someone else. It is cause for doubt. You become somebody's alibi.

The Bible speaks of those who give cause for the enemies of God, to blaspheme when we commit this sin, we lose our integrity, we lose our and credibility and we often lose our right to speak in the share own testimony and we give Satan the ammunition to strike it God's church so was a sin against the church and is also a sin against yourself.

There something about this sin that strikes at our very personhood the psychology of our own Hugh Malik managing our spirituality. This is why the New Testament says that this sin is a sin against one's own body not only the potential and the possibility of disease that is well known, but the psychological trauma. There something about this sin that short-circuits the brain and the mind's unreasonable.

That is why you crossed the line and you commit immorality, either before marriage or during marriage. When you cross this line.

It becomes easier and easier and easier to cross it again and again and again and again. But I'm telling you this is a sin that is very damaging, very devastating to every person who practices this kind of sin. That's why Proverbs 423 says keep your heart with all vigilance for from it flow the springs of life. Put away from you crooked speech and put devious talk far from you. Let your eyes look directly forward in your gaze be straight before you. I suppose the most vivid and and and powerful illustration of what I'm talking about the, the great devastation and loss because of adultery as seen in the life of the great King David.

The man who was called a man after God's own heart, the shepherd who killed the great giant, Israel's greatest king, the man who gave us the song we said the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want the man he was called a mighty man of valor. The man he said this one thing do I seek like the deer pants for the water brought my soul pants for the oh God that man made a decision in his life that cost him dearly. David had sent off his generals into battle in the springtime of the year. Typically, the Kingswood lead their soldiers in the battle but for some reason David decided to stay back home at the palace. He walks out on his balcony and he sees a beautiful woman by the name of Bathsheba babe, and rather than turning on his heels and returning to his private quarters.

He stood there, he stared there and he did exactly what Jesus was talking about with this long, lingering lusts will attachment to this woman, this wasn't cursory distraction.

This wasn't a casual look.

This was a fatal attraction, we must be extremely cautious, extremely care what our eyes see what are my considers and contemplate does remember Jesus said this all starts in the heart, listening to PowerPoint and tank ran in today's message athlete relationship sexual identity, racism, the sanctity of life. These are some of the hot button topics in our culture that Christians are called to address and in his brand-new series dumpling.

Dr. Graham shows you how to stare down the enemies lies and stand firm for God's truth as it relates to the current culture dumpling concern. Thanks for your gift today to help boldly proclaim the truth of the gospel so call now to request your copy of dumpling when you give: 800-795-4627 that's 1-800-795-4627. You can also text, .313131 text PowerPoint to 31312.

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Now let's get back today's message godly relationships. So then they that required of the woman who issued was her name.

This is the moment he could have resisted with the fires of luster burning and after he discovers who she is and though she is a married woman married to one of his faithful soldiers. Uriah he takes or he forces his way into this woman's life and from flirting and fantasizing he now takes Satan's hook. The look and then the hook takes the hook. Now this is the moment that he could have overcome his temptation as you and I can also overcome temptation. Remember temptation is not sin.

Everyone is tempted Jesus himself was tempted so we can resist temptation. In fact, one of the verses that I memorized as a young man is first Corinthians 1013 that we are all tempted that everyone is tempted of God.

No temptation has taken you but such that is common to man and God is faithful and will not allow you to be tempted beyond your ability but watch this with the temptation will provide a way of escape, that you will be able to endure it.

Look at that phrase God provides a way of escape, God is faithful to do this for someone here today someone watching or listening today in the throes of the temptation. This serves this message is God's warning is God's way of escape for you or maybe it's while you're reading your Bible and you come across a verse that stings your conscience and you realize you're getting out of bounds in a friendship or relationship, or maybe as a friend to whom you are accountable. That friend questions you regarding some behavior something you're doing that because of suspicion or question that's God providing a way of escape, maybe a little children's eyes look at you and you realize how heartbreaking this could be to your family to your children, and God opens up a way of escape, God gives you a door through and out. God gives you a warning he always does, but in David's case. In the case of so many people walk by the warning rationalizing their sin with stuff like well I deserve this. I been working hard. I'm under stress. I deserve a little pleasure little happiness or it's just sex or is just a one night stand are my wife ignores me or my husband doesn't pay any attention to see Satan is the father of lies. He is a liar and a murderer from the beginning, Jesus said he is the father of life. So you start hearing these lies in telling yourself these kinds of lies in your own head you can know exactly where they're coming from. From the pit of hell. David listen to the lives takes this woman.

She reports that she is pregnant so the lies turn to more lies and cover-up and deception. He even arranges the murder to manslaughter.

Uriah the Hittite Bathsheba's husband now is sin is going deeper and deeper. It is is true, what is been said many times, sin will take you farther than you want to go. It will you a deeper hole than you ever thought imaginable. He will will keep you longer than you want to stay and cost you far more than you want to pay and I was the case of David for a solid year. Plus he's hiding he's manipulating he's covering his guilt and shame and he's miserable.

Remember, this man loves God and he's miserable. That's the difference.

An unbeliever can send without guilt or get to a place of sending without guilt. Apparently, but if you're a Christian.

If you're a Christ follower.

If you sin against God and persistent that sin and hide that sin. The Bible said whoever covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes his sin will prosper. David is covering his sin and he's miserable. In fact, in Psalm 32 it says for when I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long for day and night your hand was heavy upon me and my strength was dried up as by the heat of summer sea login what that word seal means.

It means think about that.

It will cost you. Now he's incapacitated by his sin and the consequences of his sin.

