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Kings In Conflict Part 2

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer
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September 8, 2022 1:00 am

Kings In Conflict Part 2

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer

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September 8, 2022 1:00 am

Relational conflict steals our peace and even our sleep. David’s long road to the throne was blocked by Saul, who attempted to kill him with a spear. In this message, we recognize three traits of a spear-thrower. While Saul tried to hold onto his kingdom, David humbly waited and trusted that God’s promises would come to pass.

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Looking to Jesus all had a thorn in the flesh had Saul chasing him for years God has ways of refining us, even though it hurts God's choice of David as King set in motion a long road to the throne road blocked by an existing king who had no intention of leaving from the Moody Church in Chicago. This is running to win with Dr. Sir was clear teaching sauce make it across the finish line vasculature. I imagine being on the run for so many years had to leave an impact on David really did have an impact on David, but one of the takeaways is this that in the midst of running from sold in the midst of his fear in the midst of his veritable insanity. As a result of being chased by this evil man.

David displayed wonderful qualities he could have of course killed Saul. He had that opportunity and his men told him Joe but he wouldn't. But not only that I love this. As a result of running from Saul. David wrote Psalms that we still love and breed and are blessed by today my friend. We never know the good that the trials that we are going through. We never see the full impact of the good that they produce. I've written a book entitled, growing from conflict. Israeli studies from the life of David for a gift of any amount.

It can be yours. Go to RTW or call us at 1-888-218-9337 there is a purpose and are suffering. There is a purpose in God allowing enemies into our lives.

Emotional harassment why the paranoia, why is schizophrenia is because Saul was disobedient and God was using the devil to discipline someone who was this disobedient now you see what God was saying is so you are going to repent our you are going to submit the kingdom to you think it's yours. It's mine, but you are unwilling to admit it, so you want to be jealous. All right you want to be jealous.

I'll make you insanely jealous there for the duplicity, duplicity you want to live in sin by all let you live in sin. In fact, I'll let you live in so much sin that just like the children of Israel who wanted to eat manna and they got tired of it and they said that we don't like the manna and end.

God says you want me don't you and they said yeah do everyone else's. I'll give it to you until it comes out of your nostril. Always remember this that the price of dabbling with sin is bondage to it and God says Saul of some work to do in your heart here and use an evil spirit to harass you what was gone after God was after soul submission.

God was after Saul saying I game up you own the kingdom do as seems good in your sight you have the right to take it from me and you have the right to give it to David because it is yours. It's all say that not on your life not on your life. Don't ever underestimate the suffering that people are willing to endure in order to keep their precious little kingdom that they will not give up to God no matter what we see Saul in heaven. Was he saved under the Old Testament sense of the word.

Many people believe not. I think that he might be there because the Holy Spirit of God came upon them the spirit of God anointed him you say well surely Pastor Luther. This was Old Testament, God would never use the devil like this in the life of a Christian Woody notice the way you asked the question. Would he please tell me that the answer is no. Well answers yes yes first Corinthians 5. Pulses you have somebody in your midst, is living in immorality as a matter fact is actually in an incestuous relationship with his mother, and you are dealing with it and what I've decided to do is I decided to deliver the one on to Satan that his spirit may be saved in the day of Jesus Christ. But meanwhile I will allow him to be harassed by demons until he comes clean and until he was a church deal with the issue that that you're avoiding so what does God do this all you let them stew in his own juice of his making, he allows him to to go through this tremendous term and this emotional and psychological distress until soul become suicidal and he's trying to do all these things now where's David and all of this. David understands the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the ministry of God.

Would you take your Bible for a moment and turned to Psalm 59 you know why I'm asking you to turn to Psalm 59 you probably already guessed that this is one of the Psalms written when David was pursued by Saul and we get a glimpse into David's heart. In Psalm 59. You'll notice that in your Bible it says a Psalm of David. When Saul sent men and they watch the house in order to kill him. We read only the first few verses and a few verses from the end of the chapter. Deliver me from my enemies.

Oh my God to set me securely on the highway from those who rise up against me. Deliver me from those who do iniquity and save me from and of bloodshed.

For behold, they have set an ambush for my life. There is men launch an attack against me not for my transgression, or for my single Lord for no guilt of mine they run and set themselves against me around oversize self to help me notice how the Psalm ends. But as for me, I shall sing of thy strength. Yes, I shall shout joyfully by loving kindness in the morning now has been my stronghold.

What a beautiful figure of speech. Imagine running into a stronghold with all the spears being thrown at you and a refuge in the day of my distress all my strength.

I will sing praises to the God is my stronghold.

