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Lie #1: Judas Did Jesus A Favor Part 2

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer
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June 9, 2020 1:00 am

Lie #1: Judas Did Jesus A Favor Part 2

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer

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June 9, 2020 1:00 am

The sad story of Judas reminds us that “Satan walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour…” Some say Christians cannot be demon-possessed. But others say they still can be demonically influenced. In any case, a non-believer is fair game for Satan to use, as he did Judas. In this message we learn what really happened during the Last Supper so long ago.

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Reason for us.

Jesus phone number for some say Christians cannot be demon possessed. Others say they can still bring demonically influenced in any case, the nonbeliever is fair game for Satan to use as he did Judas today what really happened during the Last Supper. So Monica stay with us from the church in Chicago.

This is running to win with Dr. Sir, whose clear teaching helps us make it across the finish line.

Estimates are good.

Judas have decided not to betray Jesus you asked a question that theologians have debated for centuries. We come to one of those great impasses in our king. On the one hand, the Bible seems to say very clearly that Judas was marked out to betray Jesus.

On the other hand, Judas is responsible for what he did. So we face that dilemma. All that we know is this that he had a very tragic ending the ended up actually committing suicide after he betrayed Jesus Christ this much we do know God will hold him responsible and has held him responsible for what he did. One of the most sobering words in all the Scripture is the words of Jesus when he said it would've been good for that man if he had not been born. But before we discussed Judas I want to remind people that the ministry of running to win continues because of your support and your prayers. I hold in my hand a letter from someone who says that they couldn't imagine what life would be like if they weren't in a country with radio broadcasts that show forth the love and the compassion and the teaching of Scripture. But it's because of people like you that running to win can be in more than 20 countries of the world would you consider becoming an endurance partner endurance partners are people who stand with us regularly with their gifts in their prayers.

If you want to know more, go to RTW RTW Click on the endurance partner button and you'll get all the information you need or if you prefer, call us at 1-888-218-9337 and now we go to the pulpit of Moody church. As we discussed, Judas and why it is that he did not do Jesus a favor as some foolish people allege so when he had the more so he gave it to Judas, the son of Simon I scary up and after he had taken the morsels Satan entered into him.

Remember this, you can be entered by Satan without a formal invitation, there are people who have been entered by Satan who don't even believe in the devil. You'll notice in this text. I pointed out earlier chapter 13 verse two during supper, the devil had already put it into the heart of Judas to do this. So the idea was implanted by the devil but the devil didn't actually enter until he received the morsel, and as soon as he received the more so Jesus said in verse 27 what you are going to do do quickly see Satan isn't an honorable guest. He doesn't say all I will come in until you invite all that you need to do is to be in his territory to do his work to do his bidding, and he'll take more and more and more and more of you without any permission now.

The statement here of Jesus. What you're going to do do quickly, has been a theological conundrum for many many centuries and this really lies at the heart of some of the books about Judas that say that he should be looked at as a hero, even apart from the serious fictional Judas document that we mentioned at the beginning of this message because you see it says will Jesus told him to go ahead with it and he became part of the grand scheme of redemption, he became part of that and so he was helping Jesus to die. Jesus was supposed to die for the sins of the world so why are we on his case. Jesus said whatever you do do quickly so I need to comment on that phrase. First of all, let us be clear in saying that Jesus shows that he was in complete control. He knew exactly what was being planned and he knew the hour at which he should die and that hour was not in the hands of the Sanhedrin.

It was not in the hands of Judas ultimately what Judas is saying to him is whatever you are planning to do, do it quicker because Jesus knew that the timing here was critical, but he knew exactly how the events were going to unfold. No man takes my life from me. He says I have power to lay it down and I have power to take it again. Everything was in the hands of Jesus as it says in the opening part of the 13th chapter. Even Judas was in the hands of Jesus. Whatever it is you do quickly now Jesus isn't telling him what to do.

We've already learned that the idea had already been planted in his mind he had already accepted did the suggestion of the devil to do it. And so Jesus is simply saying whatever it is that you plan to do just do it faster. Jesus wasn't giving them the suggestion you say yeah but it was part of the scheme of things. That was part of the prophecy, it was inevitable that it happened yes that's true. Now we come to some deep theological waters, which I'm going to simply bring you into like the waters of baptism, and then I shall also bring you out of those waters. Okay, remember this, that even evil people always do that hidden will of God.

They don't know the revealed will of God, but they do do that hidden will of God. And so in the very same way for going to honor Judas because he betrayed Jesus. We should honor those who nailed Jesus to the cross because after all, they too were fulfilling prophecy right. It says that Jesus was offered by the predetermined counsel of God. So let's honor them to you can't go there. Yes it is true.

It was predetermined.

Yes it is true that the hidden will of God was accomplished but at the end of the day, those wicked men are held accountable and Judas is held accountable to for what he did. NetSuite, the best we can do in the few moments that we had to discuss a very very deep difficult doctrine taught on virtually every page of Scripture, so no Judas was not a hero node. Judas should not be thought of as doing Jesus a favor, particularly the Gnostic Gospels says that he did him a favor because Jesus could die and then he didn't come back from the dead. We've already covered that. So there you have Judas and the Bible says that after Satan entered into him. He went immediately out verse 30 and it was night. John loves the theme of light and darkness.