Some people say maybe you heard it said all sin is the same.

Not true because not all sin has the same kind of consequences. Some sin is more scandalous and more shameful than other kinds of sin. Now all sin is sin and it takes all the blood of Christ to forgive any kind of sin don't make the mistake of saying well, this is just my center. This is a little thing is not a little thing and David found that out. He found out what Proverbs 632 says he who commits adultery lacks sense he does it destroys himself. David indeed repented of his sin. Thank God he sent a prophet into his life by the name of Nathan and he stuck a long bony finger in David's face confronting with his sin and say you are the man, David, you sin and David repented. Thank God he repented.

Psalm 51 is one of the most powerful passages of a man in repentance. I believe God place that in the Bible, along with Psalm 32 two passages in which David expresses the deep sorrow and regret and shame of his sin and repented of his sin. But listen to me now while he was forgiven and cleansed of his sin.

He never really got over. He was never the same man after never God is not mocked whatsoever a man sows, that will he also reap.

He lived under the shadow in the suspicion of the citizen his own children followed in his footsteps of rebellion and adultery. One of his sons rapes his half-sister. I had a child die rest of his days were mar and Mark by that dreadful day we made the worst decision of his life. So the question then is if this is some serious how can we protect ourselves. How can we prevent this from happening to any of who desire to live a holy life and establish godly relationship number one. Start with your own character. Start with your own heart, since it starts in the heart. You start with a heart and your character. In other words, if you want to affair proof your marriage. Start by affair proof in your own life, you can always change what someone else can do what you can you can ask God to change your heart by developing a faithful life and that means don't tolerate.

Don't give regarding our place for the devil in your life. No compromise with what you think or what you imagine her what you see or what you consider what you accept and remember that you are accountable to God.

If you're a Christian all of us. According to the Bible, will stand before the judgment seat of Christ and give an account and yes it is possible to lose our reward, not our salvation but lose our reward at the judgment seat of Christ. So start with your own heart and develop your own character by cultivating intimacy with Christ.

Insert leave.

You don't know Jesus as your Savior. You have very little chance of overcoming sexual sin. If you don't know Christ of Christ is never changed your life.

So I'm getting away with it best. That's what you think. There's coming a day of judgment. The Bible says no adulterer, no horror monger no immoral person will inherit the kingdom of God. So you'll hear the words depart from me. I never knew you what you need to do is to be safe to be forgiven to be cleansed, to be born again, you can be delivered from the power of sin and death in your life but if you believe in you want to break out and break through and prevent yourself from sitting in this way make a promise of unending undying love for Jesus Christ and asked the Holy Spirit of God who lives in you, to enable you to stand against all the wiles of the enemy and that brings me to the second thing resist temptation. Satan lies to us. Satan lures us. He's the father of lies.

But God gives this way of escape. While it is easy to negotiate and rationalize and compromise do not in any way incubate sin and temptation in your life. Remember the last is a slippery slope into full-blown physical adultery.

So what we need to learn how to do is to control our thought life is that I can't control my mind.

Yes, you can by filling your mind with the word of God.

How shall a young man cleanse his way by giving attention to your word. Fill your mind with God's word. You can change your thought pattern do what ever you need to do to maintain your purity of life and the purity of your marriage are not drop the chair real close and listen to just you and me talk. It is a well-known secret that most extra marital affairs take place among friends and coworkers. So that being the case in the workplace. Make sure you never become flirtatious and too close to anyone of the opposite sex, and regarding close friends and even associates and friends. Be careful in the way you choose your friends. I have one best friend. That is my wife. No other person of the opposite sex should be among your intimate friendships and very close friendship, you befriends as couples you befriends as as friends but be very, very, very careful about getting too close to even some of your friends and then finally, remember if you want to keep yourself pure in your life you're in your marriage godly remember who you belong to you belong to Jesus.

Verse 619. Do you not know that your body is verse 20 says therefore glorify God in your body along listening to PowerPoint Jack Graham in today's message godly relationship world is full of chaos and confusion, moral and spiritual darkness when it needs to see its bold faith from followers of Christ.

That's why Dr. Graham wants to send you his new five message series template. This series tackle some of the most pressing issues. Our culture is facing today and shows how the Bible offers the answers roasted desperately needs dumpling as our special thanks for your gift to help boldly proclaim God's word through PowerPoint to request your copy when you call today: 800 795 67 that's one 800-7956 27 can also text the word PowerPoint 313-1316 PowerPoint to three 3131.

And don't forget to visit Jack shop our E store. Give a gift online or sign up for Dr. Graham's free daily email devotion our website again is Jack Graham.Margie Pastor what is your PowerPoint for today. The message you heard today is one of the straight up messages but is one we are in the consequences of sexual sin are incredibly devastating and that's why we need to raise the red flag of warning and I want to talk to you very straight up about your own life and your own purity.

Make sure that you pass this purity test in your life if you find yourself in the throes of temptation that you would find that way of escape, that God has provided for all who sincerely called upon him when we remind you whatever sinful pleasure you may be considering it is not worth it. What is worth it is your love for God and that your love for Jesus would give you the power to resist every temptation in your life if you are married. Commit yourself to your husband into your wife. The Bible tells us that if you are married that you are to stay married and to stay pure in that marriage don't allow any lustful thought or lustful idea to captivate your heart. I'm telling you this to protect you. God is warning us today that we are to live in the devotion and of the commitment of godly homes and families and marriages, and follow him with all of our hearts by building godly relationships were so grateful for all of our PowerPoint listeners and we want to get to know you better and through this amazing world of technology today.

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