But God shows me loving kindness that was David jealousy versus humility, manipulation versus trust. The evil spirit versus the holy spirit versus the Holy Spirit who was this man Saul who was a this is a series of messages on the life of David that we have to comment on Saul because he intersects with David at this point for a 12 year. Who was this man Saul. We know that he had an excellent lineage. He had terrorism. The Bible says that he was taller than all of the other one, who were there. He unified the nation. Saul was not that bad again really got worse when the paranoia hit, but up until that time, you know that he unified the nation. He fought some battles.

Anyone I he was a prophet in the midst of all of this. Are you surprised the chapter 19 and your Bibles are open to 18, so notice chapter 19 it says in verse 23 Saul proceeded to Rama and the spirit of God came upon him, but he went along, prophesying continually until he came to nail often.

Rama, the Holy Spirit is upon him.

Men of good lineage. A good leader, charismatic and personality anointed by God and a prophet. Have you ever wondered why it is that God sometimes anoints unqualified people whose lives are so mixed in terms of their character. Why would God choose a soul. Well, as Jean Edwards points out in his lovely little book on this whole topic is, is the reason that God does it is that God is always exposing human nature is always exposing human nature, and therefore he will sometimes allow people in positions of responsibility and you know this at your work life. You know that sometimes some of the least qualified people get the job you also know that sometimes when people get the job they change it. Instead of being your friend. They now become your enemy because what they want to do is to advance their kingdom which they believe belongs to them, and no one can take it from them. Don't you dare touch their kingdom and sometimes even in Christian circles, God exalts those who are really in character disqualify because God wants to reveal to everyone the, the deceitfulness and the and the depth of human depravity and human sin. Let me help all of us put this in some kind of a perspective and hopefully to change our lives forever because we've heard God's word that is always the intention whenever a Sunday school teacher stands up to teach your preacher stands to preach his intention should be through the spirit of God and the word of God to change people's lives forever.

We can do it, but God can.

What we know about people who are spirit drawers, you've met them. What we know about number one they always believe kingdom is there kingdom is mine, and therefore they will manipulate they will cajole, they will intimidate they will hang on, they will undermine others they will set traps for people they will delight in other people's weaknesses they will exploit other people's failures they will magnify their own successes, however small they may be. They become very, very big wife because in their hearts they say this kingdom is mine is a second characteristic of people who are those who believe that the kingdom is theirs and that is they will preach one thing on the do another.

As I say Saul is a gold mine of psychological insight but one of the things that he does is he makes a law throughout the land, and it was a good law that all witches should be put out of the land. In fact in Old Testament times, the witches are to be put to death. So what Saul said is I want obey the word of the Lord, and I don't want any of you ever going to a which lo and behold when he's really in trouble and God is in answering him because God knows that the guys just playing games. God doesn't answer. And what does he do, he ends up going to the which at end it is the law of the grand exception law, the grand exception. You don't do it, but I'm the leader and I can those kinds of people believe you see that the kingdom is theirs there.

The spear throwers or the spear throwers, however nice they might be on the outside. Thirdly, that kind of a person would rather destroy the kingdom destroy the kingdom then give it up and leave it. You've seen this so often having you if I can have it my way. If things are going to go the way in which I want them to go. I will hope and pray and lot that the whole thing will go up in smoke and fail, my dear friend, I want to ask you something I have to ask you this, whose kingdom is it anyway is a question why he did God want David to endure the pain, the pain again, I refer to Jean Edwards why did David endure 12 years of harassment from the spear throwers.

I'll tell you why God wanted to take all of the Saul out of David's heart because you see if God just had exalted David and said David you know you want over Goliath. Your anointed you're going to be king.

You know you have been given King Saul number two that's what you because Edwards is absolutely right when he says and listen to this carefully. Saul is in your bloodstream and he is in my bloodstream. He is in the marrow of our own. He is in our blood cells yes but he is in our sinews, he is in fiber. All of our being. We are all born souls and we will hang onto the kingdom until God takes us through enough difficulty and enough hardship and enough failure until we are willing to give it up finally and be rid of the whole thing say that God you have the right to give it to whomsoever you will and I am your servant leader do that or else we die a soul paranoid, angry, suspicious, fearful bidder and miserable. One of the two in a one-day people came to John the Baptist and they said you know John your drawing crowds your popular everybody's heard of John the Baptist. Now there's somebody else out there. It was named Jesus, and that you know he's baptizing everybody's going to him and the disciples were concerned because they thought you know it's difficult to see someone in to see his popularity wane and it's hard after your used to crowds to see them for an outing to go somewhere else. They came to John and they said you were a little bit concerned. And John said something that I wish would be branded upon the mind and heart of every person.

I believe that if we understood John's words, there would be less psychological difficulty, we'd have less conflict you have more peace.

People would sleep better, said these amazing words. Are you ready for them.

By the way, I don't know that I can share them with you until you're ready for Bracebridge. You think you're ready. Is that a man can receive. Except it be given to him from nothing. You have ability to pay her God-given abilities. You have opportunities they are God-given opportunities you have an income is a God given income and don't you ever think it is yours because the kingdom belongs to adopt the kingdom belongs to and when we understand that suddenly we become free from all of the anxiety and all of the image building and all of the jockeying and all of the then need to make ourselves look good.