What he saying is, is that when Judas went into the darkness the darkness itself outside was symbolic of the darkness within his heart. Both were dark. Well, we've talked about his covetous spirit. We've talked about his heart of evil.

And now he has a very determined, will determine will and for this we have to turn to the 26 chapter of Matthew. If you would turn with me please I'm going to give you time to turn to it so that we can look at the text together if you still have not had any chills down your back. So far I think you will as we read this passage. Chapter 26 of Matthew, verse 49 and he, having agreed with the authorities that he would kiss the person whom they were looking for, says in verse 49, he came up to Jesus and wants and said, greetings Rabbi and he kissed them to make treachery look like loyalty. Jesus said to him, knowing everything, knowing he that he had chosen a devil as he said earlier all things present to the son of God in an everlasting gesture of love and compassion. Jesus's friend friend not enemy but friend do what you've come to do. Jesus against his whatever is in your heart. Do it so they laid hands on Jesus and they seized them.

Well I told you about his determine will he's got his money love money pilfered out of the common pot 30 pieces of silver was nothing to sneeze at. And the silver market of the day so you think you be happy know what's wrong with money and when you've got it. You're happy right money equals happiness. Oh really.

Chapter 27 of Matthew, verse three, then when Judas, his betrayer saw that Jesus was condemned, he changed his mind and brought back the 30 pieces of silver to the chief priests and to the elders saying I have sinned by betraying innocent blood, and they said what's that to us, situate yourself and throwing down the pieces of silver into the temple he departed and went out and hung himself when Judas enjoy your money, his conscience would not allow him to enjoy the money he had inquired. I wonder if I'm speaking to somebody today. You're a lover of money and you've got the money she can enjoy it because of the way in which you acquired it down deep inside that nagging conscience keeps telling you look at the way you got this money very interesting that in this text when it says Judas saw that Jesus was condemned the Greek word indicates that he probably sought physically. He saw Jesus being taken and bound and taken to Pilate and he knew that after that it was a done deal that Jesus would be crucified and maybe he didn't know that it was going to turn out that way maybe thought you know I could have the silver on the side and not do Jesus too much damage now suddenly things are out of his control. Jesus has been condemned. It says in my version, he changed his mind. I remember as a child reading the King James version. It says he repented bad translation is not the normal word met Inouye repentance.

It's a different word that means he regretted he had remorse.

He wished he had never done it. He wishes he could have on do what he did but he knows that that's too late and the he regrets it, but he never really comes to Jesus for forgiveness and cleansing known known known know he bears it all alone. Now he couldn't live without conscience and so he did what 25 or 30,000 Americans do every year he committed suicide.

So we had a covetous heart to deceitful mind, a very determined, will hypocrite through and through played the part, by the way young people, teenagers you're listening to this notice, it says that when he took the money he threw it into the temple and the Greek word would indicate the inner shrine. He threw it were only the priests could retrieve it so he throws the money there and they said that all you betrayed innocent blood, no skin off our nose. But is that the OS amazing people will get you into sin and then they don't care if you're hooked.

Don't care what the consequences are ill introduce you to drugs and after after you fry your mind or overdose on the know so well, you know you win some you lose some. You know sure they were our friends as lungs. They gave us money.

Now you know what ago who cares you betrayed innocent blood. We got our man what a great lesson said first of all, no place of honor, no place of honor is a substitute for personal conversion. I have absolutely no doubt today that there are pastors in some of the pulpits of America who are unconverted, so they say wonderful things. No position of honor can ever substitute for personal conversion. You can be honored in church as a Sunday school teacher as a deacon, even as a pastor, as this adds that and if you haven't been converted by God will be lost forever and we shouldn't be surprised that the wickedness of Judas is hard to know we stand and we say will how in the world could somebody living three years Jesus right next to him. How in the world. How hard can that hard, get well, I've known people who have betrayed Jesus for less than that. Actually, they rejected Jesus because of family members sore because of this pressure or because they didn't want to switch churches. They not that switching churches converts you, but they didn't want to hear the gospel because of some petty reason to the trail of Jesus second lesson the gate to hell is right next to the gate to heaven. The gate to hell is right next to the gate to heaven.

Imagine being in the presence of Jesus. That's what makes this so difficult.

This is what gives us the chills were not talking about somebody who listens to a sermon preached by someone like myself or someone else and they were talking about somebody who lived with Jesus sleeping out under the stars listening to them teach being there when he healed the sick money raise the dead, and when he caused the waters of Galilee to see some in the guy was there first and the whole thing played the part with such precision, but had never been converted. What is Judas saying throughout all these centuries after his suicide. Remorse is guilty born by us apart from Jesus Christ. It's that sense of saying that I'm bearing this and I'm not exposing it to Jesus for his forgiveness and his cleansing I just living with a sense of self-condemnation and divisions and the memories of what could've been, and that's what Judas has been seeing and thinking throughout all these centuries in the year 2000. My wife and I and some friends were in over my golf to hear and to see the passion play the famous passion play of Europe is held every 10 years in that passion play the person playing the part of Judas gave this soliloquy, which I today give to you. Where can I go to hide my shame to cast off all the agony.