Finally we lay it all at the cross because we know that the kingdom. The kingdom belongs to God disabling a soul. Well, thank you for admitting it and not a poet but I'm gonna try right now there's a little bit of soul in us all.

So your soul welcome to the soul club that you been a member ever since you were born, just that you have admitted it, what is the answer. Furl complete repentance, not halfhearted. Oh yes yes I realize that I should change, yes, yes, I really should now come on, you've said that before another like soul life played the fool Libert exceedingly thin goes on living the way is it is it is a submission to God that is thorough and that is complete, a finally giving up of all things because the kingdom is God's. And secondly secondly, a recognition that we now live pleasing the father. You don't have to write all the injustices you see now, by the way, the rebellion of the selfish age do you see it when we have such individualism that if you don't do this. Also, you, you throw one spear and I'm going to take that spear out of the wall and I'm going to pin you to the wall.

For the most part, godless, selfish rebellion, maybe over time, Bible says. When Jesus was reviled, he reviled not again when he suffered, he uttered no threats, what did he do. He didn't say boy am I ever going to send you a singer you through that spirit, wait till I get no he committed himself to him who judges righteously and said got them to let you take care of it mine. I belong to you cross that I'm a guy on belongs to you. Luther says even the devil is God's devil, I submit myself to your will and to your plan because the whole thing is yours Johnson Scott's Blessed are those blessed are those three are the happy are those who finally give the whole king to God. Would you join me as we pray father we ask in the name of Jesus. Now that you will do a mighty work in the lives of all who heard some were listening need to go home. They need to get on their knees and they need to stay there. Perhaps till tomorrow until finally the kingdom has been submitted and surrendered all father would you work in my heart and the life of the staff and the elders leadership all those who participate as members in our visitors and friends.

Would you graciously would you graciously remove the Saul that we see so clearly in ourselves and we ask now in the name of Christ, that your people will be submissive to your spirit father complete the work that you begun well after this meeting is over. May the spirit of God spill into our lives this afternoon and tomorrow all the days that we might be free. Jesus talking one on one, what would you tell me today. Are you in a place where you're going from conflict.

Are you going through a place where you are being pursued where there is injustice. Certainly we should seek justice, but often times in this life.

It is very elusive and often times we just need to let things go and give them to God. That's why Britain the book and title growing from conflict lessons from the life of David preps nobody in all the Bible teaches us lessons, just like that as David does failure yes being pursued unjustly. Yes dear yes but at the end of the day, always coming back to God. And that's where we always need to be. I believe that this resource will be of tremendous blessing and helping your walk with God. As a matter fact I trust that you will share it with others because they also are going through times of conflict for gift of any amount. It can be yours. Go to RTW that's RTW offer.

Of course, as you know RTW offer is all one word RTW or you can pick up the phone and call us at 1-888-218-9337 yes we do grow through conflict. David had to learn that and so do we ask for the book, growing through conflict lessons from the life of David RTW or call us at 1-888-218-9337 once again for you to ask Pastor Lucerne, a question about the Bible or the Christian life dabbling in the cult is a very dangerous thing, something believers are told to avoid.

One of our listeners as this question about an Old Testament king of Israel, Pastor Luther, do you believe that Saul was a believer even though he went to the which indoor excellent question, and that someday when I get to heaven. I'm going to try to find the soul to see if he's there. Not absolutely convinced that he'll be there, but I think he might be, you know, the Bible does say in his early days, that the spirit of the Lord came upon him and he prophesied, and it also says that he was changed into a different man, that sounds like conversion to me. And yet when you read the rest of his life. It was such a mixed bag, jealousy, and evil spirit from the Lord comes and terrorizes him so that he tries to kill David disobedience he repents, but his repentance is fake it doesn't last. It is really halfhearted repentance and then at the end as you mention in your question, he goes to the witch of Endor, and put an experience that was.

He goes into the occult. Even though the Bible says that he put away all false prophets and all which is from the land. Yet when he's desperate. He goes to a witch. Saul is one of the most interesting characters in the Bible. Read his story with fascination.

Will he be in heaven. I hope so, but I'm not sure thank you Dr. Luke surfer those insights if you'd like to hear your question answered.

Go to our and click on ask Pastor Lucerne or call us at 1-888-218-9337 that's 1-888-218-9337 you can write to us running to win 1635 N. LaSalle Boulevard Chicago, IL 60614 Pastor Erwin Lucerne has now concluded things in conflict with third message in a series on growing through conflict study in the life of King David. Next time we turn to another conflict this time. David's conflict with doubt, this is Dave McAllister running to win is sponsored by the Moody church

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