No place is dark enough, no sea is deep enough earth open up and devour me I can be no more.

Where is another man on whom such Guild rose I am a contemptible trader. How kind he is bent toward me how gently he comforted me when dark dejection oppressed my soul and now I'm a disciple no longer I'm hated everywhere despised everywhere with this blazing fire in my gut. Everyone curses me.

Still, there is one whose space I wish I could see again, to whom I could cling Willow to me, for I am his murderer accursed hour in which my mother gave birth to me. Here I will bring an end to my accursed life come you a serpent coiled yourself around my throat and strangle this trader. Throughout Scripture there many epitaphs that have been written.

Jesus wrote the epitaph of Judas. It would have been good for this man, if he never been born while I want to contrast this with a very similar letter, but different.

That was in my mailbox on Friday I was here at the church and this is what arrived I would read it all to you. Just a couple of lines I'm literally at the end of my rope and don't know how to continue this way.

I am in such despair. And I'm afraid that I've condemned myself for all of eternity and then she goes on and she talks about how she always was tempted to sell her soul to the devil and once in a moment of despair when a light came through her window and she was terrified. She actually said. Okay, now I will sell myself to the devil, that's her story.

My question is this.

Did I give myself that I sell my soul to the devil is the devil have the power to take and keep my soul. I want so much to be a Christian and to be with God but I'm so afraid that it is too late for me.

I know that you are a very busy and important ministry, but I need your help please respond to me. I don't know where else to turn. I'm sorry I don't mean to be pushy I just don't know what else to do well this morning I asked my administrative assistant to find her phone number and she did so I called this woman and we talked and prayed on the phone. She was desperate flight as soon as we could.

We contacted her still struggling still wondering whether or not God is going to accept her, but desiring so much to be forgiven and to the Clintons.

I did pray with her on the telephone to help her to understand that the arms of Jesus in the arms of God are open to her that the devil is the father of lies trying to tell her you belong to me know my dear if you come to Jesus Christ and you trust him as Savior. You belong to him and he supersedes all calls. What shall I say all fall's claims of the devil.

Jesus supersedes all that yes my dear, you can come to Christ. You don't have to be a Judas you can be somebody who comes with your needs with your doubt. I quoted the words of the song to her.

The very song were going to sing because she said I have so many doubts that I quoted second stands I think of it is just as I am, just as I am, though tossed about with any of conflict. Many I doubt. Findings within and the fears without old Lamb of God, I come hi, come as you are, but come to the one who can forgive you and cleanse you and make you one of his children. Let's pray father I don't know what else to say. Unless you speak to hearts.

It's all for not. For those listening to this you've never trusted Christ as Savior.

Even for those who think they have but haven't because they were brought up in a Christian home and live the part today, would you show them their need for the forgiveness that only Jesus can offer wherever you are right now whether you're listening on the Internet are by radio whatever here in the sanctuary. Would you pray right now. Would you talk to God about what he's talking about father by your spirit to a deep work in our hearts. Help us to ask around the table Q-tip you chair to chair is that I Lord my the one reveal father truth to our hearts. We pray in Jesus name one, my friend, this is Pastor lutes are not sure that I've ever preached a sermon that is as serious and as momentous as the one that you have just heard is that I Lord the disciples asked and you and I should ask that very question of ourselves. I may be talking to somebody today who has never responded to Jesus, but you did walk and I'll you did say a prayer but you have not been born again because the transfer of trust was really not made. Don't deceive yourself. If you have doubts about your salvation.

This is a time for you to saving Lee believe the gospel.

All of us have a bit of deception within our hearts. All of us could theoretically be a Judas but thank God he has rescued us from the evil that Judas experienced, but what about you running to win exists so that we might be able to minister this gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible. I want to thank the many of you who support this ministry and as an act of appreciation would like to send you a resource we'd like to send you book entitled slandering Jesus six lies.

People tell about the man who said he was God. It will help you to defend the faith. Here's what you do go to RTW that's RTW or call us at 1-888-218-9337 and if you've come to saving faith in Christ, then indeed give us a call 1-888-218-9337 running to win exists to help you make it all the way to the finish line. We are here for you. Praying for you and thank you in advance for your generosity toward us. You can write to us have run into when 1635 N. LaSalle Boulevard Chicago, IL 60614 many people place their faith in the teachings of modern profits and grooves often figures in the media. They are promised hello well friendly angels to help them little is said about sin and righteousness. Next time I'm running to win more on slandering Jesus, exposing the lie that Jesus is just one of many ways to God. Thanks for listening. This is Dave McAllister running to win is sponsored by the Moody Church

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